How Dems Are Running For Reelection

Democrats in both the House and the Senate that are running for reelection have a very difficult job ahead of them. Congress is at almost universally historic lows in terms of job approval. The reason is quite simple. Democrats have a hard time passing any legislation, and that which gets through both chambers is so watered down that it doesn’t amount to a warm bucket of spit.

I happen to live in a state that is considered a “toss-up” state for one of those Senators, Mark Kelly of Arizona. He was elected in 2020 because he never identified himself as a Democrat, and he ran against an incredibly weak candidate in Martha McSally, who had been appointed to fill an unexpired term.

So, Kelly is running for reelection in 2022 for a full term. He is going to have his hands full, and he knows it. Currently, polls show him up by about four or five points over his potential rivals, depending on who that is. There are currently three Republicans that have any chance of winning the nomination. Current Attorney General, Mark Brnovich is still leading the pack. Donald Trump has given his support to Thiel Foundation President, Blake Masters, who also has received the endorsement from his boss, Peter Thiel. The third potential candidate is Jim Lamon, founder and president of DEPCOM, the largest privately held engineering, construction, operations, and maintenance company in the country.

Kelly has been spending millions so far telling Americans how hard he is working to a) bring down the cost of gasoline to Arizonans, and b) how he is working hard with others in Congress to bring the inflation rate down. I recently sent a letter to Senator Kelly, knowing full well that if it got read by anyone other than a low-level staffer, it would be ignored. Here is the letter:

Senator Kelly,

I’ve seen your advertisements detailing how you are working hard to bring the cost of gasoline and the inflation rate down “for Arizonans”. You mention that families here in the state are struggling, which is quite correct. However, I think you may be on the wrong road to recovery in dealing with the reasons we are having such a hard time.

First and foremost, President Biden, on is first day in office, pulled the plug on the Keystone XL Pipeline project, taking 20,000 workers off the job, and negating the 900 million barrels of Canadian crude oil that could be pumped through the pipeline each and every day. The President has also stopped all drilling in the Anwar oil fields, and has slow walked many leasing licenses for drilling in this country. Now we add to that the fact that Mr. Biden recently cancelled a oil drilling auction that could have lowered the cost of gasoline by over a dollar, and you can start to see the problem.

Senator Kelly, this is not a “Putin problem” as the President claims. This is not a problem of the oil companies trying to gouge the country, as you have claimed. This is a simple matter of Democrats trying to raise the price of gasoline to the point to make electric vehicles (EV’s) look more inviting. And for those Arizonans that do not want, or cannot afford to spend the extra $30,000 on an EV, it is hurting them. If you want to be honest with Arizonans, you need to realize that giving a “gas tax” holiday through the end of the year, you are only lowering the cost of a gallon of gasoline (now at $5.69) about 18 1/2 cents per gallon. The increase in fuel prices started long before Putin invaded Ukraine. And it wasn’t a factor back when Donald Trump was President. It’s only been since Mr. Biden and you took office.

The same can be said about inflation. As of May 2022, worldwide inflation does not begin to compare with the inflation rate in the United States. In fact, I checked every single country, and none had an increase of the 7.2% that we have suffered through. Canada’s inflation rate has only increased 0.2%, while Mexico’s has actually declined 0.3%. The reason for this increase is the “American Rescue Plan” that Mr. Biden proposed and that you supported. It was the over-printing of money that caused the inflation rate to be so high. Yet, in an interview with the Associated Press (his first REAL sit down interview in over a year with the press), here’s what Biden had to say on inflation: “If it’s my fault, why is it the case in every other major industrial country in the world that inflation is higher? You ask yourself that? I’m not being a wise guy.” No, Biden is not a “wise guy”, he’s just ignorant when it comes to inflation rates in other countries.

You claim, sir, to be “hard at work” to lower both the cost of gasoline and the inflation rate. I would conclude after watching the net results, you either aren’t working that hard, or you are doing a lousy job. I would hope that if you desired a full term in the US Senate, that you reverse course and get on board with doing actual beneficial measures. Somehow, I doubt that’s going to happen.


I doubt I’ll be hearing back from him on that one!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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  1. You will, no doubt, receive a form letter telling you what a great job he has done!

    Excellent letter. Too bad it will fall on deaf ears.

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  2. Lone Cactus, if you have a photo scanner for your computer, I suggest scanning all the campaign mailers you get, and use them against the candidates who don’t deserve getting into office. I did that back in 2014 against a liberal California Assemblywoman named Sharon Quirk-Silva. She voted for a transgender bathroom bill affecting Jr High and High School girls getting subjected to having boys use their PE locker rooms and showers. Unfortunately, after she got kicked out, she ran again in 2016, allowed one of her supporters to burglarized her opponent’s office, then stole the seat and got away with it to this day.

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  3. It was fun using the material from her opponent Young Kim to get Quirky out for a season. Young Kim is now a Congresswoman in Orange County. She and Michelle Steele are the first 2 women in the Korean community to get elected to Congress at the same time. Young Kim got her bid for Congress stolen in 2018 by a womanizing Hispanic guy. He conceded in 2020 after running against her a 2nd time in a close race. I helped Young Kim in 2014 and 2016 for the Assembly Seat, so she knows me personally.

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