Macron’s Plea To Biden

French President, Emmanuel Macron pulled US President, Joe Biden away from a discussion he was having with National Security Advisor, Jake Sullivan to tell him about a phone call he had with “MBZ” (code for United Arab Emirates President, Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed al-Nahyan. Macron mentioned that bin Zayed said he couldn’t increase his oil production capacity because he was already at his max, and that the Saudi’s may be able to bump up production a little, but not enough to make a difference.

Macron was trying to get through to Biden that his counterpart’s push to increase Middle East oil production wasn’t going to happen. Biden had been trying for months to get the Saudi’s (who have refused to take his phone calls) and other Middle Eastern nations to help out in supplying the US with more oil. The end analysis was that Macron was telling Biden basically, “If you want to lower gas prices by increasing supply, you are going to have to pump more oil yourself!”

I’m sure that went over like a lead balloon.

The left has claimed from very early on that this is the oil companies’ greed that is causing the increase in gas prices. I think that could be a logical argument to take except for the fact that gas prices started to rise almost immediately when Biden took office. If it were oil company greed, why did they wait for Biden to get into the White House? They could have started any time raising the prices. The fact of the matter is simple.

It wasn’t greedy oil companies that were the cause of the gas prices tripling. It wasn’t COVID, because if you think about it, no one was out driving. COVID actually increased supply as demand fell, thus lowering prices. And it wasn’t Putin invading Ukraine, because gas prices were already up before Putin started amassing troops on the Ukraine/Russian border. All of those arguments were nothing more than red herrings. No, it was the lack of supply of gas due to the fact that the world’s former leading producer of fossil fuels (that would be us), stopped drilling for oil, stopped fracking for natural gas, and the government slow walked all of the applications to drill. It was a government shut down of the oil, gas and coal industries that is responsible for this mess.

And thus, Biden is sent scurrying off to the Middle East, hat in hand, trying to beg, borrow, and cajole with the Arabs to pump more oil, not realizing what pretty much anyone in the oil industry already knew…they couldn’t help out because they were close if not already at capacity.

If Joe Biden wants to lower gas prices in this country in time for the midterm elections, he needs to start pumping more oil. And he’s already too late for that to happen. Get used to it. Gas is said to be $10 a gallon by the end of the summer. And do you think most people in this country will give a rat’s rear end about Roe v. Wade while trying to squeeze a ten dollar bill’s worth of gas? My guess is no.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

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  1. Just a few days ago, I heard from another source that the Saudis (and most of our other allies and enemies in the Middle East) are pumping at about full capacity. The only country who is staggering their production is a country whose Supreme Court just ruled that the Congress had to write law and the Environmental Protection Agency could not write oil-production law.

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