Another Biden Slip Up…

Even when Joe Biden wants to “do the right thing”, he screws things up. That has become painfully evident in his first year and a half in office. And the latest screw up is probably something you know very little about…but you will.

Now, we all know very well that Biden’s eldest son, Beau died of brain cancer back in 2015. He was a very promising politician who had served as Delaware’s Attorney General. He was thinking of running for the US Senate (in daddy’s footsteps). But he suffered a mild stroke, and it was found that he was suffering from brain cancer. It would eventually end his life.

It was cited by Joe Biden himself that Beau’s death was the reason he didn’t run for president against Donald Trump in 2016. And since that time, Joe Biden has had a very personal reason for defeating cancer, and he’s been very public about it. I think anyone of us that has lost a family member or a friend to cancer can understand his sadness. I know I can, having lost my youngest brother to cancer just a few short years ago.

Joe Biden is also fighting hard to lower drug costs for senior citizens. He wants to be able to have Medicare and Medicaid negotiate lowered drug prices for it’s members. And while that seems like an admirable thing to have happen, it does have an unintended consequence. It is going to put cancer research back at least a decade.

That’s because in order to lower drug costs, you have to slash R&D budgets for the big pharma companies. And while cancer research is front and foremost for a lot of these companies because they realize that if they are the ones that can find the magic bullet to defeat cancer, it’ll be bigger than Viagra. Unfortunately, if Congress forces these companies to negotiate drug prices, there will be what one study from the University of Chicago a 31.9% reduction in R&D costs. That would take about $18 billion off the table for cancer research.

Cancer takes the lives of about 600,000 Americans each and every year. It’s the number two overall leading cause of death in this country. And it is exceedingly expensive to try and find a cure. Operation Cancer Moonshot was begun with the 1971 National Cancer Act. And Cancer Moonshot has a goal of reducing cancer deaths by half by 2045. That’s a huge undertaking!

But Biden’s willingness to get a win, and lower drug costs for seniors on Medicare and Medicaid means that he is going to have to put Cancer Moonshot on the back burner…maybe forever. And Beau Biden’s death will just meld into the memories of the other millions of people that have succumbed to the disease.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

2 thoughts on “Another Biden Slip Up…

  1. Beau would have been just one more member of the crime family. Everybody seems to paint Beau as some sort of family saint!

    I seriously doubt they’ll ever find a cure for cancer, there’s just too much money to be made by doctors for just treating it. Sure, they’ll be able to keep you alive longer but I doubt they want to actually find a cure?

    I too lost a brother to cancer. He was only 43!

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    1. Sorry to hear about your brother. But you’re right. I’ve often said the last thing the Muscular Dystrophy Association actually wants back when Jerry Lewis did those telethons on Labor Day weekend was to find a cure. All of those people would be out of work! Same with all of the other healthcare non-profits. America is about giving money to place to “research” and find out how to actually live with a disease, not eradicate it. That’s been my view for a very long time! Spot on post T!


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