Do YOU Remember What Today is About?

I’m sure that most of you do. Some of you that are a little younger may not actually know that the 4th of July is a very special day in our nation’s history. It was on this day some 246 years ago that the Declaration of Independence was signed at Independence Hall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Of course, you learned all that in school.

But there is so much more. Today is a very special day, especially because of everything that hit the Supreme Court this year and the meanings that the Founding Fathers’ held for our new country so many years ago. Lets take a look at just a couple of items,.

Now, granted, what we are talking about here aren’t from the Declaration of Independence, but from the Constitution. That document was signed some eleven years and three months or so after the Declaration of Independence (September 17, 1787), also at Independence Hall in Philadelphia. But it couldn’t have taken place without the Declaration of Independence!

So, we’ve tested and corrected a couple of things recently. First off, the Supreme Court tested the Second Amendment, that gives the citizens the right to bear arms. Why? Because the Founding Fathers were well aware of what happens when governments get too power hungry. It wasn’t that they wanted to have a militia (though that was important since there was no US Army at the time). But they wanted to give the PEOPLE the right to defend themselves against the government should the need arise. THAT is the reason for the Second Amendment. And THAT was the reason the Justices found that New York’s century-old law was unconstitutional.

Let’s move on. We have to look at a First Amendment argument. Remember the Bremerton, Washington football coach who got fired for praying with his team at midfield after games? Turns out the Bremerton school board was wrong in firing him. See, for the past 50 years or so, we’ve used the First Amendment to have freedom FROM religion. That’s not what it means or says. It basically says that you can worship as you please and the federal government cannot get in the way of establishing religion. They don’t say anything about Christianity. They don’t say anything about Judaism. Or Islam, or Buddhism, or Shinto or anything else. Because the Founding Fathers wanted you to have the right to FREELY worship as you chose. If you believe that God Almighty lives in a McDonalds in Erie, Pennsylvania, then you have the right to believe that. No one can take the belief from you. They didn’t ever say what religion was right or wrong. They never intended anyone to not allow prayer in schools. After all, both houses of Congress open with prayer every single day they are in session! And most (not all) presidents that are sworn in, still put their hand on the Christian Bible. What the Supreme Court said in the case of Mr. Kennedy was simply that Bremerton was prohibiting him to worship as he sees fit. He wasn’t making that prayer mandatory. It was voluntary. And what the school board did was wrong. It’s not freedom FROM religion, it’s freedom OF religion.

Finally, we get to the item that some women in this country are mistakenly screaming and upset about and that was the Dobbs v. Jackson Health Center ruling that basically dismantled Roe v. Wade. First of all, as I have said before, the left is totally wrong when they say women have a “reproductive right”. No, sorry. They don’t. That’s because man does not give rights out. Only God Himself can give out rights. The Founding Fathers realized that. Liberals today don’t. So, that was mistake number one when Roe v. Wade was founded. The liberal court at the time pointed to a privacy clause saying that any decision was between a woman and her doctor. That’s the most used argument for it. And actually, they are right on this one. It’s not the federal government’s place to legislate this matter. That’s because the Tenth Amendment says that unless it’s specifically spelled out in the Constitution, or specifically denied that the states should make that decision, any legislative decision belongs to the states. So, yes, ladies, you’re right that the federal government has no business legislating abortion. And that’s what the Supreme Court corrected. It wasn’t about the Ninth Amendment. It wasn’t about the Fourteenth Amendment. It’s about whether or not the federal government has the actual right in the first place to make the decision, and they don’t.

Those are three shining examples that take what was written almost a quarter of a millennium ago, and apply it to today’s life. It actually still stands up pretty well. And it’s all because of the document that was signed on this day some 246 years ago (or right around today’s date… it actually took a lot longer to sign!).

Enjoy your cookout, and Happy Fourth of July!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

6 thoughts on “Do YOU Remember What Today is About?

  1. I try to explain our Independence and Freedom to the young and uniformed, especially regarding the 2nd amendment as follows:

    Before we were the “United States” we were the 13 colonies. Each colony was independently governed but all were under the control of the British King.

    Once we declared our Independence from England because of all the abuses we were extremely reluctant to turn power and governance over to a new federal entity for fear that they too would become destructive in their ways. We did, after all, have to fight a war to win that independence! That’s why We the People only granted the federal government with certain specific and limited enumerated powers leaving all other powers with the individual States. And that’s one of the reasons why we were granted our 2nd Amendment rights. It was to assure We the People that if the government ever did get too destructive in their ways there was a means to resist.

    And let’s not forget the sacrifices of those 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence suffered.

    God Bless America and God Bless our troops.

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