Liberals Don’t Understand Dobbs v. Jackson Ruling

I get it that liberals and women who wanted to end pregnancies early was upset with the Dobbs v. Jackson ruling by the Supreme Court this past week. I mean, who could not see this one coming. The actual decision was leaked a month ago. And I know that as divisive as abortion is as a topic, one side was going to be utterly unhinged when it came out. But there was one thing that actually shocked me in the aftermath.

Democrats and liberals just don’t seem to understand the ruling.

How many times have you heard Nancy Pelosi, or AOC, or some other person in Congress….the very people that MAKE the friggin’ laws come out and say they have to “codify Roe v. Wade into law”. Even Joe Biden, with his half-century of public service in Washington, DC said he’d be in favor of it. In fact, Biden went so far as to waffle once again on getting rid of the Senate filibuster “in this case only” to allow the Senate to pass a law codifying Roe with only 50 votes (plus the Vice President’s tie-breaking vote). But all of the caterwauling is for naught.

SCOTUS didn’t say that abortion was illegal. They never made that claim. And so, it’s not a situation that Congress can come in and “codify” it with a law. Here’s where they went wrong.

Had the Supreme Court said that Roe was flawed because it’s unconstitutional because a law wasn’t passed in Congress (like they did with the EPA ruling that followed on Thursday last week), that would be an easy fix. Then the House and Senate could pass a law, Biden could sign it, and it would be nice and legal. But that’s not the issue here.

The issue that apparently no one on the left wants to grasp is, the Supreme Court said it wasn’t unconstitutional to make abortion legal. It was unconstitutional for the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT to make abortion legal. That was a power not given to the federal government. Then the whole thing becomes a states’ rights issue. And if the states want to decide to make abortion legal, or legal with limitations, or illegal altogether, they have that power. And if the federal government wants to pass a law codifying Roe into law, they’re going to find themselves back in front of SCOTUS once again, probably in the fall, trying to explain how they didn’t dance around the states’ rights issue.

If I can get this one figured out, with no law degree, never attending a law class in my life, and only using a half-addled brain to read the Constitution, are you telling me that the people that have been elected to be the leaders of this country can’t figure this one out as well? It brought th whole states’ rights issue to the forefront, and that was probably the one thing the left didn’t want to have to deal with. Because there is no way around that argument. They cannot make abortion legal nationally without a Constitutional Amendment. By the way, the last Constitutional Amendment passed in May of 1992. And it’s only happened a total of 17 times (outside the Bill of Rights).

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Dobbs v. Jackson did one thing. It brought th


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  1. It’s hard for a Liberal to understand anything because it’s not about understanding or common sense, it’s about their twisted ideology!

    P.S. Fun Fact…the XXVII Amendment was among the original 12 Bill of Rights Amendments that were offered. The First Amendment was actually the third that was offered before the first two were denied.

    Funny how it took all these years to finally become law!

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  2. The dems and the extremists have purposely misrepresented the effect and even conservative FOX erred in stating the court overturned Roe. The abortionists relished in all the fury they had unleashed yet have the nerve to call Jan 6 foolishness an insurrection which pales in the face of the street violence and call for eliminating our democratic institutions they preach whenever they don’t get their way.

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  3. Just a few bones, of which you can of course, pick…

    You said… “SCOTUS didn’t say that abortion was illegal.” Of course not, because that is not the function of the SCOTUS. It did say there was no constitutional right to an abortion, because it is not specifically enumerated in the constitution nor is part of our “history and tradition”.

    You also said… “The issue that apparently no one on the left wants to grasp is, the Supreme Court said it wasn’t unconstitutional to make abortion legal. It was unconstitutional for the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT to make abortion legal.” What the SCOTUS said was that the right to privacy, which liberal courts see in the 14th amendment, does not exist, thus, Roe, which was built on those beliefs, was originally wrongly decided.

    Which brings us to Justice Thomas who affirmed the decision, but also in his brief, took time to call for challenges to other SCOTUS decisions based on the “right to privacy”. His logic being that since this court found that Roe to have been based on a non enumerated “right” any additional decisions based on that same logic must also be faulty.

    Because you can’t reject one, and keep the others if the basis for their existence is faulty. Which this court claims.

    Those decisions which Justice Thomas called to also be decided by the SCOTUS include a woman’s right to access birth control, [Griswold], a right for people to have whatever type of sex they desire in their own homes, [Lawrence], and the right for consenting adults to marry who they wish, [Obergefell].

    Interestingly enough, Thomas left out the right to marry a person of another race, [Loving] which was also built on and decided in line with the right to privacy.

    I’ll let you wonder why he left Loving out of his written opinion.

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