Welcome To The Recession!

It’s not official yet, but it will be by next week at this time. We are in a recession. According to the Atlanta FED’s GDP Tracker, we saw a shrinkage of the Gross Domestic Product of 1.6% in the first quarter of 2022. And what is going to be announced next week is that in the second quarter of 2022, we are going to see a shrinkage of 2.2%.

That means that yes, Virginia, the United States is officially in a recession.

And that is yet another lie that Joe Biden has been foisting on the American public. Remember Biden saying, “We are booming! We are adding more jobs than any time in history. We are making some incredible gains.” Apparently, Biden has been asleep in the basement. While there are more jobs being added which are not “new jobs”, but old jobs being filled after the economy shut down during COVID, we aren’t seeing anything positive elsewhere in the economy.

The inflation rate is going to top out in the 9% range for the past twelve months when the new numbers come out. And we are going to continue to see increases through the rest of the year as the Biden administration has zero plans on the table to try and lower inflation. That reason is simple. In order to drop the inflation rate, and get a handle on the economy, you have to understand what the problem with inflation and recession are caused by. That is simply the printing of too much money. When Biden passed the $1.6 trillion infrastructure bill, he had the printing presses going overtime. And when you have an increase in supply, it is going to cheapen whatever product you’re talking about, even if that product is money. We have so much money out there now, that it devalues the value of money overall.

I think it’s rather interesting that if you look at the last two Democrat presidents, we have spent 8 1/2 of the last 9 years of their reigns in recession. There is only one reason why that is happening. It’s Democrat/liberal snowflake policies that tip the economy over the edge. And until we see a major change in the spending policies of the liberal Biden administration, you aren’t going to have a chance to right the ship. That goes double when Biden himself is too busy blaming anybody but himself for the problem. He isn’t even able to realize that we are actually IN a recession. That’s just reckless.

How long this recession will be with us is dependent on whether or not there can be a change in Congress. It’s evident that we can’t trust the Democrats currently in charge of both houses of making that shift on their own. That has to come from the Republicans if they are able to take over the House and Senate next year. Until then, we’re in for a bumpy ride.

It will be interesting to see how the Dems play this one out over the next four months!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


14 thoughts on “Welcome To The Recession!

    1. Actually, it would have to be July 1st because technically a recession is two straight quarters with negative growth. Sorry Joe, you can’t blame Trump for this one…though Putin is still on the table!


      1. I actually communicated with an economics professor about that about the Great Recession that i say started the day Obama was elected in November 2008.
        It is NOT “technically” anything.
        The folks that call it can call it whenever they want it to be.
        Turns out my economics degree was worth about what I paid for it.
        They will back out all the covid money and start the recession during Trump’s term.
        Aren’t you listening to the imbecile they call a press secretary?
        The economy is doing GREAT!
        Hell, Biden has led us out of Trump’s recession already.
        I believe the “technical” start goes back to the first day of the first quarter that declined. In this case 1/1/2022.
        Also, the GDP for past quarters is constantly revised for over a decade. So if the decline was small, based on the “technical” 2 quarters standard, the start and end might actually move around.
        Basically, like every statistic, recessions are now weaponized.
        Orange Man Bad is the only economics you need to know.

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      2. One question. If you back out all of the COVID money out of the equation (I don’t know why, but let’s say you do), then Trump had the best economy since the end of World War II. Biden, by comparison, can’t count the jobs “gained” because they never would have been “lost” because of COVID. Oh, and no…I only watch YouTube videos of this press secretary. It’s actually all I can take!


      3. The covid money propped up GDP artificially so backing it out might show GDP declining in 2020.
        You are using the right logic, but we are dealing with people that are criminalizing Self Defense.

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      4. I DO have to say that I’m getting very tired of the finger pointing as to who is to blame with DC! Both parties have a hand in it. Trump isn’t blameless at all (who started the stimi’s in the first place?), but Biden took it to a “professional” level, as Dems usually do.


  1. 9% inflation is killing me and I remain frightened about this as on fixed income. Recession will continue and standard of living continue to decline for all until we return to Trump policies re energy independence. Once an economy starts that downward spiral and policies do not change, the downward spiral will continue and collapses in any segment infects collapses and ordains decline in other elements of society. This administration’s policies have activated USA self-destruct course. Well, the left continues to scream “burn it down”. Seems it’s happening in increments everywhere as economic foundations are weakened.

    Oh , and regarding human carbon footprint: American energy producers and auto industry due to advanced tech and innovation had been lowering US carbon footprint for a decade far beyond what was required for US in the ridiculous Paris Climate Accords !

    Now since we are no longer exporting energy, we can no longer provide energy to Europe to make up for their withdrawal from Russia energy acquisition. So now while USA and Europe support Ukraine with $ and weapons, Europe has returned to buying Russian energy which gives Putin a 1 Billion $ a day income. Astonishing. I am merely an old retired history teacher and I am very confident I could be a better president than we have. Matter of fact, many millions of sensible “deplorable” Americans could do better as well.

    The WOKE and socialist left are destroying the country at a rate exceeding the efforts of Russia and China.

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  2. But wait….Karine Jean-Pierre is telling us the economy is “better than it had been historically”?

    Somebody’s not telling the truth here! I wonder who that could be?

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    1. Yeah. She is also saying that Biden stands by his statement that he never discusses Hunter’s business dealings either. I never thought I’d write the following sentence: BRING BACK JEN PSAKI!


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