When The White House Lies…

Growing up as a kid, you probably respected your parents. I know I did. If they said something, I just took it as fact. I mean, why would they lie to me? I trusted that they would have my best interests at heart and would act accordingly. I didn’t know that’s what I was doing at the time, but it’s exactly what I was doing. We as a nation are kind of the children of our leader in a sense. We expect that we should be able to respect our leader, and take what they say as fact. But as we’ve learned over the years, that’s just not the case.

And it gets worse with our current president.

Joe Biden’s Press Secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre has had a rough start to her tenure, there’s no denying that. She has fumbled, mumbled, stumbled, and rumbled her way through the daily press briefings so poorly that even reporters from “friendly” publications and networks are turning on her. Tuesday was the latest episode.

Fox News’ Peter Doocy, who I never really thought very highly of until he landed his position as the White House Reporter, has continuously asked the tough questions, and pointed out when the administration was either wrong or lied to us. Former Press Secretary, Jen Psaki knew how to handle Doocy, though he usually got the upper hand on her. Jean-Pierre is totally lost.

In case you missed it, Tuesday, Doocy asked Jean-Pierre to comment on why there was a voicemail of the President giving his son business advice, when he has sworn tons of times that he “never discussed Hunter Biden’s business with him.” Jean-Pierre’s answer? “I’m not going to talk about alleged materials from the laptop.”

Well, that’s like your parents telling you that you can’t have any ice cream because it tastes bad. But it gets worse. Other reporters in the room, sensing that there was some shenanigans going on here, decided to chime in and ask why she didn’t answer Peter’s question. She was stumped.

This is a White House that if they don’t have the answer that they want to give, they either make something up on the fly that has to be walked-back in an hour or two by the communications team, or they deny and lie. That’s not what the President of the United States is for. Look, it’s a very simple thing here. If Joe Biden never had business dealings with his son, or discussed his business, he needs to say so. But if this voicemail message is accurate and correct, he needs to come clean. And that’s not just me saying that about a Democrat. I said the same thing about Donald Trump. I have said the same thing about George W. Bush. It doesn’t matter what party you’re from.

You don’t want parents to lie to you and tarnish your respect for them, and their credibility. Likewise, we don’t want a president of either party to lie to us or obfuscate the facts. If Biden is guilty of anything, he needs to come clean. He doesn’t have much credibility left, and when you’re approval ratings are so far under water that you’re almost in the 20% range, you have major problems. Not just for you and your electability, but for the whole party. And it seems that the whole Democrat party jumps on the Biden bandwagon and backs him regardless what nonsense he comes up with.

If that’s all true, then why on earth behind close doors are they trying to tell Biden not to run for reelection?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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  1. This is what millions voted for: Biden and lying democrats. They had to be aware of Biden’s incompetence but their Trump hate was so rabid they chose the deconstruction of America over an obnoxious New Yorker snot nose with the best policies ever.

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    1. And that’s what is so disconcerting. To think that all of these so called “smart” Americans would vote for a guy that couldn’t find his way out of his basement to campaign! And NOW they’re wondering if he can do the job???

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      1. Biden’s State visit to the Middle East & Israel.

        Nothing to see, move on. Biden will not negate the Petro-dollar monopoly which President Nixon negotiated to counter the demand made by the French for gold or silver for their international dollars. Uncle Joe will not return the US dollar to a commodity based gold/silver currency. OPEC’s economic alliance with Washington shall not change. OPEC shall require all countries who buy their petroleum to pay in US Dollars. No other currency permitted to pay for Middle East produced petroleum products. Washington’s taxation of OPEC petroleum brings much needed cash into a totally bankrupt system.

        Obviously this State visit, not the forum to address the growing threats to American internal anarchy and chaos on its domestic front. The storm clouds of Civil War hang over Washington something like the hangman placing a hood over the head of the criminal. American Civil society degenerates on a daily basis into deeper chaos and anarchy between and among American citizens who hate and despise one another worse than they do foreign enemies abroad.

        The coming Mid-term Congressional elections promise the political retirement of Pelosi, Waters, and Adam S(c)hit/ff, the pollution and smog of Californian politics. Israeli leaders wait with great anticipation, the return of President Trump, and his excellent leadership to restore Order and calm within a very fragmented American ally.

        The American national debt does very much concern Israeli strategic interests. If America falls into an internal revolution, Israeli relations with our Arab and Muslim neighbours would most probably likewise collapse. The public divorce of Arab stateless refugees compares to Black September of 1970. Uprooting the Arab stateless refugee nihilism from among our nation has become a heightened priority.

        But this State visit, by a senile President, such crucial issues – completely ignored. Biden’s handlers have directed him to address different types of “external superficial bandages” for the festering wounds caused by the terrorism made Balestinian refugee criminal populations, temporarily residing within the borders of the Jewish state.

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      2. I am inclined to agree with most of your statements. However, I am also inclined to believe that Pelosi, Waters, and Schiff will all get reelected, so they won’t lose their jobs. They’ll just lose most if not all of their power!


      3. If they lose their power, then they lose their jobs. If the GOP wins a majority then this Californian smog ceases to control the gavel of the Speaker of the House and the GOP replaces Shit with a Republican etc.

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      4. Got it! My whole problem with the way things are set up in DC currently is, Democrats have no valid ideas, but they love to run things. Republicans have great ideas that work. Their problem is they don’t know how to run anything. That’s why when they worked together it seemed to at least come close to working. Now? Nope. Clown College.


      5. I would agree. I think the easiest way to do that is to invoke strict term limits, not allow anyone that’s served in a governmental position to do anything related with government (including being a resource for a TV or cable news channel). Second, do away with salaries for those in Congress and the White House. Serving America is an honor, not a profession. Finally, get the money out of politics. Disallow all PAC’s, all lobbyists, and all donations to candidates. It’ll never happen, but it would close down the incest!


      6. Come the Mid terms the GOP retakes the House and the Senate. Bitch Pelosi and Adam Shit and slut Waters go back to the whore house where they belong.


  2. Bunkerville gets it!

    That’s what you get when you select people based on quotas. It use to be that you got selected because you were the good at your job, but that’s not what you do when you want to divide the country.

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  3. Re Karine Jean-Pierre, she’s got a really tough job being the president’s official liar. I wonder how long before she gets tired of trying to invent answers that are contrary to facts and all evidence to the contrary.

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      1. I got the idea when the Orange liar aka “Peppermint Patty Pisskanky” jumped ship. Some of the people on the live chat to “In The Litter Box With Jewels And Catturd” (12 Noon PDT M-F) called the new Press Secretary Cocoa Puffs. When I joined in, someone said she got a bad image in her mind about the Cocoa Puffs Cereal. So I came up with Cocoa Muffs and got some laughs out of some on the chat. But now that we know she doesn’t have any marbles in her empty head, the name KooKoo Muffs seems to fit her to a tee, especially with her muff hairdo on the top of her cranium.

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      2. Jewels Jones came up with the name Pisskanky. Others called her Peppermint Patty. Prior to the podcast which debuted early this year, people on MeWe called Psaki “Orange Woman” in retaliation to the Liberal “Orange Man” insults hurled against President Trump. I never liked the Peppermint Patty reference. It insults Charles M. Schultz inadvertently and the Peanuts comic strip brand.

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  4. Bear with me, I’m in the mood to bloviate!

    This is exactly what you get when you throw meritocracy out the window… just take a short look at the very obvious!

    Vice President K-Baby. She was selected because of her ethnicity not her intelligence (obviously). K-Baby is suppose to represent women as well as the Black community however, her mother was Indian and her father was Jamaican!

    Karin Jean Pierre. She fills several buckets, she’s a woman, she’s Black, and she’s a Lesbian! You don’t get much higher on the list in the world of Sectionalism than that!

    Then there’s our latest and greatest addition to the Supreme Court, Ketanji Brown Jackson! The only thing I can definitely say about her is that she’s Black! I don’t really know if she’s a “woman” because she doesn’t know either!

    You can probably go down the list. Secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas was born in Cuba! He checks-off for the Latino’s!

    I’m sure there are many more especially on the Democrat side in both State and Federal government who were “selected” because of what they are and not what they know! And I say “selected” because we all know what happened in the 2020 election, which gives me great pause when they predict a Red Wave in the mid-terms!

    And as the Great Mark Levin would say…”That’s it…I’m done!”

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  5. Imagine you’re a journalist. Well, in order to do that — imagine that you’re a journalist, you’d have to be a certain age to remember what journalists were and what they’re supposed to do. So imagine you’re a journalist sitting in the White House press room. Why bother asking any questions when you know that whatever you get “in response” is total and utter B.S.? Now imagine that a free press is one of those “civilized institutions” we keep hearing about. Do you have any confidence in it? Or has it taken the same direction as all of our other failed institutions — courts, law enforcement, legislature, executive, education, religion, marriage …. and so forth?

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    1. As someone who formerly called the “media” his home for 35 years, I can safely and honestly say that I have lost all faith in the media to objectively cover basically any story that doesn’t involve a cat getting stuck in a tree. Anything more in-depth than that and you’re talking about a bunch of people that could very well have been homeless until they got this job. That’s the main reason I cannot vote for the person leading the GOP primary right now in AZ. Kari Lake may be a fine person, I don’t know. But she came from TV news (In fact, she used to work with a former partner of mine who did a radio show with me years ago). Sorry…can’t vote for someone in that profession. Couldn’t do it for used car salesmen either!

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  6. There are many reasons why behind closed doors they are trying to convince Biden not to run again. 1. They’re tired of covering for him every time he opens his trap. 2. Biden couldn’t hide the fact his controllers actually were/are in charge (via President by committee of morons), that he is nothing more than a cardboard prop. 3. The Hunter thingy is closing in on them. There is more there, dirty and nastier than anything remotely ever connected with Watergate. Kind of a Nixon covered for All His Men; Biden covering for his SON AND BUSINESS PARTNER, with national security threatened by their corruption (Bribes and who knows what has been promised or info bought). Biden’s business is the greatest scandal in our history. Mark my words!

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    1. OK…your words have been duly marked! But I don’t really think the whole attempt to get Biden not to run again is behind closed doors. Either that or it’s a screen door. No real privacy…the whole world knows about it!

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