Is The GOP Going Too Far?

The Supreme Court’s ruling on Dobbs v. Jackson did away with a couple of earlier, and incorrect Supreme Court rulings, most notably Roe v. Wade. Handing the abortion question back to the states and denying the whole “privacy” question that actually was the lynchpin in Roe passing muster in the first place was a smart move by the court. In essence, they did not deny someone’s ability to get an abortion. They just denied that the federal government had any jurisdiction in the matter and that the states should decide for themselves. And that was the correct decision.

But there have been rumblings ever since the ruling was made public at the end of last month that the GOP is considering a nationwide ban on abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy. Soon to be Speaker of the House, Kevin McCarthy has told CNN that he would support such a move. And while I would be the first to say that my religious beliefs do not allow me to accept abortion because it is the taking of a life, and violates the Sixth Commandment, I also think that this isn’t a fight the GOP needs to take on.

The Supreme Court showed it’s intelligence by not wading into the middle of the “Is it right or wrong” fight. As they had previously done with the whole Obamacare issue, the court looked at it from a Constitutional vein. And they concluded (rightly so) that the Constitution does not give the federal government jurisdiction in this manner. Therefore it needs to be returned to the states.

I would suggest that if McCarthy goes ahead with a nationwide ban after 15 weeks, he’s making the same mistake that the Justices made back in 1973. There are somethings that need to be left to the discretion of the states, and abortion is one of them. It’s not a right or wrong issue, it’s an issue of federal rights versus states rights, and it’s always been that.

The abortion battle, as far as the federal government is concerned is over. Now all we have to do is convince lawmakers of that!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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  1. Well, it kind of makes me believe that such a law is equally unconstitutional as was Roe v Wade and pretty much for the same reason. It’s not an enumerated power granted to Congress.

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  2. Last year there were nearly 3,000 anti-Semitic attacks in the US, a 34% increase from 2020. In New York City, attacks increased by 409%. Rep. Rashida Tlaib introduced a “Nakba” bill to Congress to enact a law that declares the Israeli national Independence an international “disaster”.

    First, the name Palestine comes from European NOT Middle Eastern origins. Arabs cannot even pronounce the letter P. Europe, the focus of Jew hatred. Specifically the 2 State Solution which foists foreign imperialist agendas … Russian, EU, US, and UN (A world government that occupies 2 large buildings). The deceit and outright lies deep as cow manure at a milk farm.

    The Nazis, the definition of State sponsored Jew hatred, had KEY interests touching Jew hatred. The Nazis operated the death camps even as the Russians invaded Berlin! The Pope and Allied Powers possessed knowledge of the death camps and never once chose to bomb the rail lines, or even publicly denounce the Nazi war crimes. Impossible to murder 75% of European Jewry in less than 4 years … without positive or passive assistance by other European nationals, who passionately hated Jews, as an expression of their Nationalism.

    European Capitals, shocked, horrified, when 3 years after the Shoah, that Jews defeated 5 Arab armies who invaded the newly declared Jewish state with the intent to throw the Jews into the Sea. Of all the European countries, only Czechoslovakia, a country who experienced the betrayal of Britains “2 State Solution” in 1938, exported weapons to the newly declared Jewish state. England and France piously declared their neutrality. England armed, not so secretly, Jordan and Iraq. France surrendered to the Nazis early in the war, yet post war they wrote UN Resolution 242, the basis of foreign imperialism known as the 2 State Solution.

    Attempts to focus upon random acts of Jew hatred violence, compares to a large “captive” audience, who watches closely a magician perform live. Reactionary political analyst “experts”, who base their learned and professional opinions upon what they read in News papers and watch from TV “programs”, directly compares to the shallow attempts to grasp anti-Semitism based upon random violent attacks carried out by lone individuals or small groups.

    The mass shooting, gun violence which plagues American society, in similar vein requires that people address the State interests to dismantle the Bill of Rights, specifically the 2nd Amendment which expressly mandates the rights of citizens to bear arms. With almost every mass shooting gun violence the controlled MSM “Pravda” Press screams for gun control. Nancy Pelosi has an agenda, hostile to US American citizenship. This explains her efforts to permit a mass migration of illegal aliens to enter the United States. This explains why the Democrat ‘socialist’ Party demands that people have the right to vote without showing citizenship ID.

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  3. Are you aware that the RINOs struck a dirty backroom deal with the Democrats over the ruling? They struck up a red flags gun law deal, knowing that the Democrats would renege after agreeing. This is part 2 of the Democrats getting their way of forcing all 50 states to have abortions. It’s going to backfire soon.

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