Random Thoughts On Mar-A-Lago Raid

Was I outraged at the FBI raid on Donald Trump’s place Monday? I don’t think that was my emotion then or now. I thought it was very interesting. I had several thoughts run through my brain over the last day and a half. Here they are.

How stupid are the Democrats? Merrick Garland has to be a supreme idiot to think that raiding a former president’s residence was a smart move. Either that or there had to be some very, very damning evidence regarding Trump actually organizing the January 6th protest at the Capitol and telling the crowd to take it over. That’s the only thing I can think of WHY on earth you would be so foolish.

If I were Hunter Biden right now, I would be exceptionally worried. The FBI going to Trump’s house and raiding it, basically means that come January 21st, 2025, if the GOP wins the White House back, Hunter could very well expect a knock at his door. And ol’ Joe might just get a knock as well. I mean, what’s good for the goose, right?

What’s interesting is that Trump turned over 15 boxes of documents to the DOJ in early 2022. He was cooperating. If someone is not charged, but is cooperating fully with an investigation, why would you raid their place and not actually arrest him? I can see it if they had something illegal, could prove it beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law and were going to take Trump into custody. But to raid it and take more boxes of stuff, and leave him unarrested? That doesn’t make much sense.

I also can see that Merrick Garland’s days as Attorney General are numbered. If the House and Senate flip to the GOP, I would bet my house and your house that there will be hearings on what happened Monday. I can also bet my house and your family’s wealth that Merrick Garland is going to be impeached. This is a very dark day in our country’s history, darker than January 6th ever was. If the left doesn’t understand that, they really are pretty stupid.

I cannot begin to doubt that if the GOP wasn’t already enthused beyond belief about the November 8th midterms prior to Monday, they are now. Didn’t Biden’s minions at Justice and the FBI realize that they just awakened whatever tiger was left sleeping in the cave? I can’t believe this isn’t going to rival inflation or gas prices as a major issue come November.

I think the Democrats have just pushed Trump over the edge as far as running is concerned. I have thought that he would run regardless, but now there is absolutely no doubt. And the DOJ had better make sure they have all of their ducks in a row. This could be a major leap forward toward that revolution I’ve been hearing about!

Look, I’m not a huge Donald Trump fan as a lot of you know. I thought he was one of the most unpresidential presidents we’ve ever had. I liked his policies, and they were great for the nation, but his leadership style resembled that of a New York City real estate magnate, not a world leader. But if you’re going to pull this stunt on him, you need to do the same to Joe Biden, Bobo Obama, and Hillary Clinton. And I would say to do any of that is beyond what our country needs. There are FAR more important issues that this administration needs to deal with right now than trying to make it so Trump doesn’t run in 2024!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

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  1. First of all, the Democrats aren’t stupid. They know exactly what they’re doing.

    As far as stopping Trump from running in 2024? That IS the most important issue for the Dem’s. You have to understand that they are very evil people who are in the fight of their life. It’s a do or die for their very existence and agenda and they will do absolutely anything and everything to maintain that power.

    People have to stop thinking like reasonable people because there’s nothing reasonable about the Left! And they hold all the cards. They hold the three branches of government, they’ve weaponized the FBI and DOJ, and control main stream media. And if the Republican’s do get control of congress, they better find themselves a set of balls or they’ll find themselves in a Party that will never win another election!

    Hunter Biden will never see a day in jail because the corrupt administration will continue to ignore it all because if Hunter goes down, so will Joe and his family. There’s a pardon in the future.

    And as far as not being a Donald Trump fan is what I find to be most interesting. I ask all my Left leaning, Never Trumper acquaintances (they’re surely not my friends) If I showed you two lists, one with all the accomplishments of Trump, and one with all the accomplishments of Biden but I didn’t identify who each list belonged to, then asked which list would you prefer to live under. Only an intellectual dishonest person suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome would select the Biden list. Sure, everybody has right to their own opinion but not to their own facts!

    I wonder if Trump is now reconsidering the suggestion that if the Republican’s win congress in the mid-terms, that he would accept the Speakership in the House of Representatives and immediately proceed with a Biden impeachment? A non-member of congress has never held that position but there’s nothing in the Constitution that prevents it (see Article I, Section 2 para. 5).

    A BIG problem is, there are more RINO’s in congress than there are in Africa!


    1. OK…let’s slow down for a minute. First of all, I think the Dems in power stumble and bumble just like Republicans in power. There is no difference. Second, I think they play the “politics card” way too often, and it usually comes around and bites them in the butt (Harry Reid’s doing away with the 60 vote rule in Senate for appointees…look what it led to!). I would agree that the Dems would like to harm ANYBODY in the GOP that wants to run for president because Biden is doing so poorly and there isn’t anyone doing any better on their short bench. BUT…they do NOT hold all three branches of government. The FBI and the DOJ are under the Executive Branch. The Judicial Branch is a 6-3 conservative majority at the moment. I wouldn’t say that the Dems hold that at all.
      As far as not being a Trump fan, I like his policies. He got a lot done in four years, and he set up a conservative Supreme Court, and deserves all the credit in the world for that one. But with 27% of the Republicans surveyed (in a new Quinnipiac poll) saying that they don’t want Trump to run for president, he’s got an uphill struggle. That’s over a quarter of your own party that won’t back you (or say they won’t). If it’s Biden v. Trump again, of course I’d vote for Trump.
      I don’t think Trump would accept a speakership position (he doesn’t have to be elected to the House in order to be Speaker). He wants the White House. As for the RINO problem, you’re right…but they are dying off. Trump seems to have unseated some of them already, and Cheyney goes to the unemployment line next Tuesday.


      1. You’re correct, and my bad use of words. What I was referring to with the three branches of government was the House, the Senate and the presidency! My bad.
        Correct, Trump doesn’t have to get elected to be Speaker but the Republicans do need to win the House! And boy, wouldn’t that be fun to watch?

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  2. We’re going to have a huge popcorn shortage when the circus begins. Got other snacks to munch on while the show goes on?

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  3. And if as Joe says “He welcomes Trump as an opponent again” why would they raid him? Your doing the opposite of what you say! Of course we know JB is full of crap. He doesn’t understand what is really happening around him. They are frightened of Trump……. What’s in those boxes? I think evidence of things against the liberal Democrats and all Trumps political enemies. That is why they wanted those boxes and anything else they could find. Not what is on Trump but what is on the Deep State characters.

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    1. I have heard speculation that Trump had evidence that there was a confidential human recourse (undercover FBI agent) on staff in the White House to spy on Trump and that’s what they want to get their hands on.
      I also worry that the FBI doesn’t plant false information.

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    2. They think they can escape, but God has the last laugh. His prophets have told us there will be a raid on them when they least expect it. The FBI Agents who raided Mar-A-Lago will be among the FBI agents who get arrested for Treason in the upcoming raid on DC, prophesied by Timothy Dixon.


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