Are They Nuts?

Oh, I think they are. But I’ll let you be the final arbitrator in that one. Let me tell you what’s going on in the wacky state to my left as we speak today. The County Board of Supervisors in San Bernadino County, California are considering and will have a second reading, a final reading and if both pass, a vote come November on a proposal for San Bernadino County to secede from California.

Here’s where that is crazy!

San Bernadino County is a small county located northeast of Los Angeles. About the biggest claim to fame of the country is it houses the original McDonalds’ Restaurant. Other than that it’s really not got a lot to it. . If San Bernadino County was to actually secede from California, they’d become basically have to be annexed by Arizona as they share a border just west of Lake Havisu City and Bullhead City. Otherwise, they’d have no statehood of any kind. It’d be a county-run government and a couple of small towns. That’s it!

Now, we’ve all heard of California wanting to secede from the United States. No, we haven’t heard about it lately because Gavin Newsome’s liberal government is happy with the way the idiots in Washington DC are behaving at the moment. But if the House and Senate turn Republican, and if the Democrats lose the presidency in 2024, you can believe you’ll be hearing about this yet again. It’s just a matter of time.

And of course, you’ve got a bunch of people, mostly conservative, but a lot of liberals as well, that have fled California already for what they view to be less taxed states like Utah, Texas, Nevada, and Arizona. Those folks have actually had an impact here in Arizona on many fronts. Housing prices have peaked here, but the house I bought in 2010 for $130,000 is now listed on the various real estate websites for around $400,000! And that’s without major renovation! Yes, our politics in the Grand Canyon State has gone from solid red to more of a purplish color because of all of this. I can’t remember the last time we had two Senators that were Democrats (Mark Kelly and Kyrsten Sinema). The Phoenix mayor, along with mayors in Flagstaff and Tucson are all Democrats, though we’ve currently got a Republican Governor in Doug Ducey (founder of Cold Stone Creamery) and the state houses are both controlled by the GOP. But Democrats have made an impact.

The point is, it looks like there are still several people that are not happy with the way things are being done in California, and those folks are starting to take things into their own hands as to fixing them.

Is San Bernadino Country crazy for thinking this? Yes. They are. There isn’t any way this is going to happen. And it’s nothing more than a fun little diversion for the people who hate the way Cali is trending. But overall, no, San Bernadino County isn’t going to secede from the state. The lawsuits alone would bankrupt it.

My only question after reading about this is, why in the world would the County Supervisors even waste their time entertaining such a ridiculous notion?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


8 thoughts on “Are They Nuts?

  1. I can tell you this, as San Bernardino County separates my County from both the Nevada and Arizona borders: they are fed up with Gaffing Nuisance. They were part of the original plan of splitting up California into 6 states. The plan was to have Riverside (the southern neighboring county), Orange (my home county to the southwest of San Bernardino County), Imperial, San Diego, Inyo, Kern, Tulare and Mono Counties form Southern California. Los Angeles County, along with Ventura, Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, Monterey and Fresno counties would have been Central California. But with the 6 state split plan failing at the ballot, San Bernardino has spoken out. And technically, they could be annexed to Nevada rather than Arizona. But yes, it won’t likely happen, just like Jefferson won’t up north towards the Oregon border.

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    1. So, let me ask a question…what keeps you in a state like Cali? I’ve traveled there whenever we take a cruise out of Long Beach, but other than that, I stay the hell away. Everything is taxed to the hilt, and quite honestly, other than Monterey Penninsula, I can’t see what the big deal is.

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      1. I was born here, and my family is here. I will keep fighting the far left libturd clowns; someone has to stay and fight back. God has His plans for California.

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      2. You saw my reply on your Liz Cheney post. Clowns like Bob Dornan screwed up the Republican Party’s chances of taking back California. He opened his flaming piehole, throwing verbal grenades at anyone and everyone disagreeing with him, then bragged about what a great patriot he supposedly was. He bragged about bombing Japan during WW2, saying that was one of the best things he ever did, and how he would have done more bombing missions gladly, had the commanders not stopped the bombings. This guy gloated with glee over the bombings like a psychopath, shooting the reputation of the GOP as the media covered his retorts. His other GOP buddies of the old guard aided and abetted the shooting down of the GOP. Those of us in the new guard are cleaning up the mess they created.

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