Liz Cheyney’s Political Death

It all comes to an end for Liz Cheyney in Wyoming today. The daughter of former Vice President, Dick Cheyney has a huge uphill battle on her hand if she wants to continue with a fourth term in Congress next year. She is currently trailing Harriet Hageman in the Republican primary by some 28 points, with Hageman receiving almost 55% of the GOP primary vote. A different poll taken two weeks earlier had the gap at 22 points.

So, how did Cheyney get into this mess?
She did it basically with one simple vote and her steadfastness to that ideology since. She was one of ten Republicans that voted for impeachment after Donald Trump had left office. Of those ten, four decided not to run for reelection, three have lost their primaries (a rarity for an incumbent), and two won their primaries and will face the general election in November. Cheyney is the tenth and final Congressman to face voters after voting for impeachment of Trump on January 13, 2021.

It hasn’t been an easy road for the Wyoming Congressman. She got censored earlier for her vote to impeach Donald Trump surrounding the whole January 6th affair, and she was one of two Republicans hand-picked by Nancy Pelosi to sit on the January 6th Committee. She has seemed much more like a Democrat than a Republican while on that stage.

If you were to take away the whole impeachment thing, and her chastising Trump after he left office, and let her run, I believe you’d see an entirely different result than the polling that has been done lately. Up until her slamming Trump, she most likely would not have been primaried, and most likely would have maintained her seat. But she felt it more important to give her judgement of the situation than to either back her president, or to keep quiet on the issue. The other member of the January 6th Committee that was a hand-picked Republican was Adam Kinzinger. He chose not to run for reelection after his poling results found he’d not win.

I have to say that except for maybe leaving the US Capitol as folks such as Al Franken had to leave, under a cloud of scandal and sexual abuse, I would have to believe that losing in a primary when you want to retain your seat has to be the most embarrassing thing for either a Representative or a sitting Senator. Liz Cheyney apparently doesn’t care about that. She just wants to slam Donald Trump for his time in office. And the funny thing is, she has no real proof, as do any of us, that he actually did anything illegal, immoral, or even fattening!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


5 thoughts on “Liz Cheyney’s Political Death

  1. You gotta love the karma on this situation if it happens.
    It’s the boomerang effect. The one thing she tried to do too Trump has turned around, only to find herself being the one on the chopping block!

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  2. Got your bbq fired up with steaks and corn on the cob on the grille?

    I’ve seen a friend of the Cheney family screw up his own reelection for Congress before, back in 1996: Bob Dornan. And he deserved getting tossed out of office. He was an arrogant stooge, taking his constituents for granted. He lost to liberal candidate Loretta Sanchez, and came back in 1998 in a feeble attempt to try to get back in. He came one day to my radio station to fill in for Jane Chastain, a talk show host who is friends with him and Dick Cheney. Dornan shot his mouth off on air, making a wise crack about Osama bin Laden by squealing “OSAMA! OSAMA! Sounds like a JAPANESE name, doesn’t it!?” He then continued on his flamboyant self serving rant, which only dug his political grave. He never recovered from shooting his mouth off, and grudgingly retired from trying to seek getting back in office another 2 years later when he tried to go after another seat held by Dana Rohrabacher, a GOP incumbent.

    Lizzy Cheney is on the same path as Dornan was. She shot herself in the foot. She’s a RINO; Dornan was a stubborn far right NeoCon, a stooge who offended his constituents, then ruined the chances for conservatives to win back the seat he gave away to far left liberals with his flaming crazy antics.

    The people in Wyoming will be sending the cow to the pasture. Cheney better find something outside of politics, colleges and the media circus that she can be good at. She fried her gander beyond crisp, and the vultures are about to pick her carcass for scraps.

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