CDC Admits They Were Wrong

Remember when you were told you needed to lockdown in your home for “two weeks to flatten the curve” on COVID? Remember how you were told wearing a mask didn’t help, then was mandatory? Remember how the way to beat the pandemic was to “social distance” and stay six feet away from anybody else? Remember how your kids’ schools all got shut down for over a year, and they had to learn at home? Remember all of the cancelled weddings, parties, birthdays, holidays, and funerals that were missed because of this disease? Remember how the CDC said, and the president aped that the best way to beat COVID was to get vaccinated? Well, apparently the CDC has come out with a new directive.

The CDC was wrong all along.

The Director of the CDC, Rochelle Walensky, came out Wednesday and said that oops, we did not “reliably” meet our mission during COVID, and that’s got to change. In other words, the CDC told you and me a bunch of stuff that just wasn’t accurate. And the big mouthpiece for all of the directives, Anthony Fauci? He was all a big part of it, though he is nowhere to be found after Walensky’s mea culpa.

So the CDC needs to reorganize and transition. The Centers for Disease Control really didn’t control COVID with any authority. After all, over 1,000,000 Americans died! They were too busy telling people to stop smoking and get mammograms. But that’s all going to end now. Now they apparently know what they’ve done wrong, and they are going to fix it!

What the CDC needs to do is do what it’s name implies. They need to control diseases. They should have been on top of the research for COVID long before it became a problem in this country. Other countries around the world had produced millions of pages of documents on the disease and what worked and what didn’t work. To have our very own disease experts languish as Fauci and Deborah Birx did was inexcusable.

Walensky is apparently going to be able to keep her job. Fauci is going to keep his job, though he said (at age 81) that he was probably going to step down in a year or so. What needs to happen is all of these people that were involved in the politicization of COVID be fired and denied their retirement benefits. It would be a fitting memorial to the million plus people that have died, and the more than 400 people a day that are still dying from COVID in this country.

Either the United States is going to be the world leader in medicine, or it’s yet, one more thing that we are going to hand over to the Chinese to run. Either Joe Biden needs to step up to the plate and explain to the American people what HIS administration and Trump’s did were both wrong and inconclusive and that they mis-served the American people, costing over a million lives and trillions of dollars. They’ve caused the recession we are in, and they’re the ones at fault for listening to the faulty information, along with people like Walensky, Fauci, and Birx.

To do anything less is not only immoral and unethical, it’s criminal.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!