Could This Be The Democrats’ Play?

Sitting here this morning looking at a long list of Democrats that have indicated at one time or another that they want to be President of the United States, and a list that’s growing of those that know they can’t back Joe Biden for reelection. None of the people on the “I Wish I Were President” list have the ability to excite the Democrats, much less the Independents and the Republicans to a point where they can win. We’ve seen most of them before. The Bernie Sanders, the Elizabeth Warrens, the Pete Buttigiegs, and the like. The list goes on and on.

From where I sit today, the Democrats don’t have an exciting player in the field other than Sanders, who is great at packing arenas with college kids, because of his desire to erase their college loan debt, and give them free tuition. But when you look at the Amy Klobuchars, the Hillary Clintons (yes, she’s still thinking about running), and the K-baby Harris’ of the world, you have to stop and wonder…the bench may be long, but there’s no one of quality sitting on it. Even a Gavin Newsome has problems should he decide to enter the fray.

But there is an interesting choice that is on the sidelines that few are talking about. Her name is Liz Cheyney.

I know, I know. She’s just got blown out in her primary in Wyoming a week ago. That’s never a good sign for someone that wants to run for the White House. Typically that nomination goes to winners, not someone that can’t even win a primary to keep their congressional seat! But what if Cheyney decided to switch parties in order to run against Donald Trump? She said she’d do anything in her power to make sure he doesn’t win, right? Would it include switching parties?

In the short view, I don’t think that would matter. Liz Cheyney doesn’t have a very good aptitude for things. Not even for the Democrats. She is a one-note-Samba. It’s “Defeat Trump at all costs”. The rest of her platform is basically non-existent. Cheyney is not a strong candidate, even if she isn’t running as the anti-Trump candidate. Yes, she won Wyoming by 20 points two years ago. That’s a far cry from 270 Electoral College votes!

And if you make 2024 solely about Donald Trump, he probably would win. Trump is great when people are talking about him. He’s great when HE is the message, and if Cheyney were the Dems choice for the nomination, she would have nothing else to say except, “Vote for me, I’m NOT Donald Trump!”

And then we are faced with the same question…if not Biden, who? And that’s a question no one on the left wants to answer just yet!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


6 thoughts on “Could This Be The Democrats’ Play?

  1. Maybe they’ll nominate the fat black cow Stacy Abrams for President. Now that would be the ultimate clown show! Please pass the popcorn! πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

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    1. Um…you obviously missed one of my blogs where (as the conspiracy theory goes), K-baby is paid off to resign, Gavin Newsome is the new VP, Joe is forced to quit for health reasons and Newsome takes over…then appoints Abrams as the new VP! No, really!

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      1. I actually saw that one. But things change in the meantime. The prophets have said Harris will never become President, and Newsom is so crooked, that those outside of California know not to put him into office. If he were appointed by the DNC, that would signal the Military to intervene and stop it.

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      2. In 2015, a prophet named Mark Taylor remembered a dream he wrote down in 2011 that told him Donald Trump was going to be the next President after Barack 0bama. He wondered what happened when Mitt Romney got nominated in 2012. Fast forward to 2015: God told him to look at what he wrote down in 2011, then told him “America wasn’t ready in 2012, so I waited.” He got told that the enemies of America would pour huge sums of cash towards Trump’s opponents and see it getting wasted, as Trump beat the opponent. You saw Crooked Hildebeest and Jill Stein spending huge sums of cash, then taking severe beatings on Election Night 2016. Their cash got emptied with nothing to pay back to their investors. Go to 2019: a prophet saw the pandemic coming and being exploited to commit election fraud and steal the election for a period of time. That happened. The others saw fraud getting found out, with arrests coming. That’s now forming and happening. Kampala Harris was seen, finding out she got used. That is on the horizon. She will be looking for Joe one day, not knowing he died the night before, and is in a casket at the Rotunda. Keep your eyes and ears open. It’s coming. And arrests are coming too at the same time. Watch for Jimmy Carter dying before this happens. The marker of 2 former Presidents dying is partially fulfilled. Bush was the first. Carter is next.


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