Did The GOP Give Up On Blake Masters?

It appears so. The Senate Leadership Fund, which is Mitch McConnell’s baby, has pulled about $8 million in ad buys in Arizona. It’s also pulled way back on their planned ad buy in Alaska.

GOP nominee, Blake Masters is currently running about 8 points behind incumbent, Mark Kelly. Kelly has already been blitzing with ads throughout the state, and Masters is woefully short on his ad buy if he wants to catch up. Having the Senate Leadership Fund move money away from The Copper State doesn’t bode well for Masters.

Basically, it is a national numbers game for the SLF. They are banking on trying to flip at least one seat, while holding on two three seats that they feel may be in jeopardy. Currently, Republicans want to hold on to seats in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. Only JD Vance in Ohio is leading his Democrat opponent. Mehmet Oz is anywhere between 4 and 11 points behind John Fetterman in Pennsylvania, and Ron Johnson is losing to Mandela Barnes by 2 points.

Now, add to that two other states that the GOP leadership hopes to flip…and it’s looking like Arizona isn’t going to be one of them. They are boosting money in Georgia, where GOP nominee Hershel Walker trails incumbent Raphael Warnock by 2 points (within the margin of error), but internal polling from Walker’s side has him dead even or slightly ahead. And in Nevada, Republican Adam Laxalt has taken a 3 point lead over incumbent Democrat Catherine Cortez Masto. So it may behoove the Republicans to throw Masters under the bus in Arizona if they can flip Georgia and Nevada…and still hold on to the three midwestern states.

Masters, for the most part, has been silent. He’s trailing in the polls and is proving to be a rather weak candidate, so it’s no wonder that the GOP leadership is deciding early not to throw good money after bad in his campaign. That could be money better spent to flip a couple of other states and hold off Democrats in order to take control of the Senate.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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