Charging DeSantis

If you were a Democrat, and you were facing what Joe Biden is facing with the southern border catastrophe, how would you handle it? Especially seeing how three southern border governors (Ron DeSantis, Greg Abbott, and Doug Ducey) are arranging transportation for those folks illegally crossing into out country, that don’t want to stay in southern Texas, Florida, or the deserts of Arizona. It’s got Democrats in a lather.

Now they want to charge Ron DeSantis with “human trafficking” for sending 50 illegals to Martha’s Vineyard. How dare he!

Well, he dared. But the Democrats have a real problem on their hands. The people that are being shuttled around the country after some have made a 4,000 hike to get to the southern border, don’t really care where they end up, as long as it’s in the US. If asked, “Hey, do you want to go to Washington DC?” or New York, or Chicago? They’d of course say “YES!” (or Si!), so long as it wasn’t Caracas, or Managua, or Guatemala City. So, what do they care if they get a free flight to Martha’s Vineyard, and then shipped off to Cape Cod? At least they didn’t have to walk!

But Biden and his minions are facing an even bigger problem. If they choose to have the DOJ file federal human trafficking charges against Ron DeSantis for moving the illegals from his state (claiming he did so without their permission, or he mis-led them), can’t the same thing happen to Joe Biden and K-baby Harris because they had not one, but 900 flights in the middle of the night from the southern border to areas scattered all over the country. I doubt those illegals actually were asked where they wanted to go. So, people in Des Moines, Iowa, or Fargo, North Dakota woke up one day and had a plane load of people (far more than 50) sitting in their front yards.

I would submit that Joe Biden and K-baby Harris are just as guilty as DeSantis, or Abbott or Ducey. In fact, I’d submit they are MORE guilty because at least the governors sent the illegals to “sanctuary cities”. These are supposed to be places that welcome illegals and don’t want ICE to come knocking at their doors asking to see their papers! How dare Lori Lightfoot, Muriel Bowser, Eric Adams, and even Massachusetts Governor, Charlie Baker turn those people down. What are they? Hypocrites?

Look, what Ron DeSantis and Abbott and Ducey have done is something Fox News just hasn’t been able to do on it’s own. They’ve raised illegal immigration and the border catastrophe to the height that it needs to be. And their argument to those that scream they are derelict in their duties need to realize that it’s not their fault. If they don’t like where these folks are being bussed and flown to, they are preaching to the wrong choir. They should be focusing their angst at Biden and Harris. After all, Trump had this thing pretty well under control when he left office.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

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  1. If I were a Dem, what would I do? This is a hard question because so many of the critics of the border situation have little to no clue about what is actually going on and the underlying problems driving this “crisis.”

    Just one example… the great majority of ppl presenting at the border are coming as asylum seekers, due to, at least, imminent perceived mortal danger in their home countries. Whether we like it or not, according to our laws, they have that right and as such, are following a legally prescribed method of immigration.

    They show up, apply for immigrant status at the border, required by law, make an asylum claim and then their case gets adjudicated. If it is deemed credible, they’re in, if not, they are sent home.

    The problem is that the waiting period for those cases to be heard is now stretching into 5 year territory. But Congress, and particularly the GOP, has been hesitant to appropriate the necessary funds to clear this back log.

    We can scream all we want about “illegals” an “open border” etc., but to change it we need real leadership and politicians willing to look for solutions rather than photo ops, sound bites and dopamine for their campaigns.

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