Kicking The Can

I think it was two months ago that Joe Biden first came up with the fact that his administration needed to get involved with the pending rail strike in this country that effected some 12 different unions. I remember him saying that he was set to help both sides come to an amicable agreement. We’re two months down the road, and there are still differences. Big differences. In fact, the Biden administration has admitted that they can’t solve the impass. So what’s Joe to do?

Kick the can to Congress and tell them it’s their problem now!

This is just like Biden. If you look over the last two years of his presidency, he has time and time again taken the real heavy lifting topics, like the rail strike, and kicked it to someone else so he wouldn’t do the lifting. After all, the guy is 80 years old now! He could easily throw out his back.

He first kicked a can K-baby Harris’ way on the southern border crisis. Of course, she’s been trying to find someone to kick the can to ever since. He kicked a can to Transportation Secretary, Pete Buttigieg on the supply chain problem, which got in the way of Buttigieg’s personal vacation time and family leave time. Very little has been done there. He’s kicked a can to Europe when it came to the climate. Oh, I know he talks a good game, but he doesn’t follow through with it, allowing Chevron, as I said yesterday, to drill for oil in Venezuela. And it goes on and on. The man wants to be Teflon coated, but he’s not.

Biden originally said he was going to tackle this problem. Oops. Or did he. Well, he did, and according to his press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre said time and time again that Biden was “personally involved” in the negotiations. That came as a surprise to Biden, who over the Thanksgiving weekend, while vacationing in Nantucket, said he had not personally gotten involved in the dispute at that point. Someone is missing some facts somewhere!

Now, Biden is kicking the can on the potential for a rail strike to Congress, telling a lame-duck session of the Legislative Body to come up with a solution. It’s not like they don’t already have enough on their plate with the budget running out on December 16th, and the debt ceiling about to be breached. And now Congress needs to act quickly to get this done by December 9th. And actually sooner because the rail lines will stop hauling hazardous material on December 5th. Of course, Congress is expected to start voting on this as early as today.

This is the latest example of the leadership style of a weak president. Are you telling me that someone like an Abraham Lincoln or a George Washington, or even an FDR would sit around and complain about not being able to get a deal on a rail strike and then kick it to Congress to do with less than a week to do it in? Biden’s had two months and couldn’t make progress. What makes anyone with a sense of honesty in their soul feel that Congress, that monolith body that takes forever to decide what to order for lunch can do in five days? Especially do so in a fair manner whereby both management and the unions get a fair shake. It’s upset the unions, and they aren’t sure they are going to be able to go along with it.

If the GOP isn’t busy already making commercials for 2024 highlighting the foolishness of this president, they are doomed to lose yet another election to the Democrats. If you’re telling me that the Republicans cannot find someone, ANYONE to defeat Joe Biden after the miserable two years he’s had and the mistakes he’s made, then we deserve to be a socialist country. Hell, you or I could run for president and defeat Joe Biden. I think the only person that says he’s a Republican that probably could and would lose to Biden is Donald Trump. But that’s the topic for yet another blog.

Both Republicans and Democrats on the Hill say that they can come together to solve this problem. And the problem is, is it going to be something that the unions and management will both agree to? Now to be sure, Congress can and has done this before. In fact, back in 1991, Congress voted to have union workers end a strike that had started just hours before and get back to work. So, this is nothing new for folks on the Hill. The problem for Biden is what that’s going to look like to the union heads, and will he still be the most union-friendly president in history? I think not.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


23 thoughts on “Kicking The Can

    1. Yeah. It happened on September 30th at the Amtrak Johnstown Rail Station. Ah, but it was a “tentative” deal in which all 12 of the unions had to accept (they didn’t all accept it). So, the administration has been continuing the process…and failing.

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      1. Does Joe even realize the difference any more? My son told me over Thanksgiving, he feels the whole Biden brain burst is nothing more than a ploy, that Biden is faking it. Why would anyone fake being a total incompetent?

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  1. You know, at no time since the early 1800s has our government demonstrated more than loosie-goosie fixes to serious problems. At no time has the union well represented the interests of its members, and at no time have union members well-represented themselves. I’m sure you recall the White Trucking Company debacle — the incident was in your neck of the woods, was it not? So here you have well-paid mechanics producing good trucks, and then by their own stupidity, they were all out of work and filling out employment applications at Mcdonalds’. Good grief, you can get any dumber than this. But I do think you are right. All that matters is NOW, and the problems of NOW are solved by kicking the can down the road. If the U.S. government was a business, it would be in bankruptcy court within ten days.

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  2. Oh but remember he claimed he settled the issues with the rails and saved the country from a strike. And where is the mighty Transportation Secretary during all this? Hopefully with his mouth shut tucked away in the comforts of his own bed.

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  3. Joe and all the dems need the kick in the can. I ventured for glimpses of fake news and all their pundits, hosts and anchors expressed “If only dems and reps would have a bipartisan effort to find a solution for the border…” Huh ? I have the solution. Three words: “enforce the laws”

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    1. Carl, you don’t understand. If criminals break the law, it’s because there aren’t ENOUGH laws on the books. You need to add more until they realize they’re breaking the law. Then some liberal prosecutor can lower their charge from a felony to a misdemeanor, and then to just an “incident” where no guilt needs to be established.

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      1. These prosecutors that don’t prosecute are causing crime more than the thugs. Never hear the dems commenting or acknowledging crime explosion of crime. Their negligence is perhaps more of a threat to the security of the US than the efforts of Russia and China.

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  4. Saw the demented old goat babbling about how great a job and all the accomplishments this administration had done! More then any other President! Makes one wonder what world he exists in…
    And he has stumbled over every can he has kicked, as have those he kicked it at.

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    1. I have a feeling if Congress continues to back the whole rail contract that had been negotiated without the seven day paid sick leave in it, he’s going to wish HE was in a can when the union gets done with him!

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      1. I think you can rest easy since it passed both sides of Congress. But that doesn’t mean the four largest rail unions won’t take matters into their own hands. I think I’m gonna start looking for plastic gallon jugs myself!


    2. Now now MaddMedic, be nice to goats. Even old goats can spawn offspring that can be useful. Now if you call Biden a senile old cackling vulture…

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