Is It Them Or Us?

Watching some “analysis” of the midterm elections over the past couple of weeks got me to thinking. I was of the frame of mind that this midterm election was exceptionally clear. Yes, it was a referendum on Joe Biden. What else could it be? And yes, it was a referendum on how Congress has done over the past two years. Again, what else is there? We’ve seen Congress take no action what-so-ever on little things like crime, border security, immigration reform, tax relief (except for college students, but that had nothing to do with Congress!), high inflation, and an economy that has slowed to almost zero growth for the year. What we got was hearings on January 6th that basically proved nothing. A bill that did help the chip industry out, which was necessary and nice. We got the Inflation Reduction Act, which did nothing to reduce inflation, and we got an infrastructure bill in which most of the money went to Green New Deal programs.

So, am I to blame for thinking that this election cycle was going to be a slam dunk? What the hell happened?

Somebody screwed up in production, and it’s time to ask the question, was it the Republicans who felt that just by saying a red wave was going to sweep over Washington, it was going to happen? Or was it the unwashed poor, huddled masses out there in America, who vote like it was a student council election in middle school? Did people pull the lever just because there was an (R) or a (D) after someone’s name? Or did they think that they voted for the best candidate, and in the very over-exposed elections in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona, and Nevada, the best candidate did happen to be a Democrat?

It’s time to put the blame somewhere, and frankly, I’m torn. Yes, I think the GOP overplayed their hand quite a bit. Yes, I think that Donald Trump went out and endorsed people that agreed with him that his 2020 presidential election was stolen from him, regardless what their credentials were like. I mean, you can’t tell me that people like Mehmet Oz, Herschel Walker, and Kari Lake were qualified to be in executive leadership positions. Sorry, being an athlete or a TV star of sorts doesn’t qualify you to be a Governor or a Senator. Notice I left Adam Laxalt and Blake Masters off that list because they probably were the only qualified two of the five.

Or, do we focus the blame on those out there scattered across America that aren’t that smart, don’t care about the issues, only care about what the government can do for them, and the rest of the country be damned. I’m looking square in the faces of the Gen X’ers and the Millennials who seem to want to get to socialism faster than a speeding bullet. Are these folks smart enough to differentiate between the two candidates, or are they just looking for the best deal? This isn’t like buying a car you know. It’s about running a country. And I really don’t think that the majority of the youth in this country today cares about the rest of the world. They care about themselves. And what happens when they get lied to? They shrug their shoulders and go back to their X-Box.

I actually think there was a combination of the two examples that caused the election to be not so much more than a pinkish ripple. And the GOP had better wake up and look at what’s going on before 2024 shows up. If they don’t we’re going to be two more years down the road and I’m going to be saying the same things then that I’m saying today. I don’t think the GOP as a party takes elections as seriously as the Democrats. I don’t think they ever have. And the only reason they sometimes take power in DC is because the country gets tired of the Democrats. They realize that they aren’t going to get all of the bling the Dems promised them. They realize that they’ve been taken advantage of as a lot of the minority groups are just starting to wake up to. And they realize that there might be a better way.

The sad news is, I don’t know if the Republicans are actually the answer. There may be a third party of sorts out there, or a fourth or fifth. Are we becoming more like Europe, where one party isn’t going to be the majority party any longer, but the leaders in the various parties are going to have to coddle together enough of a majority to lead? If you look at the Republicans and the split between Trump and the rest of the party, and the Democrats and the split between the socialists and the more moderate progressives, that seems to be the case. We’ve already got four distinct parties, just under two tents. So, what happens to cause the split and when is that going to happen?

Just questions I’m thinking about today. As always, your comments are welcome!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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  1. There must be a mixed response to this.

    First, although it seems that many have no regard for either the law or the sanctity of the voting booth, those who game the system still don’t sign their work. It has only been weeks since Governor Abbott called for the Texas Attorney General and the Texas Rangers to investigate the things that happened in Harris County. Likewise, it has only been weeks since Harris County District Attorney called on the Texas Rangers to investigate the same. Therefore, we need to wait for things to play out.

    On the other hand, there is a swampish mix of Republicans and Democrats that kept some of the items of the most current election integrity reforms from having sharp teeth. This seems to stem from the attitude in the state house of “my dear friend on the appropriations committee” does not want to go to jail for doing what Democrats do. We will see if that gets fixed (since the Democrats in Harris County had no problem with violating laws that had little consequence).

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    1. To be honest, Mark, I’m not all that familiar with what was happening in Houston. My son would have a much better handle on it than me (and he is not at all political). That said, you’re right that the reforms we’ve been seeing only go part way. They don’t have teeth. Why in the world are we allowing mail-in ballots to the scale we are letting them happen? It’s not secure, and it’s been proven to be very easy to steal votes. I say, tighten it all up into a nice, neat bundle. Make everyone that’s in the country vote and give them a bright purple thumb when they do, just like they did in Iraq!


  2. Lone Cactus, when the SCOTUS turned over the ruling on abortion, a number of prophets got word that McConnell struck a dirty deal with the Democrats, where he gave them the Senate in exchange for what happened. Word is out that this is going to be a shallow victory for Democrats as angry citizens stand up and rebel against this travesty. Watch for several deaths coming as timing markers for events to unfold. When Carter and Bill Clinton die, those are timing markers for several things to start unfolding in front of our eyes.


  3. As suspected I will respectfully disagree.

    First of all Donald Trump was not a politician and he did a damn good job at running the country, so I don’t think being a career politician is the answer. We see what the career politician’s are doing to our Country right now!

    Second, you suggest a third or fourth party which would simply kill any chance of the Republican’s ever winning another election. It would fracture the voting base. Although I do agree that for the most part the Republican’s don’t deserve it until they they can hold their line as tight as the Democrat’s do.

    Thirdly, and most importantly, you fail to admit the election was stolen! Why were Florida Republican’s so successful? Because Florida had corrected many of the discrepancies in their voting process, and if many of the other States had corrected theirs as well, you would have seen the Red Wave that everybody was predicting. Many States are still functioning under the unlawful laws they passed during Covid!

    Do you honestly believe people in their right mind would vote for a brain damaged Fetterman in Pennsylvania? (or a Biden for that matter)

    Do you honestly believe that the people of Arizona didn’t really want a Governor who would shut down the illegal border crossings and drug cartel’s for a person who avoided debates and was twice convicted of racism? Not to mention a person who refused to recuse herself from overseeing an election that she, herself, was running in! Hmmm?

    If you honestly believe that the election wasn’t rigged, then why is everybody doing everything possible to prevent any type of investigation? If they did nothing wrong then there should be nothing to hide! The REAL problem is, we have allowed too many bad people to achieve high positions of power where they can prevent the investigations and judicial reviews!

    We are no longer a Representative Republic, we have become a Banana Republic with a two tier system of justice!

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    1. Whew. Alright, I’ll try and answer your points. First of all, I said Trump is a Manhattan real estate developer, NOT a politician. Second, the third and fourth parties don’t apply to just the GOP, but to the Dems as well, who are in the same position as Republicans, as they are being taken over by the socialists. It’s going to basically decimate them before it decimates the Republicans, as more and more Millennials and Gen X’ers are going the way of socialism. I think you’re seeing a rather large pushback to Trump right now, in fact I saw a poll this morning that said DeSantis is beating Biden head to head, Trump is again, losing to him. And fourth and most importantly, no, I don’t believe the election was “stolen” from Trump in 2020. I said there were some irregularities in the voting, as there always are, but no one, absolutely no one has been able to prove that it was enough to change the results of the election. What was said in front of the cameras, if you take the time to read the court transcripts, it’s markedly different than what was said by the same people (I’m talking basically about Giuliani). Why? Because you can’t get thrown in jail for perjury in front of a camera. You can in front of a judge. I can’t speak for the people of Pennsylvania, but I can say that the carpetbagger label stuck pretty hard on Oz, and like Lake and Masters in Arizona, the three of them were terrible candidates. You gotta admit when you have run bad candidates based on whether or not they agreed with Trump losing 2020 and not whether or not they are running great campaigns (as JD Vance did in Ohio), they are going to get beat. I’m not happy about it either, and don’t think Fetterman, Hobbs, or Kelly are the answer at all. But they did a much better job of positioning their opponents than the opponents did of positioning them.


  4. Leaked documents show collusion between the FBI, Facebook, and Twitter to suppress stories like Hunter Biden’s laptop
    And today Elon Musk Reveals Why Twitter Suppressed Hunter Biden ‘Laptop From Hell’ Story! The NY Post was right about Hunter Biden’s laptop all the time. .Incredibly, Elon Musk slams Twitter’s decision to censor the Hunter Biden laptop story
    President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, has been under investigation since 2018 for his involvement in business deals with countries like China and Ukraine.
    The New York Post article on Hunter Biden’s laptop was true. The laptop was abandoned by Hunter, who ignored multiple requests from the repair shop to pick it up. After a certain number of days and ignored requests to pick up the laptop, it became the legal property of the repair shop. The laptop was never hacked, but Twitter falsely said it was hacked, in order to justify its ban on people linking to the story.

    Before the election, every mainstream news source said the New York Post article was a lie. After the election, they all admitted it was true. Surveys of Biden voters in all the major swing states show that 1 in 6 would not have voted for Biden if they had known about the laptop.
    So while the DNC has people concerned with Trump Derangement Syndrome, the Biden story was being censured.
    Internal Twitter documents show that all of this censorship came at the request of the DNC.
    Forget about the Naked pictures of Hunter, and all the Crackhead stories, the real news is the Corruption of Joe Biden and the Biden Crime Family. The Cockroaches are beginning to run.

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