Looking For A Leader

As I sit here thinking about the events of the past week or two, I get smacked in the face with a brick at the thought that our country…the greatest country in the history of mankind…doesn’t have a leader. Oh, we’ve got a president. We’ve got a vice president. But neither of them are leaders. They don’t take on the tough issues. They don’t tackle the problems facing America, much less the world. They sit on their thrones and pontificate about things that really don’t matter, not only to Americans, but to the world in general.

Joe Biden and K-baby Harris are not leaders. And America sorely needs a leader.

I’m talking about a statesman. I’m talking about someone that is not afraid to issue a statement without looking at the latest focus group or polls. Someone that is able to know in their hearts and minds what the correct action is for America, and be willing to take it. I can honestly say we’ve had some great leaders, of both political parties in our history. But it’s been way too long since we’ve had one.

Though I disagreed with a lot of his policies, I think Harry Truman was probably our last great leader. I was also thinking of Ronald Reagan, and he did exemplify a lot of leadership qualities, but Truman was probably the last one we’ve really had that hit most of the bases. After all, how many of the presidents that we’ve had in the last 60 years or so could have decided to drop not one, but two atomic bombs on Japan, knowing hundreds of thousands of civilians would be killed, but it would save maybe millions of lives? Do you think Joe Biden could have done that? How about Donald Trump? Bobo Obama? The Bushes? Clinton?

I’m not just talking about war. Let’s look at a couple of things going on today. The World Cup in Qatar highlighted some incredible strength by the Iranian team. They mouthed the words to their national anthem in protest over the treatment of women in their country. When that didn’t go far enough, they refused to sing the anthem the next match. Even the threat from the mullahs that they and their families would come to harm if the didn’t not “behave”, they protested, as have millions of Iranians in the streets of that country. The United States men’s team took down the Islamic symbol from the Iranian flag on their website for a day in solidarity. And Iran’s Ayatollah demanded that FIFA ban America from playing because of it.

And yet, Joe Biden has not uttered a single word about what’s going on in Iran. He hasn’t condemned them. He hasn’t even said he supports the protesters, taking a page out of Bobo Obama’s lack of spine during his administration.

The same could be said for China. The United States has repeatedly asked for proof that the COVID pandemic wasn’t caused by the lab in Wuhan. The Chinese government refuses to answer that question. We have tons of circumstantial evidence that points to it, but no official word from the Chinese. And when Biden met with Xi Jinping at the G-20 summit, did he raise the question? Nope. Silence. Why? I think you’re smart enough to use your imagination and come up with a reasonable answer on that one!

Biden is an empty suit. He is playing a role of president, and doing it poorly. I’ve always said, the Republicans best leader over the last 100 years has been Ronald Reagan, but that was because he was playing the role of president. He had worked for General Electric as their spokesman for decades and traveled around the country talking about conservative values. He knew the lines and had them down pat. Joe Biden, however, doesn’t even understand what play he’s in. He’s not a leader.

And so, as we all start to turn our attention to the myriad of crowds that are going to line up to have a shot at the Oval Office in 2024, I’m looking for a leader. I’m looking for someone that isn’t afraid to take on the Iranians, or the Chinese. Someone that can stand up to Putin and make him back down with just a glaring smirk. I don’t know if I can find that person, and frankly I don’t care what party they come from. If they hold America’s values dear to their heart, aren’t socialists, and really want to see THIS America succeed, I will most certainly consider them. The problem is, I’m not sure that person exists today.

I pray to God I’m wrong!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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  1. A leader in the White House is only one part of the problem. We have a Congress full of paid-off politicians who have been in Washington way too long. Most are all talk no action!

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    1. You’re correct to a degree…but there’s an even larger problem. You also have a government bureaucracy that is overrun with woke people. Look at the FBI, the DOJ, Homeland Security, the CIA, the NSA, it goes on and on. How do you get rid of ALL of them. And I haven’t even begun to talk about people in the more liberal areas like Education and EPA!


  2. He or she may exist, he or she is certainly unknown to us, for now anyway. He/she are certainly not among the list of characters we presently know, and that is all of them. I agree with you about my deceased fellow Missourian, President Truman. Reagan may have been the closest to resemble him. Reagan chewed out the commander that called him in the wee morning hours (like 2 AM) who informed him of an American fighter jet that was fired upon (by Russians), asking for permission to return fire. Reagan told him to never call him asking a question that stupid………he said they had a standing order to return fire ANYTIME they were fired upon. By the way, I took a tour many years ago of Truman’s home in Independence, Missouri. Talk about the average, family man. Very simple home, but nice, middle class neighborhood. One of his cars was still in the garage (an unattached garage). The kitchen was interesting, old fashion pop up toaster in place. A soap bar in its place. Things were pretty much left the way they left it. His daughter actually stayed in her room (and used the upstairs) when she returned to Independence to visit. The tour did not allow us to go upstairs. As you would expect there was a coat and hat rack in the corner just inside the front door. Not so sure he’d be happy with either party today! Not one bit.

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