Let’s End The Hypocrisy

I’ve written about this for eons. I’ve talked for what seems like decades about the fact that we have what liberals are decrying is “an emergency that will end mankind”, and yet they continue their tarnished ways, and we continue to live.

I’m talking about climate change.

I’m not a climate change denier. Climate change IS occurring. After all climate change is the actual definition of climate. Yes…climates change over time. Earth has had more than one instance of an ice age. Are we covered in ice today? No? That would be a climate change, wouldn’t it? The Sahara Desert in Africa was once a virtual Garden of Eden. It was rich with plant-life and teeming with animals. It had plenty of water. Today? It’s baren and devoid of those resources. The reason? Climate change. So, please don’t confuse me with a climate change denier. Nothing is further from the truth. Climate is always changing.

I’m talking about “man-made” climate change. And I’m talking about the left’s hypocrisy on the subject.

I’m going to use three examples to show what I mean. If I ask you to name a couple of the eco-terrorist climate change activists, you’re probably going to include a couple of these. Oh, you may say that Greta girl’s name from whatever Scandanavian country she’s from (I keep forgetting). By the way, she’s all grown up now. But she isn’t one of them. She’s been used by the movement her whole life. No, I’m talking about Al Gore, John Kerry, and let’s throw in Pete Buttigieg for good measure shall we?

Al Gore says he lives a “carbon neutral lifestyle”. If that’s the case, I bet you and I live a negative carbon lifestyle. Al doesn’t own a private jet. He just uses more energy than if he did. His 10,000 square foot mansion in Tennessee consumes more electricity than the average home does in 21 years. In one month in 2016 (yeah, I know…6 years ago) he used enough electricity to power 34 homes. The energy he uses to heat his swimming pool is enough to power six Tennessee homes for the entire year. And that’s AFTER he spent over $10,000 to “upgrade” his house with energy saving devices. Carbon neutral? I’ll let you be the judge.

Let’s move on to John “I served in Vietnam” Kerry. He’s supposed to be Joe Biden’s “Climate Change Czar”. Well, as the “official” climate change guy for the country, maybe he can answer the question why he flies so much in private jets, spewing tons of carbon into the atmosphere? In 2021 alone, Kerry took 16 round trips around the world, not just down to the corner store for a gallon of milk, but around the world traveling to climate change conferences in private jets. Some Czar!

And Pete Buttigieg? How in the world could lovable Mayor Pete be included in this list? Well, this year he’s flown private jets to visit places in Florida, Ohio, New Hampshire, and others states, and off to distant countries a total of 18 times! He could have flown commercial. He chose not to. Now, his predecessor, Elaine Chao (who’s married to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, got lambasted by the left because back in 2017, she took private jets a total of SEVEN times! Buttigieg is on track to go almost three times as high. And he talks about climate change when he’s out and about.

That’s hypocrisy. It’s not alright for you to drive Jimmy to soccer and Jane to dance class (I’m aware how sexist that sounds), but it’s OK that these guys can use more electricity than a nuclear power plant generates or than trips to Europe for meetings on private jets can pollute the atmosphere. Question. Couldn’t those meeting have been held on Zoom so the participants could stay at home and “save the planet”?

And speaking of saving the planet, are we? I mean, look, according to what we’ve been told by Hollywood leftists, governmental activists and people like Gore and Kerry for decades, we should all be underwater by now. Oceans were going to flood New York and Miami by the year 2000! We were going to burn up because of ozone holes that would engulf the earth. And yet, we’re still here and those two cities are still dry. What’s up with that?

What’s up with that is that the climate change eco-terrorists see this as a great way to grab power, stifle your freedoms, and increase your taxes without much fuss out of you. After all, who could deny saving the planet? We’ve got nowhere else to go! But when the various countries involved in this (and yes, it’s been a big conspiracy) started fudging the data of their various reporting stations to show the earth was warming far faster than it really was, it got people to wonder whether the whole thing was a scam. It turns out, it was. At least the man-made cause of it.

In the end, there is no need to get rid of fossil fuels. There is no need to go to EV’s and keep your house at unreasonable temperatures. We certainly need to be good stewards of the planet, but we don’t have to buy into false narratives. That’s what the left is expecting us to do. Get smart and do your homework. See exactly what’s being asked of you!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


7 thoughts on “Let’s End The Hypocrisy

  1. I believe there’s another term for climate change and it’s called “weather”?

    Talk about hypocrisy, First they tell you to buy an electric car, then they tell you not to charge it because it strains the power grid!

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    1. So true! But it’s like I’ve always said, the liberals are so far adrift from reality, and in so many directions that they’ll end up eating their own. I think we’re starting to see that today!


  2. I agree with you. There is no doubt that planet earth is experiencing climate change — and, as you say, the earth’s history is a study of climate shifts. But what the left has done is transform a natural event into a revenue-producing scheme that suits them best and supports what they call “sustainability.” Look, a rose by any other name is still a rose. Sustainability has little to do with sustaining anything and everything to do with imposing the government’s will on people who are capable of thinking for themselves. Well, half of them, anyway. Adolf Hitler gave Germany the “people’s car,” or Volkswagen. Now, his ancestors offer us the E.V. The E.U. seems to have achieved nearly every one of Fuhrer’s objectives for Europe, and no one seems worried about that. Interesting.

    As always, excellent post.

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