Why Biden’s Border Plan Sucks

Let’s get one thing clear, Joe Biden did not come up with his border plan to stem the tide of illegals flowing into this country on his own. There is no way the guy that doesn’t realize what state he’s in half the time could develop an app that allows for illegals to come into this country. It has to be his puppet master pulling his strings…again.

Simply put, it’s too technologically advanced for Joe Biden to grasp.

The plan is genius when you really stop and think about it. Ask yourself the question, what is the most damning thing to the Democrats by having an open southern border? Is it the fact that Fox News, and now the rest of the media is cramming the airwaves with lines of illegal aliens streaming into the country? Is it the chases that Border Patrol has in hunting down the human smugglers once they get across the border in all of those car chases? Or is it the fact that members of your own party, like Eric Adams in New York, Muriel Bowser in Washington DC, Jim Kenney in Philadelphia, or Lori Lightfoot in Chicago are all coming down on the Biden administration because of the bussing of illegals that get dumped at their doorsteps? Or is it the fentanyl getting confiscated and 300 people a day dying needlessly from over-dosing on the drug?

Actually, it’s all of it put together.

Anyone would have to admit that the video of any of those things happening is terrible optics for an administration that claims to “love the people”. So, something has to be done, especially if Biden is hoping to have a second term in 2024.

In case you missed the plan, it’s really genius at getting the crisis off of the cable news channels. Biden’s team has developed an app that people in Cuba, Nicaragua, Haiti, and Venezuela can use to basically claim asylum over their smartphones and send it to Homeland Security. There, they are supposed to be able to vet the person, investigate their claim of asylum, and determine whether or not they have a legitimate claim. If they do, they are sent a court date, and ordered to fly to the United States, present themselves to customs as an asylum seeker, and get whisked off to their court date to determine their status. If they get caught sneaking across the border at all, they are ineligible to go through this process and are returned to their country and can’t ever claim asylum again. So far, that sounds great doesn’t it?

Biden has also said that he’s limiting the influx from those four countries to 30,000 asylum seekers per month. That’s a far cry from the 2.7 million people that have crossed illegally into this country this past year! I mean, that’s only 360,000! Of course, there are more than four countries coming across the border. But the part that nobody thinks about is coming up.

Biden needs to stop the optics if he wants to be reelected in 2024, right? So, what do you do? You take the very public crossing of the border, and make it private. You turn it into a behind the scenes application between the illegal alien and the folks at Homeland Security. And you let them decide, while the person is still in their home country, if they can fly to the US or not. You’ve now taken the top news story for some of these outlets right away from them. They’ll have no idea how many people are trying to get into the country. And they’ll have no idea if there are 30,000 people a month or 300,000 people a month actually coming to the US.

The mere fact that Biden is asking them to fly into the United States (in a lot of cases, these are dirt poor people, remember!) is to be able to spread them out across the country. So, while some may come into New York, or Philadelphia, they also may come in to San Francisco, and Denver, and Phoenix, and Tulsa. There will be no need to bus the folks for Governors Abbott and DeSantis any longer. They won’t even know what’s going on. And anyone trying to cross illegally is sent back, so Border Patrol won’t be screaming that they are sorely under-staffed and their morale is down to zero.

And for Biden and the Democrats, the stream of illegals continues, without the prying eye of the press watching. Pure genius.

I’m just waiting for the Republicans to catch on to what’s happening and see what they will do about it.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


6 thoughts on “Why Biden’s Border Plan Sucks

  1. “…develop an app that allows for illegals to come into this country. ”

    What is immensely disturbing is this is precisely what the left and democrats are advocating and planning. They are supposed to be enforcing the law not circumventing the law, not clouding the law, not disabling law enforcement, ignoring the crisis strain on states, cities and counties, not lying from every level of the administration about national security. What especially infuriates is that they have not countered the fentanyl influx and the subsequent murder of our people. The democrat’s response for drugs is to create open lawful drug use zones and well as supplying paraphernalia.

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    1. There is no doubt the left have totally violated our immigration laws as they stand. They have had two years to fix things as they wanted, because they owned Congress and the White House. Yet they chose to do what Congress always seems to do…kick the can down the road. Now they are faced with a divided Congress and there is little doubt in my mind that they will be able to do anything. I think Mayorkas and Biden both ought to be brought up on federal charges. If you or I broke a federal law like this, and people died because of it (either smuggling or fentanyl) I doubt we’d ever see the sunshine again.

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  2. No dems seem to admit federal law broken or that sanctuary cities and states are the real insurrection as they are in rebellion denying federal law applies in their realms. I thought this nullification nonsense got settled at Appomattox in 1865.

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