Harris’ Big Year?

I just saw a piece that K-baby Harris feels that 2023 is her big year! This is the year she starts a “reboot” and shows America that she is ready to take over as president if the need arises! She is so convinced that she has been mistaken over the past two years, that people have slammed her because she is a woman of color, and haven’t given her credit for everything that she has done that she is set to explode on the Washington political scene.

Nice of her to finally come to the party!

But let’s take a look at K-baby’s accomplishments over the past two years shall we? According to Marketrealist.com, K-baby has made the tie-breaking vote a total of 19 times in the first two years. That’s the most in American history. And that’s what they led off the “accomplishment” list with. Isn’t that just doing the job of a Vice President? I mean, VP’s aren’t really given a full-plate when it comes to job duties. It would be assumed that one would be there, right?

Beyond that, she apparently called 150 lawmakers to pass the trillion-dollar infrastructure bill that included funding for such things as electric busses, and replacing old, lead water pipes. OK, that means she spent some time on the phone.

And that was pretty much it on the “accomplishment” side of things. Of course, she did go on that trip to the border, and talked to a Border Patrol agent or two. It only took her 14 months to get there after being named “border czar” by Biden. She also went to Guatemala and Mexico. That trip was widely panned by media on both sides of the aisle as she embarrassed herself time and time again. Then there were trips to Vietnam, France, and Singapore. Those trips were also roundly criticized as her not being ready to assume such a lofty position.

And who can forget the trip to Poland in March of last year? Remember the jeers she took from that trip? That was as close as she wanted to get to the Ukraine war. She met with leaders from NATO as well as several Ukraine soldiers. Her word-salad speeches could have been written by someone in the third grade they were so bad.

Then you’ve got the fact that 35 people have resigned from her office. I’m not sure but I think that’s a record in American history. They all came away saying that it was a “toxic work environment”.

OH! I almost forgot. When Joe Biden underwent a colonoscopy, she was the acting-president for a whole hour. It’s amazing that the country is still in one piece. Two things wrong with that…first what is an 80 year old doing having a colonoscopy? I thought you got your last one at 70? And is the United States still in one piece? Not so sure on that.

So, that’s what K-baby Harris has done so far. Of course, I forgot to mention that she redecorated the Naval Observatory. I’m positive that took most of her time when she wasn’t helping Chuckles Schumer pass all of the inflationary bills in the Senate.

The big question I have at this point is why is this such a coming out? She obviously wasn’t ready for the job on day one, as she originally said she was. She’s basically failed at everything she’s done, outside of attending the US Senate when they needed her to break a tie vote. But she served in the US Senate prior to becoming VP, so shouldn’t she have understood how to do that already? I would have thought so.

Yet, there she is, saying that people will give her a break once she demonstrates that she can do the job. Well, K-baby, we’re still waiting. We haven’t been impressed so far. What ace do you have hidden up your sleeve?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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  1. We went through a space warp sometime around 1995. It was so painless that none of us realized we had transitioned to a new reality. By then, affirmative action was a well-oiled machine, and we no longer had to have any bona fides to reach lofty objectives. We just had to be a female capable of unassisted breathing or a non-white male who could go either way. Everyone was suddenly focused on breaking the ceiling. Okay, the ceiling was only six feet off the ground, but remember that it takes a village to raise an idiot.

    It was a time when you didn’t have to succeed at something; you just had to be there. So we ended up with more female graduates from law school, even though they knew as much about jurisprudence as a safecracker. Still, they did attend their classes most of the time, and AA allowed them to graduate with prestigious degrees. Only a few of these people actually pursued the law as a profession, and those who did put out their shingles focused on gender abuse and became the nemesis of people like Bill Cosby.

    The rest hired on with CNN, MSNBC, or FOX as news readers earning $400,000 per year to show us some cleavage … and the rest found their way into state or federal politics. And a few made it to a judgeship (which is the same thing, really).

    Case in point … Kamala Harris. Her C.V. would embarrass any normal person. Apparently, there’s no longer any shame attached to sleeping your way to high-ranking positions. Everyone wondered why Willie Brown had a smile on his face. But hey, look at her now. How intellectually gifted is she? Just listen to her explain how electricity works.

    Now, she’s Vice President of the United States of America. And we wonder what happened to our country. We wonder what happened to our nation’s institutions. Affirmative Action is what happened. It is simply advancement based on gender, race, breathing capacity, and a willingness to lower one’s nickers. Oh, and those female lesbian priests sure helped stabilize our religious institutions, too.

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    1. Once again, Mustang, you have proven to know far beyond what we should be allowed to know!!! And once again, you’ve nailed your points perfectly. Thank you for the education, Sir! Most appreciated!!!


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