Republican Keys To Victory In 2024

It looks like Joe Biden will announce his candidacy for president right around the State of the Union after all. Classified documents found in the garage be damned. And that should actually bode well for the GOP. While the Democrats will want to at least show that they are rallying around their incumbent president, the Republicans will be able to have a true primary, and get a ton of ideas out there that should prove to be winners. Let’s examine those issues today, shall we?

The one caveat in all of this is the dollar. You can’t win a campaign in America today without the cash. And Democrats have been able to out-fundraise the Republicans in the last two cycles. So, it’s going to be key to get the money in the bank for the GOP. A lot of that has been Ronna McDaniel’s fault as chair of the RNC, but weak candidates that are supposed to be good fundraisers, but aren’t is a big problem as well.

That said, there are issues there that if the GOP can overcome the funding problem, they should be able to actually win big with the following issues.

Lack of Competence: This needs to hit at Joe Biden squarely in his face. He’s bungled several attempts to right the economy that he caused to go sideways. And the fastest way to do it is you hone in on the lies Biden has told (and you call them lies to his face) on how great of a job he’s doing. Call him the worst president in American history.

The Southern Border: One big issue is going to be the southern border and not following federal law. You get Biden to admit that the border is secure, and that there isn’t a crisis under his watch. Compare Trump’s numbers to Biden’s as far as the numbers of people illegally crossing into the country, and compare the number of deportations under Trump with the number of deportations under Biden. According to ICE’s own numbers, deportations under Biden dropped 90% from Trump’s last non-pandemic year in office.

Inflation Rate: Biden is going to argue there is a world-wide inflation rate and that we are better off because of his policies than the rest of the world. That’s false. Republicans need to point out the amount of money printed by Biden, and the total cost of the bills passed by Congress and signed by Biden in 2021 and 2022. That has been the real cause of inflation. Also the GOP needs to point out that inflation was not a problem under Trump…only Biden.

Interest Rate Increases: The GOP can hammer this one home all day long. Interest rates continue to increase into 2023 as the FED wants to try and attempt a “soft landing” of the economy. That’s a rare treat and hasn’t happened that often. In fact, soft landings of the economy have only occurred in 1964, 1984, and 1993. Three times in our history.

Crime: The crime problem in this country is out of control. People don’t fear the repercussions of getting caught because government and the justice system are forced into letting people go when they commit crimes thanks to “cashless bail”. Leftist District Attorneys have made it so that the victims aren’t the people suffering, they’re the perps that did the crime in the first place. It’s another thing that can be hung on Biden and his Department of Justice.

87,000 IRS Agents: Instead of hiring more border patrol agents and sending them to the southern border, Biden has decided to hire more IRS agents. And why? Because he needs more tax dollars to spend. He has managed to increase the federal debt over $4 trillion in just two years. We don’t need more IRS agents. We need better fiscal responsibility.

Classified Documents: This one only works if Trump ISN’T the nominee. I’d hammer the living crap out of Biden taking classified documents home with him, as he’s been doing since the Nixon administration. Get him to say WHY he took them home, and ask him how he got them out of the Senate Skiff without people knowing about it?

There you go. Seven issues that are sure to upset Biden and force him into a corner. Of course, things change, and we’re still just under two years out from the election. A lot more can be added by then!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


10 thoughts on “Republican Keys To Victory In 2024

  1. Donald Trump is so stuck on Donald Trump that he’d be happy to run as a third-party candidate and toss the ball back into the Biden court. Biden does stand a good chance of regaining the House in 2024 because, well … the GOPers are incompetent politicians. That’s two strikes against the conservative movement (which, in reality, doesn’t seem to be moving). This upcoming election is a bookie income opportunity. It reminds me of one of the most understated quotations in all human history, spoken it is said by a Chinese general during that country’s most turbulent periods: “We are living in interesting times.”

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  2. 2 points

    1. I think Michelle would much rather spend her days on Martha’s Vineyard and not in the DC swamp. I don’t think enjoyed being there even when Obama was president.

    2. The Republicans need to learn how to cheat in elections better than the Dem’s.

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  3. Have you noticed that the last two items on your list have exemptions for Biden? For us, we get 87,000 IRS agents. For Biden, he gets the Treasury shielding his transactions. For us, we get years in jail for photographing a Naval workstation. For Biden, he gets lawyers blocking Senate oversight.

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  4. Seems a very reasonable estimation fitting for the last election too but that was so disappointing. With all the dreadful nonsense Boobin and dem party has given us there should have been a very dramatic red wave. What does it take for people to be so disgusted and alarmed to elect republicans to change course to save the nation and stop the dismantling of America? 2024 should be a lock for change and good sense but I am not optimistic at all.

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