Ungrateful Illegals?

You would think that if you are an illegal alien coming to this country, it’s for a very good reason, right? Maybe you are being persecuted for your religious beliefs in your home country. It could be that you are a political outcast and the power brokers back home are gunning for your demise. Maybe it’s financial. Maybe you just don’t have enough money to put food on the table for your family, or clothes on their back, or keep a roof over their head. Maybe the conditions you live in are so poor that trekking across three or four countries to a place you’ve only heard is dripping with honey and the streets are paved with gold, where the government takes care of everyone is a dream you want to live.

Or maybe, you’re just faking it, and you’re being found out about it once you get here.

That seems to be the case with a lot of the illegals that are in New York City. They are being put up in a $300 a night hotel in the Big Apple. But alas, there are so many illegals being bussed into New York at this time, over 12,000 of them. And New York, being a “sanctuary city” has an obligation to house and feed all of those illegals. That puts Mayor Eric Adams in a quandary. He needs to put them up somewhere. So, he’s resorted to putting them up in old hotels, that aren’t anywhere near full. Ah, but there’s a problem.

Adams knows that most of the people being put up in the Watson Hotel are single men. And there are families that are being bussed to New York after crossing illegally into our country in Texas, and Arizona. So, he’s built a shelter for them in Brooklyn. It’s an old cruise terminal, not meant to necessarily house illegals, but meant to check in guests ready to enjoy a week long cruise to the Bahamas, or Bermuda.

And that’s where the trouble started.

The illegals that were in The Watson, decided they would protest. After all, isn’t that what America is all about? They moved outside to the sidewalk and slept in the street in near freezing temperatures as opposed to getting bussed to Brooklyn and have to sleep in a huge room with cots. And the food, they say, is terrible there.

Let me just say this. Yes, these people have endured a lot of hardships to get to this country. I get that. But they came uninvited. they broke the law to get here, so they are illegal, let’s not forget that. And they are being treated to a hotel room in midtown Manhattan that you and I couldn’t afford for more than a week or so. They get free cell phones, free food, free lodging, and free clothes if they are needed. They came across the Rio Grande wearing designer jeans, logoed tee shirts, and jackets. I’m sure there are some of these people that are destitute, that are escaping some terrible conditions at home, but if that were the case, they’d be HAPPY to be living in a shelter temporarily, while more permanent means could be found.

Let’s examine something. Let’s go back a little more than 100 years to when Europeans came to our shores and landed at Ellis Island. They weren’t given the same treatment that these illegals are being given. They realized that they would be starting with nothing, but in their minds it was better than what they had back home. Apparently that isn’t the case with these folks today. So, I have to ask the question, was their coming here a scam? Are they truly in need, or are they just out to see what they can get out of a very liberal and happy to give away the store government that we have? My hunch goes more to the scam, especially with the people that don’t want to move out of a luxury hotel.

It’s time to call a spade a spade here and tell these people that if they don’t like the Brooklyn cruise terminal, we’ll be happy to arrange transportation for them back to their home country. And do it quickly…like today.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


8 thoughts on “Ungrateful Illegals?

  1. The Biden administration really screwed the pooch on immigration.

    Since when can you claim asylum simply for living in a poor economic country?

    And if you are, in fact, seeking asylum for political persecution then you’re suppose to go only as far as the first free country!

    99% of those illegals have come using the wrong reason and should be deported ASAP before they become drags on our government that We The People end up paying for. We have American citizens and homeless veterans that need to come first.

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  2. Each “guest” represented by a ledger on file. Each free day, each free meal logged. Guests required to sign IOUs to repay this liberal largesse on receiving asylum or whatever. No signature, IMMEDIATE deportation with hard labor imprisonment if ever they return. Renigging on repayment still 13 months after discharge from Hotel New York means immediate expulsion and permanent prohibition against rentry. American CITIZENS submit to this, tracked and collected by the IRS. Lesson number one on what it means to be an American citizen.

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    1. Just so I understand you…we basically are charging the illegals for every day they are in America, as well as charging them for the food, the free lodging, the free cell phones, etc? Do I have that right? THAT IS GENIUS!!!

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      1. As it is, we, you and I, are charged (foot the bill) for illegals’ freebies. Revising the scenario, yes, they should understand they must ultimately pay for food, lodging, education, hospitalization…

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      2. And that would eliminate those illegals that want to come to this country for the freebies. If they knew ahead of time they’d be getting a bill, AND a deportation ride to the airport if they didn’t pay, I think we’d see the southern border invasion become a trickle! GREAT idea!!!

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  3. Should anyone appoint me as border czar of the United States of America (noting that the word czar isn’t an English word — so what gives with that?) I would require anyone seeking entry to the sovereign territory of the United States to meet one of these criteria: (a) that they have no criminal record, (b) have a sponsor who will post a bond and guarantee their financial support for the first twelve months, (c) have a skill that is in demand inside the United States (such as brain surgeon, firefighter, vampire hunter), and (d) enrolls in and completes an English language course within the first six months of their arrival. Everyone else can piss off. No, there won’t be any humanitarian migrations. If there’s a humanitarian crisis, let Mexico deal with it. Full stop. And everyone lived happily ever after.

    Amazingly, the federal government terminated its midnight plane arrivals to Jacksonville, FL, after Gov. DeSantis began sending these people onward to the sanctuary cities. I believe, but I’m not certain, that the federal government put the word out to those “pending illegals” waiting to get into Texas that it will be easier for them to escape the frigid winters of Minnesota (a sanctuary state) if they slide further west and seek illegal migration into Arizona. Personally, I’d call that aiding and abetting illegal activity, but I don’t think anyone can arrest the president while serving in office (not that Biden would know the difference between prison and playing hopscotch with his girlfriends).

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    1. The only thing I would even remotely change about your being czar (which is a Russian word…you are correct!) is (d). I say that you have to be fluent in English BEFORE coming to this country. Why should we have to pay to have you learn our language? It’s about the same as having to put everything we do in Spanish so they can understand what they should have already have known by the time they get here! Other than that, you’re spot on!!!~

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