And Best In Class Is…

If I asked you to choose one word to describe our current president, what word would you choose? I have a few that go through my mind, as you probably do at this point as well. However, there’s one word that I probably wouldn’t even be able to find on my list…and I’m betting it’s not on yours.

The word is “Communicator”

And yet, the White House Press Secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre believes, or at the very least told the press briefing on this past Tuesday that, Joe Biden, the current POTUS, the current CINC, the current “Leader Of The Free World”, that guy is the “best communicator in the White House”.

It all started when a reporter asked whether the President is viewed by his team as “equally adept in all settings, in terms of communications”. Jean-Pierre responded that Biden was the best communicator in the White House. And that’s when the laughter started. It started in the press room, and it started online almost immediately. It’s funny and sad at the same time when you think about it.

Biden has been known for years for his gaffes. His stumbles have become meme worthy. His supporters and fans literally hold their collective breath at the beginning of every speaking situation, to see whether or not the guy will be using English, or whether he will be stuck in “Biden-speak”. And that’s what makes the comment Jean-Pierre said funny.

What makes it sad is when you have to compare Biden as the “best communicator in the White House” with those in competition with him. You have his vice president who is, herself, known for having created words in our dictionary. Words like “word salad”. She consistently gets stuck on a word or a phrase that just doesn’t make sense in the context that she’s trying to use it in, and yet she competes with herself to see how many times she can use it in the span of two or three sentences. And this is the sad part. Knowing Joe Biden’s lack of communication skills, if Jean-Pierre’s comment was indeed true, it speaks volumes on the state of affairs we have in our leadership team.

And that brings me to my main point. One of the more important jobs that a president of any country has is to communicate with his or her constituents. They have not only the right, but the duty to let the public know what’s going on and to do so in a concise and authoritative manner. When you have people like Biden and Harris that can’t seem to get a word out at all, and then shake their heads and say something stupid like, “Well, I don’t know what I’m saying”, it doesn’t bode well.

It also doesn’t speak very well of Karine Jean-Pierre. If she is lying to the reporters and spin a narrative that isn’t true, she’s not only a dunce herself, she’s an out and out liar. If, however, she IS believing what she’s saying, and not trying to blow smoke up her boss’ rear end, that doesn’t say much about her either. She obviously hasn’t worked for people that are actually proficient in the English language.

I find these type of comments disturbing, and not funny at all. I would expect this type of comment to come from the cast of Saturday Night Live, not from a Press Secretary, who’s words every government in the world will listen to and parse. And to think this is a woman that went to an Ivy League school (Columbia University). To watch her struggle to answer the most basic questions that a Washington Press Corp can throw is actually quite disheartening. Look, I’m no fan of the left, but I try to look at the bigger picture. Leaders around the world tune into her briefing every single day to see what the US is up to. And you get a woman that can barely read out of a binder? She may have gone to an Ivy League school, but if I were Columbia, I certainly wouldn’t be bragging about it.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


9 thoughts on “And Best In Class Is…

  1. And that’s why Democrats don’t debate and campaign from their basements.

    They not only can’t speak well, they can’t really defend their points of view.

    Besides…the only things they ever tell us are lies!

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  2. She/he/they are a disgrace and have made us the laughing stock of the world! If we didn’t keep sending money to countries we would surely go down in our importance. Heaven help us when the well is empty! And then what comments will”they” say from their pulpits?

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