Haley’s Opening Gambit

I’ve made no bones about it. I like Nikki Haley. I’ve always thought she was well spoken, had conservative ideas that would be great for this country, and frankly, isn’t bad eye candy. But do I think she’s ever going to be the President? No. Not a chance.

Look, she made a couple of really good comments at the opening rally after she announced her candidacy. She wants to put term limits on Congress. I’m all for that. We have term limits on the presidency. There are 38 states that impose some sort of term limits on the Governor’s job. So, why don’t we have term limits in Congress. It would put an end to the Diane Feinstein’s and Nancy Pelosi’s of the world. Give them a chance to serve, and then return to their districts, just as the Founding Fathers intended. They never thought serving in federal government should be a lifetime job or a career. It’s a duty…just like getting called to sit on a jury.

But Haley didn’t take that one far enough. It isn’t just the mere fact you’ve been in Congress so long, it’s also the fact that a) we spend a TON of money on retired Congressmen and women. It’s not a lot when you consider the trillion dollar plus US budget, but it’s over $30 million per year! And there are hundreds of people on the pension plan. What is amazing is that we pay them anything. The average net worth of people serving in Congress is just over $1 million. So, why are we paying them a pension?

The part b) to that is Haley’s promise to include mental acuity screening for anyone over the age of 75. While that’s nice, and a jab at Joe Biden, it’s not enough (again). You should have a retirement age of 65 in the House, and 70 in the Senate. No president should serve past their 75th birthday. If they turn 75 during their term, they become ineligible to run.

While a lot of people thought Nikki Haley’s presidential run is a good thing, and I think it’s better than not having anyone run against Trump, there is the popular idea out there that the more people that run, the better Trump’s chances are of getting the nomination. That’s because he has a solid base already. If you get more people in the pool, his base doesn’t decline, but the total number of voters would be split among more people, making it less likely that someone would defeat him. That’s a flawed theory. In short, it’s true that would happen if everyone stayed in the race. They don’t. They run out of money, they get tired of seeing small crowds, they don’t qualify for the debate stage, and they realize they don’t have a chance in hell of winning. As those folks leave, their supporters go somewhere else. And the likelihood of Trump’s numbers being high and the rest being low decrease.

Columnist Kurt Schlichter has compared Nikki Haley to K-baby Harris saying that she’s the Harris of the Republican party. He thought her opening rally was overblown, saying she’s just wrong for the party (comparing her as “Jeb-lite”). That may or may not be true, but you’ve got to give her the chance to run and find that out for herself. Remember, when Donald Trump came down that escalator at Trump Tower in 2015, everyone thought he was wrong for the Republican party as well. I think Schlichter is wrong on that one point. But he is right that Haley isn’t going to win, as I said in an early blog.

If Ron DeSantis fails to get in the race, I’d be happy to support Haley. But, as I said before, I fully realize that I’m supporting someone like I did in 2016 with Scott Walker. I ended up having to switch candidates a few times. I think the same thing would happen with Haley. But I have a feeling DeSantis will get in and will give Trump a run for his money. Don’t get me wrong, Nikki Haley would make a much better “First Female President” than K-baby Harris or Hillary Clinton would. But I think she may have missed that opportunity. She should have been in the race in 2016.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


8 thoughts on “Haley’s Opening Gambit

  1. There are many good things about our country — but its politics isn’t one of them. It’s nasty, mean, vindictive, petty, and un-Christian-like. In other words, it’s the perfect place for Donald Trump. We’ve taken something extremely serious and made it into something similar to a football game. Someone “wins” the White House. Afterward, they run in circles and do high-fives. Crumbs, I don’t know why anyone with a single brain wave would want to be president.

    But here we are (again), and you’ve nailed the situation vis-à-vis Nikki Haley. I like her. I’d be happy to see her in the White House (if that’s what she wants), and I believe her motivations are genuine: she’s a patriot. But as you’ve suggested, there is no way she will turn any heads among the Trumpistas. She will never match his nastiness — nor should she even try.

    As I mentioned the other day, I think Ms. Haley has already embarked on the wrong path and continues to demonstrate ignorance in matters where she should have knowledge and expertise. (1) The SCOTUS has already settled the matter of congressional term limits. Stare decisis and all that. (2) Making issues about Biden’s mental infirmities only pisses people off who are in their 70s… and while she may be correct, this is something a wise candidate would hand off to a surrogate, someone who could take the pushback from A.A.R.P. (3) DeSantis is a good guy and a potential ally; why would an intelligent person wish to upset that applecart?

    I don’t think Haley is anything like K.H. — you can carry on a conversation with Haley. We can give Gov. Haley credit for establishing several necessary bona fides. Still, we must remember that more than a few other presidential hopefuls served as governor — with subsequent mediocre presidencies.

    One thing is sure — many of us are weary of business as usual in electioneering. I wish Trump would go away. Haley is right — we need fresh faces and ideas, and she and DeSantis stand out as our “hope” for the future. I would love to see a DeSantis/Haley ticket, but I fear that should Nasty Trump fail to get the G.O.P. nomination, he’ll sabotage the G.O.P. by running as an Independent. If that happens, Biden is cleared for takeoff.

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  2. Can’t say that Nikki Haley’s run excites me. First of all, it was only months ago when she was asked if she would run if Trump ran again, and she said she would not!

    When she was on Hannity last week and he asked her what she would do different in her term than Trump she evaded the answer which kinda makes me speculate she either agrees with everything Trump did, so she doesn’t really have any new ideas just a different pretty face, or she’s intending to do some things that may not be very popular?

    For those never Trumper’s out there with any intellectual honesty, can’t deny that the Trump economy was probably the best economy they ever lived under! You may not like his presentation but you can’t deny his actions and results. I won’t go thru the 4 pages of Trump accomplishments but take note we weren’t at war and our borders were secured, and he did everything he promised during his campaign. You don’t have to like Trump because of his personality, but to reject him because of it is not very smart! After all, it’s not like you’re living with the guy!

    Look, the best possible scenario in my mind is a Trump-DeSantis ticket. I would even go as far as kinda pushing DeSantis out front a bit with his own rally’s to make the point that we will see Trump being the hardliner to bring our economy back and then DeSantis will follow-up after Trump’s term to continue those same policies for the next 8 years. That could very well put the conservative movement on a 12 year winning streak. Hopefully within those first 4 years Trump will serve as the bad guy and eliminate the Woke, transgender, climate fanatics, and stop dividing the country into categories of race, religion and sex and bring back civics, patriotism and religion in our schools. DeSantis can then step-in with hopefully a smarter America and continue success.

    My bottom line though is this; if both Trump and DeSantis run separately in the primaries, I’ll be voting for DeSantis.

    Just my opinion!

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    1. And I agree whole-heartedly with your opinion on Trump. I thought his policies were great. It was the “extra curricular stuff” that I didn’t like. And apparently I wasn’t the only one…which is why he lost against a guy that was about as bad of a candidate as I’ve seen in my lifetime. OK. Maybe not. Maybe Michael Dukakis or Bob Dole, or John McCain were worse. But you get the picture. As far as Haley, I like her policies, as I stated. She would be my second choice. I think she’s probably setting herself up for VP somewhere. We will have to wait and see on that one, but there are worse choices than her for the second spot!


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