Time To Get Off “The Pot”?

Ron DeSantis has a decision to make, and he doesn’t have all the time in the world to make it. There are a bunch of people that are waiting in the wings to jump into what The Hill calls, the GOP Conga Line of potential nominees for president. But a lot of those folks are waiting to see what Ron DeSantis is going to do.

His time is running out.

The longer he waits, the more people will feel that he isn’t going to run, and they’ll announce their candidacy. And the more people that are running, most pundits say the better it is for Donald Trump, who likes to take on each candidate individually, and blow them out of the water until he’s the only one left. At least that’s the way he did it in 2016.

What’s DeSantis got to lose by joining the fray? Well, for one thing, if he isn’t successful at beating Trump, he goes back to being just the Governor of the nation’s newest “red state”. But he also loses a lot of that “superstar” power he got in kicking Charlie Crist into a retirement home this past November. He is most certainly the golden boy in Republican politics nowadays, and I’m sure that’s a status that he doesn’t want to give up all that easily.

So, why wouldn’t DeSantis want to jump into the race? There aren’t that many reasons. I guess the first would be he doesn’t think in his own mind, or through whatever research he’s done, that he could outlast Trump in a primary. It would indeed be costly, and Trump could most certainly outspend him without batting an eye. But I think there are more reasons that go beyond that. First is the fact that DeSantis may very well be content to be the Governor of Florida. I don’t think every politician that gets elected to an executive leadership position has their eyes set on the Oval Office. DeSantis may be one of them. Maybe he doesn’t like the weather in DC in winter? Maybe he fell in love with Tallahassee? Who knows?

But another reason is just that DeSantis may not be done reshaping Florida into the Republican juggernaut that he thinks it can be. After all, Florida is a growing state. It’s getting a ton of people moving into it from places like New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. And it is going to face the growing pains in the coming years that all states like the Sunshine State have faced. Look at Texas, California, Arizona, Nevada. They’ve all seen incredible growth over the past decade. Granted, Cali is losing about 300,000 of their people a year to states like Texas, Arizona, and Utah. But it may be that DeSantis thinks Florida can actually be a bigger state than any of them except maybe California.

Whatever reason is going on in Ron DeSantis’ mind, I think personally, he’s already made up his mind one way or another. It’s a timing thing now. He needs to wait for the proper moment to decide when to announce if he’s already decided to get in the race, and I think he has. The problem with waiting too long is that you become one of the guys at the back of the Conga Line, and you are then having to fight your way to the front of it. If DeSantis announces before the end of February, he can be assured that he will be next to Trump when the music starts.

I do think it’s going to be a crowded field this year and next for the Republicans. I’m not going to say there will be 17 or 18 people trying to get the nomination, like there was back in 2016, but there will be quite a few folks vying for it. If Ron DeSantis is one of them, he does have a half decent chance at dethroning Trump. If he decides not to run this time around, then basically he’s giving the nomination to Trump. It will be the former president’s nomination to lose. No one of the other Conga Line dancers is even close.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


8 thoughts on “Time To Get Off “The Pot”?

  1. I like DeSantis as my governor; I’m not sure I’d like him as my president. The other day, I spoke with a fellow blogger who noted that DeSantis is no different than any other political mover-and-shaker. He has his political advisors and operatives, a few of them quite clever, and a few others … well, ruthless. It makes one wonder “who” they’re working for, but for the rest of us, it may not matter. I am not speaking for “we the people.” I’m only speaking for myself. I’m so darn tired of the crap in American politics that I’m not looking forward to another presidential campaign.

    So why hasn’t DeSantis jumped? Maybe because the less time you’re on stage, the less time the leftist press has in making mincemeat out of you. And the more time they have to dig up people to slander you on the six o’clock news. And other trash. Maybe DeSantis is waiting for an ‘all clear’ on his wife’s cancer.

    Dunno. I know that I’m happy with Governor DeSantis, and if he asked me, I’d urge him not to run for president until 2028. If we still have a country in 2028, it might be worth the effort then … or not.

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    1. Interesting take. I’m sure DeSantis is more of a “politician” than Trump…but I’m also sure he’s more “presidential” than either Trump or Biden. I think he’s waiting. He knows it’s a two horse race and he’s one of the horses. He doesn’t need to get in just yet. Certainly by June I’m thinking. And if he waits until 2028, you’ve just guaranteed Trump will be the nominee…and I have a hunch Biden would beat him again. Much as I’m not a Trump supporter, I’d MUCH rather have him over Biden, any day of the week.


  2. I believe DeSantis is focused more on Florida and plans to wait this one out. A prophet saw Trump running with Lauren Boebert as his running mate in 2024. Another prophet saw Governor Sam Brownback running with Ron DeSantis in the future after Trump got termed out.

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