It looks like Joe Biden is going to get some competition for reelection from a Democrat after all. Oh, I wouldn’t say that it’s one of what is referred to as “top-tier” Democrats. No, but it’s competition, ala Hillary Clinton running against Marty O’Malley. Which means it’s cursory at best.

I really don’t think that you’re going to see anyone like a Sanders or Warren, or someone like Gavin Newsome running against Biden. They’re going to be “good Democrats”, bide their time and wait. But in order for Biden to sharpen his political skills, someone has to run against him, or the GOP will chew him up in the general election.

That someone is Marianne Williamson.

Yes, the same Marianne Williamson that ran for the White House back in 2020. She actually finished better than a lot of those that are sitting in the Biden administration (I’m looking at you, K-baby Harris!). Besides, there were 24 announced and “major” candidates for president on the Democrat side. Williamson is a self described liberal, not all that happy with Biden, and worth more money than probably ever single one of the readers of this blog’s net worth. So, for her to lose a few million on a failed presidential bid is no big deal. Hey, it’s only money right?

For the record, Williamson lasted until January 2020 in the run up to the White House. She never made it to any of the primary states, and never made it through the Iowa Caucuses. She dropped out on January 10th. Williamson said she ran out of money for the 2020 race, after not qualifying for more than one or two of the Democrat Primary Debates. This time around, however, she’s there to fight for a victory. She thinks she has what it takes to beat Biden in a head to head matchup. As she put it, “I wouldn’t be running for president if I didn’t believe I could contribute to harnessing the collective sensibility that I feel is our greatest hope at this time.” I have no idea what that means, but then again, I had a very hard time understanding her platform back in 2020 as well. It was filled with social justice gobbledygook and a lot of liberal-speak. I have to apologize, but I took French in high school, not liberal-speak.

Now, Williamson hasn’t officially announced. That is officially set for 2pm on March 4th in Washington, DC. Apparently, she feels that Saturday is a great day to get press coverage because Congress won’t be in session, and everyone else will be getting ready for spring break.

Frankly, I am baffled why in the world, after getting slapped around three years ago, she would even want to consider running this time. I don’t think she ever polled higher than 1% in the primary polls, and never really made much of a splash with anyone. But hey, anyone running for the Democrat nomination against Biden should provide some relief, and if there IS a debate because there are only two candidates, she at the very least will get the shot of making it to a debate stage, which she only made one in her last campaign. And I’m sure you’ll remember, her rambling diatribe that on her first day as President, she would call the Prime Minister of New Zealand, and say, “girlfriend, you are so on…the United States of America is going to be the best place in the world for a child to grow up”. She was roundly mocked.

In fact, Williamson was mocked so much that a member of Ted Cruz’ campaign felt obliged to call for people to donate to her campaign to get her on the debate stage more often. His wishes however, fell flat, and soon, the author and “politician” was on the sidelines thinking only about what could have been.

Williamson is, along with Harris, probably some of the weaker candidates that entered the fray last cycle, and will no doubt pose no threat to Biden this time around. It’s like Mike Tyson choosing a six year old for a sparring partner.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


9 thoughts on “She’s BAAACK!

  1. As far as Democrats go, I wish Marianne that much luck. In the back.

    However, I wouldn’t count Sanders out. He was able to go onto an NPR interview and deny that a Ticketmaster event charging $95 to see him was controlled by him and made him a capitalist. If he can lie at that level to those Democrats, he can run again for the presidency.

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    1. Mark, I don’t doubt anything you say. You do your homework (it’s evident in your blogs!!!), and you are one of the biggest experts I’ve seen at critical thinking. So, if you say Sanders could run, I believe you! And I totally agree without on Williamson!

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  2. At least Williamson made it to the debate stage, something we can’t say about our current vice president!

    Look…the Dem’s have found a way to win elections without even debating their Republican opponents. Who’s to say that Marianne and Sleepy Joe will even debate one another. And depending on how much worse Joe’s cognitive abilities get and on how much pressure comes from those behind the scenes from the money people with the real power, the media just might get the message that it’s time to throw Joe under the bus?

    I’m not saying that Marianne can be elected, only that there are still a lot of maneuvers for the Dem’s.

    With that said, I still don’t believe the Dem’s will allow Sleepy Joe to run for re-election and it’s going to be interesting to watch how the whole situation is manipulated!.

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    1. Here’s my hunch on Biden. He saw that doing a “basement campaign” worked wonders last time. I don’t think he ever went farther than what? Pennsylvania, or did he get to Wisconsin? As far as debates are concerned, the GOP has already said they aren’t going to do debates hosted by liberal moderators any longer. At least they learned a lesson. You know when even Fox decides to send someone liberal like Chris Wallace to be the moderator, something fishy is up!!!


  3. Ah. Author, spiritual leader, and activist. Perfect. California — it just gets better. Endorsed Bernie Sanders. Whoa. Coffee shop owner and minister.

    Can I vote for her now and avoid the rush?

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