Did Chicago Just Kill Wokism?

It was as if the good people of Chicago, those that are left anyway, have decided that enough was enough. When you look at it, Chicago had always been viewed as a wonderful place to visit, and a very neat place to live. Of course, I have always had a different view of Chicago. My view included getting stranded at O’Hare when I was a kid because of a bad snowstorm. It included a Thanksgiving morning several years ago driving back from Marquette University at midnight after doing a ballgame, and running into a traffic jam in Chicago with blinding snow. But to a lot of people they look past the traffic and the weather. I suppose that’s a good thing.

However, they just couldn’t overlook the crime.

And because of that, soon to be EX-Chicago mayor, Lori Lightfoot bit the bullet herself on Tuesday this past week and died. She will no longer be the Mayor of the Windy City. She finished third in the voting with just 17% of the vote becoming just the first mayor in 40 years to lose a reelection bid. This after she ended up being a rock star four years ago getting 75% of the vote. Why? She was terrible at her job.

Lori Lightfoot may just go down in history as the worst mayor this country has ever seen. She swore up and down that murders in her fair city were down every year she was in office. That was a lie. In fact, data showed that the murder rate in Chi-town went like this: 2019 (when she first took office) 477 murders. 2020 there were 754, and in 2021 there were 768 murders.

I never really caught on to the Lori Lightfoot phenomenon. OK, so she was the first black woman and first openly gay person to run the city. I get that. She was also terrible at her job. She had no political savvy what-so-ever. She had the absolute worst hair in the world. She couldn’t sing, and she couldn’t dance. And the hats. Don’t get me started on the hats!

Look, I’m sure it wasn’t because she didn’t try. She showed up for work everyday, and she tried. But I liken her a lot to Pete Buttigieg who became the Transportation Secretary, after serving as mayor of a town near Chicago, South Bend, Indiana. Buttigieg isn’t qualified for his job either. Oh, he served, but there was a reason he got the nickname “Pothole Pete”. And if you think I’m getting on both of these just because they’re gay, I’m not. I could care less what they are, or what color they are. I look at job performance. Lori Lightfoot was the biggest example of why liberalism doesn’t work until Joe Biden came along as President.

The left needs to wake up to what just happened in Chicago, and what’s going to be happening in a lot of other “woke cities”. They’re going to find out that liberalism doesn’t work for one simple reason, and by the way, no liberal has ever been able to defend this one. They always run out of other people’s money. You can’t just throw money at a problem and hope it goes away. That’s what liberals do to make themselves feel better.

In fact, watch what happens in another liberal city, Denver, Colorado. In that town, another beautiful city by the way, the city council has decided to give homeless people $1,000 a month for a year in a test to find out if they use the money wisely. What they want to find out is how many of them will try to find a place to live with the money, and how many will choose to live on the streets, buy booze or drugs all on the taxpayer dime. Sociological experiment? Apparently. Actually it’s just another wokism gone awry.

And in Chicago, the people have indeed spoken. What that means as I sit here this morning is that our country still does work. I was wondering whether that was the case or not. We still can get rid of crappy politicians at least on the local level, even in a liberal bastion like Chicago. And if it can happen there, it can happen in any city in the country. Chicago after all, is one of the most corrupt towns on the map.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


4 thoughts on “Did Chicago Just Kill Wokism?

  1. I’m in favor of people determining their own fate. I don’t understand why anyone with a modicum of common sense would want to live in a blue city, but life involves choice. In Chicago, placing Lightfoot in the mayor’s office was like hiring a pedophile to teach fifth-grade children. It was a disaster waiting to happen. Subsequently, none of the people who overwhelmingly supported Lightfoot wanted to take responsibility for their role in the increase in murder rates, including nine first responders.

    Of course, Lightfoot is now claiming racial discrimination against her as a black woman. It had nothing to do with the color of her skin or her weird sexual preference … it had to do with the size of her brain — which is extra small. It is difficult to imagine that someone with a pea-sized brain could earn $216,000 annually – which boils down to getting over on the man. Good riddance to her.

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    1. Whoa! I hadn’t heard about that one! If that’s the case, Adams may be in HUGE trouble with the leftists! I don’t know anyone that liberal that wants to believe that there even IS a God, much less that He would interfere in their choices!


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