Tired Of The Lies!

Our country is in a quandary. We have “advanced” to the point where we are so far beyond where the Founding Fathers ever thought we’d end up, that we are off any page of any book by now. And there is one problem that is exacerbating the whole situation more than any other.


When you look at it, the government has been lying to the American people for a very long period of time. I’m not talking just Democrats here, I’m talking the whole government. And the issues that we’ve been lied to about, are numerous. It’s not just one thing. There are a myriad of topics that government “spins” to give us their best view.

When you look at polls, I was amazed to believe that 61% of all Americans believe that government agents helped provoke the January 6th riots at the Capitol. And what that means is basically that most Americans feel that there were elements of the government that were undercover agents that spawned the riot at the Capitol building. The question is why? Were they Trump supporters that were upset over the election results? Were they leftists trying to get something to pin on Trump as he was ready to leave office? No one knows at this point.

Look at the lies Joe Biden has told us. My Lord, if you just take the lies that the guy has told over the last three years since he was running for president, about his own personal life, it’s staggering. Look at the lies that came out of Adam Schiff’s House Intelligence Committee as they discussed behind closed doors impeaching Donald Trump a second time because of the Capitol riots. And what about the former Obama administration officials that lied to the American people saying they had proof that Donald Trump was a “Russian agent”, when they totally changed their tune in testifying before Congress on the subject.

Look at the lies we hear about in the media. How many stories has the three major cable news networks fabricated to get their ideology across, just in the last 10 years? You know, when our country was founded, the media was supposed to be the check on government. They were to be the spotlight that showed where the roaches were, so we could fumigate the place. That’s tough to do when they are lying to you and making up news stories that just aren’t true. Think about the journalists at the New York Times, and Washington Post, as well as CNN and MSNBC that have been fired for lying. I can count ten very easily, and they span Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC. The names are as household as IBM, Microsoft, and McDonalds. And these are the spotlights of truth?

You know, my mother always told me that she could tell when I was lying as a child because I had a white ring around my mouth. I don’t know where she came up with that, but it worked. I realized at a very young age that lying was difficult. It fought the truth, which always seemed to come out. You ended up not just lying once, but you ended up spinning a whole web of deceit to cover the one lie you told. I’ve seen it happen thousands of times. And it’s usually not the first lie that catches the liar, it’s the subsequent mis-truths.

I’ve often said that the breakdown of the family, and the loss of religion in our society has been the root cause of the decline of America, and I still believe that. But one of the large by-products of that are the lies being told. How many times did Nancy Pelosi tell lies about bills that were being debated and passed in the House of Representatives? How many times did she lie about what happened to her husband, Paul, when he got beat up in his own home? Or how many lies were told about his car crash and subsequent DUI? The truth always comes out, and when it does, it’s always worse than if someone had told the truth.

I’m just tired of the lies we are hearing from a government that is supposed to serve and protect us. I can’t count on anyone in government to give me the truth. Hell, they can’t give each other the truth. Did COVID come from a lab in Wuhan or a wet market because of bats? They say they don’t have consensus because they don’t want the truth to be known. The question you have to ask is, why are you covering this up? What is it that you really don’t want us to know? And what will be our reaction up the road when we find out the truth to all of this? Will we accept it because they’re all just politicians? Or will we hold them accountable for their lies. It’s sickening.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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  1. I do agree, sir. I long ago stopped thinking of myself as a Republican. I am simply conservative in my values, views, and attitudes. If I vote for a politician, that particular candidate shares my beliefs. If I am registered to vote as a Republican, it is only because, in my state, my choices are dichotomous — 1 or 0.

    I’ve been observing Joe Biden for fifty years. My conclusion is that he is a pathological liar. Now, whether that is something he can control is a matter for psychiatrists to decide. I suspect he’s never been to a shrink; otherwise, he’d still be under their evaluation. I assure you that Joe Biden would make an excellent study, and it would be very detailed.

    I wonder if this mental “issue” isn’t typical among politicians. You know, one of the occupational hazards. I only suggest this as a conclusion because beyond that first innocent quest for “serving America,” all subsequent elections focus on what the politician wants for him or herself. Liz Cheney’s spiral was a wonder to behold, but it is also possible that she was always a narcissist. That “serving America” rhetoric is a bucket of filth that simply can’t be emptied.

    Your 61% figure is something to give us hope … that we are returning to our original America, when people loved God, loved their families, and paid attention to the essential things, which excluded politicians and tried to make a difference where it really mattered. The family. Everything else was secondary. Hopeful, indeed.

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    1. Well, I’m not a psychologist or psychiatrist, nor do I play one on TV (though I minored in Psychology in college). But I would say you are once again, correct in your assertions. I can only hope (and pray each night) that we return to God as a nation. I kind of liken us to the Jews in the Old Testament. On again, off again. Hopefully the pendulum swings back far enough to the right!

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  2. Federalist No. 51: MADISON
    February 6, 1788

    “If men were angles, no government would be necessary. If angles were to govern men, neither external nor internal controuls on government would be necessary.”

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  3. When a society is in serious danger because of massive lies being believed by the people, God brings the prophets out. We’re in serious trouble right now. God has brought out His prophets to warn us of what’s ahead. We might see something big happening this year during the summer.

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