Five Questions Trump Must Answer

The Hill has come out with an interesting article written by Niall Stanage about the upcoming presidential campaign. Basically it says there are five questions that must be answered before Donald Trump gets the GOP nod to be it’s presidential candidate again. And they are questions that every American, Republican or not, should be asking.

First off, what is the affect of an indictment on Donald Trump? Manhattan’s District Attorney is readying charges that Trump paid off porn star, Stormy Daniels during the 2016 presidential campaign. The big questions I have regarding this are, did Trump pay off Daniels? Is it actually illegal to pay “hush money”, and hasn’t this thing hit the statute of limitations already? It’s been seven years! Of course, what the affect is on Trump’s campaign if he is indeed indicted is something that’s already being hotly debated, and we’ve discussed it here earlier. I think it will have some impact, but the true Trump supporters are going to hang with him. They’ll see it as he paints the picture…it’s another witch hunt.

Second question that would need to be answered is just how solid is Trump’s support? He didn’t fare very well in the November elections as far as his endorsed candidates are concerned. Oh, the majority of the won, but the candidates in the swing states didn’t do all that well. Herschel Walker lost in Georgia, Kari Lake lost in Arizona. Blake Masters also lost in Arizona, Adam Laxalt lost a close race in Nevada. Mehmet Oz got beat by John Fetterman in Pennsylvania, and Doug Mastriano got swamped in the Governor’s race there. That’s six very key races that Trump lost…in states that he lost to Joe Biden in. He obviously hasn’t been able to turn the corner in those states just yet.

Of course, a lot can be made out of this past election cycle. If you look at the candidates that I listed above, really only Adam Laxalt was a quality candidate. Maybe you can throw Mastriano into the mix, but even he was a little squirrely in his campaign. Walker, Lake, Masters, and Oz, were all just terribly weak.

The third question that needs to be answered is the question of age. You know it’s going to be a factor for Joe Biden. Hell, he’s even said it would be a factor moving forward. But Donald Trump has been able to skate on that question so far, for pretty much one simple reason. He is in his mid 70’s right now, and would be 82 if he wins and serves a full second term. But he doesn’t look like he’s in his mid 70’s. And he’s got a lot more spring in his step than Biden does. He also doesn’t make as many mental errors. So, yes…while a lot of the country is saying its time for us to find younger, more in touch leaders, and let the old guard retire to their pastures, you have the top two contenders for their party’s nomination in Trump and Biden, well past retirement age in any other industry. That is going to be a question going forward.

The fourth question is very simply, is Trump still electable? The last thing any Republican, or conservative wants to do is waste yet another election cycle on a candidate that doesn’t have a chance in hell of getting elected. We’ve seen the GOP do that time and time again, just because “it’s someone’s turn”. Look at Bob Dole, John McCain, Mitt Romney, all losers and very weak candidates. But all ran and never had a ghost of a chance of winning. My question for Trump isn’t his policies, I’ve been in favor of most of them during his first term. My big question is, can Trump do something to reverse the hatred toward him. Currently, his approval rating is just 34%. And Joe Biden isn’t faring much better at 38%. That tells me there is an “Anybody but 2020 candidates” mentality going on out there. This is probably going to be the toughest question for Trump to answer.

Finally, the question looms about Ron DeSantis. He’s as conservative as Trump, if not more-so. He’s a LOT younger at only 44 years old, so he is able to get around the age question, and would make Joe Biden look like a walking zombie. If DeSantis gets into the race after the Florida legislative session later on this spring or early summer, he is going to be probably the only candidate for the GOP nod that Trump really has to worry about. If he is as big of a rock star in political circles as it looked last November, he is going to rival Ronald Reagan’s appeal. He says all the right things, and as long as there aren’t too many skeletons in his closet (something Trump has always had to worry about), he should give Trump a run for his money next year at this time.

There you have it. Five questions that Donald Trump needs to answer to the American people before we decide on whether or not he’s worthy of getting another shot at the Oval Office. And to be honest, I’m not all that certain that he’s going to be able to do it!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

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    1. Madd, I gotta be honest with you. I have never even HEARD of Tim Walz! It’s like I’ve never heard of Vivek Rammyswammy either. But I saw an interview with him the other day and he sounded pretty good. He won’t win… no name recognition. That would probably put him in the same boat as Walz.

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  1. Yep. These are five questions that should be considered by Trump; however, if you have observed any of what should have been miniature press conferences for Biden, no politician of late has to answer any question.

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    1. I saw the gaggle of reporters throwing questions at Biden during that state visit (I think it was the Irish PM), and all he did was sort of smile. Sooner or later, I would think he has to leave the basement of his own mind, and answer something!

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  2. At some point, although I cannot predict when, we will stop judging people for their errors — or, if you prefer, their humanness — and begin to realize that human error does not entirely invalidate the essential goodness of mankind. Everyone makes mistakes … said simultaneously that we don’t know whether Trump’s dalliances were mistakes. We don’t have to dig very far to find examples of lapses in judgment. John Kennedy was, perhaps, the greatest swordsman of all, and yet there is never a peep about that. And Bill Clinton for a devoted acolyte of JFK. Carter lusted in his heart, Gore hired masseuses, and Biden balled the babysitter. And Trump, of course, has Stormy Daniels (Stephanie Clifford).

    It would seem to me that if one hires a masseuse, a hooker, or someone to perform lap dancing, the payment is part and partial of an understanding that whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Stormy wanted to re-negotiate the arrangement, and in the spirit of guidelines provided by the National Labor Relations Board, Donald Trump offered her an excellent severance package. I do not see how this is a violation of any U.S. law. In fact, it could be that Trump (who gave away his entire presidential salary to charity) might otherwise be entitled to some humanitarian award were it not for the fact that Democrats can’t serve as bureaucrats without destroying their institutions by politicizing them. Remember how gleefully the U.S. Attorney skewered Dinesh D’Souza — who admitted that he’d made an unintentional mistake? Right. Like that.

    Support-wise, well … I don’t think he’s seen the football since kickoff. He does need a slave standing behind him whispering in his ear, “The Emperor has no clothes.” Mr. Trump does not appear cognizant of his own deficiencies. He’s still an ass, and as I’ve said previously, one way to excite Democrats to get themselves to the polls is for Trump to announce that he’s running (again) for the presidency. And while not everyone agrees with me, I think this happened in 2020. Trump is most responsible for that, not Soros.

    Personally, I think he’s had his chance. He blew it. Did some good things, but his infantile behavior did him in. Now, I believe, give someone else a chance. Or may he likes the fetish of politics.

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    1. Trump is an egotist through and through. He’s for anything that keeps his name out in front of the public. Now, when you think about that, can you name any job anywhere in the world where he keeps his name out in the public more than sitting behind the Resolute Desk? That’s the ultimate ego stroke. That’s why I think a lot of these politicians strive for that position. It’s not that they love the endless hours, or the wearing of suits (something I stopped doing when I retired!), but they love the spotlight. And anything that keeps them in the spotlight, or enhances how long they can be there is exciting to them. Take that away from Trump, and he goes back to running his businesses.


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