Cat Fight!

And you thought nothing of that nature ever happened in Washington, DC! Shame on you! Of course there are cat fights, and it appears we are in the midst of a good old fashioned one dealing with Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren.

In a fight that took two months to reach the press, Warren was being interviewed by a Boston radio station. She was asked a question that is on every reporter’s mind about now…Would the Senator support Kamala Harris for Vice President in 2024? Warren basically said she would defer to Joe Biden’s judgement on that one.


It wasn’t long after that Warren realized she had some fence mending to do with the Vice President, so she tried to call her. And didn’t get through. She kept trying to call her. And Harris kept ghosting her. Apparently, it’s now progressed to the point that the Vice President and the Senator from Massachusetts aren’t on speaking terms any longer.

And I have to say, I DO enjoy watching the occasional cat fight. They can be rather humorous at times…but not for the reasons that Seinfeld showed. I really think I’d gag at the thought of these two kissing! Anyway, what I find amusing about it is, here you have two people that are basically viewed by most people as ill able to handle their jobs. They both have some bulldog qualities about them. Harris was known as a bulldog prosecutor in California, sending people to jail for even marijuana possession. And Warren has been brash enough in her career to think she was a Native American, when it turns out that she really wasn’t…or at the very least was like had one person in her family tree some 6-10 generations ago who was a Cherokee.

So, you’ve got two women that have been rather boisterous in the past on certain issues. Both are liberal as the day is long, and both are roundly criticized and have very little credibility with the American people. Harris has been nothing short of a national joke in her current role, something that totally exemplifies the Peter Principle. Warren meanwhile, hasn’t sucked at being a Senator, she’s just lied her way to the top. Time and time again claiming a certain type of status that gave her special privileges. It may have gotten her out of Oklahoma and into a prestigious university (she went to George Washington for her undergraduate degree, and Rutgers for her law degree). And she used “special status” again to get a job once she became a lawyer.

Will the two ever get back together and be on the same side? I mean, I’m sure to be honest, that Warren only said what most Democrats are thinking…Kamala Harris isn’t fit or qualified to be Vice President, and doesn’t do anything to help Joe Biden. She has failed at every single job he has given her from the border to talking to NATO allies, to helping out in Ukraine. Other than that, she has been in attendance for the first two years of the Biden administration, at the Senate whenever they were taking a vote. That’s because as Vice President, and the Senate split 50/50, she was the tie-breaker, which she did 19 times. So, looking at her resume as the country’s number two, I can understand Warren’s hesitancy to want to firmly endorse her for a second term. In fact, most Americans don’t want to see her on the ticket.

Meanwhile, Harris has problems of her own. She has had a terrible time keeping her staff together. There have been at least 25 resignations from her team since she became VP, and that’s high in any administration! She has been roundly criticized by her critics and friends alike for her inability to get things done. So, yeah, I’d probably side with Warren on her ability to be in the number two seat.

But Warren certainly isn’t anyone to talk. As Bernie Sanders’ wingman for socialism, Warren’s approval rating at Politico was just 36% recently. Harris’ is 41%. Neither are what I’d call shining stars for their political party, and both ran unsuccessfully for the top job in 2020.

Cat fights are fun to watch. And this one won’t be any different. I’d just like to make sure it’s all done in the open, so we can all enjoy another bowl of popcorn!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


7 thoughts on “Cat Fight!

  1. Not that this at all relates to your blog post today, but here are a few things that make me burp.

    1. People who think that liberal and Democratic Party are synonymous terms. They aren’t. In fact, not even close. Our founding fathers were liberal. Today’s Democrats are progressive. I am conservative, which means that in observing the values of our founding fathers, I am a classic liberal — and believe me, I have nothing in common with progressives.

    2. People who are okay with dishonesty, so long as it benefits them personally — and by using the word “okay,” I mean that being dishonest, or being found out about it, doesn’t bother them one iota. Why? Because being dishonest is no longer a political handicap.

    3. I get gas whenever anyone mentions “The Vice President.” I remember when no one ever heard those words, much less saw live coverage of a V.P. exiting his limousine. It was as if the V.P. and unicorns were mythical creatures. If we must have such a thing, there ought to be an underground facility where they can live out of sight and out of mind but can take phone calls from NORAD.

    4. It is bad enough that we have to hear anything about Nancy Pelosi, who hardly anyone outside San Francisco ever voted for, but yet seems to occupy 83% of the nation’s political news. Now we have to listen to that fingernail-scratching blackboard voice of Elizabeth Warren as if this fraud, liar, charlatan, tart, commie-witch, sack of crap who — if she truly loved her country, would throw herself out of a 15-story window in downtown Boston at noon on Memorial Day.

    5. Let’s say you start with a cup of steaming black coffee. As soon as the cup is in front of you, you add powdered cream, one spoon after another. At some point (sooner rather than later), you no longer have a black cup of coffee. It was diluted with the first spoonful of cream. With that in mind, let’s all agree that Kamala is no longer our first black female vice president. She may be a person of color, but she isn’t black except when she and Biden are corralling black voters for an upcoming election. Only then do we hear a twinge of that ghetto dialect we all know and love. Sidenote: Biden is an expert in using the black voice; Obama learned it from Joe.

    That’s all for now. Let me know when you need more things to ponder on a Sunday afternoon.

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  2. It is amazing though that otherwise BIRDS OF A FEATHER flock together. I mean, Warren is the female mirror image of Joe Biden. Liars! Kamala? Just as dumb as Joe. I bet when she was in high school and college, she rolled, burned and tugged on plenty of the green plants……..then jailed people once she could show some power. She is a what is good for you, ain’t for me! Yeah, both this girls have Biden characteristics.

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