Can DeSantis Survive?

Think of this for a minute. You’re Ron DeSantis, the GOP’s new Golden Boy. You crushed Charlie Crist last November by 20 points or so in your reelection bid for Governor, and at the same time, basically retired Crist, the Republican turned Democrat from politics. Everyone is clamoring to have you step into the fight for the presidency. You take your time, stating that you have a legislative session you need to concentrate on, but you’re curious. You plan a few trips. Nothing major…just to Iowa, New Hampshire, and maybe South Carolina to test the waters.

And then Donald Trump gets wind of you wanting to run. And then the media wants to poke holes in you.

You recall back in 2016 when 17 people were vying for the GOP nomination after Bobo Obama’s run. One by one, Trump slammed his opponents. Oh, Jeb Bush was easy to crush. And Marco Rubio seemed glad to finish his run and get back to the Senate. Chris Christie, Rand Paul, and Mike Huckabee all fell by the wayside as did Carly Fiorina. And all at the hand of Donald Trump. Could that happen again?

It seems like it is.

DeSantis hasn’t even announced that he wants to run for President yet, and already the media is bashing him, Trump is calling him “Ron DeSanctimonious”, after praising him for the way he dealt with the pandemic, and his follow through after the hurricane that devastated Fort Myers. Soon, after Trump felt the heat coming from DeSantis, he became only “a fair governor”. And the barbs continued to fly. Campaign stop after campaign stop, Trump would slam DeSantis for anything he could.

And DeSantis decided he would follow Ronald Reagan’s 11th Commandment…never bash another Republican. So, he was silent as Trump kept leveling shot after shot across his bow.

And my question is, can DeSantis survive where others have fallen?

Make no mistake about it, Donald Trump is the undefeated champion of the world when it comes to insulting his competition. And it’s been a very long time since the political scene has witnessed the full-frontal attack, which Trump is very good at. But can Ron DeSantis mount a campaign after both Trump and the media take shots at him before he even decides to get into the race?

I’m hoping so, but the latest polling, which as we all know can be woefully wrong, says differently. According to the latest Fox News poll, Trump now has over 54% of the respondents on his side, which is amazing this early on, and DeSantis has slid to 24%. That is a 30 point lead for Trump. Now, as I said, it’s way early. Anything can happen. And it can be the littlest thing that causes a campaign to wither and die. A misplaced scream, or an open microphone. Maybe it’s an affair that pops up from the past, or even a campaign ad that doesn’t get the intended message can throw the best plans right out the window.

But the question still remains. Can Ron DeSantis finish his legislative session in Florida, and get into the race, and make up the difference and defeat Donald Trump? I’m not sure at this point…but it IS early.

I think the even bigger question is how the populace on both sides of the aisle will feel if Donald Trump wins the GOP and goes up against Joe Biden for round two. Will anybody really care enough to vote? Most people, like upwards of 70% of their own party don’t want either Trump or Biden to run again. Both are. But can both make it through the primary? Biden will have the easier path to the nomination being the sitting president. But he is going to have at least one challenger. Trump is hoping he’ll have 17 or 18 again, because with 54% of the people rooting for him already, he’s already got the lion’s share of the party, even though 70% don’t want to see him run again.

And then there is DeSantis. Will he cut into Trump’s early lead once he gets on the trail and starts campaigning in earnest? All will be answered in the coming 12 months!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


8 thoughts on “Can DeSantis Survive?

    1. That’s one city (along with LA and Chicago) I refuse to visit any longer. It USED to be a lot of fun to go to the Big Apple and play tourist. Not any longer, I’m afraid.


  1. I like Gov. DeSantis. He has proven himself a worthy governor, and I would be okay if he stayed where he is for a while. For me, the issue isn’t so much whether he could make it into the White House. He has a good team around him; from what I understand, no one is more affluent than Mrs. DeSantis. Her reputation is such that she can smile at you while cutting the opposition’s throat. No one, they say, is more Machiavellian than Mrs. DeSantis. Of course, you’re right. We have yet to see whether he has what it takes to shut Trump down.

    No, my concern is whether Ron DeSantis is the man he claims to be. He’s too much like Baby Bush for my liking, too similar to Paul Ryan. I have no interest in voting for another “compassionate conservative.” If I need old-time religion, I’ll visit with a priest, not a president.

    Will we have our splendid little war with Russia and China under a DeSantis administration? Will he grant immunity to another twenty million illegals? So far, DeSantis appears to believe that the less said, the better. It is enough to cause one to wonder.

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  2. I still find it hard to believe that Biden will even survive until the next election, but they will of course need to get rid of Kamala first?

    I’m hearing that the Republican’s may start impeachment proceedings against Biden in retribution but in all honesty, the Republican’s haven’t got big enough balls. They’re feckless!

    I think the Left has probably poked the bear a little to much. It’s now clear to see, even for the Lib’s, that things have gotten way out of control and people do now believe, that if they get a former president, it’s just a matter of time before they come after me! It’s no longer just about Trump!

    We have truly found ourselves at a crossroad and this could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back!

    This is NOT a popcorn moment. This is as serious as a heart attack and I weep for our once great nation.

    May GOD help us!

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    1. Take my word on it. Unless we’re talking about some judge who has a vendetta against Trump, there is no way THIS particular indictment stands. There are some out there now that could be troublesome for Trump, but I doubt this one will result in any conviction. If the judge has a brain (not sure since he’s a New York judge), he throws this out on day one.


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