Democrats Biggest Fear

The biggest fear Democrats have at this point isn’t that Donald Trump is going to win reelection. I think they have already resigned themselves to that point, and the fact that Michael Bloomberg and Deval Patrick are going to be entering the race at this late date is evidence of that. There is something even more frightening that they are even more worried about.

It’s RBG.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg missed an oral argument session at the Supreme Court this week because she was home sick. Oh, we were told it was nothing. She was just feeling a little under the weather. Nothing to see her folks, move along.

The Democrats are worried beyond belief that she isn’t just ailing, but is deathly ill and could die before they regain the White House. The Supreme Court is already 5-4 in favor of the conservatives, and if RBG dies before a Dem can occupy 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, they realize their chances of getting hold of the Supreme Court majority die with her for the at least the next 25 or 30 years.

Now the big question in this game of “What If?” is, IF Bader Ginsburg dies, do the Republicans in the Senate treat it differently than Obama’s last term when he was not running for reelection. Remember Merrick Garland? He was appointed by Obama, but never got a confirmation hearing because Republicans said you shouldn’t get to nominate someone in an election year, BEFORE the election…let the American public decide, remember?

So, what happens if Ruthie decides to bite the big one and call it quits between now and next November? I mean, even IF Trump wins reelection, which is widely expected, you’re going to think the confirmation hearings of Brett Kavanaugh was a Sunday picnic in the park compared to what’s going to be thrown at the conservative that replaces Bader Ginsburg! They aren’t replacing a moderate with a conservative, they are replacing a rock-ribbed liberal with a conservative and the 5-4 court suddenly becomes 6-3!

But even if RBG does pass away between now and the election, and she isn’t replaced until after the election, the court becomes more conservative because you’d go a year with one less liberal on the bench. That means you’d go from a 5-4 court to a 5-3 court.

Democrats are probably more worried about this scenario than anything Donald Trump could throw at them. And all of a sudden, the big bad wolf isn’t Trump…it’s Mitch McConnell, who would make the decision to either hold the confirmation hearing now, or wait until after the election. And I’ll say this…

There’s nothing more fun to watch than Chuck Schumer with a vain popping out of the side of his head, giving a speech in the Senate!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Day One: Yawn Fest

Look, I’m sure that if Adam Schiff got every thing he wanted during the first day of the impeachment inquiry public hearings, he would have had a really big firecracker waiting for the Republicans. I mean, I would have! So what in hell happened?

It was a snooze fest from the beginning.

Did we learn anything new? No. Did we get a bombshell? No. Was it necessarily damning to Donald Trump and his presidency? No. What we got were a couple of career bureaucrats that really didn’t see or hear much of anything themselves. The only thing they could really bring to the party was, as Jim Jordon (R-OH) put it, “they talked to a guy that knew a guy that overheard a guy that thought he heard the president say…”. And that’s the way it went.

If this was the big bombshell day Adam Schiff was hoping for, it fizzled like the Mueller
Report. Now, somehow I don’t believe that this was the big day. I’m hoping that IF the Democrats really believe that Donald Trump did bad stuff, bad enough to be impeached, they would have a red hot smoking gun sitting somewhere off to the side that they’re going to explode at some point. I’m hoping this hasn’t been the Mueller Report, the insanity accusation, the Russian collusion, the other stuff that’s happened over the last three years which turned out to be a giant waste of time.

It has been.

The Democrats have hinted at the fact they really are stretching things to get to this point. I think they know they don’t have enough to do any damage to Donald Trump. So why on earth are they trying this ploy now? The only plausible answer is that they feel that if Trump wears the mantle of “impeachment” during the 2020 election, it will hurt him enough to allow one of the seven dwarfs to be elected. The fallacy of that thinking is, that’s not what happened in the past, and the seven dwarfs seem to be doing more damage to themselves than Adam Schiff is doing to Donald Trump!

Deval Patrick, the former Democrat governor of Massachusetts has decided to get into the race for the White House. He picked probably the worst news cycle in decades to make his announcement, as it came on the first day of the impeachment inquiry public TV display. But what that tells the world is, Patrick doesn’t think Joe Biden is able to pull off the win, especially in Iowa and New Hampshire, where polls show him as low as fourth, so he’s jumping into the fray, right after Michael Bloomberg announced that HE is going to most likely get in starting in Alabama.

So, the whole “hurt Trump” campaign seems to be blowing up. I say, bring the weiners and marshmallows, and we’ll all have a good time at the bonfire!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Dem Count Rising?

In most years, when you start out with a population the size of Des Moines, Iowa as your presidential field, it whittles down to a manageable number rather quickly. As people realize their dream of becoming president is just that, and as money gets sparse, they pull out. So, why is that not happening this time around?

In recent days we’ve actually added a candidate to the field as Michael Bloomberg joined the fray. And word has come out that former Massachusetts governor, Deval Patrick is seriously considering getting into the race. Both men realize they probably aren’t going to be making the deadlines for New Hampshire and Arkansas’ primaries which happen within the next week. Bloomberg has sent volunteers to Alabama which closes it’s primary registrations on Friday. He needs 500 signatures before then, or seven petitions from each of state’s congressional districts with 50 signatures on each of them.

There has also been talk of Hillary Clinton putting down her box of Chardonnay and getting into the mix for the third time. Hillary supporters say it’s a long shot but a possibility, but it’s fading every day.

The thing is, most Democrats are looking at the polls, seeing the strength of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, as really it’s come down to a four person race, and they are deciding while Warren and Sanders may be exciting candidates, they’re not electable when it comes to a general election. So, more moderate candidates are willing to throw their hats into the ring. That creates another problem for Democrats though.

If Bloomberg and Patrick do indeed get into the race, they get in very late. They’ve missed four debates already, and will be missing several states’ primaries. At the very best, what they would do is help the very people they are looking to defeat. They are too closely aligned with Joe Biden to take away votes from either Warren or Sanders. That means they’ll hurt Biden’s chances, and help the other two. It could, in fact hurt Pete Buttigieg, the other semi-moderate in the race as well.

Put another way, no person getting into the race at this late date has been nominated in the modern era. Even if Bloomberg throws all of his billions of dollars at getting the nomination, it still doesn’t sway voters. Think I’m wrong? The person that has spent the most money on their campaign this season has been Tom Steyer. He currently sits at 0.9% nationally. If you look at Iowa, where he’s dropped the most money, he’s at 2.8% according to

Bloomberg and Patrick thinking about getting into the race at this late date shows one thing. The Democrat base is not excited about the prospect of either Elizabeth Warren, or Bernie Sanders being their candidate. Like impeachment, this crystal ball is very clear!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Here Come The Fireworks!

After about six or eight weeks (I lose track) of secretive, behind closed door meetings that Adam Schiff has run with no opposition, no transparency, no jurisprudence, and no legal authority, the impeachment inquiry takes center stage on televisions across America this week.

Oh, there are going to be fireworks. There are going to be plenty of back and forth and daytime drama rivaling the best soap operas. The real question that has been on the minds of Americans since the first day Democrats started screaming about impeachment (the day after he was elected), is, “What in the world is the proof?” So far, through no fewer than seven attempts at trying to get the goods on Trump, Democrats have had to wipe raw egg from their faces.

There have been a myriad of lies from Schiff throughout this entire ordeal. Remember? He claimed to have “irrefutable evidence” that Donald Trump had colluded with the Russians. Yet, a $35 million investigation taking two years and interviewing over 1,000 witnesses revealed nothing of the sort. In short, Schiff lied. Jerry Nadler claimed he had proof that Trump had violated several campaign laws. Yet, at the end of the day, the proof isn’t there.

Here’s what’s going to happen this week, just so you can skip all of the fooferall and go about your business. Democrats are going to allege that Trump’s phone call with the Ukrainian president did a couple of things. There was “presumed” evidence of a quid pro quo, whereby if Ukraine investigated Hunter Biden, Trump would release military aid to fight the Russians. So far, no one has been able to unequivocally come out and say that was true. The transcripts I read certainly didn’t. And the Ukrainian president certainly didn’t. In fact, he went so far as to deny there was any funny business going on.

Second, you’re going to hear how because of Trump asking a foreign leader to investigate an American citizen, and the son of a political rival, that he abused his power. Yet, Joe Biden did exactly the same thing IF that’s what is found to be what Trump did, when Biden was Vice President. And nothing is happening to him (yet).

Finally, it really doesn’t matter if you sit through all of these “investigations” or not, here’s what will eventually happen. Schiff will stand in front of the world bug-eyed as always, and proclaim to anyone that will listen, that he has found several impeachable crimes. He’ll take that to the House floor where articles will be written up and voted on along party lines. Trump will be impeached. It will go to the Senate where either there’ll be a five or six week “trial” of Trump and he’ll get exonerated, or someone from the Republican side will move on day one of the trial that the whole thing be shelved, and they’ll have the votes to get that done. The story ends there.

The epilogue to this is the question of whether or not this will hurt the Democrats in 2020. My hunch is, they’ve given Trump a huge Christmas present in the form of a campaign issue. And they’ve given every Republican running for the House and Senate a reason to defeat the Democrats. Whether or not that will happen in reality is anybody’s guess. I’m not convinced that Republicans are very good at campaigning, and they blow it more often than not. We’ll have to wait and see on that one. But one thing seems sure unless we get some really damning news in the next couple of weeks…Donald Trump will be re-elected president.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Remember These Guys & Gals!

Today is a very special day on our country’s calendar. I hope everyone stops for a few minutes and realizes that. Today is Veteran’s Day. Yes…it’s the reason the banks are closed and you aren’t going to get mail today. But trust me…it’s more than worth it!

Today you should do something special for a veteran. Take them out to lunch. Pay their electric bill. Stop and chat with them for a while. Whatever you do…please make sure you thank them for the service and sacrifice they’ve given to this country. You are free to protest, to live your life as you like, to vote, to speak your mind, to worship your God in your way because these men and women put their very lives on the line. They put country and the belief that we are the greatest nation in the world ahead of themselves.

Isn’t it time we did more than just gave them lip service on this day?

I think it’s time to reward every single veteran with free, lifetime healthcare. They certainly deserve it more than illegal aliens do! They ought to be at the front of the line for healthcare, for surgeries, for medical care of any type. And yet, we send them to the VA for fifth rate care that you don’t find in some third world countries. That my friends, is a travesty.

It’s not enough that we give them free education when they get home from serving. We need to recognize and reward them throughout their lives (and no…I’m not a veteran). I think of several of my friends that have served, most in Vietnam because I’m of that era. But several that have served in Iraq. I have a son in law who spent a year in Baghdad. I’m so proud of his service, and the country should be too!

So, today. Please do me a personal favor. Stop someone that you know served in our armed forces. At the very least, thank them for their service to our country. It wouldn’t be our country, and it certainly wouldn’t look anything like this without their sacrifice!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Is The Ground Shaking?

You know, I’ve always said the wheels of justice grind very slowly, but oh, so fine. And this impeachment hearing in the House of Representatives is proving that adage to be true once again.

We’re told by the convicted liar, Adam Schiff, that there is “irrefutable proof” that US Ambassador to the European Union, Gordon Sondland had that PROVED there was quid pro quo in that Ukrainian phone call. Oops. It comes out with the transcripts that Sondland “presumed” there was…he never was sure of it.

We heard the damning testimony against President Donald Trump from former Ukrainian ambassador, Marie Yovanovitch that was pretty damning. One interesting thing that happened during that exchange that you didn’t hear about when Democrats leaked the testimony was when she was asked if she had prior contact with Democrat staffers via email. She said she received the email, but testified under oath that she never responded to it. Oops.

It seems that Fox News’, Tucker Carlson got that batch of emails in which Yovanovitch not only responded to the emails from the Democrat staffer, but she said in an August 14th email back to the staffer that she  “would love to reconnect and look forward to chatting with you.”

So, once again, we’ve got Democrat operatives that are masquerading as something their not, or weren’t, that have lied to Congress about things that may or may not have happened regarding the “Ukraine call”. And, as the umpteen problems that Democrats have fished for in the past that have turned up to be absolutely nothing, it seems that as we get deeper and deeper into this mess, we’re starting to learn that the leaks from Schiff on this matter (because everything to date was done behind closed doors), wasn’t exactly true. You got the side of the story he wanted you to hear, not the truth, the whole truth, so help you God!

Here’s what I expect to happen moving forward. There will be these open hearings starting this week. There will be some repeat witnesses that were behind closed doors, including Sondland and Yovanovitch. They will make their damning remarks, and they will be grilled about their lack of factual statements under oath when they first testified. The House will forget those foibles as they prepare the articles of impeachment and they will vote to impeach Trump, because that’s what they all set out to do the day he was elected.

What will happen then is what did happen during Bill Clinton’s impeachment trial. Robert Byrd, a Democrat, moved on the first day of the trial to dismiss the charges for lack of merit. That was defeated in the Senate and the trial continued for five weeks. I believe this will once again be the first action of the Republicans in the Senate. Since the GOP has a majority of the Senate, they will vote to dismiss the charges and there will, in essence, be no trial. It will be over, and once again, Democrats will have egg all over their face.

Make no mistake, this will indeed gin up the base for both sides. Republicans will want to oust Democrats for this wasted time when nothing of substance got done in Washington. Democrats will be more convinced that Republicans railroaded the trial. And once again, it will be the Independents that will come to the rescue. Most of them believe that there shouldn’t have been an impeachment OR a trial in the first place, so most of them will be more apt to either sit this one out, or vote to replace the Democrats who caused this mess in the first place. Either way, this isn’t going to bode well for Democrats.

My hunch is, they knew they were going to lose the election for president. What they fear today is that they could lose the House, and fall further behind in the Senate.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Take A Minute And Read This…

I don’t share religion on this page, but as I was reading my Bible the other night (I’m in Psalms right now), this hit me…see if it doesn’t have meaning for what we are going through today?!

Help, Lord, for the godly man ceaseth; for the faithful fail from among the children of men.

They speak vanity every one with his neighbor with flattering lips and with a double heart do they speak.

The Lord shall cut off all flattering lips, and the tongue that speaketh proud things.

Who have said, “With our tongue will we prevail; our lips are our own who is lord over us?”

For the oppression of the poor, for the sighing of the needy, now will I arise, saith the Lord; I will set him safety from him that puffeth at him.

The words of the Lord are pure words, as silver tried in a furnace of earth, purified seven times.

Thou shalt keep them, O Lord, thou shalt preserve them from this generation for ever.

The wicked walk on every side, when the vilest men are exalter

That was taken from Pslams…Psalm 12 to be exact. I’m thinking it mirrors exactly what we are dealing with today in this country!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!