Don’t Expect Biden To Be Impeached

They keep finding stuff at Joe Biden’s house in Wilmington, Delaware. I’m talking secret documents, top secret documents, classified documents, and I bet if they look long and hard enough, they’re going to find Jimmy Hoffa. Just sayin’.

And while they are setting their sights on the new Rehoboth Beach House that Biden recently purchased, don’t look for much to happen with this scandal overall. And there’s a really good reason for it.

The Republicans in the Senate don’t want to impeach Biden over this.

It’s not the Democrats, it’s the Republicans. And the reason is pretty simple. Apparently, there are quite a few people that had served in the government in Washington that actually have secret, top secret, and classified documents in their possession. They recently found some in Mike Pence’s house. I think this is just the tip of the iceberg. Something tells me that when the GOP doesn’t want to go after Biden, it’s gotta be for one of two reasons. Either they are hiding something themselves and don’t want to be caught, or they want nothing to do with a K-baby Harris presidency.

And frankly, either would be easy to solve. To solve the first reason, it’s simple. Burn the damn classified, secret, or top secret documents, and flush the ashes down the toilet. The second reason is a little tougher, but you first impeach K-baby Harris for incompetence, if you can get enough Democrats in the Senate to go along with it, THEN, you can impeach Biden on this scandal after that.

But alas, neither is going to happen. Most of the Republican Senators that have been interviewed on the subject simply say that finding these documents illegally in Biden’s possession does not rise to the level of an impeachable offense. The other thing that I think is going on here is the precise reason why I’ve said all along that you don’t want to impeach anyone in the Biden administration unless you can make it stick. Impeachment has a stink to it. And it doesn’t necessarily attach itself to the accused, but to the party bringing the impeachment.

When Bill Clinton was impeached back in the 1990’s he wore it as a badge of honor. It really was anything but, and in the end, lying turned out not to be an impeachable offense. Then with Donald Trump, neither time he was impeached reached that level. And in both cases, the Republicans, and the Democrats paid the price in the House. I think that is the over-riding reason why the Republicans are looking to avoid impeachment at all cost.

And it’s a pretty good reason. Why go through the time and the expense of an impeachment trial if you know going in there is no way you are going to get a conviction? That makes no sense whatsoever. Richard Nixon resigned because it became clear to him, not only would he be impeached, but he most likely would be convicted in the Senate over the whole Watergate coverup.

And speaking of coverup, that’s really what Biden needs to focus on here. In DC, it’s not usually the crime that gets you, it’s what you do to coverup that crime that ends up biting your rear end. Joe Biden saying “there’s no there there”, when it came to finding extra documents, and nefarious reasons for having the docs in the first place, was, in fact walking very close to a coverup. And Karine Jean Pierre has either been woefully neglected in the discussions on how to handle all of this, or she is just lying through her teeth. She has contended from the beginning that there were just a few documents found in Biden’s office, but the matter is closed and they are cooperating fully. It turns out that wasn’t true at all. And now the press is clamoring for her head on a platter for not giving them the answers they want (and deserve).

Therein lies really the person that may actually pay the most for this. KJP is guilty of lying, though my personal feeling is that she doesn’t have a clue what’s being said and decided in the Oval Office on this matter. She’s at the podium struggling to give the press something, and she has nothing to give. She doesn’t want to look like she’s out of the loop, but it’s becoming painfully obvious that she is. In the end, she’s going to either resign, or the Biden administration is going to fire her…mark my words.

As for Biden himself, he’s going to be Nixon-lite when it comes to this scandal. I will say right now that I don’t think he’s going to be able to pull himself out of this nose-dive in time to run for a second term in 2024. And that opens the door for the GOP even wider than it was!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Hey, Fair Is Fair!

Democrats are in a tizzy over Kevin McCarthy’s threat to bump three of their kind from committees if the Democrats decide to put them up for those committee assignments. As we discussed earlier here, Adam Schiff (D-CA), Eric Swalwell (D-CA), and Ilhan Omar (D-MN) have been threatened that if they were placed on committees by the Democrats, they would be booted.

And Democrats are looking for a fight on this one.

But you have to realize that fair is fair after all. Republicans, as you’ll recall, wanted to put people like Jim Jordan (R-OH), and Jim Banks (R-IN) on the January 6th Special Committee that Nancy Pelosi formed to railroad Donald Trump into a DOJ indictment. Democrats decided that wasn’t going to happen because Jordan and Banks were both overlooked in favor of Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) and Liz Cheyney (R-WY). Both Kinzinger and Cheyney were outspoken critics of Donald Trump who voted for impeachment both times he faced it.

So, my question is, if it was fair for Nancy Pelosi to not include Jordan and Banks on the committee, but to go with people she felt would be more conducive to the outcome she wanted, why in the world are the Dems upset if Kevin McCarthy wants to put Schiff, Swalwell, and Omar on the sidelines? Isn’t fair fair, after all?

While Pelosi’s move was made solely to give her the outcome she sought, McCarthy’s move is more of a punishment that Pelosi did that in the first place. Yes, it’s political, and yes, some may say it’s even petty. But you have to look back to see what started it all, and frankly, that was petty enough!

So, who has the right to decide who goes on the committees in the House of Representatives? Is it the Speaker? If it is, the Democrats have absolutely nothing to bitch about. They lost the House in part because of the January 6th committee, and in part because the pendulum has swung the other way. Had the Democrats not been so liberal in their ideology, and Pelosi such a tyrant in her rule as Speaker, maybe the Republicans would have been a little more forgiving in their dealings once they took over.

And yes, it is exactly what has caused the rift that we’re seeing in Washington these days. Both parties have taken things that happen way too personally. Whatever happened to the day when you could call someone on the other side the dirtiest, slimiest name in the book, and then go out and have dinner with them when the politics was over? That day is long gone. Now, there are deep battle lines drawn, and it’s not common place to work across the aisle with anyone from the other side, lest you get branded a traitor and get primaried up the road. And it happens not only in the House, but in the Senate as well.

Need proof of that? Kyrsten Sinema just got primaried by Ruben Gallego (D-AZ). He decided that if Kyrsten Sinema could switch to being an independent, then he could run as a Democrat and try and unseat her. That’s even though the two have worked together for a decade!

There has to be something that brings these two sides together or nothing is going to get done in Washington. Normally, I think that’s a good thing when there is gridlock. But lately, that hasn’t worked. The country has several issues that need several statesmen to come together and work together to solve the problems. We need comprehensive immigration reform. We need to have the southern border issue solved by people that actually can admit that there IS a problem at the southern border. We need to deal with the crime problem, and we need to deal with corruption in Washington DC. Stealing and hoarding secret and top secret documents is not something that should be taken lightly. And both Joe Biden and Donald Trump have done it. In my book, that disqualifies either of them from serving anywhere ever again, and they need to be punished.

Unless and until Washington gets it’s act together, we’re going to continue this inane circle of both sides investigating the other. And nothing else ever gets done. Politics has taken a front seat above the needs of the people. Shame on you Congress!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

The Klain Problem

Ron Klain is not a name that is known by most Americans. He is Joe Biden’s White House Chief of Staff. Look at that as the real number two position in government. He is with Joe Biden basically every moment of every day. He gives Biden his opinion on how things are and how things should be done. And a lot of people both inside and outside of the administration, say that Ron Klain is the guy that is controlling the puppet strings that seem to be tied to Joe Biden.

And Ron Klain is going to be leaving soon.

There are several reasons for this. Chiefs of Staff typically don’t last throughout the term of a presidency. Donald Trump went through four of them in four years. Obama had three. Klain has been on board for two years. That’s an eternity as far as Chiefs of Staff are concerned!

And the reason Klain is leaving now probably doesn’t have much to do with his wanting to get back to private life, or having to do with wanting to spend “more time with the family”, which is always a great line to use if you’re leaving government work. It’s the fact that he sees the handwriting on the wall when it comes to the Biden presidency and he doesn’t want to be anywhere near it when the dog poo hits the proverbial fan.

Klain has caused the mess the country is in, as much if not more than Biden. But he had little to nothing to do with the latest scandal. Biden is the one that took classified documents, which is a federal crime, and stored them unsecured in his Washington DC office after leaving as Vice President, and in his garage and throughout his home in Wilmington Delaware. In neither location were the classified documents stored in what could be considered a secure manner.

Ron Klain has called the shots in the Biden White House since he got there. And don’t think for a minute that Biden has come up with anything on his own. Klain is the guy that has had to clean up a lot of Biden’s mis-steps, gaffes, foibles, and out and out lies. He and the whole communications department have had to work overtime to clean up Joe Biden’s loose lips. And I’m sure he’s thinking that he can’t keep doing this. It’s time he leaves, and that could very well mean that Biden’s ship sinks. Because that ship has been called so far, the USS Klain.

Now, having said that, I will readily admit that everyone on the face of this earth is replaceable. There isn’t one of us that can’t be replaced. And Ron Klain is no different. The question is, Biden has chosen Jeff Zients, someone with a lot of budget experience to replace Kalin. Is Zients going to let Biden call the shots? Or, as Klain, is he determined to be the shadow president?

I find it interesting that Biden has used the “hire by their gender, race, creed, color, sexual orientation” method for his Vice President, his current press secretary, and an appointment to the Supreme Court. Yet when it comes time to hire another Chief of Staff, the person he works closest with, he chooses to stay away from the above criteria. Interesting!

That is going to be what sets the tone for the Biden agenda moving into the second half of his term. And that is also going to say a lot as to how Biden approaches a House of Representatives controlled by the Republican party. To date, he hasn’t done much, if anything to negotiate his agenda with the GOP. We can blame Klain for that one. But we’ll have to wait and see if he digs in his heals, or if he relents and becomes the Joe Biden he said during the campaign can work across the aisle. Only time will tell.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Biden’s Document Problem Got Worse

I don’t think you can really claim that the Biden docu-problem is the same as Donald Trump’s. First and foremost, you have to realize that the President of the United States has the ability to declassify ANY document out there. There is a process that should be followed, but if a president says a document has been declassified, that’s pretty much end of story.

That’s what Donald Trump claimed after the raid on Mar-a-Lago.

But Joe Biden was never president until 2021. So, the documents that he took from the White House while he was vice president wouldn’t and couldn’t have been declassified by him. He took classified documents, the same as Hillary Clinton did. In that regard, you can’t really say that the two cases of Trump and Biden are the same. They are markedly different.

And Joe Biden’s situation just got worse.

Last Friday, Biden’s attorneys, in an effort to expediate this nightmare of a scandal for Biden, decided to invite the Department of Justice in to go through every nook and cranny of Biden’s home in Delaware. And they did. They searched what is described as “all working, living and storage spaces in the home.” According to Biden’s attorney, Bob Bauer, “DOJ had full access to the President’s home, including personally handwritten notes, files, papers, binders, memorabilia, to-do lists, schedules, and reminders going back decades.”

They came up with several more classified documents. Some were from the time Biden served as vice president, some went back so far as to when Biden was in the US Senate!

And because of that, though he’s not saying so, Biden is considering putting off his announcement that he’s going to run for a second term. The optics are pretty terrible on that. He originally was going to announce right around the time of the State of the Union speech to Congress, usually a high mark in a presidency. But now, with this hanging over his head and the Republicans in control of the House of Representatives, and could threaten to impeach Biden, he’s decided not to move forward just yet.

While it seems that the Democrats are the ones that love to impeach without any chance of conviction, this one may indeed be something of a huge problem for them. This one can’t be solved by the president waiving his magic wand and declaring the documents declassified. And therein lies the problem for Biden.

And he isn’t the only one with a problem. He still has two years left in his term, whether or not he decides to run for reelection. If the GOP decides to hold hearings and then impeach him over the classified documents, and the Senate actually follows through and convicts him, then you’ve got K-baby Harris on board as president for the next two years. The only way to avoid that mess is to get rid of Harris first, and I’d say there is plenty to impeach her on, including total incompetence. Then you can go after Biden, making Kevin McCarthy the next president for the next couple of years.

Either way you want to look at it, it dampens the chances of Biden getting a second term, and could very well invite other Democrats to step up to the plate to challenge him if not impeached and convicted and he does run again. And, while the Mar-a-Lago raid may have hurt Trump, it appears that he may very well escape that mess unscathed because of Biden’s foibles.

Just a few more reasons this guy really isn’t qualified to be president!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Does Trump Step In MORE Problems???

In 2016, when Donald Trump came down the escalator at Trump Tower in New York City to announce his candidacy for president, I was like a lot of you. I was amused. I didn’t think he was going to be any more than one of those celebrities that decides that they need something better to do with their life, and so they run for office. The country is full of them. Think about it. You’ve got people like Ronald Reagan (not a great example, he turned out pretty well), Sonny Bono, Fred Grandy, Jesse Ventura, Clint Eastwood, and Matthew McConaughey. I at first, put Trump in the same boat. He turned out to be a pretty decent president from a policy standpoint. From a political standpoint, he was a trainwreck.

And now he’s back…sort of.

The left obviously doesn’t want anything to do with Trump after his one term in office. Oh, they laughed at first, thinking he was just like all of the other celebs that think too highly of themselves. But they stopped laughing when he beat Hillary. Now, he’s decided that he’s going to run for a second term. And of course, the Dems couldn’t have rushed any faster to have the January 6th committee in the House finish up their investigation into his involvement in the Capitol riots of 2021 and get their report out there before losing control of Congress.

Personally, I don’t think the Democrats needed to worry. Trump is doing more damage to himself than they could ever do to him. His latest problem is he’s starting to jump on the evangelical leaders that were so enamored with him back in 2016 and 2020. Last week, Trump said that these leaders were showing “signs of disloyalty” toward him because they haven’t endorsed his third presidential run yet.

But influential evangelical pastor, Robert Jeffress said at a recent conference that he didn’t see the need to endorse a candidate two years out. He’s exactly right. First of all, you have no idea who in the world is running on either side of the coin. Second, even if Trump was your guy, you wait until the players are in before you start dishing out endorsements. I don’t really know anyone other than Kari Lake that has endorsed Trump yet. And she doesn’t carry a lot of weight in my book.

The problem with Trump right now is that he is a guy from the past. Biden is a guy from the past. Clinton is a guy from the past. These folks aren’t the future. You may have heard Nikki Haley say recently that it’s time for America to look to new and younger leadership. Trump and Biden are both going to be in the 80’s during the term of 2025 to January 2029. That’s not something a lot of people are clamoring about. You also have a lot of folks like me. They loved Trump’s policies, they hated his mannerisms. You don’t necessarily want a president that’s going to rely on name-calling, and bashing their opponents. You see with Biden, every time he pulls that stunt and starts talking trash about the Republicans, his poll numbers drop. It’s just easier to bash than to come up with creative ideas on solving the country’s problems.

So, I don’t think Donald Trump was in line at all with his comments. It’s not Trump’s place to scream at people that are “disloyal” to him. It’s more his place to EARN their loyalty once again. There will be a whole new field of candidates a year from today. Trump is once again going to have to show the world why he is the best candidate for the job from those that have chosen to run. The rest is all conversation. And you don’t assume (except maybe in your own mind) that America is going to run to your side this time, just because they did so eight years ago. That was a lifetime ago in politics. And Donald Trump’s chances for getting them back appear to be fading.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

In Case You Missed It…

“It” happened last Friday morning. “It” was actually something that is more serious than inflation. It’s more serious than immigration reform (that’s saying a LOT coming from me!), and it’s more serious than fixing the southern border.

“It” is the debt ceiling.

And in case you missed it, the federal government hit the latest debt ceiling of $31.4 trillion. That means that technically, the US Government can’t be spending any more money, or at the very least incurring any more debt. Now, since we are borrowing money just to pay the interest on the $31.4 trillion that’s out there in debt, you have to realize that unless some shenanigans are pulled, we are going to be defaulting on the debt.

That has never happened.

But this time, I think there is the possibility, even though Senate Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell says it won’t. Mitch isn’t in the House, where Republicans are holding the line on increasing the debt ceiling. Democrats would love nothing better than to do away with the debt ceiling all together. And Treasury Secretary, Janet Yellen is trying her best to play games with the debt so that the government can continue to function…at least until June. After that, it all gets shut down. And of course, the White House is refusing to negotiate on the debt ceiling. They want a “clean bill” meaning it only deals with raising the debt ceiling. It doesn’t cut spending or put any limits on the government’s programs.

Now, I am not a fan of defaulting on debt of any kind. I pay my bills, and my debt, and the US Government should be no different. But it has to be done with something I don’t think we’ve seen from the US Government in a very long time. It has to be done with responsibility. And as always, I have a way around this.

First and foremost, the government needs to go through each and every item in the current budget, and carve out every single thing that doesn’t do one of three things. It needs to uphold previous promises made to the American public (so Social Security and Medicare are safe for seniors…but that doesn’t mean you can’t save money from it). All social programs like welfare, federal unemployment, needs to be examined and possibly cut. That will save some money, but not enough.

Next you need to look at the spurious grants that are given out to universities and colleges to do “research”. Do we really need to know about the sex life of the yellow-breasted tit willow? Probably not. We waste a lot of money each year on such studies, and frankly, they could probably get corporations to come to bat for them instead. Then we need to look at all of the money we are spending on foreign aid. It’s not that much, really. Last year, we spent a grand total of $47.2 billion on foreign aid. But every little bit helps.

After we’ve pared a bunch from the current budget, we need to focus spending on a few critical areas. The government needs to maintain an army. The government needs to maintain infrastructure. And the government needs to maintain a money supply. Other than that, governments have a tendency to get involved with a lot of stuff they don’t need to do, or that businesses can do more efficiently. The rest needs to go. That means if you don’t fall into one of those categories, we can slice it from the budget and get rid of the department or agency that oversees it. That in and of itself will save trillions!

Now we come to what will be the hard part. You cannot spend any more money on anything other than those three areas, unless you first take money away from a program that spends an equal amount. So, if you want to study the yellow breasted tit willow, fine. Just figure out a program you want to cut. And we get rid of the ever increasing budget items. No longer do things continue to grow each year because of inflation. Every three to five years, anyone getting federal money for a program needs to put together their reason why they need to keep getting money. It’s that simple.

I didn’t say this wouldn’t be painful. It will be. It’ll hurt worse than pretty much anything we’ve ever gone through including the Great Depression. But do you want to pony up the $94,000 per person that the Congress has put us into debt over? That’s why you owe. If you have a family of four, it’s almost $400,000 you need to pay to get rid of the debt. It’s out of control. And we can’t keep spending like that.

So, until we get the budget under control, and until we cut most of the social programs out there, we don’t increase the debt ceiling. Maybe that means we default short-term. But get the house in order first. That’s the important thing. And one more thing we need to do…pass a balanced budget amendment so we don’t ever have to find ourselves in this mess ever again. It’s only common sense!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Mayorkas To The Rescue?

I would never really consider someone like Homeland Security Secretary, Alejandro Mayorkas to be some sort of super hero. I wouldn’t expect him to fly in and rescue some damsel in distress. In fact, I think he has a hard time putting his shoes on in the morning. So, how in the good Lord’s name could he ever race to the rescue?

When it’s Democrat “Sanctuary Cities” that are crying foul.

And this leads to a bunch of questions and hypocrisies of the left. First of all, let’s tackle the headline. Mayorkas was addressing the US Conference of Mayors’ Winter Meeting. He told the assembled crowd that FEMA was ready to help out when it comes to the illegal aliens being bussed to their cities by people like Texas Governor, Greg Abbott, and Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis. As he put it, “FEMA is providing Emergency Food and Shelter Program funds to help cities around the country recover or defray the costs of non-citizen arrivals. CBP and ICE are working closely with cities to share information and coordinate the disposition of non-citizens in immigration enforcement proceedings.”

So, let’s make sure we understand what’s happening here. People like New York City Mayor, Eric Adams, and Washington, DC Mayor Muriel Bowser, and Chicago Mayor, Lori Lightfoot are crying because they’ve declared themselves to be “sanctuary cities”, and then when people come seeking sanctuary in those cities, they cry because they don’t think they can afford to house and feed them. Is that about it? And since they’re all Democrats “trying to do the right thing”, Mayorkas is trying to help by allowing FEMA an EMERGENCY management organization, to come in and pay for the cost of housing and feeding these illegals. That means that you and I are stuck paying for sanctuary cities’ causes whether we like them or not.

Do you see why I may have a problem with this? Mayorkas, who can barely address Congress without lying to them, is telling hundreds of US Mayors, that the federal government is ready, willing, and able to come to their rescue and spend basically billions of dollars to help the millions of illegals that broke into our country, just because they were being bussed away from the borders that they illegally crossed. Do you find it interesting that over the last two years, Mayorkas hasn’t told the towns like El Paso, Nogales, Yuma, or Eagle Pass that they also should receive compensation for feeding and housing the millions of illegals that have crossed into their backyards? Nothing was said about that. But when it’s a big time city, with a big time Democrat mayor, it’s a different story. I think this just speeds up the process of the Republicans looking to impeach Mayorkas.

And the other problem I have is with the cities. These guys couldn’t rush fast enough to become the latest sanctuary city. They all thought they could turn their back on ICE and CBP, and ignore federal law. They could do whatever they wanted because they wanted to help the illegals. So, when the time comes to put your money where your mouth is, what do they do? They call DeSantis and Abbott “unAmerican” because of their actions. I think it’s rather unAmerican that these mayors would break federal law in the first place and not allow ICE to come in and arrest those people that are here illegally.

It’s a sad day in this country when one side of the aisle gets to pick and choose which laws already on the books they feel should be enforced and against whom. If I go down to the corner and car jack someone’s ride, and get caught, I’m going to jail. I’m probably not going to get bail, or if I do, it’s going to be high. But if someone from a much poorer neighborhood and say a different background then me does the same thing, the left is going to turn their heads and look the other way. Oh, they’ll come up with some sort of excuse that the other person has “suffered enough” in their life. Sorry. Laws don’t work that way. It’s time the left learns this, or we can expel all of them out of the country along side of the illegals.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Dem’s Are Rightfully Worried About 2024!

Oh, Democrats are really worried. Not just because Joe Biden hasn’t been able to crack the 50% barrier in his presidential approval ratings even once in two years. But also because the Democrats will be trying to defend 20 seats of the 33 seats that are up for grabs in the Senate. And that’s going to be a tall order. Actually, there are the three Independents in the Senate that caucus with the Dems that will be up as well. So, you can say 17 Democrats, 11 Republicans and 3 Independents will be on the ballot.

And that has Democrats shaking a bit.

Not only that, but there are several that may not run for reelection. Rumor has been circulating that Joe Manchin (D-WV) is seriously thinking of getting out of the rat race and retiring. Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) has already announced she won’t be seeking reelection come 2024. And several others will most likely follow. Add to that there are probably six more seats that could very easily flip away from the Democrats that year, and a 51-49 Senate could very well turn into a 43-57 Senate for the leftists.

Here are the seats that The Hill says could most likely flip in 2024:

Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ). Sinema dropped out of the Democrat party after the midterms when it became obvious to her that she was going to be primaried. See, her independent streak cost Dems a few votes along with Manchin, and while that made her rather powerful, the Democrats out here in the desert weren’t real happy with her.

Debbie Stabenow (D-MI). Stabenow has already announced her intention to not seek reelection. Michigan is one of those states that could go either way in the Senate. If the GOP puts up a decent candidate, and funds them correctly, they could indeed take the seat. Rumor has it, Gretchen Whitmer, the current Governor may make a run at the seat.

John Testor (D-MT). John Testor has squeaked by in his last election, winning by only 3.5 points. Montana isn’t known as a Democrat state. So a reelection bid by Testor isn’t assured. It will depend on who the Republicans put up. If they do a Mehmet Oz, or a Blake Masters type of candidate, Testor will probably be reelected. If not and they find someone that actually is a decent politician, the Republicans could easily take the seat back.

Jacky Rosen (D-NV). We learned that Nevada is becoming purple. Catherine Cortez Masto almost lost her seat in November’s midterms, and Rosen isn’t viewed as half as well liked as Cortez Masto. The Republicans should take this seat fairly easily. That would hold true especially if Adam Laxalt tries to get this seat.

Sherrod Brown (D-OH). Brown is the senior Senator from the Buckeye State. But he’s finding more and more that he could be on an island that is slowly sinking. His popularity in Ohio isn’t what it was when he was first elected. And he may realize that his time in DC has come to an end. Rumor has it that he may also be one that announces his retirement if it looks like the internal polling numbers show too close a race to call.

Joe Manchin (D-WV). Manchin is in the same boat Sinema is. Yes, he’s a maverick, but unless he decides to join the Republican party, something he swears he isn’t likely to do, he most likely will get defeated if he runs for reelection. Manchin is the only Democrat to win state-wide elections recently, and that doesn’t bode well for him. That and the GOP is going to target him heavily in deep red, West Virginia.

Tammy Baldwin (D-WI). Baldwin will be seeking her third term in a state that is certainly turned purple since she last won. Ron Johnson, the senior Senator from the Badger State won a very close race this past fall, and Baldwin may not have the same luck. Wisconsin is one of those states that quite frankly could go either way. If that happens, it just adds to the Republican wave (if there actually is one!).

Bob Casey (D-PA). Casey could be in trouble in a state that saw two less than stellar candidates battle it out this past fall. But Casey is hoping that if he seeks reelection, he won’t have half the problem that John Fetterman had against a terrible candidate in Mehmet Oz. It all depends on if the GOP can find someone that is adored state-wide. That and they need to be able to offset the heavily Democrat vote coming out of Philadelphia and Harrisburg.

There you have it. Eight Democrats that could be in trouble if the choose to try and hang around DC for another six years.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Harris’ Big Year?

I just saw a piece that K-baby Harris feels that 2023 is her big year! This is the year she starts a “reboot” and shows America that she is ready to take over as president if the need arises! She is so convinced that she has been mistaken over the past two years, that people have slammed her because she is a woman of color, and haven’t given her credit for everything that she has done that she is set to explode on the Washington political scene.

Nice of her to finally come to the party!

But let’s take a look at K-baby’s accomplishments over the past two years shall we? According to, K-baby has made the tie-breaking vote a total of 19 times in the first two years. That’s the most in American history. And that’s what they led off the “accomplishment” list with. Isn’t that just doing the job of a Vice President? I mean, VP’s aren’t really given a full-plate when it comes to job duties. It would be assumed that one would be there, right?

Beyond that, she apparently called 150 lawmakers to pass the trillion-dollar infrastructure bill that included funding for such things as electric busses, and replacing old, lead water pipes. OK, that means she spent some time on the phone.

And that was pretty much it on the “accomplishment” side of things. Of course, she did go on that trip to the border, and talked to a Border Patrol agent or two. It only took her 14 months to get there after being named “border czar” by Biden. She also went to Guatemala and Mexico. That trip was widely panned by media on both sides of the aisle as she embarrassed herself time and time again. Then there were trips to Vietnam, France, and Singapore. Those trips were also roundly criticized as her not being ready to assume such a lofty position.

And who can forget the trip to Poland in March of last year? Remember the jeers she took from that trip? That was as close as she wanted to get to the Ukraine war. She met with leaders from NATO as well as several Ukraine soldiers. Her word-salad speeches could have been written by someone in the third grade they were so bad.

Then you’ve got the fact that 35 people have resigned from her office. I’m not sure but I think that’s a record in American history. They all came away saying that it was a “toxic work environment”.

OH! I almost forgot. When Joe Biden underwent a colonoscopy, she was the acting-president for a whole hour. It’s amazing that the country is still in one piece. Two things wrong with that…first what is an 80 year old doing having a colonoscopy? I thought you got your last one at 70? And is the United States still in one piece? Not so sure on that.

So, that’s what K-baby Harris has done so far. Of course, I forgot to mention that she redecorated the Naval Observatory. I’m positive that took most of her time when she wasn’t helping Chuckles Schumer pass all of the inflationary bills in the Senate.

The big question I have at this point is why is this such a coming out? She obviously wasn’t ready for the job on day one, as she originally said she was. She’s basically failed at everything she’s done, outside of attending the US Senate when they needed her to break a tie vote. But she served in the US Senate prior to becoming VP, so shouldn’t she have understood how to do that already? I would have thought so.

Yet, there she is, saying that people will give her a break once she demonstrates that she can do the job. Well, K-baby, we’re still waiting. We haven’t been impressed so far. What ace do you have hidden up your sleeve?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Getting Your Story Straight

Joe Biden is in a pickle that will probably last right through his reelection bid in 2024. He got caught with secret and top secret documents illegally stored. First they were found at an office he kept in Washington, DC after he left the Obama White House. Then they found even more documents stored in his garage, and now they’ve found even more found in his house…by the way, the same house Hunter Biden was staying at during this time. And that, as I’ve said before, means a few things. Biden is apparently no better than Donald Trump when it comes to keeping classified, secret and top secret documents at his house. But it also means you probably aren’t going to be seeing Trump indicted for anything like that any time soon. Attorney General, Merrick Garland realizes that if he goes after Trump over the Mar-a-Lago raid, he needs to do the same to Biden, or he WILL be impeached!

So, let’s fast forward to the White House mouthpiece, Karine Jean-Pierre.

Poor KJP can’t seem to get her story straight. After the first document discover in Joe’s DC office were discovered, KJP came out to say that they were fully cooperating with the DOJ on this and that the matter was over. All of the documents had been recovered and turned over.


Then they found more docs in Biden’s garage. And then subsequent docs were found in Biden’s home. And what did Jean-Pierre have to say about it? She never knew about it until the press corp uncovered it and she learned about it at the same time America did. No one in the Biden White House thought to clue her in on it apparently.

Then she was asked if someone higher up in the White House told her not to be forthcoming when it came to the discovery of the additional documents. Her answer was, “I have been forthcoming.” Uh-huh. And I ran a close second to Donald Trump in the Republican primary in 2020.

KJP refuses to say whether the search for these classified documents at Joe’s place has actually been concluded, or if there are going to be more documents found.

And this is problematic on several fronts.

First and foremost, you have the person that is telling the press corp that she isn’t in the loop when it comes to the information that is being ladled out at the White House. She doesn’t know. Or if she knows, she isn’t saying. That usually doesn’t bode well when the press is looking for answers. And it usually doesn’t bode well for the administration trying to hide the story.

It’s problematic because there is always a loss of credibility for the administration when something like this can’t be answered directly and openly. The press is feeling like you’re hiding something. That makes them dig even deeper, ala Woodward & Bernstein, to uncover what they most assuredly feel at this point is a scandal brewing. They see themselves being thrust a Pulitzer Prize if they are able to uncover it, and with it the fame and fortune for the rest of their lives.

And it’s problematic for another, more conspiratorial reason. Republicans are already asking the question, “What’s in those documents?” Are there items in there that the House Intelligence Committee would like to see because they implicate Joe and Hunter in their play for pay schemes they’ve allegedly foisted on Ukraine and China? Is there a smoking gun there? Biden has already shown that he can’t be trusted to tell the truth when it comes to stuff like this. He’s been caught in how many lies in his career? Hundreds? Thousands? Why in the world would anyone believe what he has to say about this? Remember, he told everyone countless times that “I never met with any of Hunter’s business associates and I never talked to him about his business dealings.” That turned into a crock that if you stepped in it, you’d need a new pair of shoes.

Why not just admit what you did wrong and get the story out there. I’ll say this about Bill Clinton. At least he was right about one thing. When YOU release the story, instead of letting the press find out about it, YOU get to control the story. But as Clinton also found out, you have to release the WHOLE story. You can’t just pick and choose what needs to be released because someone somewhere is going to find the truth. And if there is more to this story, and the Republican conspiracy folks happen to be right, impeachment may not only NOT be out of the question, it may be necessary.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!