Life Expectancy Drops…Biden The Cause?

It hasn’t happened since the last worldwide pandemic. Life expectancy in the United States dropped by a year and a half last year. Now, I know what you’re thinking…it’s Trump’s fault because he was in office. Well, I’m not buying that one. And while Joe Biden hid in his basement during the campaign, afraid to come out and face We The People, except to very small numbers, he and his fellow Democrats shoulder a lot of the burden that occurred last year.

The life expectancy rate dropped from 78.8 years overall to 77.3. The former number was the highest average life expectancy this country has ever experienced. And yes, about 77% of the decline was due to COVID, which wasn’t anyone in THIS country’s fault (I’m looking at YOU, China!). But overall, there was a decline in the quality of life as well as Democrat administrations around the country closed businesses for extended periods of time, far longer than the Trump administration’s closing.

But is it fair to blame Joe Biden? My answer would be yes. Biden campaigned hard on Trump’s “failure” to bring COVID under control. He conveniently forgot that he was out campaigning while Trump was shutting down various segments of the society, and not allowing flights from China to the United States. In fact, Biden campaigned up through March 12th of last year. Trump shut down flights from mainland China on January 31st. If you’re keeping track, that’s 40 days sooner than when Biden went to hide in his basement. So, why blame Biden?

Biden bragged to the world that he had a 200 page plan that would bring COVID under control. He promised to vaccinate a million Americans a day if elected until we were all covered (which would take about a year according to his promise). What he didn’t tell you was that on January 20th of this year, Donald Trump had already hit and surpassed Biden’s promised figure.

And what’s Biden done since then? Not much really. While he swore up and down that Trump left the whole distribution of the vaccines in a shambles, he really never proved it. And the 200 page Bible on getting rid of COVID? Amazingly, Biden stopped talking about it when he entered the White House. Seems that most of the plan was copied from what the Trump administration was doing. Wait? Plagiarism? Biden? Really?

Biden failed to reach “herd immunity” on July 4th, like he said we would. He basically said that it was close to us celebrating a “normal 4th of July” with fireworks and cookouts. Whoops. That didn’t happen. Now, people that didn’t get vaccinated are getting free stuff, cash payments, trips, etc. just for doing what most Americans did for free a few months ago.

Still, while COVID has been the main cause of the life expectancy drop, Biden hasn’t done anything to really solve the problem. He’s kept Anthony Fauci on board as the face of the COVID pandemic in this country. Fauci has waffled more than an Eggo factory in the 16 months he’s held the position. And he’s gotten into tussles along the way. Not just changing his mind, but ignoring his own advice to the nation, and most recently getting into a shouting match with Senator Rand Paul (R-KY). Biden has continued to show faith in Fauci, even though most Americans have lost confidence in him.

I haven’t even mentioned in this so-called “year of the blacks” that black life expectancy dropped from 74 to 71. And Hispanic life expectancy dropping from 81.8 years to 78.8.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Six Months Later…

Joe Biden has been in office about 12.5% of his term. In that time, what has he done? What hasn’t he done that he promised to do? Will he be able to actually do it? And can he ever assign his Vice President a task that she can actually accomplish? Those, are the questions!

Well, besides spending money like a drunken sailor in port after 6 months at sea, Biden hasn’t really done a whole lot. Yes, he just started sending out COVID stimulus checks #4. Oh…you didn’t get one? You didn’t know about it? You don’t have kids under the age of 18? Tough luck Charlie! You just contributed to growing families in our country.

Joe also went ahead and sent out $300/week to the unemployed. He cancelled $55 million dollars in student loan debt, though he promised $10,000 per student. It was nowhere close, and he did get to pass his American Rescue Plan, which was written by a drunken sailor looking to spend money.

Other than that, he’s broken a ton of promises too. He promised to have the most transparent administration in history…one that would treat people right. If people under him jumped on others, they would be fired. Of course, that was until TJ Ducklo made sexist remarks to a Politico reporter who was asking him about his affair with another political reporter from Axios. Then there was the $2,000 check fiasco. Biden promised $2,000 during the Georgia Senate runoff election, and instead used the $600 stimulus Donald Trump gave in December and January, “as a downpayment” toward the $2,000.

Biden said during the campaign he wouldn’t use Executive Orders. Yet he issued more of them in the first six months than any president in history. He has signed 52 of them to date. That’s about one every 3 1/2 days. He also promised to “work across the aisle” because of his 47 years in DC. Yeah, that hasn’t happened. And his Vice President has bungled every assignment she’s tried to attempt.

Biden went to the G-7 meeting in Great Britain. He tried to “correct” the “mistakes” of the Trump administration. He basically agreed to a world-wide tax on companies that made a half decent profit. That means you and I will spend more at the store. Then he met with Vladimir Putin, and by all accounts the meeting proved to get absolutely nothing done.

As far as Harris’ abilities are concerned, does the word “dismal” even begin to describe it? Biden appointed Harris as the person to fix the southern border crisis. It took her three months to fit a trip to the border into her busy schedule. That was after a disastrous trip to Guatemala and Mexico, where she lip-synced a plea to the Central Americans, “not to come”. Her trip to El Paso, Texas was a bust as well. That was partly because of Donald Trump’s wall. It’s been so successful that illegal crossings at Ciudad Juarez have slowed to practically zero. Where she should have gone was McAllen, Texas, where all the fun is really happening.

If that weren’t enough, Biden decided that Harris should tackle the voting rights issue, so he put her in charge of making sure that the states don’t pass Florida and Texas-like voting rights laws. Seventeen states have passed such laws this year alone, pretty much making her attempt a complete abortion. She’s lost the support of Democrats and Independents and is routinely being compared to Dan Quayle as the worst VP in the last 75 years.

Yup…it’s been a great six month ride. And with Biden facing almost a certain loss in Congress in next year’s midterms (at least at this point), his presidency could rival his former boss’ as one of the worst in history!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Why Are We Still Talking About This?

Look, I know as well as I’m sitting here that COVID is something that is like the flu in that it will most likely be around in one variant or another for probably the rest of our lives. That’s not what I’m intimating here. I’m more wondering why it is that since the Democrats have the House, and the Senate, and Joe Biden had a 200 page plan to get rid of COVID, why are we still talking about it?

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve traveled through six different states (Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Missouri). It was like traveling through six different parts of the world. In Arizona, we are pretty much back to normal. If you’ve been vaccinated, you don’t need a mask pretty much anywhere except doctor’s offices, medical clinics, and hospitals. In New Mexico, you’d better replenish your supply. Same goes for Arkansas, though most people are ignoring it. In Texas, they are in the middle. Some places want you to have a mask, others aren’t so picky. Oklahoma is in the same boat. Missouri seems to be more like Arizona. I didn’t see a lot of people wearing masks. And it’s like that around most of the country from what I hear.

So, why are we still talking about COVID, when a) some 60-70% of the population has already been vaccinated, with at least one shot. But the Biden administration fell way short of hitting their goal of herd immunity (70-80%) by the 4th of July. In Republican run states, it’s pretty much back to normal. In Democrat run states, they want everyone to be sheltered in place. Well, not that bad, but close.

Here’s the takeaway on this. Fauci doesn’t have a clue what’s happening, and more and more Americans don’t believe him. He’s waffled on this from day one, and continues to do so. Democrats want to control the population as much as they can…it’s what liberals do. And it’s what they want to do here. Remember the line, “Never let a crisis go to waste”? Well, that’s the reason you’re still hearing about another round of stimulus, and all of the news about Delta variants, and hot spots in Florida or Texas, where they aren’t doing anything special except living their lives. You don’t hear the stuff about how Nancy Pelosi’s aide and a member of the Biden White House went to an event with those Democrats from Texas’ House of Representatives that ran away from their civic duties so the House wouldn’t have a quorum and not be able to vote on a voter’s rights reform bill. Both of them got COVID from that event. Geez…I thought all of those higher ups had been vaccinated!

The fact of the matter is that Democrats all over the country are rooting for a long COVID pandemic. They can control you easier. They can pass more liberal legislation designed to take away more of your freedoms. They want to be able to go door to door and tell you that the vaccine in your arm is because of Democrats, and you need to remember that come next November, and in November of 2024. And it’s all crap.

It’s time to get back to life. It’s time to put the Democrats in their place. One more liberal idea that fell flat on it’s face. And we’ve got only one group to prove. I’ll let you take a guess as to what group that is.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Psaki Takes Another One On The Chin

Poor Jen Psaki. The spokesperson for the White House has a difficult job. Every time the Biden administration goes out and does something stupid, or in this case, possibly unconstitutional, she has to go in front of the press and get grilled on it by mostly Peter Ducey of Fox News. It happened again this past week with the announcement that the White House was working with Facebook and other social media types to “flag misinformation” that people post on their websites.

The problem is two-fold.

First and foremost is the flagging of “misinformation” part. I mean, if we were to flag everything that was said by people in the previous and current administrations regarding COVID-19, that’s about all we’d be doing over the next year and a half. Anthony Fauci has led the league in screw ups. Wear a mask. Don’t wear a mask. Wear a mask, but I won’t. Open schools, close schools, sorta kinda open schools. Talk about someone who doesn’t follow the science but twists in the wind!

So, we really don’t have a very good handle on what “misinformation” is. Fauci doesn’t even know half the time. And that is the biggest problem. If they are flagging “misinformation”, what are they flagging? The chances are it’s anything that the administration doesn’t want to get out, or doesn’t want spun that way. That is the very definition of “fascism”. And this administration is dancing dangerously close to stepping over that line.

Psaki is taking a lot of heat on behalf of the Biden administration for coming out with this. When is it proper for the federal government to work with a private company and censure comments based on what the government says should be said and shouldn’t be said? I can’t really think of a situation where that applies unless we are in a war and don’t want the enemy to know what’s going on in this country. That, by the way has been done in the past. You could say that was for national security. This episode with Facebook however, smacks of censorship and a violation of the First Amendment.

Let’s be clear. No one here is yelling “FIRE!” in a crowded theater. They are espousing viewpoints regarding a pandemic, and the handling of said pandemic by the administration. By the way, an administration that swore up and down they could solve this COVID thing once in office, had a 200 page plan that they junked because none of it made sense, and now has no more ideas as to how to do this except to censor comments and go door-to-door telling people to get vaccinated, and that’s thanks to the Democrats, and that you should repay them in 2022 and 2024 with your vote!

The second issue I have is that since true information in this case varies and we are told that we need to “follow the science”, it seems to me to be a fluid situation. What is “real” information? The left bashed Donald Trump for taking Hydroxychloroquine. Then, after he’s out of office, we find out that hey, that’s the exact medication a lot of hospitals and clinics are using to actually treat the disease. So, now that Trump’s gone, it’s not that bad? What changed. Administrations. That’s the only thing that changed. And what we were told before? Misinformation.

We were told by the Vice-President elect that she wouldn’t take the vaccine because Donald Trump told her to. She didn’t trust anything he said. Yet, he said, “Take the vaccine”. She took the vaccine before she was installed as VP. What was it she was saying? Misinformation.

Democrats have politicized this crisis from the start. They continue to do it with the latest round of “stimulus checks” sent to about 60 million households that have kids under 18. You don’t think there’s politics involved with that?

The media is right to go after Psaki, and Biden on this one. They’ve lied and cheated the American public into trying to believe that they are the keepers of knowledge. In fact the only thing they are is the keeper of your tax dollars…and they’re doing a damn good job of wasting it!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Cuban Crisis – Si! AOC “Contribution”? No!

I want to thank everyone for supporting this blog over the past couple of weeks. Normally I try to make sure that I’m somewhat up to date with current events…though I do tend to let things settle in a bit before commenting on them. Too often in our society, we are really quick to comment on things without knowing the facts. It usually is better to let the emotions cool down and look at things logically. Just to fill you in, I’ve been out of town seeing family for the past couple of weeks and most of the blogs you read were written before I left (though I did try to keep updated on your comments and any real breaking news).

That said, I’m back, and wanted to comment on AOC and her idiotic comments regarding Cuba and blaming the United States for the terrible conditions on that island nation to our south. Blaming a 60 year old embargo that was put in place by Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1958, expanded in October of 1960, and then renewed by John F. Kennedy in 1962. Pretty much every president until Bobo Obama had followed that embargo. But AOC thinks that the government of Cuba, who is clamping down on dissidents and protesters in that country isn’t at fault for the poor conditions of those people. She blames the US. Claiming that “everyday” people are being hurt by the embargo, she says it’s our fault. Of course she would. Would you expect a dyed in the wool socialist to back a democracy or a communist country?

America needs to wake up and realize that AOC is nothing more than a mouthpiece for George Soros. She spews his pre-approved comments almost daily. Saying that the US is guilty for the way Cuba has been run, is about as stupid as saying that Cuba needs to be commended for granting black revolutionaries asylum. Oh, wait! She did that, didn’t she?

And there is the the point. Here you have an uber-leftist snowflake liberal, someone that makes Bernie Sanders look like John Birch, and the media fawns on her every word and listens to her. What would happen if she were treated like about 350 of the other Congressmen and women in the House. I bet if you took leadership and your own representative out of the mix, you probably couldn’t name fifty other House members. Yet we all know who AOC is because she has a big mouth and she’s not afraid to use it.

Look, Cuba is a repressive dictatorship that sits on it’s people. It doesn’t allow it’s own people to own anything. Farmers can’t sell their food. You can’t go in an open a grocery store or a restaurant. You work basically for the government. It sounds like where the US is going to be in about 10 years unless we put a stop to the idiot left and their dreams of a socialistic utopia. Cuba is a poor excuse for a country, but a great example of why liberalism doesn’t work. If you get out of line, they take you away. If they can’t re-educate you, they either keep you in jail or you just plain disappear. Let me put it this way. If Cuba were such a great country, why do people who live there want to leave it so badly? Why is it that the rest of the world isn’t clamoring to move there? I mean, they are in the Caribbean for cryin’ out loud! The weather is great (except with hurricanes). Who wouldn’t love that?

But when you have about a quarter of your population living below the poverty line (it’s currently 10.5% here), you know you’re not doing well.

AOC would be best served, as we all would be, if she’d keep her mouth shut. And the media would be best served if they helped by just ghosting her.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Can We STOP With The Months?

Hey, I’m all about honoring people, places, and things that are relevant. In fact, in a previous life, I lived for Chase’s Calendar of Events. In case you’re not up on that one, it’s a book that’s published annually that lists all of the weird days to celebrate. In May, we celebrated International Victorious Women’s Month. Then in June, we’re celebrated Gay Pride Month. It was also African-American Music Appreciation Month, as well as 40 other things we are celebrated.

Frankly it needs to stop.

I get tired of watching the companies and their advertising pandering to these groups. Do you really think that the NFL and Target stores really care about Gay Pride Month? I can tell you that they care about one thing. The mighty dollar (which is what they should care about). And they are doing nothing but pandering to the gay community by changing their logo to some rainbow flag for the month. If you really are interesting in promoting this lifestyle, fine…then change your logo all year long. Doing it for one month, and only doing it in the United States is pandering. The funny thing is, the NFL logo didn’t change in China. I wonder why?

Look, I get it that everybody that has the slightest interest in anything wants a month or a week, or a day to celebrate it. But we don’t celebrate it. I tried to count how many of these celebrations are listed in Chase’s Calendar…just for the months, not even bothering with the days or weeks. I quit counting after June and I was over 200 different things being celebrated one month or another.

June is supposed to be Gay Pride Month. It’s also Dairy Month, Iced Tea Month, and Outdoor Marketing Month. Why aren’t we seeing the NFL and Target (just two businesses I’m picking on at the moment…there are many others) going after Iced Tea drinkers, or billboard companies?

The fact of the matter is, we’ve lost control over what was at one time a fun and whimsical thing. Yes, it was cute when we celebrated National French Fry Day, or Doghouse Repair Week. And part of the reason was, we didn’t have six million companies pandering to them. Yes, Wendy’s offers free French Fries on National French Fry Day. Just like Red Robin has a “buy one get one free” on cheeseburgers on National Cheeseburger Week. But why do we need to celebrate stuff like Fall Hat Month?

We no longer celebrate George Washington’s Birthday or Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday. Instead we do Presidents’ Day. We still celebrate Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, but where is Native American Appreciation Month (I’m sure it’s there…I just haven’t looked!) Can’t we just stop with the naming of months? Is there really a need for a Gay Pride month in June, followed by a Gay History Month in October? I didn’t even realize there WAS a gay history!

Let’s stick to celebrating the traditional holidays, like New Years Day, Christmas, Passover, Ramadan, Easter, Hanukkah, Thanksgiving, 4th of July, and Memorial Day. I’d even throw in Labor Day if pressed on it. Can we just agree that enough is enough already?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Why Biden’s Jobs Plan Sucks

Joe Biden is excited about taking credit for the number of jobs he’s created. Well, actually, HE hasn’t created any job yet. See, politicians all want to take credit when more people get hired, and in June, there were a total of 850,000 jobs added during the month. That’s a pretty solid increase! You’d forgive Sleepy Joe if he wanted to do a victory lap on that one, right?


What they forget to tell you is that while 850,000 people found work in the month of June, there were 3.6 MILLION people that quit their job last month. Actually, there are about 9.2 million job openings around the country right now. That is like…HUGE! Most of the job gains from June were from major manufacturers like automotive that began hiring people back in droves. But right now, this is a job seekers’ dream. If you can’t find a job in a market with 9.2 million openings, you’re either habitually unemployable, or you are very lazy.

So, who do we blame for this over-abundance of jobs in the country? Who is at fault for allowing all of these jobs to go unfulfilled? Well, you can blame Donald Trump for initially wanting to pay people for sitting at home instead of pounding the pavement. Of course, that happened during COVID, and that’s pretty much been abated in this country. At least we seem to be on the downhill side of it at the moment. Sleepy Joe hasn’t been much help, wanting to continue an increase in federal unemployment benefits to people out of work. It got to a point where a lot of these people were getting paid more to sit on their couch and watch Oprah Winfrey, than they were to go out and get a job. That’s not motivation.

What the government needs to do is disincentivize people from staying now…especially with just shy of 10 million jobs needed right now. Of course, Biden would love to go out and offer those jobs to illegal aliens that are streaming across the border. It just gives him another reason to allow the border crisis to continue unabated. The Feds need to shut down their contribution to unemployment for a while. Let the states deal with it. When the unemployed recipients receive a check that is grossly under what they thought it was going to be, and that they would most certainly make more going out and getting a job, you’ll see that 9.2 million number shrink rapidly. That is called incentive. That will solve the problem.

And that is the actual problem the left has with this Universal Income program some cities and states have been pushing. You know…paying people anywhere from $500 to $2,000 a month just because they are changing oxygen into carbon dioxide? When that idiocy goes away, and people actually have to work to get money, you’re going to see people actually work again. Not until.

It’s just another reason why liberalism doesn’t work. Never has. Never will.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

And In The Blink Of An Eye…

I was sitting here, watching TV with my wife. A message got sent to me via my cell phone. A lady that I had spent probably ten years with her as our number one news person in my radio station had passed away. And you’re going to have to forgive me, but I cried.

I ask for the apologies because I didn’t cry when my father passed away. He really wasn’t a father to me. He was a sperm donor. Period. I failed in my Ten Commandments. I couldn’t honor him. He left my mother, who is a saint, and my two brothers and I when I was all of 7 years old. My middle brother was 4. My youngest brother wasn’t even 1. And yet, when this lady passed away I cried. She was a great lady. A great talent, and she will be missed.

I received the notice via messenger, and when I did, the tears flowed. She was super-talented. She was a great lady. She was a great person. And I felt bad for her family. I felt bad that I only had a few short years to get to know her, yet she was one of those people that was always smiling, always positive, never really cared what was going wrong in her life, she brought a positive vibe to the workplace. That’s a very rare commodity, even back then. Today, I’m sure that’s even more rare.

When she was originally diagnosed with cancer, the community surrounded her with love and support. I called her from the desert to let her know she was in my prayers. She was a true friend. She was a positive influence in my life.

So, Mary Beth, I’m sorry, but I know you’re not suffering and you’re in a better place. For your family I’m in mourning with you. It’s terribly sad when a such a great person leaves us, regardless of the situation. Please know I pray for you and your family every night, and I’ve shed more tears for you than I can ever muster for others. You have been not only an inspiration to me, but for thousands of people. May God embrace your soul and show you the grandest room available in heaven. You deserve it.

For the rest of us still here, the lesson is clear. Embrace your loved ones. Let them know how special they are. Because even if they are viewed as “just” co-workers, they are positive influences in your life. Even if you haven’t talked to them in seven or eight years, they have been an extremely positive influence in what you have achieved here on Earth. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Call them today!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Is The Flat Tax In YOUR Future?

It very well could be! Regardless where you live, there is a move afoot, especially among states, that they change from the progressive tax structure that the US government employs, where the more you earn, the more you pay, to a “flat tax” where everyone pays the same percentage. Arizona has become the latest to join ten other states in moving to a flat tax.

Currently, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Colorado and Utah have flat taxes in place to fund their state governments. Arizona just voted to start phasing in a 2.5% flat tax rate over three years starting in 2022. That rate by the way is the lowest in the nation among flat tax states. North Carolina has the highest flat tax rate at 5.25%. Seven states (Florida, Texas, South Dakota, Wyoming, Nevada, Washington, and Alaska) have no state income taxes at all.

That means that 18 states starting next year will have anywhere from zero state income taxes or a flat tax system. The move is definitely toward a flat tax, something the liberals have fought for years.

It’s only going to be a matter of time before the feds get on board with it. And when you consider that of the eighteen states mentioned above, seven of them are basically run by Democrats, it appears to be a non-partisan decision. No state that has tried a flat tax has reverted back to the progressive form that most other states are currently under.

The flat tax is fair because of one simple guiding principle, it makes everyone pay the same rate. If you make $100 a year, and your tax is 5%, you pay $5. If you may $100,000, you pay $5,000. It’s that simple. Of course, with the flat tax, there are no need for CPA’s or expensive tax software to buy every year. You pay based on that percentage. You can basically fill out your taxes on a post card. No complicated forms, no outlandish deductions or loopholes, no unfairness, and no redistribution of wealth. Everyone pays equally.

Dems’ say that’s not fair because say 5% means more to a family making less than it does to someone make a lot. That’s really a stupid argument if you think about it. If you’re living below the poverty line, yes, $5 may be more to you than someone making a million, but it’s the same bite out of everybody. The reason Democrats are against it is they aren’t able to sock it to the rich.

On a national basis, you’re going to see a lot of pushback from the left on this one because there is now 48% of our country that pays zero in income tax. Only the top 52% have to pay anything. That in and of itself is about as much a redistribution of wealth as you can get. It doesn’t even try to hide that fact.

The question isn’t whether a flat tax would be more fair, it obviously would. The question is, would it generate enough money for a state (or the federal government) to pay it’s bills? The answer lies with whomever gets elected. If you have a tax and spend liberal elected, the answer is going to be no. But if you can couple the flat tax with say, a Constitutional Amendment that says the US Government cannot go into debt, but must balance their budget every year, then yes, a flat tax would work wonders. State governments have to have balanced budgets, the federal government does not currently.

What’s the fairest tax structure? It’s going to be a flat tax along with a balance budget amendment. That eliminates wasteful spending right there. You can’t spend what you’re not allowed to spend. The only problem is, you’re letting the wolf decide if the hen house is safe. That’s something that We The People should be deciding, not Washington, DC!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Biden’s $1.9 T Plan In Trouble

It took Joe Biden a lot of capital to get his $1.9 Trillion plan to “rescue America” or whatever he called it. But apparently, it’s not enough. A federal judge has slapped down the Treasury Department, Treasury Secretary, Janet Yellen, and the Biden administration for trying to reach too far in the plan.

Ohio Attorney General, Dave Yost decided to test out the new plan, which forbids states from using relief funds from the federal government to offset tax cuts and credits they are passing in their own state. Federal District Judge Douglas Cole, a Trump appointee, issued a ruling stating that based on the Supreme Court’s decision that Biden’s plan falls short of the clarity as it relates to conditional grants to states.

Now, before we all start thinking the treasury has an extra couple trillion dollars to spend, realize a few things. The ruling didn’t void the whole plan, just the part that says the states can’t use federal money to help offset tax cuts and tax credits. It also will most likely be appealed up the ladder. Since this trial took place in Ohio’s southern district, it will most likely make a stop at the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals before heading to the US Supreme Court probably next year. But knowing how conservatives like to look at taxes, my hunch is, unless the Senate decides to pack the court, it won’t be going much of anywhere.

So, states will because of Cole’s ruling, be able to apply whatever federal money comes from Biden’s plan directly to offsetting the losses they’d receive from cutting state taxes, and offering tax credits for various programs. Cole basically issued a permanent restraining order. Of course, that can be over-turned.

I think the whole lesson Biden needs to take away from this is that he’s running into the same thing that Franklin Delano Roosevelt ran into when he was President. Roosevelt, the last President who wanted to pack the court, was always butting heads with the Judiciary Branch because he could never get his socialist ideas all the way through and stick. Instead, Republicans would take his programs to court, and win. Thus, the whole pack the court thing started. It failed, of course, much like this effort will.

What does seem to work well for Democrats, something they’ve totally gotten away from is incrementalism. When you look at the step by step chipping away at whatever it is they want to replace, or introduce, they’ve been historically very successful. I always use the seatbelt example, where originally it was just there in the car if you wanted to wear it. Then it became a law that you’d have to wear it, but a police officer couldn’t stop you just for that. Then it became a law for kids, and now, All told, today 49 states have seat belt laws of varying degrees (front seat only, back seat only, age restrictions, etc). The only state that doesn’t is New Hampshire.

But when Democrats try to get these large omnibus 2,000 page spending plans and overhauls of the government, they run into trouble, they run into a myriad of lawsuits, and they just don’t get it done. It’s the same problem I’ve described countless times with liberalism. They just don’t know when to quit, and keep pushing the boundaries until everyone is fed up with where they are and they pull the reigns in on them.

And it will happen again, trust me!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!