The End Of Conservatism?

If I were to ask you to name where it is you go to get the honest to God up to date news on the Conservative movement in America, where would you point me? Fox News? Well, not much any more. They’ve lost quite a few folks in the ratings since the 2020 election, though they are still number one in cable news. What about newspapers? I’m just joking. That has as much sense as saying CNN, MSNBC, or the broadcast networks’ newscasts.

You’d probably point me to AM radio…which since Rush Limbaugh went national, has become a juggernaut that the left hasn’t figured out how to defeat…until now.

And now, AM radio is starting to look like it’s going to go the way of Limbaugh…and be a thing of the past.

It’s sad for me personally because I made my living on News/Talk radio, both as on-air host, and selling advertising on it. Rush Limbaugh made me a ton of money in my career! But I wince as I watch what is currently happening. The first AM station I worked at, a small market station in southeastern Michigan, has “gone dark”. It was purchased by the rival FM station in town, and they basically just shut it off. It was also the place that gave Phil Donahue his start (though he became a LOT more famous than I ever did!)

But Joe Biden’s love of electric cars may be the death of AM radio. And with it conservative talk. That’s because the auto makers that make those electric vehicles are saying that AM has some sort of interference with their cars’ engines, and the interference makes it almost impossible to listen to AM. So, Ford, Tesla, Volvo, BMW, Mazda, and Volkswagon have all said they are not going to include the AM band in their cars. That means no (or very little) News/Talk. It could actually be the death of talk radio. 73% of all radio listening these days is done in a car. And you should know that no medium can survive when three-fourths of it’s audience goes away. So, if EV’s catch on, either now or in the future, you can say goodbye to the oldest form of radio broadcasting…the AM band.

Now, the question becomes, is this part of a wider conspiracy the left has to once again, take over ALL of the media out there? Or is this just a problem that the engineers at these companies are too lazy to try and figure out? My initial feel is this is a concerted effort on behalf of the leftist socialists in this country to take away one of the most important vehicles of communications the conservatives have…the radio. Remember, Joesph Goebbels, the Minister of Propaganda under Adolf Hitler said, if you’re going to take over a country, you first need to control the media. And that’s EXACTLY what this does. Take away AM radio, and you take away talk radio, which liberals have tried to compete with since the 1990’s. They’ve failed every step of the way. It’s amazing to me that the one thing that could allow them a victory in this realm would be that carmakers decide that they can no longer put AM in their vehicles.

If you take away the News/Talk format from AM radio, where does it go? Some would trickle down to the FM band. There are a smattering of News/Talk stations on the FM dial these days, but it’s rare. I would assume most of it would be found right here, on the internet. I’ve said for years that the internet is going to be the one source for all of our information and entertainment in the future…until something else comes along (there’s always something else that comes along). And who controls the internet these days? Companies like Microsoft, Alphabet Google, Meta, and Twitter. Those aren’t exactly the most unbiased companies in this country, are they? And when they see that they can control the content of what goes out on the internet, as we’ve already seen, you’re going to get the liberalization of the internet like you’ve never seen before. You’re going to think the left taking over your kids’ education is just popcorn and peanut butter compared to the indoctrination you’re in for up the road.

There has to be something that conservatives can do to stop this, and the easiest thing is do not even consider buying an electric vehicle. History has proven that there are always bad ideas that companies throw big bucks into that end up being trashed before something better finally comes along and I think that is right where the EV’s in this country are. They aren’t a great idea, but if you’re trying to find alternative fuels, they seem to be a decent first step. And the easiest way to get away from this whole takeover happening is not to buy what they’re selling. It’s just that simple!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

The Differences Between GOP and Dems

Oh, there is a HUGE difference between the way Republicans see the 2024 election, and the way Democrats see the same thing. And it’s that difference that is going to determine the outcome of the election next November. First of all, you have to understand a couple of things. When we talk about the Democrats, they are looking at things from a totally different perspective than you and I probably are. Second, when we talk about Republicans, the Democrats are going to be scratching their heads wondering what the heck is going through our minds.

So, let’s start off with the easy one…the Republicans

The GOP is more interested in electing candidates to Congress, and the White House than anything else. They see what Joe Biden has done as having been a step toward destroying the fabric of the nation. They see the increase in crime. They see a border that has been in total chaos with absolutely no concern for solving it. They see an economy in free fall. And we are looking at poll numbers that show that 60% of the people in the Republican party don’t want Donald Trump to run again, but want someone with similar policies to him to enter the race. I’m not quite sure that person has actually entered the race yet.

The Democrats take on quite a different tone. They are overly thankful for the job Joe Biden has done. They think his policies and programs are just the thing the country has needed. They see the infrastructure bill and the inflation reduction bill as steps to achieving what they feel is important. They actually LIKE Joe Biden. So, why do 70% of Americans, and half of the Democrats don’t want to see him run again? It’s his age. And while the Republicans are most concerned about electing candidates, Democrats are fearful of what the Republicans would do if they got the presidency back. That’s why 81% of Democrats say that while they think Biden is too old and should step aside and let someone younger continue the fight, they will vote for him if he’s the candidate.

So the question becomes, which is a stronger motivator. Is the fact the GOP is afraid of what would happen if they failed to win back the White House a strong enough motivating factor to get people out to vote? Or, is the fact that the Democrats are afraid of Donald Trump, or someone like him that would tear down what they see as Biden’s accomplishments, much like Trump did to Obama?

At this point in time, I’m personally not sure which is a bigger motivator. Usually fear is one of the biggest motivating factors for people doing something (or not doing something). If you look at Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, once you have food and breathable air, fear is the next largest motivating factor. So, is the fear of another four years of Joe Biden (or someone else should he die before his term is up), or is the fear of having Republicans get back into the White House and run the government the bigger fear? That becomes the overriding issue next year.

And it doesn’t matter which side of the fence you are one. You feel basically the same way toward the other side. Democrats look at the Supreme Court decision on abortion, and see that the conservatives in power would do more to take away the gains liberals have made in a lot of social areas. If you’re conservative, you see the power grab the left has made to limit your freedoms, how they want to take away your guns, and print money until there’s no tomorrow. The left believes the hoax of climate change, and the fact they are ready, willing at yes, as of today, able to spend trillions of dollars thinking that they will change the planet by cutting back on the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. What they don’t realize is that there is only 0.4% of CO2 out there. If it drops to 0.2%, plants begin to die out. And plants are the largest generator of oxygen that we need to survive. If the plants die out, so do we.

Who will win the battle? Well, can I take 18 months to figure it out?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Science Moms?

I don’t know if any of you have seen the ridiculous, but very expensive advertising campaign being waged by a slew of women calling themselves, “Science Moms”. There are a couple of really idiotic commercials gracing our airwaves and embarrassing the ladies that say they are “science moms”. Actually, it’s farther from the truth than that.

There are two commercials that are rather inane. The first is the school bus driver, passing out cigarettes on an empty bus to seats, then dancing in front of the kids waiting to get on before you read that cigarettes contain a couple of ingredients that bus fumes contain. The second is a commercial where a woman wins a heat pump during a TV game show and the host has no idea what it is, but the contestant is really excited to have won it.

Let’s take a look at these ads a little closer, shall we?

First of all, in the school bus commercial, the tag line is that kids want electric school busses. OK, maybe they do, at least until they learn that a) the school district’s electric rates will shoot to the moon, and will tax the electric grid so those of you living there probably aren’t going to be able to use air conditioning this summer; and b) they don’t say anything about battery replacement, which is needed after three or four years in the extreme northern and southern states in this country. The other commercial is idiotic because first of all, any but the most basic heat pump is going to be more expensive, and second, they are less energy efficient than natural gas, costing upwards of $1,000 more. And, heat pumps, like the electric vehicles don’t work as well in cold climates, or the heat of the deserts in this country. They fail to mention that in these ads. Imagine that!

Second, let’s look at the “science moms” that are supposed to be behind these ads. Most of them are either professors or associate professors at colleges and universities. That means they rely on government grants to do any sort of research. And of course, THIS government doesn’t give out squat to anyone that is giving anything but an “AMEN!” to the whole climate change hoax. Let’s be clear about something. Climate change IS happening. However, there hasn’t been one study that has been universally accepted as being unbiased as to the accusation that it’s being caused by humans. In short, it’s yet another lie. As was the lie that New York and Miami, and Los Angeles would be underwater by the year 2000. Well, it’s 2023, and I’ve yet to see any polar bears floating by the UN building.

This is nothing more than a hoax perpetrated by a bunch of socialist women who think it will make a difference. It won’t. The technology of EV’s may be something that could be beneficial and less costly up the road, but no one is commenting on the fact there is no way to recycle these batteries when they die, and the cost of replacing them is going to be as much as a decent used car is today.

Do yourself a favor. Go to and tell the women that they needed to turn in their PhD’s in whatever liberal science crap they majored in for a degree in Women’s Studies. It’s worth about as much.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Biden’s Willow Creek Blunder

Joe Biden is scrambling to try and save environmentalist whacko’s and the young voters that supported him in 2020 from bolting in 2024. And it’s all due to Biden’s big mouth getting in the way again. They are really upset over Biden’s seemingly about turn on allowing ConocoPhillips to continue with their drilling in Alaska’s Willow Creek region.

It’s another Biden Blunder come back to bit him in the butt (such alliteration!)

You’ll recall that before the midterms, when Biden was out campaigning for a couple of people, he told people that there would be “no more drilling. Period.” That may well become the same death knell to his reelection chances as George HW Bush’s “Read my lips, no new taxes” comment.

Biden repeatedly told audiences at campaign stops that there would be no more drilling for oil on federal lands. He basically said that oil and natural gas were dead. He was focused on electric vehicles (EV’s), and to hell with the combustion engine. So, no more drilling for oil. The problem with that is, that we aren’t technologically ready for anything Biden has in mind yet, and if we are ever able to get to that point, it’s going to be years up the road.

So, the environmentalists, and the young people started protesting. In an effort to hear their concerns, Biden sent teams out to do the Hillary Clinton “listening tours”. They tried to explain that the drilling lease for Willow Creek had been granted years before, and that if the government pulled those leases, there surely would be a major lawsuit that the administration would lose. They could try and buy those leases back from ConocoPhillips, but that would come at a major premium to be sure. That was Biden’s explanation as to why he let it go, but he added that they were able to limit the size of the original lease and make it smaller. It didn’t matter to those protesting.

Biden seems to miss a couple of very important points in all of his environmentalism. First and foremost, he wants America to switch to buying EV’s. The problem with that is that if we all listened, and dutifully went out and spent the average $58,000 it costs to get an electric car, it would crash our electric grid. Our grid couldn’t handle it. If you need proof on that, look at California, where they have banned the sale of combustion engine vehicles starting in 2035. But Governor Gavin Newsome had to tell people recently to not plug in and charge their cars because their grid couldn’t take it. We basically need to double or even triple the size of the nation’s energy grid in order for Biden’s dream to become a reality. There’s no move afoot to do that currently. Apparently, Biden believes the “electricity fairies” just show up and make electricity. He doesn’t realize that 60% of our electricity in this country comes from coal, oil, and natural gas.

There are other problems with this as well. Currently, if you own an EV, and you want to travel across the country, you can’t. You can’t find enough charging stations. Even if you could, with today’s technology, if you have a Tesla and want to charge your battery from zero to full with a Level 1 charger, it could take up to four days. Level 2 chargers are less time consuming, but much more expensive. You can probably go about 350 miles currently and then spend the next half hour to an hour charging your car. But the bigger problem is availability. To get to the level of today’s gasoline stations, it will take over $300 billion to manufacture and install charging stations around the country.

And then you’ve got the “recycling problem”. Currently, there is a way to recycle lithium batteries, but it’s expensive. I know out here in the desert, where pretty much everybody has golf carts, a lot of folks have lithium batteries. When they need to replace them (every 3-4 years in the desert), they have to pay upwards of $500 to recyclers to take them!

Finally, you’ve got the problem of first responders not wanting to tackle an EV in an emergency. The threat of a combustible fire right when they are trying to extricate trapped occupants is high, and they don’t want to deal with it. So, if you’re in an EV, and get into an accident, hope and pray that you’re able to open the door and get out. Or at the very least that the car doesn’t explode on you.

No, votes in 2024 are the least of Joe Biden’s problems.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

It’s a “False Religion”

I think I can say with a good deal of certainty that Vivek Ramaswamy isn’t going to be the next president of the United States of America. He’s polling less that I am at this point, and frankly, no one has ever heard of him. Oh, he’s got some good, conservatively based ideas. And he’s not wrong in a lot of the speeches I’ve heard him give. But he doesn’t have the name recognition with voters, and I doubt he’s got the financial backing to get there.

But he’s right about one thing.

He’s right about climate change, and he’s got a majority of Americans already thinking he’s correct in his position. Ramaswamy argues that climate change isn’t about the climate at all. It’s about power and control. And, according to a new poll by Rasmussen, most of us agree. 60% of Americans surveyed, say that climate change isn’t about the climate. It’s about power. 47% actually “strongly agreed”. Only 35% disagreed with Ramaswamy’s assessment. And 25% “strongly disagreed”. That’s a huge change from what we’ve been led to believe in the media.

And it’s exactly what I’ve been saying all along.

What’s interesting is, it’s also what eco-nut and former climate change advocate, Michael Shellenberger (yeah, the same guy that was testifying before Congress last week on the Twitter files), said so over a year ago. He even wrote a book apologizing for jumping on board the climate change train without the proof that we humans are the cause of any earthly increase in temperature.

For the record, there probably IS climate change going on. That’s what climate does. It changes. Temperatures go up, temperatures go down. It rains a lot (sometimes too much, huh California?) in places, and not enough in others. But the thing that Al Gore, John Kerry, Joe Biden, and Greta Thunberg all miss is, it’s not being caused by humans.

Anyone with half a brain can figure that one out. Go back to the ice age that created the Great Salt Lake, the Great Lakes, and a lot of the lakes in the northern part of this country and Canada. As the sheets of ice melted and retreated north, they dug huge holes and filled them with melted ice. Mankind wasn’t around when that happened. It may have been a meteorite, or a comet striking the earth (there’s one that hit in Mexico that killed the dinosaurs, and another one you can actually visit off I-40 near Winslow, Arizona). And it was the earth itself that righted itself after that devastating winter that followed. The ice melted. It wasn’t SUV’s or jet planes that caused that particular ice age to melt and come to an end. We weren’t around.

And then you’ve got all of the false data that got caught in countries all over the world, including ours. Bolivia, Argentina, several countries in Europe, and yes, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) falsified data to show that there was indeed a change in the climate. And they wanted to show that it was mankind that was doing it. Well, mankind, and farting cows.

So, I’m glad to see that Ramaswamy is coming around to fighting this debunked “science”. He knows what I’ve said all along. The reason “science” went along with it is because of money. Where do you think they get their grants from, so they can keep studying things and not have to produce anything? It comes from governments around the world. And those governments started doling out money based on the fact that these guys would jump in bed with them on climate change.

And why do governments want to promote climate change? Because it allows them an excuse to take away freedoms and rights of their populace. They can limit travel (say goodbye to fossil fuels and jet planes), they can keep you locked into your homes because of “pandemics”, they can tax you and send your money to third world countries in the ultimate form of wealth redistribution. It’s all there in black and white, and it’s all a part of what the left is hoping we just blindly buy into so they can continue to control things. That’s why they are saying “the science is settled. There is no debate.” They don’t want to talk about it. They make a blanket statement and take away more of your freedoms. In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if one of them makes the statement that voting in elections actually causes global climate change. And we need to do something about that, so we’re going to be appointing our leaders from now on!

And when it comes to that, don’t say you weren’t warned! Shellenberger has done it. Ramaswamy has done it. Apparently Americans believe it. And I just did it. The rest is up to all of us!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Biden’s Fallacy With EV’s

Joe Biden has a love affair with the Electric Vehicles. As a tried and true believer that automobiles are one of the major causes of climate change, and totally not buying into the fact that climate does indeed change (it’s what defines it as climate in the first place), Biden is convinced that we need to get rid of fossil fuels at every and any turn. He recently announced that his administration was going to insist that some 500,000 EV charging stations be set up across the US by 2030, a scant 7 years away.

Meanwhile, Tesla, which is probably the leading EV automaker in the world, is boasting some 36,000 charging stations. Now, in order to use a Tesla charging station, you have to have an app on your phone that allows you access. Oh, and you have to be driving a Tesla. If you’re driving something else, you’re out of luck. But Tesla says they will try to open up to the rest of the EV community by the end of 2024.

So, Biden is all excited about EV’s. And while that may be the future for automobiles, not just in this country but around the world, here in the US there are several problems that have yet to be solved.

First and foremost is the buyers remorse that occurs when people buy an electric car and then find out they are limited as to where they can go because of a lack of nationwide charging stations. There are currently 1.4 million gas pumps located at about 175,000 gas stations around the country. Currently, there are 41,000 charging stations, with only about 5,000 of them being the “fast charging stations” that can charge most cars in 30 minutes or so. The “level 2” chargers take much longer, up to four hours to charge. That’s like half a driving day.

So finding a charging station can be a nightmare, and is causing a lot of original buyers to stay close to home, where they can plug in at home, or go on some search escapade, since there currently isn’t an app that shows where the charging stations are.

Now we move on to other areas of note. Batteries in these new EV’s aren’t quite caught up with fossil fuels yet. A battery may last up to 10 years, if you live in an area like San Diego, where the temperature doesn’t get too cold (like the upper midwest and New England), or too hot (like Arizona and Nevada), which drain batteries very quickly. Now, I’m sure that the engineers and smarter minds than me are already working on this problem, but in truth, the current structure of a battery is not a very efficient energy storage system.

Another problem is the cost of replacing batteries, that are supposed to last up to 200,000 miles. Tesla is looking at unveiling a battery that can last a million miles. But the cost? It can be as much as $18,000. So, let’s say you live in Arizona or Minnesota and get only about five years of battery life. That means every five years you own your vehicle, you’re going to be paying $18 grand to replace it. Keep a car for ten years (the length of the estimated battery life), and you could be looking at about another 50% of the cost of the car just to keep it running. Not efficient as of today.

What about what happens to the batteries when they are spent? Can you imagine what would happen if the 248 million cars on the road today where to be EV’s and need new batteries? First of all, what are you doing with the old batteries? That’s a LOT of toxic batteries you have to try and do something with, and to date, there is no viable way to recycle them. That causes a lot more pollution than what the current fossil fuel vehicles use.

And then there is the safety issue. First responders are saying they hate trying to rescue someone that’s been in an accident in an EV because there is the distinct possibility of the car erupting in flames due to it’s battery being damaged. In fact, in some areas, fire departments have already warned EV users that if they get in an accident, they will not be able to save them due to this fear. And the car makers have no real plan to solve this dilemma.

Electric vehicles may be the way of the future…but we are still decades away from that occurring regardless what Joe Biden wants. By the time there is an EV in every garage in this country, Joe will be dead and buried for years.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Why Is Joe Manchin Pissed?

Joe Manchin has a LOT to be thankful for. He’s probably, along with Kyrsten Sinema, the most powerful people that caucus with the Democrats. Of course, Joe still IS a Democrat, while Sinema has switched to being an Independent (which by the way, will play MUCH better in Arizona!) So why in the world is Joe Manchin pissed?

Joe Biden screwed him royally!

See, when they were arguing over the Inflation Reduction Act, Biden wanted to have a lot of stuff in there for climate change. He saw it as a way to get the country on board and spend money to “save the planet”. That’s money by the way, we don’t have. Meanwhile, Manchin saw it as a way to keep our energy supply secure, by moving jobs from overseas to the United States, so we would have control of our own energy supply. It’s not that Manchin was against electric vehicles and the like per se. It was that he wanted his constituents in West Virginia to be able to keep their jobs.

But that’s not what has happened. Biden is reportedly ready to roll out a $7,500 tax credit for people that buy EV’s. Manchin is livid because nothing is being done about moving jobs back to the US especially from China. The Biden administration take is that you either take a $7,500 check from the federal government, or you don’t buy a new car.

So, what does all of this have to do with the price of eggs? Absolutely nothing. It’s not about inflation. It never was about inflation, or reducing it. It was about funding “green new deal” ideas. And that is why Manchin is pissed. He didn’t care if you funded green new deal stuff as long as his folks in West Virginia still had jobs. I get that. He should care about his constituents. I wish more people on Capitol Hill felt the same way. Hell, I wish MY Senator felt that way instead of being a mouthpiece for Biden.

Here’s why it’s probably not going to work long-term. First of all, all this does is piss off Joe Manchin. And when he gets pissed, he withholds his support to things the Dems may need. Remember, if he and Sinema still vote against stuff, they still fall a vote short of 50. Chuckles Schumer still needs both of them voting with him.

The bigger problem that the country is going to be facing is that China still will maintain the jobs, the raw material, and the ability to control how many electric vehicles America produces, and how much they cost. And right now, they are about 40% more expensive than comparable combustion engine cars. While that doesn’t seem to bother Joe Biden a bit, it should. As we get farther and farther down the road, he is going to learn what apparently most Republicans already know. EV’s are a LONG way off of becoming practical.

You cannot have a car that’s unreliable in this country. This is not Sweden or Norway, which is nowhere near the size of the US. And to have an EV that only goes 400 miles on a charge isn’t going to cut it in most areas of this country. Where I live, a 400 mile drive is commonplace. You can do that a couple of times a week, certainly go farther than that in a day. But don’t forget, our speed limits out here can reach 75 or 80 mph. Now let’s look at the problem with batteries given today’s technology.

They are working on car batteries that will have a 10 year life span. And that’s great. Except that if you live in North Dakota or Minnesota, where the temperatures in winter routinely get to be 25 below zero, you’re going to have a problem. Batteries are a very inefficient energy storage system, and will given out in temperature extremes. That means the folks living in southern Nevada, or Arizona are also going to find it tough going. Here in the desert 115-118 degree summer days are also commonplace. And batteries hate heat.

Now, let’s get back to China. The Chinese control 80% of the raw material on earth that goes into making car batteries. We’re talking lithium, cobalt, and graphite, as well as rare earth materials. And to mine these elements is very damaging to the environment…but the administration doesn’t seem to care about that. Another problem in that vein is what do you do with spent batteries? No one has successfully designed a system of recycling them yet. And the experts say that we are anywhere from 25-50 years away from that happening. That’s a problem when Biden wants gas cars off the dealer’s showroom floors by 2035.

I can see why Joe Manchin is upset. He should be. He was taken advantage of to get his vote. And now, he is losing everything that he compromised on in that process. His only revenge? Get Sinema to go along with him and vote against Biden any chance he can. At least for the next two years!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Biden’s Biggest Blunders?

As we enter the week between Christmas and New Year’s, we always seem to be besieged with list after list of the “top news stories of the year”, the “best fill in the blank of 2022”, and on and on. It gets to be a little nauseating. So, this year, I’m going to give you what I considered to be the top ten Biden Blunders of the year. Now, realize that some of his biggest blunders (I’m looking at the Afghanistan withdrawal) took place in 2021 and aren’t eligible for this year’s list. With that in mind…here we go!

10. The Iranian Nuclear Deal. Ever wonder what actually happened to this one? It basically died on the table. Yes, Biden wanted to bring back Bobo Obama’s worst foreign policy deal, something that was supposed to be Obama’s “signature foreign policy legacy item”. It didn’t work. In fact, Iran’s Ayatollah called Biden “demented”. Seems like he had a pretty clear picture of Joe, didn’t it?

9. $52.3 Billion To Ukraine. Now I know this one will be a little controversial. But here we are embroiled in funding a war we have nothing to do with. Europe? Yup. It’s critical that they keep Russia out of Ukraine. The US? Not so much. We’ve spent a ton of money and sent a ton of arms to Ukraine to help them. And I’ll admit, they need the help. But they aren’t in NATO (yet), and the US is the largest donor to the Ukrainians by far. We’ve donated over $52 billion in aid, humanitarian aid, and military equipment. The EU has kicked in just over $16 billion. But overall? The rest of the world is at $37.64 billion combined, just under $34 billion coming from European nations that would suffer the most if Russia succeeded in the war.

8. Climate Change Over Profits. You may have missed this one as well. But Biden and his cronies have basically changed what money managers can do if they wish to your investments, including your retirement plans. Usually, one would assume that profits would be the biggest contributing factor, but not any more. Biden has told all of the country’s money managers that now climate change is more important than profits. So, it’s now legal for your 401k managers to take your hard earned money and put it in research to combat climate change, even though that may lose money for decades with no hope of ever earning a profit.

7. Tax Increases. Yes, there were tax increases, and changes that cause you not to have as much moolah as before. If you happen to be in the top tax bracket, your taxes went from 37% to 39.6%. Most tax brackets got increased because of Biden’s inflation.

6. Hunter Biden Story Continues To Grow. We haven’t seen the last of this with Republicans winning the majority in the House of Representatives. But 2022 brought a BUNCH of new evidence on Hunter Biden, and maybe, who knows? The Big Guy? We’ll have to wait and see. And we know from Elon Musk’s release of the twitterverse that Jack Dorsey oversaw back in 2020, that Twitter was a lot more involved in censorship and doing what the liberal administration wanted than was previously thought.

5. Inflation Reduction Act. This makes the list because of the fraud that it is. It’s not something that lowers inflation, in fact, it increases it. It sends billions of dollars in the way of climate change industries hoping to boost them (anyone remember Solyndra?). And there’s no proof anywhere that investing in this type of venture is going to lead to anything but similar outcomes. It’s another liberal boondoggle that we the taxpayers will be paying for over the next several decades.

4. Southern Border Crisis. This is number four only if you don’t live in a border state, which I guess now includes, Washington, DC; New York City, Chicago, or Philadelphia, where some illegals have been bussed to. Biden has totally turned his back on immigration law and decided that he is going to cram as many illegals into this country as he can before the Supreme Court tells him to stop (which they haven’t done yet). He blames Congress for not dealing with the law and fixing the problem, and he’s partly right. But he doesn’t have to be an ass about it either.

3. Gas Prices. Yeah, they are coming down here in the desert. I think they’re somewhere about $3.50 or so. They had reached a high earlier this year around the $5 mark. But they are still well over $1 higher than when Joe Biden took office. And since next year isn’t an election year, I’d expect them to be back up there again. Thanks Joe!

2. Student Loan Debacle. The Supreme Court is hearing arguments on whether Biden broke the law by trying to wipe out student loan debt and passing the cost on to the taxpayers. He can’t just wipe out the debt because it’s with private companies and they aren’t going to let him do that. Meanwhile just about every court that has heard about this, and every appeals court has rejected it. Expect the SCOTUS to do the same this next June when the decision is announced.

  1. Inflation. You can blame the poor economy on Joe Biden. It’s not Vladimir Putin. It’s not a world-wide inflation problem. It’s overspending by the Biden administration and the Democrats in Congress. Period. They are the reason you’re seeing inflation in the 7-9% range this year. They are the reason that most economists that know anything about finances are talking about a recession next year and maybe 10-13% inflation, even though the FED has raised interest rates steadily all year. You want to know what Joe Biden has done for you this year? Start here!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Something To Ponder…

As we all get ready for Christmas, let me take just a few moments to ponder a question. Most Americans would probably agree with the sentiment that Democrats are better at handling the environment than Republicans. Would you agree with that statement? I probably did until recently. That is until I saw a picture that shows Detroit and some of the urban blight that surrounds a once proud city.

Now, I’m not so sure.

It would seem to me that pretty much everything Democrats have touched over the past fifty or sixty years has turned to dust. Detroit would be a shining example. It’s been run by Democrats for the past 60 years. The last Republican to hold sway as Mayor of the Motor City was Louis Miriani, who’s term ended on January 2, 1962. It’s been in Democrat hands ever since.

In 1960, when the Honrable Mayor Miriani was in charge, Detroit had a population of 1,670,144. It was the 5th largest city in America. At the end of 2021, the population was 632,464, and it’s rank has dropped to 27th. Detroit is but one example of a major metropolitan area that fell on hard times when one party takes over. Need another example?

I moved to Toledo, Ohio to take a job in radio in 1983. They had one Republican mayor since that time. Donna Owens was the Mayor of Toledo from 1983 to 1989. They’ve had Democrats running the city ever since. So, let’s look at the 1990 statistics. In 1990, Toledo had 332,832 people living there and it was the 49th largest city in the country. In 2021, that population shrank to 268,508 and that ranked them 83rd. In 1983, there were seven Fortune 500 companies in Toledo. Today there are three, and only two of them are within the city limits.

These are two examples of what happens when you have Democrats running things for a long time. In Detroit’s case it was 60 years. In Toledo’s case it was 32 years. During that time, Detroit lost 62% of it’s population. Toledo, in half as long, lost 20%.

My point here is simple. Democrats, and I don’t care if you look at rust belt cities, or go to San Francisco, have not done a very good job running their cities. Crime, pollution, population decline, corruption have all played a part in the decline of their cities. So, why in the world would we think that when it comes to the environment, Democrats would have the answer to “save the planet”? They haven’t been able to run anything for the last 60 years.

Need more examples? Let’s not look at cities. Let’s take a look at the various programs that Democrats have passed in
Washington, and I will say as a disclaimer that not all Republican programs have been successful either. But let’s look. You’ve got Medicare and Medicaid. Medicare is supposed to run out of money in 2026. Medicaid will follow in 2028. How about Social Security? They’ll be solvent until 2035, but will run out of money at that point.

What about other things? Well, let’s look at the War on Poverty that Lyndon Johnson started with his State of the Union address in 1964. We have spent $24 TRILLION on poverty programs that haven’t worked. We have more homeless in our streets today than at any other time in our history. 37.9 million Americans are living under the poverty line. Back in 1964, we were talking about 5 million or so people living in poverty. We’ve spent all of that money, and the number in poverty has RISEN seven times. We’ve certainly lost that war!

It doesn’t matter what topic you choose, when the government is behind running things, it loses money. When the government dictates what needs to be done, it’s usually the wrong thing to do. Private enterprise does a much better job of running what I would call “non-governmental things”. Governments do several things well. They print money (sometimes way too much of it), they maintain armed forces, they maintain an infrastructure, and they set rules and laws for all Americans to follow. They do not run businesses well, and they don’t do well in trying to fix society.

And those are the reasons that if we continue to let government try and “save the planet” through various programs like Green New Deal, it will cost us trillions of dollars more, with little to no results. Let private companies to the leg work and leave them alone. The best we can hope for is that government stays out of the social agendas of this country.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

YOU! Stay At HOME!!

I nearly fell off my chair when I read this article. It happens in Oxfordshire, England. The “county council” there decided there is too much traveling going on. So, they’ve decided to help the whole climate change thing by imposing restrictions on where the good citizens of Oxfordshire can go. I guess, yes, you can call it a partial ban or lockdown on travel.

What is going to happen is that they county council has divided Oxfordshire into districts that you can walk anywhere in the district in 15 minutes. So, now they’ve got all of these zones. And they’ve issued a fiat that says you can only leave your zone a total of 100 times over the course of a year. That means in you live in zone 3, but work in zone 10, you can only go to work a little more than a third of the time (taking off for weekends and holidays). Of course, you can’t leave your district if you use all 100 exits for work. That means you must vacation in your area as well. God forbid if the hospital were located in a different district and you were out of exits!

Here’s the absolute bonkers thing regarding this monstrosity of an idea. It could be coming to America. Oh, it probably won’t come to the more conservative states, but can you see a place like New York City or Los Angeles doing this and claiming they need to in order to combat climate change? And can you see the people living in those places actually accepting the loss of freedom and mobility as their “contribution” to beating climate change…something they can’t beat anyhow?

It’s just the latest idea from the left that is absolutely insane. And it gives my theory that the more liberal you are, the more likely you are to go farther and farther to the left until you basically fall off of the planet. We’re seeing that to some degree now in this country. Look at cashless bail for one thing. We have reached the point in a lot of venues where the rights of the criminal are greater than the rights of the victims that they’ve harmed. And yes, that’s totally wrong.

I look in dismay at a lot of the crap coming from the left. I wonder from time to time if they are testing the waters to see what they can get away with, and what is real. I mean, look at Alexandira Ocasio-Cortez and some of the crazy stuff she spouts. Remember when she came out with this Green New Deal? Everybody thought she was crazy. I mean, there were some things in there that were bordering on maybe not polluting as much, but to get rid of air travel? To make sure that every single building standing in the country were rebuilt to her standards of ecology? It made no sense. And yet, a lot of Joe Biden’s budget-busting bill that he passed this year goes to Green New Deal ideas. The insane has become common place.

I often wonder about how in the world we got to this point in our history. We were never like this in the 60’s, the last time the liberal left really took over with their protests of the Vietnam War, and the drug use and free love. I grew up during that time. It was never what I would call, out of control. But yet, this time around, we seem to have pushed the boundaries so far left, you probably don’t even recognize the United States of America anymore. Who would have thought that judges, who are supposed to be smart people, would go along with allowing an open border to the south, where just anyone in the world, bad actors or not, can just come on in and help themselves to our country? Who would have thought that criminals would be released after being shown on video to violently be beating someone almost to death, without so much as posting bail?

And to think that the eco-terrorists out there are gloating over the fact that this one little place in England is going to restrict where you can travel, and how far you can go? Isn’t that one of the ways the Marxists said you deny people their freedoms…by removing their freedom to move about as they wish? I think we’re starting to see that be the point! And God help us if it spreads to other areas.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!