Bernie IS Right On One Thing

I think Bernie Sanders is totally, 100% right on one thing, and I think it’s probably the only thing I would agree with him on.

The Democrat party is out to take him out again.

Let’s look at what happened in detail, shall we? Going into the South Carolina Primary, you have Joe Biden’s campaign on life support at best. Most said he was dead…me included. Then he gets an endorsement from House Majority Whip, Jim Clyiburn. Clyburn happens to be probably the most influential politician in the state of South Carolina…at least with Democrats. And when he comes out and endorses Joe Biden the day before the primary, it carries a lot of weight. And it worked.

Biden wins South Carolina by huge numbers. All of a sudden, with three days until Super Tuesday, Sleepy Joe receives CPR. And then Mayor Pete Buttigieg drops out of the race and throws his support to Biden. This was a guy that technically won the Iowa Caucus! And then you’ve got Amy Klobuchar change her mind on a dime, and say she’s dropping out of the race, and guess who she’s endorsing? Yup…Uncle Joe! That leaves Bernie, Joe, Bloomberg, Elizabeth Warren, and Tulsi Gabbard still in the running. What in the world is going on?

Well, the establishment of the Democrat party knows what’s coming up. If Bernie Sanders does well on Super Tuesday, he could vault himself into the position of not only being a front-runner, but uncatchable. So, you can bet that all weekend long, the phone lines were buzzing between Tom Perez, the DNC chair, and Buttigieg’s and Klobuchar’s campaigns. I’m sure it was explained to them that Sanders couldn’t beat Trump anywhere, and that Dems would lose big time if he gets the nod. So, they wanted those two to coalesce around Joe. And that’s what happened.

Was the fix in?

We will never really know. My hunch is, yes…the fix was in. How do you go from life support to the front-runner in three days with no organization, no money, and a bumbling candidate that thinks the Super Tuesday vote is going to take place on Thursday? You have to realize that neither Buttigieg, nor Klobuchar have a ghost of a chance to win, and that all they are doing is taking votes from a guy that has been around a LONG time, and probably deserves to be the candidate. I want you to think of Bob Dole, John McCain, or Mitt Romney on the Republican side. Same thing.

The big difference between the Democrats and the Republicans is that four years ago, it was the same thing going on in the GOP. They let it ride. Trump became the nominee, and won. The GOP let it play out. The Democrats want to put the fix in so that Bernie Sanders, who isn’t viewed as a Democrat doesn’t get the nod, and yes, they were scared he would.

Then come Wednesday, Michael Bloomberg…the guy that threw upwards of $800 million by the time you counted his paid staff, and ads, and everything else…just to get 50 delegates (a cost of $16,000,000 per delegate). He says on Tuesday night he’s “in it to win it”. On Wednesday, he drops out. AND he endorses Joe Biden. No funny business going on there, huh Mr. Mayor?

Bernie Sanders is right. Unless and until the Socialist Party of the United States gets to be a major party, Sanders will never be the nominee for president. As far as the Democrat establishment is concerned, he’s an after-thought and won’t be counted on to win anything.

So, it will be Donald Trump against Joe Biden this fall. What do you think the outcome of that will be? Who do you think comes across better? Who has the more energy? Who draws crowds (Biden’s “victory” crowd Tuesday night was estimated to be about 250)? Meanwhile, Trump was drawing 30,000. And who do you think is going to be the better debater? I think you know the answer to that one!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Want To Know Why Trump Wins?

Donald Trump, at least at this point in the race for the White House, is set to win reelection. Democrats who are in the upper echelon of their party know it. In fact, they are fearing it. And they are getting as many false narratives together as they can to try and let you know what a disaster it would be if that were to happen.

Of course, they said that the last time Trump won…and I’ll be damned if I can see where it hurt America. Our economy is the best it’s been in 100 years. We’ve had the longest sustained growth in our nation’s history. Employment is at record highs…and I’m not talking about Obama jobs (fast food) either. I’m talking REAL jobs that people can actually make mortgage payments with. Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, White dudes that voted for Hillary, Women, they all have jobs now. In fact, if you want a job and can’t find one, it’s because you’re not looking. I found two in Trump’s presidency, and never had to look very hard or far to find them!

But do you know why Donald Trump wins?

The reason is simple. Trump wins, not because of the economy, though that will help. Trump wins because the Democrats can’t raise anyone up to his standard. Donald Trump takes out all of the oxygen in the room when he walks in. Quite frankly, there isn’t a Democrat out there that can come close to that. Bernie Sanders has a following, but we’re not sure they’d even show up on election day. Michael Bloomberg had such a bad performance at his last debate, most pundits have already written him off, and say his escapade is just an effort in futility, and that he’s spent half a billion dollars just to get taken down a peg by Elizabeth Warren.

Speaking of Warren, she’s almost out of money, and doesn’t have the wherewithal to continue much longer. Same goes for Amy Klobuchar. Both women have only spent about $2 million combined between them in the Super Tuesday states, and that’s less than three weeks away! Joe Biden is on death’s door, and if he can’t win in South Carolina on Saturday, word is, he’ll be out of money. Pete Buttigieg hasn’t begun to spend any money in the Super Tuesday states yet, and neither has Biden! Meanwhile, Sanders and Bloomberg are flush with cash and spending like drunken sailors.

Now, just spending money doesn’t guarantee that you’re going to win votes, as Hillary proved to us four years ago, but money is still the lifeblood of politics. And it’s becoming clear that Bernie has the money, so does Mini Mike, and the rest don’t. If Bloomberg can pull off what he’s hoping for on March 5th, and win a majority of the Super Tuesday states, where some 45% of the available delegates will be available, it means there is a better than 50/50 chance the Democrats will be heading to at least a second ballot convention. And when that happens, anyone, even someone that hasn’t been in the race up until that point, like a Michelle Obama or an Oprah Winfrey can jump in! Yes, even Hillary!

With all the trouble the Democrats are having right now, you would think they aren’t going to be able to pull it together in time to give Trump any semblance of a run for his money. I’m not so sure. I’ve seen a lot of these instances on both sides, where it looks like it’s going to be a landslide one way or another, and it ends up like 2000 with the Supreme Court making the call! But my hunch is, that if Trump plays it like he did four years ago, there isn’t a Democrat out there than can debate him, and he has the uncanny ability to control the message. That is the death blow for Democrats.

And that is why Donald Trump wins reelection in just 252 days.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Russian Collusion 2.0

You know it had to happen, right? I mean, the Democrats weren’t able to push through enough facts to make anyone other than the most ardent snowflakes believe that the 2016 election was tainted by Russian interference and collusion from the Trump campaign. Well, if you can’t get it done one way, try it again!

Obviously, the left hasn’t heard the old saying, “Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is the actual definition of insanity”.

Now, according to “leaked” information coming from the House of Representatives (we’re looking at YOU, Adam Schiff!), apparently, there is some concern that Russia is looking to influence our election again this year. Of course, they’ve denied that. And according to the leak, it appears that want Donald J. Trump to be the winner of the presidential election! Can you imagine that?

Now, we shall take a further look at this, along with the fact that a few months ago, one Bernard Sanders, Democrat from Vermont who happens to be running for the Democrat nomination for president, was pulled off the campaign trail, and informed by several of our intelligence agencies that the Russians were looking at throwing the election HIS way!

So, I ask you…which makes more sense in your world. To influence our voters through whatever means of manipulation possible that Donald Trump should win another four years in the White House, when he’s actually put sanctions on Russia because they’ve misbehaved? Or, is it more likely that the Russians would try and influence Americans to vote for a guy that held his honeymoon in Moscow and spent 10 days there in 1978, and has been an avowed Socialist the entire time he’s been in politics? Which do you think Russia would believe would actually help their cause along?

The fact is, the leak came from Adam Schiff. And we know he’s a convicted liar and has been called on it several times. We also know that he makes stuff up out of the blue and then just seems to conveniently forget about the lie when he’s called on it. So, why do it?

Here’s the real reason it’s being done. The Democrats see the writing on the wall. And while if you look at national polls that put Donald Trump against any of the Democrats right now, he basically loses in all of the head to head matchups. BUT…if you look at the state by state matchups with Trump and those same people…say in places like Wisconsin, Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, and Arizona, he actually wins all of the states that the press tells us are in play! And he does so by a wide margin!

Democrats are pre-positioning themselves to be able to say that the Russians interfered with our election if and when Trump wins reelection. That way, they’ve got something to blame it on… not just a terrible candidate for the second presidential election cycle in a row…and let’s face it…there isn’t a very good candidate out there on the Democrat side.

No, Donald Trump, by all indications this far out, is headed to a win. Now, that can certainly change between now and election day, but from where I sit, and who I’m talking to on both sides of the fence, most Democrats don’t believe anyone in this field can beat Trump either. It was like when John McCain and Mitt Romney ran against Bobo Obama. No one on the GOP side was going to beat him either time. Same thing here with the Dems.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Here We Go Again?

House Democrats, fresh off a rather rude awakening that saw them shellacked in the impeachment trial, are now discussing whether or not they should attempt to open new investigations into Donald Trump’s tweet that said the Department of Justice should reduce the sentence of former Trump confidant, Roger Stone.

The party is basically split over the issue. Hardheads, like Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler, and Maxine Waters are all for the investigations, anything that could damage Trump in their world. However, there are large numbers of the Democrat caucus that don’t believe it would lead to anything but further embarrassment for the party and possibly a larger loss come this November.

Nancy Pelosi seems to take a “middle ground”, suggesting that hey, we could do the investigations now, and if they find something out, we could talk about it, saying that Trump’s tweets showed more “abuse of power”. She doesn’t have the votes to continue that logic at this point.

It seems to me that Democrats are in a world of hurt right now. I’m not just talking about the ones in the House of Representatives either. They all seem to be suffering from TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) to the point that anything they can do that they feel damages the president, even if it really hurts them in the end, like impeachment did, is OK, and should be explored. Look at the people on the campaign trail right now. You’ve got about a dozen candidates left heading into this weekend’s caucus in Nevada, and most of them are screaming that Donald Trump is the worst human that ever lived.

It’s gotten so bad on the trail that Democrats are starting to actually believe that someone like a Michael Bloomberg, who kinda, sorta SEEMS normal until he brings up how he could teach anyone to be a farmer (never having done so himself), and then saying he’d consider Hillary Clinton as a running mate, is one of the crazier options. That’s saying a lot when you’ve got socialist clambakes like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren still out there! What’s worse is what’s going on in the House of Representatives.

I would have thought after being totally embarrassed by the impeachment debacle that Nancy Pelosi would have laid low for a while, and just tried to put all of that behind her. Yet, that’s not what apparently is happening. Pelosi is rattling the saber against Trump yet again with the same diatribe that ended in disaster for her the last time out.

Democrats need to take a deep breath, hope to at least get through this election period without any further bluster, and move on to 2024 and beyond. That’s really their only hope of surviving as any semblance of the party we’ve known for decades.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Trump’s Night/Biden’s Loss

Donald Trump will remember February 4, 2020 as a watershed moment in his presidency. Oh, it won’t be without controversy…but it was a watershed moment. Joe Biden, probably would remember it as the day he couldn’t leave Iowa fast enough.

Let’s examine what happened in the two biggest news stories yesterday.

First of all, in Iowa, we had to wait until very late in the day…5pm EST to find out that Pete Buttigieg was actually right when he said he was leaving Iowa victorious! Buttigieg did indeed surprise the nation by winning, at least so far, Iowa. When the first numbers came in with 62% of the vote verified and counted, he was just ahead of Bernie Sanders, who was in second, and Elizabeth Warren finished third. Those numbers held up overnight. Joe Biden meanwhile finished fourth, just ahead of Amy Klobuchar. That wasn’t a very good showing for the former VP, who had the state all to himself and Buttigieg while the Senators, Sanders, Warren, Klobuchar, and Bennett were locked away in the impeachment trial. And now, it’s on to New Hampshire, where you’d expect that Sanders from neighboring Vermont, and Warren from nearby Massachusetts will continue to do well. Biden is just hoping after New Hampshire, when they get to Nevada and South Carolina, he’ll hit his “blue wall” and do much better!

And then a couple of hours later, it was back at the Capitol for the second big news item of the day. And I won’t bore you with a blow by blow recap…I’m sure if you were interested you watched it. But there were two things in the speech, or should I say surrounding the speech that I found totally amazing. One was a snub, and the other a very classless move.

The snub happened at the beginning, as Donald Trump was handing Vice President, Mike Pence, and Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi their copies of the speech. Pence took his, Pelosi took hers, and then held out her hand for Trump to shake it and he turned away. She chortled and gave a slight laugh. I’m not sure if Trump actually snubbed the Speaker or not, or if he was just turning away because he didn’t offer to shake Pence’s hand either.

The second act, which was totally classless and has made a mountain of comment all over the news channels, was at the end. As Trump was saying “Thank you, God bless you, and God bless the United States of America”, Pelosi and Pence stood up, and Pelosi ripped up a copy of the speech. Total classless move.

Look, I understand there’s bad blood between these two, and frankly, I don’t blame Trump for that. Pelosi went on a witch hunt that will culminate today with Trump’s acquittal and it will be from what I hear, a bi-partisan acquittal. Pelosi bought a bill of goods on that one and lost. For her to act like a two year old that didn’t get a cookie and tear up a speech is not only juvenile, it’s unprofessional and idiotic. It shows that the job is certainly too big for her to handle. She’s not worthy to be called “Speaker”. She needs to resign and do so immediately. If not, the Republicans should fight to take back the House and evict her from the body.

I will add one other thing. It was a very touching moment when Donald Trump introduced Rush Limbaugh and had Melania give him the Medal of Freedom for his years of tireless service to America. Rush deserves it, and to give it to him now, as he prepares to enter the fight of his life is certainly fitting and the right thing to do. Though I will say, everyone in the country knew Limbaugh was going to get the medal at the SOTU. He apparently missed the message because he acted like it was the first he knew of it. And I found that hard to believe since it was on every news channel in existence.

And with that, on to today’s impeachment vote!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

What Hath The House Wrought?

When you think about the whole mess called impeachment, one thing comes to mind that is very disturbing, that I feel the Founding Fathers didn’t necessarily fear because political parties weren’t around like they are today, but nonetheless is disturbing.

That is “Revenge Impeachment”.

You have to understand that this particular impeachment has had no crime committed. Was there malfeasance? Absolutely! Was there stuff done that probably shouldn’t have been done, or done in another way? Maybe. But, as the Senators are debating this very issue in DC, the question rises, was what Donald Trump did, so wrong that it rises to the level of removal from office? I would say, no. Of course, I said the same thing back in 1998 with Bill Clinton’s impeachment. He got caught, literally, with his pants down, and lied about it. Was the lying part bad enough to impeach him? I didn’t think so, though I wasn’t a fan of his. Should he have been punished by having his law license stripped? Certainly. But to overturn the will of the people because he is a sex addict? I’m not sure it rises to that point (pun intended).

And the case here is even murkier. This impeachment was the most partisan in US history. It was predicated on the removal of a president because the opposition didn’t like the fact the American people chose him. They felt their candidate should have won, and felt that there was enough in this guy’s past that called for his removal, even before he took office. That is totally not the way the Founding Fathers ever felt.

And what has the House wrought because of this partisan charade? They have instituted, as Democrats are wont to do, a situation where they have made a precedent that could very well be repeated over and over again by both parties. The “Revenge Impeachment”.

So, let’s say that Trump got elected before Obama. Let’s say he got impeached like he did. Then Obama was elected. And he ran his administration like he did, and everything that happened from 2008 to 2016 happened. Are you telling me that the Republicans wouldn’t have been justified for impeaching Obama for Benghazi? Are you telling me Republicans wouldn’t have been justified for his dealings with the Russians? Or that his Iranian arms deal wouldn’t have been fodder for impeachment? Or his dismantling of the US Coal industry? Or his sitting by while his Secretary of State handed our uranium program over to the Russians? He would have been out on his ass!

And that is the problem the Democrats have. They have let the genie out of the bottle on this one, and it’s going to come back to haunt them, much like Harry Reid’s move in the Senate to allow Obama’s appointments to the federal court system skate with only 51 votes instead of 60. What has happened is the GOP decided, fine…we can pass pretty much anything with only 51 votes, including the next two Supreme Court justices! And if Harry Reid wouldn’t have been in such a yank back then to help Obama getting his nominations approved, the Republicans would still be trying to find someone to replace Antonin Scalia!

No, Democrats have had a long history of making blunders that come back to bite them in the rear end. And my feeling is, this impeachment of Donald Trump is only the beginning…the sad beginning. And instead of bringing a country together, it will only drive us apart further and further. It will, in my humble opinion, be the ruination of our Democratic Republic.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Could It Be OVER Today?

It appears that the sham hoax of the impeachment trial in the United Senate could be coming to an end today. Or at least that’s what early indications are. Despite Democrats’ attempts to stall, and drag this charade out as long as possible to “leave a permanent stain on Donald Trump”, they have once again appear to have failed.

On Wednesday of this week, Alaska Senator, Lisa Murkowski met with Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell, and coming out of the meeting, she seemed to be siding on not asking for witnesses. Earlier, Colorado Senator, Cory Gardner also indicated that he did not at this time feel the need for witnesses was pressing. That left three Senators still waffling; Susan Collins from Maine, Mitt Romney from Utah, and Lamar Alexander from Tennessee. And word is that Alexander will most likely fall in line on the vote to not have witnesses.

That would mean that if the vote were held later today, only two of the four needed Republican defectors, at most, would be siding with the Democrats, and the proposition of holding a second investigation because the House failed at their turn, would also go down in flames. And, there is rumblings that once that vote is taken, and then defeated, the Republicans in the Senate will move to vote on conviction almost immediately. Now, that may not take place directly after the witness vote. There very well may be hours upon hours of debate between the Senators, in which the Democrats will try once again to sway…are you ready for it…up to 20 of the 53 Republican Senators to join them in convicting Donald Trump.

Actually, now that I think about it, that’s not quite true. There are a few Democrats that are strongly considering not voting to convict. Joe Manchin from West Virginia is one of them, and so is Kyrsten Sinema from Arizona. Both are from states that Donald Trump won handedly in 2016, and both have shown themselves (though Sinema IS very liberal) to be rather moderate in their Senate votes! So, maybe the Democrats would have to get 23 or even 24 Republicans to jump ship, which is about as likely as you being chosen for an upcoming Mars mission.

What all of that means is, this impeachment hoax could be over by the end of the weekend. It could mean that once again, Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler, and Nancy Pelosi have egg on their faces, and what every single pundit in Washington DC has said from the very beginning of this thing will hold true. Donald Trump will have been exonerated of all charges against him.

Now, the question I have is, what have we learned from this? What has come from this that is of any substantive value? I can’t think of anything that’s gone on except to waste three and a half months of our Congress’ time over something so lame-brain, something so inane, something so unprofessional and immature as what the Democrats have done. And in the end, it’s not going to stop the Senate for investigating Hunter or Joe Biden. God forbid Biden wins the nomination and wins the White House, where the Republicans will most likely move to impeach him over the whole Barisma deal. In the end, you’ve seen what Democrat leadership has brought us. A waste of two years.

Hopefully, the American public will remember what they’ve done…or should I say, haven’t done with their opportunity to lead, and remove them from leadership positions in the House of Representatives.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!