Trump’s Triumphant Return

The President of the United States began his reelection campaign in earnest on Saturday, opening up with a huge event in Tulsa, Oklahoma. People had started lining up outside the Bok Center two days prior to the event, and the place had just one thing in common with the George Floyd riots of the week earlier…there was no social distancing to be found. In fact, there were very few masks to be found.

Trump was in his element as he bashed Joe Biden, the Antifa mob, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her socialist clan in the House of Representatives, and do-nothing Democrats in general, who have succeeded in one thing this term in the House. They’ve been able to impeach Donald Trump, which was their sole reason for being there in the first place. Of course, it did nothing because the Senate overwhelmingly squashed the conviction phase, and we learned a few weeks ago that the entire process was a sham set up by Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi. Every single person that went before the television cameras, from John Brennan to Samantha Powers, to Susan Rice, who all said that Donald Trump colluded with the Russians and “they knew” because “they had information”, lied. When they got before Schiff’s committee, it was a different story. Of course, that was done behind closed doors and the American public was kept in the dark about it.

There was one thing that AOC thought was funny. Apparently, she had a band of teenagers on Tik-Tok make phony reservation requests to the Trump campaign so they would limit the size of the audience. It didn’t matter. They could have filled an arena ten times as large. And Trump’s message, though at times slamming the opposition as he is wont to do, was positive and upbeat.

In essence, Trump did, what I thought he should be doing all along. Tell the folks what you’ve done over the past four years, and what your plans are for the next four years, and how Joe Biden couldn’t begin to do it. All he’s got to say is that Biden’s been in Washington for 49 years. Why hasn’t he solved any of our nation’s problems in that time period?

It was great to see Trump being Trump. There was no stumbling. There was no long, drawn-out Coronavirus “thank you’s” that permeated the daily briefings of the past. Now that Trump has gotten one under his belt, and we’ve seen the massive crowds that turned out for it, it’ll be interesting to see what happens when he’s doing one of these every day. And Joe Biden continues to nap in his basement. Yet another Hillary Clinton candidacy gone awry!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

The Most Hated Man In Washington

If you want to know who is the most hated person in Washington, DC these days, you have to look no further than former National Security Advisor, and former UN Ambassador, John Bolton. He has become the man that has zero credibility on both sides of the aisle and has a book scheduled for release this next week. Neither Democrats or Republicans have many nice things to say about Bolton, who has been a right-wing nut job for most of his career.

The book, which is already number one in the New York Times Bestseller list, called “The Room Where It Happened” has Republicans up in arms because Bolton didn’t get the book vetted by the NSA and the CIA prior to its release. The GOP side of the aisle says that Bolton has written about classified material, without getting clearance. Donald Trump and William Barr have taken the bent that the Department of Justice is considering filing some criminal charges against Bolton.

Meanwhile, Democrats are very upset. They went through a three-year battle to impeach Donald Trump, and have said that had they known what Bolton has alleged in his book, they could have thrown a whole lot more at Trump’s impeachment rather than just the Ukraine phone call Trump made. As one Democrat put it, “When we needed Bolton’s testimony, he was nowhere to be found, he turned and hid. And then he shows up after impeachment like the fireman that shows up after the building has burned to the ground and asks to help.”

The thing to understand is, John Bolton has been a controversial figure from his arrival in DC. He upset the left time and time again to the point they wanted nothing to do with him. Now that he has a book attacking Donald Trump, they still don’t like him, but it’s because his information could have been used in the impeachment trial.

Bolton has been fired from most of the jobs he’s held in Washington. He was also the Under Secretary for Arms Control and International Security Affairs under George W. Bush. George H.W. Bush also had Bolton take the job of Assistant Secretary of State for International Organization Affairs. He was the Assistant Attorney General for Civil Division under Ronald Reagan, and before that served under Reagan as the Assistant Administrator of USAID for Program and Policy Coordination.

So, it’s fair to say that Bolton is a guy that can’t seem to hold a job very long. He was Trump’s National Security Advisor for about 18 months. And Donald Trump, who puts loyalty above pretty much everything else, realized early on that Bolton was a loose cannon and couldn’t count on him to be loyal to the president who hired him. And, it appears Bolton’s only reason for working in the Trump White House was to get information to write a book.

Actually, the left may have been right about Bolton all along. It appears that he could very well be dangerous, exaggerate the truth and lie, and only look out for one person… John Bolton. At best, he’s a blowhard with no credibility (but one helluva moustache!), and at worst, he’s a traitor that needs to be tried and executed if he’s spreading classified information to the public. What’s funny is even MSNBC host Chris Hayes blasted Bolton for trying to cash in on the betrayal of his country. And that came from Trump-hating MSNBC!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Policing The Police

Donald Trump came out with an executive order yesterday that he says is going to be a first step in solving the “policing problem” in our country. Democrats said it was “weak”. The Dems in the House have come up with their own police revitalization program and the Republicans in the Senate have their own version that they are working on. I think all three pretty much are missing the mark.

I think to solve the policing “problem” in this country, you have to delve much deeper. First of all, it’s a trust issue. And it’s a trust issue because blacks don’t trust the police, and the police know the statistics, which show blacks are 13% of the population, and roughly 40% of the prison population.

In 2020 so far (as of today) there have been about 429 people killed by police. Of that, 172 have been white, 88 black, 57 Hispanic, 14 “Other”, and 98 have been listed as “Unknown”. That means with 13% of the population, blacks make up about 20% of the killings. Whites make up roughly 40% (with 64% of the population).

Those are the statistics. Here comes the conjecture. The argument that the police are racist comes because there is a higher percentage of blacks killed by police than there are blacks in society. Whites have a much lower percentage of killings by police than there are whites in society. So, by that logic, you would assume the police are “targeting” blacks.

Well, it’s either that or blacks are involved more in illegal activities. In Chicago…murder capital of the world, 74% of the people shot and killed are black. 71% of the murderers are black. And when you look at the prison population, 40% are black, 39% white. Could the reason that blacks are getting killed at a greater rate by police than they have in the population because they are committing more crime?

How to solve the problem is systemic, and that part I believe is true. I personally believe that it starts in the home. If you look at white vs. black families, you find a stark difference. In white families, 74.3% of children under the age of 18 live with two parents in the home. In black families, that number is 38.7%, about half of white families. And usually (not always), in two-parent homes, there is more time, more money, more attention paid to the kids. That translates into less crime, better-behaved kids, who by the way, are less likely to have single-parent homes themselves.

It all starts in the home. But there are indeed bad cops, and a stronger system of determining who is and isn’t a bad cop needs to be developed, and a one-strike-and-you’re-out policy needs to be implemented. Bad cops who are power-hungry or racist need to realize that there is no place for them in a position of power such as a police force. They need to be weeded out.

I think the percentage of “bad cops” in America is relatively low, and overall I think the police do a great job. My African American friends up in Seattle may disagree with me, but defunding the police, or taking over a part of a city leads to lawlessness and anarchy, and isn’t the answer. And the people making those demands scare me, because though they aren’t the ones in this country that usually vote, they are the ones that one day will vote. And they don’t seem to have the mental capacity to be able to properly solve the problem.

Donald Trump’s executive order deals with the cops, which may be needed, but unless and until the real problem is dealt with, which is the overall crime rate among the black population in this country, you aren’t going to see a major change. And when you resist arrest, and steal a taser like Rayshard Brooks, and then get caught on video turning and shooting a taser at police, you’re gonna get what you get. Just sayin’!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Trump Is Losing It

I’m really sorry that I have to say this, but you had better prepare yourselves for the inevitable. Unless something major changes in the next five months, you’re going to be watching the inauguration of Joe Biden.

Donald Trump is costing himself the election.

Trump is making gaffe after gaffe in this whole affair over George Floyd’s death. He was already on shaky ground with less than qualified leadership, long, rambling diatribes during daily briefings in the whole COVID-19 affair, and now, most of his own cabinet are starting to turn on him.

I have said months ago, that the election was Trump’s to lose, and that’s exactly what he’s doing. This isn’t Joe Biden surging because he’s proving to the world he’s a great leader. He’s still a lying, gaffe-prone machine that can barely get two words out. What has happened is that Donald Trump has become unhinged. And his own staff is turning on him in record numbers.

Former Defense Secretary, Jim Mattis came out and basically said that Trump is a threat to the Constitution. Now, I don’t believe that, but it’s not very helpful when a former cabinet official rails in a magazine article against the President. And current Defense Secretary, Mark Esper, who probably will be losing his job soon (if he hasn’t already), came out against Trump when he said he couldn’t support Trump enacting the Insurrection Act because of the nightly riots.

Look, Trump stepped in it big time when he went to St. John’s Church the other day. It was nothing more than a photo op, and it was poorly executed. Trump has not been able to differentiate, at least to the public, the difference between the daytime protesters over George Floyd’s death, and the nighttime rioters that have destroyed parts of several cities across the country. He really hasn’t shown leadership, and has shown that he wants to rule with an iron fist. While I think he needs to quell the rioters, he’s coming across more like Venezuela’s Nicolas Maduro, and less like Martin Luther King, Jr.

I have supported Donald Trump over the past four years, and continue to do so in light of the fact that his opposition is a bumbling idiot. But he has stepped all over a campaign that should have been nothing short of a landslide and turned it into a race I’m not sure he can win. His poll numbers are down to 39% now nationally. No president has ever won re-election with numbers that low. He is behind big time in Wisconsin (9 points), Michigan (4 points), and in Arizona (3 points). And he carried all three states in 2016. If he loses those three, he loses the election, period.

Trump needs to find his leadership voice and start being presidential. That has been my complaint on him from day one. You can’t act like you’re hosting The Apprentice while you’re running the country, and that’s exactly what he’s done. The oddsmakers now have Joe Biden winning the presidency, and they are rarely wrong. And IF Biden is actually leading, there is no way he would risk the lead by debating Trump one-on-one. He will basically let Trump continue to make mistake after mistake and will just run against his many mistakes. He won’t have to come up with his own plan, just basically retort, “I would NEVER be that poor of a leader”, and America will fall in line with him.

Trump needs to wake up in the next 30 days, or the GOP should find a different candidate to run before their convention in August!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Fixing The Twitter Problem

Donald Trump has a problem. He’s gotten himself into a box over his feud with Twitter and their CEO, Jack Dorsey. Trump has used Twitter as his bully-pulpit ever since he got to the White House because he doesn’t trust the left-wing, mainstream snowflake media. They’ve been biased against him from the moment he won the election. And they haven’t let up. So, to get around them, Trump decided to use Twitter where he can have millions of followers, and get his message out to them, uncensored, and uncommented on by the mainstream press.

But it hasn’t worked.

Twitter has started putting labels on Trump’s tweets, and “fact-checking” them. Now, most everyone that knows Donald Trump knows that most of his tweets aren’t necessarily facts, they are his opinions, and he has a ton of them. Not all of them can be “fact-checked” because how do you check an opinion? There’s the rub.

Twitter is an extremely liberal company, and their chief “fact-checker” is a dyed-in-the-wool socialist. So, the odds of Donald Trump getting a fair shake from them isn’t probably going to happen. But Trump’s response of trying to use executive orders to void Section 230 of the Telecommunications Bill of 1996 is wrong. It’s an abuse of his power and he shouldn’t be doing it.

Here’s what he should do instead.

Let’s look at another liberal company. Everybody familiar with AARP? The American Association of Retired People? They say they are a lobbying group looking out for senior citizens. Actually, they’re an insurance group that sells gap insurance to seniors. Oh, they cloak it by doing other things along the way, but make no mistake, they’re as liberal as they come! How do you deal with AARP if you’re a conservative? Up until a few years back, you just didn’t subscribe to their little club.

But along came another group called AMAC. This is pretty much the same thing as AARP except they are conservative. They are where you go if you’re retired, and want a conservative side presented. And that is exactly what Donald Trump should be pushing for.

He needs to start a “conservative Twitter”. He needs to let the marketplace decide. If you offered the people on Twitter the ability to go to a much less biased site, where they could enjoy their own messages without the fear of being censored, you would have a winner. And I just bet that there would be a market for it and someone would make a billion dollars doing it. All the while, Twitter would be losing probably 40-45% of their members because they’re not happy with the way Twitter handles things.

Does it divide the country? Yup. But it allows the free market, not the federal government to solve the problem. It does solve the problem without additional regulations (I’m not a regulations guy), and it allows people of a conservative or Christian bent to get on board and let their views be heard without the fear of reprisals from idiot leftists.

There you go Donald Trump. No court cases to fight, no extra fights with Congress over whether you have the right to impose sanctions or restrictions on a publicly held company. It’s easy. You let the marketplace decide. And if Twitter is in the right, they’ll succeed. And if they’re in the wrong, they won’t. And you are doing what you’ve always done…supporting business. THAT is the way to handle this problem!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Wet Socks

It is happening with more and more frequency. the President of the United States, who has been using Twitter as his bully-pulpit since taking over at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, is sticking his feet in his mouth with alarming regularity. In his ongoing battle with Twitter over comments that he has made, Twitter has sought to add “labels” to the president’s comments, as they work at fact-checking. Now, some of the time, their lead fact-checker, a guy named Yoel Roth, himself a rather verbose and animated guy who has on several occasions expressed his displeasure with Trump in shall we say, non-friendly ways, has mis-labeled Trump’s comments. Roth has also been guilty of violating Twitter’s own terms of service, all the while policing the site.

But recently, Trump stuck his feet in his mouth and chewed on his wet socks once again. His tweet basically said, “When the looting starts, the shooting starts” drew a label from Twitter saying that they felt that it was inciting violence. That decision actually came from Twitter’s chief executive, Jack Dorsey. The White House clarified the comment, which was made originally in Miami back in the 1960’s by a police chief that was known for inciting violence.

Trump’s comments came as Thursday night’s looting saw 170 businesses in black areas of Minneapolis and St. Paul. The Governor of Minnesota basically took over the city of Minneapolis and brought in the National Guard and the state police. And while we all feel that it was a tragic injustice done to George Floyd, it’s clear that those in Minneapolis and elsewhere are using Floyd’s death as an excuse for the looting.

Was Trump right for using that tweet? It can be argued that he could have been a little more sensitive as to what he says, and the history behind it. But Twitter is meddling in the 2020 election. Jack Dorsey and his crew should be ashamed of themselves of being extraordinarily biased, in allowing China and Iran to tweet their propaganda, but continually censors tweets that are made by Christians, and conservatives.

Trump needs to do what I’ve said all along, which is to lay off the tweets. It’s his fault that he’s put himself in this bind, but Twitter isn’t blameless. Dorsey needs to realize that while he technically may be in the right, he ethically is in the wrong.

And both men chewed their socks this past weekend!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Trumping Twitter

Donald Trump has come out with the outline of what he calls his response to Twitter labeling a couple of his posts. And while I would say he does have a First Amendment right to express his views, there isn’t anything that says that right is valid when it comes to a corporate entity such as Facebook, Alphabet Google, or Twitter. On this front, sorry to say, but I feel Trump is wrong.

If I went on Twitter and started calling say, Nancy Pelosi all of the names in the book, it would be reasonable, unless it was true and I could prove it, that the posts would be taken down, or at the very least “labeled”. My freedom of speech ends when I deal with a corporation on their turf. Case in point: AAA the insurance and emergency road service people have just sent out an email here that says they aren’t accepting cash for a while during the pandemic. Now, there’s nothing anywhere that says any business HAS to accept cash. There is no federal mandate that says they have to accept cash.

Likewise, if you are going to a certain business, and they say that you must wear a banana costume in order to enter their establishment, or you will not be served… that’s the rule. And likewise, if you are an employee at a business, you are not guaranteed “Freedom of Speech” at that business. Neither are you guaranteed “Freedom of Speech” if you enter that business, or use that business.

Donald Trump’s attempt to get Twitter to allow him to say whatever he wants or he’s going to impose a block on the immunity of social media sites to censor or block posts that aren’t obscene, or violent is off base. He’s going to basically impose lifting what’s known as Section 230 of the 1996 Telecommunications Bill, that was signed into law by Bill Clinton. The bill is probably best known for opening up the public airwaves to corporate ownership. Until then, a company could only own seven AM radio stations, seven FM radio stations, and seven television stations.  Section 230 gives social media outlets immunity from prosecution when people other than themselves post objectionable material on their site. Trump wants to do away with Section 230 in this regard.

It’s going to cause a firestorm of legal controversies to say the least. But in the end, businesses have the right to issue rules to the public that will be using their businesses. That does include social media sites being able to either censor material it deems offensive, or attach labels, such as “fact-checking” notices. If it is clearly stated in their terms of service, they have the right to do so. If you as a consumer don’t want to follow that or deem it objectionable, you don’t have to use their service.

And that is the issue going forward. Is it right for these social media giants to play censor and to what extent? Or is it fair game for anyone to say anything they want? Obviously, the Supreme Court will get their chance to weigh in on this in the future. But for now, it’s pretty much Donald Trump screaming foul because a liberal social media site is trying to blunt the message he’s been using as a bully-pulpit since taking office.

Personally, the Telecommunications Bill of 1996 was passed by Congress, and they are the ones that have the ability to change it, not the president. We’ve seen this happen before. A president cannot unilaterally void a bill or change a bill. He can, however, if the bill gives an Executive Branch department the right to regulate a situation, decide to change the regulations surrounding the bill (as was the case with the Individual Mandate in Obamacare). But to change a law needs Congressional approval.

And somehow, in this current environment, I doubt Donald Trump is going to get that!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Who Will Get The Blame?

As we wind down the Coronavirus escapade, certainly it will be either the top story or the second top story (if the presidential election surpasses it) of the year, we need to start asking the question, “Are the Democrats right to be pointing fingers at all?” If so, are they right at pointing them at Donald Trump?

I don’t think so.

Frankly, I would suggest that you would first point your blame at the Chinese. After all, they were the ones that let this thing out of the lab. Second, they had a travel ban within their own country and the Wuhan province long before they had a travel ban in place for foreigners coming to their country. It was almost like they wanted it spread to the rest of the world. Third, I just don’t trust that country with much and we’ve put way too much trust in them to manufacture an awful lot of our goods.

Second, do you blame Donald Trump? Again, I’m not so sure. Remember, it was Trump that instituted the travel ban back on January 31st. Nancy Pelosi called it racist and xenophobic at the time, as did Joe Biden. In fact, to illustrate her point, Pelosi went to Chinatown in San Francisco, and invited the world to come in and party there. That was February 24th. Then on March 6th, some six weeks after Trump initiated the travel ban from China, Los Angeles Mayor, Gil Garcetti decided to go ahead and hold the Los Angeles Marathon. So, I’m not really buying the argument that Donald Trump was slow on the uptake on this one.

Now, let’s ask ourselves what Joe Biden, or Nancy Pelosi, or Andrew Cuomo, or Hillary Clinton would have done differently. I haven’t heard a word of “advice” out of any of them. They seem to be out there with the crickets when it comes to usable advice on how they would have stemmed the tide. Oh, they love to blame Trump, but that’s not really helpful. They love to think he cost Americans thousands of lives. But they don’t offer any tips on what should have been done differently. They say he acted too slow, but their actions didn’t show it. I mean, if Trump should have shut down the country earlier than he did, why did Pelosi want everyone to go to Chinatown? She won’t answer that question by the way. I’ve emailed her staff and asked.

The only real criticism I have for Donald Trump in all of this, well, there are two. First of all, his daily briefings were long and laboriously boring. It got to the point where I said here on this blog it would cost him approval rating, and it did. It’s only now starting to climb back up. And the real criticism I have is, never in the history of humanity have we quarantined the healthy as well as the sick. We always have quarantined the sick. Why didn’t we do that this time? Did we really need to shut down the country, or just isolate those that had the virus in the first place? I’ve never heard a really good answer on this point, but frankly it would have solidified the Democrats position if they actually had asked this question.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Trippin’ Up Trump?

Donald Trump should have an easy path to reelection this fall. I say he should have an easy path. But he keeps getting in the way. He takes three steps forwards, and then three steps back.

Latest case in point.

On Monday of this week, Trump announced to the media that he was taking hydroxychloroquine to prevent coronavirus symptoms. Now, it was a pretty stupid admission given what we know about the drug. I know Trump is high on it, because it was one of the early “cure” drugs for the disease, but it’s been surpassed by dozens of other combinations since then. And today, it is only supposed to be given to people that actually are suffering with coronavirus, as opposed to someone taking it as a preventative measure. It was a rather dumb admission that frankly should have been kept quiet.

Trump also has come out in the past couple of days saying that he was “surprised” that Attorney General, William Barr has said that based on what he’s seen so far in the Durham Investigation, there would probably be no need for criminal charges to be filed against either Bobo Obama or Joe Biden. This on the heels of Trump calling the whole Michael Flynn unmasking case, “Obamagate”. While I get it that Trump wants to tie anyone high up in the Obama administration to the scandal, and there were many during Obama’s time in office, it is best that he runs against Joe Biden and not Bobo, who’s not on anyone’s ticket this fall.

These are two examples of very easily avoidable gaffes from the Trump campaign. It’s what happens when you let your candidate go out and spew without actually thinking about what he/she is saying. And, it’s happening with more and more regularity. Trump to give the press stories that will appear that the president doesn’t understand what he’s doing, is stupid. It’s just plain dumb and it plays right into the hands of Biden and Obama.

Donald Trump needs to go on the offensive against Joe Biden. He needs to talk about coronavirus as a Chinese-made virus that, using the facts and not conjecture, shows that it was the Chinese that have hurt our government, hurt our economy, killed over 90,000 of our people, and taken our jobs. It was not the Trump administration. He needs to show how his actions actually saved jobs, saved the economy, and most importantly, saved lives.

And, Trump needs to go on the offensive against Biden, much like he did against Hillary Clinton four years ago. I’ve heard he’s planning on using the same type of playbook. The only problem with that is now the American people have had four years to get to see what he’s all about, the good, the bad, and the ugly, and there is plenty of all three. He needs to focus on his accomplishments, while questioning Biden on everything from his gaffes, to his mental capacity, to his shady dealings. And most importantly, Trump needs to focus on what he plans to do in the next four years. How he plans to get our economy back on track, and how he plans to deal with the Chinese for this COVID-19 outbreak.

If he doesn’t do that, he’s taking one step forward, tripping, and falling one step back. And Biden is too easy of a candidate to defeat in order for that to happen!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

See? I Told You So!

I hate blowing my own horn when I bring something up here and it happens. But it happens a lot recently. And it happened again over the weekend. Last Friday, Donald Trump’s advisors pulled him aside and said, “Enough is enough!”

They want him to stop doing the daily briefings.

Now, if you’re relatively new here, you know that I’ve been railing about this for a while. His part in the briefings have become nothing more than a “thank you” to companies that have helped in the effort to stem the Coronavirus. He has been the national cheerleader, and while that was good at the beginning, it’s turned into a circus. The media asks inane gotcha questions designed to make Trump look bad, and he calls the media out on it. Neither has anything to do with COVID-19. And I said early on that his poll numbers would start to go down if he kept up the charade.

It’s happened.

And his advisors have taken notice. Either that, or they are reading my blog or watching the videos on YouTube, and I don’t think that’s the case. I certainly hope not. They’ve got a LOT more important things to do! What they have told Trump is that his ratings are going down because the Senior Citizens that are basically watching get scared on a daily basis and don’t like watching him fight with the media.

Their plan is to have him show up sporadically. They want him to show up on occasion, not on a set schedule. His job isn’t to answer questions, but to announce victories in the COVID-19 scare. And they say he should leave the details to the professionals and the medical community to talk to the press and the nation about.

It’s almost like they were actually listening to me!

Trump’s approval rating on, which takes all of the approval polls and averages them together hit a recent high of 45.8% back on the 1st of April. Since then, in three weeks’ time it’s slipped to 43.4% a 2.4% drop. His advisors say it’s because there isn’t much new news to bring to the public, and it’s becoming boring and predictable and that he’s over-exposed. These are things I said three weeks ago!

If Trump were smart, he wouldn’t show up at all. Stay out of the Coronavirus escapade all together. Leave it to Mike Pence, who he put in charge of the task force, and let Pence, Fauci, and Birx be the faces of the task force. That would be the best way to handle it. Let Joe Biden keep doing his daily briefings from his basement, which also don’t say anything new. Then HIS ratings will go down!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!