Inflation Up Again In November

Inflation is now the highest it’s been in 40 years. In November the inflation rate was 6.8%, which was up from October’s rate of 6.2%. You have to go back to 1981 (which was a recession year) to see the type of increasing prices that we are seeing now. And what’s Joe Biden doing about it? He’s saying that this is the “new normal”. When was the last time we saw this? In case you can’t remember, it was when Bobo Obama was the president, and said that the poor economy that America was experiencing was “the new normal”. So, this is the same old play from the sam old playbook.

And what is Biden doing for all of this? Absolutely nothing. People are quitting their jobs at record numbers. Biden says it is because we’re moving up to better jobs. Well, if that were the case, why are there some 10.5 million jobs out there still available? There is some trading up of jobs from minimum wage jobs to better paid jobs. As far as spending, Biden is opening the jobs at the government and is hiring like we’ve never seen in our lifetime. And while Biden touts this as the largest job growth in history, you have to go back to 2017 in order to find the same number of people at work. That’s right. Biden’s economy has erased three years of job growth, and we’re nowhere near where we were when the pandemic hit in March of 2020.

I said a few months ago that from conversations I had with several “money people” I know around the country, their consensus was that the inflation rate for next year (2022) would be between 7-10%. It would rise between 10-13% in 2023 with a likely recession that probably would last at least a year. The reason for the inflation? Unlike Joe Biden, who likes to blame either Donald Trump or COVID for everything, the people that do this stuff for a living tell me it’s because we are printing too much money. That cheapens that dollar because there are more of them out there. These aren’t stupid people either, so I do put some trust in them. Well, let me say this…I put a LOT more trust in them than I do Joe Biden. Biden has convinced me he must have failed every economics course he ever took!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Don’t Worry…It’ll Pass!

So, I have a question…and I’m sure it will be a different answer from each of you. At what point do you realize when someone tells you something that they are just blowing smoke? They don’t have slightest idea in what they are saying to you is true or not. Oh, they may HOPE it’s true. But they can’t say for certain. At what point do you throw your hands up and say that you’ve heard enough?

I think I passed that point with Joe Biden probably in March of this year. It didn’t take long to understand that he was the consummate politician trying to make everyone feel good after the rather tumultuous four years with Donald Trump tweeting everything. But in reality, Biden is actually become worse than Trump. Trump had credibility. Oh, he was loud. He was brash. He was one of the more unpresidential presidents we’ve ever had (and I’m looking at YOU, U.S. Grant!), But at least most of the time when Trump told you something, if you could cut through the bravado, it was true.

The same can’t be said with Joe Biden. He is a man built on telling you whatever it is you want to hear. He doesn’t know the truth. I don’t think that he’s ever met the truth. And the latest lie is a shining example of that.

Biden was talking to folks about passing his $2 trillion spending plan. This isn’t the infrastructure/human infrastructure plan. This is the $2 trillion socialist wish list plan. And it’s not going so well. Oh, the House ate it up. It was close but the Democrats under Pelosi passed it. But in the Senate, where they’ve got to get all of the Dems on board, Joe Manchin (D-WV) is standing in the way (again). The problem is, Manchin doesn’t believe that we need to be spending $2 trillion in funds we have to print, because of inflation.

Manchin is right.

The reason we have inflation of 7% a year this year, heading to 10% or so next year, and up to 13% in 2023 is simple. When you print a lot of money, you lower the value of the dollar. When you do that, it takes more dollars to buy something and that is the actual definition of inflation. Add to that a poorly managed supply chair crisis because Pete Buttigieg was off on “maternity” leave after adopting some kids, and you can see that no one is guarding the store room. It’s been raided clean, and yet we’re being told that everything is ok. Why? Because Biden is at least cogent enough to know if we don’t buy into his argument that the inflation is only temporary, we won’t buy into his $2 trillion spending package, which really is the cornerstone of his entire presidency.

Here’s what he said: ‘’I think you’ll see it change sooner, quicker, more rapidly than most people think. Every other aspect of the economy is racing ahead. It’s doing incredibly well,’’ Biden said. ‘’But inflation is affecting people’s lives.’’

Here’s the problem. Inflation is affecting people’s lives because of the out of control spending that Biden is pushing. His policies are designed to get you to pay more so you stop consuming so much. If you consume less, you’ll “save the planet”. There won’t be a need for meat (which is why you’re seeing the push to plant-based meats and milks), which means that less cow farts translate into “saving the planet” from climate change. And if you travel less, that’s less of a carbon footprint and the way to do that is send gasoline prices to the moon. Those two areas account for a lot of what we’re seeing in inflation.

And Biden has to sell you on his idea that inflation is temporary. If he doesn’t, if this is the “new normal” as Obama called it, you’re not going to want to back his spending plan (some 73% don’t back it as it is). Let’s call this one what it is. It’s another bold faced Biden lie. It’s the same thing as him telling the world during the campaign last year that Donald Trump didn’t have a plan on how to shut down COVID, but he did. He obviously didn’t because if he did, we wouldn’t be worried about Omicron, or Delta, or whatever variant is coming up next. It’d be done. It was all politics, all a lie, and there’s no truth there.

If there was ever a real life human adaptation of the Wizzard of Oz, it’s Joe Biden. He’s the meek little man behind the curtain talking a big game, but being able to accomplish very little. And that is the saddest thing of all that Americans bought into last year when they elected him.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Biden’s Numbers Suck, But You Are To Blame!

Joe Biden was on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon Friday night. If you missed it, and judging by their ratings you did, he had a lot to say about his “lower than a toilet” approval ratings. See, it’s not Joe Biden’s fault. It never is with Democrats. There are other forces, evil forces at work here. And it’s America’s fault. Because America isn’t getting the “accurate information” they need to accurately judge how well Biden is doing! That’s the whole problem.

According to Biden, it’s the fact that Americans are feeling that Armageddon is right around the corner. He doesn’t think that’s true. He’s calling the best economy in the past 60 years. Unemployment is down to 4.2% (forget the fact that 7 million of the 9 million people out of work have just stopped looking for a job, so they don’t count in the unemployment numbers anymore. According to the Labor Department, some 94.7 million Americans are not in the labor pool any longer. Those include the sick and elderly, the retired, and a bunch of people that just have stopped looking for work. And the reason they’ve stopped looking is because they’re getting bad information.

Well, OK, Joe. If they are getting bad information, and you have the bully pulpit, why aren’t you telling them something that they believe? Is it because you’ve lied to the American people about so much stuff already this year that you have no credibility left? Is it the fact that maybe, just maybe the information you’re out there trying to pass along doesn’t jibe with the way these Americans see things in fly-over country? Is it the fact that you have printed so much money in the first year in office that you’ve caused inflation to hit a 40 year high? You have to go back to the 1980-81 recession of Jimmy Carter to see this type of inflation! No one, not Republican, not Democrat, no one in the White House since Carter has seen this type of wild and inexcusable spending. Not Bill Clinton, not the Bush Boys, not Bobo Obama. No one. Just you, Joe.

It’s always easy to cherry pick certain numbers to bring a rosier picture to the world, and that’s what Biden is doing. But do you think that We The People will buy it when we were told that he had a plan to fix COVID? He had a way to “Build Back Better”, and it was going to cost zero dollars, even though he wanted to spend $6 trillion on it? Which by the way, the Congressional Budget Office is getting ready to release it’s scoring on this $2 trillion plan sometime before Christmas.

No, Biden’s numbers are an accurate reflection of the mood of the country. No other president has had “F**k Joe Biden” (or their name) chanted en masse at sporting events around the country. It wasn’t just NASCAR, it was football games at every University and College in the country! That’s not receiving bad information Joe. That’s the country telling you you’re screwing up.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

The $600 Shuffle

You have to at the very least give Joe “Brandon” Biden a little bit of credit. After all, he told America while he was running for president that no one that made under $400,000 per year would receive a tax increase. America bought the lie. And Joe “Brandon” was elected president.

Alas, not all is what it seems to be.

Once Joe “Brandon” got into the White House, that number changed. All of a sudden, if you were single and made less than $400,000, you were ok. But if you were married, it was the household income that counted toward the $400,000, NOT the individual’s income. I guess that alone would cause a lot of people to start filing “married filing separately”.

And now, in an effort to “pay” for his $3.5 trillion boondoggle, Biden has decided that there are a lot of tax cheats out there that need to be reined in because they are taking money out of his spending bill! And he and his administration have told us that this bill “will cost zero dollars”. It’s a neat trick if you can do it, but I don’t think even Penn & Teller could achieve such magic. If they were, they wouldn’t be working in Vegas at the Rio!

No, Biden is now trying to look into your bank account. Any time that you take out or put in a whopping $600, he wants to know about it. Currently, by the way, the IRS is notified anytime you move $10,000 or more. But Biden realizes that even that figure can’t get him to the $3.5 trillion he so desperately needs to transform the United States economy.

So, it got me to wondering why $600? What is so magical about that number that Biden wants to keep a watch on? Hell, the average credit card bill in the United States shows an average balance of $6,194, with an average minimum monthly payment of $123.88. The average American has four credit cards. Well, if you are paying $123.88 four times, you are almost to that $600 figure. And if you’re like me, and you have a reward card that gives you say airline miles for what you spend, it’s well north of $2,500 a month. Yeah…I charge pretty much everything. Of course, I keep a zero balance on it too! And I never have to pay cash for flying anywhere.

House Minority Leader, Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), penned a letter to Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) that basically said, “While the stated goal of this vast data collection is to uncover tax dodging by the wealthy, this proposal is not remotely targeted to that purpose or that population,” the letter said. “In addition to the significant privacy concerns, it would create tremendous liability for all affected parties by requiring the collection of financial information for nearly every American without proper explanation of how the IRS will store, protect, and use this enormous trove of personal financial information. We believe that this program is costly for all parties, not fit for purpose, and loaded with potential for unintended and serious negative consequences.”

McCarthy has it right.

If you want to go after tax cheats, have at it. And the current policy of tracking expenditures of $10,000 is a good place to start. I mean, when was the last time you withdrew or deposited $10,000 into an account? It does happen on occasion, but not regularly. But $600? Most people will go over that writing a check to cover their mortgage every month. Some out here in the desert pay that every month just to pay their electric bill…especially in the summer months when the temperature reaches 118 degrees! When banks and conservative groups clamored loud and long, the FED actually listened. This past Tuesday, they decided that $600 was too small a number to be going after. They are proposing that the number be based on annual deposits and withdrawals of $10,000. That’s still only a little more than $800 a month! Pretty meager pickings even for middle class families!

This is just another liberal power grab designed to try and ferret out not the big tax cheats that take billions out of the treasury, but the little guy trying to make ends meet. Are we really going to try and collect from people withdrawing or depositing $600? Rasmussen released a poll this past weekend that showed 69% of Americans are against this move. That coupled with the fract that the IRS is so low on staff that they can’t keep up with going after the current tax cheats shows not only has Biden lost his marbles, I think Janet Yellen is right there as well and should resign.

And I’m not alone. Banks, businesses, and many different organizations that keep our economy running strong (usually), are banding together with Kevin McCarthy to fight this. Somehow, I think it will have a very difficult time become law, and even if it’s just IRS policy, you’re going to see pushback like you’ve never seen.

Sharpen the knives…the revolution is about to begin!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

EXTRA: Debt Ceiling Bingo

I appears that sometime today, Democrats and Republicans are going to reach “a compromise” on the debt ceiling extension. As you probably know (because you’re informed!), on October 18th, the government runs out of money without an increase in the amount of debt it can incur. That’s like you going to your credit card company that you already owe $50,000 to and pay interest only payments on each month, and want them to give you an unlimited credit card limit for a specified period of time. That’s what the Democrats want.

Republicans are set to cave on this. Mitch McConnell has hinted he won’t stand in the way. Democrats are asking that the debt ceiling be waived until December, 2022 (after the midterm elections). That would allow Democrats to spend whatever they want, and run the debt up as high as they want with no consequence (at least to them…for you and me that’s another story).

Some Republicans are asking that there be a limit as to how high the debt ceiling can go, and others are insisting that the Democrats can only go past the debt ceiling a certain number of times. Let’s call that like you won’t buy the Chevy or the Ford on your credit card, but you’re heading to the Bentley dealer. Same difference.

We have reached the point in our existence where we don’t really have two political parties that are bi-polar. They are more like a few feet apart, but certainly not miles apart. It’s all how they appeal to their base, and how they can keep their base from leaving them. And it’s hurting our opinion of them. Gallup has just released a poll saying that less than half of us have confidence in the people that hold or even run for public office.

I have to be honest and say that at one point, I considered a run for Congress, with no actual political experience. When I was told by the chair of the party in my county that I would have to spend the next 12 years (6 terms) running, I thought he was nuts and decided against it. Today? I wouldn’t even consider running for political office. Not that my wife would let me in the first place.

The damage has already been done by Congress and this president, hell bent on sending the debt higher and higher. And it’s not just been Democrats. Donald Trump raised the debt pre-COVID 16.8% (until March, 2020). It went up another 18% from March, 2020 to the end of his term. That sounds like a lot, but it’s not. Bobo Obama increased the debt 69.98% during his two terms in office, and George W. Bush raised it a whopping 105.08% during his eight years in the Oval.

So, you can’t sit back and blame just the Democrats. Republicans as well have been guilty of this. And it appears that both sides in the Senate are heading toward this “compromise” which the Democrats are spewing that “McConnell caved”. Yup. I would probably be inclined to agree with them. All of this with 52% of Americans saying that the federal government needs to spend less money, not more, and cut programs in light of the increase in inflation and the higher debt ceiling.

The big question is, is there anyone in DC listening to Americans?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Biden’s Next Broken Promise

Oh, it hasn’t happened yet. In fact, it isn’t scheduled to happen until probably the kids are all back in school. But trust me it WILL happen. That’s because the country can’t afford to not let it happen.

Joe Biden will break yet another campaign promise.

Biden campaigned vigorously in the fall last year that he was going to erase $10,000 in college loan debt. Students all over the country flocked to him. In fact, one could say, it’s probably what won him the election. At least one of the things. But just like having “the most ethical presidency in history and I’ll fire anyone who treats anyone poorly”, and then takes two months to wait for an aide to resign over poor behavior to a reporter…it’s failed. Just like promising that you won’t have any new taxes unless you make over $400,000 a year, and then woops… that became $400,000 per HOUSEHOLD. And then of course, it was Biden’s own Treasury Secretary that had secretly proposed and then publicly supported a 15% world tax on corporations that had a 10% profit margin or greater (which meant your prices were going to increase. Yeah, and this is the guy that promised he could “bring us all together” so we could have one big kumbaya party, and has failed. He had a 200 page plan to get rid of COVID. It failed. He ended up using Trump’s plan. He opened the southern border, and he’s fought for eliminating the filibuster in the Senate, though for 47 years he was against it.

And now, Joe Biden is going to be set to charge those poor students that bought his line of BS even more interest on their outstanding student loan debt. OK, let’s review for a second. When Donald Trump started closing everything down last February (while Nancy Pelosi was inviting everyone to “party in Chinatown”, and Joe Biden was still out campaigning), Trump decided to suspend interest and payments on student loan debt because of COVID. That has been in place since that time.

But COVID is waning all across the country. And now, as those kids are thinking about their next job, they are going to have their school bills coming due again. And it will be at a 1% higher interest rate than what they were paying last March. That’s all due to the inflation rate that Biden has caused. So, for every $10,000 in student loan debt these kids have accrued, they now need to pay an extra $529 or so in interest thanks to Biden.

Biden isn’t erasing the student debt. In fact, Biden has never erased the student debt. He postponed the inevitable. And because he’s fighting to pass a $1 trillion infrastructure package in Congress, and hoping to get some $6 trillion for a budget next year, he doesn’t have the money to deal with the student loan debt situation. They are going to learn the hard way not to listen to a politician’s promises!

So we can count that as broken promise #17 of 18 that Biden has broken in the first half year of his first term. How many more can he do? It’ll probably set a record!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Making China Pay

It’s amazing that a year ago, the Trump administration, and Republicans in Congress came out and said that the Coronavirus was started in the Wuhan Institute of Virology in Wuhan, China. Everyone that came out and said that was where they thought the virus that caused a world-wide pandemic were all but castrated for their views. They were told they weren’t following the science. They were told they were conspiracy theorists. They were told they were crazy. They were vilified in such places as MSNBC and Morning Joe, CNN had a field day with the story, as did the New York Times, and the Washington Post.

And it turns out these so-called media experts were dead wrong. And now they can’t back-pedal fast enough. In fact, it’s so bad that several media outlets that actually said Trump was right in his summation of the entire COVID situation by calling it “a China virus”, have begun re-writing their headlines and stories that were posted on the internet. Now, they are starting to join the Trump bandwagon, much to their own chagrin.

While science was wrong, while the media was wrong, and while Tom Cotton, Donald Trump, Mike Pompeo, and a slew of others hit the nail on the head, there is still a problem out there. China caused this virus. China is responsible for this virus. China isn’t going to allow inspectors in to Wuhan to go through the Institute to make sure it happened there. And they’re denying this has cost the United States trillions of dollars. In fact, the Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA) has come out with a study that says that figure is about $16 trillion dollars.

So how do we make China pay?

China currently holds $1.6 trillion in US bonds. While that’s only 10% of the total cost for COVID in this country, it’s a start. They also own some 191,000 acres of land totaling $1.9 billion. That’s a sizable chunk of land. So, how do we make China pay? Simple. We start by nationalizing their land (as Mexico has done in the past and other countries have done). That 191,000 acres becomes federal land that can be sold back to the American people for pennies on the dollar. Most of the land China owns is actually farm land. As for the bonds that the Chinese hold, that becomes a down payment on their repayment of the debt from Wuhan that they caused. And if they don’t want to go along with us, they can allow the investigators in to do their research.

Now, I know the feeling out there is that America should never default on our debt. No, we shouldn’t. But this isn’t defaulting on our debt. This is making a guilty party who won’t allow an investigation to go forward to pay for what’s going on.

The other thing America needs to do, and the Trump administration was doing until they lost the election, was to basically ban China from doing business in the United States. Especially in the pharmaceutical industry. And though the amount of trade deficit with the Chinese has been shrinking over the past few years (from a high of around a half trillion dollars a year to about $300 billion a year), we could certainly damage their economy by pulling the plug on “Made in China”. Last year alone, China sent about $2.5 trillion around the world in exports, and leading the way was the United States with about 17% of that total. If you take 17% of their GNP away from them, you will most certainly hurt them financially.

The question isn’t whether we SHOULD do it. They question is whether the current administration has the guts to do it. And yes, it would be painful to the American people. Most of what we get in the way of electronics, and other household goods comes from China. The prices most certainly would go up. But they would be hurt as bad as us. Japan, South Korea, India, and Vietnam make up the rest of the top five trading partners. If you add up all of our allies’ figures as well, it would be hurtful to say the least.

Economically, could the US hurt China? Yup…but it’s not a question of could we. It’s a question of would we. And with the Biden administration in bed with China as they appear to be, my hunch is, it’s a pipe dream to hope we could ever hold them fiscally responsible.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

20 Questions

Let’s play a little game. Let’s say you were in the White House Press Briefing Room. Joe Biden walked in. You were the only person other than him in the room, and you could ask him 20 questions. ANY 20 questions. What would you ask? Here are mine:

  1. You came out in favor of Major League Baseball boycotting Georgia because of what you call a “Jim Crow Law” with their new voting bill, but you haven’t come out against China or supported a boycott of the 2022 Olympic games held there even though they are murdering Uighurs and raping the women, and forcing them to have abortions. Why the disparity?
  2. During the Senate campaign in Georgia, you promised at several campaign stops to “get those $2,000 checks out the door immediately” if Ossoff and Warnock were elected. They were. Yet you backtracked and only sent out $1,400 checks some two months later. How do you make this right with the American people?
  3. You said you were going to have the most transparent White House in history, and nobody was to treat anybody with disrespect. Yet when White House aide TJ Ducklo threatened a White House reporter from Axios who asked about a relationship he was having with another reporter, the White House was mum for two months. Is this what you mean by being transparent?
  4. You promised during the campaign that you would raise taxes only on people making $400,000 a year or more. Yet, the latest proposal calls on raising taxes on “household incomes” of $400,000 a year or more. That means two people making only $200,000 a year could see a tax increase. Shouldn’t you revise your tax policy to fit your campaign promise?
  5. You have called Andrew Cuomo “The Gold Standard” when it comes to COVID relief. Now he’s under investigation for his decision to make nursing homes in New York take COVID patients, even though that would expose other nursing home patients to the disease, and he had his staff falsify nursing home deaths to make it look like the decision wasn’t as bad as it was. What do you say now about Andrew Cuomo. Is he still the “gold standard”?
  6. How would you assess your Vice President’s performance on the southern border crisis after you named her the point person? And do you think she should be making a trip to the border as Governors in Texas and Arizona have requested? Also…why hasn’t she given a press conference up date in over two weeks?
  7. What do you say to women athletes everywhere after you issued an Executive Order that allows transgenders to participate in all sports, forcing women to compete with men?
  8. If Hunter Biden is found to have made money from Ukraine and China as has been alleged, while you were Vice President, and as his laptop shows, you were to get a cut of the money, are you willing to turn over the millions of dollars you were paid for making introductions to foreign leaders while serving as VP?
  9. You and your administration have chastised Donald Trump for “putting kids in cages”. But it seems all you did was replace a chain link fence with a plexiglass barrier. There are still kids in cages. Were you wrong in chastising Trump?
  10. You have called the Georgia Voting Law a throwback to “Jim Crow laws” in the south, and that they are racist because they force blacks to show ID. Is the White House and Congress planning on lifting the requirement that people touring your facilities show an ID before getting admission?
  11. You mentioned while campaigning in Pennsylvania that you were against banning fracking. Yet you went ahead and issued an Executive Order banning fracking on all federal lands. How do you reconcile the differences?
  12. As a US Senator, you, as your former boss, Bobo Obama, came out in favor of keeping the filibuster exactly as it is. That wasn’t that long ago. Now you are all in favor of the Democrats getting rid of it, or weakening it so that you can pass your agenda that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to do not having 60 votes. What has changed from your floor speech on the Senate to today?
  13. You promised that you had a plan to end the pandemic in America. It was supposedly 200 pages long, though no one outside of your inner circle ever saw it, and what they did see reminded them suspiciously of Donald Trump’s plan. Since then, you’ve abandoned that plan entirely. Why?
  14. Speaking of the pandemic, you campaigned on getting schools re-opened. You wanted to have schools opened in the first 100 days. Then the teachers unions got all up in arms and you caved. You changed the promise to “50% plus one of the nations schools open for in-classroom learning at least one day a week.” That’s a pretty weak promise isn’t it?
  15. You have said that under Donald Trump, America was being ridiculed and mocked by other countries. Yet China has openly mocked you; Vladimir Putin has challenged you to a televised debate shown worldwide; North Korea has resumed launching missiles…something they had stopped under Trump. And Iran has chastised you for trying to get back into the JCPOA. How do you believe we’ve gained any respect from countries because of these countries actions toward you and your administration.
  16. Going back to the southern border crisis, you have blamed the surge on Donald Trump, but his numbers were down substantially from what you are seeing this spring. The President of Mexico has said that things were much better under Donald Trump, and only 27% of Americans approve of the job you’re doing at the southern border. Are you ready to walk back that claim that the border is Trump’s fault and accept the responsibility for what’s happening there?
  17. While we are on the subject of illegal immigration, Border Patrol has caught at least two people that were on the Homeland Security Watchlist as being terrorists, trying to sneak into the country. They have also arrested a member of the MS-13 gang. Do you feel you are doing a good job keeping the border states safe from terrorists?
  18. Again, staying at the southern border, back in September of last year, you said that you would not deport any illegal alien during the first 100 days of your presidency unless they committed a felony against an American citizen. Two weeks into your term, an illegal killed a woman while drunk driving. They weren’t deported. Though, in your first 100 days, over 28,000 people have been deported. How can we believe anything you have to say about the border?
  19. You want to spend $2.2 trillion on what you call “infrastructure”, yet only 5% of the bill calls for the money to go to actual infrastructure. The rest goes to climate change items, liberal wish lists, and bailing out more cities and unions. How much do you really need to increase the number of infrastructure jobs that are already on the books? And how many additional jobs would that be?
  20. You have mentioned that the infrastructure job that you’re spending over $2.2 trillion on would create 19 million jobs in the next ten years. Yet, the CBO has said even if nothing was passed with this bill, we would create 16 million jobs and that your bill would only create 2.7 million jobs over 10 years. This means that each job would cost roughly $830,000. Don’t you find that a little inefficient?

There you have it. Joe…I’m ready for you!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Not Everyone Happy With Dems on Stimulus Check 3.0

I can really understand why. I’ve written about this before, but apparently, the Democrat National Committee, on their official Twitter site, posted the following:

That has a lot of Democrats upset because as Joe Biden pointed out, he was going to send $2,000 checks “immediately” once Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff got elected to the US Senate from Georgia. In fact, this was one of their online ads:

As you can plainly see, there is no mention of this being a $1,400 check! I am seeing $2,000, how about you?

Well, as you can imagine, it’s drawn a lot of ire from the Democrat voters. Here is a smattering of what they had to say:

Gaslighting the very people who trusted & voted for you.

Amazing that your side easily sails under this extremely low bar every time.

$600 “down payment” huh? weird that no one called it that – especially as you had senatorial candidates running on $2000 checks – ever until now.

Thank you for lying to everyone for the whole senate election cycle!

Good luck in the midterms with this incredible strategy

If you didn’t actually know this was an underhanded bait and switch you wouldn’t feel the need to keep phrasing it like this.

I’m so full of fury and disbelief that people could actually defend walking back A CAMPAIGN PROMISE MADE IN THE MIDDLE OF A PANDEMIC to give people $2K checks to help them get by.

Thank you to everyone who is calling out @JoeBiden and @TheDemocrats for blatantly lying about $2000 checks. They control the entire government and they need to be held accountable. #BidenLied

And it goes on and on. You can go to Twitter and insert the hashtag #BidenLied to see a lot more. Suffice it to say, for whatever reason, Joe Biden, who initially DID say he was going to send out $2,000 checks for Stimulus 3.0, has decided that’s too much money. It’s probably because he realized it would push the overall cost of the bill to well over $2 Trillion, and he didn’t want to take anything away from his liberal city and state bailout (as California and New York say, “Thank you!”).

Look, I’ve said a million times that I don’t need a check of any size from the federal government. Give me what you owe me (which is basically Medicare and Social Security) because I’ve paid for those things…and they are NOT entitlements. Other than that, keep my taxes as low as possible and don’t waste money on stupid programs that don’t work. And this frankly is one of them. There ARE people in need out there. They SHOULD be helped. I’m not one of them. In fact, most people I know that are getting these checks don’t need it. They are either well off enough, or on Social Security and their pension/IRA/KEOUGH, and don’t need more.

These folks though are right on one account. If you are going to promise something in a campaign, don’t think We The People are so stupid that we don’t know the difference between $2,000 and $1,400. Yes, the National Education Association has dumbed down America. Thank God, not all of us have been dumbed down. Some of us still have a brain that works.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Here Comes Your Check!

Yeah, Congress agree late Saturday on another round of COVID relief. They’re going to be spending about $900 billion of your tax dollars, but never fear…you’re going to be getting a share of that in the form of a check. This time it’s worth about $600 per person.

I have to tell you that I realize fully that there are people, certainly in the restaurant and bar industries, but also in other industries like movie theaters, legitimate theater, and other social gathering places that are being crushed by the virus. And I understand there are a ton of folks out there living hand to mouth or going to bed hungry because they ran out of money for food eons ago. I feel for those people and do what I can to help them out.

But to be sending me a check for $1,200 ($600 for myself and my wife) is wrong. Sorry. We are doing fine. First of all, we are both retired. We are on Social Security, and those checks come every month like clockwork. And we have a rather large nest egg that we’re able to draw a little from each month to make up whatever difference there is in shortfall from SSA. In short, we don’t need the money. Why the feds keep deciding to send out the money to everyone regardless of need is beyond me.

Frankly, and I know that I’m not the only person in this situation, there should have been some sort of means testing that went on before they agreed to send everyone a check. It was the same thing this past spring. Oh, yes, I took it. I figured after all the money I’ve sent to Washington over the decades so they could “redistribute” my wealth, I deserved to actually get something back that I didn’t necessarily put in. But to be honest, I worry more about my grandkids having to pay this back rather than where I’m going to be getting my next meal (if you look at me, you realize that hasn’t been a concern for a LONG while!)

I know I can donate the money to a charity that helps folks in need, but the sad part is, the folks that are really in need usually don’t go to charities for help. They either try to get through the crisis on their own and suffer, or they wither away, and neither is good. The only REAL solution is to help those in need, and not help those like myself that really are doing fine.

No one should benefit financially because of COVID. And to think that in the last 12 months (actually more like 8), my family will have received about $3,600 in tax free money is just plain idiocy. Giving checks out to those that it could really make a difference with is what’s important here. If they want to give my check to someone who could really use it…like someone who lost their job in April and haven’t been able to work since, I’m all for it.

Better yet, trim the $900 billion in taxpayer dollars down to something that will actually help people. Congress gets this mentality that they have to “bail out” communities (especially places that have had riots like Seattle, Chicago, Portland, etc) and that’s not right. Serve the people, not the community. Sending money to bail out places that have defunded police and then bitched about crime going up is totally absurd. If you want no cops on the street, deal with the consequences!

This is one further reason Washington is broken. They don’t know who to help and how to do it. That should be the easy part!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!