I Can’t Believe I Agree With AOC

Well, kinda, sorta.

I was watching the news. There was Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the Whackjob Five leader speaking at a press conference. Now, most of what she said was absolute typical liberal snowflake garbage. I won’t bore you with that since it all belonged in the toilet.

What I did agree with her though was when she said we needed to build more hospitals and mental health facilities. Now, she was saying she’d pay for that by building less prisons. I don’t agree with that. But we DO need more mental health facilities.

Most of you probably never heard of what happened out here in the desert over the past week or so. We actually had a mass shooting, and some people that we know were killed in it. They had nothing to do with the shooter, it was apparently just someone who went off and went nuts and started shooting people at random. But still, the whole thing boils down to the fact that had there been some sort of mental capacity or mental test, like a physical at a doctor’s office, we may have been able to avoid this catastrophe.

So, in the short term, I’ll agree with AOC, and I’ll even take it one step further. My suggestion is that we build more mental health facilities, and everyone in the United States gets tested on an annual basis. Yes, you’d end up with some sort of “I’m sane” card to carry around with you, but my hunch in saying that is that everyone would be tested, and those found not to be sane, or having mental issues could get the help they need. This would at least do a better job at keeping mentally unstable people off the street, and certainly away from guns.

Let’s get this straight. It’s not the gun that is doing the shooting. It’s the mentally ill person that doesn’t have any respect for human life. That is the cause of all of this. And all of the “gun laws” in the world won’t stop someone that is hell-bent on taking someone’s life. They will figure out a way to do it.

And there would be no exemptions for this either. Everyone, including the President of the United States on down would be subjected to a strict and rather long mental acuity and saneness test. So would the members of Congress. Anyone found not measuring up to standards would be immediately suspended for 90 days from whatever job they held, so they could be re-evaluated and it could be determined if they need further attention or not.

You also couldn’t choose the mental health professional that would be doing your examination. That would stop Joe Biden say, from going to his big time donor who happened to be a psychiatrist, and get it done on the QT without any real work being done. You would be assigned to a medical practitioner at random to insure as complete and thorough exam as possible.

If you’re looking at what should be the next step in trying to solve all of the senseless mass shootings out there, this is it. It has nothing to do with limiting magazine capacity. It has nothing to do with bump stocks, or types of guns. It starts with the space between the shooter’s ears. That’s where the problem is. And realize, not everyone is going to be healed or curable. It’s just the way it is.

Another problem solved. And the hits just keep on coming!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Defund The Police…Still A Thing

You would have thought liberals would have learned their lesson by now. I can understand (kinda, sorta) the liberal mindset in trying to show their support for the Black Lives Matter and Antifa crowd over the death of George Floyd and other criminals that were ultimately killed by police. While I thought at the time the defunding police departments was a rather rash and stupid knee-jerk reaction to a terrible situation, it was understandable how the addle-minded liberals out there could actually come to that conclusion. The fact is, they don’t think with their brains, they think with their hearts. That play on emotions is usually what gets the uninformed, uneducated, ignorant poor slobs of America on their sides.

But I would have also thought a year later, they would have learned their lesson.

Minneapolis, which was the first place to scream “defund the police”, and then later city council did just that in deference to the mobs, also decided to hire their own private security to protect those on the city council. And what happened? Police starting quitting and retiring in droves. All of a sudden, Minneapolis, and several other cities around the country no longer had to worry about “defunding the police”, because the cops were doing it for them. They were voting with their feet and were leaving on their own rather than face harassment for just doing their jobs. In a lot of those cities, they realized that defunding the police wasn’t the most prudent or smart avenue to drive down. It usually led to higher crime rates, more murders, and certainly didn’t make their communities more attractive to get people or businesses to move to.

Except in St. Louis, Missouri.

In St. Louis, their mayor, Tishaura Jones, is still screaming about “defunding the police”. This despite St. Louis becoming the murder capital of the country. Jones wants to close a city jail, divert $4 million from the police budget and spend it on “community programs”, and she wants to cut 100 cops from the department’s roles, by not filling the vacancies that already exist.

In St. Louis, their murder rate is already at a 50 year high. And the city’s head of their Department of Corrections has resigned. In 2019, St. Louis had 19 homicides per 100,000 residents. Last year that number soared to 87. The reason? Well, if you want to listen to Jones and her liberal buddies on city council, it wasn’t because of defunding the police. It was because of COVID.


Yeah. That’s what I said. It had nothing to do with Black Lives Matter, or Ferguson, Mo, next door to St. Louis, or Antifa, or the previous city administration, which Jones said did a terrible job. It had to do with COVID.

What Jones, who’s actions are backed by newly elected congresswoman, Cori Bush wants to do is “move people through the judicial system” rather than send people to jail. She wants to “partner” with community groups to better solve the crime problem she’s facing.

Now, in a way, she could be right. I personally think the problem with black crime in our country is systemic. Their distrust of the police actually stems from the fact that black on black crime is higher than any other form of racial accountability you can name. And to fix the judicial system by allowing the underlying factor of blacks being violent toward other blacks is not the answer. What needs to happen in that community is to reestablish the family and the principles that guide our society. And yes, they are markedly different today.

Back in 1960, 22% of black households were single-parent households. Today, some 60 years later that number is 72%. Way back in 1938, 11% of all pregnancies were to single mothers. Today that number is 75%. Is poverty a problem? Yup. But here’s an interesting statistic. Where there is a mother and a father in the home, the poverty rate is 8% (compared to the national average of 5%). In homes where there is a single parent, that number is 37%.

It is the collapse of the two parent household that has caused a lot of the problems blacks in this country face. It’s not racism. It’s not slavery some 160 years ago. It’s breaking down because the families aren’t staying together. Blame it on crime, blame it on drugs, whatever the root problem is, it’s not the police. Blacks are getting into more trouble per capita than the rest of society, but most sociologists don’t blame the police for the breakdown. They blame the breakdown of the family as the problem.

So, Tishaura Jones, Cori Bush and others that want to say this is some white cop’s fault need to fix the problems at home to solve the problem. Yes, partnering with community organizations to help stem that tide would certainly help. Defunding the police though, is the absolute wrong answer.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Gun Violence Erupts (Again)

Over the past week, there have been several shootings. A couple by police, and a few more mass shootings. Actually, there have been more than “a few”. There have been 54 in the past month. We had the 13 year old kid that was killed in Chicago, we had the rookie police officer who confused her taser with her gun, and there have been at least 25 other shootings where some have been killed or wounded and some have not, in the past 72 hours.

It got me to wondering why.

We didn’t hear about a ton of shootings when Donald Trump was president. And I usually start turning to the difference in the parties when that comes up. The only thing I can put my finger on isn’t the fact there are actually more shootings, though there are statistics that say that’s true in certain parts of the country, like Seattle or Portland. And I don’t necessarily believe that there are that many more shootings. What I believe is happening is the liberal media is covering the shootings a lot more.


Great question! Biden is trying to use Executive Orders to stem gun violence. That never works because it can’t. First of all, even if Congress passed the most stringent gun law you could imagine (yes…taking your guns away from you), it wouldn’t solve the problem of gun violence. That’s because there are currently laws on the books that say it’s illegal to shoot someone under most circumstances. It’s certainly illegal to kill someone unless it’s in self defense. So, passing new laws isn’t going to matter much.

Take the case of the guy in Indianapolis who shot up a FedEx facility, killing eight people (as of this writing). Would any law have stopped him? Nope. He was bound and determined to take people out and then take his own life, which he did. When you know you’re going to be counted among the dead when the smoke clears, are you really thinking about what laws you’re breaking? Of course not. So, all of this banter and blather in DC about eliminating high capacity magazines, or limiting what gun you can own is ludicrous. It doesn’t matter.

My theory is you hear more about gun violence when the Democrats are in charge because it plays into their narrative better than when Republicans are in charge. Oh, you’ll still hear about the mass school shootings either way, but the liberal media will tend to over-state the shootings when there is a chance it will goad Congress and the president into passing some sort of gun legislation. In the end, what usually happens is, the news cycle moves on, and the whole issue dies.

So, let me play a scenario for you. Let’s say that what I’ve espoused here many times comes to fruition. Let’s say both sides of the aisle agree to ban all guns, and somehow they can get by the Second Amendment. But the caveat is that if there is another mass shooting, the law dissolves, and it never gets brought back up again. My hunch is you will never hear about a shooting in the socialist media again. It won’t play into the narrative. They make up stories, we’re all aware of that. And they don’t cover stories just to protect their own (look at Andrew Cuomo at CNN’s lack of coverage for that one!) You won’t hear of a shooting ever again. Not that there will be a lowering in gun violence. Because the root problem isn’t being addressed. But the band aid is in place. The media won’t cover it. So it never happened.

All of this happens because the media tells you what they want you to hear. It’s not necessarily what the news is, it’s what they want you to believe the news is. If they don’t like a story, regardless of it’s importance, it doesn’t get covered. Fair and responsive journalism? It died over a decade ago.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Biden’s Assault Rifle

Make no mistake about it. Joe Biden is trying to cram four years of a presidency into the first 150 days. That’s because he’s been around long enough to know that a) next year nothing of any substance is going to get done because of the midterm elections and b) he is well aware that he’s going to lose the Senate (where it’s currently tied) and the House (where the current margin is only three votes). The latest assault is your guns.

Now, realize that Biden is starting with things that most people would say, “Yeah…I can live with that”. He’s going after “ghost guns”. Those are guns that are basically kits that people can buy, take home, and assemble. They typically don’t have registration numbers, so they are untraceable. He’s also pushing for more “Red Flag Laws” whereby states and municipalities are able to identify folks that probably aren’t sane enough to be carrying a deadly weapon around.

While most people would think these two Executive Orders are “reasonable”, they are missing what Biden said that I think is very very scary. He made the comment that “No amendment (Constitutional Amendment) is absolute.” And that is where he is dead wrong.

Are you telling me that you don’t have the right to a trial by jury of your peers? Are you saying you don’t have the right to worship as you please? Are you saying that you’re open to search and seizure any time the government wants to come in and grab anything, for any reason? These are all issues where Biden is wrong. And the Supreme Court is also backing the Second Amendment. You have the right to bear arms. Period. There’s nothing ambiguous or unclear about that sentence. And when Biden has the audacity to say that no amendment is absolute, he’s wrong.

If you think back to the Founding Fathers, they believed something entirely different from what today’s Democrats believe. They believed that your rights were unalienable. They were given to you, not by man, but by God. That meant that since only God can give you those rights, only God can take those rights away. Today’s Democrats think much differently. They believe that man dishes out rights like a cafeteria lady at lunch time dishes out jello. They believe that if they just scream loud enough, you can get more rights. Rights like healthcare, or housing, or universal income, or open borders, or the right for anyone and everyone to vote regardless if they are a citizen. That flies in the face of the Constitution and is wrong.

And Biden is wrong.

What Biden needs to understand is that mental health is the issue here. It’s not guns. Car accidents kill more people every year in this country than gun deaths. But do you see anyone (yet) wanting to take your car away? Alcohol kills more people than guns. Are they trying to shut down the distilleries and breweries? Yeah, I know…they tired that. It didn’t work out too well, did it?

Democrats love to do things incrementally. Look at the seat belt laws. They started back in the early 1960’s by introducing seat belts as a safety device in cars. No one wore them because they were confining. So, they said, OK…you need to have kids wear them. No one bitched about that because we all want kids to be safe. Then it was everyone wears them, but we won’t ticket you just for not wearing a seat belt. And now? Now they can stop you and ticket you for just that very infraction.

If Democrats want the solution to guns, I have it for them. Here’s the deal. You want to take our guns, take our guns with one caveat. If there is ONE mass shooting or drive by shooting after you do, anywhere in the country, you will NEVER attempt to take our guns from us again, and you must return all of the guns to their rightful owners. See, criminals don’t follow laws. It’s kinda the whole reason they’re criminals. And if you pass a law saying it’s illegal to own a gun, then criminals are going to break that law. It’s currently illegal to shoot someone…in most cases. But does that stop anyone from killing people? Just this week we had two mass shootings in one day, one involving a former NFL player who killed himself and the other a worker who shot up his former place of employment. Did they break any laws? What makes Democrats feel that if they take away your guns, that all of the gun violence is going to stop? It’s not.

Pure and simple. Joe Biden is a bumbling idiot that is trying to pull the country as far to the left as he can as quickly as he can. He knows the clock is ticking. If he doesn’t get it done by November of this year, he won’t get it done at all. It’s just that simple.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

The AZ To Become A “Sanctuary State”?

It is if one state representative has his way. Leo Biasiucci (R-Lake Havasu City), is proposing that the State of Arizona become the fifth Sanctuary State in the country. Oh…wait. You thought I was talking about illegal aliens? Nope. This would make Arizona the fifth state in the country to be a Sanctuary State for gun ownership.

Alaska, Idaho, Kansas and Wyoming have similar measures already in place.

The law is patterned after the illegal alien sanctuary cities around the country, except it’s about guns. Basically what Biasiucci is saying is, it would be illegal for any law enforcement entity in the state of Arizona to help any federal law enforcement entity in tracking down, registering, or taking away guns from citizens in this state, and that the state could not spend any money to enforce any federal law doing so.

Now, if you want to get technical, and consistent, it’s exactly what the sanctuary cities like Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco have done with ICE. And I’m sure it’s going to really piss off the Democrats in this state. Republicans still hold a majority of the both the House and Senate in Arizona, and Doug Ducey, our Governor is Republican as well. The chances of this passing in the upcoming legislative session are better than average. You have to also understand that in Arizona, our legislature only works until they get a budget passed. That’s about it. Usually four to six months a year. And the odds of normally getting a bill passed are exceedingly small. Usually less than 5%. That’s because of the hundreds of proposals that try to become bills, most die in committee. Those that don’t die on the floor of either the Senate or the House, and the Governor doesn’t sign that many. It takes a lot of lobbying and a lot of work to get something through, so Biasiucci has his work cut out for him.

All of that being said, it’s an interesting twist on the liberal idea that “we’re not doing to follow the law if we don’t like it!” Except in this case, the states that have adopted this measure ARE following the law…the Constitution. The Constitution and the Supreme Court have both said that you and I have a right to own a gun. Period. And if the Biden administration wants to change that, they need to change the Constitution. That’s not likely to happen.

So, if the bill becomes law here, you’re going to be able to do, what we in Maricopa Country are already able to do (we’re already a Gun Sanctuary County), and that’s carry a gun without a permit, and if you buy a gun at a gun show, you don’t have to go through a background check. The only permit you need is concealed carry, and they are very easy to get in the AZ.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Unity? Give Me A Break!

Have you noticed the Democrats wanted nothing to do with “unity” and getting behind a president for four years, after their candidate, Crooked Hillary Clinton became the worst presidential candidate in United States history? And yet, after Joe Biden plays hide and seek with the American public, hiding out in his basement, and squeaking out a win over Donald Trump, it’s now all about “unity” and bringing the country together, and healing?

What a bunch of crock.

Look, I can fully understand the angst this party felt when they thought they had the 2016 election in the bag, and all of the pollsters were wrong. I fully get it that they were distraught. But the way they treated Donald Trump for doing nothing more than winning an election, was downright inhuman. There was nothing “unifying” or “healing” about their actions, including the riots in the streets, the so-called childish “resistance” movement that was foisted by people that obviously were spoiled as kids, and the idiocy that we saw played out in Congress, led by such dinosaurs as Nancy Pelosi and Chuckie Schumer. So, what makes them think that just because their guy won the election in 2020 by a hair, that they can all of a sudden declare that it’s a time for “healing” and “unity”? What gives them the right to actually call for anything? After all, they don’t (as of today) control the US Senate, and they’ve lost seats in the House and will, if history is correct, lose the House in 2022.

For Democrats to call for unity and healing for Joe Biden’s sake is ridiculous. And if they expect the Conservatives in this country to fall in line behind Biden, they’re going to be sorely disappointed. I can’t see any way forward where that happens. Oh, there won’t be rioting in the streets and looting like there was four years ago, because Conservatives aren’t heathens and sub-humans like the neanderthals that we watched four years ago…and continue to see destroying cities to this day. No, I’m sorry liberals…you snowflakes are going to reap what you have sown. Oh, you may think you’re getting unity, but you’re not. You’re going to get exactly what you deserve.

And I really do believe that it drives them crazy. That’s the one thing about liberals, you beat them fair and square and they cry foul. Probably it goes back to getting all of those participation trophies when they were kids. They feel they should be handed the world on a silver platter because they want it. Not because they deserve it, and not certainly because they have earned it. No, liberals are whiners and cry-babies. Don’t believe me? Go on any social media platform and watch the crying and the screaming, and the infantile behavior of any of them that didn’t get their way.

Unity and healing? Nope. Ain’t gonna happen. Oh, it’ll be different from “resist” and all the other childish stuff these brain-dead idiots attempted. But it will be much more effective. And in the end, the divide won’t get closer, it’s going to grow farther apart. And yes, sorry to say it, but it does look like we are heading toward a point where we will reach that point of no return where the only thing left is going to be revolution. And only one side will be left standing!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

The NRA Is About To Be Dismantled!

Well, not really. Let me put it this way, Letitia James, the Attorney General for the state of New York would like to SEE the NRA be dissolved…at least in her state. James held a presser yesterday in which she cited the on-going violence in New York City with all of the shootings, and the loss of income to the city and state and what she says is fraud as far as how they spend their money, as a reason to file a lawsuit to dissolve the gun-rights organization.

Now, let’s be honest about a couple of things here. First of all, the NRA is a private organization. Membership in that group is not mandatory, it’s voluntary. And, the last I checked, the NRA receives no federal or even state money. All of the NRA’s activities are funded through membership dues. Let’s compare this to another group. Let’s take a look at Planned Parenthood.

Planned Parenthood in 2018, received $618 million from the federal government. The organization reported in January 2020 that they have performed 345,672 abortions at their clinics nationwide. That by the way is a 37% increase over 2017.

So, Letitia James wants to dissolve the NRA citing the fact that this private club, with no ties to taxpayers whatsoever, uses fraud in dispersing it’s funds…which is a private club and never takes public money, and is responsible for 777 shootings so far this year, surpassing last year’s number of 776. There has been a 176% increase in gun violence in the Big Apple in July compared to last July. So, James wants to take down a gun-rights organization. Actually, if the truth be told, James wants to take down the NRA because she’s a Communist. She doesn’t like you owning guns. And she doesn’t like the second amendment. That is the real reason. The reason she gave at her press conference is nothing more than fluff…it’s a red herring. This would be akin to saying that Planned Parenthood has committed over 345,000 murders from October 2017 through October 2018, and therefore should be disbanded. If you are going to blame the NRA for the shootings in the state of New York, being consistent, you need to go after Planned Parenthood for committing far more deaths, even AFTER receiving almost three-quarters of a billion dollars from the federal government.

Now, you and I both know that these wild-ass lawsuits that the uber-leftist snowflakes like to throw to what they hope is a liberal court will go absolutely nowhere. Oh, they may win at the lower level, but when it comes to the appellate level, or the Supreme Court, the odds of them keeping that decision fall by the wayside. That’s because most of the time (John Roberts notwithstanding) the Supreme Court uses some intelligence in their decision-making process.

I’m waiting for someone to go after James for wasting state of New York taxpayer money on such a stupid idea. I mean, the NRA can make it’s own laws and can do with it’s members’ money however they want as long as what they’re spending it on isn’t illegal. And the NRA isn’t the one pulling the trigger. And if New York had decent laws, and hadn’t defunded their police force, the odds are very good that they wouldn’t be having all of the mass shootings that they are experiencing. It’s just another reason why you can’t fix stupid!

Hopefully, someone in power in New York wakes up, pulls James aside and asks her what mail-order law school she attended, because she couldn’t have really attended any decent law school. Any moron in this world would realize what an idiotic and tremendous waste of time and money her politically motivated stunt is going to cost. But then again, she is a New York Democrat, isn’t she?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Hell Yes We Want Your Guns!

It’s a throwback to the debate last Wednesday night in Houston. Longshot Democrat and now perpetual loser, Beto O’Rourke screamed out, “Hell yes, we’re coming for your AK-47’s and your AR-15’s, and we’re not going to allow it to be used against Americans any more!”

That has gotten a lot of push back from other Democrat candidates, like Pete Buttigieg who feels, as do others, that O’Rourke’s screaming tirade did nothing but provide the NRA with audio and video that will be played at every single NRA event for the next 40 years. He may be right.

And what was O’Rourke’s response to Buttigieg’s retort? He unleashed an expletive filled rant that went on for quite a while, and ended up not saying really anything. Let’s just say that Beto did very little to help his chances of increasing his standing in the presidential polls.

It’s been no secret that the Democrats would love to take the Second Amendment to the woodshed and chop it up into little pieces. They haven’t been able to gain even a foothold in their incrementalist ways in dealing with guns. Oh, they got cursory background checks, but there are so many loopholes in that, and the NRA has such a huge number of members it’s like trying to go after the AARP for being for senior citizens!

In the end, what’s going to happen is very little. The talk in Washington in the halls of Congress will get softer and softer on gun violence. There will be other things, like next year’s budget, or impeachment, or God forbid, they actually talk about immigration reform, getting rid of that abortion known as Obamacare, or doing something actually constructive that will make a difference in this country. Instead, Democrats have become the ultimate obstructionists. They figure that as long as they talk about Donald Trump in a negative way, it will show up in the polls as being bad for Trump. It’s not working.

In fact, with the current crop of candidates running for president, I’d be surprised as we get closer and closer to next November’s election that Trump doesn’t pull away in a landslide. Yes, for the moment, most of the Democrats running (at least the top three) beat Trump in a head to head matchup…just like the eventual losers all were doing in previous elections at this point in time. Don’t forget…Hillary Clinton was leading Donald Trump by 40 points at this point in the 2016 campaign. How’d that work out for her?

Guns have always had a place in our society. They were there at the Boston Tea Party, the American Revolution, yes, even the Civil War, and the settling of the West. And while it’s a tragedy that a deranged individual can purchase a gun, and go on a rampage as we’ve seen all too often in the past, no one has been able to come up with a way to make sure that the laws they pass are enforced and followed by everybody. If someone is determined enough to take others’ lives and knows that at the end of the ordeal he or she will most likely end up dead, I really doubt they are giving a lot of thought to what federal law they are breaking. Those people need to be taken off the streets and locked away…another thing we can thank the liberal snowflakes for…letting the insane out of the asylums. But that’s fodder for another day!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Let’s Talk Gun Control

See, we can talk about it here till we are blue in the face because it’s not ever going to happen. Oh, I know…the left wants it to happen…they THINK they can get Donald Trump to now go along with it because of the shootings in Dayton and El Paso. They cry and cry after every one of these shootings that we NEED to do something! And yet, nothing gets done. So, let’s see what needs to happen in order for it to happen.

First of all, the odds are pretty great that unless and until you’re talking solely about the person buying the gun, nothing is going to get by the courts. You have a right to bear arms in this country and that is never going to change short of a revolution taking place. The Second Amendment is going to prevail. So, the only thing that the left is going to really have in their pocket…the best case scenario for them is maybe an enhanced background check. Don’t we already have background checks? Weren’t the guns in this case purchased legally? And if we institute more “Red Flag” laws, who’s to say they are going to work any better than what we saw in any of the mass shootings we’ve witnessed in the past?

Here’s the major problem facing the passing of new legislation. Neither party trusts each other. The Republicans first of all, don’t want to have any new legislation. They want to protect the gun owners’ rights to have their guns. The Democrats certainly don’t want to reach a conclusion to this long sought-after solution now because it’s so close to 2020. They’ll be taking a HUGE campaign issue off the table. And they’ll be forced to crediting Donald Trump with being the guy that got the job done. You think you’ve seen Trump Derangement Syndrome so far? Have Trump pass a gun control bill between now and the election, and watch it go full TDS!

No, there isn’t enough trust among the parties to get anything of this magnitude done. Trump will talk to them. Trump will agree that something needs to be done, and the Dems’ will push and push for more and more, and in the end Trump will say that they weren’t serious. He’ll say that they went back on their deal and lied to him about what they were going to vote for and not vote for. And in the end, the news cycle on this one ends, and we’re right back where we started from until the next round.

Look, if Barack Obama couldn’t pass gun control legislation with owning both houses in Congress, all the weeping and gnashing of teeth that he had in his first two years, there isn’t going to be meaningful gun control. If he couldn’t get it done…not that he was a very effective politician, because he wasn’t, but if he can’t get it done with his party in charge, then a split house isn’t going to ever come to terms on this!

Gun control legislation this close to a presidential election is only there because the left believes they can use it against Trump and House members. They really don’t want the situation to go away because it takes away an election issue. Remember, these are snowflake liberals we’re talking about. It doesn’t matter what they actually do…it matters only what they say they WANT to do. And therein lies the problem in our government today!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Making Sense Of The Senseless

Over the weekend, there were two incredibly evil acts of violence that tore apart not only El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, where about 30 people were senselessly murdered by two gunmen. One of them, the one in El Paso, was an admitted white nationalist and was out to try and murder immigrants. The other in Dayton, was killed, and the motive wasn’t entirely made clear. The shooter in Dayton was a Satanist, and a leftist liberal.

What is clear is that the left loves to politicize this tragedy. We see it every time there is a mass shooting of any kind. You can almost write the script as it happens…there is the obligatory wailing and gnashing of teeth followed by the immediate call for more gun control.

If you are in the camp that agrees that gun control is the answer to stop this violence, you also would believe that stopping abortion would be necessary to stop the senseless killing of children. For to believe one but not the other is inconsistent. You can’t come out as very anti-gun violence, and still be for abortion in any sense of the word…it doesn’t make sense.

Let’s be clear about the gun violence. People that are deranged are going to figure out a way to kill people regardless if guns are available or not. Go back to 1888 in England. There were five women murdered by a still unknown assailant who later became known as “Jack The Ripper”. No gun was used. All of the victims were strangled to death.

In today’s society, the problem isn’t necessarily the guns, it’s the mental condition of the people buying or using them. Obviously in the two cases over the weekend, both of these people were mentally ill and should not have been allowed to own or use them. But what I find interesting is the fallacy in the liberal way of thinking.

The biggest misconception the left has in this particular situation is that they feel that more laws are going to be the answer. They are convinced that if you just had strong enough laws, up to and including taking away guns from everybody, then you wouldn’t have to worry about gun violence anymore. That is an extremely naive way of thinking. In truth, even if you took guns away from the law abiding people of this country, there would still be guns in this country. Drugs are illegal in this country, and you still have drugs. Murder is still illegal in this country and you still have murder.

The problem isn’t the guns, it’s the people. If these gunmen know going into their shooting rampage that the odds are they are going to be killed, do you think they really care if they are breaking the law or not? And for the leftist snowflakes that want to blame the President, or the Republicans for this, they are so far off the reservation on this one, I would question their ability to serve in any political capacity. They aren’t leaders. They’re sheep.

When America wakes up and realizes that prior to buying a gun, it needs to be determined that the buyer is sane, mentally ill, or poses a threat to people if he or she owned a gun. If there is anything that would show that they would, deny them access. Now, I’ll be the first to admit, that isn’t going to completely stop mass shootings…but then again, the left can’t guarantee that in any sense of the word either.

I’ve always made the offer that I would back any left-wing proposal to eliminate guns in this country under one condition. Let the left write the rule. Whatever they want as long as it pertains only to gun control would be allowed. And after the first murder by firearm that occurs in this country, they lose their right to ever ask for anyone to be denied access to guns ever again. No one would ever take me up on that…because they understand they are just about amassing power. And the only way to do that is to take it from the people. That’s the one thing they are best at!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!