Pelosi’s Latest Blunder

You can tell whether or not someone is intelligent by the mistakes they make and how they address them. When they keep making the same mistakes over and over and over again, you know either they are listening to the wrong people, or they are just plain stupid. I’m not sure which is the case here, but it could very well be that both apply to Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi.

On Thursday of this past week, Pelosi announced that she was creating a new House committee to oversee the administration’s Coronavirus task force.

It’s basically a political answer to no one’s question. In fact, Nancy Pelosi was one of many of the politicians that called early and often in this for everyone “to work together”. Now, in Nancy’s world, that meant making sure that the National Endowment for the Arts got money; that the Kennedy Center got money to pay it’s people (and after they got the $25 million, they fired their orchestra “to save money”); that there should be new carbon emissions guidelines for the airlines; that the “Green New Deal” should be adopted; that all of these stupid things that have absolutely nothing to do with Coronavirus relief. And she caught hell for it, holding on to $2.3 trillion in relief because she wanted to give her political cronies money…much like Bobo Obama did back in 2009 when he spent almost $1 trillion to create “shovel ready jobs” that basically bailed out his union buddies.

What happened this time around was that Pelosi listened to Adam Schiff…who is trying to rebound from embarrassing missteps surrounding Donald Trump’s impeachment. So, how do you do that? Well, Schiff, never one to be viewed as smart, decided it was time to double down. After all, you can’t trust the Trump administration, especially when they’ve brought together the greatest medical minds in the country to solve the COVID-19 situation.

So, why did Pelosi do it? Well, she says it’s to make sure the money gets spent appropriately. Actually, it’s to keep in front of the public. Otherwise, with Donald Trump getting about 90 minutes a day on all of the TV outlets in the country, Pelosi realizes that there isn’t anything she can do to top that. Even Joe Biden thought he could give his own Coronavirus updates. That didn’t pan out so well. All that did was make Biden look foolish and uninformed.

Pelosi and Schiff have put this together to do one thing…subpoena more information from the administration to “investigate” what Trump’s task force is up to. By giving the committee “subpoena power” she is at the very least hoping to pull some of the power away from the White House. In retrospect, that’s a fool’s journey. Any subpoena given to anyone on that task force is going to be met with the same response that Schiff saw with all of his subpoenas in the impeachment hearing. It ain’t going to be recognized. And Democrats are going to be screaming that they have no oversight in the whole process. Fact is, they don’t have anything to do now. They’ve spent the money, and their job is basically done.

So, Nancy, Adam, and Jim Clyburn, who will be chairing the committee, do us all a favor. Sit on the sidelines…stay 6 feet away from everybody…and stop screwing up the country!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed…and stay safe!

Could It Be Happening?

I must say that I get a TON of people emailing me and calling me with stuff on the Coronavirus. There is a vast movement afoot out there that this is a sign from God. Frankly, I’m not going to give an opinion on that one way or the other…that’s for you and your pastor to decide, not me. But some of the things that I’ve heard are pretty amazing!
The first thing to hit was that this seems to be hitting liberals more than conservatives. I’m not too sure about that one. But then when I look at the “Sick Map”, I see that by George, there IS something to it. Look at the places that have been hit the hardest. Remember, Washington State, and California were the first to really get hit. Now there are hotspots in New York City, where it appears to be the “epicenter”; New Orleans is one of the latest, Detroit, long a liberal bastion; and Chicago, an uber-left wing city.

Now, having said that there are also reasons for it happening to those cities that have nothing to do with political views. Those happen to be some of the larger cities in the country, where people have a tendency to either party a lot (like New Orleans), or spend a lot of time in closer proximity (Chicago, New York, and Detroit).

One of the hardest-hit industries is in the entertainment industry. You’re seeing musical acts doing concerts from their home on the internet. TV and movie actors are at a loss. You can’t make a movie with just 10 people on a set! It requires a LOT more than that. And my wife and I have noticed that we’re getting the season-ending finales on TV programs about a month and a half earlier than we’re used to. It’s because the TV folks are just pulling the plug on producing new episodes.

One of the other reasons it may be hitting the larger, more liberal spots is because liberals aren’t as likely to accept anything coming out of the Trump administration. They’re more likely than the conservative cities to pooh-pooh the advice coming from Washington, thinking that this is all political, and a way to control them, or suppress voters, or some such nonsense. That, in my humble opinion is just a bunch of pig slop.

What I find interesting is all of the neigh-sayers that are coming our with their predictions of doom and gloom right now. You’ve got people saying we will all be wearing masks from now on. They say that we will never go back to not practicing “social distancing”…it’s a way of the future. They add that jobs will never recover, and the economy will never be as good as it was (sounds like an Obama prediction, doesn’t it?)

Now, with all of that said, I DO see some changes coming to our ways of life. I’ve already outlined some of them in previous iterations. I don’t think we’re going to be going to the movies much anymore. The internet is a much easier way to watch films. Oh, you have to pop your own popcorn, but is it really worth $8 to eat “movie popcorn”? I can also see some businesses changing forever. I would suggest the cruise line industry is going to be hurt for a very long period of time. Airlines will be slow to recover as well. I just read where American Airlines is pretty much giving up on international travel for the foreseeable future. And, if we’re not traveling as much, or driving as much, we don’t need new cars, and we certainly aren’t filling those cars up with gas as much. Gasoline is going for 99 cents a gallon in some places! Not our here, mind you, but we’re down about 50 cents a gallon from where we were before March.

And, I could very possibly see in us becoming more of a police state, and losing some critical freedoms. Let’s face it, the “we’re all in this together” sounds an awful lot like “It takes a village”, doesn’t it? Personal freedoms usually are lost when it comes to doing good for the common good. And I’m not saying in the short term that we couldn’t do that, but what’s it going to be like in the long term? Is there any guarantee that we’d go back to exactly the way it was last year? Or are we going to somehow lose some of our freedoms? That has started to bother some people.

Wherever you’re from, whatever your political persuasion, COVID-19 is going to change your life. For how long, and how much is only speculation at this point. But we are certainly living through interesting times, aren’t we?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed….and stay safe!


Understand The Reasons…

I have not been shy at saying that I felt the gladhanding, and self-applauding of Donald Trump has been boring, not helpful, and frankly, very tiring to listen to. So much so, that I have written to the very cable news organization that I watch, and have told them to let their White House reporter give an update daily on the hour-long (or more) tirade that the Coronavirus team and Donald Trump have decided to expound on.

First of all, understand MY reasonings on this. I think it’s boring. They’ve given maybe 10 minutes of new information every day. The other stuff is just repetitive and stupid questions that are asked by inane media who really don’t have a clue what their jobs are.

Second, understand that I disagree with the reasons why people like Don Lemon want his network (CNN) to stop covering the task force daily briefing live. He doesn’t want it because he disagrees with the response that is happening. It’s very difficult for him to spin a response that Trump is lying when he’s being backed up by not only his Vice President, but all of the medical experts, and all of the others that have appeared on stage during the press conference.

Frankly, I’m bored by it because it’s not a judicious use of my time. It’s five minutes of new information in an ever expanding press conference. In my mind, it could be done in a lot more expedient time period of maybe 10 or 15 minutes, without all of the stupid questions being read as “gotcha” questions. Instead, each network can use snipets and sound bites to express their view. And yes, that means idiot networks like CNN and MSNBC will be able to pick a sound bit that Trump says that they can easily refute. But what’s happening is that those folks, by airing all of the press conference, they are just shut out of finding things that they can disagree with.

Most of the mainstream media are against Trump. You know that, right? To think that they’d report exactly what the President says is ludicrous. These aren’t news organizations, they are mouthpieces for the swamp. They want to see their relationship with those that were in power in 2015 continue…because that was their cushy situation. Unfortunately, that’s not this administration.

If I were Donald Trump, if I saw fake news coming from a news organization, I would declare that organization as “fake” and would deny their press access. They would no longer be allowed to cover press conferences live, and they would no longer be able to attend live press conferences. What the American people don’t understand is, there is a very large group of media conglomerates that are against covering the truth and are looking at spinning the news a more liberal way, rather than covering the truth. Those news organizations should be denied access of all kinds to the federal government. Let them get their coverage third hand. That’s what they deserve!

As for all others, if they want to cover the news conference, fine. But frankly, as someone that follows this stuff closely, I can get the entire breakdown a whole lot quicker than spending an hour or more watching the whole presser on camera, live. That part needs to end. If you’re not in favor of that, you should still be able to watch the news. This is ridiculous!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed….and stay safe!

Where Is Congress?

You’ll have to forgive me for being a little bit cynical today. That’s because I can’t believe what is going on in Washington, DC. Over the weekend, Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) unleashed a very childish and untoward barrage at President Donald Trump. Now, I’m totally aware these two are not besties. But still, in a time when both sides of the aisle are calling for government to work together, I find it terribly odd that Pelosi would be breaching her own advice, and slamming not only Trump, but the official Coronavirus task force. It makes me wonder if she’s all there mentally!

Then I realized she wasn’t.

If you go back to World War I, or World War II, or the Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1918, you’ll notice that Congress worked overtime. They didn’t take a break. They stayed in session, even though tradition said that they shouldn’t. So, can someone tell me why it is that in this day and age, with the COVID-19 virus still on the rise in the country, that Pelosi decided to close down the House? I guess all of the talk of working together was really just more Pelosi-blather, right?

And while we’re at it, let’s look at the media. Now, I’ve not been shy of lambasting the media for their terrible coverage of the news coming out of Washington during this pandemic. In fact, I’ve wondered aloud why it is the news media insists on covering the daily briefing when they are pretty much boring, go on way too long, and don’t contain much if any new information from the day before. Apparently, I’ve got some agreement with an idiot at CNN! Don Lemon, who really amazes me that he’s been able to actually hold down a full=time job, has asked the question on the air why CNN covers the Coronavirus update. Now, his reasoning is a little different from mine. He says it’s because Donald Trump lies all the time. That’s pretty much nonsense. And it’s one of Lemon’s cohorts, Jim Alcosta, that shows up at these briefings every day with “gotcha” questions for Donald Trump. So, let me ask the question…why doesn’t CNN tell Alcosta to cool it?

Well, the reason for that is simple. CNN is doing anything they can to show their dislike of Donald Trump. They haven’t been a fan of his and have covered him with about 98% negative news since he won the election back in 2016. For them, Jim Alcosta is a foot soldier on the front lines.

But Alcosta and Lemon are just two examples of why the media ranks at the very bottom of the approval list of various institutions and people that are involved in the Coronavirus. I fact, well over half of the country (and even about 40% of Democrats!) say that the news media’s coverage of COVID-19 is terrible. Lemon and Alcosta are just two of the many reasons why.

I’m not saying there is a lot Congress should be doing (or could be doing), but it’s the optic of them leaving town during a crisis that is totally wrong. And Pelosi’s ranting and raving about how Donald Trump and his team are doing such a bad job is a joke. She has tied up more funds for longer than anyone in this country. She is the one that should be ashamed of the way she’s acted in a time of national crisis. In fact, Nancy Pelosi is a national buffoon. She fits in perfectly well with the CNN’s and MSNBC’s of the world who forgot what news coverage was all about!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Getting Frazzled

You have to admit, we are certainly living under strenuous times. Some have begun calling it the “end times”, and while I’m certainly a believer that God will make The Revelation come true some day, I’m really not egocentric enough to believe that out of all of the people that have ever graced the face of our planet, that we are the ones chosen to live through it.

That said, I know that it’s stressful, and I know it’s uncertain. Having been put in lockdown here in the AZ, as we were a couple of days ago kind of puts an exclamation point on it. Don’t get me wrong…we’re nowhere near as critical here as they are in New York City! Hell, they’ve over 900 deaths there, and we’ve not had that many confirmed cases and only five deaths. But still, it’s unsettling.

I guess the thing we all have to remember, and it’s something I wish the politicians in DC would get through their thick skulls is, this isn’t political. There is nothing political about it. And both Republicans and Democrats need to understand that and abide by it. For
Donald Trump and Nancy Pelosi to be squabbling back and forth like playground banter is ridiculous, and shows the immaturity of both. The best thing they both could do was shut the hell up and not say anything until this whole Coronavirus thing was over. Let the doctors and the medical experts give us the news and let’s keep the friggin’ politicians out of it!

Other than that, find something interesting to do. Go online and see about reading books through your library. I know out here we can “checkout” e-books through the computer. We can watch movies from our library online even though the physical libraries are all closed. Read blogs, hell, start a blog! And if you do, let me know that you did…I’ll certainly subscribe to it. WordPress is a tremendous place to go to get started and they’ll bend over backwards to help you!

Other than that, stay safe. We need to stay positive. All of the models I’ve seen say we’re about two weeks out from topping out and starting the backside of this thing. That means we’re probably a month or two away from being back to normal. In the meantime, hunker down, share the essentials with your neighbors if you can, and call elderly neighbors to see if they are all right. It’s a little thing, but it’s something we can all do to make sure we all get through this thing together!

There’ll be plenty of time for politics up the road…and of course, I’ll be the first to break that, because I have to comment on every idiotic thing these politicians say and do anyway…but that’s ok…it’s my blog!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Coronavirus Coverage: Media Sucks

Gallup has come out with a brand new poll they’ve taken regarding the Coronavirus and who’s got high approval numbers and who doesn’t. According to the poll, US Hospitals got the highest approval during the Coronavirus affair and their handling of it with 88% approval. Only 10% disapproved.

Your kids’ daycare or school came in second with 83%, followed by your state government and your employer at 82% each. The CDC got 80% for it’s actions, while Vice President, Mike Pence scored a pretty partisan 61%. Donald Trump got a 60% approval rating. Congress came next at 59%, and dead last with a 44% approval rating…the only entry listed below 50% was the media.

So, basically, America is pretty much happy with the way everyone is working through this crisis, with the exception of the coverage of it. And if you break it down a little further, and take a look at the partisanship involved, you see a stark difference between Republicans and Democrats.

Approval range

What’s interesting in that is that as soon as you get to anything to do with the government, Democrats’ ratings plunge, while Republicans stay pretty consistent throughout the rating cycle until it comes to Congress, which has stonewalled aid several times. And when it comes to news media, Democrats are the only ones that think they are doing a decent job…by a LARGE percentage.

There is obviously a huge disconnect in this country right now, on pretty much everything. It seems the left can’t even bring themselves to accept reality when things are going well for someone of the other party. They’ve devolved into this brooding mass of two year olds that whine and complain every time they don’t get their cookie. In the end, it’s going to be the downfall of their party, as the real adults in the room do what should have been done years ago…send them to a permanent time out.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

But Do You Set A Date?

It seems that, like pretty much every other blog in the world these days, the Coronavirus has pretty much taken over the topics. I can understand that because it’s pretty much taken over our lives. Everything we usually would be doing in mid to late March has ground to a halt. We’ve hunkered down at home, haven’t gone out nearly as much as we’d like; a lot of folks have had to either work from home, or not work at all; and others are just happy not to be out in a group setting.

But I was a little surprised and dismayed that President Donald Trump came out and said he was setting a goal of getting back “to normal” by Easter, which is basically two weeks from this coming Sunday. I thought that was a little on the rash side, and a tad optomistic.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I certainly hope we get through this thing by then, and get everyone back to work and get the stock market moving in the right direction by then. It would be wonderful if that happened. However, I’m a realist at heart. I have to tell you, it’s a little disingenuous to think that we could go from being sheltered in place and two weeks later be open for business as if nothing ever happened. Hell, two and a half weeks is a long time! Do you realize this thing has only been going on for a little more than a week and a half?

Since there has been this huge push to get us back “to normal”, what happens, as happens a lot with something like pneumonia, if we come back too strong, too fast? Could there be a relapse? And are we all coming back at the same time? I mean, California and New York are two of the hardest hit states in the country. They are also probably two of the larger economies in the country. So, are we going to let them get settled down a little bit longer before “reopening”? Or, are we going to go ahead and open everything at once, hoping that everything goes smoothly?

Currently, there haven’t been nearly the number of cases or the number of deaths with COVID-19 that we’ve seen with the common flu. A lot of that has to do with the precautions that we’ve taken, but a lot of that seems to be that this virus isn’t as virulent as what was once thought. Having said that, are we to assume that by Easter, everything is going to be just fine, we’re going to be out of the woods, and we’re back to normal? Or are we going to take baby steps to make sure that we get there safely with no chance of back-sliding?

As I’ve said before, Donald Trump has been, in my opinion a little Pollyannaish throughout this whole thing. While we want a leader to be positive, and I just saw that 60% of Americans think he’s done a really good job handling the whole situation, we don’t need to be doing a happy dance just yet.

We will get through this thing. We just don’t need to hurry through it.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!