Biden’s Secret Obsession

Unlike J. Edgar Hoover, I really don’t see any indication that Joe Biden likes to dress up in Jill’s clothes. I really don’t think they’d fit anyway. But he does have an obsession, and I’m beginning to think it’s not all that secret.

Joe Biden is obsessed with COVID.

I know. You’re shocked, right? But I think this is becoming more than a pandemic in addle-Joe’s mind. I think it’s becoming an all-consuming topic. Everything swirls around COVID. Think about it. Biden has had several mandates, from wearing masks to getting vaccines, to getting booster shots, to lowering the age of who can take the vaccine (now a five year old can get one!) And if it just went to the mandate stage, I could probably excuse it. But it goes much farther than that. Biden came out last month and said he had ordered a half a BILLION test kits. Oh, these aren’t the test kits that you swab the back of your throat with and send it to a lab to process. These are the ones you do a quick five swipes inside each nostril, and wait 15 minutes. It’s got about a 40% chance of either a false positive or a false negative…so it really doesn’t tell you anything. At least not with any certainty.

But again, it doesn’t stop there. Biden has blamed inflation on COVID. It has nothing to do with the fact this guy is printing money faster than the New York Times prints newspapers. He is literally making millions of dollars every single minute of every single day. Biden blames the southern border issue on COVID. These people crossing the border, bringing COVID into our country (and not getting tested, even with the 15 minute test) are fleeing their country because they don’t have the proper care for Coronavirus. And there’s more.

We left Afghanistan because of COVID. We can’t pass Build Back Better because of COVID. The Senate can’t change the filibuster rules because of COVID. The voting rights act is being stalled, not because of Joe Manchin, but because of COVID.

His entire presidency revolves around this virus. And yet, he keeps the guy that funded research into COVID-19 in position as an expert that we are supposed to listen to. A guy that is worth over $400 million!

And now, Biden is is going to make 400 million N95 masks available to anyone that wants them for free. You can pick them up probably starting next week at your local pharmacy! These masks are about $25 each on if you want to buy one. That’s basically a BILLION dollars that Joe Biden is making available to everyone in America for free! Such a great guy!

My question is, where was he with this idea a year ago when he took office and COVID was still running rampant? And could he have saved the lives of any of the 600,000 people that have died under his watch in 2021? Probably not.

Democrats will figure out a way to blame something, ANYTHING on something other than themselves. When was the last time you heard a Democrat apologize for being wrong about something? You never do, and there is a good reason (at least in their eyes) for it. They don’t want to be seen as imperfect. They don’t want to be seen as wasting tax dollars. Because if they do, you’re not going to want to give them the power to tell you how to live your life. You’re going to start reacting to them like America has begun reacting to Tony Fauci. You’re going to call them hypocrites. You’re going to not listen to them. I guess it’s kinda like what we’re doing now with the federal government.

Isn’t it time we start turning the government’s attention toward the business at hand, and let this COVID thing run it’s course? We’re near this “herd immunity” that Fauci keeps talking about, and about 80 million or so people have already contracted the disease. Let’s start talking about inflation. Let’s start talking about fixing the problem at the southern border and seal that puppy up. Let’s start by recognizing that there a lot more serious problems than climate change and COVID. Until we do, we’re just spinning our wheels and throwing money down a bottomless pit.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Did You Study For Your Test?

Oh, you’re getting one. In fact, it’s rumored that everyone in your household is going to be getting one. In an effort to keep the focus off of the economy, off of the supply chain problems (which by the way are still out there), off of the southern border crisis, off of the thought of Democrats trying to end the filibuster and take over all voting rights in this country – making it another Venezuela, Biden is going to focus very closely on making sure you’re safe from COVID!

That’s right. Forget the important stuff. You have to be protected from COVID!

Vowing that COVID and Donald Trump are the reasons that this country is in the sad shape it’s in, and not anything that he or his administration has done, Biden is going to be directing the post office to mail out 500,000,000 COVID tests to everyone! So, you, your spouse, your boyfriend/girlfriend, child, and probably pet are going to be getting one soon. It’ll give the United States Postal Service such a boost that they have already asked the people they hire for the extra mail at Christmas time to stay on board to help deliver all of these tests.

Now, these tests actually were being sold for up to $25 each. I know that for a fact because I was sick over Thanksgiving with a cold, but it had a lot of the symptoms of COVID, so my wife and daughter went out and bought a test kit. There were two tests in there and the cost was $25! Yeah, I know, Walmart and Krogers were selling them for $14 (now $19), but it was the day after Thanksgiving at 10pm and CVS was close.

Anyway, at $14 each, just the product, not the mailing charge is $7,000,000,000! That’s seven BILLION! Add an additional $2 per test and you’re at $8 billion for something you probably don’t need. But Biden wants you to have it just in case.

This is yet another flawed plan coming out of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue! Rather than waste another $8 billion on something that’s not needed, why don’t we do something smart? Why don’t we fix the supply chain? Why don’t we curb inflation by not spending trillions of dollars on worthless liberal snowflake ideas designed to redistribute wealth? Why don’t we fix our southern border problem?

Democrats see that they are being pushed into a corner, and they know if they don’t fight what America truly wants and needs, they will die as a political entity. So, they are trying everything in their power to ensure that a) Donald Trump isn’t running for president in 2024, where most of them feel he will run roughshod over a haggard and beleaguered Joe Biden; and b) they want you to believe that the whole COVID thing was Trump’s fault, even though it was Fauci and the NIH that funded the whole study of that lab in Wuhan, China. They don’t want you to think of the fact that Biden has overseen more deaths in 2021 than Trump did in 2020, especially after he claimed to “have a plan to fix this”. Remember all of the speeches where Biden said he was going to “shut down the virus, not the economy”? Well, he’s managed to do the reverse!

So, he’s gotta do something. And in a Democrats’ mind that is spend money. Throw enough money at any situation and you’re going to solve it. That is their mantra. That is their motto. It’s too bad we can’t be charging the DNC the cost of these boondoggles when their plans fail!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

This Is Why No One Trusts The CDC On COVID

The CDC, the Biden administration, the Pentagon folks, liberal snowflakes everywhere are in actually stunning disbelief that the majority of Americans who aren’t in favor of mask mandates, and vaccine mandates, and stay-at-home orders from governmental officials would think for the slightest New York second available that the Centers For Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia (CDC) wouldn’t be respected! Now, I know that’s a lot to take in, but let’s examine why, shall we?

The CDC is the group that for the past almost-two-years has told the rest of the country what they’ve needed to do to avoid getting COVID. They wanted everyone to believe that everyone in the country was either going to get the disease, or already had it. The facts are a lot different.

First of all, as of this writing (and December 26th, the last available data), only 52, 244,000 people have contracted COVID in the United States. That’s a lot of people for sure, but that goes back to January, 2020, two years ago. But using the latest US population figures of 326.69 million people, a whopping 15.6% of the country has actually at some point, contracted COVID. That means that 84.4% haven’t. The odds are very good you know someone that has had the disease. The odds aren’t that great that you yourself has contracted it. By the way, the 52.2 million number is only slightly higher than the 41 million people that contract the flu every year.

Second, we have been bombarded by false information from the CDC on what we should and shouldn’t do. Should we wear a mask? Their answered has fluctuated back and forth so much, nobody at the CDC can actually tell you anything other than what the Biden folks are telling them at the moment. And they themselves don’t wear masks when they’re not on camera. Need another example? Sure. Earlier this month, the CDC said that Omicron variant comprised 73% of all the cases of COVID in the US for the week ending 12/18. Oops. That number was wrong. It was revised by the same CDC folks down to 22.5% as of Tuesday.

How do you screw up a number that bad? Well, according to former Food and Drug Commissioner, Scott Gottlieb, “Setting aside the question of how the initial estimate was so inaccurate, if CDC’s new estimate of Omicron prevalence is precise then it suggests that a good portion of the current hospitalizations we’re seeing from Covid may still be driven by Delta infections.” So, it appears that even Gottlieb doesn’t have a clue how they can be off by so much.

And do you think that hurts their credibility? Well, take a look at their credibility ratings:

And that was just through August!

In actuality, no one can tell WHY it was that the CDC screwed up the numbers so badly, but the fact remains they did. At least, no one at the CDC will admit to screwing up the numbers so badly. What gets me is that this is the group that the medical community depends on to give them accurate information on all things disease oriented. Anyone want to guess why COVID is still around two years after it first appeared on our shores? Maybe it’s because people in the governmental organizations like that NIH and the CDC, and people like Anthony Fauci don’t have a clue what they are doing. And politicians like Joe Biden blindly follow what they are saying as long as they can take some of our freedoms away and keep better tabs on the “unwashed masses”.

America is indeed heading for a revolution of sorts in the coming years. I’m not sure if it’s going to be full-scale as in a coup or if it’s going to be throwing the bums out…ALL the bums, not just the politicians. But what this type of misinformation tells me is, there is a lot more ignorance going on in our federal system of government than anyone could ever have imagined.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Biden’s Omicron Speech: Not Very Convincing

I don’t think as I sat and listened to Joe Biden give a speech from the State Dining Room about how Omicron is taking over our lives, and he really doesn’t have any plans to stop it except to tell everybody to get vaccinated, that this was a guy in control. He kept telling the world that yes, America is leading the fight against COVID. He kept telling all Americans that he knows we don’t like vaccine mandates (which are illegal), and that all he’s trying to do is save lives. But somehow I came away thinking, “Joe, you’re not very convincing”.

When you look at the presidency of the United States, you understand that it ages people. Look at before and after pictures of every single president we’ve had. They look a lot more tired and haggard when they leave office than when they were sworn in. And yes, I get it that they were at least four and up to eight years younger back then. But that’s not what does it. It’s the stress. I’m already seeing it in Biden, and it hasn’t even been a year. And Biden is getting less and less assertive, and less and less convincing.

Let’s look at the facts. In 2020, under Donald Trump, there were 375,000 deaths attributed to COVID. In 2021 so far, there have been 435,000 deaths (with still a week to go). We’re now averaging about 1,000 deaths per day. This is with Joe Biden in charge, who chastised the way Donald Trump was running things. He’s killed off 60,000 MORE people than Trump did by doing nothing more than telling people they needed to get the vaccine that Trump brought to market in record time.

What I find to be amazing in this whole year is that the Biden administration and that joke of doctor, Anthony Fauci, seem to be totally fooled by the fact that the virus has morphed into different strains. Isn’t that what viruses do? I mean, we get a different flu shot every year because every year the strain is different, right? So, why was Biden and Fauci thinking this would be any different? They seem totally in disbelief that they could be in charge and this thing is still running more out of control today than it was when we were locked down in our houses for eight weeks.

I’ve said many times on these pages that for Biden to issue mandates on vaccinations is ludicrous and shows that the man doesn’t understand the Constitution. It’s up to the states to do that. It’s not something the federal government has jurisdiction over. If your state’s Governor decided that everyone in your state needed to be vaccinated, that’s legal. It’s not legal for Biden to tell people in Oklahoma, or Idaho that they have to be vaccinated, or that companies with 100 or more employees have to be jabbed.

I’m saying that having been fully vaccinated. Just this past week I got my booster shot. But the difference between what I’m saying and what Biden is saying is, I CHOSE to get the vaccine and the booster. Biden wanted to MAKE me do it. I don’t believe that’s right. If you are against vaccines for whatever reason, medical, religious, laziness, I don’t care. It’s your choice. And if you get sick because you didn’t get the vaccine, again, it’s personal responsibility. Don’t blame anyone if you get sick. But it IS your choice. My wife and I felt it was the thing to do. I’m not going to apologize for it, nor am I going to insist that everyone in the country get vaccinated. Neither should Biden.

You would think that someone with all of the years’ of experience as a politician in Washington DC , Joe Biden would understand the Constitution a little bit better. Instead, we’re stuck in idiot-mode.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

The Whole “Omicron” Thing

And yes…it’s pronounced “OH mi kron”. Apparently TV talking heads can’t figure out the Greek alphabet. It’s not UH mee kron. And it seems to have the Democrats in a tither this past week. Since it emerged from South Africa as the latest strain of COVID, Democrats are seizing the opportunity to clamp down on travel restrictions and further erode freedoms of Americans.

Here’s what I find interesting about all of this.

First and foremost, when it comes to Omicron, it’s not that serious. It is a much weaker version of COVID than what we’ve seen with the original and the Delta variant. Apparently, it has some of the same symptoms, but they are much more mild and a lot less lethal than the other strains. And, apparently it is a little more easily transmitted, especially among children, who have had little trouble dealing with the stronger versions of the disease itself.

Secondly, and probably just if not more importantly, I’m getting tired of the liberal bent on imposing travel restrictions, mask mandates, vaccine mandates on American citizens, but the millions of illegals pouring into this country are allowed to do so (breaking the law) without even being tested for COVID. That’s not consistent and it’s not right. If you’re going to allow illegals into this country, and you’re not going to test them, you’re going to get what you get, which is more of a pandemic.

But this plays right into the Democrats’ hands. See, if they can have some sort of national emergency, some sort of healthcare hiccup that they feel could destroy the fabric of American life, then they have the RIGHT to take away your freedoms and restrict your movement, whether it is by lockdown, or only allowing vaccinated people to travel, or by not allowing anyone to travel. As Rahm Emanuel once said, “Never let a catastrophe go to waste”. That’s exactly what Brandon Biden is doing. He can’t wait to impose more and more restrictions. And why? Because it first of all allows his administration to test you to see what you will and won’t accept as far as taking away your freedoms. Wearing a mask is uncomfortable and I don’t know anyone that enjoys it. But it’s probably the least intrusive thing he can mandate. Vaccine mandates get a much larger pushback as we’ve seen. And travel restrictions are alright for a very short period of time, but don’t mess with people’s vacations and holiday trips!

Second, Biden has the ability, and we’ve seen it from Jen “Circle Back” Psaki already, to blame everything bad happening in the country on COVID. It’s COVID’s fault that there are mass illegal immigrants at the southern border. It’s COVID’s fault that the economy sucks. It’s COVID’s fault that Biden doesn’t know where he is half the time. It’s COVID’s fault inflation is through the roof. See how convenient that is? Unfortunately for Biden, people with only half a brain know he’s lying. The only one that has anything to complain about regarding COVID is Donald Trump who lost the election because of it. Nothing else is COVID’s fault. It’s Biden’s.

Biden needs to start being a leader. He’s been in office almost a year and I have yet to see any leadership out of the guy. He’s screwed up everything he’s touched, and if he hasn’t touched it, his VP has, and she has certainly screwed it up, probably worse than he would have. Time to start thinking about replacing Congress, and then replacing the White House staff.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Roe v. Wade Really About To Be Overturned?

The United States Supreme Court heard oral arguments this past Wednesday on whether or not Mississippi’s abortion law is legal. Now, if all you do is listen obliquely to the talking heads in the mainstream media, you’re going to think that the Supreme Court is about ready to get rid of Roe v. Wade, the decision that allowed abortion to be legal across the United States back in 1973. Unfortunately, once again, the media has got it all wrong.

Abortion will still be legal in this country regardless what the Supreme Court decides.

At issue isn’t whether abortion should be legal. It’s whether or not Mississippi’s law should be legal. And when you look at through that prism, you’re looking at an entirely different set of questions. Whether you are for or against abortion really isn’t at issue here. It’s whether or not in the State of Mississippi, you can get an abortion after the 15th week of pregnancy. Even if the high court finds it legal, abortions in Mississippi are still going to be legal through the fifteenth week of pregnancy.

The bigger issue at hand isn’t whether abortion should or shouldn’t be legal. That’s what the pro-choice crowd want you to believe. The real issue here is whether or not the federal government has the right to make it a law that it’s legal (even though no law has ever been passed by Congress and signed into law by the President). What IS at issue is whether the states have the right to make that call per the 10th Amendment.

The federal government can only make laws based on rights granted to it specifically in the Constitution. That said, abortion was never an issue in the 1700’s, and wasn’t specifically given to the federal government. So, it automatically would fall to the states to decide if abortion was legal in their state or not.

The reason that the pro-choice crowd is getting all up in arms is simply because they realize they aren’t going to have total abortion rights in every state. That is something each state can and I’m sure will decide on their own. In Mississippi’s case, they have every right to make the call at 15 weeks if that is what they decide. And my hunch is that is what the Supreme Court is going to rule.

When you take the emotional crap out of the debate, and look at it from a legal standpoint, it’s the only decision the Supremes can make. There is nothing in the Constitution that allows the “right to an abortion” (which isn’t a right at all) to occur. Thus, the feds don’t get a shot at making it happen.

Of course, this will spark a whole new debate on abortion, and it’s legality nationwide. The Democrats are going to cry that poor people living in red states aren’t going to be able to choose to give up their pregnancy like poor women in blue states. But that is exactly what the 10th Amendment is all about. And places like Planned Parenthood will find themselves only working in about half the states in our country.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Welcome To Omicron

As if we weren’t weary of COVID already, it appears that a more deadly variant is already spreading across the world. Starting in South Africa, the Omicron variant has now spread to Australia, Austria, the UK, Belgium, Germany, Italy, and Israel. And of course, you can’t get a word in edgewise about COVID in this country without Anthony Fauci weighing in on his latest take, even though he has basically lost most of his credibility on the subject.

The Omicron variant is supposed to be a lot more contagious than even the Delta variant, and is more susceptible to younger people, who until now have had relatively few problems dealing with the disease.

The State of New York has ordered a state of emergency, and is preparing to shut down in hopes of avoiding another prolonged COVID attack like the one the original variant swept through. Meanwhile, others are talking about more lockdowns, mandates, and social distancing when most Americans are fed up with it and just want to get back to a normal holiday schedule.

In his element, Fauci has addressed the situation, saying he’s convinced that the Omicron variant is already in the United States, and will most likely be spreading around the country at any moment. In China, they have announced they are going to clamp down on all travel for a while because of Omicron, and say that there is a “real possibility of a colossal outbreak” there.

Apparently, the vaccines that you may have already gotten to combat COVID, apparently aren’t doing much to stop Omicron, though Moderna has said they hope that their booster shot which is already on the market will very soon have the ability to stop the Omicron variant. I don’t think we’ve heard anything from Pfizer yet on what they are planning.

So, it looks as if this pandemic is going to be around for a while. That means, Joe Biden will have something to blame his ineptitude on for at least another year or so. And we may end up going back to the days of lockdowns, shutdowns, and a lousy economy…worse than the one we currently have.

The good news is, if we shut the borders, we won’t be besieged by the hordes from Guatemala and El Salvador! But that’s not enough to make me feel any better.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

No Mandate For You!

In an affirmation to an earlier ruling the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans has issued their ruling in the Biden Vaccine Mandate case…and it’s a victory for workers and businesses everywhere.

No mandate will be coming forth on January 4th.

Biden had said that companies that employ 100 or more workers would either have to require their workers to have a vaccine by that date, or they would have to opt for weekly testing for COVID. The Appeals Court ruled that the mandate was “a one-size-fits-all sledgehammer” and was “staggeringly overbroad”.

I would expect that the Biden administration will take it to the Supreme Court to find out what the high court has to say about it. my hunch is, the conservative court will probably back up the 5th Circuit as to the fact that the mandate will cover about two-thirds of the workers in the country.

The country is already spiraling out of control with supply chain issues that are caused by mandates for vaccines and masks, as well as an incredible hike in the cost of diesel fuel. Truckers all over the country are refusing to visit Long Beach or Los Angeles to truck goods from Asia to your neighborhood stores because of the cost of fuel, and the fact they aren’t necessarily happy about taking part in the mandate.

Mandates have long been a sore spot in the United States. The first vaccine mandate occurred in Massachusetts way back in 1802 for small pox. By 1900, school children were forced to receive vaccines before they could enter school in various locales. In the late ’60’s, there was a push for the MMR (Mumps, Measles, Rubella) vaccines across the schools which basically eradicated those diseases. Alaska and Los Angeles didn’t got that route and between 3-4% of the students went unvaccinated and unable to attend school until they were.

The big difference between what happened with small pox and MMR’s and what’s going on today is the difference between federal government and states’ rights. In the above examples, the states were the ones to mandate vaccines, and yes, they still do to this day. And they are legal and upheld by the Supreme Court. Where the rub comes in is when the federal government starts issuing national mandates for everybody, or in the case of COVID, workers in companies that employ 100 people or more.

So, in essence, this isn’t a health issue, as Biden wants you to believe. It is actually a states’ rights issue. If a state decides that they want their school children to be vaccinated against COVID or any other disease, they have the right to make that happen. If a neighboring state decides that they don’t want to follow suit in that fashion, they don’t have to. It’s their choice. But the federal government doesn’t have a constitutional right to step in and force a state to order a vaccine mandate. Both the 10th Amendment and the 14th Amendment have been cited by the Supreme Court as reasons in the past to not allow the federal government to step in and force vaccines.

Once again, a guy that has 48 years experience in Washington DC politics and making the laws, fails to understand what high schools students going through civics class probably already know (if they’re still even teaching civics in the 9th grade anymore!) That is that if the Constitution doesn’t specify that the federal government can do something, the states have the right to make their own decision. And that should be the way it is in this case as well. I would assume that the Supreme Court, whenever this matter gets there, would uphold the 5th Circuit.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

The Doubling Down Begins…

After Glenn Youngkin’s stunning defeat of Terry McAuliffe for the Virginia Governor’s race, and Jack Ciattarelli’s almost victory over longtime Democrat incumbent, Phil Murray for the New Jersey top spot, Democrats had to decide whether they slide back to the middle, or double down. And in true Saul Alinsky fashion, they’ve opted to go for the doubling down. It’s already begun.

Biden’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is putting into play a new “temporary emergency rule” that says that any employer in the nation that has more than 100 employees must have those employees either vaccinated, or tested on a weekly basis.

This would be the first time in history that Washington would impose restrictions that basically regard a respiratory virus as a workplace occupational hazard outside of the healthcare sector. More than 80 million people (about 25% of the country) would be effected by the new “temporary” rule.

Now, this comes at a time when the nation is witnessing a huge jump in the inflation rate due to Democrat sponsored spending increases; a border crisis brought on by Joe Biden’s invitation to those in Central America that he would open the border and welcome them in; a supply chain shortage that has left store shelves bare just in time for Christmas shopping; and along side of that a rule that airline pilots need to be vaccinated that has resulted in thousands of cancelled flights on Southwest and American Airlines just ahead of the heavily traveled Thanksgiving holiday. What do you think including another 20% of America in the rule is going to do to the economy?

If I were you, I’d be buying that turkey now, and not waiting for the grocery stores to put it on sale the week before Thanksgiving. There are going to be food shortages, toy shortages, microchip shortages, clothing shortages, it’ll be a precursor to what life is going to be like under Chinese rule! About the only thing that we won’t have a shortage on are the long list of excuses about why we have all of the shortages coming from the Democrats.

And all of this because Terry McAuliffe screwed up in a debate and said that parents didn’t have a right to decide what is being taught to their kids in school! Can you believe this great nation has sunk that far that quickly?

I’ll be as blunt as I can be here. I’ve always felt (and to some degree still do) that no one person can destroy America in four years. Bobo Obama tried it and failed mightily. Joe Biden has done an admirable job at it, and he appears at least this early on, to want to try and accomplish everything he can knowing full well that he is going to lose the House and the Senate next year and his term as president effectively will end in January of 2023.

What that means is, Biden is throwing all of his compadres in the Democrat party under the bus, not only in 2022, but also 2024. He is looking at one thing and one thing only…getting the most money spent before the roof caves in. And that has nothing to do with improving infrastructure, however you want to define it. That has to do with liberal programs such as paid family leave (which just got put back into the bill), as well as Green New Deal environmentalist crap, and free preschool, and daycare for all. What it doesn’t have is a way to pay for it, which means not only is Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid set to run out of money later on this decade, the government is going to do the same and isn’t going to be able to maintain any service of any kind to anybody. It’s that simple. You can’t print money from here to Pluto and expect life to carry on as normal. I can’t understand why someone that got just a Bachelor of Science degree from a midwestern university (and not one in the Big Ten) can figure that out, and these politicians in DC can’t.

Maybe I ended up getting a better education than they got?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

What Are We To Do With Fauci?

Anthony Fauci gained fame and glory (and probably a lot of money as well) when the COVID pandemic took place. He and Deborah Birx were at the podium at the White House like, every single day when Donald Trump wasn’t there thanking everybody and their cousins for their help in getting vaccines to the market quicker. But it turns out that Fauci was not the great guy he originally was thought to be.

Basically, Fauci has lied to us.

The problem was that Fauci denied that his group, the US National Institute of Allergy And Infectious Diseases, had paid the Chinese money for work with COVID viruses. It was called a “gain of function”, which if you want to dig deep enough is basically Washington speak for mixing viruses together to come up with a biological weapon that is more deadly than just the two viruses by themselves. That was what was going on in the lab in Wuhan, China, and that was what Anthony Fauci ended up paying the Chinese for.

So, all along, Fauci knew damn well what was at stake here. He lied to the American people, playing dumb like he didn’t know where the virus was coming from anywhere in China. Actually, he knew. Chinese officials in Wuhan sent him an email asking him how to disinfect their work stations back in July of 2016! So, why did this member of the National Institute of Health deal with the Chinese as early as five years ago? Primarily because until 2017, it was illegal to perform “gain of function” research in the United States. So, Fauci went to China to do it.

And, Fauci apparently lied to Congress. Fauci had testified on more than one occasion that he had never funded “gain of function” testing or research. Yet, in a recently released email by the EcoHealth Alliance, written by Deputy Director of the NIH, James Comer, he stated that a “limited experiment” with bat Coronavirus had been run under a grant from the National Institute of Health.

So, either James Comer is lying or Anthony Fauci is.

And now, what do we do if we found out that Fauci has lied to us woe, these many months? I think for one, he should be placed on unpaid leave of absence. Second, if he is found to have lied to Congress and the American people about COVID, he should be sent to jail and fine very, very heavily (I’m thinking in the tens of millions of dollars here). What he did, if indeed he lied, is use his position, a very highly trusted position mind you, to defraud the American public and proceed illegally with testing of biological weapons that were illegal in this country, yet he funded in China.

That type of behavior cannot go unpunished, and cannot be swept under the rug. Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky) was on to something when he called Fauci a liar during the most recent hearing involving the pair. It appears Paul was right on this one, especially since the EcoHealth Alliance is funded by Fauci’s organization, the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. They basically threw Fauci under the bus.

And the big question with that is why? Why would NIAID throw their top spokesperson and their Director under the bus? It would make no sense unless they felt there was more to this than we already know and they were afraid of extra stuff coming out…stuff that would be much worse than NIAID funding biological weapons research in China. I can only wonder what that would be. But you’d have to agree the reasons for such an organization to turn their back on their only funding source would have to be so serious that they felt the only option they had was the bite the hand that feeds it.

Facts are facts, and I don’t think we know all of the facts yet. And before we do, I think we need to divorce Anthony Fauci from any decision making role he may have in the Biden administration. Because if what the EHA is correct, and Fauci did indeed give the Wuhan lab even the smallest of grants to conduct experiments on bat Coronavirus, this becomes clear that the fox is in the hen house, and Fauci is one of the people to blame for this entire pandemic. That, anyway you slice it is criminal.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!