Your COVID-19 Update *You Need To Read This!

Now, I really don’t understand why everyone isn’t following the same rules right now. They’re very clear. So, let’s take a minute and go over them again.

First, you must not leave the house, for any reason, unless of course, you HAVE a reason, and then you may leave the house. All stores are closed except those that are open. And all stores MUST close unless, of course, they need to stay open.

This virus is deadly, but don’t be afraid of it. it can only kill people who are vulnerable, and also those that are not vulnerable. We should stay locked down until the virus stops infecting people. It will only stop infecting people if enough of us get infected that we build immunity. It is very important that we get infected, and also that we do not get infected!

You should not go to the doctor’s office or the hospital unless you have to go there…unless of course you are too sick to go there. The virus has no effect on children, except on those children that it effects. The virus will remain active on surfaces for two hours, or four hours, or six hours, but in most cases a day and not hours, and it needs a damp environment, or a cold environment that is warm and dry in the air, unless the air is plastic.

Schools are closed, so you need to home-school your children unless you send them to school because you are not home. If you are at home, you can school your children using various portals and online classrooms unless you have poor internet, more than one child, only one computer, or you’re working from home. Baking cakes can be considered math, science, or art. Because you are home educating, you can include household chores in their education curriculum.

If you are home educating, you may start drinking at approximately 10am every day. If you are not home educating children, you may also start drinking at approximately 10am.

Masks are useless at protecting you against the virus, but you still need to wear one because it can save lives. And, in some cases it may even be mandatory, but also, maybe not.

You must not go to work, but you can get another job at which point you may go to work. Stay home! I don’t know how many more celebrities we need to have tell you how important it is to go outside and take care of your mental health.

There is no shortage of groceries in supermarkets, there are simply many things missing. You don’t need to go and buy a bunch of toilet paper, but you should buy some in case you need it. If you are sick you can go out once you are better. But those in your household, they cannot go out once you are better, unless of course, they need to go out.

Animals are not effected by the virus…except for that cat in Belgium who tested positive back in February…plus a couple of tigers. The number of Corona-related deaths will be announced daily, but we don’t know how many people are infected because we are only testing those who are almost dead to determine if that’s what they would die of. The people who die of Corona who are not counted won’t or will be counted, but maybe not.

You need to protect yourselves at these times. You should be eating well and exercising, but only exercising and eating what you have at home and avoid going to the stores unless you need toilet paper or fence paint.

It’s important to get fresh air. But don’t go to parks. But DO go walk other places, just don’t sit down, unless you’re old or pregnant. But if you do sit down, don’t sit for too long, unless you are old or pregnant, in which case you need to sit down. If you do sit down, don’t eat, unless you’ve had a long walk, which you are allowed to do if you are old or pregnant except for times in which you aren’t!

Don’t visit old people. But you have a moral obligation to take care of old people and bring them food and medicine.

And finally, no businesses will go down due to Coronavirus, except those businesses that go down due to Coronavirus.

I hope this cleared up any questions about what we should and should not be doing during this time. Please, educate your friends and family with this information, so we can remove any and all confusion surrounding this time.


Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


Are We Beating COVID-19?

My short answer would appear to be no. At least where I live. It may be different where you are. I noticed that early Monday morning, I saw that New York was ready to go to Phase 2 of their re-opening. That was really pretty impressive. Here in Arizona, we’re still in Phase 1 and have been for over a month now. The reason? We’re setting daily records for people being infected with Coronavirus.

And I know who to blame.

It’s not the old farts. People 65 and older with an additional health concern are actually in the third of four categories for getting sick. It’s the people 20-44 that are leading the way, by far. And why? They feel, at least here in the desert, that it’s an “old people’s disease”, and that they are pretty much immune from it.

They’re not.

Hospitalizations of that age group are way up. Deaths in that age group aren’t quite as bad. Still, the 65-+ group is leading the way, but it’s the lack of mask-wearing and social distancing that is concerning me. Now, I know that bucks the national trend. It’s typically conservatives that don’t wear masks, and liberals who want the world to believe Trump was so slow on the uptake with this that we will never get rid of it, that wear their masks in the shower. But where I live, we have to be vigilant. I’m amazed at the “libertarians” and “liberals” that don’t wear their masks here.

Why don’t they? Stupid reasons really. They don’t like to breathe through the masks. They claim it fogs up their glasses (it does). I heard one radio guy tell me he doesn’t wear a mask because it’s his choice, and we live in a country of choice. Uh, what about others you could be infecting? That’s the problem I have with the libertarians on this one. They seem to only care about themselves, not those they are around.

I know we have been cooped up for what seems like years and that we want to get back to normal. God knows our economy needs us to get back to normal, but according to the figures I just saw from my county, we are nowhere near normal. And the Governor here just issued a statement last week saying now that businesses need to be very strict on policing who is and isn’t wearing a mask in their establishment. That’s because even though he claims testing is up, and that’s the reason for the increase in cases, the percentage of those tests coming back positive is also up.

Coronavirus is with us, and it looks like it will be for the foreseeable future. I know there are a lot of folks that plan to travel over the summer, and my wife and I usually include ourselves in that group. We can’t this year. We’ve already decided that the summer road trip is out. And we’re wondering about having the whole family come in for Thanksgiving like we always do. That decision is still a couple months away, but I’m not in favor of it right now.

And this moving to Phase 2 in two weeks? That was a pipe dream here in the scrub brush and tumbleweeds!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Who Will Get The Blame?

As we wind down the Coronavirus escapade, certainly it will be either the top story or the second top story (if the presidential election surpasses it) of the year, we need to start asking the question, “Are the Democrats right to be pointing fingers at all?” If so, are they right at pointing them at Donald Trump?

I don’t think so.

Frankly, I would suggest that you would first point your blame at the Chinese. After all, they were the ones that let this thing out of the lab. Second, they had a travel ban within their own country and the Wuhan province long before they had a travel ban in place for foreigners coming to their country. It was almost like they wanted it spread to the rest of the world. Third, I just don’t trust that country with much and we’ve put way too much trust in them to manufacture an awful lot of our goods.

Second, do you blame Donald Trump? Again, I’m not so sure. Remember, it was Trump that instituted the travel ban back on January 31st. Nancy Pelosi called it racist and xenophobic at the time, as did Joe Biden. In fact, to illustrate her point, Pelosi went to Chinatown in San Francisco, and invited the world to come in and party there. That was February 24th. Then on March 6th, some six weeks after Trump initiated the travel ban from China, Los Angeles Mayor, Gil Garcetti decided to go ahead and hold the Los Angeles Marathon. So, I’m not really buying the argument that Donald Trump was slow on the uptake on this one.

Now, let’s ask ourselves what Joe Biden, or Nancy Pelosi, or Andrew Cuomo, or Hillary Clinton would have done differently. I haven’t heard a word of “advice” out of any of them. They seem to be out there with the crickets when it comes to usable advice on how they would have stemmed the tide. Oh, they love to blame Trump, but that’s not really helpful. They love to think he cost Americans thousands of lives. But they don’t offer any tips on what should have been done differently. They say he acted too slow, but their actions didn’t show it. I mean, if Trump should have shut down the country earlier than he did, why did Pelosi want everyone to go to Chinatown? She won’t answer that question by the way. I’ve emailed her staff and asked.

The only real criticism I have for Donald Trump in all of this, well, there are two. First of all, his daily briefings were long and laboriously boring. It got to the point where I said here on this blog it would cost him approval rating, and it did. It’s only now starting to climb back up. And the real criticism I have is, never in the history of humanity have we quarantined the healthy as well as the sick. We always have quarantined the sick. Why didn’t we do that this time? Did we really need to shut down the country, or just isolate those that had the virus in the first place? I’ve never heard a really good answer on this point, but frankly it would have solidified the Democrats position if they actually had asked this question.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Coronavirus 2.0

Yeah, it’s coming. Sorry to say that, but that’s what I fear these days. I can say that here in Arizona, we opened back up last week with “strict restrictions” as far as distancing is concerned. Oh, you’re supposed to wear a mask when you are less than 6 feet from other people. And are people doing it? Nope. People are in close quarters. On the other side of the valley, the local media had a field day showing people outside of a restaurant, standing almost on top of each other waiting to get in.

Here where I live, we opened our recreation centers. And while that’s a fun thing, and something that’s certainly needed, most people I know only think it’s going to be for a short while. Because most of us expect Coronavirus 2.0 to come roaring back bigger and stronger than ever very soon.

In Arizona, we really have “flattened the curve” much yet. Our deaths have been going up, and our testing is in the bottom third of all states. What we HAVE noticed here is that the percentage of people testing positive is under 10%. That’s what our Governor has used as evidence that we can open up.

Of course, when I see that the World Health Organization (WHO) comes out and says that in places that have opened up, “the Coronavirus is not increasing”, and that wearing a mask can reduce transmission up to 75%, I have to wonder whether Donald Trump is right about that group. Talk to Texas about Coronavirus not increasing! Look back at China, where they have just quarantined about 100 million people because their COVID-19 has reared it’s ugly head again.

My dreaded fear in all of this is that yes, we are in for a rather long slog. We’re going to see this hit us again, and once again, we’re going to be told to “shelter in place” or “stay at home”, only this time it’s going to be more strict. I’ve already heard that from several sources. Going to the store for “essential” is only going to be for people under 65. And forget about going outside for fresh air. You’re going to be in your house. Period. At least you are if you’re over 65. If that happens, you can basically kiss the airlines goodbye. The cruise lines are already looking at bankruptcy. And I can’t begin to tell you how many restaurants and stores have already decided to pitch it in.

No, Coronavirus may be with us for a good long while. And if we have flare-ups because of idiots out there deciding that they are bigger and badder than the virus, we’re going to be locked in our homes, without jobs, without incomes, without all of the government help that we’ve been getting. Because quite honestly, we can’t afford to keep raising our federal debt to pay people for staying at home, regardless of what Nancy Pelosi, Bernie Sanders, and AOC say.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Getting The Vaccine

So, let’s assume for a moment that there is a vaccine available for you that has been tested, and the FDA has approved as a vaccine against COVID-19. Are you going to get it?

You may not have the chance to decide.

Actually, the federal government, your state government, even your local government may be deciding whether or not you take the vaccine for you. And if they decide you are to get the vaccine, there’s nothing you can do about it legally. The Constitution doesn’t have squat in there about taking vaccines, but the Supreme Court has plenty to say about it. It’s all about something we discussed earlier during this pandemic. It’s called “Police Powers”, and yes, Virginia, you would be forced to take the vaccine if your government decided that was what was best for you to do.

It’s actually been tried before the Supreme Court. Go back in time 115 years. The case was Jacobson v. Massachusetts. Basically it was whether Jacobson had the right to deny the state of Massachusetts requiring him to get a smallpox vaccine. The Supreme Court argued that yes, the state does have that right, and the 14th Amendment, which says, no state “shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law.”, doesn’t apply.

Here’s the rub.

According to famed legal scholar, Alan Dershowitz, if you have a non-infectious disease, and you decide you don’t want treatment, that’s ok. You can deny treatment and die if you want. However, if it’s an infectious disease, and there is any danger of it spreading, you can’t deny treatment. The city, state, or federal government can make you get treatment.

So, the long and the short of it is, if there is a vaccine that is developed and approved by the Federal Drug Administration for use, and a governmental unit decides that you need to have that vaccine, you need to have that vaccine. Now, of course, there will be several lawsuits challenging that, I’m sure. And Supreme Courts do from time to time reverse themselves. And it has been, after all, 115 years since this case was decided. But we’re still pretty much facing the same problems today with a pandemic that they were facing with smallpox back in 1905. I kind of sorta doubt that the high court is going to go back on this one.

The way I see it is, if the vaccine kills you, can it be any worse than COVID-19 killing you? Roll up the sleeve or drop the drawers, and get ready. You could be getting a shot in the next year or so!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Your Freedoms Are Being Lost

If there’s one thing we can learn from the Debacle In Dallas…where a salon owner was jailed for disobeying a Governor’s directive to keep the business shut…and then a petty tyrant of a judge sentenced her to jail for refusing to apologize for opening her salon, it’s that when we have a national crisis (or international as this one is), you are giving up your freedoms.

Where the judge may have come from instead, is to say that, while yes… we should do things for the public good as a whole in times of need, it’s his job to administer the law as it is written. And he failed to do so. In fact, the mere instance of us being “sheltered in place” or given “stay at home orders”, while it may or may not be helpful in the whole Coronavirus situation, it certainly may not be legal.

I’m going to weigh into an area that I’m not all that familiar with. But I’m going to go back to my 9th-grade civics class for this one. As I understand how government works, the state legislatures, and federal Congress actually¬†write the laws. Then it’s up to the Governors of the states, and the President of the United States to basically administer those laws and see that they are carried out. The Judiciary branch must interpret the laws and make sure that they are constitutional and valid. Am I right so far?

So, during this whole escapade, one of my valued blog readers asked a very astute question. If all of that is true, does that make the Governor’s directives (I really haven’t seen them called “orders”, and they certainly aren’t “laws”) valid? Does a Governor of a state have an ability to issue such a directive, and does it carry the force of law?

In the case of Shelley Luther, the Dallas salon owner that was jailed, I can say that the reason she was jailed was a little arbitrary and probably over-stepped by a petty little judge. She was actually jailed, not for opening her salon during COVID-19, but because she wouldn’t apologize for it. Now, while that in and of itself is petty, stupid, and pretty dumb of Dallas judge, Eric Moye, you could argue that legally it was valid because she got jailed for basically being in contempt-of-court.

The answer to all of the above is, yes, Virginia, there may be a Santa Claus, but states and even municipalities hold what’s known as “police power” that in times of emergency can be used to limit your travel, and your right for peaceable assembly, as well as shuttering businesses, as they have done during this pandemic. Where it gets sticky is that the power can be abused if it’s overly broad and without limits. In most states, the Governors set a time limit for the “stay at home” order to expire, even if it’s since been extended.

And, the Supreme Court, in at least two different occasions has upheld states’ rights to hold a “police power”. The first was making smallpox vaccines mandatory back in 1905, and the second was a lot more recent…in 2012 when John Roberts cited “police power” as part of deciding why Obamacare was actually legal and how states could actually make you buy healthcare insurance.

So, in the end, while the public cry (and the Texas Governor and Supreme Court) went against Eric Moye in his decision, there was a rather interesting, albeit rarely used reason behind it. Whether you and I agree with it or not, and feel our Constitutional rights are being trampled is quite another story.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Did We Really Need Those Checks?

Let me start by saying that I know for a fact there were millions of people that would answer that question, “Yes!” They needed those $1,200 checks per person, just to make ends meet, maybe pay their mortgage or their rent. Maybe it bought some groceries or paid a water bill. Whatever the reason, if people lost their job, and their paycheck, they would answer the question with a huge, HELL YES!

But while there are tens of millions of people out of work and in need, and I’m not saying they shouldn’t be helped out…there are millions more that got those checks, and quite honestly, didn’t need them. I for one got my check, and my wife got hers. And you want to know something? Neither she nor I needed it. We are doing just fine. Of course, neither of us are working, we’re retired. the fact that the government decided that on top of us getting an automatic withdrawal from our IRA’s, and getting social security checks dropped into our bank accounts each and every month, we aren’t hurting.

What the government should have done wasn’t just limit the checks to people making under $75,000 per person. They should also have found out if we lost a job, or lost a paycheck. If they had, they should have maybe doubled that $2,400 to $4,800 and added extra for kids. Instead, they didn’t ask questions…they just ballooned a national debt that quite frankly didn’t need to be ballooned quite as much.

I know the comment from the left at this point would be, “Well, you certainly can donate that money to those in need”. My response is, it’s not my responsibility. It’s the elected officials’ responsibility in Washington to make sure that our tax money gets spent properly. In this case, I don’t think it necessarily did. Oh, don’t get me wrong…I’m happy I got a little bonus from Uncle Sam. It was the first time in 63 years I received money from the government that they didn’t actually owe me. And yes, I’ll take it. But I, like a lot of folks out there, didn’t deserve it.

If the House of Representatives wants to form a committee that looks into the way the Coronavirus money was spent, and where it ended up going, they need to start by looking at themselves. They need to look at the criteria they set forth in writing the law in the first place. The blame for how the money was spent doesn’t fall onto the administration, it falls to the Senate and House, who wrote the law in the first place.

And while we are at looking at the whole COVID-19 escapade again, let’s ask the question why Donald Trump stopped flights from China on January 31st, and then on February 24th, Nancy Pelosi invited everyone to come to Chinatown in San Francisco and party. And on March 6th, Los Angeles Mayor, Gil Garcetti held the Los Angeles Marathon. If you’re going to yell at Donald Trump for “not doing enough sooner”, then shouldn’t you also yell at Pelosi for her comments and Garcetti for holding a friggin’ marathon? It would seem to me that you need to play this down the middle. If you blame Trump on one hand, don’t you have to blame others who were still out there “partying” and running marathons six weeks after Trump stopped flights from China?

If you want to investigate this, investigate it. But make sure you look at ALL of it!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

The Future Of Politics

I’m really curious to see what the Coronavirus effect on politics in the future will be. When you look at places like Michigan, where the Governor is essentially under lockdown because she’s afraid for her life if she ventures outside into the mobs; or in Maine, where their Governor has just extended the “stay at home” order “indefinitely” because she says they “aren’t out the woods yet” (Maine has had a grand total of 51 deaths since this pandemic began), you begin to wonder. What does the future hold for these Governors? They are both Democrats, and they are two of several Democrat Governors around the country that want to keep people from traveling, keep people locked in their homes for as long as they can.

What’s really amazing here is what I saw on Tucker Carlson’s program the other day. Bobo Obama was driven to his country club to play a round of golf, while his wife recorded a “stay home!” message that was sent via text to residents of DC, and Virginia. In Chicago, the mayor there chastized the media and those that dared to venture out, all the while defending her choice to get her hair done “because I’m on national media, and I’m the face of this city”. Somehow that doesn’t seem all that “essential” to me, does it to you?

Here in my state, our Governor has extended the “stay at home” order a little differently. It’s basically that we are to continue to live like we have for the past seven weeks, but he’s starting to relax some businesses and restaurants. Starting this coming Friday, we’re going to be even more relaxed, and the word I’m hearing is by May 15th, the “stay at home” order will most likely be lifted. What’s the difference? Our Governor is a Republican.

Meanwhile, California Governor, Gavin Newsome, is seen on TV screaming that people in Orange County are on beaches, and shouldn’t be. Oh, from what I saw, they were maintaining social distancing. But they were out enjoying what Cali is known for. And in New York, mayor Bill deBlasio went to a rabbi’s funeral, who had died from Coronavirus to make sure that those in his congregation stayed home. It didn’t work, despite threats of fines and arrests.

My question in all of this is, what do you think the chances are that these folks will get reelected when they hit the ballot again? I’m thinking in all cases, except for Doug Ducey (my Governor), who is termed out, it’s not going to be that good. That’s not to say they won’t be replaced by yet another Democrat, with similar ideas, but their political careers are pretty much toast.

And the same thing holds true for those in Congress that want to keep you and me locked in our houses, all the better to control us, and take away our freedoms. After all, that is what this is about to them. Give them more power over us, and take our freedoms away. As former Chicago Mayor, Rahm Emanuel once said, “Never let a crisis go to waste” (quoting Winston Churchill).

Carry on world…you’re dismised!

See? I Told You So!

I hate blowing my own horn when I bring something up here and it happens. But it happens a lot recently. And it happened again over the weekend. Last Friday, Donald Trump’s advisors pulled him aside and said, “Enough is enough!”

They want him to stop doing the daily briefings.

Now, if you’re relatively new here, you know that I’ve been railing about this for a while. His part in the briefings have become nothing more than a “thank you” to companies that have helped in the effort to stem the Coronavirus. He has been the national cheerleader, and while that was good at the beginning, it’s turned into a circus. The media asks inane gotcha questions designed to make Trump look bad, and he calls the media out on it. Neither has anything to do with COVID-19. And I said early on that his poll numbers would start to go down if he kept up the charade.

It’s happened.

And his advisors have taken notice. Either that, or they are reading my blog or watching the videos on YouTube, and I don’t think that’s the case. I certainly hope not. They’ve got a LOT more important things to do! What they have told Trump is that his ratings are going down because the Senior Citizens that are basically watching get scared on a daily basis and don’t like watching him fight with the media.

Their plan is to have him show up sporadically. They want him to show up on occasion, not on a set schedule. His job isn’t to answer questions, but to announce victories in the COVID-19 scare. And they say he should leave the details to the professionals and the medical community to talk to the press and the nation about.

It’s almost like they were actually listening to me!

Trump’s approval rating on, which takes all of the approval polls and averages them together hit a recent high of 45.8% back on the 1st of April. Since then, in three weeks’ time it’s slipped to 43.4% a 2.4% drop. His advisors say it’s because there isn’t much new news to bring to the public, and it’s becoming boring and predictable and that he’s over-exposed. These are things I said three weeks ago!

If Trump were smart, he wouldn’t show up at all. Stay out of the Coronavirus escapade all together. Leave it to Mike Pence, who he put in charge of the task force, and let Pence, Fauci, and Birx be the faces of the task force. That would be the best way to handle it. Let Joe Biden keep doing his daily briefings from his basement, which also don’t say anything new. Then HIS ratings will go down!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Trusting The States

As we enter what could, for a lot of us, be the final weekend of “stay at home” orders, one thing strikes me as very interesting. Democrats and the left have long maintained the theory that We The People are too stupid, ignorant, or just plain dumb to decide for ourselves what we should do and how we should do it. That’s one of the major differences between the liberals and the conservatives in this country. The liberals believe that they know better how to run things and that’s why they need to be in power. Conservatives believe that man has intelligence and should be allowed to make his/her own decisions.

So, why don’t the liberals in Congress trust the liberals in State Governments to do the right thing?

If you look at what Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and the rest of the snowflake left are saying, they want everyone to stay at home and not go back to work. Of course, the reasons for that are many, beginning with the whole Andrew Yang thing of paying everybody a living wage just for changing oxygen into carbon dioxide (doesn’t that fly in the face of the Green New Deal?) But on top of that, it’s obvious that the leftists in power in DC don’t trust the states’ Governors to do their job and lift the “stay at home” executive orders when they feel the time is right.

It’s an interesting paradox if you think about it. Here you have a small group of a couple hundred people representing millions of us in Washington DC saying that the people that have been elected Governors in the various states, some of them just as liberal as those in Congress, aren’t smart enough to decide when to open the country back up. Somehow, the liberal intelligence gene bypassed those at the state level and only those at the federal level have it!

I’m well aware there are other factors at play here, but I find it interesting that while Nancy Pelosi eats her premium ice cream from her $24,000 freezer in San Francisco, she doesn’t believe that California Governor (and Democrat), Gavin Newsome has the intelligence to know when to allow Californians to go back to work. I guess the same could be said across the country in New York, where Chuck Schumer doesn’t believe his buddy, Andrew Cuomo, who sits in Albany as the Governor, isn’t smart enough to decide what’s needed to open the Great State of New York!

Of course, both Pelosi, and Schumer are more interested in keeping the country closed so they can use a damaged economy against Donald Trump in seven months. But what they SHOULD be doing is getting everyone back to work, THEN fighting Trump on the issues. If you want to say that he didn’t close things down soon enough, fine. Then explain why on February 24th, Nancy Pelosi was in Chinatown in San Fran telling everyone to come out and party. And if they called Trump a racist for his travel ban with China on January 31st, tell me why he didn’t act soon enough, when he acted sooner than Pelosi did!?

I guess, when you look at it, Pelosi and Schumer and the liberal media weren’t as prepared as the Trump administration when it came to fighting this. In fact, wasn’t it Nancy Pelosi that has been holding up the second stimulus package (I think they’re calling it 3.5?) while she sits in her mansion in San Fran?

No…you have to give the governors of the states the ability to open up their state when they feel the time is right regardless of whether they are Democrat or Republican. And it is just another shining example of why liberalism doesn’t work…they end up eating their own kind.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!