Biden Keeps Playing Games At The Border

So, have you heard about the new “Circumvention of Lawful Pathways” rule? No? Well, it’s the latest of many iterations that the Biden administration is attempting to put forth that tries to show the American people that they are really, really trying to solve the border issue, without really solving the border issue.

Here’s what the Department of Homeland Security describes this rule as: “The Circumvention of Lawful Pathways Rule is designed to address the current and anticipated surge in migration throughout the hemisphere and further discourage irregular migration by encouraging migrants to use lawful, safe, and orderly processes for entering the United States and other partner nations; imposing conditions on asylum eligibility for those who fail to do so; and supporting the swift return of migrants who do not have valid protection claims.”

Unfortunately, it’s not what’s needed. It’s nowhere near what’s needed. It’s the latest scam the Biden administration is foisting on the American people to try and get their attention taken off of what they consider to be a lot more damaging issues…like Hunter Biden’s problems, and the fact that two whistleblowers have come forth and accused Joe Biden of taking pay for play money and accepting bribes that have earned him, and his family hundreds of millions of dollars in illegally gotten gains.

Well, 18 states are suing the Biden administration over this policy, and it will, at the very least delay the start of it. So, Biden needs to answer questions on the border. And he can’t use the lame excuse that Congress hasn’t acted, so it’s their fault. Congress never acted under Donald Trump, yet, the number of illegal aliens coming into this country under Trump were far lower than Biden’s best year! That can’t be it. It’s another Biden lie. One in, how many hundreds he’s told us since he took office?

Look, there is one way to fix this border solution, and it’s one of the easiest solutions facing anyone in Washington, DC. For crying out loud, if a former media guy from Toledo, Ohio can come up with this, you’re telling me all these Harvard and Yale-trained attorneys that sit in Congress can’t make sense of it?

First of all, you shut down the border to illegal immigration. You do that by denying anyone that is caught crossing the border illegally from EVER getting into this country legally. They are arrested and jailed. Then you make them go through the normal vetting process. There is no vetting process now. It’s Katy bar the door. If they refuse, and run, you go after them and use whatever force you need to apprehend them. Trust me. If illegals in Central America know that they have the chance of getting arrested, jailed, or beaten and worse, they will stay where they are. Hell, they stayed where they were when Trump was president, and all he did was keep them in Mexico!

Second, you tell every illegal that had an immigration date set in court that if they don’t show up for that hearing, they will be jailed for a period of ten years in a desert jail (like Joe Arpaio used to use), and then they will be automatically deported to their home country. If they do show up, you put the international rules on them, which says that if you are claiming asylum, you must do so in the first country you come to. If they didn’t apply for asylum in Mexico, it’s out they go.

Next if they have followed the rules, showed up for their hearing, and applied for asylum in Mexico but were denied, then you can allow them asylum if they meet our requirements. They aren’t citizens. In order to do that, they must pay a $50,000 fine (illegal entry in to the country), face community service of some kind for 5-10 years, speak English fluently, not have a criminal record for as long as they’ve been here, and then apply to be a citizen like everyone else. IF they pass all of those things, even the “Dreamers”, then they get to be citizens, but there is a caveat. They are not allowed to receive any governmental assistance in the way of monies or services for a period of ten years AFTER they become citizens, as well as during the time they are going through the process. Failure to do that results in immediate deportation, and never gaining entry into the US again.

There. I bet those 18 states suing Biden wouldn’t have a problem with that solution, would they?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

New Immigration Bill: Nobody Wins

You may not have heard of this one yet. But apparently, there is a new bill that would “fix” the immigration system that is being introduced in Congress. It’s a bi-partisan bill written by María Elvira Salazar (R-FL) and Veronica Escobar (D-TX), And I don’t think there are many on either side of the aisle that are clamoring about this passing.

And maybe that’s the way to get things done.

What the bill tries to do is tackle the problem of asylum, as well as what to do with the 12 million illegals currently in our country. But while the 500 page bill says it strengthens border security, it doesn’t close down the borders to the illegal hordes of people that have invaded our country. It does, however, have something in it for both sides.

The GOP is demanding that the border be secured first and foremost before anything else gets done, including redefining who is eligible for asylum in our country. They are getting some beefed up security at the border, but it really doesn’t go far enough. Democrats have wanted to start at the Biden plan which basically makes every illegal in the country a prospect for citizenship almost immediately. The bill put forth by Salazar and Escobar says that there has to be a $10,000 fine paid before anyone would be allowed to become a citizen.

The other thing that the bill does is establish campuses where people would be housed for up to 60 days while their asylum hearings are heard. Then a decision could be made, and they would either be allowed into the country as an asylum seeker, or they’d be deported.

Neither the Democrats nor the Republicans are very happy with this bill however. Democrats don’t like the fact that it is going to slow to a trickle the number of people that are allowed to cross illegally. Republicans aren’t happy with the fact that it tackles the asylum problem before anything gets done with shutting down the border to illegals altogether and making the border secure.

I’m not happy with the bill, personally, because it doesn’t go far enough. First and foremost, as you’re well aware if you read this blog with any consistency, I’m for not allowing anyone into the country just by crossing the Rio Grande, or trapsing across a desert. There needs to be something to deter that from happening. It must be secure and it must work or nothing else should happen. Second, there needs to be an asylum hearing at the border within a reasonable time before the illegal is allowed into the country. They can have the hearing in the US, and then they must go back to Mexico before the hearing decision is made. They’d stay in Mexico until the decision is reached.

I’m also not happy with the path to citizenship that the two ladies decided on. I think there should be several additional hurdles to cross. These people did not come here in the normal or legal way. That means they need to pay for their penalty, and it needs to be steep. It’s the only way that we can insure and send the message to those still in Central America that you can’t just show up at the border and expect to gain entry in our country.

I have said all along that the first thing is there should be a fine. It shouldn’t be just $10,000 though. Let’s talk about starting in the $50,000 range, and the money will be used to pay down the federal debt. Second, you must be proficient in English. Third you must have your hearing, and if allowed in, you must not a) get governmental assistance of any kind for the first 10 years, and b) you need to keep a clean criminal record. Failure to do either is an immediate deportation. You also must do community service of some kind. That could be serving in the US Army for five years, or doing some other type of community service, like sending doctors where there aren’t any currently, or teachers to inner city schools. You need to atone for the sin of crossing the border illegally. You also, during that time, must check in on a regular basis with ICE and let them know where you are and what you are doing. If you don’t, deportation awaits.

Then and only then are you able to apply for citizenship, and then and only then do you follow the same route that people that are applying for citizenship follow.

Anything else, is unacceptable.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

So What’s The Solution?

The Republican controlled House of Representatives passed a fix to the immigration crisis on the southern border last week. The vote was pretty much along party lines, 219-213. And that means that the Republicans have put forth the only bill so far that would tackle the very sticky, very partisan issue of immigration. I have one question for Joe Biden.

Where is YOUR solution?

Wasn’t it Joe Biden that mocked Kevin McCarthy about the budget and the debt ceiling debacle? Didn’t he chide McCarthy for “not having a budget, not having a bill”? And then what happened? McCarthy went out, and wrote and passed a bill regarding the debt ceiling. It basically allowed the debt ceiling to increase $1.5 trillion in exchange for $4.5 trillion in spending cuts over the next 10 years. It never saw the light of day in the Senate, because Chuckles Schumer was against spending cuts. Biden himself said it was a non-starter and had it made it to his desk, he would have vetoed it. Yet, Biden continues to say that America can’t and never will default on it’s debts. So, following this logic, if given the opportunity to pass legislation, and present a bill to the president, you would assume that avoiding default would be the biggest issue the White House could face. It would seem to a logical person that you’d sign anything, even if you disagreed with it, as long as you avoided default. Wasn’t that what happened back in 2011?

And now, McCarthy has done it again. Democrats have been saying that they want the GOP to stop screaming about the “crisis at the border” and stop harassing Alejandro Mayorkas who still is trying to fool the world that a) our border is shut, and b) there is no crisis at the border. McCarthy’s bill stops all that. It basically keeps those wanting asylum in this country in Mexico until their hearing. It sets guidelines for what is and isn’t acceptable as far as asylum is concerned. And it floods the region with a bunch of new Border Patrol agents that can handle the mess without requiring years of psychological appointments to deal with the mental problems Joe Biden has caused.

So, what’s Biden’s solution?

The man has no solution. He says that there is going to be “chaos” at the border “for a while”, but has no idea what he intends to do with all of the illegals breaking through out southern border. He is probably better aware than you or I that these people aren’t going to show up for their immigration hearing, so why does he put it on them to turn themselves in to immigration officials once they are released into the country? Does he really think that any of them are going to keep a court date, or turn themselves in to ICE? If he believes that, there is a bridge a few miles to the northwest of me in Lake Havisu City I’d love to sell the president!

McCarthy’s solution isn’t a long term fix. It fixes what needs to be fixed because Title 42, which wasn’t really working anyway, went away. It is a band-aid, nothing more. What is really needed is a permanent overhaul of the immigration procedure. And it can’t be that you just show up at the border and cross over anywhere you can, and hope you can stay. Based on what I’ve seen, about 92% of the people crossing and claiming asylum, would be denied in a court of law. That’s according to a recent study from Pew.

And yet, we haven’t seen any legislation from Democrats in the Senate. Nancy Pelosi is still in the House, yet we haven’t heard anything from her as far as a solution to the problem. Joe Biden just turns and walks away when asked about it. He’s got his head in the sand. It’s the symbol of a guy that’s in way over his head and doesn’t know what to do about it. K-baby Harris has already demonstrated to the world that she’s nowhere near ready to assume any position of power. She can’t handle simple tasks without cackling like a wet hen.

And so, we have yet another mess on our hands caused by the inability of the sitting president to actually do the job he was elected to do. Work across the aisle to bring America together? I’d be happy for him to show up to work and actually put a good solid day’s worth of work in once in a while!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Can Somebody PLEASE Fix The Border Crisis?

This is going to be somewhat of a personal note today. As most of you know, I live in a border state (Arizona), and I’m only a short drive away from the southern border. No, I haven’t actually seen the hordes of illegal aliens tramping through the various lands of our great state. But I have seen footage. I have heard the interviews with our Border Patrol agents in our state saying they get shot at by cartel members who hide in the mountains with high powered rifles. And I have seen our current Governor kowtow to the illegals. Doug Ducey, our former Governor sent busloads to the major “sanctuary cities” in the north. Our current Governor doesn’t obviously know how to charter a bus.

So, today, I’m begging anyone in Washington DC to stop the carnage of this two plus year odyssey of what has become nothing less than a multi-million person invasion of our country. In the next couple of weeks, I’m going to be taking a trip to the great state of Texas, and will pass through one of the illegal immigrant hotspots, El Paso. Now, this is a city I’ve been to a dozen or so times before. It’s typically a nice city, normally. In fact, when my wife and I go to see our son in the Houston area, El Paso makes a nice halfway stop. They have a plethora of nice hotels and there is a steakhouse right across the street at the hotel we like to stay at.

But I do have to say, I’m a little worried this trip. I’m worried because Title 42 is going to expire a few days prior to my trip. That means that while there is already a large encampment of illegals in downtown El Paso (a part of town we usually don’t go to), there will be an even larger group of illegals taking over that city. There are 679,000 folks living in El Paso today. There are thousands of illegals camped out in that city, because they don’t know where to go. The picture above shows some of them.

Look, I’ve often railed about what needs to happen to fix this problem and do so in a timely manner. It’s a very simple process really that means both Republicans and Democrats in the Congress need to come together, pass a damn law and then watch and see if Biden will sign it. If he does, problem solved. If he doesn’t, that becomes the number one campaign issue as he is basically handing over our country, not only to the Chinese overlords who made him a multi-millionaire, but also to the illegals from Central America who want to come here for a myriad of reasons.

The way to fix this is simple. First and foremost, if you’re claiming asylum in the US and you came through Mexico, you’ve violated the process of seeking asylum in the first country you come to other than your own. You don’t get asylum in this country. If you don’t show up for your immigration hearing, you are going to be hunted down, and thrown in jail (not deported!) That means we are going to have to build huge jails to house these folks, as it could be in the millions. It’s rumored we have 13 million illegals living in this country today. Well, we’ve got quite a bit of open space here in the Grand Canyon State, and I think the Land of Enchantment next door also has quite an abundance of space for what I call “Sheriff Joe Arpaio prisons”. Just make desert encampments big enough to hold a million or so people.

Now you have to deal with those that want to come in. Simple. Just let them know when they get to the border they need to remain in Mexico until they have their immigration hearing. And we are going to want people to emigrate here that have skills. We don’t want folks that don’t know how to do anything or don’t speak the language. If you’re a doctor, or a skilled trades person, come on in. If however, you’re stone broke with no skills whatsoever, sorry, then, you have to either go back home or you become Mexico’s problem.

If you follow those two basic steps, trust me, the flood of illegals into this country will stop. Not just slow to a trickle, but stop. And yes, you’re going to have to put those 87,000 IRS agents Joe Biden has hired to work as prison guards. OK…so that’s what we do. If anyone listens to this diatribe, and wants to fix the border problem, take it from someone who lives here…that’s the ONLY way to do it. You can’t just open your door like we did back in the early 1900’s at Ellis Island. We aren’t in the middle of an industrial revolution!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Can Jean-Pierre Discern The Truth From Fiction?

I don’t think so. Karine Jean-Pierre took over about a year ago from Jen Psaki as the White House press secretary when Psaki wanted to leave the White House, and take on a much more lucrative and less time consuming job at MSNBC. She ended up getting her own show after a couple of months. For Jean-Pierre, it’s been anything but a sweet ride.

And it continues to be a daily lie-infested diatribe from the White House podium.

In a recent stab at twisting history and the truth, Jean-Pierre made this comment: “You’ve seen illegal immigration come down 90%”. When she was questioned where she got that number, this was her response,  

“The Biden administration deals with the immigration system in a humane way, a way that actually deals with what we’re seeing at the border. And that’s why you’ve seen the parolee program be so successful. It has. It has. It has,” she said. “When it comes to illegal immigration, you’ve seen it come down by more than 90%. And that’s because of the actions that this president has taken. But we know that more action needs to be taken. Congress is responsible to take actions further than what President Biden has done thus far, but this issue is important to this president.”


The outright hypocrisy of that statement tells us one of two things. Either Jean-Pierre is a mega-habitual liar and can’t be trusted to say anything truthfully, or she is totally being left out of the loop at the White House and has to fend for herself against an ever increasing group of reporters who are just trying to get to the truth.

At first it was just Peter Doocy at Fox News that was asking the tough questions, with a lot of others tossing softballs at Jean-Pierre. But soon, because of the lies and the mis-statement of the facts, others have chimed in. Now even the vaunted New York Times, Washington Post, and other outlets have questioned her ability to tell the truth.

Let’s be clear. She did find a nugget of truth in the comment above. The illegal immigration that has fallen 90% actually has occurred. It’s come from the four countries that are now supposed to use this White House app in order to schedule an appointment to get their asylum hearings held. They have to do that before they attempt to cross into the country illegally. If they don’t, they are supposed to be deported and not be able to return. But she never made that distinction. It sounded like she was trying to sell the notion that illegal immigration at the southern border was down 90% because of Joe Biden. Actually, it’s increased to record high levels.

Now, I will say that she’s right on one account. It is indeed up to Congress to come up with a bill that fixes immigration, and would also punish those that enter the country illegally. If Congress were to pass a bi-partisan bill in that regard, and there is some movement toward that, then Biden would have to sign it. To not sign it would be a travesty and would prove that everything his administration hasn’t done to fix the border crisis has been done intentionally. That would not only spell the end of Joe Biden’s reign, but K-baby Harris, and Alejandro Mayorkas as well.

But the overriding problem is that Jean-Pierre is either an habitual liar or just plain stupid and doesn’t care what the facts are. Either way, this is what happens when you hire people based on race, gender, religion, or sexual orientation. You get people in roles that they are woefully not qualified for, and Jean-Pierre is just one example in this administration that that statement is true.

Carry on world, you’re dismissed!

Is Biden To Blame For Border Crisis?

I have railed for years against Joe Biden and his administration. I’ve said numerous times that Alejandro Mayorkas, the Homeland Security Secretary was incompetent at his job and should either be fired or quit before the border situation gets worse. I’ve continually screamed about people like Katie Hobbs, who’s not the Governor of Arizona, and Mark Kelly, the junior Senator from AZ for their faux border policies. But are they the ones that are really to blame?

No. They are not.

Yes, I can complain about the Biden administration’s decisions to allow millions of illegal aliens into our country by basically throwing the door wide open. As for the feeling that once allowed into the country, most of these illegals fade into the fabric of the country and are never heard from again until they commit some horrible crime? Well, I’ve read on a couple of different sources that’s just not true. Somewhere between 83 and 88% of illegals actually MAKE their court appearances. 96% of those that have not been detained for various reasons (criminal record, terrorist watch list, etc) make ALL of their hearings.

OK, so who is to blame for the crisis at the border? And yes, it IS a crisis!

I blame Congress. Congress could have done something about this eons ago. But, as it typically the case, this group of folks tends not to do anything unless and until they are forced to, and it’s usually because they are up against deadlines. Congress loves to kick the can down the road.

If Democrats want an easier path for anyone to get into this country, they could have done so. They have had several opportunities in the past fifteeen years while they held both the House and the Senate. And they had a friendly president in the White House, be it with Joe Biden, or Bobo Obama. If the Republicans had wanted to tighten control over who gets in, they had their chance only twice, but they’ve had it (when they controlled both the Senate and the House). The Democrats controlled both sides of congress twice with friendly presidents. The GOP, once.

The facts here are clear. Unless and until there is something out there that makes Congress either come together and negotiate a bill that updates and fixes the immigration policy of this country, it will never get done. And unless there is a president that is willing to negotiate on this issue, it’s going to have to be a one-party bill. If we wait until one party holds both the House, and has 60 seats in the Senate to cut off cloture, AND they have a friendly president in the White House that would sign such a bill, I think we’re going to see Jesus return before that happens.

Simply put, it’s time for Congress to stop kicking the can down the road. It’s time they tackle the problems that are facing America and do so in a bi-partisan way. That means that the Democrats are going to have to come off their high horse that they are going to eliminate Republicans so they can rule 100% of the government, 100% of the time. And it means that the GOP is going to have to compromise on their shutting down the border to all illegals, unless and until they go through immigration the “right way”. Right now, there is no right way. And, the GOP probably going to have to realize, as they did back in Ronald Reagan’s day, that the illegals that are in this country now, are going to have to at some point be allowed to stay. To round up eleven million people and shuttle them back where they came probably isn’t going to happen.

So, yes, I’m always upset at Biden and Mayorkas for them doing absolutely nothing when it comes to border security. And their treatment of the Border Patrol officers who risk their lives is cruel and unusual punishment. I don’t know why anyone in their right mind would want to go into that line of work. But thank God that they do. But the real criminals in all of this mess, are the 535 people that are sitting in that big white building at the end of the Mall with the big dome on top. They once again, need to stop the petty investigations, and get back to work solving America’s many and serious problems!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Dead Man Walking!

There hasn’t been a lot of people in government that are so toxic that they infuriate the other side of the aisle to the point of gag reflexes. Oh, of course, you’ve got Nancy Pelosi and Donald Trump. Joe Biden is rapidly joining their small group. I’d put Mitch McConnell and Chuck Schumer into that mix, certainly an Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and you’ve got to include K-baby Harris. As far as Republicans go, I can’t think of any that are toxic than those already listed.

Well, there’s one more that you probably need to add to the Democrats’ list. Alejandro Nicholas Mayorkas. The Homeland Security Secretary is probably one of the most hated members of the party by the Republicans since certainly Eric Holder, and would include such notables as Janet Reno and Hillary Clinton.

Mayorkas has now reached the point where the House is ready to impeach him. Now, while I personally think that would be wrong at this point because it’s a waste of time and we have many more important things to accomplish than getting rid of an idiot, who will most likely be replaced with yet another idiot.

Mayorkas is at the very least contentious, and at the most, bombastic. He certainly isn’t afraid to dress down Representatives and Senators in Congress. He was up on the Hill the other day trying to impress Congress on why he needed such a huge increase in his annual budget next year. I don’t think he succeeded.

Republicans and Democrats alike aren’t really in love with this guy. He’s been told he needs to be fired. He’s been told he needs to resign. He’s been told the only reason he is going to get any money at all is because of the border patrol agents that would suffer if money were taken away from the southern border crisis.

Mayorkas has been at odds, still to this day saying that the southern border is secure, when countless hours of video footage exists of people wandering over the border unimpeded. He was asked directly if he agreed with the head of the Border Patrol who said the southern border was far from secure. He said he’d “respectfully have to disagree with that assessment.”

I think it’s fair to say that Congress has made Mayorkas, and maybe Transportation Secretary, Pete Buttigieg post children for how inept the Biden administration is. Mayorkas has been absolutely abysmal at his job when it comes to protecting the southern border (at the order of the president), and Buttigieg has been AWOL more than he’s been at the job for one reason or another. And while both deserve to be unemployed because they frankly aren’t suited for the jobs they are in, unless they quit because they can’t stand the heat, that most likely isn’t going to happen.

Let’s be honest. If Joe Biden is set to include K-baby Harris as the vice presidential running mate for a second time even though there hasn’t been one successful mission she’s been given where she’s succeeded, he’s going to certainly stick with Mayorkas. After all, the bald-headed freak is just mimicking what he’s been told by the guys running this administration. And he’s certainly making more (about $200k/year) at his current gig than he would be if he were to say, drive an Uber for a living.

I really hope that Kevin McCarthy doesn’t decide to impeach Mayorkas. It’s been a LONG while since a cabinet member has been impeached. It was back in 1876 when William K. Belknap, the Secretary of War was impeached by the House. He was great at getting kickbacks and being rather corrupt (sound familiar?). But I don’t think it does the House well to try and impeach anyone for any reason if the Senate isn’t going to go through and back them up on it. Currently, there aren’t the votes in the upper chamber to remove Mayorkas from office, so the whole thing becomes a waste of time and money. Just ask Donald Trump and Bill Clinton.

I say let Mayorkas continue. Let him continue to screw up the southern border. It’ll have to be one of the top issues in the 2024 election cycle. And hopefully if American learned anything over the last two years (I’m not sure they have), they will boot this administration to the curb and get someone in office that can actually run the country. Or maybe I’m still asleep and I’m dreaming?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Ungrateful Illegals?

You would think that if you are an illegal alien coming to this country, it’s for a very good reason, right? Maybe you are being persecuted for your religious beliefs in your home country. It could be that you are a political outcast and the power brokers back home are gunning for your demise. Maybe it’s financial. Maybe you just don’t have enough money to put food on the table for your family, or clothes on their back, or keep a roof over their head. Maybe the conditions you live in are so poor that trekking across three or four countries to a place you’ve only heard is dripping with honey and the streets are paved with gold, where the government takes care of everyone is a dream you want to live.

Or maybe, you’re just faking it, and you’re being found out about it once you get here.

That seems to be the case with a lot of the illegals that are in New York City. They are being put up in a $300 a night hotel in the Big Apple. But alas, there are so many illegals being bussed into New York at this time, over 12,000 of them. And New York, being a “sanctuary city” has an obligation to house and feed all of those illegals. That puts Mayor Eric Adams in a quandary. He needs to put them up somewhere. So, he’s resorted to putting them up in old hotels, that aren’t anywhere near full. Ah, but there’s a problem.

Adams knows that most of the people being put up in the Watson Hotel are single men. And there are families that are being bussed to New York after crossing illegally into our country in Texas, and Arizona. So, he’s built a shelter for them in Brooklyn. It’s an old cruise terminal, not meant to necessarily house illegals, but meant to check in guests ready to enjoy a week long cruise to the Bahamas, or Bermuda.

And that’s where the trouble started.

The illegals that were in The Watson, decided they would protest. After all, isn’t that what America is all about? They moved outside to the sidewalk and slept in the street in near freezing temperatures as opposed to getting bussed to Brooklyn and have to sleep in a huge room with cots. And the food, they say, is terrible there.

Let me just say this. Yes, these people have endured a lot of hardships to get to this country. I get that. But they came uninvited. they broke the law to get here, so they are illegal, let’s not forget that. And they are being treated to a hotel room in midtown Manhattan that you and I couldn’t afford for more than a week or so. They get free cell phones, free food, free lodging, and free clothes if they are needed. They came across the Rio Grande wearing designer jeans, logoed tee shirts, and jackets. I’m sure there are some of these people that are destitute, that are escaping some terrible conditions at home, but if that were the case, they’d be HAPPY to be living in a shelter temporarily, while more permanent means could be found.

Let’s examine something. Let’s go back a little more than 100 years to when Europeans came to our shores and landed at Ellis Island. They weren’t given the same treatment that these illegals are being given. They realized that they would be starting with nothing, but in their minds it was better than what they had back home. Apparently that isn’t the case with these folks today. So, I have to ask the question, was their coming here a scam? Are they truly in need, or are they just out to see what they can get out of a very liberal and happy to give away the store government that we have? My hunch goes more to the scam, especially with the people that don’t want to move out of a luxury hotel.

It’s time to call a spade a spade here and tell these people that if they don’t like the Brooklyn cruise terminal, we’ll be happy to arrange transportation for them back to their home country. And do it quickly…like today.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Mayorkas To The Rescue?

I would never really consider someone like Homeland Security Secretary, Alejandro Mayorkas to be some sort of super hero. I wouldn’t expect him to fly in and rescue some damsel in distress. In fact, I think he has a hard time putting his shoes on in the morning. So, how in the good Lord’s name could he ever race to the rescue?

When it’s Democrat “Sanctuary Cities” that are crying foul.

And this leads to a bunch of questions and hypocrisies of the left. First of all, let’s tackle the headline. Mayorkas was addressing the US Conference of Mayors’ Winter Meeting. He told the assembled crowd that FEMA was ready to help out when it comes to the illegal aliens being bussed to their cities by people like Texas Governor, Greg Abbott, and Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis. As he put it, “FEMA is providing Emergency Food and Shelter Program funds to help cities around the country recover or defray the costs of non-citizen arrivals. CBP and ICE are working closely with cities to share information and coordinate the disposition of non-citizens in immigration enforcement proceedings.”

So, let’s make sure we understand what’s happening here. People like New York City Mayor, Eric Adams, and Washington, DC Mayor Muriel Bowser, and Chicago Mayor, Lori Lightfoot are crying because they’ve declared themselves to be “sanctuary cities”, and then when people come seeking sanctuary in those cities, they cry because they don’t think they can afford to house and feed them. Is that about it? And since they’re all Democrats “trying to do the right thing”, Mayorkas is trying to help by allowing FEMA an EMERGENCY management organization, to come in and pay for the cost of housing and feeding these illegals. That means that you and I are stuck paying for sanctuary cities’ causes whether we like them or not.

Do you see why I may have a problem with this? Mayorkas, who can barely address Congress without lying to them, is telling hundreds of US Mayors, that the federal government is ready, willing, and able to come to their rescue and spend basically billions of dollars to help the millions of illegals that broke into our country, just because they were being bussed away from the borders that they illegally crossed. Do you find it interesting that over the last two years, Mayorkas hasn’t told the towns like El Paso, Nogales, Yuma, or Eagle Pass that they also should receive compensation for feeding and housing the millions of illegals that have crossed into their backyards? Nothing was said about that. But when it’s a big time city, with a big time Democrat mayor, it’s a different story. I think this just speeds up the process of the Republicans looking to impeach Mayorkas.

And the other problem I have is with the cities. These guys couldn’t rush fast enough to become the latest sanctuary city. They all thought they could turn their back on ICE and CBP, and ignore federal law. They could do whatever they wanted because they wanted to help the illegals. So, when the time comes to put your money where your mouth is, what do they do? They call DeSantis and Abbott “unAmerican” because of their actions. I think it’s rather unAmerican that these mayors would break federal law in the first place and not allow ICE to come in and arrest those people that are here illegally.

It’s a sad day in this country when one side of the aisle gets to pick and choose which laws already on the books they feel should be enforced and against whom. If I go down to the corner and car jack someone’s ride, and get caught, I’m going to jail. I’m probably not going to get bail, or if I do, it’s going to be high. But if someone from a much poorer neighborhood and say a different background then me does the same thing, the left is going to turn their heads and look the other way. Oh, they’ll come up with some sort of excuse that the other person has “suffered enough” in their life. Sorry. Laws don’t work that way. It’s time the left learns this, or we can expel all of them out of the country along side of the illegals.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Where Is Harris On This?

K-baby Harris was appointed in March of 2021 to be the “Border Czar”. She was tabbed by Joe Biden to go through and solve the border situation (and remember…it ISN’T a crisis). That way, Joe didn’t have to get his hands dirty trying to clean up a mess he made during the campaign.

Well, that was a wasted attempt. Harris went to Mexico and Honduras and met with their leaders over the situation and came away with the feeling that it was the leaders’ fault in those countries. It had nothing to do with the fact Joe Biden basically installed an open door at the border.

So, we have just witnessed the worst year in American history when it comes to illegal aliens invading our country. 2,760,000 illegals came across our border last year. That does not include the “got-aways”, those that ran rather than sought out Border Patrol agents. In all of that, K-baby went down to El Paso, when at the time, that was not where everyone was streaming across the border. They were coming across in southeast Texas, and southern Arizona. El Paso was pretty well locked down and normal. Then of course, everyone thought that Title 42 was going to end, and it was going to be a free-for-all. That failed to come to pass when the Supreme Court kept Title 42 in place until they could rule on it, probably releasing that ruling in June of this year.

And then you’ve got Joe deciding he’d better get down to the border so at the very least that he could say he HAD visited the border when he runs for president in 2024. It was one of the most white-washed presidential visits in history. The thousands of illegals sleeping on the streets of El Paso, were swept up and kept off the streets. Only selected Border Patrol agents, who are aligned with Biden were allowed to be near him for the photo op, and all of the illegals trying to stream across the border were sent elsewhere. Biden never talked to a Border Patrol agent that would have criticized him, and he never saw or talked to an illegal anywhere during his whopping 3 hour tour.

So, in light of all of this, I have to ask the question, where is K-baby Harris in all of this? She IS after all the “border czar” right? I mean, that title hasn’t been taken away from her. So, why is she spending time dealing with abortion, which has already been sent back to the states as a “states issue” by the Supreme Court. Why is she dealing with women’s issues when her primary role as border czar has not been accomplished. In fact, not only hasn’t it been accomplished, it’s been totally ignored except for that one trip that even the liberal press pooh-poohed as a failed journey. Where is K-baby Harris these days?

She’s nowhere to be seen. And, when you get right down in the weeds on this thing, that’s probably a good idea. Otherwise there would be giant “WELCOME” signs being posted at the border if she had anything to say about it.

In the long run, Biden and Harris have done more damage to this country than the last 10 Democrat presidents combined. They need to both be impeached, convicted and hung as treasonists.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!