Damned If You Do…

Joe Biden has found himself in a huge mess over immigration. And it’s something he can’t turn and blame Donald Trump for. No, this mess is completely Biden’s doing.

Republicans, Democrats, Conservatives, Liberals, Independents, they are all screaming at the Biden Administration to do something about the pictures coming out of Del Rio, Texas. You’ve seen them, right? They are the pics of thousands and thousands of refugees, most of them from Haiti from what I can gather, that have been corralled under a bridge.

And Biden doesn’t have an answer for what to do with them. Actually, he has done something with them, he’s flying them back to Haiti, where they were ravaged by an earthquake and sought refuge in the US. They all decided to come in through Mexico, since that’s the easiest way into this country.

Some 38 different civil rights groups, all of which probably supported Joe Biden in his run for president, have sent him letters telling him to stop the expulsion of Haitians. As Nana Gyamfi, the Executive Director for the Black Alliance for Just Immigration put it, ‚ÄúResponsibility for the suffering and deaths resulting from summary expulsions and removals now falls squarely on your Administration and will be part of your enduring legacy. Deportation flights to Haiti must stop, and those seeking safety at our borders must be granted their legally assured chance to seek asylum.”

Meanwhile, Chuckie Schumer, Majority Leader of the Senate, and about a dozen or so members of the House (all Democrats) sent Biden a letter pleading with him to stop the expulsions of Haitians. And the Border Patrol union, who’s members are the ones herding the illegals under the bridge say that they are trying to keep a handle on now some 15,000 illegals in Del Rio, with no help from the White House, no direction from Washington, and no end in sight. The White House, as Biden usually does when backed into a corner, had no comment, and quickly ran into their basement for shelter.

The White House blasted the Border Patrol for releasing pictures of the bridge people this past Tuesday, calling it inhumane. Of course, we have yet to hear a word from the “point person” on the southern border issue, K-baby Harris, who remains a deaf-mute on the subject. She’s not quite done redoing the Vice Presidential Digs at the Naval Observatory, and can’t be bothered with anything so trivial as 15,000 illegal aliens.

Republicans, obviously, have come out against the Biden administration since January, actually before January, when Biden was basically inviting illegals to come to America. It’s been one of the many nightmares that Biden has created that he has no answer for how to deal with it all. And there is no way he can blame Trump on this one. This is pure Biden.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Remember The Border Crisis?

Oh, you probably forgot, right? I mean, summer is over, the football season has started, the Delta variant is taking hold and reaching it’s peak across most of the country, Joe Biden continues to screw up everything he touches, the Afghanistan withdrawal went totally wrong, as did the latest Biden ordered drone strike in that country. It’s not a wonder at all that we’ve forgotten about thousands of illegals streaming across the border thanks to Joe Biden’s welcome mat that has been laid out.

But they continue to come.

In fact, the Border Patrol has said that this year is a 21 year high for illegal crossings into our country. They don’t have a clue where to put all of the people, and in Del Rio, Texas, under the Del Rio International Bridge, thousands of illegal migrants have set up camp, hoping that Border Patrol agents can come, process them and then set them free to be relocated somewhere in the US until they can have the court date that they won’t show up for.

Last Friday, there were 11,000 such crossings of the Rio Grande river, which is easy to cross right now because of low water. Illegals are just walking across the river and into the United States from Mexico.

So, the border crisis continues. The “point person” in charge, K-baby Harris hasn’t done a damn thing since she went to Mexico and Guatemala to talk to them about how they needed to deal with this. That trip was ruled an unmitigated disaster. And then of course, there was her trip to the southern border itself in El Paso, Texas, a community which has seen some of the lowest numbers of illegal crossings in recent years thanks entirely to the Trump border wall that’s been constructed there.

But it never reached Del Rio.

And so, the illegals choose to scoot around the border wall, and follow the path of least resistance. And Border Patrol agents, already stretched to the breaking point, have to leave some areas open, just because they don’t have enough manpower, and Biden isn’t helping any in that department. So, they go ahead and stream across the border into that small Texas town of 34,700 legal residents. Imagine that. In one day, about 33% of the town’s population came across the river and settled under a bridge.

Yes, the border crisis continues. And it seems that K-baby Harris is on to other stuff, maybe redecorating her mansion at Number One, Naval Observatory Circle. That’s what’s been taking up a good deal of time so far. Well, that and helping Gavin Newsome stay in office.

My big question is, whatever happened to the Supreme Court’s decision not to offer a stay to the lower court’s decision that the Trump era policy of “Stay In Mexico” continue? Should not these illegals be processed and shipped back across the border to await their trial date?

Unless and until Joe Biden starts taking the problems at the southern border seriously, he’s no president. He’s a traitor that is allowing all sorts of people, terrorists, and people he isn’t testing for COVID into this country at will. He not only needs to be removed from office, he needs to be incarcerated along with Mark Milley for the rest of their lives as traitors.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

EXTRA: Dreamers Left Behind

In an attempt to pass a multi-dimensional, multi-faceted budget bill, the US Senate, led by Chuckie Schumer and the Democrats were handed a stunning defeat on Sunday.

The Parliamentarian decided that attaching a rider to the bill that would allow Dreamers, farm workers, essential workers, and illegals with “temporary protected status” could not be used if the $3.5 trillion bill that’s working it’s way (slowly) through Congress should be passed through “reconciliation”. That means that the part of Biden’s plan to lump the DACA mess in with the budget mess won’t be happening. It has to be handled separately and needs 60 votes in order to pass the Senate, not 50.

The Senate is still up in the air as to whether or not they are even going to be able to pass the $3.5 trillion boondoggle because Joe Manchin (D-WV), and Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) are still not going to vote for it. Both Manchin and Sinema had a meeting with Joe Biden at the White House this week, and both have stayed true to their convictions.

So if the budget bill is going to pass, it’s going to have to be done for a lot less than $3.5 trillion. Manchin has mentioned that he could go along with $1.5 trillion, but won’t go higher. That causes problems for Schumer as well because Bernie Sanders has said that if the bill is less than $3.5, HE won’t be voting for it.

Over in the House, Democrat leaders have conceded that they don’t think they have the votes to pass the bill as it stands right now. They’ve mentioned that they are looking at scaling back the number to maybe $2 or $2.5 trillion. That’s still a whopping big budget, but would mean that a lot of Biden’s plans for funding climate change legislation, and all of his social program wish lists, wouldn’t happen. The White House has come out over the weekend and said that they would indeed accept a smaller number than $3.5, which they are going to need to do.

It’s going to be a tough slog for the Dems in both houses of Congress because of the fact they have a LOT on their plates right now. As always seems to be the case, Congress waits until the last minute to pass critical legislation, has a hard time keeping the government open, and then usually uses “continuing resolutions” to buy extra time. But CR’s don’t help the Democrats and their free-spending ways. All CR’s do is continue spending at current levels. Nothing gets added to anyone’s budget.

When you look at the stuff they are dealing with in the next few days, they need to get a budget passed by September 30th (the last day of the fiscal year), and they still need to either cut spending drastically or increase the debt limit (which again, Joe Manchin and a few others have said they aren’t in favor of).

The Parliamentarian, Elizabeth MacDonough, who is chosen by the Majority Leader and is supposed to be non-partisan in their rulings, stated when making her announcement that if DACA were allowed to pass through reconciliation, future Senate’s could take away that citizenship with just a simple majority vote. That wouldn’t bode well for Democrats who could very well lose not only the House, but the Senate as well in next year’s midterm elections.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Have You Noticed Biden’s Two Biggest Screw Ups Are Related?

Everyone knew Joe Biden was a gaffe machine before he even decided to run for president. And he didn’t disappoint during the campaign. From calling a voter in Iowa “Fats” and challenging him to pushups over the fact the guy didn’t like some of Biden’s positions, to getting into it with a auto worker in Detroit, to calling a woman in New Hampshire a “Dog Face Pony Soldier” (whatever that is!).

But since he’s been in the White House, Biden has made three absolute horrendous decisions that have come back to haunt him in his approval numbers. The first actually occurred during the Democrat Primary Debates when he said he’d welcome the illegal aliens (he called them something else) to America, and was all for giving them free healthcare. That of course, is what spurred on the whole mass migration that Donald Trump had all but stopped at the southern border.

The second big screw up also occurred during the campaign, though later. He repeatedly slammed Donald Trump for “not having a plan” to deal with COVID, saying “he doesn’t have a plan…I do”. Well, he didn’t. He had a 200 page outline of what he thought would work…and found out that 95% of that plan was what Trump and the folks at the CDC were already doing. The rest didn’t work. And it still doesn’t work. America thought Biden may know something Trump didn’t. It turns out, he didn’t even know what Trump knew. And here we are, almost a year later, people are still dying because Biden’s plan isn’t a plan at all.

The third big screw up was the whole plan to pre-announce the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan on August 31st. Not realizing he had thousands of others in country that needed to leave as well, Americans and Afghan translators and helpers that were going to become targets of the Taliban as soon as the American presence was out of there, Biden stepped in it big time. It’s turned out to be one of the biggest foreign policy snafu’s in our country’s history, rivaling the Nuclear Deal with Iran that Bobo Obama got us into.

So, are the first and third screw ups related? I would contend that yes, they are. And here’s how.

In Afghanistan, you’re already seeing the Taliban releasing ISIS prisoners from jail. These are known killers and terrorists. Some of them are pretty bad dudes. And with them on the loose, they aren’t going to turn the other cheek toward America. It’s just going to be a matter of time before some of them make their way over here.

And what is an easier way into this country than to come in through the southern border? You can claim you’re from Guatemala or Panama, or Mexico and you are being persecuted in your own country. Then you are free to wreak havoc in the United States. Oh, it’s happened before, and you better believe that it will happen again. At the very least, we’ve got the Supreme Court refusing to issue a stay in the lawsuit seeking to reinstitute the Trump-era policy of keeping all those that are seeking asylum and entry into this country in Mexico until their court hearings. But when you have a sieve for a southern border, and thousands of people cross into our country illegally every month, it’s an open invitation for an Islamic terrorist to come to the US and get established.

And Joe Biden is the guy that’s allowing that to happen. Even Homeland Security Secretary, Allejandro Mayorkas has stated that the southern border is out of control and we don’t have the resources to stop the onslaught of people streaming across the border.

And so, when the next terrorist event to rival 9/11 occurs, make sure that you remember you heard it here first. Joe Biden is going to carry the blame on this one. It’s not Donald Trump’s fault. It’s not Kamala Harris’ fault. It’s not even Bobo Obama’s fault. This one sits squarely on the slumping shoulders of one Joseph Robinette Biden.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Another Biden Defeat

Joe Biden is having a hard time getting pretty much anything done. His approval rating is set to slide under the 50% mark, and is already upside down in several categories. He’s pushing hard and probably not getting everything he wants in his infrastructure bill, and his budget is a shambles. Add to that his Vice President, K-baby Harris, has proven herself to be a female version of Dan Quayle with better spelling as she move from bungling one assignment after another with no victories in sight.

And now, Biden has heard he has more bad news on the border.

United States District Judge, Matthew Kacsmaryk has ruled that Biden’s Homeland Security Secretary, Alejandro Mayorkas, illegally ended the Trump-era policy of “Remain In Mexico”, and Kacsmaryk ordered that the Biden administration reinstitute the policy. Kacsmaryk realizing that his decision is going to be run up the court system, most likely to the US Supreme Court, stayed his decision for seven days so that Mayorkas could appeal the decision. The decision says that the policy needs to stay in place until it is lawfully recinded, and that adequate detention capacity has to be built and shown to be able to hold all of the illegal immigrants crossing our border.

In the month of July, some 212,000 immigrants broke the law by crossing the border illegally. That is the highest monthly figure in some 21 years! The Biden administration says the increase is due to poverty, violence, natural disasters, and pandemic-induced economic problems. They don’t hold any of the blame with Biden’s comments inviting illegals to come north during the presidential campaign. Apparently, that didn’t sit well with Biden’s detractors.

The whole incident at the southern border has been spun by the administration as business as normal. However, a recently released phone call by Mayorkas has him stating that the situation at the border is “unsustainable”, and that “we are losing”. The comments were made with members of the Border Patrol this past week. The White House has no comment on that, in has only recently called the situation “a crisis”.

This has not even mentioned the fact that the people that are illegally entering our country haven’t been tested for COVID and are walking freely throughout the country as part of the Biden administration’s policy in dealing with these people. Conservatively, there have been at the very least 80,000 to 90,000 illegals have tested positive after they have arrived. They have been allowed to enter the country and have been bussed and flown to various cities throughout the country. And the Biden administration doesn’t even bother to address this situation.

I’m pretty well convinced that Judge Kacsmaryk’s decision will be upheld when it gets to the Supreme Court. And there are still lawsuits pending on the situation with illegals entering the country without being tested for COVID while Biden pushes a new CDC guideline for the rest of us to wear masks indoors, even if you’ve been vaccinated.

At some point, the American people are going to revolt on this one. Hopefully it will happen next year at the ballot box in the midterm elections, and again in 2024 if Biden (or Harris) decides to run for reelection/election for the White House. Only then will Americans be allowed to breath easier!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Two Divergent Groups Are Vacating America

You see this every year in one fashion or another. You see that there are people that are fed up with something about American way of life, or the politics, or the crime, or the lack of true leadership. And they end up deciding to leave America. Most maintain their American citizenship, though there are more and more that are revoking American citizenship and opting to move elsewhere and become a citizen of another country. And there are two very divergent groups that are jumping on that bandwagon.

The very wealthy, and the young.

That is extremely troubling on several accounts. There have been 6,707 departures among people with holdings of $2 million or more in 2020. Most of it took place just prior to and after the election. Why is that such a bad thing? Well, when you take the people who know how the economy works, and how to make money out of the picture, you’re left with fewer people that actually can make enough money to make a difference.

The average 30-34 year old only has a net worth of about $14,000 as of 2020. When you include everybody into that picture it jumps drastically to about $750,000, but the 1%’ers skew that number terribly. It doesn’t take a lot of Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg’s to throw that number way off! Put another way, the average 50-54 year old only has a net worth of $64,000…and those are people that should be ready to retire in the next 10-15 years. They should have the bulk of their savings for retirement pretty well, wrapped up!

So, it’s obvious that the people with money, the people who can be mobile, are leaving. Granted 6,700 people isn’t a lot, but it’s the most that’s ever left in one year. It’s a 237% increase over 2019.

And then you’ve got the youngsters. These are the 18-30 year olds who just feel disillusioned with the whole mess. They felt Bernie Sanders should have been able to get elected president and bail them out of the mess they find themselves in. And yes, it’s economic once again. A lot of the Millennials out there are working at really crappy jobs, making less than they need in order to pay back college loans, and certainly not enough to include rent and utilities and groceries in that mix. So, they’ve opted to move back home to live in Mom & Dad’s basement. And now they are starting to see that they can live a lot cheaper in some Central American and Caribbean countries than they can here. So, the number has risen 52% since the election.

These kids don’t think that Joe Biden, or Congress is ever going to come to their aid and help them with their overabundance of college debt. Especially sore for these kids is they didn’t get a degree in anything useful. They wasted their education on something like Women’s Studies, or Philosophy, or Art History. We don’t have a huge calling for any of those things these days. In fact, those are exactly the folks that are screaming the loudest about getting their college loans forgiven.

I had the opportunity several years ago to spend time with former Notre Dame and South Carolina football coach, Lou Holtz. He broke down the problem with the kids in America today better than anything else I’ve ever heard. He used to tell his teams that people in life make choices. They are either good choices, or bad choices, but they are the ones making those choices. If you make good choices, the chances of good things happening to you are pretty good. If you make bad choices, the chances of you making good things happen to you just went into the toilet. And people that got degrees in meaningless fields might better have spent their time learning a trade like being an electrician, or a plumber, or a carpenter. They would have been much farther ahead not getting a college education in the first place.

Forget about moving to the Caribbean, kids. You need to find a job you can do with the degree you’ve got and stop blaming the rest of the world for your bad choices. If you don’t do that, you’ll never get to the point where you can leave the country, like the guys with $2 million or more in assets!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

YOU Get To Pay For It!

Imagine if you will, that you are going in to a bank to rob it. Now, I know that the people that read this blog would probably never in a million years decide to go through with that, but just play along for a minute. You go into a bank, you are wearing a mask, and you have a gun. You walk up to a teller, hand her a note that says, “Put all of your money in a bag, don’t pull the alarm, and I won’t shoot you.” As you’re walking out of the bank, an on-duty cop shows up and puts you on the ground, handcuffs you and arrests you.

Question: How fair do you think it would be for the bank to have to pay your legal costs when you go to trial?

Answer: I thought so. But yet, that is EXACTLY what Joe Biden is planning to do when it comes to illegal aliens crossing the border. He has a total of $38 million in his 2022 budget that would pay for the cost of attorneys for illegal aliens entering this country. $15 million goes to pay for the actual attorney fees, and another $23 million goes for “training” and “orientation programs” to be run by the Department of Justice.

So, in essence, the people that are breaking into this country illegally are going to have their attorneys both trained, and paid for by the very people who wrote the laws saying it was illegal for these aliens to break into the country illegally. This makes about as much sense as a Joe Biden Town Hall in my humble opinion.

I cannot think of a situation where the aggrieved party has to fork over money after they have been wronged to pay for the attorney fees and training for the person that wronged them. Can you? I mean, am I missing something here? Yet, this is something that is going to be debated in the halls of Congress between now and October 1st when the new budget takes effect.

Nowhere in the proposal was anything on how the government plans to pay for this new spending, which is an indicator that it’s pretty much coming out of your pocket. Biden’s budget that he sent to Congress was over $6 TRILLION, so what the hell is wrong with a few measly million? Well, it’s still the thought of giving an intruder, whether they are escaping a brutal regime or not, a leg up for breaking the law and not following the “right” way to enter this country. There are people all over the world that want to emigrate here. Take a look at this chart from statista.com:

These are people that are trying to get here LEGALLY. What’s interesting is Gallup in 2017 did a poll stating that 15% of the world’s population wanted to emigrate somewhere else. They interviewed just under a half million people in 152 countries. What’s interesting is nowhere on this list is Mexico, or Guatemala or Honduras. That’s because these people are doing it the legal way, not the rush the border route. And these people have to pay for it themselves…not have the government have lawyers waiting in McAllen, Texas and Nogales, Arizona with court papers in hand as you cross illegally.

This is one more example of why the United States can’t afford Joe Biden. We can’t afford Chuckles Schumer, and we certainly can’t afford the addled mind of Nancy Pelosi. Since when did we decide to allow people with little mental capacity the honor of running our country anyway?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Harvard Poll: Border Crisis IS A Big Deal

If you were to listen to the Biden administration, the crisis at the southern border of our country is no big deal. Nothing to see here, son. Move along. No biggie. Just keep on moving.

America chooses to believe differently.

In a recent poll conducted by that uber conservative (tongue in cheek) Harvard University, a whopping 80% of Americans surveyed believe that yes, the happenings at the southern border are indeed a crisis, and yes, the Biden administration is at fault for letting things get out of control. This is going to apparently have some rather large ramifications come next November if Biden and his appointed “border czar” K-baby Harris don’t do something radically different than what they are currently doing.

In fact, the numbers are so bad, that a majority of Americans believe that the number of illegal immigrants into this country have increased during Biden’s reign. Some 63% of respondents said so. And when it comes to putting Donald Trump’s border closure back in place? 55% say that should happen, the largest number that has agreed with Trump EVER!

As far as K-baby’s job performance, only 30% say she’s doing a good job on the border issue. A whopping 44% say she’s doing a bad job. The rest aren’t sure. As far as her trip to the southern border is concerned 40% felt that she made no difference compared to 21% that said she made “meaningful progress” toward solving the border crisis.

So, the message is clear. From a left-wing, socialist-snowflake institution, who would love to see the Biden administration succeed, America feels Biden and Harris are sucking big time when it comes to the border.

The question is, what does Biden do? He’s got the left wing of his party that is hoping he invites everyone into the country and automatically grants everyone that can get here citizenship (that can’t happen), while most normal people are saying enough is enough, and we need to do something to stem the tide of illegal immigration. It will, according to the Harvard poll, become a campaign issue both in 2022 during the midterm elections, and in 2024 when Biden or Harris, or both, seek to get reelected, or elected, or both.

Republicans stand to make hay on this issue as it is. Independents are overwhelmingly willing to switch to vote Donald Trump back into power should he run, as long as he fixes the border issue. And if he is able to get elected in 2024, and the GOP can successfully take back the House and Senate in 2022 and keep them for more than two years, they can make some real changes when it comes to fixing immigration once and for all.

Biden has show poor leadership on this issue. We have the proof. Harris’ trip to Guatemala and Mexico were panned as very poor trips, and her trip to the southern border was nothing more than a refueling stopover on her way to California, where she could shake a few hands, make a few pre-written statements about how great the administration is doing on the border, and get on with life in California.

It’s too bad she doesn’t take her job in DC as serious as she does her trips to Cali!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Harris’ Trip To The Border… Big Yawn!

So, K-baby Harris FINALLY, after 95 days or so since receiving her duty to solve the border crisis from Joe Biden, went to the border. It took over three months, and a trip to Guatemala and Mexico, which was widely panned, and a couple of interviews after that trip that were abysmal at best, for K-baby to get on a plane.

And she headed right into the center of the storm…El Paso, Texas.

I don’t know if you have ever been to El Paso, I have been there a number of times. It’s a stopover on my drive to Houston to see my son and his family. The first time I visited that border town was covering a women’s basketball team in town to play UTEP (where we got humiliated!). I remember that trip driving down a road right next to the Rio Grande, which was a dry riverbed at the time. I saw people crossing over, and I saw Border Patrol agents waiting for them on the other side to arrest them. That was back in the early 2000’s under the Bush administration.

Since then, El Paso has grown. Now when you drive through town on I-10, you barely get to see the border. Oh, you see signs, and there is a turnoff you don’t want to take unless you WANT to go to Mexico. But trust me, there really isn’t a reason to. Not Juarez. Nothing there to look at son…keep moving.

So, after months of cackling laughter as to why she isn’t going to the border to see the crisis for herself, does K-baby choose right now to go? Well, there are several reasons, and I think the Republican reason that Donald Trump is going to be visiting the border is key among them. But there are others. First of all, the caravans have been out of the news cycle for a while, so the attention isn’t as great. And the throngs of a million people moving northward has slowed because it’s now hot in El Paso and Central America. It’s not the time of year people choose to make the trek.

And there are other issues. Well, one that the Biden administration is hoping actually happens. That’s the hope and prayer that K-baby can actually change the narrative of it being “a crisis”, and more of “everything’s under control”, and “we are doing a great job”. El Paso is a great place to visit if that’s your goal. You can actually visit the border and see nothing going on because nothing usually does go on there. That’s not the place in Texas where they are currently having the problems. If you want to see the problem areas, really see the problem areas, you need not be in Southwest Texas. You need to go to McAllen, in the Southeastern part of the state. Of course, El Paso was one of the first places to get a border wall under Trump, and it’s worked. Illegal crossings there have slowed to a trickle. And there are places where K-baby can go and not show the wall.

So, you’ve got K-baby going to one city, that hasn’t been at the forefront of the problem of illegal immigration for the past 10-15 years. She’s going to look at it, cackle, and say, “There’s no crisis here! We’re doing a great job!”

And the right hand keeps your attention so you don’t see what the left hand is doing.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Biden Just Can’t Win!

Sometimes you’re damned if you do, and damned if you don’t. Joe Biden is learning that lesson the hard way these days when it comes to the crisis at the southern border.

Republicans are all upset at the administration for inviting tens of thousands of illegal aliens to cross a “closed border” at will, and gain access to our country without so much as a hearing. They contend that K-baby Harris is AWOL when it comes to visiting the southern border and actually seeing first hand what is going on down there. It’s been almost three months, and Harris has given a grand total of one interview (to Lester Holt of NBC News), in which she totally botched the most anticipated and easily answered question one could come up with…”When are you going to the border?”

Well, on the other side of the coin, you’ve got about 11 million illegals living in this country that are awaiting some sort of a path to citizenship. Read that as amnesty for breaking into our country illegally. That’s what’s going on with those that have made the journey and lived in this country illegally for sometimes decades. It’s been nine years since DACA went into effect. And throughout that time, we’ve come no closer to solving the illegal immigration problem than we were back when Bobo Obama came up with DACA in the first place. About 200 illegals wanting to know when Biden was going to back one of his campaign promises were protesting outside of the White House earlier this week.


Yeah…it’s a situation where both sides of this issue, at polar opposites of each other, are reaching the same conclusion. The Biden administration, and the Vice President suck at immigration reform. Neither have done anything of any substance to fix the problem. And it’s a problem that certainly needs to be fixed.

The problem is that you have this onslaught of illegals pouring across the border with not a threat in the world of ever being caught or sent back home as long as they don’t commit a crime. Actual terrorist suspects have been apprehended coming across the border with the Guatemalans and Mexicans and Hondurans. And for those that have come in the past, they feel they are “owed” citizenship for their struggles to get here.

What needs to happen is simple. Those 11 million people need to get in line behind those that are trying to come into this country legally. They need to pay a fine. I’m not talking $500 or so, I’m talking maybe $100,000 or higher. They need to do some sort of community service for three years on top of that, and they need to make English their first language in this country. Then, they need to go through exactly what every legal immigrant goes through to become a citizen. If they fail anywhere along the way, they leave. And if they so much as get a speeding ticket during this time, they are forfeiting their rights to become citizens. Personally, I’d love to add the additional punishment that they can’t get any federal or state help financially for the three years that they are doing community service, though that may have a hard time getting past the Constitution.

Isn’t it amazing that Joe Biden who had all the answers a year ago when it came to immigration reform and allowing illegals to become citizens almost immediately, not can’t seem to please either side?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!