EXTRA! Biden – Tax Cheat???

It appears to be so. Apparently, Joe Biden, before he became president, skirted the law on paying about $500,000 in payroll taxes, in 2017 and 2018. That stems from his book sales and speaking engagements. That’s according to Representative Jim Banks (R-IN), who chairs the Republican Study Committee.

While Biden is readying plans to raise some $2.1 trillion in additional taxes by “making the rich pay their fair share”, apparently that’s not him. Biden used S Corporations improperly when he and Jill made $13 million on speaking fees and book sales, while only declaring $800,000 of it as income. That is a salary by the way, that could be taxed by Medicare and Obamacare (that Biden has overwhelmingly backed).

What is interesting is that one of the loopholes in the tax code that Biden wants closed is the exact same loophole that he tried to use in order to avoid paying the half-mil in taxes. There hasn’t been any word from the White House regarding this, but what’s interesting is what the IRS has to say.

Biden probably won’t be investigated over the alleged tax cheating and the reason is simple. There are millions of S Corporations in this country and according to a spokesperson at the IRS, there may be a half a million or so of them that are playing the same game the Biden’s played. The IRS doesn’t have the manpower to investigate all of them, and so they basically are ignoring the whole S Corporation tax dodge.

Well now…isn’t that a fine kettle of fish.

And that should tell us all something. We should all go out and form our own S Corps to do exactly the same thing as what Biden is doing, right? I mean, the law is supposed to apply to all equally, right? And if Biden is able to dodge a half a million on $13,000,000 in income, then we should be about to save about 3.8% on our taxes as well. What’s good for the goose…

Look, I’m a firm believer that you as an American should pay the least amount of taxes that you legally can. I don’t have a problem with someone finding a tax loophole and driving a Mack truck through it. But what I do have a problem with is someone that professes to the world that the “rich need to pay their fair share”, and then they (with a net worth of about $8 million…which makes him rich in my book) decide to pull a tax dodge, I have a problem with the consistency of that.

So, should Biden unilaterally step up to the plate and write a $500,000 check to the IRS? I would say yes. He’s the one ready to raise everyone’s taxes, regardless what he tells you about making less than $400,000 isn’t going to effect you. Trust me it is. That’s the problem with tax and spend liberals. They don’t worry about the money that they are spending because they can always figure out how to dodge the tax code. One name that comes to mind is former New York Representative, Charles Rangel, who actually WROTE the tax code…and was found to have violated it back in 2009. Same story.

Politicians that cheat on their taxes should automatically have to face the death penalty. Now, by that I don’t mean put to death. But they should lose whatever seat they hold, and all the perks associated with it, including all retirement and pensions associated with their public service. That money should go back to the IRS. THAT is consistency!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Damned If You Do…

Joe Biden has found himself in a huge mess over immigration. And it’s something he can’t turn and blame Donald Trump for. No, this mess is completely Biden’s doing.

Republicans, Democrats, Conservatives, Liberals, Independents, they are all screaming at the Biden Administration to do something about the pictures coming out of Del Rio, Texas. You’ve seen them, right? They are the pics of thousands and thousands of refugees, most of them from Haiti from what I can gather, that have been corralled under a bridge.

And Biden doesn’t have an answer for what to do with them. Actually, he has done something with them, he’s flying them back to Haiti, where they were ravaged by an earthquake and sought refuge in the US. They all decided to come in through Mexico, since that’s the easiest way into this country.

Some 38 different civil rights groups, all of which probably supported Joe Biden in his run for president, have sent him letters telling him to stop the expulsion of Haitians. As Nana Gyamfi, the Executive Director for the Black Alliance for Just Immigration put it, “Responsibility for the suffering and deaths resulting from summary expulsions and removals now falls squarely on your Administration and will be part of your enduring legacy. Deportation flights to Haiti must stop, and those seeking safety at our borders must be granted their legally assured chance to seek asylum.”

Meanwhile, Chuckie Schumer, Majority Leader of the Senate, and about a dozen or so members of the House (all Democrats) sent Biden a letter pleading with him to stop the expulsions of Haitians. And the Border Patrol union, who’s members are the ones herding the illegals under the bridge say that they are trying to keep a handle on now some 15,000 illegals in Del Rio, with no help from the White House, no direction from Washington, and no end in sight. The White House, as Biden usually does when backed into a corner, had no comment, and quickly ran into their basement for shelter.

The White House blasted the Border Patrol for releasing pictures of the bridge people this past Tuesday, calling it inhumane. Of course, we have yet to hear a word from the “point person” on the southern border issue, K-baby Harris, who remains a deaf-mute on the subject. She’s not quite done redoing the Vice Presidential Digs at the Naval Observatory, and can’t be bothered with anything so trivial as 15,000 illegal aliens.

Republicans, obviously, have come out against the Biden administration since January, actually before January, when Biden was basically inviting illegals to come to America. It’s been one of the many nightmares that Biden has created that he has no answer for how to deal with it all. And there is no way he can blame Trump on this one. This is pure Biden.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Biden’s Latest Faux Pas Hasn’t Killed Anyone…YET

I don’t know if you’ve been following the latest problem to collapse upon the Biden administration, but it seems Jokin’ Joe just can’t seem to get anything right in the area of foreign policy. Remember the old line that Biden had been on the wrong side of every foreign policy issue over the last 50 years? He’s apparently keeping the streak going.

And this time, he’s pissing off our own allies.

Biden had announced a new defense initiative between Britain, the US, and Australia. It was seen as a way to deter China from over-reaching it’s power, and claiming southeast Asia as it’s own (much of it already is). And part of the agreement with Britain and Australia was to share nuclear submarine technology with the two countries. That upset the French because the Aussies just entered into a contract with the French for their nuclear subs. And after the announcement Biden made, Australia’s Prime Minister, Scott Morrison cancelled the contract saying that for months he had severe doubts on the issue.

Well, that obviously upset the French, and they immediately pulled their Ambassadors from the US and Australia “for consultations”. They felt Biden stabbed them in the back, along with the Aussies, and the Biden and Morrison was to blame. Biden is trying to smooth things over, but it won’t be easy. It was the first time in history that France recalled Ambassadors from either country.

And while Biden’s latest move could be viewed as good for the US, it does in fact kick one of our own allies in the teeth. The US has more nuclear subs than the rest of the world combine. We’ve got 72 of them. Russia has 32, and China has 12. Britain has 11, France 8, and India has a pair. That’s all the nuclear subs in the world. You can understand why the French would be so upset. They thought they had a deal with Morrison to sell their technology to Canberra, and it got yanked out from under them by the Biden administration.

It’s being viewed by France as a slap in the face, a major disgrace on the world stage, and another lie by both Joe Biden, who never should have put himself in the middle of France’s deal, and Australia, who is reneging on their commitment to buy a bunch of French nuclear powered subs.

With all that’s been happening on the foreign policy front, you would have thought Joe Biden would have been smart enough to try and see if there were any hidden nuclear bombs waiting to blow up in his face. Apparently, the thought of scoring a victory in the foreign policy department, after the much maligned and much criticized withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan and the stranding of American citizens in that country, was enough to encourage Biden to try and get a win. All he ended up with was egg on his face. Lots of egg.

Now, let’s do a little contrasting and comparing. Had this been last year and Donald Trump was in charge, it probably wouldn’t have gone down quite as poorly. That’s because Trump had been very vocal about “America First”. And while that could have been argued that Biden actually did put the needs of the US ahead of France’s wish for a major submarine contract, Biden has always played himself to be this world leader that knew all of the players and could talk to them in a way they’d understand. Apparently Emmanuel Macron didn’t buy into that argument.

So, it’s yet another “lie” if you want to believe the French, that Joe Biden has his name attached to. What’s that now? I think I’ve got this listed as number 20 as far as lies and scandals in the administration in the past nine months. That’s more than two per month, which is quite unheard of. Biden could end up going down in history as the most corrupt president ever if he keeps that string up! Four years in office could yield more than 100 scandals and lies! Unheard of, even by Bobo Obama’s standards. Oh…wait…Obama never thought he had one scandal, did he?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Remember The Border Crisis?

Oh, you probably forgot, right? I mean, summer is over, the football season has started, the Delta variant is taking hold and reaching it’s peak across most of the country, Joe Biden continues to screw up everything he touches, the Afghanistan withdrawal went totally wrong, as did the latest Biden ordered drone strike in that country. It’s not a wonder at all that we’ve forgotten about thousands of illegals streaming across the border thanks to Joe Biden’s welcome mat that has been laid out.

But they continue to come.

In fact, the Border Patrol has said that this year is a 21 year high for illegal crossings into our country. They don’t have a clue where to put all of the people, and in Del Rio, Texas, under the Del Rio International Bridge, thousands of illegal migrants have set up camp, hoping that Border Patrol agents can come, process them and then set them free to be relocated somewhere in the US until they can have the court date that they won’t show up for.

Last Friday, there were 11,000 such crossings of the Rio Grande river, which is easy to cross right now because of low water. Illegals are just walking across the river and into the United States from Mexico.

So, the border crisis continues. The “point person” in charge, K-baby Harris hasn’t done a damn thing since she went to Mexico and Guatemala to talk to them about how they needed to deal with this. That trip was ruled an unmitigated disaster. And then of course, there was her trip to the southern border itself in El Paso, Texas, a community which has seen some of the lowest numbers of illegal crossings in recent years thanks entirely to the Trump border wall that’s been constructed there.

But it never reached Del Rio.

And so, the illegals choose to scoot around the border wall, and follow the path of least resistance. And Border Patrol agents, already stretched to the breaking point, have to leave some areas open, just because they don’t have enough manpower, and Biden isn’t helping any in that department. So, they go ahead and stream across the border into that small Texas town of 34,700 legal residents. Imagine that. In one day, about 33% of the town’s population came across the river and settled under a bridge.

Yes, the border crisis continues. And it seems that K-baby Harris is on to other stuff, maybe redecorating her mansion at Number One, Naval Observatory Circle. That’s what’s been taking up a good deal of time so far. Well, that and helping Gavin Newsome stay in office.

My big question is, whatever happened to the Supreme Court’s decision not to offer a stay to the lower court’s decision that the Trump era policy of “Stay In Mexico” continue? Should not these illegals be processed and shipped back across the border to await their trial date?

Unless and until Joe Biden starts taking the problems at the southern border seriously, he’s no president. He’s a traitor that is allowing all sorts of people, terrorists, and people he isn’t testing for COVID into this country at will. He not only needs to be removed from office, he needs to be incarcerated along with Mark Milley for the rest of their lives as traitors.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Is Biden’s “Build Back Better” Possible?

The quick answer would be no. At least not under this Congress. In the House of Representatives, a total of three Democrats cratered a huge portion of Biden’s bill in committee this past week. The three Congressmen, from Oregon, California, and New York, voted no on forcing Medicare to negotiate for lower drug prices. That is a huge part of Biden’s overall $3.5 trillion plan. And it doesn’t get easier in the Senate.

Now, understand, that the mere fact the committee voted that down with three defectors, doesn’t mean that it won’t come to the House floor for an overall vote. But because this is being voted on as one large piece of the puzzle, as opposed to separate segments, if these three (and there are others) in Congress decide to scrap the overall bill because of the drug pricing part, it dies. And when it gets to the Senate, you’re going to have another different type of fight.

Remember a guy by the name of Bob Menendez (D-NJ)? He was facing corruption charges not too long ago. Now, he beat that rap, but he is convinced that drug companies located in his state (and there are quite a few that are headquartered there) are going to bear the brunt of this $3.5 trillion boondoggle if they are forced to lower their prescription prices for Medicare recipients. The problem is, most of the people taking prescriptions are older and on Medicare. So, while it seems like a tailor-made Democrat issue, there are some snags in it. And with a 50-50 Senate, you can’t have any defections in the Democrats in order to pass it. Everyone has to go along with it so K-baby Harris can break the 50-50 tie.

And that is the problem that has and will continue to haunt Joe Biden’s presidency, at least through 2022. If three Democrats in the House decide to buck with Nancy Pelosi, she loses the vote. If one Democrat in the Senate goes against Chuck Schumer, he loses the vote. So basically four people can control not only Congress, but the entire federal government when it comes to passing laws (and budgets).

Biden’s plan is a monolith of problems. There are people like Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema that feel that the $3.5 trillion price tag is too large. There are people, like Menendez that feel that they need to protect the industries in their state. Then you’ve got the idealogues like Bernie Sanders, AOC, and the rest of the socialist whackjobs, that feel that anything to do with Capitalism needs to die and die quickly. Any one of these folks can screw up the most mundane agenda item of Joe Biden. And don’t think he doesn’t realize that.

Biden met with Manchin and Sinema at the end of last week to discuss trying to get them to change their vote on his Build Back Better plan. He may need to meet with other members of the House and Senate as well, as it appears this whole $3.5 trillion price tag may be too much, and some of the items in it may be too caustic for the members to swallow.

Either way, it’s going to be the big fight of the fall. If it fails to get passed, Biden comes away the big loser. And that’s one thing Joe Biden can’t afford right now, after failures in COVID relief, Afghanistan, the southern border, and the slowing economy.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

“We Screwed Up”

And boy, did they!

The Biden administration had to admit that they royally screwed the pooch this week when they used the Obama-era philosophy of attack moving vehicles in the Middle East with drone attacks. The results? Well, let’s just say they were less than encouraging that Biden and his staff have any idea that they know what they are doing.

In fact, it was described in more than one place as downright murder. Ten civilians died in an attack that was supposed to be targeted Taliban leaders in Afghanistan. Turns out that the ten civilians, seven of whom were children, were delivering water to people. No Taliban. No terrorists. No threats. Just bad information and a tragedy of incredible proportions.

Both General Mark Milley, who’s under fire for making surreptitious phone calls to his counterpart in China during the Trump administration, without Trump’s order or knowledge, came out back at the end of August when the drone attack occurred, and said “it was a ‘righteous’ strike”. Jen Psaki, at the White House intimated that yes, they were aware that civilians were involved in the drone attack, but that their intelligence “over the horizon” was actually spot on and they felt confident about it. Both were flat out lies.

General Frank McKenzie yesterday, had to address the media, and the nation with the news that yes, it was a screw up. Quoting here, “We now assess that it is unlikely that the vehicle and those who died were associated with ISIS-K or were a direct threat to U.S. forces,” McKenzie said. “I offer my profound condolences to the family and friends of those who were killed.”

I’m sure his apology will go a long way toward healing that families’ wounds!

Can we make matters worse in this latest Biden screw up? Sure…Biden was advised by military folks not to use a drone strike in this case. They had intelligence, but it was apparently “spotty”, and the military brass talking to the president wasn’t sure that it was 100% accurate. That’s because it came from the Taliban. And Biden didn’t care. He accepted the Taliban’s advice that they go after this vehicle and bomb it. Biden went against the actual advice given by his military advisors, and decided, ala Obama, to bomb the hell out of this family. It was a family of aid workers.

And what does Joe Biden say about this now? Now that HE was the one that gave the order, and HE was the one that screwed up? Nothing. He has Jen Psaki front and center answering questions, and he has Frank McKenzie out there doing the same thing at the Pentagon because he’s hiding from the public. He’s somewhere in the White House basement afraid to show his face to the public and to reporters.

This president is a waste of carbon. Pure and simple. He wasn’t in the top 50% of his law school graduating class at Syracuse, and he certainly isn’t in the top 50% of all Americans who would be able to run the country. In fact, he’s probably in the bottom 1%. I can think of several people (some of whom read this blog) that frankly I don’t agree with much, but they’d be much better stewards of America than Joe Biden has proven in less time than it takes for a woman to get pregnant and give birth, could do.

General Mark Milley should resign immediately. If not for what he did during the Trump administration, certainly for his mischaracterization in this awful stain on America. Jen Psaki should resign. She has been nothing more than a mouthpiece spewing venomous propaganda ever since she entered the White House. I realize that’s part of her job, but you can’t tell me she relishes getting up and going to work every morning. It’s just something your conscious tells you not to do. Apparently there are very few morals in either of these two people’s souls.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

So, Who’s REALLY In Charge?

I really have not wanted to write this blog. That’s because in my heart, I really hope the answer to that question would be that Joe Biden is in charge. At least that’s what 81 million Americans supposedly voted for, right? But somehow, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Let’s take a look at a couple of examples.

Monday, Biden was talking with federal and state officials in Boise, Idaho on the whole wildfire situation. Now, if you’re not from the western part of this country, you may not be aware that wildfires are a huge problem out here. Basically, from what I’ve been able to gather from talking to people who should know, it’s caused by a lack of gleaning out the dead wood in forests. The eco-terrorists out there don’t want forests to be gleaned. And that leads to lightning strikes, or careless campers or other phenomenon leading to these massive fires. They do indeed destroy homes, and in some cases entire towns. So, it is a big deal. It’s kind of replaced tornadoes or floods out here as the major natural disaster.

So, during this feed that was sent out to the media (some carried it live), Biden was talking with officials about it, stating that he believed that climate change was the cause of all of these fires (there is no proof of that by the way). He went to ask a question, and half way through the question, the feed was pulled and not brought back. When asked about it, the White House had no comment.

Biden has repeatedly intimated that he’s been told where and when he can take questions from the press, and which members of the press he can answer from. That leads to the speculation as to who in the White House is telling him when and where he can answer questions. Isn’t he in charge? Doesn’t he, after 47 years in Washington, have enough experience to be able to handle reporters’ questions? And don’t you find it funny that when he approaches the podium for news conferences, he has a list with reporters’ pictures, and they are circled and numbered as to which reporter he should call on?

So the question stands…who is making these decisions, because it’s obvious Biden isn’t.

Some would say it’s the White House communications people like Jen Psaki and company that are pulling the plug on these things. Others think it’s coming from higher up on the political food chain. Either way, the fact remains, we have a president that obviously isn’t in charge of his own presidency. He cannot answer questions that he wants to answer, and when he does, he usually mutters something akin to, “Well, I’m going to get in trouble for doing that!” Who’s he in trouble with?

There really hasn’t been an uprising from the press on this as well. You see Biden avoiding certain people and playing favorites to those that toss softball questions at him. The only one that doesn’t is Fox News’, Peter Doocy, who usually gets the last question in before Biden walks away muttering some smart-ass answer.

But that doesn’t answer the question who the real puppet master is. We know it’s not Biden. We know it’s not Harris. So who is it? And how are they able to wield such power over the most powerful man in the world? The bigger question doesn’t have to do with dealing with the press and having feeds cut in mid-sentence. It’s how much power does this person have in other areas, such as foreign policy, domestic policy, and taxes??? Are we really that beholden to someone like the socialist, George Soros? Is he the one running the country?

Answers would be nice. Probably we will never get them. But it would be nice!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Is Trump The Answer?

I think every American outside the Beltway realizes that Joe Biden can’t do what he said he’d be able to do in the campaign. He has done absolutely nothing to bring the country together. His “plan” for fixing the COVID mess was abandoned within days of inauguration. And he’s exacerbated the situation on the southern border by basically inviting illegals to come marching through customs unabated. He’s also made an abortion of the withdrawal in Afghanistan and stranded hundreds of Americans still there. Their only hope of survival rests on the former military and conservative media types that are using private funds to attempt to get them out.

But there is one over-riding question that seems to haunt me.

Is Donald Trump the answer to the mess that’s going on?

I’m not so sure, and a new poll out by CNN, no fan of Trump, it needs to be mentioned, sort of agrees with that. Basically, the poll says that 63% of Republicans feel that Trump should be the head of the Republican party. Now, what’s surprising is that the number is only 63%. Usually when a party’s president loses re-election, he remains that party’s titular head until someone comes up and takes over that mantle, usually by winning the presidency or at the very least becoming that party’s nominee. What’s interesting here is that number is down from about 80% only a few months ago.

What’s even more interesting was another question in the same poll. When asked if Republicans’ chances were better with Donald Trump as the candidate, only 51% said yes. That’s down from 79% that said yes in March of 2019, at the height of his popularity.

This tells me that there are a lot of Republican voters that may have to do what a lot of us did this past election…vote for Trump if he’s the nominee while holding their nose. There is no doubt in pretty much everyone’s mind that Trump was the better of the two candidates now, even though Joe Biden looked and acted more presidential to a point (gaffes not included). But it’s only taken about eight and a half months for the rest of the country to realize that Biden is nothing but a clown and is not capable of serving out his term. Republicans seemed to know that back in November of last year, but Democrats, eager to get rid of Trump, and Independents who bought into Biden’s fake promises, didn’t.

Another telling problem for Democrats is that 20% of Biden voters now regret voting for him and wish they could have voted for someone else (not necessarily Trump). That would have meant that one in five voters for Biden, some 16.2 million of them in all, regret voting for him. So the 81 million votes he got really would come in closer to 65 million today. And that would have certainly been enough to change the outcome of the election (Trump ended up with 74.1 million votes).

If Trump is indeed going to run in 2024, and he hinted at it during the 9/11 memorials he attended, he has some fence-mending to do. He can’t come at the public like he did in 2016 and 2020 and just start calling Biden names. He needs to be more presidential, something that if he would have taken that advice last year, he’d still be in the White House. But dropping 28% as far as favorability with his own party is not a good thing. It’s going to be a tough slog, especially since there will most assuredly be a million Republicans out there that think they can beat either Joe Biden if he runs again, or certainly K-baby Harris. In fact, probably you or I could also fit into that number!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Will The Fall Treat Biden Any Better?

Probably not…but he’s hoping so. Biden fell into the “August Trap” that so many recent presidents have fallen into. We’ve outline them here before. Too often, when Congress goes on it’s month long vacation, all hell breaks loose for the federal government and this year was no different.

Biden had crap coming at him from a million different directions. But where the other presidents that had bad Augusts had to react to circumstances that were happening around the world, Joe had to face the music for poor decisions that he himself had made, falling into the same trap that Richard Nixon, and Lyndon Johnson fell into.

Biden told the world during the presidential campaign last fall that Donald Trump didn’t have a plan for eradicating COVID, but that he did. What he failed to say was that his plan was 95% of Trump’s plan and the other 5% really was bad. So it didn’t work. He told the world he was going to finally get the United States out of Afghanistan. What he failed to say was he was going to go about it in exactly the opposite way he should have. And he would insure that he’d have generals at the Pentagon that either told him not to do it, and he’d ignore them, or they were too weak in their leadership roles to accurately advise the president.

Let’s add to that a really bad jobs number, a slowing economy that’s not caused by COVID necessarily, but by the government’s reaction to COVID, and the consequences that too much governmental interference brings. Let’s add to that no decisions on the southern border, or how to deal with illegal immigration. Let’s add to that keeping the Central American invaders in Mexico instead of the United States while they await their court hearings to get into this country.

And Biden is still hoping for a better fall. It shouldn’t be hard after the summer he caused.

He has several things he’s hoping for. He still needs to pass that infrastructure bill, but doesn’t have the votes in the Senate to get it passed, even though the House has done so. He needs to pass a budget that is incredibly bloated and like a beached whale, doesn’t seem to be able to go anywhere, as Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema have both said it’s too much spending and we need to curtail it. He hasn’t even begun to tackle anything like inflation yet. And he hasn’t been able to do squat about immigration…the legal kind.

And what does the White House press office have to say? Jen Psaki says, “I think you can expect the president to be communicating over the coming weeks on a range of issues that are front and center on the minds of the American people.” And what exactly would those issues be?

The Heritage Foundation says these are the top issues: Conservatism v. Progressivism, Healthcare, Immigration, Religious Freedom, Marriage, Education, and the Environment. Other sources claim that drug addiction is one of the most important topics of concern, affordability of college, and the federal budget deficit, all of which (along with the cost of healthcare) are over 50% in the latest poll.

What’s interesting is the Biden’s road map for America really doesn’t include a whole lot of that. Of course, he wants to make college free or at the very least eliminate college loan debt. But beyond that, his roadmap includes a lot of potholes. Here’s what didn’t make the top choices: Climate change, economic inequality, racism, terrorism, and sexism. All of those (with maybe the exception of terrorism) are things that are high on Biden’s list of things he wants to accomplish. I would suggest that further indicates a president out of touch with what the American people feel is important!

Will the fall treat Joe Biden any better than the month of August. I think it probably will. You can’t make the screw ups like the Afghanistan withdrawal constantly and hope to hold on to your job. There is still over 50% of the people out there that believe Biden should resign over the Afghanistan debacle. He won’t, but if he doesn’t step on his male member as badly as he did in August, he’s going to want to take a victory lap.

Yes, being President is a tough job. I think Biden is learning that the hard way. And I think he feels the pressure that he is in way over his head and that he doesn’t have the mental acuity he needs to successfully do the job. Oh, that’s something he won’t admit to anyone except maybe his wife. But in a private moment with his Creator, I’m sure he’s asking for tons of help. As Americans, let’s just hope God is listening. We can’t afford many more screw ups!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

You Know It’s Bad When White House Staff Mutes Biden

And apparently, that’s exactly what the folks who work in the White House are doing. When Joe Biden is out doing a public appearance, most of the White House staff will either turn their TV’s off, or mute the sound so they don’t have to listen to the latest gaffes that come from Jokin’ Joe’s mouth.

That is a pretty sad affair when you think about it.

How would you feel about your work environment if whenever your boss said something publicly, you had to turn the sound off so you wouldn’t hear him or her make a total fool of themselves. That really wouldn’t instill a lot of confidence in your ability to do a good job, would it?

I remember back when I was in Toledo working at a radio station. We had a mayor at the time that made all sorts of these slip ups, and the local and even national media would jump all over him for it. He’s the guy that once said that we ought to move all the deaf people in town out by the airport so they aren’t bothered by the noise. And it was like that on a steady stream. I think I even heard that he was either considering running for mayor again, or had been elected. YIKES! And Jokin’ Joe fits right in that same mold. Except I think in Joe’s case, it’s a lot more serious.

Take for instance, Biden’s recent trip to the northeast to look at the damage done by tropical storm Ida. Here’s a comment he made in New Jersey: “The members of Congress know, from their colleagues in Congress, that, uh, you know, the, looks like a tornado, they don’t call them that anymore, that hit the crops and wetlands in the middle of the country, in Iowa and Nevada. It’s just across the board.”

Can anybody please translate that into English?

It’s because of comments like that, and policy screw ups like Afghanistan, COVID, the Economy, and the Southern Border that Biden is now getting heckled on these jaunts. In fact, when he went to New Jersey, not necessarily a strong bastion of conservativism, he heard the following:

“My country is going to sh*t and you’re allowing it!”

“All of this for a f**king photo op?”

“My best friend died in Afghanistan in 2021. For what?”

“Leave no American behind in Afghanistan!”

Biden didn’t get high marks when he tried to tie climate change to the flooding in the northeast. He wanted to push Congress to give him his $3.5 trillion infrastructure add on bill that is (at this point anyway), going to be held up in the Senate by Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin. It sounded a lot less like “We’re here to help you!”, and more like, “I want my money!” I guess I’m surprised he didn’t meet with families who had lost loved ones in the storm to tell them how upset he still was about his son Beau dying.

So, what to do about Biden has become a huge question among both Republicans and Democrats. Both sides realize that he’s a blooming idiot and doesn’t have the mental capacity to do the job. Democrats are starting to push him toward resigning for “health reasons”. Whether that works or not, time will tell. The problem is, fewer Democrats in DC have a good feeling about K-baby Harris than they do about Biden. Her ratings are worse off than his. At liberal FiveThirtyEight.com, Biden’s daily poll numbers are now upside down by over 4%. Most individual polls have Biden upside down from anywhere from 7-11%, which is absolutely amazing. Online polling site, YouGov has Biden’s approval rating now at 39%, which is lower than Donald Trump’s 42% at this point in his presidency.

So, the problems for Democrats continue. And for those working in the White House. Democrats are doubling down that Biden will make a strong comeback this fall. Based on what we’ve seen so far from the 46th President, I wouldn’t be against taking that bet!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!