Hunter Has Screwed The Pooch

Hunter Biden cannot be a very smart man. Either that or the drugs he’s ingested over his lifetime have done a severe number on him. Case in point. He wanted to actually LOWER the amount of child support he pays to Lunden Roberts for his illegitimate daughter, Navy.

And it could be the thing that starts the dominoes to fall.

Hunter was paying Lunden some $20,000 a month to help raise Navy, a child that neither Hunter, nor his mom and dad (that would be Jill & Joe Biden) want anything to do with. They don’t even acknowledge her. They’ll take Hunter on trips to China, or the Caribbean, or Ireland, where he is seen climbing the steps of Air Force One, but they won’t even mention Navy. And this is a couple that professes to love children? At least Jill has said that. Joe just sniffs their hair for some weird fettish.

Let’s get into the weeds on this. The judge in the case, Holly Meyer, isn’t going to treat Hunter with kid gloves. This past week, both Hunter and Lunden appeared in an Arkansas courtroom run by Meyer. She basically told Hunter she wanted to see all of his income. She wanted to know the details of the information contained on that infamous laptop. And she wanted him to keep showing up in person in her courtroom throughout the trial. All because Hunter wanted to lower the amount he was paying. Yet he just sold a painting in New York for some $58,000 to some unknown buyer (we never learn the buyers’ names).

What is going to be the whole lynchpin here is Hunter’s inability to do the right thing. He had a torrid affair with his brother’s wife Hallie after Beau died, then five years ago, had a brief affair with Lunden that produced Navy, while she was a stripper. He’s 53 years old, she’s 32. Not saying age has anything to do with it, but it does. The guy just makes terrible decisions in life. And he always has. Even though Joe says he’s the smartest guy he ever knew. That’s not saying a lot for the people Joe knows!

So, what can possibly come of all of this? Well, first of all, it looks like Judge Meyer is at the very least going to get her hands on that laptop, or the information contained therein. Second, it looks like Hunter Biden’s income streams are going to become public record, because this trial is open to anyone that wants to sit in the courtroom and listen. And we’re going to learn just how much money Hunter has made from the Ukrainians and the Chinese and where that money went. He says he’s so broke he had to get rid of his Porsche. We’ll have to wait and see on that one.

It could just be the domino that starts the others falling, and will probably do so during primary season for Joe. Just when he wants to have a clean shot at reelection and at Donald Trump again, he could be forced to come clean on Biden Inc. It won’t be a pretty picture. If the rumors are true (and they ARE just rumors at this point), and Biden Inc. has made millions from foreign governments and have spread the money around to at least nine other Bidens, then this is going to be something that will make Watergate look like one of Joe Biden’s stories about how he graduated law school at the top of his class (he didn’t…he ended up near the bottom of the class).

But you want to know the interesting point in all of this? Take a look back at three presidential elections, 2016, 2020, and 2024. If Trump and Biden face off again, it will be the first time in the history of our country that in each of those three presidential elections, EACH of the two party’s candidates for president have been investigated for criminal activity. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in 2016. Donald Trump and Joe Biden the next two elections. Is this where our country is headed?

When are we as a country going to learn to stop nominating criminals and thieves for our nation’s top office? And when are we going to start punishing those that are guilty of the thievery and the crimes? Are we saying that it’s OK for Hillary Clinton to be involved in a pay-to-play scandal when she was Secretary of State? Is it OK for her to skate on having a private email server in her basement, but others that had non-secured email servers are going to have to atone for their actions? Is it OK for Donald Trump or Joe Biden to have affairs and still be president (it seems to me to be almost a requirement these days!) And is it OK for these candidates to take top secret documents with them when they leave office and store them, sometimes in an open box in a garage?

It’s time America stops playing politics and starts governing. Period.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Here’s How Joe Biden Wins Reelection

Oh, I know, you hope it doesn’t happen. I hope it doesn’t happen. I know a lot of people that feel the same way. You look at the economy, the crime situation in our major cities, the border crisis which is about to get really crazy, and you have to wonder how anyone in their right mind could ask for four more years of this, right? You have this eco-nut wanting everyone to drive around in electric cars, and yet if everybody did (he doesn’t own one though), you blow up the energy grid. And you have to wonder how stupid is this guy, right?

Well, it’s possible. In fact, it’s actually feasible.

I want you to think back to 1991. It was just 32 years ago. If you were around then, there was a guy named George HW Bush that was president. He was really popular because he was the Commander In Chief during a little thing called the First Gulf War. Remember a guy named Saddam Hussein? He put out a hit on ol’ George, and after he tried to blow up Kuwait, Bush came after him. He even telegraphed it by building up the troops in the region over six months. And how long did that war last? About 100 hours. That’s right…four days. He had a 91% approval rating back in April, 1991. And no one in their right mind wanted to enter the fray for president for the 1992 elections. How do you beat a guy with a 91% approval rating?

Well, he uttered a stupid little phrase back in 1988 when he ran. He said, “Read my lips, no new taxes.” Then he went and raised taxes. And while he won the war in short order, he lost the credibility with American voters. So when an upstart Arkansas governor wanted to run when no one else did, he was able to win hands down.

And that’s the same way Joe Biden wins reelection.

What’s interesting is that 70% of America, and 53% of his own party don’t want Joe to seek reelection. They say his age is a definite issue. That hasn’t been a campaign issue since the 1980 election when Ronald Reagan used it on himself. People don’t want anything to do with K-baby Harris in the White House, but they’re scared of Joe not making it to the end of a second term, if she’s the VP.

There’s another poll that says about 60% of America doesn’t want Donald Trump to run for president either. They think he’s too “unpresidential” even though he did a much better job than Biden has done. 44% of Republicans want Trump to run. Both numbers are smaller than Biden’s negatives, so you’d think that Trump would be a shoo-in, right?

Don’t be so sure.

There is yet another poll out there that suggests that of the people that don’t want Trump OR Biden to run, if they actually both DO run, 59% of them would actually support Joe Biden. Trump got 30%. Those are basically Independent voters. And they are the ones that are going to make the final say as to who sits in the White House on January 21st, 2025.

Now, before you go into a tailspin on this, realize that this poll is out a whopping 18 months before the election. Usually the person that is out front this far ahead doesn’t win. And polls at this point don’t mean squat. It’s pretty much assured that Biden will get the nomination. More and more Democrats don’t want him to run, but would end up backing him against a Republican. They point to the computer chip bill, the infrastructure bill, and the inflation reduction act as positives. Forget all of the myriad of negatives. You won’t change their mind. Their hatred of Donald Trump is greater than the absolute abortion of a Biden presidency.

And that is how Donald Trump would lose to Joe Biden if and when the two run against each other again. The funny thing is, both Trump and Biden plan on using the same campaign tactics that they did the last time they ran. But 2024 is going to be markedly different than 2020. There is no COVID. There’s no reason for Biden to hide in the basement. And the reason Trump actually got to become a candidate in 2016 by eliminating his competition one by one, is the same thing he’s already trying to do today. It won’t work the same in the general election the same way either. Actually, it should be a little more mainstream, because he’s not playing defense. And Trump is always best when he plays offense.

Yes…I have already been on Amazon. I’ve just ordered a 100 pound bag of popcorn. Schloads of butter too!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

The Differences Between GOP and Dems

Oh, there is a HUGE difference between the way Republicans see the 2024 election, and the way Democrats see the same thing. And it’s that difference that is going to determine the outcome of the election next November. First of all, you have to understand a couple of things. When we talk about the Democrats, they are looking at things from a totally different perspective than you and I probably are. Second, when we talk about Republicans, the Democrats are going to be scratching their heads wondering what the heck is going through our minds.

So, let’s start off with the easy one…the Republicans

The GOP is more interested in electing candidates to Congress, and the White House than anything else. They see what Joe Biden has done as having been a step toward destroying the fabric of the nation. They see the increase in crime. They see a border that has been in total chaos with absolutely no concern for solving it. They see an economy in free fall. And we are looking at poll numbers that show that 60% of the people in the Republican party don’t want Donald Trump to run again, but want someone with similar policies to him to enter the race. I’m not quite sure that person has actually entered the race yet.

The Democrats take on quite a different tone. They are overly thankful for the job Joe Biden has done. They think his policies and programs are just the thing the country has needed. They see the infrastructure bill and the inflation reduction bill as steps to achieving what they feel is important. They actually LIKE Joe Biden. So, why do 70% of Americans, and half of the Democrats don’t want to see him run again? It’s his age. And while the Republicans are most concerned about electing candidates, Democrats are fearful of what the Republicans would do if they got the presidency back. That’s why 81% of Democrats say that while they think Biden is too old and should step aside and let someone younger continue the fight, they will vote for him if he’s the candidate.

So the question becomes, which is a stronger motivator. Is the fact the GOP is afraid of what would happen if they failed to win back the White House a strong enough motivating factor to get people out to vote? Or, is the fact that the Democrats are afraid of Donald Trump, or someone like him that would tear down what they see as Biden’s accomplishments, much like Trump did to Obama?

At this point in time, I’m personally not sure which is a bigger motivator. Usually fear is one of the biggest motivating factors for people doing something (or not doing something). If you look at Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, once you have food and breathable air, fear is the next largest motivating factor. So, is the fear of another four years of Joe Biden (or someone else should he die before his term is up), or is the fear of having Republicans get back into the White House and run the government the bigger fear? That becomes the overriding issue next year.

And it doesn’t matter which side of the fence you are one. You feel basically the same way toward the other side. Democrats look at the Supreme Court decision on abortion, and see that the conservatives in power would do more to take away the gains liberals have made in a lot of social areas. If you’re conservative, you see the power grab the left has made to limit your freedoms, how they want to take away your guns, and print money until there’s no tomorrow. The left believes the hoax of climate change, and the fact they are ready, willing at yes, as of today, able to spend trillions of dollars thinking that they will change the planet by cutting back on the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. What they don’t realize is that there is only 0.4% of CO2 out there. If it drops to 0.2%, plants begin to die out. And plants are the largest generator of oxygen that we need to survive. If the plants die out, so do we.

Who will win the battle? Well, can I take 18 months to figure it out?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Is Biden To Blame For Border Crisis?

I have railed for years against Joe Biden and his administration. I’ve said numerous times that Alejandro Mayorkas, the Homeland Security Secretary was incompetent at his job and should either be fired or quit before the border situation gets worse. I’ve continually screamed about people like Katie Hobbs, who’s not the Governor of Arizona, and Mark Kelly, the junior Senator from AZ for their faux border policies. But are they the ones that are really to blame?

No. They are not.

Yes, I can complain about the Biden administration’s decisions to allow millions of illegal aliens into our country by basically throwing the door wide open. As for the feeling that once allowed into the country, most of these illegals fade into the fabric of the country and are never heard from again until they commit some horrible crime? Well, I’ve read on a couple of different sources that’s just not true. Somewhere between 83 and 88% of illegals actually MAKE their court appearances. 96% of those that have not been detained for various reasons (criminal record, terrorist watch list, etc) make ALL of their hearings.

OK, so who is to blame for the crisis at the border? And yes, it IS a crisis!

I blame Congress. Congress could have done something about this eons ago. But, as it typically the case, this group of folks tends not to do anything unless and until they are forced to, and it’s usually because they are up against deadlines. Congress loves to kick the can down the road.

If Democrats want an easier path for anyone to get into this country, they could have done so. They have had several opportunities in the past fifteeen years while they held both the House and the Senate. And they had a friendly president in the White House, be it with Joe Biden, or Bobo Obama. If the Republicans had wanted to tighten control over who gets in, they had their chance only twice, but they’ve had it (when they controlled both the Senate and the House). The Democrats controlled both sides of congress twice with friendly presidents. The GOP, once.

The facts here are clear. Unless and until there is something out there that makes Congress either come together and negotiate a bill that updates and fixes the immigration policy of this country, it will never get done. And unless there is a president that is willing to negotiate on this issue, it’s going to have to be a one-party bill. If we wait until one party holds both the House, and has 60 seats in the Senate to cut off cloture, AND they have a friendly president in the White House that would sign such a bill, I think we’re going to see Jesus return before that happens.

Simply put, it’s time for Congress to stop kicking the can down the road. It’s time they tackle the problems that are facing America and do so in a bi-partisan way. That means that the Democrats are going to have to come off their high horse that they are going to eliminate Republicans so they can rule 100% of the government, 100% of the time. And it means that the GOP is going to have to compromise on their shutting down the border to all illegals, unless and until they go through immigration the “right way”. Right now, there is no right way. And, the GOP probably going to have to realize, as they did back in Ronald Reagan’s day, that the illegals that are in this country now, are going to have to at some point be allowed to stay. To round up eleven million people and shuttle them back where they came probably isn’t going to happen.

So, yes, I’m always upset at Biden and Mayorkas for them doing absolutely nothing when it comes to border security. And their treatment of the Border Patrol officers who risk their lives is cruel and unusual punishment. I don’t know why anyone in their right mind would want to go into that line of work. But thank God that they do. But the real criminals in all of this mess, are the 535 people that are sitting in that big white building at the end of the Mall with the big dome on top. They once again, need to stop the petty investigations, and get back to work solving America’s many and serious problems!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Here Comes Biden!

I don’t know when you normally read this blog, but at some point today, Joe Biden is going to become a candidate for President of the United States. No, you shouldn’t expect a big crowd all cheering as he stands in the Rose Garden. There won’t be balloons and fireworks and confetti. It’s a rather low-key affair.

He’s going to announce, like a lot of candidates do these days, on the internet.

He produced his announcement a few weeks ago. He’s waited to announce for some unknown reason. Back in the fall, he said he would be making the big move sometime after the holidays. That became after the State of the Union speech in February. When that didn’t happen, it got moved to March, then to now, but there were rumors it wouldn’t take place until the fall sometime.

So the question on my mind is why the delaying tactic?

The answer is really pretty clear. Here you have a politician with approval ratings hovering around the 40% mark. He’s been as low as 38% according to everything I’ve been able to dig up. His VP is at 36% and has become an even bigger joke than he has, even in his own party. Over 70% of the people in the country don’t want him to run. Some 60% of the people in the Democrat Party would favor others over Biden. And then you’ve got the brewing scandals involving Hunter, the laptop, and of course, Joe coercing Ukraine and China to give his family millions of dollars. I mean, how does a politician, sent to do “the people’s work” in Washington DC, who had a net worth in 2009 of only $30,000 to now be worth, according to Forbes, around $9 million? So in 14 years, Biden managed to increase his net worth almost $9 million? How does that happen?

And so the rumors start spreading that he was doing some rather nefarious things when he was Vice President. He’d never really been accused of much more than plagiarism while he was a Senator. So it all had to happen from 2009 through 2016 and beyond, right? That’s when Hunter Biden started cropping up with drug use, and sitting on boards of directors of Ukrainian companies getting paid hundreds of thousands of dollars a year with no knowledge or experience of the companies he was sitting on.

You’ve got a president today that was always known as a rather moderate Senator. He was a guy that could indeed work across the aisle. He learned the political game, and got to be a pretty decent player in it. Doing the people’s work? Nah. That was a rouse. It was a stepping stone to making sure all of those still living in his family were going to be set for life. And his net worth rose incredibly in a relatively short period of time…and continues to rise to this day, even though he has just a $400,000 a year salary and has to buy his own food when he’s not entertaining world leaders.

Joe Biden has made mistake after mistake. His biggest had to be the botched military withdrawal from Afghanistan. He’s tried to blame that on Donald Trump, but let’s face it, he was the guy that pulled the trigger on that one, despite warnings from Pentagon generals that the Taliban would take over quickly. He just didn’t realize how quickly. He didn’t realize that he had thousands of Americans and Afghans that had helped America over the past two decades that needed to get out. A lot of those folks are still in hiding there. Robert Gates, the former Defense Secretary, has said that Joe Biden has been on the wrong side of every foreign policy issue since he’s been in the Senate. That’s an incredible admission if you think about it. Over that time, I’m positive you or I could be in that position and get ONE thing right!

No, Joe Biden is going to run for president again…and that announcement will become the top news story today. So we have both contestants from 2020 ready to do battle again. Will it be the same results, and more importantly, will it even matter?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Is This Biden’s Watergate?

There’s an old saying in Washington. It’s not the crime that gets you into trouble, it’s the coverup. That’s what did in Richard Nixon. Had he been forthcoming right from the start when it came to the Watergate break-in, he would have survived and Colson, Ehrlichman Dean, and Liddy would have been disgraced to a point they would today become forgotten men of history. But that’s not the way it worked. We had the 18 minutes of silence, we had all sorts of crooked dealings, and we had our first presidential resignation when it became evident that impeachment and conviction were definitely on the table.

So, is the current mess Joe Biden is going through HIS Watergate?

Remember, it’s not the crime, but the coverup. Biden allegedly took money, and millions of dollars from Ukraine and China and spread the wealth to his family. The fact that he said he didn’t meet with any of Hunter Biden’s business associates, nor discuss any of Hunter’s business dealings at any time…that is the coverup. And it looks like it is going to be proven. Now add to that a White House that says they aren’t getting involved in what the “independent” Department of Justice is doing with it’s investigation into not only Hunter, but Joe himself, and an IRS whistleblower that is hell-bent on proving to the world with what he calls is undeniable proof that high officials are playing political favorites in high profile cases (Hunter hasn’t been named because it’s an ongoing investigation and it would be a violation of federal law if he did so) have been slow-walking the investigation and playing politics with it.

And then you’ve got Biden ready to enter the fray tomorrow by doing a soft-announce through an internet video that he’s running for reelection in 2024. What makes this so interesting is, you could have the situation where by the time we get there, not one, but two presidential candidates, and both party’s nominees could be under indictment for breaking the law. Of course, Trump has three other investigations to go, and will probably be indicted on at least one of them. Biden could have three or more indictments coming his way as well. Certainly Hunter could.

I think it’s very interesting that all of this is coming out now. Michael Morrell, a former deputy CIA director has admitted that he was the one that got the 51 intelligence people to sign a letter saying that the whole Hunter Biden story was a Russian disinformation hoax. All of that was a lie, as we are learning now, even though Biden himself lied about it during a debate with Donald Trump. It just goes to prove that the truth always does come out. It’s not always at the most opportune time for either of the party’s involved, but it will come out eventually.

In this case, I think the fact that the whole Hunter Biden story is looking dirtier than what we originally were led to believe, and that Joe and Hunter have seemingly put together this scheme, while Joe was Vice President is incredibly illegal. It’s also interesting to learn now that back in the day when Biden was VP under Bobo Obama, the Obama administration knew what he was doing and even warned him not to go forward with the shakedowns, but Joe didn’t listen.

The end analysis is a long ways from being totally played out. It’s like the Watergate situation before all of the hearings started. But in the end, the truth will be known. And if the accusations that are being floated are true, it could very easily result in a very similar situation where Biden is either impeached and convicted (I’m not holding my breath in the current environment), or he is forced into resigning. The whole question is, does it come before the election in 2024, or like Watergate, does it wait until after the election. And does that mean K-baby Harris takes over if Biden were to beat the Republican nominee?

So many questions at this point, so few really true answers. We’ll have to wait and see. But record all of it. The grandkids will never believe it!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

China Ready To Take Taiwan?

It came out of China just the other day, that they are ready to take Taiwan “back into the fold”. This comes on the heels of a couple of meetings that the Taiwanese leaders had with delegations from the United States. It also comes after China held military exercises in the Straits of Taiwan in which they basically encircled the island with their navy, and flew their jets around the island in a show of force.

So, why now?

Taiwan has been a country for 111 years as of this past January. That is a LONG time to be a country, when China doesn’t think of you that way. One could only imagine that in the event of a part of a country, like Taiwan breaking away from their motherland, and forming their own country, that the motherland, IF they wanted it back, wouldn’t wait over a century to take it back. That goes double when you consider the size of each. It’s like if Rhode Island decided to secede from the United States and we let it go 111 years before doing anything about it.

Why now? It’s really a pretty simple answer. The Chinese are very patient people as a rule. They wait things out. They don’t make brash moves easily. They don’t want to “tiu lien” or lose face. Think back to the Tiananmen Square massacre. The students started that in April of 1989. It ended with the massacre on June 5th. It would seem that the Chinese leadership is about as patient as Janet Reno was with the whole Branch Davidian thing. That lasted 51 days. So, I can’t really think that timing is that important to one of the oldest countries in the world. They will wait until the cows come home until the timing is right.

So, what makes the timing right now? One would have to think that they have discussed and re-discussed what would happen in a number of scenarios. The Chinese do not want to get into a war with the United States for a couple of reasons. Both are nuclear countries, and I really don’t think China wants to use the bomb. Neither does the United States. And while China has a much larger military than the US, there is no comparison which is the better military force. The US is miles ahead when it comes to technology, and preparedness. No, the one thing that stands out is the response that the United States would give if the Chinese were to take back Taiwan. They have watched the last year very carefully. They have looked at everything the US has done with Ukraine…a country that we have no real ties with. And what they saw, over and over again told them it’s time.

They started by watching our botched withdrawal of Afghanistan. They saw the ineptitude of the Biden administration, which totally ignored the Generals in the Pentagon, all of whom wanted to leave troops in country to help minimize the turnover. Biden himself said that the Taliban had promised all sorts of things, like they wouldn’t take back Kabul, they wouldn’t reinstitute rules against women being educated or working. In short, the Taliban said whatever they had to in order to get the US to leave, and Biden bit.

Then the Chinese watched as the US cobbled together a bloc with Europe to help Ukraine. We haven’t lost any people over there, but we have spent over $100 billion in sending them arms. Now, if you listen to the military experts, we aren’t sending them our top of the line gear, but we are sending them a LOT of stuff we could use if we had to send military hardware to Taiwan. And our supply is being depleted. It’s been said that it will take three to five years to get our inventory back up to where it was before Putin invaded Ukraine. Trust me, China took note of that.

And then there is the “special relationship” China thinks it has with Joe Biden and his family. They have made the Bidens very rich indeed. And Joe has been lax at trying to put the hammer down when it comes to China. Look at the balloon fiasco a while back. Biden never called Xi to ask about why they did that. He never once has done anything but give lip service toward keeping China in check. He basically has been on their side. Why not? China has made him wealthier beyond his wildest dreams.

And so, it’s because of Joe Biden’s lack of foreign policy experience, his lack of any intestinal fortitude, and his willingness to bow to his Chinese masters that China feels now is the time, after waiting 111 years to take back Taiwan. It’s sad it’s come to this. We as Americans should be very, very ashamed!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Biden Administration At Odds With LGBTQ+ABC Community

Joe Biden has long described himself as an unabashed liberal. Oh, maybe not in the Bernie Sanders or AOC definition of the word. But Biden has always said he has followed the progressive course on a lot of issues. Well, some, not all. He was, after all against gay marriage before he was for it. In fact, when it comes to that particular community (or group of communities?), he really hasn’t always been on their side.

And he’s showing that again.

See, Biden is coming out with a new proposal that basically says while he isn’t going to go along with a blanket rule of not allowing transgendered women (or is it transgendered men? I can never remember) to compete against biological women in sports, he IS going to allow for it except in “certain cases”. Basically what would happen is that every public high school, I assume that receives any federal monies, and all universities that receive federal monies, will have to abide by this new addition to Title IX, which allowed women’s sports to be on par with men’s sports.

All of this came about because of the whole Lia Thomas thing. Thomas was a guy that couldn’t make it on his Penn swim team, so he/she/it had a sex change to become a woman. Then he/she/it joined the women’s swim team at Princeton and set all sorts of records. It’s happened time and time again in sport after sport.

Now, I need to harken back to the days when I did sports play-by-play. One of the gigs I did was to follow the University of Toledo women’s basketball team. I did that for about eight or nine years. I can tell you that in no sport, does a woman have a competitive advantage of a male. It doesn’t happen in swimming, nor basketball, nor track and field, nor soccer. In fact, the US Women’s national team in soccer got handed their rear ends in an exhibition match with a boy’s high school team. They just can’t keep up. THAT is biological. All the left-wing proposals in the world to help insure that transgenders are treated equally isn’t going to change that. You don’t argue with God.

So, while Biden is sitting on the fence on this one, not totally banning transgenders from playing female sports, he’s not fully endorsing it either. He is leaving it up to the school in most cases, and that’s never a good thing. Ask any coach what is important in their mind, and once they get through the traditional, “We want to make great student athletes, and teach them how to succeed” line, they’ll all say they want to win. Some want it at all costs. Pretty soon, you’re going to have a whole third team comprised of nothing but transgenders.

And I guess that’s not totally unfair. It’s better than what Biden is proposing. What I find interesting is that if it was so fair to let the trans folks compete with their “new” gender partners, why doesn’t it go the other way? Why don’t we have a bunch of transgenders wanting to compete on men’s teams? The answer is obvious. They couldn’t make the team.

So, Biden is coming out with this new Title IX proposal. And the LGBTQ+ community is up in arms. They want everyone to feel that this is just a normal part of life to be in their community. They want you to believe that getting a new gender is as normal as getting your teeth cleaned at the dentist. It’s not.

And Biden is in a conundrum on this one. If he goes the other way, he upsets the women athletes, and the women’s equal rights movement. If he goes full ban, he upsets the gays et al. What’s a poor dumb, weak sitting president who’s about to announce his reelection bid to do?

The whole transgender thing should come with this caveat. Yes, we have the technology to change your gender. But if you do that, you give up your right to participate in any sporting event as your new gender. It only seems right.

Here’s a novel idea…tell the truth and don’t let any transgenders play biological women’s sports. Give them their own league. That’s what they’re doing in the MMA and the boxing world. And they should.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Biden: “Blame Trump!”

If I asked you to come up with three words that would describe what an American President should be, what three words would you choose? I came up with “Strong”, “Honest”, “Intelligent”. Now, think of three words to describe the current sitting president. Mine are “Corrupt”, “Weak”, and “Dishonest”. And you can point to one specific day in history that shows exactly all three words…that day is August 30, 2021.

That’s the day the United States left Afghanistan.

The Biden administration just released “action reports” on Thursday that outline what they did and what they didn’t do regarding the absolute abortion of a withdrawal from Afghanistan almost two years ago. The first thing it said was it blamed Donald Trump for putting them in the mess in the first place.


Yup. Eight months after Donald Trump had left the White House, moved to Mar-A-Lago, and spent his days playing golf, the US left Afghanistan. They did it rough-shod. they had very little planning. The generals in the Pentagon all told Joe Biden that he should leave 2,500 troops behind in Kabul as a “transitionary force”. He decided against that, and pushed that everyone be out by the end of August, “because that’s the date Donald Trump set”. It’s obvious that he really isn’t in control because if he were, he would have said, “Just because Trump said we had to be out by the end of August doesn’t make it so…he’s not president any longer”. Instead, he had to go on television and say to the American people that “This was my decision, and I stand by it and accept the consequences.” Remember that?

And now, almost two years later, Biden has his agencies that were involved write an action report that says that the administration was “proud” of their actions. :Proud? Yup. That’s what Admiral John Kirby said at the podium in the press briefing room on Thursday. In fact, he puffed out his chin when he said it to add emphasis to it. Proud of their actions! Because Donald Trump had set the date. How lily-livered piece of crap cowardice can you get?

You know, Harry Truman, the last good Democrat to lead the nation, had a sign on his desk that said, “The Buck Stops Here”. Forty some odd years later, Bill Clinton had one that said, “The Buck Never Got Here”. And today, you’ve got Joe Biden. His sign says, “It’s Donald Trump’s fault!” What a wimp!

Here’s what happened, factually since August 30, 2021. We lost 13 brave servicemen because of Biden’s inability to come up with a cognitive plan to leave Afghanistan. Hundreds of both Americans and Afghan interpreters that had helped the American cause for two decades were left behind, even though Biden swore no Americans would be. They finally got out, we think. Beyond that, we witnessed hundreds of Afghans running after a C-17 Globemaster plane, trying to climb on board to escape the Taliban.

We allowed the Taliban to handle the security at the airport America chose to leave from. They could have left from Bagram Air Force Base, which was incredibly secure. Instead, they chose to leave from Hamad Karzai International Airport in Kabul, with the Taliban deciding who got onto the airport grounds, and who didn’t.

And notices what happened AFTER. Russia started amassing troops on the Ukraine border. China started making noise about reuniting with Taiwan. North Korea started testing missiles again after stopping all testing under Trump. Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea all saw the weak response Biden had when it came to leaving Afghanistan. They realized that if they were going to invade other countries, now would be the time to do so. They never attempted such a move under Donald Trump. But Biden was weak. He was a coward. And he remains a coward to this day. Need more proof? Who runs a campaign for president from their basement? Who goes out and holds rallies with 12 people in attendance? Only a weak, spineless person with not a care in the world about how we are viewed internationally. That is Joe Biden.

I certainly hope Americans remember what caused all of the current troubles in our country. It was the election of arguably the weakest candidate in American history. I would submit he’s also cemented a position at the bottom of the 46 men that have held that position so far in our country’s history!

Carry on world, I’m disgusted today, and you’re dismissed!

What A Difference A Day Makes

It was just yesterday I was talking about how I wasn’t sure Joe Biden would run for reelection. And the fact that if he chose not to for whatever reason he decided to give us, there really aren’t many qualified and potential candidates left on the Democrats’ side.


And then Joe Biden comes out yesterday during the day (I usually write these around 4am MST), and said that he was going to put off making an announcement on his candidacy until the fall. THE FALL? Yup. He’s going to wait until one year or so before the election to make his move.

That’s going to do one of a couple of things.

For any Democrat, other than Marianne Williamson, who’s already in, that was considering running, it puts them in a terrific bind. Either they go ahead and decide to run and enter the fray regardless what Biden’s decision is, which means they are going to run against Biden (not a bad idea in my brain), or they sit on the sidelines, not putting together a staff, not getting a national organization together, not fundraising like they should, for the next five or six months. Talk about being behind the eight ball.

What this decision of Biden’s does is basically tell the world that he’s had it with hearing that his own party doesn’t want him to run for reelection. He’s willing to stick it to anyone else that was considering running against him, at the threat of actually losing the election next year, just to narrow the field significantly. Well, there ARE reasons for it.

First of all, is Donald Trump. With Trump’s arraignment yesterday, and Lord knows how the trial is going to go because the judge is not one of the less bias judicial persons in the state of New York, Biden may want to wait and see what happens. If the whole thing gets thrown out because it’s not much of a case against Trump, or because the fact (as I write this), Trump shouldn’t even be in this position if not for an over-zealous prosecutor who obviously didn’t graduate at the top of his class. Biden realizes that the Georgia election investigation, the January 6th investigation, and the Mar-A-Lago secret document investigation all are more serious cases for Trump. And if the Mar-A-Lago case goes forward, Biden could also be in a world of hurt.

Second is Biden’s health as I mentioned yesterday. Don’t forget, Biden had some sort of cancerous lesion removed when he had his annual physical. They say they got it all, but when was the last time a physician examining the president came out and told us that they were in terrible health, or that they were worried? Can you remember a time? I can’t. So, it may be a health issue for Biden.

And it my be tied to his poll numbers. Biden’s numbers suck. He’s facing some incredibly bad news with OPEC announcing production cuts, which means gas prices are going to rise. And he’s already depleted the Strategic Oil Reserves. An increase in gasoline costs will indeed affect the inflation rate. Maybe not the “official” rate, which doesn’t include gasoline. By the way, those of you keeping score, gasoline included, prices rose 10% in March after a 14.8% increase in February.

So, there are any number of reasons why Biden would want to wait. He has that luxury. He doesn’t need to fundraise. The Chinese will take care of that. He doesn’t need name recognition, not as one of the most recognizable names in the world. And he doesn’t think he needs to campaign since he believes that all of his programs are working wonderfully. Maybe it was a smart move on his part after all. The only problem is, the problems that Americans are facing aren’t going away…they’re getting worse. And there’s only one guy that will take the blame for that, and it’s not Donald Trump.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!