Defund The Police Leads To Hiring Private Security

The cry has been going on for over a year. Democrat run cities all over the country have been wailing on how they need to “defund” the police. Cities like New York have chopped one-sixth of the police budget (about $1 billion) from cops, instead spending it on homeless, drug addiction, and other social programs. Minneapolis, Seattle, Chicago, Los Angeles, and other metropolitan areas have followed suit. Ah, but there’s a catch!

Those folks doing the screaming are making sure that they are still protected!

Police roles have been chopped by about 400 officers in the city of Chicago. That means 400 less crimefighters on the streets of the Windy City this year than about a year and a half ago. So, the average Chicago citizen is nowhere near as safe today as they were 18 months ago. Yet, Chicago Mayor, Lori Lightfoot has been spending on average $2.5 million of taxpayer money each year to make sure she had a security team around her.

Meanwhile, in New York, Bill de Blasio has chopped a billion off of the budget for the cops, yet he spent over $300,000 of taxpayer money on his own security during his short, but failed run for the White House last year.

It’s been happening time and time again. Minneapolis City Council voted to gut the cities’ police budget. Then when crime started going through the roof, the very people that were screaming to defund the police, spent taxpayer money to make sure they were protected, by hiring private security firms to be their personal body guards.

What’s interesting is, you don’t find this going on in Republican led cities. Seattle, Portland, LA, and other cities couldn’t chop money from police budgets fast enough. And when crime started to run rampant as it has in every single city that has defunded their police department, they are spending millions of dollars to protect sometimes just one person! There isn’t any savings to spend on homeless, or drug addiction or other social programs. It’s all going to fund private security firms to protect the Mayors and the city councils. The average Joe on the street is left to fend for his and her self. Of course, these are the same Democrats that swear up and down that they are for the little guy. That is until they don’t feel safe.

This is just another example of how screwed up the Democrats are. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is out there saying that we need to defund ALL police departments. Since January, about six months, AOC has spent over $25,000 just in security for herself. On a recent trip to Houston, she spent of $1,500. That’s yours and my money being spent. But she’s not talking about that. She’s talking about taking police off the streets to make sure you and I aren’t as safe as what we were just a year and a half ago. Where is the sense?

There is no common sense in defunding the police. Even Joe Biden, in his confused and addled state of mind realizes that and says that he doesn’t back that. But anything the socialist left can do to stir the pot, to make it even more unsafe than it already is, would be a victory for them. They don’t care about the little guy. They care about tearing down America.

The truly sad part of this entire debate is, most Americans can’t put two and two together and come up with four. They are starting to believe, little by little, leftist by leftist that the police are bad and that the police are the villains, not the perps doing that crimes. That’s when you realize that America has turned the corner. We can still save ourselves from going off the cliff, but if we don’t act soon, it will be too late. We have the ability to make Venezuela look like a world superpower compared to what we will look like in just 10 years!

Carry on world…but be afraid….very afraid…you’re dismissed!

Defund The Police…Still A Thing

You would have thought liberals would have learned their lesson by now. I can understand (kinda, sorta) the liberal mindset in trying to show their support for the Black Lives Matter and Antifa crowd over the death of George Floyd and other criminals that were ultimately killed by police. While I thought at the time the defunding police departments was a rather rash and stupid knee-jerk reaction to a terrible situation, it was understandable how the addle-minded liberals out there could actually come to that conclusion. The fact is, they don’t think with their brains, they think with their hearts. That play on emotions is usually what gets the uninformed, uneducated, ignorant poor slobs of America on their sides.

But I would have also thought a year later, they would have learned their lesson.

Minneapolis, which was the first place to scream “defund the police”, and then later city council did just that in deference to the mobs, also decided to hire their own private security to protect those on the city council. And what happened? Police starting quitting and retiring in droves. All of a sudden, Minneapolis, and several other cities around the country no longer had to worry about “defunding the police”, because the cops were doing it for them. They were voting with their feet and were leaving on their own rather than face harassment for just doing their jobs. In a lot of those cities, they realized that defunding the police wasn’t the most prudent or smart avenue to drive down. It usually led to higher crime rates, more murders, and certainly didn’t make their communities more attractive to get people or businesses to move to.

Except in St. Louis, Missouri.

In St. Louis, their mayor, Tishaura Jones, is still screaming about “defunding the police”. This despite St. Louis becoming the murder capital of the country. Jones wants to close a city jail, divert $4 million from the police budget and spend it on “community programs”, and she wants to cut 100 cops from the department’s roles, by not filling the vacancies that already exist.

In St. Louis, their murder rate is already at a 50 year high. And the city’s head of their Department of Corrections has resigned. In 2019, St. Louis had 19 homicides per 100,000 residents. Last year that number soared to 87. The reason? Well, if you want to listen to Jones and her liberal buddies on city council, it wasn’t because of defunding the police. It was because of COVID.


Yeah. That’s what I said. It had nothing to do with Black Lives Matter, or Ferguson, Mo, next door to St. Louis, or Antifa, or the previous city administration, which Jones said did a terrible job. It had to do with COVID.

What Jones, who’s actions are backed by newly elected congresswoman, Cori Bush wants to do is “move people through the judicial system” rather than send people to jail. She wants to “partner” with community groups to better solve the crime problem she’s facing.

Now, in a way, she could be right. I personally think the problem with black crime in our country is systemic. Their distrust of the police actually stems from the fact that black on black crime is higher than any other form of racial accountability you can name. And to fix the judicial system by allowing the underlying factor of blacks being violent toward other blacks is not the answer. What needs to happen in that community is to reestablish the family and the principles that guide our society. And yes, they are markedly different today.

Back in 1960, 22% of black households were single-parent households. Today, some 60 years later that number is 72%. Way back in 1938, 11% of all pregnancies were to single mothers. Today that number is 75%. Is poverty a problem? Yup. But here’s an interesting statistic. Where there is a mother and a father in the home, the poverty rate is 8% (compared to the national average of 5%). In homes where there is a single parent, that number is 37%.

It is the collapse of the two parent household that has caused a lot of the problems blacks in this country face. It’s not racism. It’s not slavery some 160 years ago. It’s breaking down because the families aren’t staying together. Blame it on crime, blame it on drugs, whatever the root problem is, it’s not the police. Blacks are getting into more trouble per capita than the rest of society, but most sociologists don’t blame the police for the breakdown. They blame the breakdown of the family as the problem.

So, Tishaura Jones, Cori Bush and others that want to say this is some white cop’s fault need to fix the problems at home to solve the problem. Yes, partnering with community organizations to help stem that tide would certainly help. Defunding the police though, is the absolute wrong answer.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

The New “Driver Protection” Law

Oh, it’s certainly sweeping the country, especially after last years riots in dozens of cities across the countries. You know the drill. Mobs of Black Lives Matter and Antifa protesters swarm onto a highway someplace, typically in some inner city, and stop traffic, tying up transportation for hours while they bang on hoods and roofs of vehicles, and even in some more extreme cases, pull people out of their cars and beat them because they have the wrong color skin. It happened over and over again.

And it’s about to do a 180.

States all over the country are introducing “Driver Protection Laws”, whereby if you find yourself in that situation, ad you’re scared for your safety and that of your family or passengers, should you happen to just move forward and hit some of those protesters, you won’t be charged with a crime, even if some of them die from injuries received because of your actions. Now, it doesn’t give you the right to swerve into a crowd that’s protesting a block away. Let’s be honest, here…this is not a 007 License to Kill. But if you are facing a mob and they are threatening your safety, you do indeed have a right to protect yourself, and now more and more states are waking up to the fact that you have a weapon at your disposal, and should be able to use it to extract yourself from what could be a deadly situation. You’re driving a two thousand pound weapon.

I know if I were faced with that situation, I certainly would not hesitate to mow someone down if they are threatening my family’s safety. If it’s them or me, and I can extricate myself from the situation just by hitting the accelerator, that’s exactly what I’m going to do. Now, some of the more liberal readers here may believe that’s an affront to humanity. How dare I injure on purpose another human being? Well, I didn’t break the law first. Someone coming into traffic, and stopping traffic so they can threaten you at the very least, by banging on your car is breaking the law. And if they end up getting a broken leg or getting run over because of it, so be it. They were the ones that chose to put my family in danger. I didn’t choose that. I only reacted to that threat. And it’s nice to see state legislatures around the country are starting to wake up and see it too.

If people want to peacefully assemble and protest something…anything…they have that right. But when they start breaking things, pounding on cars, setting things on fire, or throwing things at law enforcement, it’s no longer peaceful. It’s a riot. And frankly, I don’t give a hoot about what happens to any of them at that point. In fact, I will go so far as to say I think the court system in this country is far to lenient on those people. They should be in prison for years for doing that. There IS a difference between what the Founding Fathers said about protests, and what these people have been doing, and that difference should be exemplified by a long jail term.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Please Come Back!

Yeah, that’s the refrain coming from the Minneapolis City Council these days. Back after George Floyd died, and the city was rioting, the Minneapolis City Council rushed to join Antifa and Black Lives Matter in trying to “defund the police”. Well, they succeeded.

Now their tune has changed.

Apparently, some nine months of having fewer and fewer cops on the streets hasn’t led to good things in the Twin Cities. They’ve been losing police officers left and right and currently the city has about 640 cops, some 200 below where they should be. So, what did City Council do? Of course! They threw money at the police, upping the same budget they gutted some eight months ago, by $6.4 million! They’re hoping to have some 700 officers on the streets in time for the one year anniversary of Floyd’s death.

And what do we learn from this?

We learn that first and foremost, when you rush in and make decisions using your heart and not your head, you are going to regret it. Of course, it was the popular decision back then. Of course, it was “right” to be on the side of blacks in the city who felt this was just another example of police bias and racial hatred toward them. Of course, the City Council felt they would “defund the police” as a way to punish them for their incredibly heinous and inhumane action. And of course, knowing that liberals never know when to hit the brakes, some members of the City Council are looking at still getting rid of the police and replacing them with a Public Service Department, which would include cops, as well as psychologists, and sociologists, and whatever other profession they feel is necessary to bring about a “fair and just” society to all. They’re getting signatures as you read this, and hope to get it on this fall’s ballot.

Of course, throwing money at at problem is usually not a good idea when it comes to politics. It’s what got the federal government in trouble. They decide they want to undertake a “worthy program” that some liberal just can’t live without, and realize soon after it passes that its’ costs far outweigh the benefits. But liberals never met a social program they didn’t like, so they fight like hell to keep it, even though the ballooning costs keep it resembling a white elephant more than a solution to a problem.

And that’s what has to stop.

Look, I feel terrible that any person, black, white, brown, red, green, or purple has to die at the hands of anyone. That’s not right, whether it’s a cop, or a drive-by shooting. And yes, guilty parties need to be held accountable. But I also am a realist. You cannot expect people to act perfectly in every situation because…well…we’re people. We’re human. We’re going to make mistakes, and since government is run by people, it’s a part of what we should expect.

Unfortunately, I don’t believe Minneapolis’ Mayor, or police chief, or City Council understands that. I think they’re bulling ahead blindly hoping that if they throw more money at the situation, it will correct itself. Except that has never worked. And it never will. And the only people that will end up paying are the taxpayers…if there are going to be any of them left in Minneapolis after all of this shakes out.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Justice By Mob Rule

It happened again in Louisville, Kentucky this time. Just because a Grand Jury didn’t do what the mob wanted it to, and didn’t indict three Louisville police officers on murder charges for the death of Breonna Taylor, they took to the streets and rioted. Not protested. Rioted.

We seem to have reached a point in our country, where if society doesn’t do what the left wants them to do, they take to the streets and tear it down. Frankly, that behavior is childish, and boorish, and shouldn’t be tolerated. People that take part in that type of activity should be immediately arrested at the very least, and thrown in jail for a good long time, amassing a criminal record, and pretty much guaranteeing that they will be spending the rest of their lives in their parents’ basement.

We’ve seen this time and time again. And this time there was a coordinated effort by Antifa and BLM to make sure that “the rest of us” pay. Two police officers were shot after the verdict that only indicted former police officer Brent Hankison, who was fired in June, for wanton endangerment because of stray bullets that entered a neighboring apartment.

And it turns out that Breonna Taylor wasn’t the halo-wearing angel that the left has made her out to be. According to Kentucky Attorney General, Danial Cameron, the reason police fired in the first place is because Taylor’s boyfriend was shooting at them. It was apparently in self-defense. Another fallacy in all of this was that they actually did have a warrant, and believe it or not, Breonna Taylor’s name was actually on it. Apparently, since she lost her EMT job back in 2017, Taylor had been running drugs for her boyfriend. Not quite the innocent angel that the snowflake left would like you to believe.

And so, once again, it appears that when someone of color gets killed, they are the victim regardless of the circumstance. And apparently, when the whole story is told, and we find out that the “victim” was actually guilty of something, or at the very least suspected of being involved in a criminal activity, it doesn’t matter to the left. They continue to loot, and burn because they realize there isn’t anything bad going to happen to them.

And what needs to happen is simple. They go to jail. They are forced to pay to have whatever building they’ve torched re-built. And they stay in jail for a very long time. If that means building new prisons, so be it. Frankly, I’m a huge fan of desert jails. If they’ve rioted, send them to one of Joe Arpaio’s desert facilities and let them live in barbed wire and in tents. They’ve lost the ability to be treated like human beings at that point, and should be subject to the same type of punishment they have meted out to those business owners whose lives they’ve ruined.

We have devolved not into a democracy. We are now living in anarchy. If you don’t like something, it’s ok to go out and do whatever you want. In fact, Democrats will praise you for it. People like Nancy Pelosi, and Joe Biden have been on the side of these criminals from day one. They have aided and abetted and probably should be jailed (you’ll read more about Biden tomorrow!)

It’s time America wakes up, gets upset over what they’re seeing, realizes that if you elect the left, this is the type of country you are voting for, and if you don’t like it, there’s one thing to do…get rid of the left. It’s going to be survival of the fittest.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

See What Backing Antifa Gets You

It doesn’t get you a lot of support, apparently. At least not in the riot-riddled city of Portland. The mayor there, Ted Wheeler is finding out the hard way, that backing “the protesters”, which has led to over 100 nights of riots and destruction in The Rose City, has also led to his downfall. At least that’s what the latest poll shows.

See, Ted Wheeler is up for re-election, and it appears he doesn’t have much support among the normally uber-leftist snowflake in his fair city. Only 26% approve of his job as Mayor. A whopping 63% have a negative view of hizonor.

Wheeler is probably best known for telling Donald Trump that he didn’t want his brand of “politics of division and demagoguery” in Portland. Trump responded by saying Wheeler was incompetent like Sleepy Joe Biden. The next day, there were hundreds of protesters outside of Wheeler’s condominium, calling for his resignation. Instead, he decided he would move so his neighbors could get a good night’s sleep.

And this is what backing rioters and looters, Black Lives Matter, and Antifa gets you apparently. So, it’s really strange that so many companies are spending millions of dollars on advertising designed to show they support this rather radical group. Now, I will be one of the first to say that I don’t believe that blacks should be treated any differently than any other race or ethnicity in this country. That said, I also believe that means you don’t put them up on a pedestal either. We are all equal. That means all the same. I get it they feel put upon, and they feel that the police are “out to get them”, and they are afraid to drive down the streets in some cities. That shouldn’t happen, but if they are afraid, you have to ask yourself, just why are they afraid. Is it because they are trying to avoid any contact with the police because of prior criminal acts? Or is it because the police are uber-sensitive to seeing people of color? Neither leads to a good outcome.

What all of this shows is that Ted Wheeler, like Lori Lightfoot in Chicago, and Bill de Blasio in New York City are seeing is in trouble politically. When you have a lot of your staff quitting, the police force opting for early retirement, and your streets littered with rubble from nightly protests and violence, you probably ought to consider a different line of work. It is very likely that Wheeler will lose the election in November to urban policy consultant, Sarah Iannarone after failing to get 50% plus one votes in the May primary. At this point, Wheeler has a better chance of defeating Donald Trump for the presidency.

I would expect that other mayors like Lightfoot, de Blasio, Jenny Durkin of Seattle, and Lovely Warren the Mayor of Rochester, New York are all going to be looking for work after their terms expire. de Blasio is term limited, so he’s toast after 2021. Durkin is already running for re-election in Seattle. Warren, who’s lost a lot of her staff due to the violence in Rochester, has an election in 2021 as well. And Lightfoot’s term in Chicago is up in 2023.

What will be interesting to see moving forward is whether or not the anti-mayoral attitudes in these cities, and around the country will actually play out on the national stage with Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Biden has finally come out against the rioters after spending months not saying a word about them. Trump’s law and order campaign seems to be taking hold and he’s narrowed a very wide 15 point gap to somewhere between 5 and 7 points in just a couple of weeks. Only time will tell.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Getting The Respect Back

When you listen to the Black Lives Matter crowd, they tell you that they are afraid that if they drive down the street they are going to be followed by a white cop, pulled over and then shot. If you watch the nightly news on anything other than mainstream socialist news channels, you’re going to see a lot of BLM folks setting fires, looting, rioting, doing anything but “peaceful protests”. And if you listen to the liberal mayors of cities from New York to Seattle, you hear them wanting to “defund the police”, when their addled brains don’t seem to tell them that if you take away the protectors of law and order, you invite chaos and anarchy. Of course, that’s what they’re after.

And if you’re a waitress in the Wrigleyville neighborhood of Chicago, you’re looking for a job. That’s because the Happy Camper restaurant in Wrigleyville fired her after she gave a detective of Chicago’s finest his bill with the note “Quit Your Job” scrawled on it. The detective, fearful that his $66 order had been tampered with and may contain poison threw the food away, paid the bill and left. But as you can see, here’s the bill:

Thank goodness that the owner of the restaurant had the decency to fire the waitress. May she take a very long time being unemployed.

It’s time we start respecting the police in this country again. If blacks are afraid of getting shot by white police officers (actually statistics show black police officers shoot blacks far more often than white police officers do), then there is a very simple solution. Don’t do anything illegal. It comes out that George Floyd wasn’t this saint that the black community wants to make him out to be. It turns out he had drugs in his system at the time of his death. Maybe, just maybe he wasn’t as innocent as everyone wants to make him out to be. He also had a rap sheet as long as your arm. Yes, he had seemingly turned his life around, but if he had, why was he high?

It seems to happen more often than not that when the whole story comes out, not just that a cop shot a black guy that was unarmed, we learn that there were other circumstances. In one instance, the guy had a knife and wielded it…with his kids in the car. There was another incident where the person being questioned grabbed the cop’s taser and was firing it at him.

Nobody out there is saying that cop on black violence should end when the blacks start respecting cops. And I’m not saying that there aren’t bad cops out there, but you have to let the system do it’s work. You don’t tear down the system because 1% of fewer of the men and women in blue are bad apples. You get rid of the bad apples. I have this nauseating feeling that this whole black guy shot by cop story is going to continue until the blacks change their tune. They shouldn’t be afraid of being pulled over by cops, and if they are, they need to examine the reason why.

I fully realize I’m a white guy that doesn’t come from that point of view. But I come from a viewpoint of law and order needs to win out every time. Whether that means putting someone in jail that is high or violating the law, or whether that means firing a cop because he’s a bad apple. It’s not a difficult situation. Do what’s right and you won’t get hurt. Start running scared, and police wonder what you’re scared of…what law have you broken. Fix that problem, and you fix the whole cop problem.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

The Hypocrisy Of It All

Do you happen to remember maybe two weeks ago when the city council of Minneapolis, Minnesota cried and screamed that they need to “defund the police”? Do you remember last week when they unanimously voted to do that? Of course, it isn’t that simple. It has to go through committees, and the good people of Minneapolis aren’t going to be left in the lurch without any protection from bad guys anytime soon.

What I thought was funny, was what the city council of Minneapolis, Minnesota did this past week. Realizing they no longer had police protection from a mob, three of the city council folks went out, and with taxpayer money, they hired a private security firm to protect them. Not the city of Minneapolis, not the regular Joe Six Pack who pays their taxes, and votes for these snowflake socialist idiots. But they felt they needed protection from bad guys. Rather than hire police, they hired a private company to do the task for them. What did that cost? Well, the citizens of Minneapolis are now some $63,000 poorer because of the actions of Andrea Jenkins, Phillipe Cunningham, and Alondra Cano.

And what did the three of them have to say about all of it? Well, that’s what I was waiting for. When cornered about it, Jenkins said, “My concern is the large number of white nationalist(s) in our city and other threatening communications I’ve been receiving,” OH! So, now we’re going to blame “white nationalists”? My…how racist, can you get?

As I recall from watching all of the looting and rioting in Minneapolis over the past month, there were a lot of folks screaming, and rioting, and looting, but most of them I wouldn’t have classified as “white nationalists”. Could it be that Jenkins was being singled out because she’s black? Or, could it be that she’s actually being singled out because she’s stupid? Now, both could be true, and both could be false, but my hunch is that the disagreement with her voting to ban the Minneapolis police department has very little to do with the color of her skin, and more to do with the fact she’s not the smartest bulb in the box.

And what strikes me in all of this is the inconsistency of it. After all, you have banned a police department, who, like all departments are there “To protect and serve”, and then when you get rid of them, or at the very least tell the world you have no faith in their ability to protect and serve you, you run to a private security firm because you’re upsetting people enough that they’re threatening you? What on earth did you think would happen when you voted that way?

This is just another example of why liberalism never works. It’s an inconsistent philosophy that never bears fruit, only inconsistency, and lies. And in the end, it’s the people that end up getting hurt. Ms. Jackson, I’m sure will end up ok in all of this. But the people of Minneapolis are going to have to deal with her stupidity, and that of her fellow city council folks for a long time to come. In the meantime, here’s a suggestion: Stay the hell away from Minneapolis, Minnesota unless YOU hire a private security firm.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Policing The Police

Donald Trump came out with an executive order yesterday that he says is going to be a first step in solving the “policing problem” in our country. Democrats said it was “weak”. The Dems in the House have come up with their own police revitalization program and the Republicans in the Senate have their own version that they are working on. I think all three pretty much are missing the mark.

I think to solve the policing “problem” in this country, you have to delve much deeper. First of all, it’s a trust issue. And it’s a trust issue because blacks don’t trust the police, and the police know the statistics, which show blacks are 13% of the population, and roughly 40% of the prison population.

In 2020 so far (as of today) there have been about 429 people killed by police. Of that, 172 have been white, 88 black, 57 Hispanic, 14 “Other”, and 98 have been listed as “Unknown”. That means with 13% of the population, blacks make up about 20% of the killings. Whites make up roughly 40% (with 64% of the population).

Those are the statistics. Here comes the conjecture. The argument that the police are racist comes because there is a higher percentage of blacks killed by police than there are blacks in society. Whites have a much lower percentage of killings by police than there are whites in society. So, by that logic, you would assume the police are “targeting” blacks.

Well, it’s either that or blacks are involved more in illegal activities. In Chicago…murder capital of the world, 74% of the people shot and killed are black. 71% of the murderers are black. And when you look at the prison population, 40% are black, 39% white. Could the reason that blacks are getting killed at a greater rate by police than they have in the population because they are committing more crime?

How to solve the problem is systemic, and that part I believe is true. I personally believe that it starts in the home. If you look at white vs. black families, you find a stark difference. In white families, 74.3% of children under the age of 18 live with two parents in the home. In black families, that number is 38.7%, about half of white families. And usually (not always), in two-parent homes, there is more time, more money, more attention paid to the kids. That translates into less crime, better-behaved kids, who by the way, are less likely to have single-parent homes themselves.

It all starts in the home. But there are indeed bad cops, and a stronger system of determining who is and isn’t a bad cop needs to be developed, and a one-strike-and-you’re-out policy needs to be implemented. Bad cops who are power-hungry or racist need to realize that there is no place for them in a position of power such as a police force. They need to be weeded out.

I think the percentage of “bad cops” in America is relatively low, and overall I think the police do a great job. My African American friends up in Seattle may disagree with me, but defunding the police, or taking over a part of a city leads to lawlessness and anarchy, and isn’t the answer. And the people making those demands scare me, because though they aren’t the ones in this country that usually vote, they are the ones that one day will vote. And they don’t seem to have the mental capacity to be able to properly solve the problem.

Donald Trump’s executive order deals with the cops, which may be needed, but unless and until the real problem is dealt with, which is the overall crime rate among the black population in this country, you aren’t going to see a major change. And when you resist arrest, and steal a taser like Rayshard Brooks, and then get caught on video turning and shooting a taser at police, you’re gonna get what you get. Just sayin’!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Making Sense Of The Senseless

You’ll have to forgive me. I’m still laughing. Actually, I think I was crying when I heard of it. The smartest people in the room (that would be liberals for those of you that are uninitiated), have come out in the midst of this whole George Floyd mess, and said that the way to deal with it is to defund the police.


You read right. Gil Garcetti, the Mayor of Lost Angeles, and Bill de Blasio, the Mayor of New York City, have both held press conferences and said that they are going to take money away from their respective police departments, and give it to the black community, because of something that happened, and was tragic, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. And that’s got me wondering where in the hell their heads are at.

To say that this is pandering to the African-American community would be a start, except it’s not. If this were followed logically, you would view it not as a help to blacks in these communities, but as punishment. Let me explain.

Let’s say these mayors, and several other big city mayors around the country doing the same thing, decide to defund their police to a certain degree and give the money to the black community. What happens next? Well, the black community gets a nice little bump, which is fine I guess. But then what happens? Does crime go down? Do all of their problems go away? Actually, crime goes up because you’re not going to have a police presence because of lack of money. And the problems will intensify. Put another way. When Chicago gets all of these drive by shootings and murders, do you think they put less police on the streets hoping to solve the problem, or more police on the streets?

The answer is obvious. When these Democrat mayors decide to defund the police in these neighborhoods, crime will go up. I don’t care if you’re talking about black neighborhoods, white neighborhoods, or green neighborhoods. Take away the presence of police, and crime will always go up because the bad guys know the cops aren’t going to be there, and are going to target those areas. And what happens when crime goes up? There are more shootings, more break-ins, more robberies, more crime. And fewer cops means you’ll have fewer people arrested that committed those crimes.

So, my question to these “smartest people in the room” is, What are you going to do to actually HELP the black community? Do you feel that money is the solution? I can point to thousands of lottery winners across the country that squandered their million dollar winnings, and ended up bankrupt within a couple of years. I can point to an education system in this country where we are told they need more money, we feed the pig, and the test scores and graduation rates continue to decline. As in your life, money is not the root to happiness or prosperity. And money doesn’t solve any of the problems that any community, not just the black community, are going through. That is one of the greatest myths of liberals. They feel that if you throw enough money at it, you’ll cure the problem.

OK, if that’s the case, why haven’t we solved the war on poverty? Since Lyndon Johnson declared war on it back in the mid 1960’s, we’ve spent $22 TRILLION on it. And we still have poverty! Point made.

No, Gil Garcetti and Bill de Blasio and other big city mayors that are thinking of defunding their police departments are making a huge mistake. It’s a mistake that will leave their legacies, and their careers in tatters.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!