Tax The Rich? How About Pay Your OWN!?

Remember this dress? It’s the one that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wore to the $30,000 per ticket mega-gala at the Met a little while ago. And while it garnered a ton of headlines, there was a backstory that wasn’t told.

The dress was designed by designer Aurora James, who called the dress “a powerful message”. It was her little idea of a protest that would put her on the front pages…and it did. Unfortunately for James, it probably would have been better if she had stayed in the shadows.

See…she’s a tax cheat.

James owes taxes in several states, including New York, where the gala was held. She has had at least 15 tax warrants outstanding in the Empire State for not sending tax withholdings to Albany. She currently has three warrants open. Oops. See, employers are supposed to withhold the taxes every time their employees get paid. And most states require those employers to send the payments on a quarterly basis to the state treasury.

Of course, that could be an oversight, right? Just a bookkeeping error? Well, the IRS has placed six liens on James’ Cultural Brokerage Agency totaling more than $103,000 for back taxes that have not been paid. Her company owes another $67,000 in unpaid worker’s compensation taxes as well. That hasn’t stopped James from picking up a nice piece of property in LA. In 2020, as the pandemic was sweeping America, she was buying a $1.6 million residence in a tony LA neighborhood. And, to stay consistent, the LA County Assessor’s Office says that James is delinquent on some $2,500 in property taxes for her residence.

There has been no comment from AOC’s office on the much maligned double-standard that she continues to flaunt as a Representative from New York.

So, why does this woman actually get special treatment? Do you think if you owed the IRS over $100,000 that they’d be bending over backwards to not prosecute you? What makes this “rich” person (who’s boyfriend has a net worth of over $100 million!) able to flaunt federal and state tax laws wherever she lands? And why aren’t those taxing agencies in Washington, Albany, Sacramento, and Los Angeles clamping down on her? She obviously has the money…otherwise how could she afford to buy a mansion?

Isn’t it time that the politicians and the bureaucrats who run the various taxing agencies start treating those “rich people” who James wants taxed to high heaven, make people like Aurora James pay HER fair share? Seems just a little bit inconsistent to me.

Now, I do believe that there are three sides to every story. There’s my side, your side, and the truth which lies somewhere in the middle. I haven’t heard James’ side of the story yet because she won’t talk about it. I’m sure it’s really a good tale, too. But my hunch is that the different places that are owed money are probably a little closer to the truth than someone that is consistently turning their nose up to the taxing agencies.

Will she ever be forced to pay? Will she ever be made an example of to the rest of society who dutifully pays what is owed? Or will she be able to skirt the law, just because she’s one of the 1% she obviously likes to rail against.

Isn’t liberalism a crock?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Pelosi: “Capitalism Not Working”

Of course, you’d expect a socialist to say that Capitalism, the system of how we’ve set up and lived in our country since the beginning, isn’t working. To them, the only thing that is “working” is cradle to grave socialism. And, as Dennis Miller says, “It’s getting to the cradle that’s the challenge”.

But Nancy Pelosi says that Capitalism in our country is not working. At least it’s not working “as well as it should.” What’s she mean by that? Well, to put it mildly, in her world, those that “have made it”, haven’t made it as long as others have been exploited in order to make it.


This is coming from a woman with a net worth of $120 million. I would argue that she is one of the ones that Capitalism has allowed to “make it”. So, what is she planning to do to allow those that she and her husband, Paul have exploited along the way, to achieve the same whopping success that they have achieved? And that is coming from a lady that is from a community where the homeless population is so out of control, the drug usage and the street defication is so out of control that businesses are leaving San Francisco, conventions are cancelling their bookings and moving elsewhere, and scads of those living in the shadow of the Golden Gate Bridge, can’t leave fast enough.

It would seem to me, sitting on the sidelines, with nowhere near the net worth that the Pelosi’s have, that they would be considered part of the problem, not part of the solution. Maybe Nancy is just starting to feel guilty in her old age that she walked on the backs of an awful lot of people to get where she is today? I’m not sure, but I can tell you, that having a net worth of over $100 million, and a husband who owns his own venture capital business, should be dishing out quite a bit of that money to help their city’s homeless problem before they start talking about changing our way of life.

Look, the short end of this is, Capitalism works. Period. And yes, there are some people, like Pelosi, like Biden, like Harris, like a bunch of people from the GOP as well, that have made it. Capitalism has allowed them to win the game of life. Why? Because they went out, got educated, worked hard, took risks that ended up paying off, and they made something of their lives. Those that didn’t make it? Who do you blame for them not making it?

I had the delightful pleasure of meeting former Notre Dame and South Carolina football coach, Lou Holtz back when I was in my former life. He was in town doing the color commentary for an ESPN broadcast, and I was doing the PA announcing. We were sitting in booths next to each other. And he told me before the game started that he used to tell his players it all comes down to choices. You make good choices, good things usually (not always) happen. You make bad choices, more often than not, bad things happen. But you are the one that made the choice. And you are the one that suffers the consequences or reaps the reward for making a good choice. The man was damned smart if you ask me.

I’m not saying there aren’t instances where someone lost who had made good choices. Of course that happens. But in the end, if you are educated, you learn, you work hard, you understand the rules of the game and excel at the game, you most likely will win. Every person I’ve ever met that has been successful falls into that category.

There is no need to change Capitalism. It works just fine. The problem is, it doesn’t work for everybody because not everybody is going to make good choices. A girl getting pregnant at 14 and having to give up her dreams of whatever career she was thinking of to become a mother at that young age has made a poor choice. The guy that wants to get out of the ghetto and go to the NBA to play basketball, but gets busted selling drugs is making a bad choice. But it’s their choice. That’s the point Pelosi seems to not be able to grasp.

It may just be her feeling guilty for either having married into money, or come from money (her father was a Congressman from Maryland, and worked his way up from being an immigrant from Italy). It may be that she feels everybody whether they made good choices or not deserve to be on the same plane as everybody else. I don’t know, and it really doesn’t matter. Our system of government rewards those that do, and punishes those that don’t. If Pelosi wants to change that, maybe she should give $100 million to her homeless compadres living in the streets outside her home? Just sayin’.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

More West Coast Loony Toons

Leave it to those idiots on the west coast. They love coming up with the wackiest, stupidest, most insane ideas politics has ever heard of. When something hits you as just so far out in left field that it’s in the corn field 10 miles away, I’d bet my life savings it started in California. And so did this!

San Francisco is going to start paying people NOT to shoot other people.

You heard right. The city of San Francisco, who has been facing an uptick in shootings and murders, has decided to rectify the situation the only way they know how…throw money at it. So, they are proposing to pay “people who are of high targets” of either being shot or shooting people $300 a month not to shoot people, or to be shot. You would qualify for an additional $200 a month if you actually work at a job during the month, or are on parole and obey your parole officer.

So, just to make sure you understand the story here…you’d possibly get paid up to $500 a month for not shooting anyone, not being shot, and either working or obeying your parole officer.

And how does this morally bankrupt city plan to pay for this when they can’t even afford to solve their homeless problem?

Well, they plan on doing it through donations, moving money around in their budget, and yes, even a federal grant. So, even if you live in New York, or Vermont, you’re going to end up paying for it.

It’s obvious that we have reached the point where no idea is bad if it involves throwing money at people. The only thing that can get you in trouble today is if you sexually harass someone, and that’s only if eleven women come forward. If it’s less than that, or you’ve murdered 15,000 nursing home residents, or if you’ve ruined your state’s economy through bad management and incompetence, you’re ok. In fact, you probably will get a reward for your service.

Have we reached the point in our country where Porky Pig says, “That’s all folks!”? I think we have. There is a solution, though I’m not sure it’s actually doable. I’m thinking we take the people living on Catalina Island and Alcatraz, and move them to the mainland, and take all of the liberals, and move them to the islands off California. Don’t allow any boats or planes to show up at the islands. Let the liberals and the socialists fend for themselves. You can call it a real-life “Real Life”. It’s just another “Lord Of The Flies” version. In fact, Fox TV could probably put a film crew on the islands and make it a TV show! Since most of the people on those islands would be actors, actresses, directors, and producers in entertainment, it might be interesting to watch them live their lives ala Napoleon, in exile.

Think about it. Not only would we save money, but we’d actually get a neat TV show or two out of it!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Another Definition of “Racist”

Obama appointed federal judge, Miranda Du has added another definition to the word “racist”. In an opinion that I’m pretty sure I’d bet my house on will get overturned, she has defined borders as racist.


Du has decided the Section 1326 of federal law, which makes it a felony for a deported illegal alien to re-enter the United States of America illegally is unconstitutional because it is racist. How in the world this socialist judge can come up with the claim that borders are racist and so is a law that’s actually been on the books since the 1920’s you ask? I’m happy to tell you.

After much consternation and thought on how she was going to pull this one off and not immediately get slapped down by the 9th Circuit, which as liberal as they are would have to think she’s off her rocker, she decided to trace the history of Section 1326. She went back to the 1920’s and read everything she could on it and decided that it was created using racist thought at the time. And of course if it was racist back then, it’s terribly so today!

What Du admits is that Congress has actually passed Section 1326 a total of six times since 1920. And only on one occasion in 1952 could she find where then Deputy Attorney General, Peyton Ford referred to the bill as “The wetback bill”. That cast the die that the bill in whatever form it would take from that moment on would be racist.

It’s not the first time it has been done. There were a few liberal professors that tried to get the law thrown off the books back in April citing pretty much the same thing. It was laughed out of court.

Now, this makes me wonder if the Biden administration, which hasn’t enforced immigration laws uniformly at all since taking office, is willing to appeal this decision rather than draw further attention to it? After all, would they want to be known as an administration that was taking part in “racist laws” and supporting them? My feeling is the optics in this are yet another case where Biden is in a can’t win position. If he allows it to go forward unabated, then he is guilty of racism in the past eight months that he’s been in office. Is he going to apologize for that? If he decides that his administration hasn’t been racist, anything but, he would have to appeal the ruling and claim that no, Section 1326 is not racist and neither are borders, or crimes for coming into this country illegally once you’ve been deported (it says nothing about coming into the country illegally the first time).

The liberal mindset here is astonishing. The lengths these folks are willing to go to so they can prove that basically everything in our society is racist are incredible. I find it basically a waste of energy and of human thought (most of which is misguided). I mean, are you telling me that someone somewhere isn’t going to start a lawsuit that ends up at the feet of the Supreme Court? Are you telling me that four Justices of that staid body aren’t going to want to hear this case and slap Du right in her racist ass? Once again, I’d bet my house on it.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Post Mortem On The Texas “Rebellion”

The Democrats have returned to Texas. In one of the worst thought out displays of protests in recent memory, the plane loaded with Democrats from Austin returned sans Miller Lite to face the music this past week. And immediately the Texas House passed the new voting rights legislation that caused the slackers to turn tail and run immediately.

So much for a great plan!

Of course, Democrats never admit they are wrong when it comes to anything. And these idiots didn’t either. They said they accomplished their task because it drew national attention to Texas and what they were doing to voters’ rights. So, before I get into why this was such a bone-headed idea, let’s look at what the Texas voting rights law actually says, shall we?

First, if you’re mailing in a ballot, you still need to show ID, which is what you need if you’re voting in person. Second, it expands voting days and hours for early voting, and makes them more consistent across the state. It also makes it illegal for “voter trafficking” which is when someone is paid to collect ballots and then take them to polling places. It gives voters that have missing or incorrect information on their mailed-in ballot the chance to correct the information before the ballot is discarded. They must be notified within two days of the discovery of the missing or incorrect information. And it makes sure you can’t register in more than one location within the state of Texas.

Hmmm. That all seems pretty plain and clear to me. So, why did the Dems’ want to squash it? It seems to give more leeway to voters, not less. But who is to argue with an addled-mind? Remember what Mark Twain used to say, “If someone is trying to make a fool of themselves, get out of the way and let them finish the job!”

OK, on to the post-mortem on the cowardice protest.

Democrats didn’t think this through much if you’re looking at protest successes. Oh, they got the first part right. They figured out that if they weren’t in Austin, the Republicans wouldn’t have a quorum and they couldn’t vote on the bill. That’s fine. No problem there. But that’s where the brain shut down. What then? What do you do after that? You basically are left with two choices, as the idiot Democrats who tried the same stunt in 2011 in Wisconsin found out. A) You stay away from the state capital forever, or at least until your term is up. B) You go back with your tail between your legs. Texas Democrats didn’t have a C) because there isn’t one.

And so they had to spin this in the way liberals always spin things. They felt good about what they did even though it didn’t accomplish anything. Even vaunted liberal MSM, CNN said that in an online piece they wrote. It was feeling good about the actions you took that was important, not the fact that nothing was accomplished. And that’s where Democrats always fall short. Oh, they protest, they march, they carry signs, and they feel good about themselves when they’re done. They rarely accomplish anything, and when they do it usually costs you and me a boatload of money given to people that usually don’t deserve it, or they try to grab more power and take more freedoms away from you.

Unfortunately for the Texas House Democrats in this case, they couldn’t spend more money, they got no more power, and it was the Republicans that gave the people of Texas more freedoms. Democrats couldn’t take more away. Oh…and the chances of them defrauding an election in the future went down as well.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Time To Get Real With COVID

I don’t need Anthony Fauci telling me what to do or what not to do when it comes to COVID. This guy has consistently been wrong, flip-flopped on what advice he’s giving, and then doesn’t follow his own advice. It became very evident, even during the Trump administration that Fauci is more into himself than he is about getting through this pandemic.

And I don’t need the CDC or any politician, Trump OR Biden telling me what to do. They don’t have a damn clue what’s what. When you see people like Nancy Pelosi threatening to arrest members of the House of Representatives, and fining them $500 a day for not wearing a mask in the House, and then there is video of her putting a mask on just before going before the TV cameras, and taking it off immediately after, there’s something fishy afoot. I don’t trust that type of logic. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has also been guilty of this, showing up for a photo op with no mask, putting one on just before the shot was taken, and then immediately taking it off. Is it only when you’re on some sort of camera you have to be worried about catching COVID?

And then there’s the latest super-spreader events. The first being the coward Texas Democrats who flew (maskless) to Washington DC on a private, Miller Lite-filled jet to escape having Republicans pass a new voting rights bill in the Lone Star State. Rather than show up and do their job, they decided to run away. And what happened when they did? A lot of them apparently were COVID spreaders and were infected. They infected members of both the House and Senate’s staff as well as the Biden administration members who were there “supporting” their cowardly actions.

Finally, you had the debacle of a former President’s 60th birthday party on Martha’s Vineyard about 10 days ago. Bobo Obama spent a ton of money to celebrate, and had invited 500 people to the bash on Saturday. But he started partying on Thursday, and continued all weekend long. He said he had to pare back the guest list because of COVID. A lot of media types were uninvited (like Stephen Colbert), and others, like Oprah Winfrey sent regards because they were afraid that it would cause them to get sick. Still, about 300-400 people showed up on Saturday to party in one of the largest tents ever constructed in the state of Massachusetts. And, as was shown by several guests who took videos and pictures during the event, no one was wearing a mask. What’s the result? Well, Martha’s Vineyard had 48 cases of COVID the week prior to the event. This week that number has ballooned to over 120, and is continuing to rise. Now, truthfully, it’s still a little early to see whether or not this was because of Obama. It usually takes about 14 days for the virus to show itself, so we should see a spike around the country in the next week or so from those that attended.

Here’s the deal. Democrats, if you’re going to want to “bury COVID” as Joe Biden has told us he could do (and hasn’t obviously done yet), then you need stop telling us what to do and doing the opposite. There are too many media outlets showing you violating your own rules. If you’re not wearing masks, America shouldn’t be wearing masks. If you’re not social distancing, don’t expect us to social distance. It’s that simple. There are no two sets of rules in this country. Either you follow the rules you created, or shut the hell up!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Why Are We Still Talking About This?

Look, I know as well as I’m sitting here that COVID is something that is like the flu in that it will most likely be around in one variant or another for probably the rest of our lives. That’s not what I’m intimating here. I’m more wondering why it is that since the Democrats have the House, and the Senate, and Joe Biden had a 200 page plan to get rid of COVID, why are we still talking about it?

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve traveled through six different states (Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Missouri). It was like traveling through six different parts of the world. In Arizona, we are pretty much back to normal. If you’ve been vaccinated, you don’t need a mask pretty much anywhere except doctor’s offices, medical clinics, and hospitals. In New Mexico, you’d better replenish your supply. Same goes for Arkansas, though most people are ignoring it. In Texas, they are in the middle. Some places want you to have a mask, others aren’t so picky. Oklahoma is in the same boat. Missouri seems to be more like Arizona. I didn’t see a lot of people wearing masks. And it’s like that around most of the country from what I hear.

So, why are we still talking about COVID, when a) some 60-70% of the population has already been vaccinated, with at least one shot. But the Biden administration fell way short of hitting their goal of herd immunity (70-80%) by the 4th of July. In Republican run states, it’s pretty much back to normal. In Democrat run states, they want everyone to be sheltered in place. Well, not that bad, but close.

Here’s the takeaway on this. Fauci doesn’t have a clue what’s happening, and more and more Americans don’t believe him. He’s waffled on this from day one, and continues to do so. Democrats want to control the population as much as they can…it’s what liberals do. And it’s what they want to do here. Remember the line, “Never let a crisis go to waste”? Well, that’s the reason you’re still hearing about another round of stimulus, and all of the news about Delta variants, and hot spots in Florida or Texas, where they aren’t doing anything special except living their lives. You don’t hear the stuff about how Nancy Pelosi’s aide and a member of the Biden White House went to an event with those Democrats from Texas’ House of Representatives that ran away from their civic duties so the House wouldn’t have a quorum and not be able to vote on a voter’s rights reform bill. Both of them got COVID from that event. Geez…I thought all of those higher ups had been vaccinated!

The fact of the matter is that Democrats all over the country are rooting for a long COVID pandemic. They can control you easier. They can pass more liberal legislation designed to take away more of your freedoms. They want to be able to go door to door and tell you that the vaccine in your arm is because of Democrats, and you need to remember that come next November, and in November of 2024. And it’s all crap.

It’s time to get back to life. It’s time to put the Democrats in their place. One more liberal idea that fell flat on it’s face. And we’ve got only one group to prove. I’ll let you take a guess as to what group that is.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Cuban Crisis – Si! AOC “Contribution”? No!

I want to thank everyone for supporting this blog over the past couple of weeks. Normally I try to make sure that I’m somewhat up to date with current events…though I do tend to let things settle in a bit before commenting on them. Too often in our society, we are really quick to comment on things without knowing the facts. It usually is better to let the emotions cool down and look at things logically. Just to fill you in, I’ve been out of town seeing family for the past couple of weeks and most of the blogs you read were written before I left (though I did try to keep updated on your comments and any real breaking news).

That said, I’m back, and wanted to comment on AOC and her idiotic comments regarding Cuba and blaming the United States for the terrible conditions on that island nation to our south. Blaming a 60 year old embargo that was put in place by Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1958, expanded in October of 1960, and then renewed by John F. Kennedy in 1962. Pretty much every president until Bobo Obama had followed that embargo. But AOC thinks that the government of Cuba, who is clamping down on dissidents and protesters in that country isn’t at fault for the poor conditions of those people. She blames the US. Claiming that “everyday” people are being hurt by the embargo, she says it’s our fault. Of course she would. Would you expect a dyed in the wool socialist to back a democracy or a communist country?

America needs to wake up and realize that AOC is nothing more than a mouthpiece for George Soros. She spews his pre-approved comments almost daily. Saying that the US is guilty for the way Cuba has been run, is about as stupid as saying that Cuba needs to be commended for granting black revolutionaries asylum. Oh, wait! She did that, didn’t she?

And there is the the point. Here you have an uber-leftist snowflake liberal, someone that makes Bernie Sanders look like John Birch, and the media fawns on her every word and listens to her. What would happen if she were treated like about 350 of the other Congressmen and women in the House. I bet if you took leadership and your own representative out of the mix, you probably couldn’t name fifty other House members. Yet we all know who AOC is because she has a big mouth and she’s not afraid to use it.

Look, Cuba is a repressive dictatorship that sits on it’s people. It doesn’t allow it’s own people to own anything. Farmers can’t sell their food. You can’t go in an open a grocery store or a restaurant. You work basically for the government. It sounds like where the US is going to be in about 10 years unless we put a stop to the idiot left and their dreams of a socialistic utopia. Cuba is a poor excuse for a country, but a great example of why liberalism doesn’t work. If you get out of line, they take you away. If they can’t re-educate you, they either keep you in jail or you just plain disappear. Let me put it this way. If Cuba were such a great country, why do people who live there want to leave it so badly? Why is it that the rest of the world isn’t clamoring to move there? I mean, they are in the Caribbean for cryin’ out loud! The weather is great (except with hurricanes). Who wouldn’t love that?

But when you have about a quarter of your population living below the poverty line (it’s currently 10.5% here), you know you’re not doing well.

AOC would be best served, as we all would be, if she’d keep her mouth shut. And the media would be best served if they helped by just ghosting her.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Did Dems’ Over Promise?

At times this past fall’s election seemed like a high school Student Council election. You remember that, right? Someone would get up and promise to make teachers give everyone “A’s” on their report cards, and would get cheers. And the next candidate would get up and say you didn’t have to come to school on Friday, and would get louder cheers. Then the third candidate would get up and promise a more cohesive and responsible student government, and get booed off the stage.

That was pretty much what Democrats all over the country did this past November. Think back to when Biden said that he had the solution for bringing the country together. He could solve the COVID problem in 100 days. He said that he’d be able to fix infrastructure, fix the border problem, he’d make sure that we adopted climate change regulations, we’d undo all of Donald Trump’s nasty conservative ideas. He’d be the most liberal president in US history. Remember all of that?

None of it is true.

Biden spent all of his political capital on a $1.9 trillion plan to “rescue America”. He hasn’t done squat at the border except make it worse…basically fixing a problem that Trump had already fixed. He hasn’t done anything with climate change other than rejoin the Paris Accords, which is going to cost you a few hundred dollars a year more in taxes. He’s joined with the other G-7 nations in pushing for an international tax on businesses who do international business and have more than a 10% profit, meaning that sooner rather than later, Google, Microsoft, Twitter, Facebook and the like will start charging you for using their services. Biden said he’d secure your right to vote, and make it easy as pie. There’d be no ID required, and you could send in your ballot by mail, no muss, no fuss. Of course, he didn’t foresee states like Georgia and Texas and a dozen other states waiting in the wings that have or will soon pass their own state voter initiatives, that while making voting in person easier, still will make you show an ID, and will limit mail-in ballots.

In short, Biden over-promised.

And now, as Democrats start to think about heading to the polls in 17 months from now, they are starting to wonder whether or not they over-reached in their promises. In their zest and zeal for replacing Trump, they may have over-played an already weak hand. I mean, let’s face it. Take COVID out of the picture and Trump wins in a landslide against Biden because even though he was hated by the left, the country was sailing along pretty well. Economically we were doing the best we had done since the 1990’s with the dot com craze. Unemployment was pretty well wiped out. The southern border problem appeared to be fixed. And while Democrats hated him, he was loved by his base. Could the Dems’ have over-promised in what they were able to get done?

When you consider there is only, what? a 9 vote margin for Democrats in the House, and a 50/50 Senate, basically either making sure all Dems’ are together on every issue, or that they’d need to rely on a vice president to break their ties, it’s a wonder they were able to get anything through. And they couldn’t if they hadn’t cheated so to speak and used budget reconciliation to advance Biden’s only major legislation to date to make it through Congress.

But the Democrats are going to have to answer why it is this is still a country divided. They are going to have to answer why nothing much has been done on anything…and how all of the major legislation that they promised would sweep through Congress and help the American people hasn’t materialized. The problem isn’t Republicans after all. It’s Democrats. They were going to pack the court. They couldn’t do that because they first needed to get rid of the filibuster, and Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin, both Democrats stood in the way of that. Anything that doesn’t involve budget can’t be sent through budget reconciliation without wrangling the rules, which while Democrats are great at, they really stretch and break the current rules in place.

No, my initial feeling is Democrats are going to have a very hard time keeping both houses of Congress in 2023. Re-districting alone will cost them at least 7 seats in the House, and probably retirement will cost them at least two and maybe four seats in the Senate. If that happens, Joe Biden can wave goodbye to any major legislation he wants to have happen. Working across the aisle? Empty promise!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

But Will Breyer Retire?

I’ll say this…Democrats all over the country are hoping the answer is “YES!”. And why in the world would the left want to see one of the more liberal justices on the United States Supreme Court retire? The answer is simple. They don’t want to be RGB’d again. Ruth Bader Ginsburg was pressed for years to step down so that a Democrat president (Bobo Obama) could replace her with an equally or more liberal justice). She refused, saying that she wasn’t ready to retire. Instead, she died, and voila! Enter the picture Amy Coney Barrett!

Dems’ are hoping beyond hope to convince Breyer not to make the same “mistake”.

And since most justices retire at the end of a session (which ended on July 1st this year), it only seems logical that a Breyer retirement announcement could come at any time. If it does, then Democrats would be able to have Biden nominate someone, probably a liberal to the court, and the Senate would be able to confirm Breyer’s replacement with K-baby Harris making the tie-breaking vote.

The question though isn’t would Biden be able to make the call. There are two questions that are important to answer. The first is, of course, would Stephen Breyer actually retire? After all, he’s 80 years old, and while there are a ton of people older than that in Congress ( like over 30), that’s the age most of the Supremes decide to get on with life. So, whether or not he’s going to retire is totally up to him.

The second question is, will the Democrats be able to confirm a nominee even in the event he does retire? The reason that’s a legitimate question is because very simply, life happens. People retire, people die, and there are scandals and such that force people to resign. It happens far more often than one might think. Currently, 13 Senators are 80 or older. And while only five of them are Democrats, it only would take one to die, resign, or retire, and if they were one of the 14 Democrats who come from states with a Republican Governor, they would lose their majority.

I can fully understand the Democrats’ push to get Breyer on the sidelines, and get someone much younger in. That’s exactly what the Republicans have done with Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh, and Amy Coney Barrett. Those three will be sitting on the high court bench for a very long time!

The other thing Democrats have to worry about is the 2022 midterm elections, which is rarely kind to the incumbent party in the White House. With razor thin margins in both the House and Senate, they could easily flip, and if the GOP takes control of the Senate, Mitch McConnell (R-Ky) has said that he wouldn’t confirm ANY Biden nominee to the high court, especially in an election year. Talk about throwing down the gauntlet! That’s pretty much akin to the Dem’s threatening to pack the court. Neither should happen.

Look, the simple fact is, if Breyer is somehow to leave the court now, he will most likely be replaced with another liberal. That does not change the make up of the Supreme Court one bit. It doesn’t move it farther to the right, but it doesn’t change it one bit. It’s still a 6-3 conservative court. What WOULD change it is if Biden doesn’t get reelected in 2024, the GOP holds the Senate that year, and Breyer passes away while sitting on the bench. Then it becomes 7-2, and you’ll hear screams until the cows come home about packing the court!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!