Breyer Retires Soon. America Yawns.

The Supreme Court’s most liberal and oldest Justice, Stephen Breyer announced yesterday, that he was going to be retiring at the end of the current term in June. He’s 83 years old, and said that he doesn’t want to go out like Ruth Bader Ginsburg (which I assume means dying in office with a Republican President or Senate).

America yawned.

I am not trying to make light of the fact that Breyer is retiring. He has served on the high court since the Clinton administration, back in the 1990’s and has upheld the liberal voice through thick and thin. While I disagree with him on everything except packing the court, I applaud his tenacity, and his service.

But let’s face it. This is not the same type of retirement or new Justice coming on board as we saw with Amy Coney Barrett, who replace RBG. That was filled with controversy and strife because she was conservative and RBG was a dyed in the wool liberal. No, this is going to be different for several reasons. First off, the liberal Justice will be replaced by a liberal president. His replacement, most likely also liberal, will be confirmed by a liberal Senate (with K-baby Harris breaking the tie no doubt). And finally, Republicans will act civilly toward the nominee in the hearings. They won’t be making up false allegations, rumors, or bringing in people from the person’s past to lie to the committee as was done with Democrats.

The world now looks to Joe Biden for his replacement. Well, Joe has already tipped his hand. He has already said that he plans on choosing a black woman to fill the seat. Of course, that narrows the field down a bit. But instead of going for either the most liberal candidate out there, or even, God forbid, the BEST candidate out there (not to say that the best black woman candidate couldn’t BE the best candidate overall), he’s chosen to add strings to his nomination.

Biden has three that he’s leaning toward. US Circuit Court Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, US District Court Judge J. Michelle Childs, and California Supreme Court Justice Leondra Kruger . Brown is 55, Childs is 51, and Kruger is 45 and is the least experienced. Childs is said to be the favorite of the three of South Carolina Representative, James Clyburn, who Biden owes his election to. But Jackson sits on the highly sought after District of Columbia Court of Appeals. That’s usually viewed as a stepping stone to the Supreme Court.

Oh. There IS a fourth choice for Biden if he so chooses. And it would solve his problem of him stepping down and leaving the country in worse position if he did. He could appoint Kamala Harris to the high court. Then, the scenario that we’ve talked about in this blog could come to fruition. Harris goes to the Supreme Court (talk about the Peter Principle!), and then Congress approves a new Vice President, and the assumption is, it would be Hillary Clinton. Biden can then resign or get 25th Amendmented out of office, and Hillary becomes the first woman president and can run against Trump in 2024. Oh yeah, there is THAT possibility as well!

Lay in for another big bag of popcorn. It’s going to be a fun summer!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Worst President Ever?

If you’re going to listen to the latest poll taken by Politico/Morning Consult, the answer is going to be a resounding “YES!”

The publication asked in it’s most recent survey to give Joe Biden a grade on completing his first year in office. Only 11% gave Biden an “A”. Another 20% offered up a respectable “B”. 18% said a “C” was good enough and another 12% was close to failing him with a “D”. But a whopping 37%, the largest group by far, outnumbering the A’s and B’s combined, decided to flunk Biden on his first year in office.

The reasons were clear. Americans think Biden has done a bad job on three of the areas that he campaigned most on. Those three were the economy, which Biden constantly railed about on the campaign trail; immigration, which was basically fixed and not an issue under Trump, and “unifying America”, something Biden crowed at being able to do a lot better than Trump. His high marks weren’t all that high with only 35% gave him an A or B when it came to his actions on COVID, and 31% gave him the same score on healthcare.

It’s not a surprise to many people at all that only the most loyal of Democrats think Biden has been anything but a failure at his job. His rating was the worst in history, with more people flunking him after one year than gave Trump the same thumbs down after his first year in office (37% to 35%). And it only looks to get worse for Sleepy Joe.

Biden knows full well that the chances of Democrats keeping control of Congress are tipping on the precipice of an abyss. The mere fact that Chuckles Schumer decided to try and hold a vote on the voting rights act and to change the filibuster to a “talking filibuster”, knowing full well that both votes would be tanked is ample evidence of the Democrats’ feelings that they are doomed come November. Biden certainly can’t be blamed for the mess Democrats have made for themselves in Congress, but his weak leadership hasn’t helped anything either.

America’s distrust of the federal government is at an all-time high. Between Biden’s weakened position, a terrible response to Russia’s pounding on the door of Ukraine, an absolute disaster of a withdrawal from Afghanistan, and a general lack of world leadership has left most Americans feeling that Democrats can’t be trusted. In fact, studies have shown more people leaving the Democrat party and identifying as Republicans now more than ever in history. At the beginning of Biden’s term, 49% of Americans identified as Democrats and 40% identified as Republicans. By the end of the year, 47% identified as Republicans and 42% identified as Democrat. That’s a 14 point swing in just one year. And when asked, 62% of survey respondents replied that America is on the wrong path and needs new leadership.

It’s abundantly clear that Americans are loathing Democrat policies and poor leadership right now. They blame not only Biden, but Chuckles Schumer and Nancy Pelosi for the downfall. Schumer has shown to be over his head in trying to lead the Senate, and Pelosi has had no luck at all in trying to reel in the socialist arm of her party, instead settling to kowtow to the likes of AOC, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib and the like.

Most Democrat strategists will concede that there is little that can be done during the election year, and that they are ready to take their lumps in the election, and try and regroup afterwards. The interesting thing that seems pretty evident though is the people that are causing the problem, Biden, Schumer, and Pelosi, will still most likely be in Congress come next year at this time. And the likes of the Whackjob 5 will also be there as they were elected by wide margins in their home districts. If that trend continues, the left will push further and further from the center, where most of Americans reside.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

We Ain’t Buyin’ It!

Have you noticed something about businesses lately? In, say, the last year, or year and a half, more and more businesses are getting involved in what you could refer to as more “social warrior” type of marketing? They advertise that they are in favor of Black Lives Matter. They run ads that say that they’re behind climate change activities. They want you to see that they are “woke”, and supporting police reform or some such nonsense.

It’s all about of something called “The Great Reset”.

And America, in case these businesses aren’t listening, ain’t buying it. The Great Reset was started by The World Economic Forum back when COVID hit as a way to change the priorities of capitalism. In their addled minds, they felt that if they attacked what’s wrong with America, they could get you and me to change our way of thinking. Well, to a degree it’s worked. It certainly has cost them a lot in terms of advertising dollars that they had used to market their products and services. But as far as getting us to change? Nope. Not buying into it.

A recent survey showed that companies that go along with the Great Reset as a global economic strategy is falling on deaf ears. Only 29% of us have even heard of it. 44% say that they aren’t familiar with the movement, and another 27% aren’t sure one way or the other. Of the 29% that have heard of it, 52% are against it. Only 21% think it’s a good idea. The other 37% are somewhere in the middle.

A majority of the people that responded to the survey said that they don’t like the fact that the World Economic Forum, or the International Monetary Fund, or the United Nations should be trying to influence how businesses in the United States actually do business. Only 11% said they should be “very influential”. And another 26% said they should be “somewhat influential”.

So, there you have it. I had noticed this shift back in 2020. We were all locked down, probably watching a lot more TV, and they were hoping we were paying close attention to the advertising that was spilling out all over us. I made a mental note of it, never to do business with companies like Nike, or Coca Cola ever again, and I haven’t. Anyone that was going to be shoving their political views down my throat instead of trying to sell their products or services also told me they had way too much money to spend, and certainly didn’t need my business. So, I backed off of doing anything with any company that was going to go down that road. And yes, I would email them and let them know that (not that it would get any of them to quake in their boots!)

I wondered how all of these companies could independently decide to switch up their marketing. But when I saw that the World Economic Forum was leading the way, and that there was a concerted effort being put forth to try and change my mind on certain issues, it only steeled me into thinking that they were trying to brainwash me. And they were trying to brainwash you.

Now, I don’t care frankly how you personally react to all of this. If you think it’s fine to do this, because after all, it is the company’s money, and they certainly have a right to do with it as they wish, and if they want to take this tone in their marketing, then fine. You certainly have the right to make that choice. What you probably didn’t know, at least according to these statistics, was that this was a concerted, back-door effort to get you to change your mind about how businesses should operate. I’ve always felt that a business has but one goal and that’s to make as much money as they possibly can for their stockholders or their owners. Period.

At least it’s refreshing to know that still, in this age of Social Justice Warriors, and “wokeness”, a majority of us still believe that a business’ job is to sell products and services and not play politics.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Schumer Kills Biden’s Agenda

It really wasn’t Chuckles Schumer that killed Biden’s agenda. It was Schumer’s inability to lead that did it in. If you haven’t been following the big news from DC in the last few days, Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) announced this past Thursday that no, she wasn’t going to change her stance on the proposals Democrats were floating to change the filibuster rules so they could pass a very partisan “John LewisVoter’s Rights Act”. The House has already passed that measure. So why is it Schumer’s fault and not Sinema’s? Because Krysten had said repeatedly from the beginning (along with Joe Manchin) that she was steadfast in believing that the filibuster rule in the Senate was an asset to the country and shouldn’t be changed just to pass a law.

I applaud my Senator, and for the first time I can honestly say, I’m proud of a Democrat!

Schumer and his cronies in the Senate had tried every conceivable way to get the filibuster rule changed so that the Voting Rights Act and the Freedom To Vote Act. Both acts would have basically made it intrinsically easier to cast a ballot in this country than it would be to fly across it. It would have been a hundred times easier to vote than it would be to visit your elected official, should you decide to make the trek to Washington, DC.

The acts would have basically made it a federal law that all states had to have 15 days of early voting (some actually have more already), and would have made it impossible for states to put any sort of restrictions on mail-in balloting, which Democrats found out in 2020 was a very easy way to flood the ballot box without much if any accountability. Had these acts passed, there would have been a federal commission, selected by the President that would draw the redistricting for the House of Representatives instead of leaving it up to the various states to decide where those boundaries should be (it would have definitely been a violation of the 10th Amendment!).

In the end, Manchin and Sinema have double-handedly ended Joe Biden’s wishes to make sure that Democrats are always elected, and that he would have free reign to spend as much money as he wanted on Democrat social programs, which would have thrown America into financial ruin, by not allowing either of the two voting acts, nor the earlier defeated Build Back Better act from being passed.

So, as Congress heads into an election year, the overall strategy of slamming as many pro-Democrat bills through Congress as possible before this November’s elections, in which everybody and their brother has basically conceded that the Republicans will take over the House and Senate are dead. Without 60 votes in the Senate, there can be none of the bill slamming that they had thought up. And without a change to the filibuster rules that make it mandatory to have 60 votes to pass anything but “budget reconciliation bills”, which be passed with only 51 votes, nothing short of budget bills will be passed. Now, both houses of Congress can start preparing for the election this fall.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Redefining America

I was in St. Louis recently, and was reading an article in the Wall Street Journal while visiting my daughter’s family. It hit me like a ton of bricks. How many of you remember when the word “gay” meant “happy”? How about when the word “woke” meant you had awaken from sleep? The left it seems, loves to redefine words. And I’ve had some relatively recent experience with this.

While I was on the Board of Directors of a company here in the desert, one of the Board members had a pretty well defined “conflict of interest”. Now, our bylaws actually defined what a conflict of interest was. But rather than use that definition, she tried to foist her own definition onto the rest of the Board so it would appear that she didn’t have a problem. She did. And this is just the example I was personally involved in.

My problem with that, and I said to her at the time was, “Who gave you permission to change the definition?” It was in the bylaws. It was already defined. And it happens more often than you think.

I’ve always believed that the word “marriage” has been defined in the Bible, by God as between a man and a woman. That’s what it says, right? So, who gave people that believe in same-sex marriage the right to say that “marriage” can be between two women, or two men? Or to take it further, between a man and a boy (yes…they’re out there), or a man and his dog, or a woman and her body pillow? If God defined “marriage”, isn’t God the only one that can change that definition?

So, let’s take a look at the word “gender”. When I was growing up there were two, male and female. And you could tell relatively easy by looking at body parts. Males had “outies”. Females had “innies”. Now, depending on who you want to listen to, there are hundreds of genders. I can’t figure out how you come to that number, but that’s what these “experts” are saying. My question is, who gave them permission to redefine the word “gender”? I certainly didn’t do it. I missed the memo asking if it was ok.

And you have another word. “Racist” was always defined as someone that was against people that were of a different race than they were. It didn’t apply to just whites that have some animosity against blacks. It had to do with anyone that had animosity against a race other than their own. And when did everything we do become “racist”?

The same thing can be said about “white superiority”. Nowadays, it doesn’t mean someone that achieves a certain status because they are white. It means you’re white. You don’t have to achieve anything in order to have it because somewhere in the past, one of your relatives did it for you. Now, who gave these folks the permission to make that change. Again, I missed that meeting.

But the one that gets me is the “fluidity” clause that seems to be permeating. Oh, it’s with gender. But it’s spilled over into other things. I’ve seen videos where some little teenage girl says that “Today I woke up 35% female and 65% male, so I want to use the pronoun ‘he/she’.” Huh? And to top that, I saw another video (I’m hoping that it was a spoof) where a girl said that she felt height was fluid. “Today I feel 5 foot 7 inches tall, so that’s how tall I am!”

I told my wife as we were talking about it that since we’ve all heard the adage that “age is a state of mind”, that today I feel 24 years old. I feel like I’m 6 feet 10 inches tall. And I feel that I am a multi-millionaire who plays forward for the Phoenix Suns. Somehow I don’t think it’s going to work when I show up at the Footprint Center and ask where my uniform is!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Wait A Minute! I AGREE With Hillary???

I’m not so sure 2022 is going to turn out to be a good one after all. It certain is starting out weird. I mean, not in a good way. Case in point. Hillary Clinton decided to crawl out of her Chardonnay bottle and address whomever would listen. But what she had to say actually made sense to the point…

I actually agreed with her?!

And that got me to thinking that the warning of the End Times in the Bible may actually be here. You know, what seems right is wrong, what seems wrong is right? Everything is upside down and doesn’t make sense? Yeah. That’s the feel I got.

In case you didn’t hear what the former First Lady, former Senator, former Secretary of State and former Presidential loser had to say, she basically said that Democrats need to put the party ahead of the politics. They need to run on the issues, not worry about how far left they can shove the party. If the don’t listen to her, she said they’d end up getting whomped in November.

And son of a gun, she hit the nail on the head.

I know that tomorrow, I’m going to outline three or four things that Democrats are going to have to face that are going to be very difficult things to answer for going into an election. But one of the things that I didn’t say is, they have to stop trying to make America socialist. It ain’t gonna work. At least not now.

I’ll be the first to admit that the left has succeeded in dumbing down America. No longer is a high school education relevant because most people that come out of high school these days can’t even read at a high school level. It takes a solid year of college to get them to where they should have been when they left high school. And it’s easy to take uneducated masses and get them to agree with a socialist way of thinking, especially if you can tell them that you’re going to give them stuff for free that that rich guy that they never met is going to have to pay for it! Most normal Americans see right through that argument.

But Hillary is right. You can’t be out there telling everyone you’re going to wipe out student loan debt, and give free college tuition to anyone that gets that piece of high school sheepskin. You can’t tell people that you’re going to soak the rich and make them pay all the cost of everything because the rich are smarter than the poor when it comes to money. Always have been, always will be. That’s why they are rich. And they will figure out a work around. If they don’t, they’ll pick up their football and leave, and head for friendlier climes. So, as Hillary said, the way Democrats need to look at this is the long game. It’s the game they’ve played for so many years. Incrementalism is just that. Get something started today, and add to it up the road. It may take 30-50 years to accomplish the task, but it gets done. When you try something like Obama did with Obamacare, or what Biden tried to do with Build Back Better and do it all at once, it really doesn’t work as well. There’s all sorts of blowback and pushback and usually you just end up spinning your wheels. You would have thought after 47 years in Congress, Biden would have learned that lesson. Hell, I’ve been to DC three times in my life and I knew that. He hasn’t learned it yet? That tells me a lot about Joe Biden right there.

So, yes, Hillary Clinton is right. The bigger question is, will anybody listen, or are the people on the left through with Hillary and have written her off as the drunk loser she has been for the past six years. Time will tell!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Some Thoughts On Smollett

So by know you know that Jussie Smollett, the gay, black actor from the Empire TV show was found guilty of five of the six charges he was accused of. This of course, stems back to his “getting beat up” by a couple of thugs (which he paid to beat him up). He claimed it was a race thing, a gay thing, a hate crime, whatever. He apparently needed the attention. Well, he got it.

So, here are my thoughts today…

First and foremost, you know as well as I know that this guy is going to get a large fine, some probation, and most likely community service. The lying to the cops about a hate crime, getting beat up, and everything else that he was accused of, and found guilty of were all minor felonies. So, as far as jail time is concerned, Smollett will skate.

Second, I drift away from Smollett, and by the way, I don’t feel any remorse or pity for the guy. He brought this on himself. If anything, it makes you wonder how much of the race-bating that we’ve seen from groups like Black Lives Matter is actually real and not made up to further their cause. Not sure one way or the other on this one. I know racism exists in this country. What I don’t know is how prevalent it is. Hering some folks of color talk, it’s like they can’t go out of their house without having racial slurs hurled at them or a fear of being beaten up. And God forbid there’s a cop driving behind them! I honestly don’t know how much of that is true fear because of past instances, and how much of that is paranoia.

Third, I wonder about all of the people that couldn’t wait to get to Jussie Smollett’s defense when this story originally broke. People like K-baby Harris, and Joe Biden. Even places like CNN (which reported that Smollett had been found guilty on “some” of the charges), and Don Lemon who was texting Smollett on an almost consistent basis. Is Lemon the next to go for interfering with an investigation??? Seems like he did about the same thing that Cuomo did.

Are we going to get apologies from Biden, or Harris, or Cory Booker, who tweeted out at the time that the treatment of Smollett was “a modern-day lynching”? I don’t believe it’s actually a lynching if you bring it on yourself and pay people to beat you up a little bit. Is Booker going to apologize? Is Biden? In January of 2019, Biden tweeted out, “What happened today to @JussieSmollett must never be tolerated in this country.” Well, I guess he was talking about faking a beating and lying to police about it, right? Because there was no “modern-day lynching” as Booker and K-baby said.

I’m all for justice when justice needs to be served. But when there is a totally bogus, fraudulent action, as what Smollett did, there needs to be justice for the people that tried to help him out but were lied to. I know some people are saying he should get the maximum jail time, which is 3 years, but he won’t. His attorneys say that they are going to appeal and are confident that the verdict will be overturned. I kind of doubt that. Appeals courts aren’t scurrying to overturn verdicts made by juries unless there is a really, really good reason. I don’t think one exists in this case.

So, we can put an end to Jussie Smollett’s acting career. But don’t fret. He’s got money. He’ll have less of it when he gets the fine that’s coming his way, but some liberal schmuck will make sure he gets on some lecture tour, or gives him a job doing something stupid. After all, the libs all look out for each other.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Millions Of $$, No Decision

Remember a while back, probably in February or March? The Senate was screaming about how Amy Coney Barrett took Ruth Ginsburg’s place on the Supreme Court, and how unfair it was because Donald Trump nominated her in like, September of 2020, just ahead of a presidential election? And remember they were going to “pack the court”? And Biden, who had come out against packing the court said he would have a commission put together to study the problem?

Well, they reached their decision.

Their decision was no decision. After six public hearings, 44 individual witnesses, millions of dollars spent, and 8 months of wrangling, the 34 members of the Commission put together a 288 page report that basically said nothing.

While they said they saw both sides in their argument, and while they could make good cases for each side to pack the court or limit the term of a Supreme Court Justice, they couldn’t agree on the actual way the Congress should go. So, they basically said, keep everything the way it is. Actually, this was their conclusion:

“The commission takes no position on the validity or strength of these claims,” the report’s summary added. “Mirroring the broader public debate, there is profound disagreement among commissioners on these issues. We present the arguments in order to fulfill our charge to provide a complete account of the contemporary court reform debate.”

Another way to read that is, “We couldn’t agree on anything, so leave it like it is.”

Democrats are unhappy with the report that was released this past Tuesday, because they wanted to get the green light to go ahead and pack the court and limit the judicial terms starting next year. They figured with Dems controlling the House, Senate AND the White House, it would be the perfect time to do so. And the whole reason they want to pack the court in the first place is the tired old Democrat playbook that says if you can’t win by following the rules, change the rules.

It’s nice to see that at least after spending millions of dollars on this Commission and all of the hearings and squabbling, they actually came up with something that both sides are going to have to live with. Knowing that there isn’t going to be any major change to the make up of the high court allows the five and a half conservatives to hold sway for at least another few years until someone like Clarance Thomas decides to retire.

In the end, it’s a victory for Republicans. Let’s hope it’s the first of many in the next 12 months!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Who’s Next?

I did a blog a couple of weeks ago on who the Republicans would or could run for President, and my thoughts on each. But what about the Democrats? I was really torn until I read a piece by Wayne Allyn Root, who has a show on Newsmax, and does a national radio talk show. I think he’s come up with a pretty clear scenario as to what could be happening in the higher up circles of the Democrat Party. In case you haven’t heard of his rather interesting twist, read on!

It all revolves around the Clinton/Obama machine.

He has long described how 2020 was the Democrats’ plot to take over America. I’ve heard him rail on this for a couple of years now. But it’s rather chilling how he lays out the latest chapter. But it does, in a rather conspiracy-theory way, make a lot of sense if you connect the dots.

In Root’s world, K-baby Harris is the lynchpin. She’s what’s currently standing in the way for the plot to play out. Democrats are going to demand that Harris resign “for personal reasons”, somewhere up the road soon. They know she’s hated by everyone. I mean, she has a 28% approval rating, and that’s the lowest in history (even Dan Quayle did better!) So, K-baby takes the bait, is given a mansion in Cali to retire to and she’s off the grid forever, never to be heard from again.

Next, we need a Vice President. Who steps in? I’ve heard from a lot of places that it would be Michele Obama. I’m not going there. Think back, not forward. What about Hillary Clinton? She gets nominated as VP to replace Harris. Then, according to Root, the media starts the narrative that Biden, who’s done his job in getting elected, is slipping mentally and needs to be replaced. Biden either resigns or is replaced through the 25th Amendment, which Clinton can initiate with the help of the cabinet.

At that point, Clinton takes over, while Joe slips away to Delaware to retire. And who does Clinton nominate for her replacement as VP? Michele Obama.

Now, that’s Root’s view of it. I have a couple of problems with it. First of all, if Harris quits, it’s going to take both houses of Congress to approve the next VP. The last time that was done was back in the 1970’s when Gerald Ford nominated Nelson Rockefeller to be his VP after taking over for the disgraced Richard Nixon. If this takes more than 12 or 13 months to matriculate, there will most likely be a Republican House and maybe a Republican Senate to deal with. Hillary Clinton would never be confirmed by either. That brings this theory to a grinding halt right there.

But let’s say that she does get confirmed…and Biden does resign. And Clinton nominates Obama to replace her. Do you really believe that Michele Obama would be confirmed? Probably not. So, even though it makes for interesting fodder, I can’t see that happening. There is too much collaboration between the two parties that would have to take place. And while the Republicans aren’t always the best leaders, I don’t think they’ve sunk to that level yet.

Interesting take. But I see Biden trying to serve out his term, and if Harris does indeed quit, it’d be a moderate Democrat that could be confirmed by Congress…and NOT either of the two women we’ve discussed. Remember…we’ve only had one President, and two Vice Presidents resign from office in our history. I don’t see it happening that way again. But then again, stranger things can happen. I wouldn’t have told you I’d be locked in my house for three months either!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

The “New” Meaning Of Black Friday

Well, it is if you live in California. In the Golden State, which has become rather tarnished recently, accused criminals trying to get out on bail are meeting little resistance as the District Attorney’s and judges in the state are desperately trying to get rid of cash bail, saying it’s racist and a sign of White supremacy. And what you’re seeing on the news is the result.

Some of the toniest shops in all the land are getting attacked by roving gangs of upwards of 50 people. They run into a store, smash and grab everything in sight, and then run out. There are too many of them for the security guard on duty to do anything about and the police are miles away. The end result is that stores like Louis Vuitton, Nordstrom, and some very upscale Beverly Hills jewelry stores have been hit.

And what does the Governor of California have to say about all of it? Well, Gavin Newsome isn’t pleased, “I have no sympathy, no empathy whatsoever for people smashing and grabbing, stealing people’s items, creating havoc and terror on our streets. None. Period. Full stop. We want real accountability, we want people prosecuted, and we want people to feel safe this holiday season.”

Those are tough words from a Governor who kow-tows to the very crooks he’s talking about.

It’s beginning to happen all over the country. Chicago is reporting that a Nordstrom’s there was hit. And it’s happening in New York, Miami, and Dallas.

And the reason it’s happening? Simple. The crooks know that if enough of them go into a store and are only there for 90-120 seconds and grab a bunch of stuff and leave, there’s nothing anyone can do. The merchandise is later sold online at places like Ebay for pennies on the dollar.

So, has this become the new version of Black Friday? Is this the way we are shopping for Christmas now? And since the Democrats are all screaming about how racist cash bail is, and how they don’t think it’s fair because the rich get to go home and the poor sit in jail cells until their trial, they really can’t say or do much. After all, as we learned with the whole “defund the cops” thing last year, when you make it easier for crime to exist, crime will not only exist, it will grow.

And when crime starts growing and these stores start seeing these things go on, do you think they are just going to sit there and take it? Nope. They’re going to do one of two things. They are going to start arming their guards with orders to shoot the perps if it happens, or, they are going to close up shop and move to friendlier confines.

Police departments are stretched to the limits already with tons of cops deciding rather than put up with the crap they were getting on the streets they’d retire or find something else to do. Now, the same people that wanted to defund them not too long ago, are begging them to come to the rescue and stop the shoplifting crimes from occurring. What do you think their response is going to be? I bet they say they’ve got other things to do.

Welcome to Christmas in the Brandon Era.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!