The Left’s Idiocy

Watching the left make fools of themselves used to be funny. I don’t think it is anymore. Partly because I think that they are so far out in left field, they not only have left the stadium, they’ve left the parking lot, and the city the stadium is in. It’s not funny because most of these people actually are starting to believe the garbage they are spewing.

There are some funny things left to chuckle about, however.

Rachel Maddow, the host on the little-watched MSNBC, and the only reason that network can still pay its  electric bill, came out two days before the June job numbers and said, “It’s going to be terrible!” It wasn’t. In fact, more jobs were added in June 2020 than any other month in the history of our country. She didn’t smirk when that came out.

But the one that got me, the one that almost made me vomit was Don Lemon of CNN. His idea to “keep” Mount Rushmore, and make it acceptable to blacks, though I doubt it would matter much to the Native American population in the Black Hills, is to add the face of one Bobo Obama to the mix. So, you’d have George Washington, the father of our country; Abraham Lincoln, the great emancipator, Thomas Jefferson, the author of the Declaration of Independence, Theodore Roosevelt, who happened to be president when the OK was given to build the monument, and Bobo Obama who….who….who…who served two terms? I mean, other than making pre-existing conditions illegal in Obamacare, can anyone name one accomplishment that is universally hailed during his administration? No, I’m not counting giving an otherwise unemployable Hillary Clinton a job. I don’t want to count the 38 scandals his administration was embroiled in. I can’t count the Trans-Pacific Partnership since that never really took hold. His Supreme Court nominees have been a bust. Obamacare (other than the pre-existing condition which actually was a good idea) was an abortion. Renaming Mt. McKinley, as Mt. Denali wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t called for. No, I can’t recall anything good that Obama did that still exists today! It’s like he never existed as president.

So, why does Don Lemon want to put his mug on a mountain? Is it because Lemon realizes that if you take Obama out of the picture, the last Democrat president that actually did something that meant something was Lyndon Johnson? I mean, he did the whole civil rights thing, and that was OK. He did the “war on poverty”, and that was an expensive boondoggle that’s wasted over $20 TRILLION. You can go back to JFK and you get the whole Bay of Pigs thing, which wasn’t very good. You got the Russian missile crisis, which turned out alright.

Don Lemon HAD to include Obama, not because he’s black, but because frankly, he’s the only Democrat in about the last 50 years that managed to do one thing that was positive. And he did do ONE thing. The rest of the time he was out playing golf or shooting hoops. Nothing else from his presidency really stands. OK, I guess you’ve still got DACA, but that’s being torn down as soon as John Roberts wakes up from hitting his head last month.

Sorry, Don. We reserve Mount Rushmore for either the creme de la creme of presidents or the guy that actually approved the project. Your guy fits neither category. In fact, he probably ranks with Jimmy Carter and Millard Filmore at the bottom of the list. Nice try though!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Can Biden Ride It Out?

I have received a TON of emails over the weekend regarding this topic so I thought I’d do a blog on it and give you my opinion instead of writing the same thing over about a hundred times. The overriding question is, “Can Joe Biden actually beat Donald Trump by not campaigning?”

The answer is probably not.

Overall, it’s going to take a feat for Biden to beat Trump. At some point America expects their political candidates to come forward and debate, and by all measures, these two will indeed get together at least three times, as will Mike Pence and whomever Biden ends up choosing. That means there will probably be up to six hours of Joe Biden being exposed to gaffes.

And, as we have seen over the past three months, just because he’s in his basement doesn’t mean he’s not going to be saying stupid things. He’s a gaffe machine. What is more important is, if any lack of mental acuity is shining through between now and November. If he stumbles and fumbles in debates and can’t recall words as he’s done in his speeches, then he’s going to expose himself on national TV to hundreds of millions of people. That’s not a smart move.

Look, there are going to be a bunch of Democrats that would vote for Joe Biden if he were dead. There are a bunch of Republicans that would vote for Donald Trump is HE were dead. And then you’ve got a small group of less than 10% in the middle that fluctuate. They are the ones the group is playing for.

I’m not really concerned about polls numbers at this point. For one thing, most of the polls are national polls, which isn’t how we elect a president. Second, when they DO have state-by-state polling, it’s closer now than it was when Hillary Clinton ran. And Joe Biden, while having some suitcases to lug around, doesn’t have near the baggage Hillary Clinton had. He should be winning by more, not less. Trump was unknown politically four years ago. Now everyone knows him. That can be good, that can be bad, but that veil has been lifted.

As we get closer to the election, as Trump is Trump on the campaign trail, you’re going to see several things happen. First, the polls will tighten. Oh, they may always show Joe Biden leading, just like they always showed Hillary leading. Isn’t that why Gallup got out of the presidential polling business in the first place? They couldn’t get it right because the respondents were lying to them! And you don’t think that’s happening today? Of course, it is.

Second, Trump is at his best when he’s in front of thousands of adoring fans all cheering for him. It’s his ego. And he feeds on that. He will again. Yes, Democrats may go on TikTok and make phony reservations, but ask yourself this…do the Republicans even NEED to go to those lengths to lower a Joe Biden rally turnout? What’s he looking at? 20, 30 people tops? He, like Hillary before him, doesn’t draw a big crowd, and won’t get the enthusiasm.

Finally, there’s the Durham report. Don’t think for a minute when this comes out and name names of people from the Democrat side in the Obama administration that cheated in order to get Trump, that’s not going to hurt the Democrats. It is. No, Biden’s name isn’t going to be in there, but he WAS a part of that administration!

There are two things that worry me about the upcoming election. First is voter fraud. Democrats are notorious at cheating. If they can’t win at the ballot box, they want to cheat (ie: making DC a state, Pelosi wanting to lower the voting age to 16, the whole illegal alien thing). No, you can’t trust a liberal any farther than you can throw one. Don’t believe me? Talk to Raul Castro or Nicolas Maduro!

The other thing that worries me is the Democrat based corruption. They are so filled with hatred toward Donald Trump, they have no problem with any ends justifying the means. Rather than do as Republicans did with Bobo Obama (though it was a killer, granted), and just ride it out, they want to do everything from consistently impeach him, to kill him. I think they realize there isn’t going to be a lot of enthusiasm for Joe Biden, so they have to do whatever they can to motivate people to get out to vote…either that or get AOC’s kids on TikTok to start filling out absentee ballots!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

The Hypocrisy Of It All

Do you happen to remember maybe two weeks ago when the city council of Minneapolis, Minnesota cried and screamed that they need to “defund the police”? Do you remember last week when they unanimously voted to do that? Of course, it isn’t that simple. It has to go through committees, and the good people of Minneapolis aren’t going to be left in the lurch without any protection from bad guys anytime soon.

What I thought was funny, was what the city council of Minneapolis, Minnesota did this past week. Realizing they no longer had police protection from a mob, three of the city council folks went out, and with taxpayer money, they hired a private security firm to protect them. Not the city of Minneapolis, not the regular Joe Six Pack who pays their taxes, and votes for these snowflake socialist idiots. But they felt they needed protection from bad guys. Rather than hire police, they hired a private company to do the task for them. What did that cost? Well, the citizens of Minneapolis are now some $63,000 poorer because of the actions of Andrea Jenkins, Phillipe Cunningham, and Alondra Cano.

And what did the three of them have to say about all of it? Well, that’s what I was waiting for. When cornered about it, Jenkins said, “My concern is the large number of white nationalist(s) in our city and other threatening communications I’ve been receiving,” OH! So, now we’re going to blame “white nationalists”? My…how racist, can you get?

As I recall from watching all of the looting and rioting in Minneapolis over the past month, there were a lot of folks screaming, and rioting, and looting, but most of them I wouldn’t have classified as “white nationalists”. Could it be that Jenkins was being singled out because she’s black? Or, could it be that she’s actually being singled out because she’s stupid? Now, both could be true, and both could be false, but my hunch is that the disagreement with her voting to ban the Minneapolis police department has very little to do with the color of her skin, and more to do with the fact she’s not the smartest bulb in the box.

And what strikes me in all of this is the inconsistency of it. After all, you have banned a police department, who, like all departments are there “To protect and serve”, and then when you get rid of them, or at the very least tell the world you have no faith in their ability to protect and serve you, you run to a private security firm because you’re upsetting people enough that they’re threatening you? What on earth did you think would happen when you voted that way?

This is just another example of why liberalism never works. It’s an inconsistent philosophy that never bears fruit, only inconsistency, and lies. And in the end, it’s the people that end up getting hurt. Ms. Jackson, I’m sure will end up ok in all of this. But the people of Minneapolis are going to have to deal with her stupidity, and that of her fellow city council folks for a long time to come. In the meantime, here’s a suggestion: Stay the hell away from Minneapolis, Minnesota unless YOU hire a private security firm.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

The 51st State?

On Friday of this week, the House of Representatives voted almost totally Democrat that the 51st state would be Washington, DC, but not all of DC. The White House, the Capitol building, and other federal buildings would remain outside of the actual 51st state, which would be known as Washington-Douglas (after a renowned abolitionist). All of the Democrats save one voted for the bill. All Republicans voted against it.

The bill is pretty much dead on arrival at the Republican-controlled Senate. And Donald Trump has said he would absolutely veto any attempt at statehood for the DC area if it got through the Senate.

Let’s be honest here. The reason that Democrats are looking at DC to become the 51st state is to use it as an election issue, as well as make it a chance to get two extra senators, as well as another representative. It, like everything with the left, is all political. The only reason the House wants to make DC a state as opposed to say, Northern California, which would add two additional conservative senators and at least one more conservative House member.

Overall, the attempt that the Pelosi-led House tried is totally political at a point when we as a nation want to get back to business and attack the problems facing Americans. We need to face issues like dumping Obamacare and returning the individual healthcare to insurance companies that are experts in that industry. We need to look at fixing immigration so that we can have only the people we need coming into this country, not the illegal immigrants that have flooded our southern border.

It’s time once again, as I’ve said dozens of times here on this blog, that both parties, but especially the leftwing snowflake Democrats realize that now is not the time for uber-socialist policies. This is the time for you to compromise. The mere fact that Democrats in the US Senate couldn’t take getting 80% of the police reform bill, but would rather use the defeat of the bill as a campaign issue is very telling. This isn’t a political party that merely has a difference of opinion against their Republican rivals. This is a political party that wants to overthrow the current government and tear down our country and remake the country in the shape of socialist regimes like Cuba, Venezuela, and Guatemala that can’t even keep their own countries afloat.

Without a strong bi-partisan effort to make sure our country is on the right road, the Antifas and socialists of this country will indeed win. They will keep fighting until the right just gives up and goes home. And that’s the point of no return where America becomes a third-rate power. God help us if that ever happens!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

The Left Moves To Do Away With FDR

Well, they haven’t…yet. But they ARE moving in that direction. In Portland, Oregon, leftist wacko’s have beheaded a statue of the Father Of Our Country, draped it in an American flag, and lit the flag on fire. Calling George Washington “a rich white supremacist, bigot, and slave owner”.

If that’s true, they have a lot of explaining to do!

Let’s take a look at arguably two of the most influential progressives in our country’s history. Let’s look at Woodrow Wilson, the father of modern progressivism, and Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the father of modern American socialism.

Wilson, a rich, white supremacist, was a notorious bigot and racist, and was constantly looking to increase and expand segregation. Yet, I don’t see these leftist snowflakes trying to destroy any statue of Wilson’s?

Let’s look at another rich, white supremacist racist bigot in Franklin Delano Roosevelt. The only four-term president in our nation’s history, and the father of modern socialism in America was also notorious in his bigotry. After all, wasn’t it Roosevelt that incarcerated some 112,000 Japanese-Americans, citizens of THIS country back in World War II? Yet, I seem to recall some 23 years ago or so, we actually put a statue of Roosevelt, in his wheelchair on the Mall in Washington, DC. How does such a bigoted socialist, a wealthy white supremacist, get a statue on the Mall in DC, by jailing in concentration camps, over 100,000 American citizens?

Yet, these Antifa-styled groups want to glorify Vladimir Lenin, the father of Communism, and the man responsible for upwards of 15 million deaths in Russia and the Soviet Union in the early 1900s. Does that mean that killing those that disagree with you is an ok thing? If so, does that mean that here in this country, we can go out and kill liberal snowflakes that take over parts of a city? I would hope not!

The idiots on the left, and I’m including their leadership in positions of power, at the city, state, and yes, the national level have jumped on the bandwagon of these rioters and looters. Oh, these people think it’s just a protest. They think it’s just “a summer of love” as Seattle Mayor, Jenny Durkin said. Of course, now that there’s been a shooting in CHOP, she’s turned against that summer of love thing, and is insistent that the police re-enter that area and take back their precinct that she ordered them to abandon just two weeks ago. What happened to the summer of love?

What happened to the CHOP and CHAZ areas that were supposed to be anarchist zones? Why was it that when those people needed something, they called outside their zone to truck in the necessities. And why was it that when they had a shooting, the first thing they did was call 911, the very police that they wanted to ban from the area?

No, people like Nancy Pelosi, Jenny Durkin, Jay Inslee, Chuck Schumer, and Joe Biden have no place in politics. They are all traitors to this country for back insurrections such as what we’ve been seeing go on in this country’s cities over the past two weeks. It’s time America wakes up and removes them from office!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Riots – Yes. Rallies – No.

Being a consistent guy, I’m very confused right now. You know, we have this thing going on called COVID-19. I know it’s been swept off the pages of the newspapers, and the mainstream snowflake media doesn’t cover it much anymore, but trust me it’s still out there. In fact, from what I’ve been seeing, it’s actually gaining strength in our country. Texas, Florida, California are all seeing huge increases. Here in Arizona, we’ve gone up 93% in the number of new cases daily since we entered “Phase One”. We’re told we need to keep “social distancing”, but that brings up an interesting point.

What happened with all of the riots going on?

The mainstream snowflake media wasn’t decrying the fact that those rioters and protesters (two separate groups of people) weren’t social distancing. Only the cops were…and they weren’t six feet apart. Can we all agree on that?

So, can someone please tell me why it is that the same media that turns their back on the rioters and looters and protesters for not social distancing, can get all worried and upset at Donald Trump for having rallies in places like Oklahoma and here in the AZ?

Of course, the answer is politics. They want to show their solidarity with the black community during the riots, so they turn a blind eye to that. And they don’t want Donald Trump reelected in November, so they want to scream bloody murder that he can’t be having rallies with tens of thousands of people in the heartland, and in a battleground state like Arizona! Shame on him!

It’s all politics, and it’s all very inconsistent. Either you’re for social distancing, and you need to quell the rioters and the looters and the protesters because they aren’t following it, and you disallow Trump’s rallies, or you let both go on and forget about COVID-19, and we’re just going to have to live the with added deaths that occur because of it.

The same thing goes with the Republican convention in August. Why is it a Democrat Governor in North Carolina who can deny the GOP their site the way they want to have it, and in Florida, they can allow it? The reason again is politics. Though I did hear a valid argument for the convention denial. There are people coming from all over the country, and then dispersing to go back home, and that could infect the whole country, where the rioters and looters are usually from that area.

Still, that doesn’t fly much in my world. If you’re infecting people, you’re infecting people. Does it matter if you’re super-infecting people in Seattle, uh…excuse me…CHAZ…or if you smattering it about the country? I don’t think so.

The fact of the matter is, and you can see it I’m sure where you live… we have moved past Coronavirus. We’re now onto Black Lives Matter. It will eventually die out and we’ll get on to something else. It’s the way the news cycles work these days. The protesters will move back into their parents basements, and back to the latest version of Grand Theft Auto. It’s just the way a country in its waning days seems to work.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Welcome To CHAZ

It’s happened in one of the most liberal cities in the country, and it’s happened apparently with the mayor’s blessing. The new country of CHAZ (Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone) has been formed in a part of Seattle, Washington.

In CHAZ, there are no police allowed. Anarchy reigns supreme, and the mayor of Seattle, Jenny Durkan said that the takeover of a four-block area was nothing more than a “block party” and a “summer of love”, a throw-back to the old Height-Ashbury days of the 1960s in San Francisco. Actually, it’s nothing like that.

The rioters have taken over a police precinct, changed the name on the building from “Police Precinct” to “People’s Precinct”, and have demanded that the building become a community center.

Donald Trump has told Durkan and Washington Governor, Jay Inslee that either they get control of their city back, or Trump would show up to do it for them. That brought a rebuke from the socialist mayor. In the end, the Seattle Police Chief told reporters that it was not her decision to abandon their precinct building, and it’s very evident that she is at odds with Seattle’s socialist mayor.

So, in the end, CHAZ has become the 2020’s “Occupy Wall Street” movement. It’s basically the same thing. The protesters will undoubtedly leave when the weather turns cold. Oh, the feelings will be there, but the one thing I’ve noticed about liberals and their protests, they don’t like it when the weather gets bad. So, I guess you could call them, “Fair Weather Liberals”?

Look, I get we all have the right of peaceful assembly. That does not mean you destroy and deface buildings. You don’t burn buildings for any reason, even the death of another black man in Atlanta, allegedly at the hands of a white police officer Sunday morning. That means you show up and march, you can carry signs, and you can chant. You don’t riot, you don’t loot.

Donald Trump is right on one thing with all of this. Anarchy cannot in any way shape or form be tolerated or allowed to happen, even if the socialist mayor of Seattle agrees with the protesters and looters and rioters. If that is allowed to happen, our country will city by city fall to Antifa. I have a feeling that’s not about to happen. I have a feeling that if it starts to happen, there will be more dead bodies in the streets and that would be a very sad day. Our country doesn’t need to go through another civil war, but if that’s what it takes to solve this mess, bring it on.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

My How They Pander

I’m sure by now you’ve seen the pandering video of Nancy Pelosi and a dozen or so of her minions from the House and Senate pandering to Antifa. They were in Statutory Hall or right outside of it at the Capitol Visitor’s Center, where most, but not all of the panderers, knelt in support of George Floyd for some 8 1/2 minutes…which was supposedly the length of time the policeman had his knee on Floyd’s neck. There were several problems with this whole charade.

I get it that the overwhelmingly white gathering was trying to show support to a black group that they need in order to win most elections. And so, that part makes some sense. But there are several parts of the whole thing I find to be very quizzical.

First of all, where were all of the Democrats? Didn’t they get the memo? I mean, there were only about a dozen, maybe 20. I know there are more than that on Capitol Hill! How else could someone as stupid as Nancy Pelosi get elected Speaker? And I know that the Senate was involved because Chuck Schumer is there kneeling. So why didn’t Cory Booker show up…you know, the African-American Senator from the Great State of New Jersey? I would figure when it comes to pandering, especially to Antifa that Booker would be there in spades!

Why was it that everyone except one were kneeling? What happened to Jerry Nadler? The great panderer from the once-great state of New York, is shown STANDING! How upset would Colin Kaepernick be to see that? My God, if 80 something Pelosi could be kneeling, why couldn’t Nadler?

And finally, let’s talk about the kente cloth they are all wearing. I have a feeling that Pelosi, who orchestrated this as Den Mother, didn’t realize what she was doing. She probably didn’t realize that the kente cloth is a Ghanaian textile that was worn by kings and queens. It was basically reserved for royalty. So, by wearing it, Pelosi is basically saying to the blacks, “We are your leaders!” How condescending is that? And don’t think for a minute that blacks didn’t pick up on that one. In fact a woman from Africa, who’s not American, lambasted Democrats for their display. She did a tweet with a video message saying that they had no idea what they were up to, and what the significance and tradition of that particular cloth was. She wasn’t very happy.

Based on what I saw from others on Twitter, the black community on the whole saw right through the little charade, and felt put upon by Pelosi and her gang. They would have been better off having another martini at lunch, or eating another tub of ice cream.

Democrats are showing one thing during this whole episode of rioting…they are remarkable at pandering. Thinking that they are doing the right thing, when in reality, they are slapping down the very people they think they are helping is really what they are known for. Then again, isn’t that what liberalism is all about? You protest to feel better without really accomplishing anything? Isn’t that the whole idea? So, at the end of the day, you can go home and feel like you’ve made a difference in the world without really doing a damn thing?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Let’s Talk Leadership

The other day, I blogged about Joe Biden and his comments from his basement that he was a much better leader than Donald Trump. He would basically “unite the country” and bring peace to our land once again. And we kind of debunked his leadership, showing that he really hasn’t done much to be called a leader during his time in office in DC. He’s not really proposed a whole lot of legislation as a Senator, and as Vice President, he dutifully went to foreign dignitaries’ funerals, and smiled a lot.

But what about the Democrats?

Have the Democrats as a party been any better at leadership? My hunch is no, they have not. One can point to New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Philadelphia, Detroit, and other cities that have long been liberal strongholds. Have they been successful? Well, in San Francisco, home to one of California’s Senators (Diane Feinstein), and the Speaker of the House of Representatives (Nancy Pelosi), they have drug needles on the streets, feces everywhere, and homeless camped out in droves because housing costs are too expensive…and there are no mental health facilities ready to help these people. So, they have a huge homeless problem. Los Angeles is the same way. In New York, you’ve got rampant crime under Bill de Blasio as mayor, and he’s swearing that he’s going to defund the police department over this whole George Floyd thing that happened 1,202 miles away. His police department didn’t have a damn thing to do with George Floyd’s death.

In Chicago, run by Democrat Lori Lightfoot, police there over the weekend were so enraptured trying to quell the rioters and looters that the neighborhoods went unguarded. As a result, 18 people were killed in shootings within a 24 hour span. That by the way is the deadliest day in Chi-Town in 60 years. And, when Lightfoot was interviewed on Dem-friendly MSNBC, what did she have to say about the whole “defunding of police” mantra? She said that “We can’t rely upon the police to provide public safety. That’s a 1990’s version of public policy”.


I thought the whole reason for having police WAS that they would provide public safety. If it’s not, then why are they there? Lightfoot’s answer? Those people need jobs! So, we’re going to put them on the public dole, but not expect them to do their job. They are there just to get a paycheck!

In Seattle, Antifa has declared that community to be their new “capital city”, and that’s where they are going to be based out of. It’s not surprising to find out that James d’Orma Braman was the last Republican elected mayor in Seattle. That was 1964, a scant 56 years ago! Since that time, Seattle has turned into a cesspool of rioters, and anarchists.

The country needs to learn that Democrat run cities are nothing more than cesspools themselves. They’ve devolved from thriving metropolises over time to absolute sewers of humanity. And the Democrats that have run these once bustling and energetic cities into the ground have done nothing to solve their city’s problems. You can take Detroit where the last Republican mayor, Louis Miriani left office in 1962. Since then, it’s been all Democrats, and Detroit always winds up as the number one “Worst City in America”. It’s been because of poor leadership from the Democrats that turned a thriving auto producing capital into a slum that has lost over a million people. In fact, when Miriani left as mayor, Detroit was the 5th largest city in the country. Today, they’re 23rd, and since 2000 have lost over 28% of their population!

You can’t look at a city in this country that’s been run by Democrats for the past 30 years or more, and see a thriving metropolis. Instead, you see the lack of leadership. The same thing will happen if the Democrats are able to take over our federal government. We will become the next Venezuela!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

#MeToo? Where Are They Now?

If you follow this blog at all, you know I’m a consistency guy. I believe in justice for all, and I believe that if you feel one way about one situation, and the situation presents itself to the other side of the aisle, you do the same exact thing. Well, Newsbusters had a very interesting article online the other day.

They listed 95 celebrities that rushed to support Christine Blasey Ford when she accused, without evidence, Brett Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct. But all, every single one of these “celebrities” that like to tell you and me what to do, have been weirdly silent when Tara Reade accused with evidence, and corroboration, sexual misconduct against Joe Biden.

Why is that?

Why hasn’t Ellen DeGeneres, or Lady Gaga, or Jamie Lee Curtis stepped forward to “believe the accuser”? Where is Natalie Portman, or Julianne Moore? Certainly Alyssa Milano wants the truth to come out and sexual predators to be punished, right? I mean,  those women who formed “Times Up”, and were instrumental in coming out against Harvey Weinstein and Bill Cosby…THEY surely want to see justice done in this case, right? Kerry Washington, America Ferrara, and Reese Witherspoon, where have you been? Maybe the Coronavirus attacked your vocal chords?

Or maybe you’re being quiet because you’re being disingenuous. Maybe, you were backing Blasey Ford for a reason other than how women were treated? Maybe, you had a hidden agenda? Were you afraid that maybe Brett Kavanaugh was too conservative for your liberal addled minds?

Even the “Divine Miss M”, Bette Midler, who penned during the Kavanaugh hearings, “Raped, beaten, enslaved, married off, worked like dumb animals; denied education and inheritance; enduring the pain and danger of childbirth and life IN SILENCE for THOUSANDS of years.”, hasn’t been heard from in this case. Why in the world is that?

The one way to deal with the celebrities that wanted to hang an innocent man, and let the guilty one go free is simple. You do what the left loves to do. You boycott them out of existence. You don’t go to their movies, you don’t watch their TV shows, you don’t go to their concerts or buy their records. You stay away from them and let them die on the vine like the withered grapes they are. They are no more honest or useful to society than the members of the Obama administration who lied to the media about having certain Russian collusion proof against Donald Trump, and then told Adam Schiff (himself a pathological liar) and his committee that they had no proof.

These women are fake. They don’t matter, and they need to be totally ignored, today and in the future. That is the way to deal with their fakery and their hypocrisy.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!