The Revolution Has Already Been Fought!

I hate to say this, but there are several of the people that read this blog that believe the only way to “fix” our system is to have a revolution. For the right to take on the left in a revolution. Thomas Jefferson said,  “a little rebellion now and then is a good thing.” And I know I’ve traded comments with several of you regarding an “upcoming revolution”. But I have news for you…

The Revolution has already been fought. And we lost.

I know that’s not what anybody wants to hear, but I can point to some stark differences between the right and the left and show you that it’s already happened.

First of all, I point to the Whackjob group headed up by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. It started out in 2018 with her and Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar. They were joined shortly by Ayanna Pressley. In 2018 they added a couple others, most notably Cori Bush. Now, in 2022, four more have joined the ranks. Granted, up to 10 people in a body that holds 435 isn’t what I would call a major shift, but you have to look at the way the right does things versus the way the left does things.

When the conservatives take charge, they set to work undoing all of the programs, or as many as they can, that the liberals put in play. They may cut taxes, or relax some regulations, but that’s about it. When the liberals are in charge, they take steps. Oh, they may not achieve their goals during their term, and they are OK with that. They take a step this time. They’ll add to it next time until WHAM! You have Obamacare. Remember? That started back in the 1950’s when disability was added to Social Security. Slowly Medicare and Medicaid came into being. That started to get expanded in 1992 with Hillary Clinton. Then it failed quickly. Did the liberals give up? Nope. They bided their time. They waited. It took 17 years before they were about to pass Obamacare. And conservatives haven’t been able to do anything to unwrap it.

The same thing will happen over and over again in any number of areas. It’ll happen in economics. It’ll happen in tax and spend. It’ll happen with the border crisis and criminal reform.They will get their way. Conservatives want to have something healed today. Liberals don’t care if they get it this cycle or 20 years from now. As long as they get it, that’s all that matters.

And there is the difference between conservatives and liberals. Conservatives play the short game and try to “fix” what’s wrong thanks to the liberals’ mis-steps. Liberals keep plugging away at whatever it is they want to accomplish. Well, there’s that and the fact that when conservatives lose, they accept it and move on. When liberals lose, they cry and moan about it until they have the numbers to fix it their way. Of course, the other big difference, and I can’t emphasize this enough. When conservatives usually implement something, it’s pretty good policy. When liberals do, most of the time it’s going to cost us all a lot of money.

And that is why, even though we all feel that there is a revolution coming, it’s not. We’re wrong. The revolution has been fought. The fact that AOC’s clan has basically doubled in size in four years ought to be very concerning to everyone out there, even, and especially the Democrats. If you’re a modern Democrat in today’s society, you’re a dinosaur. You’re dead man walking. And it won’t be long before they swallow you up and spit you out, just like they’ve been doing for the past four years. The time to fight is now. The time to fight dirty is now. Because if you don’t, you’re going to wake up one day and realize that you’ve already lost the war. That’s something none of us want to have happen!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

The “Same Sex Marriage” Thing

Congress is well on their way of spending their precious time left with Democrats in charge chasing after issues that really aren’t being on any list of what Americans care about. They aren’t doing anything special to deal with inflation. They aren’t doing anything to spur the economy that’s headed for recession next year. They haven’t solved the out of control crime problem, and they aren’t tackling immigration reform and shutting down the southern border from illegals.

No. They’ve decided to “codify same sex marriage”.

And it’s probably one of the worst decisions this congress has made. Here’s why. First of all, even though the Supreme Court has come out in favor of same sex marriage in Obergefell v. Hodges in 2014. That opened the door for every state in the union to go ahead and accept the marriage of gay couples.

I’m not here to debate whether the SCOTUS decision was right or wrong. It was. That’s history. And as much as liberals try to rewrite it, once it happens it happens. I doubt seriously that this Supreme Court, as conservative as they appear to be, is going to change that after a scant eight years.

Here’s why it’s a waste of congress’ time. According to Gallup, there have been 491,000 same sex marriages since the high court okayed it. That’s up from 368,000 last year. Gallup has also come out and said that 3.9% of the population is gay. So, we’re not talking about a huge number here. That’s roughly the same number of people that have come to the United States from Austria or Belgium. So, first of all, we’re not talking a lot of folks.

Second, the Supreme Court has already come out and made their decision. It’s not like abortion where you can turn off the spigot and say, “No more abortions”. You can’t “unmarry” someone by fiat. Once you’re married, unless you get a divorce or one of the participants dies, you’re married. And you can’t call this a “states’ rights” issue, because Maryland can’t say that you’re married, but Wisconsin say that you’re not. There’s no way that works out. So, this is something that HAS to be a federal issue. The genie is out of the bottle on this one, and you can’t close the door on it now.

So, why is congress deciding to waste time talking about “codifying same sex marriage” when there are so many other important issues that they could try and solve? Because it’s low hanging fruit. They know there are members of the Republican party that will go along with it (it got advanced in the Senate by a 62-37 vote with 12 Republicans joining all of the Democrats). It will face the same deal in the House. Whether you believe same sex marriage is right or wrong doesn’t matter any more because it just plain IS. That’s the story here.

I would much prefer that maybe congress tackle something that effected more Americans, dealt with one of the problems that we as a nation feel is more important, and didn’t waste time piddling around with things that don’t need their attention. No one is coming after the gays today. And no one is going to come after the gays tomorrow. But, what do you say, Congress? Let’s try doing something and shutting off the southern border. People who live in Yuma, Arizona are having illegals just walk into their house and take food out of their refrigerators, WHILE THEY ARE HOME! If it happened here in my house, there would be some illegal corpses to clean up. And Arizona law protects you if you shoot an intruder in your home (there are exceptions).

Codifying same sex marriage is something you do when you have tackled all of the really tough problems. Democrats are pandering once again and don’t want to go out of power with anything controversial that they can’t win. THAT is the reason we’re getting this now.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

The Dirty Little Secret Of Affirmative Action

The Supreme Court heard two cases regarding affirmative action this week. And of course, uber-leftist liberals are all upset that the high court is going to do to affirmative action, what it did this past summer to abortion.

Except what they did this summer and what they are going to do now is right a wrong that has needed to be corrected for a very long period of time.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I think in the past, there has been a terrible injustice done to African Americans who were denied jobs, promotions, and raises in the workplace, and slots in highly sought after universities in education. That said though, the way to fix it isn’t to overcorrect a bad call by going totally the other way. The people that were harmed back 45 years ago were given affirmative action as a result of bad, pretty much racist decisions throughout our history. We’ve already blown it back then. And trying to correct a mistake by boosting the hiring or advancement of a whole class of people, regardless if it’s race-based, gender-based, sexual orientation-based, or whatever is wrong.

What is interesting is that back in the day, The Regents of the University of California v. Bakke decision allowed colleges and universities to look at race as a factor when it came to admission criteria. That allowed blacks and Hispanics, and eventually other minorities the ability to gain a toe-hold in getting into colleges. As was the case with Roe v. Wade, it was incorrect thinking that allowed it to happen. This week’s cases regarding Harvard and the University of North Carolina look to see if affirmative action is actually working and is fair. After all, in the UNC case, it’s an Asian student that is the plaintiff! So, apparently, affirmative action doesn’t help ALL minorities!

When I was in management and did some hiring in another life, I got into it with our Human Resources person (who was black). He was convinced that we needed to give African Americans the best opportunity to advance and get hired, even if that meant that they weren’t the best candidate for the job. I explained that I hoped I could hire the absolute best candidate for the job, and I didn’t care what color they were or where they came from. I was under pressure to get sales increased. I can’t do that by coddling people that shouldn’t have been hired in the first place. Well, that went over like a led balloon. And, as luck would have it, the next hire I made was indeed a black man. But he wasn’t hired because of the color of his skin. He was hired because he was the best person available. And he turned out to be an awesome salesperson!

I’ve always believed that whatever you’re trying to do, whether it’s fill out a class roster for a college or university, or hire someone for a job, you hire the best. If someone isn’t qualified, and you’re hiring them only because of skin color, or gender, or sexual orientation, you’re not going to be getting the best candidate. That’s the problem I had with Joe Biden choose K-baby Harris for VP. He didn’t look at everyone. He looked at “women of color”. So, if you were a white woman, or a black man, you were out, and it didn’t matter what you could bring to the table! That in my world is wrong.

Put another way, if you need help getting hired for a job, or finding a college or university, it may just be that you aren’t qualified for the position you are seeking, or you didn’t do well enough in high school to merit entry to a particular university. It may not have anything to do with your skin color. Therefore, affirmative action does nothing but limit the possibilities that the best person for the position will be filling it. Instead, we’re settling it because of some convoluted thinking that because people in the past were wronged, we need to change that and the best way to do that is to make it easier for people to get hired based on something other than merit. That leads to a very slippery slope and we’ve seen that in our country (just look at our current VP if you need an example!)

The high court would be well-advised to do away with ALL affirmative action, and base not only college admissions, but job hiring, promotions, pay raises, everything on merit. It’s the only true way of being fair. Liberals are just scared to admit it.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Not THIS Year!

If you are getting ready to get all dolled up in your favorite Halloween costume for this year, you may be somewhat surprised that you’re not going to be able to dress as just anything you want. There are several things that actually have been banned because the powers that be have decided that you shouldn’t be glorifying them.

You can’t go dressed as Jeffrey Dahmer for instance. No wearing the orange jumpsuit and the wire rimmed glasses. That’s actually been banned from selling it on EBay. And you can’t go as a weird clown either. Nope. That’s too scary for the kids. Stay away from that!

There are other things you need to avoid. Don’t dress you kids up in World War II costumes. That’s not being viewed as kosher. I’m not sure why unless they are talking about a bunch of little Hitler’s running around, but we’ve already got that this election season on the left, don’t we? You also aren’t allowed to go dressed as a cast member from The Squid Game. Too gory I guess.

Of course, schools have had bans on all sorts of costumes for decades. Most schools won’t let kids come dressed as their favorite super hero. And Jesus is out as well as a costume. In fact, most religious figures are banned. And of course, there is the ubiquitous Native Americans, Squaws, Indian Chief, Sombrero wearing Mexicans, and Cowboys are all off the list.

What is interesting is yes, you can still go as a slutty looking stripper, or a nurse in a really sexy looking costume. I’ve heard tell that college age women love to do that, though I never remember seeing them other than on TV shows.

Frankly, the whole Halloween thing kind of bores me. It’s a distraction, though here in the desert, I made the mistake when I first moved out here. We bought a ton of candy figuring that every kid that didn’t live here (you have to be 55 or older to live here), would come banging on doors. No one showed up. In fact, no one has shown up in the 11 years I’ve been here.

Other than getting free candy, I’ve never really understood the allure of Halloween. In a past life, a co-worker would spend a solid week getting his front yard ready for Halloween! He’d spend tons of money on it…and it was gone in a night. To each his own.

What I find interesting is the different outfits that you can no longer wear and be socially acceptable for the evening of October 31st. I’ve mentioned a few of them, but there are others. I mean would it be OK to go as a Black Lives Matter protester? Can I go as Nancy Pelosi or Chuckles Schumer? What about a homeless person? That would be an easy costume to put together I would imagine. Just find a shopping cart.

And who comes up with what’s socially acceptable to wear as costumes anyway? Do companies that make the costumes come up with a list? Or is it the same folks that decide what you can’t read in the library? Is it a school board of education? Or could it be a city council somewhere? I just wonder if anyone has the actual “right” to decide what’s acceptable and what’s not. There are certainly things that are bad taste, and I wouldn’t appreciate opening my door and seeing say, a school-shooting victim standing there. That’s inappropriate. Probably too early to go as Queen Elizabeth, right? Maybe King Charles?

And yet, here we are at Halloween, and tonight there will be a bunch of kids roaming most neighborhoods looking for Twix bars and Hershey’s Kisses. Me? I think I’ll just watch some TV and go to be rather early!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

So, Would YOU Make This Trade?

I was reading a piece by Larry O’Connor this morning. All across the country, there is a move by Democrats hoping to make abortion the most talked about and most important issue this midterm election cycle. So far, the kitchen table items like inflation, the economy, and crime are winning out, and probably will. But O’Connor had an interesting take on all of it.

He would gladly trade a ban on abortions for losing the Senate this time around.

And it got me to thinking…how important IS abortion to the GOP? It’s been a half century or so that abortion was legal and relatively easy to obtain in this country. We are one of 70 countries in the world that had that ease. But, when the Supreme Court struck down Roe v. Wade with the Dobbs v. Jackson decision, stating instead of being a federal law, it needs to be sent to the states to decide (NOT making it illegal as Democrats claim), it gave the Dems a campaign issue.

So, the question is, would YOU make the trade of losing a chance to take over the Senate in 2022 if it means a ban on abortions (or at least a federal ban!)

I’m certainly pro-life and have a very difficult time understanding how a woman can decide to have an abortion and kill a life that’s growing inside of her. To me, it’s more of a religious thing, a moral and ethical thing than a “legal choice” that women make as far as what to do with their bodies. We’re not talking about getting a tattoo here. We’re talking about ending a life before it gets started. But would I end the Republicans’ chances to take over the Senate?

I don’t think I have to choose. I think both could very well still happen. But if forced to choose, I’m still not sure. I think of the damage a deranged idiot like Joe Biden can do by nominating justices to federal benches, only if he has the US Senate to confirm and they are on his side. God forbid we start losing people like Clarance Thomas on the Supreme Court! On the other side, and this is the point I can’t understand about Democrats who’s religion is politics…we are going to allow a lot of those fetuses that otherwise would have been aborted to live. Why Democrats wanted to chop their numbers down in the first place is beyond me. If there was no abortion, if we never aborted 63 million babies over the past 49 years, I think it’s safe to say the Democrats would never lose another election!

But still, if I HAD to choose, what would I do? I have wrangled this one around for a while. I think the sanctity of life is far more important than a two year possibility of Joe Biden using his mental deficiencies to nominate people. After all, what value to YOU put on human life? I guess to even have to wrangle it, I should be ashamed. But it is a difficult decision if you get right down to it.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

What The Republicans Are Lacking

As we head down to the last six weeks prior to the midterms, it hit me that the Republicans certainly have a number issues on their side. But they are lacking one important thing.

They don’t have a positive message.

Think back to Ronald Reagan. After the catastrophe that was Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter’s presidential years, Reagan came out with a speech he had developed for General Electric years before. It was the “Morning in America” speech. It was positive. It was patriotic. It made you feel good about yourself and your country.

Now compare that to what we are looking at for a Republican message out there now. It’s basically, Joe Biden sucks (no argument there!), crime is through the roof, you’re paying too much because of inflation, our economy is in the toilet, we’ve got a supply chain problem that is still haunting us, and our southern border is leakier than a tin can with no bottom.

And Republicans have no ideas how to fix any of that other than to stop spending so much money on crappy ideas like climate change and electric vehicles.

What Republicans need is to tie the negatives together with their positive. They need a brand new Morning in America type of approach. Yes, crime sucks. Yes, you’re paying too much for stuff, and the economy is in the toilet because of overspending. Yes, you can’t buy formula for your baby still today, and yes, we’re allowing more and more illegals into the United States. But what are the Republicans going to do that is different?

What they need to do is come out and paint that patriotic picture of America that makes you feel good about going to the polls on November 8th. They need to give you hope. They need to bring forth a message that yes, Democrats have put us into this mess because they control Congress and the White House, but WE can fix it because we have solid ideas that are going to bring us back to positive territory.

They need to talk about how we’ve faced adversity before and come through it with tenacity and verve. We can certainly do it again, but we all have to pull together. We’ve seen that the current folks in power have had two years to get things done, and your life isn’t better off today than it was two or three years ago. And we can make it that way all over again. I’d stay away from Trump’s line of “Make America Great Again” because that feeds into the whole anti-MAGA thing. But it’s along those lines. Be proud to be an American. Be happy knowing that we have a way out of this. We’re going to fix immigration. We’re going to stop the overspending to lower the inflation rate, and boost the economy through the marketplace, not the federal government. We’re going to fix the supply chain that’s been torn apart and get store shelves stocked again.

To not have the positivity added to the current message of “The Democrats have screwed everything up”, is to avoid the chance to really make this a red wave!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Dem’s SECRET Plan To Win In November

I will hand it to the Democrats. They are very good at coming up with playbook pieces that seem to work. You can go back to the 1992 presidential election and understand what I’m talking about. Do you remember James Carville’s famous quote, “It’s the economy, stupid”? Democrats won that election because they hammered home what they felt was important. It was the economy. Actually, not so much with Bush 43, but it worked. Later, Clinton was able to add to that playbook item. If you tell a lie enough times, people start to believe it. That’s what got him reelected.

Well, this year, the Democrats have a play that is well underway. We’re seeing it every single day.

Joe Biden has been on the campaign trail for the last month not necessarily campaigning for Democrats because there are tons of Dems’ that don’t want to be seen with him. But he’s been out there, typically in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, where he hopes he can flip two US Senate seats. And he hasn’t necessarily been campaigning with the Senate candidates. He’s been bashing Republicans. Oh, he says it’s just the MAGA Republicans, which have been called “half-fascists”, and a “threat to our democracy”. And while the right screams that he’s breaking a campaign promise of “unifying the country”, which he never really wanted to do, he IS accomplishing the task at hand.

He is controlling the message.

Think about it. Every day that goes by that the media are talking about how he’s using non-campaign events to bash Republicans, what isn’t being done? We aren’t hearing about the economy, the inflation rate, the southern border crisis, the high crime rate, the botched withdrawal in Afghanistan, the possibility of an Iranian Nuclear Deal, and Ukraine’s war with Russia and the hundreds of billions we are spending on that. We aren’t hearing about the supply chain issues that still plague the country either.

And people like Raphael Warnock in Georgia, Mark Kelly here in Arizona, and Catherine Cortez Masto in Nevada are able to scream about abortion, and say that Republicans want to take away Social Security and Medicare (they don’t…they want to privatize them). People are starting to believe the lies.

Yes, the races are tightening in the Senate contests. Kelly is only about 4 points ahead of Blake Masters. Herschel Walker has bumped ahead of Warnock in Georgia in a couple of polls, and in Colorado, Joe O’Dea has pulled to within five points of Michael Bennett! Still, you’re hearing how confident the Dems are becoming. And it’s because they know if they keep talking about Donald Trump, MAGA Republicans, and Mar-a-Lago, that Republicans aren’t able to talk about the real issues that matter most to people.

In order to win this election, the GOP needs to control the message. They need to get back on top. Trump isn’t helping because frankly, this election isn’t about Trump. This election is about stopping Biden. We have two years to worry about Trump. He needs to go away for a while and stop complaining about the FBI and how poorly he’s been treated.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Here’s The Dem’s Playbook

You’re starting to see the Democrats’ playbook when dealing with the situation that they are in. Joe Biden has taken the cue from his handlers, and is bashing the “MAGA Republicans” as being a “threat to democracy”. But what you won’t see is Biden, or anybody on the left bashing the BLM and Antifa crowd for the billions upon billions of dollars and countless lives that were wasted in their riots just a couple of years ago. That’s out of bounds. And there is a simple reason for this harsh rhetoric Biden is spewing.

He is terrified of what’s coming in November.

The greatest human emotion, according to Abraham Maslow’s “Hierarchy of Needs” is fear. Fear drives us more than anything else. If we are faced with fight or flight, we will either cower and run, or we will fight like a tiger that’s been cornered. And that is exactly what is going on with Biden right now. He’s scared.

And of course he should be. Should the absolute worst case scenario happen to him and the GOP takes back both the House and the Senate, his term as president is, for the most part, over. He won’t be able to pass a bill, nominate any judge that he wants for the federal bench, he won’t be able to pass any more of his agenda, and his spending spree has the tap turned off. You can’t use executive orders for everything in our federal government, and Joe has learned that.

And he realizes very clearly that a) he is wildly unpopular and no one wants him to succeed at this point, even members of his own party, and b) he can’t continue funding his current, already-passed agenda unless he is able to control at least one of the houses of Congress, most likely the Senate. If Biden still controls the Senate at least he can nominate liberal judges and appointments. If the Republicans hold sway in the upper chamber, he can’t do that. He’s going to have to send up moderates at best. And if the GOP gets really power hungry, they can just shut down everything he sends up including budgets.

Now, I’ve written about, and you’ve probably heard rumors that one of the things the GOP is going to do if they win back the House is to impeach him for the whole Hunter Biden stuff. He can also be impeached for several things he’s done since coming into office, like the botched withdrawal of Afghanistan, and the terrible results he’s received on the southern border (violating federal law on that one!)

I doubt seriously that the GOP really wants to go through an impeachment. What they should do if they get control of Congress is flood the White House with bills to fix immigration, fix the southern border, stop spending money by putting a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution out there, and slow inflation to the trickle Donald Trump had it at. That would be the best thing the GOP could do, rather than hold hearings on stuff the people don’t care about. You want to stay in power? Fix what’s wrong with this country!

And Joe Biden will be cowering under his bed!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

So, Why Continue?

I don’t know what the advertising for the midterms is like where you live. Here in the AZ, we’re getting besieged by ads and most of them at this early stage are Democrat ads and liberal PAC’s.

There is something funny going on though. Rather than watching ads dealing with the issues that concern Arizonans, and Americans the most, things like inflation, the economy and the recession, and border issues, we’re seeing a totally different type of ad.

The two big ads that are being pumped right now showcase abortion, and privatizing Social Security. Neither of those two things are in touch with what America feels are really strong campaign issues. We also are seeing stuff about the January 6th committee’s hearings. Who the hell cares?

Andy Barr (R-KY) was on Meet The Press this past weekend, and here’s what he said regarding the 2020 election and the January 6th Committee hearings:

“These congressional seats do not belong to politicians in Washington,” Barr said. “These seats belong to the American people, and there is a massive, massive disconnect between the priorities of politicians in Washington and the concerns of the American people.”

“Not once have any of my constituents–Republican or Democrat–talked about the 2020 election, January 6th, the committee in Washington, or any of these issues. They’re talking about not being able to afford putting food on the table, putting gas in their trucks, and not being able to see their grandson again because he died of a fentanyl overdose.”

I think Representative Barr is on to something here. In Arizona, there is a fight for the Senate seat currently being held by Mark Kelly. His ads against Republican challenger, Blake Masters focus on Masters’ stance on abortion (he’s against it), and for privatizing Social Security. The abortion ads are going to appeal to about 9% of the Democrat base and few others. As for privatizing Social Security, isn’t it about time?

Think about this. How do people usually get rich in this country? They invest in the stock market, right? So, what in heck is bad about that? Most every American that’s working these days invests in the stock market through their 401k at work. What do you think mutual funds are? The stock market actually IS a better way to save Social Security! If you make Social Security private and individualized accounts, the government can’t raid it like they’ve done to get us into this mess.

As for the January 6th Committee, I think there would be more acceptance from them if they were actually bi-partisan, and if they were investigating ALL of the riots that were occurring over the past two or three years. Why not include the BLM riots? That caused billions more in damage to federal property in places like Seattle, Portland, Chicago and New York! But it appears to about 73% of Americans that this is nothing more than a political witch hunt…and the people sitting on that committee know it.

If you want to run for reelection, as Mark Kelly is trying to do, I get it that you need something to talk about. His ads are basically lies about how he is trying to bring down the cost of gasoline, while he’s actually voting to raise it. There needs to be a truth in politics law somewhere. Not sure how it would work, but smart minds can craft this and get it together quickly. The problem is passing it with Democrats in power.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Do We REALLY Need Labor Day?

I don’t think so. Oh, I’m not suggesting that we take away a holiday! God forbid! And that would actually fly in the face of “Labor Day”, wouldn’t it? But what I think we need to do is to refocus our efforts in this time of being “woke” and “politically correct”. Let’s get it right, there’s nothing correct about most unions today. I’m talking most. Not all. The trade unions provide a very valuable education and career to a lot of people that work with their hands, be they plumbers, or electricians, or carpenters or the like. What I’m talking about is a bunch of unions out there who have nothing better to offer their members than a strike every few years, and maybe a 3-10% raise at contract time.

Why are we celebrating unions in the first place?

Of course it was to celebrate all that unionized labor had done for our country. And to be fair, in the early days, like a century ago when unions were coming onto the scene, they were needed. But since that time you’ve got the National Labor Relations Board, and a ton of laws on how businesses can and should operate. Why unions were so valuable a century ago has become nothing more than a way to clamp down and get a few extra dollars out of the corporations. Not to say that all corporations don’t need that from time to time, some do. But the days of unions leading America to a brighter future are over…and have been for quite some time.

It’s pretty evident that unions are dying on their own. According to Gallup, 10% of all Americans are in a union. That’s down from 13% just five years ago. If you take public sector workers out of the equation, it’s even worse. 37% of government employees belong to a union. In the private sector, that figure is 6%. So, we are basically celebrating today for a third of the government workers and a smattering of others.

I’m not saying that Labor Day should be totally abandoned as a holiday. I think it should be viewed the same way the left wants us to deal with something like Columbus Day. If you’re going to make the argument that Columbus Day should be changed because Columbus was a white, male, who came to this country (actually not THIS country) and took over land belonging to the Native Americans (also not true), then you can do the same thing with Labor Day. We can change the focus to Albert Shinehart Day. Who’s Albert Shinehart? Who cares! It’s a day off of work. Call it a relaxation day is you will, or the End of Summer Celebration Day.

One thing that you could do if you wanted, but it would screw up the whole “summer ending” thing is to make Election Day a federal holiday where everybody gets the day off to vote. Just move the holiday from early September to early November. Same number of holidays, just refocused. It shouldn’t upset too many people. Schools used to start after Labor Day. Here in the desert they start the first of August (yes…in that heat!). It may upset the unions, but have you seen the turnout at those Labor Day parades? Pitiful!

Let’s modernize our holiday calendar. And let’s start by either renaming Labor Day to something more appealing than a 100 year old boondoggle that, like most liberal policies outlived itself long ago. Or at the very least, move the holiday to Election Day and make sure everyone has the day off to go and vote.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!