CNN Head Defends Trump Town Hall

Oh, there weren’t many employees of CNN that were very happy about Chris Licht’s decision to move forward with a town hall broadcast featuring the GOP leading candidate at this point, Donald Trump. Many of the employees thought that Licht was on some very powerful drugs. Some like Oliver Darcy, the CNN media reporter, got hauled into Licht’s office for a bitch session. He was berated for the way he covered the event, and tried to push back, but Licht failed to back down. People that watched Darcy come out of Licht’s office described him as “visibly shaken”.

Of course, the leftist socialists that comprise CNN’s audience couldn’t believe one of the left’s strongest allies was going to give a Republican time to spout whatever they wanted to on the channel. All sorts of leftist whack jobs came forth to complain. But it didn’t do any good. Chris Licht is trying very hard to make CNN a news channel to rival Fox News, not come in third behind MSNBC on a daily basis. So far, he’s met with a lot of resistance, and has had to fire a lot of personnel.

One that may end up being on the chopping block because of this is Kaitlan Collins, the 31 year-old that tried to fact check Trump in real time with terrible results. It got so bad that at the end of the broadcast, Trump called her “a nasty person”, and commented that she was a very bad host. It was very obvious to anyone that watched, and even those that only saw the highlights, Collins was way out of her league. The fact-checking didn’t go very well. She tried in real time to fact-check the former president, and failed miserably at it. Her style was anything less than professional, often arguing with Trump. That’s not a town hall, Kaitlin. That’s a debate, and you’re not running for anything (other than a job).

I do have to give Chris Licht some credit. He said when he came on board a year ago that he was going to make CNN more mainstream and less of a party platform for the Democrats and the Socialists out there. He has largely succeeded in that. When you look at the people that have left CNN in the past year, either of their own accord or by the boot, it’s pretty astonishing. Brian Stelter, Don Lemon, Chris Cuomo (though he left before Licht got there), and the entire CNN+ group except for Chris Wallace, who really isn’t really doing much of anything there are all gone or heading out the door. Now you can soon add Oliver Darcy and possibly Kaitlin Collins to the mix.

It’s all done by design. Chris Licht was hired for one very simple reason. Advertisers weren’t flocking to the news channel because viewers were leaving it in droves. Oh, it happens to every news channel after a major election, and 2020 was no different. But where the audience usually comes back after a couple of months (it took six months in Fox News case), they were flipped to MSNBC when it came to CNN. And the one-time king of cable news not only was dethroned, but was relegated to a daily third place finish. Licht’s job was to correct that. And he’s making strides.

CNN is no longer a bash-Trump, bash-Republicans channel. Oh, they still have their slant, and it’s decidedly liberal. But in the end, it’s a lot better than it had been. I still hate watching the channel because it is still a liberal bastion, just not a socialist liberal bastion.

The key for Licht’s success will be in the numbers. If the audience comes back, the advertisers will come back. And if that happens you can kiss any chance of CNN returning to it’s liberal ways anytime soon. And who know? They may just end up giving Fox News a run for their money!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

If I Were A Democrat…

If I were a Democrat, I’d be very worried about my party’s chances right about now. Oh, I know, we would have those tricks up our sleeves…those mail-in ballots that just seem to be dumped in a closet somewhere and not discovered until the election were really close and it looks like we might lose it. But when I sit back and try very hard with an unbiased eye to look at the state of affairs in our country today, I would be very worried if I were them.

And I don’t think it’s getting any better.

Just look at the polling, and that’s reason enough to be jittery. I know that polling today isn’t that credible because everyone lies to the pollsters. I mean, heck, I do. But when I look at the things America is telling one pollster who sends me their results all of the time, I’m wondering why in the world Democrats have any sort of hold on the country. Here’s just a sample:

Voters fear the US Government almost as much as they do foreign spies.

74% of us remain either very concerned or concerned about gasoline prices as we enter the summer driving season. I don’t know about where you are, but gas here in the desert is right at the $5 a gallon mark. And that 74% say that they support policies to increase US oil and gas production!

73% of us feel that Biden’s age is going to be a serious problem for Democrats in the 2024 election, including 49% that say it’s a “very serious problem”. Only 25% say it’s not a problem.

So, if I were a Democrat, I’d be worried that my party was on the wrong side of the bed with the rest of America. That doesn’t usually bode well for us to win elections.

Then I look at the presidential race. I see an 80-something old man that has no energy, no zip in his step, doesn’t hold news conferences, needs to have cheat sheets to tell him who to call on when he DOES talk to the press, and has, by accounts of major network and polling group surveys, the lowest presidential approval rating since they started taking the polls. And I worry that he’s not going to be able IF elected, to finish his second term, leaving us with a Vice President that is nothing more than a Chatty Cathy doll, with a very irritating laugh track.

I get worried when I see the storm brewing over Hunter Biden, and how it could pull the president into the mix. I wonder how we ever got to the point when the Democrats could be facing the worst scandal in US history, with a sitting president being accused of, and later proven to be involved in a bribery scandal. I wonder how Hunter Biden stays out of jail with over 80% of America feeling that he’s deserving of an orange jumpsuit.

I get worried when I sit and watch other Democrats worry about Biden’s abilities to govern, even today, and then do nothing about jumping in to save the party. I mean, yes, there’s Robert Kennedy Jr. He’s never held an elected office before. He’s an environmental attorney with an aversion to vaccines that failed the bar exam. He is a former heroin addict. He’s a terrible speaker, suffering from spasmodic dysphonia, a rare vocal box disease. And then we’ve got Marianne Williamson, one of the worst candidates next to K-baby Harris on the planet. Why hasn’t anyone else jumped in to save the party?

As a Democrat I worry about the left wing fringe of the party that seems to be taking it for a long ride down a very deep and dark rabbit hole. We’re doing things now that just don’t make any sense, and America knows it. Alvin Bragg indicting the former president for what? Sleeping with some porn star and then paying her off to keep quiet about it? What’s illegal about that? It seems to me that most of Washington would be guilty of that one. Wouldn’t Bragg be better serving his constituency if he cleaned up the rampant crime in New York City?

And those are just SOME of the things I would worry about…IF I were a Demcrat!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

The End Of Conservatism?

If I were to ask you to name where it is you go to get the honest to God up to date news on the Conservative movement in America, where would you point me? Fox News? Well, not much any more. They’ve lost quite a few folks in the ratings since the 2020 election, though they are still number one in cable news. What about newspapers? I’m just joking. That has as much sense as saying CNN, MSNBC, or the broadcast networks’ newscasts.

You’d probably point me to AM radio…which since Rush Limbaugh went national, has become a juggernaut that the left hasn’t figured out how to defeat…until now.

And now, AM radio is starting to look like it’s going to go the way of Limbaugh…and be a thing of the past.

It’s sad for me personally because I made my living on News/Talk radio, both as on-air host, and selling advertising on it. Rush Limbaugh made me a ton of money in my career! But I wince as I watch what is currently happening. The first AM station I worked at, a small market station in southeastern Michigan, has “gone dark”. It was purchased by the rival FM station in town, and they basically just shut it off. It was also the place that gave Phil Donahue his start (though he became a LOT more famous than I ever did!)

But Joe Biden’s love of electric cars may be the death of AM radio. And with it conservative talk. That’s because the auto makers that make those electric vehicles are saying that AM has some sort of interference with their cars’ engines, and the interference makes it almost impossible to listen to AM. So, Ford, Tesla, Volvo, BMW, Mazda, and Volkswagon have all said they are not going to include the AM band in their cars. That means no (or very little) News/Talk. It could actually be the death of talk radio. 73% of all radio listening these days is done in a car. And you should know that no medium can survive when three-fourths of it’s audience goes away. So, if EV’s catch on, either now or in the future, you can say goodbye to the oldest form of radio broadcasting…the AM band.

Now, the question becomes, is this part of a wider conspiracy the left has to once again, take over ALL of the media out there? Or is this just a problem that the engineers at these companies are too lazy to try and figure out? My initial feel is this is a concerted effort on behalf of the leftist socialists in this country to take away one of the most important vehicles of communications the conservatives have…the radio. Remember, Joesph Goebbels, the Minister of Propaganda under Adolf Hitler said, if you’re going to take over a country, you first need to control the media. And that’s EXACTLY what this does. Take away AM radio, and you take away talk radio, which liberals have tried to compete with since the 1990’s. They’ve failed every step of the way. It’s amazing to me that the one thing that could allow them a victory in this realm would be that carmakers decide that they can no longer put AM in their vehicles.

If you take away the News/Talk format from AM radio, where does it go? Some would trickle down to the FM band. There are a smattering of News/Talk stations on the FM dial these days, but it’s rare. I would assume most of it would be found right here, on the internet. I’ve said for years that the internet is going to be the one source for all of our information and entertainment in the future…until something else comes along (there’s always something else that comes along). And who controls the internet these days? Companies like Microsoft, Alphabet Google, Meta, and Twitter. Those aren’t exactly the most unbiased companies in this country, are they? And when they see that they can control the content of what goes out on the internet, as we’ve already seen, you’re going to get the liberalization of the internet like you’ve never seen before. You’re going to think the left taking over your kids’ education is just popcorn and peanut butter compared to the indoctrination you’re in for up the road.

There has to be something that conservatives can do to stop this, and the easiest thing is do not even consider buying an electric vehicle. History has proven that there are always bad ideas that companies throw big bucks into that end up being trashed before something better finally comes along and I think that is right where the EV’s in this country are. They aren’t a great idea, but if you’re trying to find alternative fuels, they seem to be a decent first step. And the easiest way to get away from this whole takeover happening is not to buy what they’re selling. It’s just that simple!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Hochul Steps In It

New York’s uber-leftist socialist Governor, Kathy Hochul has stepped in it again. This lady seems to be perpetually on the wrong side of the road on pretty much every issue out there. Yet, she’s still standing and making a fool of herself. Here’s the latest iteration of that.

You’ve heard by now, I’m sure of the death of that homeless and mentally challenged guy in the New York City subway, Jordan Neely, right? And how he was threatening riders, and saying stuff like he didn’t care if he went to jail? Then a retired Marine jumped in,, put the guy in a headlock and wrestled him to the ground and held him until the authorities could arrive. Well, Neely ended up dying. And there has been a clamor from the left to charge the Marine with murder.


Yup. And wouldn’t you know it…the Governor of the Great State of New York, has weighed in on the mess. She said, “No one has the right to take the life of another person.” Well, in theory, that may be OK, but she obviously needs a remedial class in New York State Law. See, if you are to believe that you don’t have the right to defend yourself during an attack, you need to read New York Penal Law §35.15, which provides that “a person is justified in using physical force against another when that person is under the reasonable belief that the physical force is necessary to defend the person or another person from what the person reasonably believes to be the illegal imminent use of force or the illegal use of force.”

And this is just the latest example of how liberals seem to be able to want the world, and hate the world at the same time. Here we have a supposed educated and informed, and duly elected Governor of a rather large state that doesn’t know even the essence of her state’s own laws. You would think that someone that went to Syracuse for her Bachelor’s degree, and then on to Catholic University for her JD to become a lawyer would know enough to understand what the law says before spouting off. Apparently, that doesn’t happen for liberals.

If you look back at the number of times that liberals in the country say one thing and then later change their minds to fit the current narrative, you’d be better off counting the stars in the sky. It’s that bad. And that’s what bothers me. We are talking about elected officials at a high level here. We’re not talking about some idiot standing on a street corner telling us that the world is going to end and we need to repent now (though I’m beginning to think those folks are more right than not!) Kathy Hochul’s complete avoidance at realizing what the law is, and just joining the chorus of socialist idiots totally misses the whole point.

Here’s the overall problem. We have a problem in this country that has been with us since the 1960’s because they felt it was cruel to keep people locked up in “insane asylums”. Well, they succeeded in getting the hospitals to release anyone that didn’t voluntarily want to be there. And where did those folks go? They had no place to go. So they went to the streets and started living under bridges and on park benches. The libs want you to believe that they love ALL mankind, yet they treated those that needed psychological help like I wouldn’t treat my worst enemy.

And then, of course, they want to blame conservatives for not coming to the rescue of those living on the streets. The problem exacerbates itself and grows until you’ve got places that used to be thriving cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles mired in sea after sea of tent cities. Now, you have some liberal mayors that want to create “zones” where these homeless folks can camp out, use drugs, get drunk, harass people, and live without the fear of being harassed. Does that seem right to you? Are we treating these folks with respect by letting them live in old, rotted-out tents?

Kathy Hochul is an embarrassment to society as a whole. She needs to first learn the law before espousing her whacked out opinions on how people should be treated, and what rights you do indeed have. And she’d probably be best served to go and get a job at a local fast food restaurant. She’s not quite qualified to be running a state…or a county…or a city.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Another Job For Harris?

Can anyone tell me which job K-baby Harris has been given by Joe Biden that she has excelled at? Has there been one? I have to go back and do some research, but all I can recall is the press jumping on her case with another failure, regardless what she’s been asked to do, or who she’s been asked to visit with. Well, there is the cackling. Loads of cackling. I expect her to literally lay an egg any day.

But let’s recap her duties for the stuff that Joe didn’t want to do, shall we?

First and foremost was she was named the “Border Czar”. It was her job to assess the happenings at the border with the illegals and then make recommendations as to how to fix the problem. She met with a couple of Central American leaders, went to Mexico, and then over a year later, decided to go to El Paso at a time when they really didn’t have much of a problem with illegals crossing the border. At that time, most of the illegal crossings took place around Yuma, Arizona, some in Nogales, Arizona, and of course in Eagle Pass, Texas. She hasn’t ever been to any of those cities. This has been a total failure.

She was giving the job of codifying the whole voting rights issue after the midterms. Basically, she hasn’t done much with that. In fact, if you look at what the state legislatures have done since the midterms, it’s gotten worse for the liberals. Most states, like Georgia, actually improved voting rights by requiring people to show ID, something that the leftist socialists wanted nothing to do with. You can’t have illegals vote for you if they have to have an ID card of some sort. Another total failure.

She did get the opportunity to go and meet with NATO officials in Europe due to the whole Ukraine/Russia war. She was absolutely terrible in her comments from there. There has been a slew of clips on YouTube of her cackling and cracking jokes. Except this isn’t a funny situation. She failed at this one as well.

And now, Joe Biden, who’s in his 80’s and can’t for the life of him figure out how to use AI on his own (he had to have younger staff members show him how to use ChatGPT, and stand over him as he tried it out), has given her the task of meeting with the tech industry to see what the big deal is and why people like Elon Musk are calling for a six month moratorium on advancing AI research. So, she met with the group the other day, and Joe Biden made an appearance, He walked in, smiled, said that he felt everything was under control here, and left. K-baby meanwhile used her word salad to try and get to the bottom of why these guys were so upset over the advancement of AI.

Having K-baby Harris step in and try and make sense of the AI situation is akin to asking me to fly a 747 across the country and land it safely at the airport. Would YOU want to be on that plane with me? I can say with all confidence and honesty, I wouldn’t. Neither would my wife. And I would guess you’d feel safer on the ground, a safe distance away from the airport, cell phone in hand to record the carnage when I tried to land the thing.

This is just one of the many reasons why the Biden administration is up in arms about having K-baby on the ticket for the reelection, that is going to be tough enough. They are looking at rising crime, inflation still a problem, what most economists say will be a recession sometime in the fourth quarter (just in time for the primaries), a chaotic situation where the military needs to be called in at the southern border (notice, K-baby Harris wasn’t called in), and the whole Russia/China/Saudi Arabia/Brazil/North Korea/South Africa thing to make the US more irrelevant. And now they have to deal with an incompetent vice presidential candidate who was the first to drop out of the presidential primaries in 2020, and hasn’t done anything of value since? Harris’ approval numbers are actually lower than Bidens, which is something when you consider his have been as low as 36%!

And yet, we’re staring at the distinct possibility that the guy could actually get reelected if he goes up against Donald Trump. Who figured that one?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

The Differences Between GOP and Dems

Oh, there is a HUGE difference between the way Republicans see the 2024 election, and the way Democrats see the same thing. And it’s that difference that is going to determine the outcome of the election next November. First of all, you have to understand a couple of things. When we talk about the Democrats, they are looking at things from a totally different perspective than you and I probably are. Second, when we talk about Republicans, the Democrats are going to be scratching their heads wondering what the heck is going through our minds.

So, let’s start off with the easy one…the Republicans

The GOP is more interested in electing candidates to Congress, and the White House than anything else. They see what Joe Biden has done as having been a step toward destroying the fabric of the nation. They see the increase in crime. They see a border that has been in total chaos with absolutely no concern for solving it. They see an economy in free fall. And we are looking at poll numbers that show that 60% of the people in the Republican party don’t want Donald Trump to run again, but want someone with similar policies to him to enter the race. I’m not quite sure that person has actually entered the race yet.

The Democrats take on quite a different tone. They are overly thankful for the job Joe Biden has done. They think his policies and programs are just the thing the country has needed. They see the infrastructure bill and the inflation reduction bill as steps to achieving what they feel is important. They actually LIKE Joe Biden. So, why do 70% of Americans, and half of the Democrats don’t want to see him run again? It’s his age. And while the Republicans are most concerned about electing candidates, Democrats are fearful of what the Republicans would do if they got the presidency back. That’s why 81% of Democrats say that while they think Biden is too old and should step aside and let someone younger continue the fight, they will vote for him if he’s the candidate.

So the question becomes, which is a stronger motivator. Is the fact the GOP is afraid of what would happen if they failed to win back the White House a strong enough motivating factor to get people out to vote? Or, is the fact that the Democrats are afraid of Donald Trump, or someone like him that would tear down what they see as Biden’s accomplishments, much like Trump did to Obama?

At this point in time, I’m personally not sure which is a bigger motivator. Usually fear is one of the biggest motivating factors for people doing something (or not doing something). If you look at Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, once you have food and breathable air, fear is the next largest motivating factor. So, is the fear of another four years of Joe Biden (or someone else should he die before his term is up), or is the fear of having Republicans get back into the White House and run the government the bigger fear? That becomes the overriding issue next year.

And it doesn’t matter which side of the fence you are one. You feel basically the same way toward the other side. Democrats look at the Supreme Court decision on abortion, and see that the conservatives in power would do more to take away the gains liberals have made in a lot of social areas. If you’re conservative, you see the power grab the left has made to limit your freedoms, how they want to take away your guns, and print money until there’s no tomorrow. The left believes the hoax of climate change, and the fact they are ready, willing at yes, as of today, able to spend trillions of dollars thinking that they will change the planet by cutting back on the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. What they don’t realize is that there is only 0.4% of CO2 out there. If it drops to 0.2%, plants begin to die out. And plants are the largest generator of oxygen that we need to survive. If the plants die out, so do we.

Who will win the battle? Well, can I take 18 months to figure it out?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Are You Sick Of The Mouse Yet?

I’ll never forget, as a kid, watching The Wonderful World of Disney on NBC every Sunday night. Yeah, I know, it was on the same time as Ed Sullivan, which meant I missed watching The Beatles, The Stones, and other groups Ed had on. But I got to see all the wonders Walt would talk about Disneyland (Disney World was just a dream at that point). And I wanted to go, like every other kid in America.

We ended up going when I was 14. It was everything I thought it would be. It was a two-day adventure of standing in lines (which I didn’t care about), and going on all of the rides I saw on TV. What a blast.

Fast forward a few years when I took my own two kids to Disney World in Florida. My daughter was in love with Minnie Mouse, and my son just loved all of the neat stuff they had. It certainly was a wonderful time. Then back in 1986, I was doing a midday show on a radio station. All of the on-air talent got invitations from Disney to fly down to Orlando, and do a show on a Friday from Disney World. Then we’d spend the weekend down there on Disney, and fly back on Sunday. We all did our shifts on Thursday, and then headed to the airport. We were treated like royalty from the moment we arrived. Over 10,000 journalists and radio DJ’s all broadcasting from Disney World. Then at 5pm, they shut the park down. On Friday it was the Magic Kingdom, and on Saturday it was Epcot. Only the media were allowed. You’d think 10,000 people would be a lot, but the park was empty! We rode the rides, ate the food, and watched the parades and concerts with people like Dolly Parton, Peaches & Herb, Crystal Gayle, Ricky Nelson, and a slew of others.

Fast forward again. Now, Disney is this “woke” company. They celebrate alternative lifestyles to the point it’s turned me and my family off of ever wanting to go there again. We basically refuse anything to do with the mouse. And we applauded when Ron DeSantis and the Florida legislature basically denied Disney all of the perks they been enjoying since 1971, through the Reedy Creek Improvement District, which was a five member board all from the Disney Corporation. They basically ran like their own government, and gave Disney free reign to do whatever they wanted. That is until this past February, when HB-9B was passed and signed into law by DeSantis. That took the board away from Disney and the members were replaced by DeSantis appointees. Now the state ran the district, not Disney.

But the old members knew what was coming and entered into a “contract” with Disney that basically gave them about 30 years to do what they wanted to do before anything DeSantis’ appointees could do anything to them. However, that one is going to wind it’s way through the Florida court system. Apparently, and I’m not a lawyer, the contract was illegally done, and the meeting it was passed in violated Florida’s Blue Sky Laws.

What a difference this company has undergone in just a decade or two. No longer is Disney seen as this family adventure park where everyone HAS to take their kids there at least once in their lives. Now, it’s become a haven for every left wing group seeking to get a hearing on why they should get their own twisted way. And Disney CEO, Bob Iger listens to everything they’ve got to say.

I’m not sure if you’ve decided to boycott Disney or not. It probably doesn’t matter. They are so huge now a days. They own some of the largest companies in the entertainment industry. They own ABC-TV. They own ESPN (which is why they no longer are a sports network, but now throw political commentary into every broadcast). They own Pixar, Lucasfilms, Marvel Entertainment, Fox Family Worldwide, and 21st Century Fox. So, not taking my kids and grandkids to Disney isn’t going to hurt them. And I doubt they’ll miss a few of my sheckles of not going to the movies or watching their TV shows. But it’s my of sticking it to the biggest entertainment monster on the planet.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

But What Does He Run On?

California Governor, Gavin Newsome says that he’s not in the race in 2024, but he’s going to support Joe Biden. You’d never know it by his travel schedule. Newsome has been flitting around the country like someone that’s getting ready to announce their candidacy. So, one of two things are happening. Either he’s positioning himself as the “go to guy” for 2028, or he’s getting ready to jump into the race if Biden decides that he’s too old and too feeble to run again. That seems more and more likely since he keeps pushing his candidacy announcement back. Now I’ve heard, and you probably have too, that it’s going to be in the fall sometime.

And Newsome just keeps circling.

But my over-riding question on Gavin Newsome is, what does he run on? Yes, he’s the Governor of the largest state in the union. And yes, he overcame a recall campaign and won a second term for that office. But what’s he done that has been a positive to the point you can stand on a debate stage and crow about it? Crime in Cali is out of control and nobody seems to want to do anything to stop it. You’ve got a homeless and drug problem there that are pretty much second to none anywhere in the country. There are currently around 160,000 homeless in The Golden State. That’s about a third of all of the homeless people in the country (about 500,000 nationwide). And nobody is doing anything about it.

You have a ton of businesses leaving California because of crime, drugs, homelessness not to mention high cost of living and an out of control tax structure. And over the past two years, over a half million people have left California for other safer, less liberal climates, moving to Arizona, Nevada, Utah, and Texas. That’s basically about 1.3% of the state’s population! That’s a lot to lose in 24 months just because of bad policies.

So, what does Gavin Newsome run on? He can’t run on any accomplishments that he’s had can he? After all, this is the guy that has pushed mask mandates, shutting down schools and keeping people locked down during the pandemic. He’s pushed for Critical Race Theory to be implemented in his state’s schools. He’s welcomed all sorts of illegal aliens into his fold. And he’s tried to limit what powers police have in keeping the streets safe. Newsome also has championed reparations for blacks, even though California never allowed slavery, and he’s in favor of a universal income for everyone.

What I find amazing is that 17% of California’s residents are living under the poverty line. By the way, if you weren’t aware, that’s one of the highest poverty rate of any state in the country! The poorest is Mississippi with a poverty rate of about 20%. It doesn’t seem to me that there is that much “golden” in the Golden State!

So, again, I ask the question, what does Gavin Newsome run on? Well, he has given us a peek at his playbook already. He went to Florida to lambaste Ron DeSantis. And that’s about all he can do. He’s not going to be able to build up his own case, but he’ll try to tear down the other guy (or gal). He’s been touring the country slamming conservative ideas as “radical”, when he is the one that has been dreaming up incredibly bad ideas. These ideas, by the way, are to the left of what crazy Joe Biden has been talking about. Remember…California has already banned the sale of combustion engine vehicles as of 2035. And yet, when it comes to the 39.5 million residents of that state owning electric vehicles, Newsome himself warned residents last year, not to plug in their EV’s because the electric grid couldn’t take it. Am I the only one thinking that is such a terrible idea?

No, Gavin Newsome is about as wrong for America as Joe Biden is. And I think one thing would happen if he were to run and get elected (he would be probably one of the best looking candidates out there, and that is something a LOT of people base their vote on!). He would set this country on a path of a depression that would make the 1920’s look like a bad day on Wall Street.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Dems Taking Issue With Abortion Pill Ruling

You have to say this about Democrats…if they don’t get their way one way, they’ll use whatever work around they have until they find one that works. And Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and her socialist liberal pals have once again proven that to be the case.

Democrats of all stripes are telling the Biden administration to ignore a court order that told the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to stop producing and making the abortion pill mifepristone available.

Now, you have to understand, this was a federal court judge that issued the ruling. He heard the case from both sides, and decided, based on what the Supreme Court said when they dismantled Roe v. Wade, that the FDA could no longer make this pill available on a nation-wide basis. It’s a states’ issue, and the states each have to decide whether or not they are going to allow this pill to be produced.

AOC’s comment occurred on CNN, “I believe that the Biden administration should ignore this ruling because deeply partisan judges have engaged in unprecedented and dramatic erosion of the legitimacy of the courts, calling the ruling unfounded.” 

Now, that would raise a lot of eyebrows in most circles. It actually did raise Anderson Cooper’s eyebrows. He asked AOC whether we should live in a country that just ignored what the courts deemed as legal or illegal. AOC’s response? The judge was using a “power grab”.

OK, so I’m starting to understand the picture a little better now. If a judge rules against what the Democrats want, they just want to ignore the ruling and do what they want to do. If the Democrats win something, and the GOP wants to call it a power grab, then the Democrats want to trash the GOP for trying to undermine the “rule of law in this country”. So, as has been said numerous times in numerous places, there seems to be two systems of justice. There is the Democrat system which is, we get to do what we want, and whatever the courts or the Constitution says be damned. Then you’ve got the Republican system which is they have to follow the law to the letter or get blasted by Democrats for trying to use a power grab, and usurp the rule of law.

Am I the only one that sees this as a tad bit hypocritical? And it’s not just this particular case that is upsetting to me. It’s a lot of cases. Take Joe Biden’s total disregard for the law when it comes to the southern border. Take Alvin Bragg’s total disregard for the law when he says he won’t prosecute certain crimes because they are committed more often than not by persons of color. It doesn’t matter what the rule of law says to these folks. It has to do with the fact that it isn’t what the Democrats want. So, like with election laws, if you don’t get your way, change the rules so they fit your narrative.

That is no way to run a country, folks. We either live in a nation where we ALL abide by ALL the laws, or we don’t. And if the Democrats are able to choose the laws they want to follow, so can you and I. That means that if you don’t want to pay income taxes, you should be able to use AOC’s words in court when the IRS comes knocking at your door, and tell them that you’re going to ignore tax law.

Likewise, if you live in Chicago, which has the nation’s toughest anti-gun laws, you can certainly carry a gun openly on the South Side of the Windy City by declaring that you don’t agree with the law so you are going to simply ignore it. It doesn’t matter what the left decides the laws are in their town. You have the ability, apparently to decide for yourself whether or not you want to follow it.

In a word, what I’ve just described is “anarchy”. It works far less often than socialism, which never works anywhere in the world.

I’m hoping that AOC finds out rather quickly that if she chooses to break a law, there will be someone there to prosecute her for it and send her rear end to jail. You don’t get to choose what laws you follow and what laws you don’t. And that doesn’t matter if you’re the president of the United States, a dumber than a box of rocks Congressman from New York, or you or me. It’s just the way our country works.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Biden Administration At Odds With LGBTQ+ABC Community

Joe Biden has long described himself as an unabashed liberal. Oh, maybe not in the Bernie Sanders or AOC definition of the word. But Biden has always said he has followed the progressive course on a lot of issues. Well, some, not all. He was, after all against gay marriage before he was for it. In fact, when it comes to that particular community (or group of communities?), he really hasn’t always been on their side.

And he’s showing that again.

See, Biden is coming out with a new proposal that basically says while he isn’t going to go along with a blanket rule of not allowing transgendered women (or is it transgendered men? I can never remember) to compete against biological women in sports, he IS going to allow for it except in “certain cases”. Basically what would happen is that every public high school, I assume that receives any federal monies, and all universities that receive federal monies, will have to abide by this new addition to Title IX, which allowed women’s sports to be on par with men’s sports.

All of this came about because of the whole Lia Thomas thing. Thomas was a guy that couldn’t make it on his Penn swim team, so he/she/it had a sex change to become a woman. Then he/she/it joined the women’s swim team at Princeton and set all sorts of records. It’s happened time and time again in sport after sport.

Now, I need to harken back to the days when I did sports play-by-play. One of the gigs I did was to follow the University of Toledo women’s basketball team. I did that for about eight or nine years. I can tell you that in no sport, does a woman have a competitive advantage of a male. It doesn’t happen in swimming, nor basketball, nor track and field, nor soccer. In fact, the US Women’s national team in soccer got handed their rear ends in an exhibition match with a boy’s high school team. They just can’t keep up. THAT is biological. All the left-wing proposals in the world to help insure that transgenders are treated equally isn’t going to change that. You don’t argue with God.

So, while Biden is sitting on the fence on this one, not totally banning transgenders from playing female sports, he’s not fully endorsing it either. He is leaving it up to the school in most cases, and that’s never a good thing. Ask any coach what is important in their mind, and once they get through the traditional, “We want to make great student athletes, and teach them how to succeed” line, they’ll all say they want to win. Some want it at all costs. Pretty soon, you’re going to have a whole third team comprised of nothing but transgenders.

And I guess that’s not totally unfair. It’s better than what Biden is proposing. What I find interesting is that if it was so fair to let the trans folks compete with their “new” gender partners, why doesn’t it go the other way? Why don’t we have a bunch of transgenders wanting to compete on men’s teams? The answer is obvious. They couldn’t make the team.

So, Biden is coming out with this new Title IX proposal. And the LGBTQ+ community is up in arms. They want everyone to feel that this is just a normal part of life to be in their community. They want you to believe that getting a new gender is as normal as getting your teeth cleaned at the dentist. It’s not.

And Biden is in a conundrum on this one. If he goes the other way, he upsets the women athletes, and the women’s equal rights movement. If he goes full ban, he upsets the gays et al. What’s a poor dumb, weak sitting president who’s about to announce his reelection bid to do?

The whole transgender thing should come with this caveat. Yes, we have the technology to change your gender. But if you do that, you give up your right to participate in any sporting event as your new gender. It only seems right.

Here’s a novel idea…tell the truth and don’t let any transgenders play biological women’s sports. Give them their own league. That’s what they’re doing in the MMA and the boxing world. And they should.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!