Today Is The Day

If you’re keeping score at home, today is August 31st. That means today is the self-imposed, Joe Biden-approved deadline for all US troops to be out of Afghanistan. Now, you have to parse words in Biden’s statement, ala Bill Clinton. We have to understand what the meaning of “is” is.

Biden did not say that all Americans would be out of Afghanistan. He said all troops would be out of Afghanistan. Yesterday the Pentagon announced that “the last US Military plane had left Afghanistan”. That was a whole day and a half early. But to be honest, we’re not sure. Because nobody, not Joe Biden, not the Generals in the Pentagon, not the news media that keeps track of this stuff, not the people at the Kabul airport, nobody knows how many Americans are stranded in that country.

And yes…they are stranded. For Jen Psaki’s edification, here is the Free Dictionary’s definition of the word “stranded: “left helpless, as without transport”. Jen, I guess you probably need to call William & Mary, and ask for a refund on your college education. I would have assumed you could have figured that word out by now.

So, we don’t know how many people are stranded in Afghanistan at this point. We don’t know if we will ever get not only the Americans home, but also the Afghanis that were translators and those that helped the Americans during their two-decades long occupation of that country. And the White House doesn’t have any clue. In fact, the previously mentioned Ms. Psaki has publicly said that when asked if Biden was planning on abandoning Americans in that war-torn country replied,  “We expect there could be some but I’m not going to get into it further.” Take that as a “YES!”

I know that the White House is hoping beyond all hope that the news cycle changes quickly. As I was saying to my wife the other day, the problem they have is, this isn’t going away. Think of the last thing that was “front page” as far as the big story was concerned, before Afghanistan’s withdrawal and the monumental screw up that ensued. Do you remember it?

It was the southern border.

And since then, what have you heard about the southern border? Even the Supreme Court has weighed in and denied a stay that a lower court ruled Biden must adhere to a Trump-era policy of keeping those seeking to get into this country to stay in Mexico until their court hearing. But you haven’t heard about that because the blaring noise of the Afghanistan screw up Biden has caused. I have seen some reports that have tried to pin this on others. There was a liberal source that said it was all George W. Bush’s fault because he was the one that sent troops to Afghanistan back in 2001 after 9/11. That is true. Unfortunately, there have been three presidents since then, and only one has withdrawn troops completely, and did so in such a fashion that there was utter chaos on the ground.

So, the chances that this dies down anytime soon are practically none. Don’t forget, it’s going to mean there will be hearings in Congress about what went wrong, and how to fix it. Democrats in charge are going to want to push this past next November’s midterm elections. They were already expected to lose the House and probably the Senate anyway, and this Biden-caused mishap is only going to exacerbate the situation. The sooner Congress breaks with Biden on this one and lays it at his feet the better off they are going to be. And can you just hear the debate between some yet-to-be-named Republican candidate and Joe Biden or K-baby Harris when the Republican running for the highest office in the land in 2024, asks Joe Biden how he sleeps at night knowing he left Americans stranded in Afghanistan?

As you go about your day today, say a quick prayer for the thousands of people that Joe Biden has abandoned (Jen Psaki’s word, not mine) in Afghanistan. They are going to need all the prayers they can get.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Are You Kidding Me?

Let’s analyze some facts for a few minutes. In the past few weeks we’ve seen a bungling president totally screw up a withdrawal from a country we’ve wanted to get out of for some time. We’ve seen inflation take off like one of those planes leaving Afghanistan. We’ve watched as crime in the streets of our major cities continues to spin out of control. We’re seeing the latest “variant” of COVID taking over the world, and our government’s response is to go back to wearing masks, even though there have been several studies that show that doesn’t help. And we’re watching the southern border turn to a colander, where anyone that wants to cross can, and not be criticized.

And what’s the big news of the day?

Mike Richards is stepping down as the new host of Jeopardy! because it was discovered that eight years ago he said some disparaging remarks against women and Jews in a podcast.

Is this what America has sunk to?

I have watched this go on now for almost a week. Richards, who was the executive producer of the show in Alex Trebek’s final season before his death, and Sony Pictures, who owns the show announced that after trying out dozens of people to sit in and host the show, they were going to elevate Richards to the top spot. But then something akin of a Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearing took hold. Fans got up in arms over the selection. I guess they were looking for someone more like LeVar Burton, or Savannah Guthrie to take it, right? As if whoever hosts a gameshow really matters? Mayim Bialik was named after the initial reaction as a co-host, which makes sense. She’s the only one with a PhD, and is probably the smartest one of everyone that tried out, Ken Jennings included.

But I cannot believe that everyone in the country seems to be upset over this. I guess it was like this when Bob Barker left The Price Is Right, but again, I really didn’t care since I didn’t watch it. I mean, I like Jeopardy!, but I’m not that enthralled with whomever is giving the answers. You could pick people off the street of Ames, Iowa for all I care. And I have a hard time believing that most Americans give two shakes of salt who it is either.

Granted, the show is in it’s 38th season of syndication. That’s like unheard of. That and Wheel of Fortune, the other show that usually shares the 7pm-8pm time slot around most of the country is certainly an anomaly. But are we as a nation really that far off the rails that we are protesting who a gameshow host is? Really?

I would like to think we care more about a president of this country that can’t do an interview with the media without screwing up. He can’t answer the simplest questions on Afghanistan without walking away from a podium. He finds it necessary to go and hide in a basement or Camp David to avoid being criticized. His VP is as much a bumbling fool as he is, and hasn’t done a damn thing on the southern border, even though she has been tabbed as the “point person”.

Are we to the point that we’re more concerned with the lottery numbers in Mega Millions than we are about getting 15,000 Americans home from Afghanistan? Are we really to the point that we’d rather watch The Simpson’s or Jeopardy! than care about what happens at the southern border, or dealing with COVID? If so, forget trying to muster a fight against the socialists. We’ve already been defeated. Waive the white flag, lay in to a good hearty stock of rice and duck’s feet because the Chinese will be here to take over any minute!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Time For CNN To Bounce Cuomo?

I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for media companies that are loyal to their employees. Now, saying that, realize that not every media employee is a gem. There are an awful lot of them that are really rank. I can say that there were times in my career when something I said or did was actually supported by upper management, even though it may have been, shall we say, questionable? But I appreciated them telling whomever was coming after me that they supported me. They could tell that I was overall an asset to the company, not a detriment, and if I screwed up on this occasion, I may get a talking to, but I wasn’t going to get fired.

So, it’s with that little backstory that I can say, I fully understand CNN wanting to continue to support Chris Cuomo. He’s got a decent sized (though shrinking) audience on their news channel. And he’s been loyal to them, even if he’s made a mockery of journalism with what he’s done regarding his brothers problems in New York.

But I think there comes a time when you have to ask yourself as a corporation, is this still good to back this guy or is it time to cut him loose? That time is here for CNN.

Every major media outlet everywhere has asked that question at least once in their life cycle. I have known some very good people who got bounced for very bad reasons. I worked with a guy who was doing a morning show, that got into trouble because something he said was misconstrued by the NAACP. It took several meetings, lots of hand wringing and eventually, he was let go. What he said wasn’t that bad, it was the way it was said.

And then you’ve got several folks even at the conservative Fox News that have been let go for their stances. Usually it’s for sexual abuse at that news channel, but there are other things. Roger Ailes, the guy that was at the top forever at Fox News had it happen to him. So did Eric Bolling, Bill O’Reilly, and others. And still others like Glenn Beck got into trouble for other reasons and were bounced from the network. There were several “contributors” that also got bounced, most recently Judge Andrew Nepolitano. Usually their contracts aren’t renewed and they silently slip away without notice. It’s only when you find them at CBS or MSNBC that you find that they’ve been booted.

But it’s time for CNN to decide to let Chris Cuomo go. It’s reached the point, as Andrew departs office this week, that he is no longer an asset to their struggling network. With the network now turning on Joe Biden for his totally insipid and monstrously bad decisions regarding Afghanistan, the southern border, and COVID, it may be time to bring someone fresh in to replace Cuomo. He’s been given enough leeway to last a lifetime. His lifeline has pretty much reached the breaking point.

And it could very well be time for CNN to change it’s political philosophy. I’m not saying they need to be conservative. They certainly don’t need to become another Newsmax. But it could very well be that they could use this whole Biden administration screw up and Andrew Cuomo resignation to examine whether or not they want to stay in bed with Democrats and liberals. The same could be said about MSNBC, who is having a very hard time convincing Morning Joe and his wife that they need to stop crawling into bed with the socialists. Maybe it’s time to get a little bit more back to “normal” journalism, and a lot less of screaming meemies!

It would be nice if the broadcast networks, all of whom jumped on the anti-Trump train, as well as the NY Times, the Washington Post, and the cable news idiots at CNN and MSNBC returned to the day of unbiased news reporting. I don’t need anyone telling me how to interpret the news. I can certainly do that myself. Just report it and let me decide. After all, isn’t that what vaulted Fox News to the top of the cable news heap to begin with? Maybe there’s something to that philosophy?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

And In The Blink Of An Eye…

I was sitting here, watching TV with my wife. A message got sent to me via my cell phone. A lady that I had spent probably ten years with her as our number one news person in my radio station had passed away. And you’re going to have to forgive me, but I cried.

I ask for the apologies because I didn’t cry when my father passed away. He really wasn’t a father to me. He was a sperm donor. Period. I failed in my Ten Commandments. I couldn’t honor him. He left my mother, who is a saint, and my two brothers and I when I was all of 7 years old. My middle brother was 4. My youngest brother wasn’t even 1. And yet, when this lady passed away I cried. She was a great lady. A great talent, and she will be missed.

I received the notice via messenger, and when I did, the tears flowed. She was super-talented. She was a great lady. She was a great person. And I felt bad for her family. I felt bad that I only had a few short years to get to know her, yet she was one of those people that was always smiling, always positive, never really cared what was going wrong in her life, she brought a positive vibe to the workplace. That’s a very rare commodity, even back then. Today, I’m sure that’s even more rare.

When she was originally diagnosed with cancer, the community surrounded her with love and support. I called her from the desert to let her know she was in my prayers. She was a true friend. She was a positive influence in my life.

So, Mary Beth, I’m sorry, but I know you’re not suffering and you’re in a better place. For your family I’m in mourning with you. It’s terribly sad when a such a great person leaves us, regardless of the situation. Please know I pray for you and your family every night, and I’ve shed more tears for you than I can ever muster for others. You have been not only an inspiration to me, but for thousands of people. May God embrace your soul and show you the grandest room available in heaven. You deserve it.

For the rest of us still here, the lesson is clear. Embrace your loved ones. Let them know how special they are. Because even if they are viewed as “just” co-workers, they are positive influences in your life. Even if you haven’t talked to them in seven or eight years, they have been an extremely positive influence in what you have achieved here on Earth. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Call them today!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

CNN, MSNBC Continue To Struggle

You would have thought that once Donald Trump was out of office, and Joe Biden had replaced him in the White House, the friendlier confines of socialist media like CNN and MSNBC would do well covering the much more liberal Biden administration. And you’d be dead wrong.

CNN has had problems since January. Jake Tapper, as Donald Trump recently pointed out, has lost about 70% of his network’s audience since Biden took over. Tapper is generally regarded as the most professional of the CNN journalists (are there any true journalists left over there?). Tapper’s program “The Lead” has lost about 75% of it’s audience since January.

But he’s not alone.

Brian Stelter, host of “Reliable Sources” has dropped over half of his audience during that time. In fact, for the last three months, this nationally broadcast show has failed to reach a million people. In June that number was down to 786,000 people. There are LOCAL radio programs that reach more people than that!

Meanwhile at MSNBC, their numbers continue to crater. As with CNN, the main reason at MSNBC seems to be a credibility problem. They are locked in this Kumbaya dance with the Biden administration, only covering positive news, while shunning the gaffes, miscues, scandals, and disasters that have been commonplace since January 20th. When a story doesn’t show that administration in a positive light, it’s CNN and MSNBC’s response to just ignore the news, treat it like it never happened. That would work well if they were the BBC, or Rossiya 24 (Russia’s largest TV News station), were ignoring the problem since they are basically the only national news outlets in their country. But in the US, you’ve got options. While Fox News cratered after the election, they’ve bounced back some. And the big winner is upstart Newsmax who seems to have picked up a good share of the folks that used to turn into Fox News.

So, what does all of this mean in terms that any of us care about? I mean, who really cares if Jake Tapper does a show at night or if Brian Stelter has a job tomorrow? It shows a lot about media. It shows a lot about the fickleness of the American public. And it shows that the socialist media’s assertion that they control the news, and they’ll tell you what they think you need to know is misguided. It doesn’t work that way in a free society.

If you’re going to succeed, you have to at least show the good with the bad. Nobody believes that any administration is 100% good or 100% bad. And if anyone else is telling the world about major snafus happening in the White House or in Congress, you’d better be saying something about it or you’re going to lose something news divisions around the country thought they didn’t need to worry about. You’re going to lose credibility.

Apparently, it still matters that if you’re giving people the news, you still need some semblance of credibility!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Cable News Continues To Crater

If you are a fan of Cable News television, one thing is for sure. You are watching a lot less of it today than you did a year ago. That’s because all of the Cable News channels are sucking swamp water, and probably PRAYING that Donald Trump is reelected quickly!

Here are the total day breakdowns.

Fox News continues to lead the pack after losing huge viewerships after the election. Fox has 1.19 million viewers, which is down some 37% from last year in May. MSNBC is in second with 825,000 viewers. That’s down 28%. CNN continues to drop like a brick. They are down to just 660,000 viewers, which was a drop of 44% since last May.

The numbers for 25-54 year old viewers were even worse. Fox had 203,000 viewers, down 38%; CNN had 147,000 viewers, which was down 51%, and MSNBC was third with 108,000 viewers, down about 39%.

Those numbers are staggering when you consider that back in the day when I did a morning radio show in Toledo, Ohio, we had close to MSNBC’s numbers. And we were just talking about three counties in Ohio, not a national cable news channel. To say those numbers are embarrassing is a total understatement!

There was one bright spot, and it came from Fox News. Gutfeld! debuted in May with high numbers, winning the 11pm timeslot hands down. That show took the place of Shannon Bream’s news roundup program which got bumped to midnight.

So, what’s this mean for cable news? It basically backs up my theory on media. There is a birth, a death, and a rebirth and another death to every medium out there. And cable news doesn’t escape that. They were born in 1991 when CNN went on the air full-time covering the First Gulf War. They basically claimed dominance over the networks, ABC, CBS, and NBC, who couldn’t begin to offer the coverage that CNN did. And it made household names out of people like Wolf Blitzer.

Long story short, cable news needs something to happen in order to get out of their doldrums. It seems that the only people really tuning in anymore to any of those three places are older folks who are more interested in the happenings of the world than younger folks are. That doesn’t bode well for advertisers, which I guess is why you see a lot of ads for drug companies, and other “old folks” products. My only question is, how much longer can it continue? Some of those folks on cable news shows are getting quite a bit of money to show up day in and day out.

Joe Scarborough makes about $6 million a year on MSNBC hosting “Morning Joe” with his wife, Mika Brzezinski, who actually makes $2 million more than Joe. Rachel Maddow makes $7 million a year. Anderson Cooper rakes in a cool $12 million on CNN. Over at Fox, Bret Baier hauls in $7 million, Tucker Carlson gets $6 million, and the king-daddy of them all is Sean Hannity who makes a cool $40 million a year!

If the ratings continue to drop, there’s no way these news channels can continue to fork over that amount for 100,000 viewers!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

So, What’s Going On With Fox News???

You have to wonder what’s up with Fox News. The right of center cable news channel announced last Wednesday that Juan Williams, was leaving The Five after being the lonely liberal on that show for the past six years. Then, very quietly, but within a couple of days, it was learned that left-winged FOH (Friend of Hillary), Donna Brazile was parting ways with the news network. Brazile joined Fox News as a “Contributor” after the 2016 election.

So, what is going on with Fox News?

First of all, seeing people leave Fox for other media outlets isn’t new. Shepard Smith, Megyn Kelly, Greta Van Susteren, George Will, Andra Tantaros, Bill O’Reilly, Bob Beckel, Stacey Dash, Major Garrett, and others have all left over the last five or six years. Some like Kelly, Beckel, and Dash, were fired…most quit. So, to change out Williams and Brazile isn’t something earth shattering. It’s just interesting that both left the same week.

Now, to be fair, Williams didn’t like the fact (at least this is what he said) that The Five was going back to the studio for the first time in over a year because of COVID. They’ve been doing the show from five different locations strewn around the country. It’s expensive to do that, and I’m sure Fox News wanted to save some bucks. What’s baffling is that Williams has been vaccinated, AND he’s suffered from COVID, so you would figure he’d be one of the last people to be worried about the disease. There has to be more to it than that!

Frankly, Williams was a very poor fit on The Five. He has never been what I would call a good TV caster. He can’t read a teleprompter to save his life, and he never got what the whole show was about. It’s supposed to be this “good-time-rock-n-roll” discussion of the day’s current events geared toward say the 18-35 year old crowd. Williams doesn’t fit in being that he’s 67, and is 11 years older than the next oldest member of the cast, Greg Gutfeld (who acts more like 16). Williams is also a terrible ad libber. His liberal views weren’t as painful to watch as his stumbling through his own ranting monologues. I had told some friends at Fox News several times that there were several other liberals out there that could do a better job at getting the point across. Of course, I said the same thing about Chris Stirewalt over the years. They eventually listened when the blowback got to be too big. My thinking was, Fox News wanted a stumbling, bumbling old person as a liberal in Williams because he couldn’t articulate that position very well.

Now on to Brazile. I thought Donna Brazile was a very strange choice when she joined Fox News after Hillary got smashed in the 2016 presidential election by Donald Trump. You’ll remember, she was at CNN at the time, and was guilty of handing Hillary debate questions before the debate. That kind of knocked any credibility she had right down the tubes. But Fox News still went after her. I understand they even wanted to keep her this time around (maybe as Williams replacement on The Five?). She decided she wanted to go back to ABC, and the parting was described as “amicable”. Either way, Brazile was always less liberal, and a lot nicer on camera than she has known to be when she was in charge of the DNC, or at other liberal networks. She did a fairly good job at fitting the Fox News mold.

So, does this mean that Fox News is leaning the way of Newsmax? The upstart network, that exists basically to promote is print products is unabashedly conservative, and never tries to be balanced. Where Fox News will have two conservatives and one liberal on their “panels”, Newsmax eschews the liberal and just uses the conservative voices. And, Newsmax has seen an incredible boost in their ratings since the election last year. That’s partly due to a lot of former Fox News viewers that left that cable channel for greener pastures after the election coverage, which even Fox admits sucked.

Either way, Fox will proceed. We haven’t seen Marie Harf in a while (that’s a good thing). And we’re starting to see a lot more of Jessica Tarlov, who was on The Five on Friday. Maybe Fox News is starting to go more with the younger liberal anyway. The good news on that is, they’re views are totally out of mainstream, and they’re so much easier to argue against!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

How Not To Be A Journalist

I never went to J-School. That’s what most journalists call the college that they ended up attending. It of course, stands for “Journalism School”. There are a couple in the country that are very well renown. Syracuse, Missouri, and Northwestern are probably the three most popular, though pretty much every college in the country offers a degree in journalism. And back when I was in school, and yes, I did take a few J-School classes, there was a very strict policy that you abided by. You never, EVER wanted to give up your credibility. To have a conflict of interest of any sort was instant death. You’d not only be fired from your job, you’d probably be black-balled in the industry, and most likely would end up writing columns for some weekly shopper rag that’s passed out for free.

My how times have changed.

No self respecting journalist would have ever stooped to the level that we’ve seen Chris Cuomo from CNN dive to. In case you’ve missed it, Cuomo, the younger brother to New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo, has been advising his older brother during his two scandals, the sexual abuse scandal he’s embroiled in, and more importantly, the nursing home death scandal that erupted during the COVID pandemic a year ago. First of all, you have to understand. Journalists are there to COVER the story, not become the story. Chris Cuomo forgot about that. Second, they should not allow their personal beliefs and prejudices to get in the way of the facts. They aren’t supposed to “spin” the story, they are supposed to report the story. And they are supposed to present only facts that have been checked and re-checked, through multiple sources.

Chris Cuomo has failed on all accounts.

He got embroiled in his brother’s scandals almost from the beginning. That should have been enough for CNN to fire him right then and there. It became obvious very early on that Cuomo could not remain unbiased when dealing with his brother’s trials and tribulations. But CNN decided to turn the other cheek and ignore it. They forbid Cuomo to be involved in any story regarding Andrew, but never took him off the air, which any self-respecting news outlet would have done immediately.

Cuomo’s response to all of this? Well, it came out recently that not only has he been biased toward his brother, something I think we call could excuse him for, but he had been advising him on how to handle all of the negative news. He should have distanced himself from his brother’s problems and not had any contact. Instead, he was talking to him several times a day. And he was keeping his prime time show on CNN every night. But Cuomo told the world that he had a responsibility to his family and that came first. I’m fine with that. But a journalist, like everyone else, cannot serve two masters. His job’s master isn’t CNN, it’s you and me and anyone that watches CNN and expects fair coverage of the day’s events. If you can’t be unbiased with your family, you have to give up the show. Cuomo failed on that account.

Like Brian Williams, Dan Rather, and a host of other “journalists” who either made up stories, edited stories to spin them a certain way, or displayed immense bias, Cuomo needs to go. If CNN doesn’t have the balls to fire him outright, it’s up to America to do the job for them. That’s done by not watching him. Low ratings are always a killer in TV news. And no one, not even Christ Cuomo is above that tenet.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Golden Globes Get Axed

Oh, I’m sure they are still going to go ahead and host the awards. I mean, after all, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) isn’t going to go into hiding, over the latest announcement. But they aren’t going to have millions of people, or even a million people watching them. That’s for sure.

In case you missed it, NBC has decided NOT to air the 2022 version of the Golden Globe Awards.

Now, if you listen to NBC, it has nothing to do with sagging ratings. The Golden Globes, like the rest of the award shows out there, have been on a severe slide over the past several years. In-depth analysis as to why ratings suck so bad is basically because America is tired of hearing mamby-pamby Hollywood stars complain and gripe about the world as they see it. Gone are the days of stars thanking their co-stars, or their directors, or their producers, or their agents…or God forbid…God! No, it’s not ratings that have sunk the Golden Globes.

It’s the fact that the HFPA doesn’t have a single black member in it’s midst. And that’s garnered the attention of not only NBC, but also Netflix (who’s in bed with the Obama’s), and Amazon.

So, forget the fact that NBC basically would have to either give away the airtime as a bonus to advertisers who bought regularly scheduled programming, or charge so little that they’d not be able to pay the floor director minimum wage. They say the real reason is because they aren’t following black lives matter close enough. Anyone in media, anyone who’s ever worked in media, we know better.

Understand this. Media is all about money. It’s about the all-mighty dollar. The cost per rating point (CPP), and the ability to pack in the 18-49 and 25-54 demo’s. And frankly, awards shows are pulling people in today about as much as 1980’s westerns were pulling people in. They aren’t.

The networks just found an interesting scapegoat to blame it on.

Now, NBC says that they’ll be back in 2023, IF the HFPA puts some people of color in their midst. They just don’t want to see more excuses for “white supremacy” calling the shots prior to the Oscars! If you believe that, I’ve got a bridge in Lake Havisu City I’d like to sell you. It’s a neat bridge too! At a bargain basement price!

What you’re starting to see with the Golden Globes, you’re going to see with the rest of these awards shows. No, they aren’t going to blame the uber-socialist actors and actresses that want to smash Donald Trump’s face with their hard-won award. You’re going to start seeing more and more of these things because two and three hours of network airtime is expensive as hell, and they don’t want to give it away for a bunch of white actors and actresses to get up and spout off on how racist all of us whites are. They’d much rather let some of the off-brand networks like Sci-Fi, or Hallmark run the awards show, so they can continue to air reruns of Law & Order SVU (it does, after all, feature Ice T!)

The award show glitz and glamor of the past is over. Americans no longer care about popping popcorn and watching Meryl Streep pick up yet another award, even if she does scream bloody murder how people are dying in Africa. Very few of these actor types are donating enough to do a damn thing about it. In fact, I think the only group that has ever done enough to even be measured was the t-shirt sales that U2 sold in their concerts. That actually did make a difference. The rest was, as they say, a fart in the ocean.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Saying Goodbye To “Circle Back”

Oh, it happens in Washington, DC a lot. In fact, Donald Trump had not one, not two, not three, but FOUR Press Secretaries over his four year term in the White House. But I don’t think that any of them made their intentions known publicly only four months into the job. Jen “Circle Back” Psaki is looking to move on.

Now, the official reason Psaki is giving is because she’s got rather small kids. Her oldest daughter is just starting Kindergarten this fall, and she says she wants to spend time with “her magical unicorn”. But you and I know that can’t be all of it.

The Press Secretary’s job is a 24/7, type of deal. It’s not something anyone would want to aspire to. I mean, if you’re looking at something like a 9 to 5 type of job, go down to your local bank branch. Press Secretaries have to be on call all the time. There isn’t a day off in the White House, and that means there is always news being made, and that means there are always reporters wanting to know every little detail about every little thing. With this president, it’s what time did he take his nap?; Did he get his oatmeal for breakfast today? How many lies has he told? Why hasn’t K-baby Harris gone to the southern border yet? And a myriad of other questions.

Psaki, you’ll recall was the State Department spokesperson when Hillary was there. She did a pretty good job, looked halfway decent on camera, and was able to do a semi-credible job at handling those guys at Foggy Bottom. And she was certainly a ton better than her replacement, Marie “Neato” Harf, who really was the epitome of a dumb blonde. Psaki got booted upstairs to the White House, though never took over the role of Press Secretary.

This go-around, she appears to have exemplified the Peter Principle. She appears to be well over her head, and I’m not so sure it’s her fault. She has her hands full making a stumbling, bumbling idiot like Joe Biden look and sound like he belongs as leader of the free world. It’s a job I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy, because quite frankly, you’re going to end up losing, regardless what you say, or what you do.

Psaki told David Axelrod in his podcast recently that she probably will leave within the next year. That would put her on par with a bunch of Press Secretaries. And I would look for her to show up somewhere like CNN or MSNBC as a “Democrat strategist” or some such nonsense. Trust me, she ain’t about to become some homeroom mom for her daughter baking cookies and going on field trips to the zoo!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!