Myriad Of Topics Doom Dems’ Chances Next Year

There are plenty of reasons for Democrats to be worried about next year’s midterm elections. It seems that the “perfect storm of politics” is starting to hit them hard, and there doesn’t appear anything that they can do about it.

Most people vote with their wallets and pocketbooks, that’s been the long held belief. And if that is the case, the latest financial news isn’t very glowing for the left. It shows that while inflation is currently logged in at a 4.2% rate, far above the Fed’s target of 2%. It’s so bad that the White House just doubled that target to 4% for the year. Consumer confidence and consumer spending is on the wane. In June, consumers spent 1.1% less than they did the year earlier. And in July it was 0.3% less, signaling a slowing in demand.

As the prices increase, and the demand shrinks it means only one thing. There will come a tipping point where recession enters the discussion. How far off it is can be anybody’s guess. One thing that is interesting to note, there are 10 million jobs available out there right now, with an unemployment rate of 5.4%. That means basically that people are staying home because of the additional $300 per week boost the federal government is kicking in for their unemployment pay. It’s better for them in a lot of circumstances to stay o the couch than return to work, especially service work in restaurants and bars where the minimum wage is usually reduced because of the bulk of pay coming from tips. The problem for those folks is, Biden has already stated that he doesn’t want to extend that extra $300 past September. to do that is to slow the economy even more.

There are other issues out there as well that don’t bode well for Democrats.

First is the problem that they’ve got over at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. They have a president who is obviously in over his head and doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing. You can look at the southern border crisis and the botched Afghanistan withdrawal as just two of the many examples of Joe Biden’s slippage over the past eight months. Then you’ve got K-baby Harris. She’s screwed up every job she’s been given by Biden so far, and has one of the worst approval ratings ever for a sitting Vice President. While there are several Republicans already calling for Biden to resign, be impeached, or face the 25th Amendment, there are Democrats everywhere crying that’s not what needs to happen. They know if Biden’s gone and Harris becomes president, it’s only going to get worse. You’ll have someone at the Resolute Desk that couldn’t even stay in the Democrat primary until 2020 began. That doesn’t look good.

Second, you’ve got Congress that is spending money like a drunken sailor, or at least trying to. In the House, Nancy Pelosi has all but sold the party out to the Whackjob Five group headed by AOC. She basically slapped down moderate Democrats who wanted to vote on the infrastructure bill before deciding on the budget. The Whackjob faction of the party is looking at that $3.5 trillion price tag and the wish list that is included in next year’s budget and are salivating to beat the band. And you’ve got infrastructure on the back burner until at least late September. And you’ve got Pelosi’s January 6th Committee trying to hold hearings that basically only liberal snowflakes care about.

Third, you’ve got a sitting Supreme Court Justice that is wondering if he should retire or not. The New York Times has interviewed Justice Stephen Breyer and he’s said that while he hasn’t made up his mind yet about retiring, he’s still putting the pieces of the puzzle together, he doesn’t want to end up like Antonin Scalia or Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and die in office. He wants to retire at some point, he’s just not sure when. And one thing he surely doesn’t want is to be replaced by a conservative. Breyer was appointed back in 1994 by Bill Clinton and is one of only three liberals to sit on the high court, since Amy Coney Barrett replaced RBG after her death, marking an incredible turn to the right for the high court that will take years for the liberal snowflakes to undo.

With all of that going on, the Democrats see the writing on the wall. Both houses of Congress are very close indeed, and historically, the party that doesn’t have the White House ends up picking up seats in both sides. The Dems cannot afford to lose one seat in the Senate, and they only have a very slim majority. Democrats have 218 seats, Republicans 211, and there are six seats vacant. Redistricting is said to be giving the GOP five seats right off the bat, which means the GOP would have 216 to the Democrats 213, and there would be six open seats that would be filled next November. The chances of that going all Democrat (or five seats Democrat and one Republican) are slim and none.

Now, while I’m very happy to hear this news, I’m also cautious. As you know if you’ve followed politics at all, things in DC can turn on the dime, and Republicans have been known to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory many times in the past. They can do it again. We just have to be mindful!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

It Just Keeps Getting Worse

I think Joe Biden may want to stay at Camp David for a very long time. Seeing how he basically campaigned in front of his staff during the run up to the election, and spent the rest of the time in his basement in Delaware, it probably is a safe bet he wants to stay away from the limelight. For once, I couldn’t blame him.

It just keeps getting worse and worse.

The whole Afghanistan debacle isn’t going to go away anytime soon. With visions of the US Embassy personnel trying to get on a hovering helicopter in Saigon in the waning days of the Vietnam War, the same scenario has replayed itself, this time in Kabul. Once again, for only the second time in our country’s history, we will come away from occupying a country as the loser. And it’s all Joe Biden’s fault.

Look, I get it that he wants to deflect the blame to Donald Trump, who also wanted to pull the troops out of Afghanistan, but certainly wouldn’t have been such an idiot about it. I get it that he wants to blame the Afghan government, whose president turned tail and ran to Oman the first chance he could after the pullout was announced. And of course, he’s going to blame the Taliban for their needing to take over the country, which they’ve done in record time.

What he can’t blame anybody else on is his reluctance to trust the Taliban just six weeks ago, and the utter reversal in hoping they give clear passage to the airport for any American still in Afghanistan. The Taliban has blocked all passage to the airports. They’ve “said” they are going to treat women better and give them some rights, but the proof is in the pudding and they don’t have a lot of pudding in their past. The Taliban has lied and cheated their way through their entire existence. If you think they’re going to be honest to Joe Biden now, you’re on some very good drugs.

Trust me when I say that there isn’t a leader of any country in the entire world right now that feels that Joe Biden is a strong president. He’s not only not a strong president, he’s a weak person. Running off to Camp David so he can avoid the press, and avoid all of the hassles of the White House while he hides out during the fall of Afghanistan? Tell me that’s what our great statesmen of the past would have done?

You know when CNN is sniping at you and calling it a terrible tragedy, and saying you’ve really screwed up as a Democrat president, you’ve really screwed up as a Democrat president. In fact, other than Nancy Pelosi, who really doesn’t know much besides which flavor of ice cream she keeps in her $25,000 freezer at home in San Francisco, there isn’t anyone anywhere that is coming to Biden’s rescue. Even K-baby Harris is moot on this one.

It’s already come out that there are calls to invoke the 25th Amendment, which would remove presidential powers from Biden and give them to Harris. Now, understand this. Democrats don’t like Harris. They don’t trust her and they certainly don’t want to see her as the first woman president in this country’s history. But they are starting to come to the realization that she would be much better than what they’ve currently got sitting in the Oval Office, especially if they are going to start listening to the likes of Bernie Sanders and AOL on policy issues.

Joe Biden has a long way to work himself back from this screw up. He’s had many already in the six months he’s been in office. But this one is his Benghazi. This is the one that is going to cost him. This is the “Read my lips…no new taxes” moment. Don’t think for a minute, while he’s losing popularity in his approval polls faster than an anorexic loses weight, that he’s going to just ride this one out or bounce back before next November. That’s not going to happen!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

But What Can I Do About It?

The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change came out with a rather damning report on the state of “climate change” the other day, and it has all sorts of people who buy into that sort of thing wondering what they can do about it as individuals. I have the answer for them.

Not a damn thing.

See, the UNIPCC has made one giant mistake in their report which declared a “code red for humanity” because of climate change. That mistake was so huge, it basically destroys the credibility of the rest of the report. It blamed climate change on human activity. That’s a totally false premise.

Now, before the eco-terrorists out there get all lathered up, let me explain. I’m not saying that humans polluting the earth aren’t causing damage to it. I’m a firm believer that our Creator has given us this world, and we are the stewards of it. We need to take care of it and protect it from any harm we may do. We need to make sure we have clean water to drink, fresh clean air to breath, and a world that is like we found it. But we need to realize something else.

We aren’t the only reason there is climate change. In fact, we’re not much of a reason for it. Climate changes. That’s what the whole definition of “climate” is. And climate on Earth has changed for billions of years. We have had ice ages, we have thawed out of those ice ages. The Great Lakes, the Great Salt Lake in Utah, were created by thawing ice. Mankind wasn’t around back then when it froze, or when it thawed. There were no jets, no SUV’s, no factories, no pollution caused by man. So how did climate change back then?

No honorable scientist has been able to come up with a cogent answer to that one. They want us to believe that if we don’t stop driving cars, and flying in jets, and we need to get rid of those damn cows that fart all day long, we’re not long for this world. They’ve been saying that for decades. We’re still here. If you would have listened to these eco-terrorists back in the 1970’s and 1980’s they said by the year 2000 we’d be dead. Earth would cease to exist. They said that the polar ice caps would melt, and cities like New York, Miami, Los Angeles would be nothing more than ocean Arizona would be the new ocean-front property. And they were dead wrong.

The actual truth is, the Earth can take care of itself. It’s not an excuse to pollute. It’s not a reason to poison the water or the air with chemicals that can not only kill us, but every living creature here. But the actual truth, as outlined by former eco-terrorist, and former climate change activist, Michael Shellenberger is that mankind isn’t at fault here. So why the cry from scientists?

Follow the money.

Where do the scientists get the cash to conduct their research? How do they make a living? Most of them get it from governments who give them grants to do their research. And what happens if these same scientists show up with research that counters what the governments want to show? They lose those grants. They lose their money. They are ostracized from their community. And why do governments do this in the first place?


If a government can keep you from traveling, and keep you from enjoying the God-given freedoms that you have been handed, not by governments, but by God Himself, they have more power and more control over you. THAT is the actual truth.

So, put this report from the UN exactly where it belongs…in the recycling bin. They killed more trees publishing this report than the entirety of the United Nations ever planted. They should be ashamed!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Can We STOP With The Months?

Hey, I’m all about honoring people, places, and things that are relevant. In fact, in a previous life, I lived for Chase’s Calendar of Events. In case you’re not up on that one, it’s a book that’s published annually that lists all of the weird days to celebrate. In May, we celebrated International Victorious Women’s Month. Then in June, we’re celebrated Gay Pride Month. It was also African-American Music Appreciation Month, as well as 40 other things we are celebrated.

Frankly it needs to stop.

I get tired of watching the companies and their advertising pandering to these groups. Do you really think that the NFL and Target stores really care about Gay Pride Month? I can tell you that they care about one thing. The mighty dollar (which is what they should care about). And they are doing nothing but pandering to the gay community by changing their logo to some rainbow flag for the month. If you really are interesting in promoting this lifestyle, fine…then change your logo all year long. Doing it for one month, and only doing it in the United States is pandering. The funny thing is, the NFL logo didn’t change in China. I wonder why?

Look, I get it that everybody that has the slightest interest in anything wants a month or a week, or a day to celebrate it. But we don’t celebrate it. I tried to count how many of these celebrations are listed in Chase’s Calendar…just for the months, not even bothering with the days or weeks. I quit counting after June and I was over 200 different things being celebrated one month or another.

June is supposed to be Gay Pride Month. It’s also Dairy Month, Iced Tea Month, and Outdoor Marketing Month. Why aren’t we seeing the NFL and Target (just two businesses I’m picking on at the moment…there are many others) going after Iced Tea drinkers, or billboard companies?

The fact of the matter is, we’ve lost control over what was at one time a fun and whimsical thing. Yes, it was cute when we celebrated National French Fry Day, or Doghouse Repair Week. And part of the reason was, we didn’t have six million companies pandering to them. Yes, Wendy’s offers free French Fries on National French Fry Day. Just like Red Robin has a “buy one get one free” on cheeseburgers on National Cheeseburger Week. But why do we need to celebrate stuff like Fall Hat Month?

We no longer celebrate George Washington’s Birthday or Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday. Instead we do Presidents’ Day. We still celebrate Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, but where is Native American Appreciation Month (I’m sure it’s there…I just haven’t looked!) Can’t we just stop with the naming of months? Is there really a need for a Gay Pride month in June, followed by a Gay History Month in October? I didn’t even realize there WAS a gay history!

Let’s stick to celebrating the traditional holidays, like New Years Day, Christmas, Passover, Ramadan, Easter, Hanukkah, Thanksgiving, 4th of July, and Memorial Day. I’d even throw in Labor Day if pressed on it. Can we just agree that enough is enough already?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Yup…It’s A Little Different Today!

Never one to play favorites, I wanted to share a story or two about someone very special to me. He was special (and still is to this day) because he was my first…my oldest…my son. And it’s today I wish him a very happy birthday! And yes…tomorrow, we get back to the political stuff. But today, please indulge me again.

Words can’t describe the feeling I had when I saw my son for the first time. He cried a little but he actually “cooed”. I used to call him “Coo Bear”. And watching him grow up was an unbelievable dream come true. I know parents are usually proud of their kids, and I’m certainly in that group, but this guy was special. I knew it almost from the very start. And he hasn’t disappointed.

He wasn’t the most athletic kid in the world. He came to me when he was six and wanted to play soccer. I asked him what he knew about the sport and he said, “You can’t use your hands”. Well, that started a twelve year love affair with the sport that would see his old man coach his travel youth soccer team, and become a referee so I knew what I was talking about when I told them they didn’t know what they were talking about. And he was such a student of the game.

How many other kids 10 or 12 years old would tell you not to start them so they could study the guy they’d be playing against? He’d watch his opponent intently, learning his moves, and about 10 minutes into the first half, he’d come to me and say he was ready. He was a great defender, and proved it time and time again. He wasn’t fast. In fact, we used to call him Mack Truck because he started out so slowly it was like a Mack Truck in first gear. But he learned. In fact, he ended up being captain of his high school soccer team. And when they upset one of the top teams in our district in the state playoffs, I couldn’t help but cry with joy.

He went off to college and wanted to become a computer engineer. He worked throughout college at getting decent grades and ended up meeting the girl of his dreams. They were married soon after. Since that time, he’s blessed us with two great grandkids, and has not only been a great computer engineer, he’s also been a bank Vice President, and currently works in the energy industry for one of the largest oil companies in the world.

He is about as laid back and low key as I am amped and juiced. That’s the part he gets from his mother, I’m sure because her entire family is like that. But when he tells you something, you can take it to the bank he’s done his homework, he’s done the due diligence, and he’s positive that what he’s telling you has merit.

So, today, I wish Ed a very Happy Birthday! I wish him many, many more. And what’s so neat is that he and his sister (who I already wrote about on HER birthday), always come to see Mom & Dad and “Gigi” (Grandma) for a week at Thanksgiving. Such a special time, and after having cancelled last year because of COVID, we are excited to be seeing them this year.

And tomorrow, I promise…we will get back to the boring politics of Joe Biden and company!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

UFO’s And What We Are Told

I’ve actually waited a couple weeks on this one before getting it scheduled. And the reason is simple. Since 1947, 85 miles northwest of Roswell, New Mexico, when a piece of what was described as a spacecraft was found…then refuted as a “weather balloon” less than a day later by the Air Force, we’ve been fascinated with aliens. And not the kind that cross the border near Nogales, AZ. I’m talking about the kind that cross the border from the Ozone layer.

It was back at the end of June that the Department of Defense, under a directive that was issued by Senator Marco Rubio (R-Fl) last year, gave them until the end of June of this year to release all of the pertinent documentation they had on UFO’s. They did.

It showed that there were some 144 instances of UFO’s that were identified as such by Air Force pilots, commercial pilots, regular Joe’s like you and me, etc. And what did those 144 instances show? Well, in one photograph they felt that the object was “a large deflated balloon”. The other 143 objects? The government didn’t have a clue what they were. They couldn’t find out any more information.

Now, I know there is this fascination with people (?) from outer space coming to Earth to either help us, or study us, or hurt us. It’s been a staple of sci-fi movies for decades. My point is quite clear.

When I was coaching youth soccer a LONG time ago, and my players would complain that the other kids were shoving them or tripping them, I always answered the same way. I’d say, “Well, what are YOU going to do about it?” And I would answer the whole UFO question the same way. Except I’d change it slightly. “Well, what CAN you do about it?”

If there is more intelligent life out there in the cosmos than what we have on Earth, and by looking around, that’s not a very long putt, what can we do about it if aliens from outer space are looking at us, or visiting with us, or come to be our overlords? We obviously don’t have the technology that they would have, since we have yet to send actual human beings to other worlds other than the moon (and a few folks still doubt that ever happened). Instead, we worry about it. We fear it, we embrace it, we get all worked up about it. And there isn’t a damn thing we can do about it. What CAN we do? I don’t think there’s anything we can do.

I’m not saying there ARE aliens visiting us, I don’t know, and neither do you. Oh, we have our feelings, our belief, but we don’t have solid, incontrovertible evidence. As far as I know, we don’t have an alien body locked away in a cooler somewhere. I know I’ve been to Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio, and supposedly they have one stored away. No one showed it to me (nor did I expect them to if they did have one). And what are we going to do if we see one? You think they speak English? French? Chinese? Doubtful at best.

I think there are many other fish to fry. Worrying about whether someone from somewhere else is looking at us is not only a waste of time and money, it yields nothing. As far as I know, we don’t even know how we would communicate with them if we were face to face with them. So, whatever magical formulas they may possess are going to be useless to us unless they know how to communicate to us in a way we can understand. And IF they exist, they haven’t done much with us for the past 75 years or so. I doubt they’re in a hurry to become our overlords!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Ten Years Later…

As of 2pm Mountain Daylight Time today, I will have been in my current Arizona abode for a total of ten years. It really doesn’t seem possible to be honest with you. I think back to that harrowing month of June, 2011 and am amazed that we even made it here.

When I retired from Clear Channel Communications just before Memorial Day, my wife and I drove out to see our daughter and her family in Omaha, Nebraska. We came back and immediately interviewed realtors. We chose one at 9:30pm that evening. The next day, before the house was even listed and before we had signed anything, he had a family interested in buying the house. They did. It took about 18 hours to sell. That meant that everything we had planned as far as taking our time getting packed up and getting the house ready went into overdrive.

We painted just about every room in the house, and let the buyers choose the colors. We did all of the fix it work to make sure the house was sound. In the meantime, my wife and I had three states left in our “golf in every state” bucket list, Oregon, Washington, and Alaska. So, we flew out to Oregon, then to Seattle, and finally to Anchorage. We came home, found out that the moving company we had hired had backed out on us, so we quickly rented some Penske trucks, paid some friends a couple hundred bucks to help us get loaded and we were on our way.

We pulled into the driveway of our new home at exactly 2:00pm ten years ago today.

Since that time I spent the first three years golfing, pretty much every day. In fact, for a couple of years, I played more golf than Tiger Woods, just not nearly as well. Being bored with 6 to 7 rounds a week, I decided to run for the Recreation Centers’ Board of Directors. I got elected and have served two terms. I’m now getting ready to depart that at the end of this year, and start my REAL retirement.

During this time, I’ve looked back at my former career, my life, my family, my belief system, and found out several things. I’m exceedingly glad that I retired when I did. The radio industry has changed drastically, and not for the better. Local legends have been fired for doing nothing more than being in place for a long time. A company that knows absolutely nothing about radio or broadcasting in general took over Clear Channel and renamed it “I Heart Media”, which is kind of a stupid name if you ask me. But it fits their management style…rather childish. Talking to a former partner of mine who I was honored to do a morning show with, I found out, it’s not just radio. He retired from a Fox TV station about a year ago and said they have the same problems. He’d go out on a remote broadcast, and the equipment wouldn’t work half the time. Seems pretty par for the course.

Don’t even get me started on the bent that journalism has taken during that time. That’s pretty well documented.

I will only say this in closing. It’s been a fun ten years. My wife and I love it in the southwest and wouldn’t think of leaving. The people are friendly, the weather is great (if you don’t mind 118 degrees in the summer), and there is plenty to do. It would be nice if we had a president that actually understood the border crisis (as we do), but then again, I’m surprised he can find the Oval Office every morning!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

WCS Shows Early Favorites For GOP In 2024

The Western Conservative Summit was held this past weekend in Denver. And while its a chance to see all of the conservative muckety mucks all in one place, it’s also a very early chance to see who they like for President in 2024. They, as CPAC does, release their straw poll of early contenders for the Republican nomination.

It really wasn’t that big of a surprise if you think about it.

In first place with 74.12% of positive approval rating (how they judge it), was Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis. He barely beat out Donald Trump who had 71.43%. After that it was pretty much a horse race.

The rest of the top ten were in order: Ted Cruz, Mike Pompeo, Tim Scott, Kristi Noem, Tom Cotton, Rand Paul, Donald Trump Jr, and Mike Pence.

I was a little surprised at who actually did not make the list. Nikki Haley was way down toward the bottom with only 19.14%, just doubling “Other”. I thought she’d do much better than that.

But, if this is any indication of who the early front runners are, it’s going to be a two-horse race between the two Floridians. By the way, Cruz wasn’t close with only 42.86% approval.

As far as the top issues for conservatives at the Western Conservative Summit, that’s not a real surprise. Leading the way was immigration and border security, followed by election integrity, religious freedom, the federal debt and guns rights.

There really isn’t anything surprising in any of the top issues for these guys. Of course, out here in the west, border security is a lot more important issue than it is in a lot of places. When you live in a border state, it’s always on your mind. Of course, here in the desert, we’re a couple hours away from the border by car.

Overall, it should be an interesting two year run up to the nomination. I’d call Ted Cruz the dark horse in this one once again. I doubt Pompeo would run, though he might surprise me. Tim Scott would do a lot as far as getting Dems’ to stop with the “racist” card every time they don’t agree with something, but I’m sure the “Uncle Tom” card would come out from this bunch! Other than that, I don’t see that Kristi Noem, who has done a fabulous job as Governor of South Dakota; Tom Cotton who is a conservative lightning rod; Rand Paul who has run before and has always come up short, Donald Trump Jr. who really isn’t a politician (I’d be more likely to vote for Jared Kushner); and Mike Pence, who probably will never live down the Trumpers’ accusation that he betrayed Trump on the January 6th fiasco.

One thing is for sure. When it comes to 2024, running against a very weak and feeble Joe Biden will be relatively easy for everyone…except maybe Donald Trump himself!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Our Biggest Threat…

What would you say the biggest threat to America is? Think about that for a minute. There are so many different places that you could turn. If you were to listen to Al Gore or that girl in, what is it? Norway? It’s gotta be Global Changing Warming Climate or some such nonsense. If you live in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, or San Diego, California, you might mention border security and the invasion of our country by illegal aliens. You may think if you live in Flint, Michigan that it’s lead tainted drinking water.

Of course, if you’re thinking in the past, you may believe that the biggest threat to America is al qaeda or the Taliban. Then of course, there is the Democrats’ favorite whipping boy, Russia and Vladimir Putin, right? What about former President Trump’s favorite? China? They say they are ready to go to nuclear war with the US if we press them any farther on the whole COVID investigation.

All of you would be wrong.

According to Joe Biden, the biggest threat to America is none of those things. It’s white supremacy. That’s right. Worse than the climate, worse than the millions of illegals streaming across our “closed” border, worse than bad drinking water. It’s worse than the Russians, or the Chinese, or the North Koreans, or the Iranians. It’s home-grown white supremacy.

Now, if you try to define “white supremacy”, you might run across a definition that calls it “the belief that white people constitute a superior race and should therefore dominate society, typically to the exclusion or detriment of other racial and ethnic groups, in particular black or Jewish people.” Which is interesting because I know several Jewish people. Most of them ARE white. But apparently, they don’t fit into “white supremacy”.

I usually try to stay away from race as a topic here, for one simple reason. I think ALL races are equal. There are good and bad in every segment of society, and in all races. No one race is exempt from that. There are good people and there are bad people. The color of their skin doesn’t determine that trait. In fact, it has nothing to do with it. There are just as many misguided and lunatic white people out there as there are black people, brown people, yellow people, or red people. And there are just as many good people out there in those races as well.

For Joe Biden to make such a stupid and inane comment like that in public, regardless how he feels personally is an assault on the 61% of non-Hispanic white people in America. Yes, there are some “white supremacists” out there. Just like there are black racists out there. But neither is the “greatest threat to America”. Such a statement speaks volumes of Biden’s lack of intelligence, and total disregard for decorum.

I thought Joe Biden said he was the guy that “could unite ALL Americans”. He was the guy that could bring us all together. How in the hell can you do that when you’re calling over half of your constituents “white supremacists” as the uber-leftist snowflake socialists are doing? Have you seen some of those ridiculous posts on TikTok screaming that all whites are bad? Most of them are done by little white girls.

Biden needs to get his act together quickly. He is rapidly becoming a non-entity in this country. Hell, he can’t even get an infrastructure bill passed because he needs to kow-tow to the left on overspending and bankrupting America.

I will close with this…you chose wrong, America. You chose wrong.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

What Has Happened To US?

A fan at an NBA basketball game throws popcorn at an injured player heading to the locker room. The player responds by trying to go after the fan. His trainers and coaches restrain him from going into the stands (shades of Ron Artess, er…Meta World Peace). At another NBA game, a fan throws a beer bottle at a player. Former NBA great and current commentator, Charles Barkley claims that the NBA should allow players to go into the stands to deal with unruly fans.

A woman on a Southwest Airlines flight is upset because she took off her seat belt and the flight attendant told her to put it back on. The woman brutally beat the flight attendant until she could be restrained. The flight attendant suffered two broken teeth and a bloodied face. The woman has been arrested, and is banned from ever flying Southwest again.

Throughout last summer, in Portland, Seattle, Chicago, Baltimore, New York, and several other cities, mobs of people defied “social distancing” and “mask wearing” rules and rioted in the streets. Oh, they said they were protesting the death of George Floyd. It was totally other stuff that they were screaming at. They were rioting against the government. They were upset at the police. They were upset at being locked in their houses during COVID last spring. And what has happened to them? Only 300 have at this point, been charged with a crime that could land them in jail. The most serious charges were arson, attempted murder, assaulting a police officer, burglary, and destroying federal property. Their Biden administration has been busy dropping the charges left and right. Most will only pay a fine and do community service.

In January, hundreds stormed the US Capitol building. They were upset that the US Senate was going to accept the results of the Electoral College, which they felt were fraudulent because of voter fraud in basically five states. After stating that “hundreds” were arrested and charged with “felony rioting”, it turns out there are basically on 44 individuals that will be facing serious jail time, if they are indeed convicted. That could be tough to prove.

So, what the hell is happening to us?

We used to be a rather calm nation. We used to be a nation that came together in tough times. I seriously doubt that’s the case at all right now. You have a Democrat party that is so out of touch with mainstream America, that they are fighting for the literal soul of our nation. And that soul is black as the coal they want to ban.

We are seeing more and more abhorrent behavior in our country. Drive-by shootings that kill five year old kids sitting on their front porch, Mobs of Antifa and BLM that burn buildings because they are angry and don’t want to do things the right way, but just want to destroy; Democrats in our halls of Congress calling for getting rid of the very police departments that protect us; and those same people that are in favor of passing a $6 trillion, up $2 trillion over this current year, which included a lot of COVID relief spending.

Basically speaking, the country is out of control. Why did it happen that way and what can we do about it?

My view is simple. If you are arrested for something, for anything, and you are found guilty, whether it’s rioting, or throwing a beer bottle at an athlete, you are going to jail. I don’t care if we have to do an Arpaio (meaning Joe Arpaio, former Sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona), and set up barbed wire fences in the desert, so be it. We need to inform these miscreants that there is a price to pay when you riot, when you beat up flight attendants, when you misbehave. Until that time, we are living in Lord of the Flies. Anything less is leading to anarchy, and destroying our nation. And we need to get rid of people that are self-proclaimed “leaders” in Congress that feel that it’s alright to burn buildings and protest as long as you’re doing it against Republicans or Donald Trump, but not against Nancy Pelosi. Those people need to be reminded that we do live in a Democratic Republic. They don’t speak for anywhere near a majority of us, and they need to shut up.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!