Answer THIS, Joe!

Joe Biden says he wants to be president. Well, if you want to be president, I’m of the opinion that you need to answer the tough questions. If you can’t do that, you probably can’t actually make the tough calls in a pressure-packed situation when you need to. So, with that in mind, the Trump/Pence campaign has come up with five questions that Joe Biden should probably answer before he starts criticizing Donald Trump on anything.

  1. Since she is leading your “climate change task force”, when will you campaign with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez?   Now, to be honest, don’t think for a minute that he’s going to do that. The follow-up question that I would have to this is, Michael Shellenberger, one of the most famous “climate change activists” the world has known, has come out and apologized for the alarmist attitude that the climate change folks have been spewing for the past few decades. Are you going to embrace Shellenberger, like you have in the past?
  2. Why do former FBI agent Peter Strzok’s handwritten notes indicate you personally suggested using the Logan Act to set up General Michael Flynn after you claimed you knew nothing about the investigation? Again, this is a gotcha type of question, no doubt. But it’s valid. Biden claims that he was in a meeting prior to Flynn being charged, but he had nothing to do with it. Yet, according to Strzok’s own notes, it was Biden who was leading the charge.
  3. Do you agree with the Democrat National Committee that the July 4th celebration at Mount Rushmore glorified white supremacy? If so, are you willing to go on record that you are in favor of tearing down Mount Rushmore? How far are you willing to go to get the black vote? Native Americans are against this as well, as they say, it desecrates their sacred lands of the Black Hills of South Dakota.
  4. As roving mobs terrorized citizens, defaced and tore down public monuments, and targeted Washington, Jefferson, and even Abraham Lincoln (just because he was white), you have remained silent. Why? And would you remain silent if these same mobs decided to target you for being a rich, white supremacist male? What would the difference be between you and the people they are already targeting?
  5. If you have been warning people about the Coronavirus since January, as you say, why was it that you continued to campaign normally until March 9th, and call for the Wisconsin primary election to proceed in April. In fact, why did members of your party hold a “party” of their own in Chinatown in San Francisco in the middle of February, inviting the world to come down and party and the Mayor of Los Angeles gave permission for the Los Angeles Marathon to go forward on March 9th. If it was so bad that you criticized Donald Trump for not acting early enough, why didn’t you stop campaigning immediately, and call out your fellow Democrats for their actions that undoubtedly cost thousands of people to be put at risk?

I somehow doubt I’m going to hear those questions ever be asked of Joe Biden at a press conference because the media has no genitalia. I also doubt he’s actually going to come up with an answer to these questions because he can’t even quote the Declaration of Independence correctly.

Sorry, Joe. You’re not qualified to be president!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Can Biden Ride It Out?

I have received a TON of emails over the weekend regarding this topic so I thought I’d do a blog on it and give you my opinion instead of writing the same thing over about a hundred times. The overriding question is, “Can Joe Biden actually beat Donald Trump by not campaigning?”

The answer is probably not.

Overall, it’s going to take a feat for Biden to beat Trump. At some point America expects their political candidates to come forward and debate, and by all measures, these two will indeed get together at least three times, as will Mike Pence and whomever Biden ends up choosing. That means there will probably be up to six hours of Joe Biden being exposed to gaffes.

And, as we have seen over the past three months, just because he’s in his basement doesn’t mean he’s not going to be saying stupid things. He’s a gaffe machine. What is more important is, if any lack of mental acuity is shining through between now and November. If he stumbles and fumbles in debates and can’t recall words as he’s done in his speeches, then he’s going to expose himself on national TV to hundreds of millions of people. That’s not a smart move.

Look, there are going to be a bunch of Democrats that would vote for Joe Biden if he were dead. There are a bunch of Republicans that would vote for Donald Trump is HE were dead. And then you’ve got a small group of less than 10% in the middle that fluctuate. They are the ones the group is playing for.

I’m not really concerned about polls numbers at this point. For one thing, most of the polls are national polls, which isn’t how we elect a president. Second, when they DO have state-by-state polling, it’s closer now than it was when Hillary Clinton ran. And Joe Biden, while having some suitcases to lug around, doesn’t have near the baggage Hillary Clinton had. He should be winning by more, not less. Trump was unknown politically four years ago. Now everyone knows him. That can be good, that can be bad, but that veil has been lifted.

As we get closer to the election, as Trump is Trump on the campaign trail, you’re going to see several things happen. First, the polls will tighten. Oh, they may always show Joe Biden leading, just like they always showed Hillary leading. Isn’t that why Gallup got out of the presidential polling business in the first place? They couldn’t get it right because the respondents were lying to them! And you don’t think that’s happening today? Of course, it is.

Second, Trump is at his best when he’s in front of thousands of adoring fans all cheering for him. It’s his ego. And he feeds on that. He will again. Yes, Democrats may go on TikTok and make phony reservations, but ask yourself this…do the Republicans even NEED to go to those lengths to lower a Joe Biden rally turnout? What’s he looking at? 20, 30 people tops? He, like Hillary before him, doesn’t draw a big crowd, and won’t get the enthusiasm.

Finally, there’s the Durham report. Don’t think for a minute when this comes out and name names of people from the Democrat side in the Obama administration that cheated in order to get Trump, that’s not going to hurt the Democrats. It is. No, Biden’s name isn’t going to be in there, but he WAS a part of that administration!

There are two things that worry me about the upcoming election. First is voter fraud. Democrats are notorious at cheating. If they can’t win at the ballot box, they want to cheat (ie: making DC a state, Pelosi wanting to lower the voting age to 16, the whole illegal alien thing). No, you can’t trust a liberal any farther than you can throw one. Don’t believe me? Talk to Raul Castro or Nicolas Maduro!

The other thing that worries me is the Democrat based corruption. They are so filled with hatred toward Donald Trump, they have no problem with any ends justifying the means. Rather than do as Republicans did with Bobo Obama (though it was a killer, granted), and just ride it out, they want to do everything from consistently impeach him, to kill him. I think they realize there isn’t going to be a lot of enthusiasm for Joe Biden, so they have to do whatever they can to motivate people to get out to vote…either that or get AOC’s kids on TikTok to start filling out absentee ballots!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Is Biden Really Gay Friendly?

Let me start off by saying unequivocally, that I do not have a problem with gays. Personally, it’s not my lifestyle, I don’t understand their lifestyle, and it’s not right for me to jump into the middle of that ring of fire. But, apparently, it IS Joe Biden’s right, or at the very least was his desire to jump in. He did so in 1973, when he said, “My gut reaction, is that they [homosexuals] are security risks, but I must admit I haven’t given this much thought…I’ll be darned!” The comments came, and again, it was a LONG time ago in 1973, when he was addressing a group of constituents at a political gathering on gay rights.

So, let me ask the question on everyone’s mind…is Joe Biden, a devout Catholic, who’s church is strongly against homosexuality,  naming “homosexual acts” as “intrinsically immoral and contrary to the natural law,” and “homosexual tendencies” as “objectively disordered, against “homosexual acts” as his church preaches? Or, is he more moderate when it comes to gay rights?

Let’s delve into this question a little further. Let’s find out Joe Biden’s stance on gay marriage. He said on Meet The Press, back during the Obama administration, “I am absolutely comfortable with the fact that men marrying men, women marrying women, and heterosexual, men and women are entitled to the same exact rights, all the rights, all the civil liberties, and quite frankly, I don’t see much of a distinction.”

That’s a pretty nice political viewpoint for a leftist politician, isn’t it? So, let’s go back a little earlier…on the campaign trail in 2008, when Joe Biden was involved in a debate with then Alaskan Governor, and Republican Vice Presidential Candidate, Sarah Palin. He was asked if he supported gay marriage, here’s what he said:

“No. Barrack Obama nor I support redefining from a civil side, what, uh, constitutes marriage. We do not support that. That is basically a decision that is to be left to the faiths, and to the people who practice their faith the determination of what you call it.”

I would think there seems to be a bit of a problem of consistency here. How do you go from saying that no, marriage is basically between a man and a woman while running for office one year, and four years later, you come back with the fact that you’re comfortable with men marrying men, women marrying women?

Again, I raise this point, not to be in favor of or against gay rights. I raise the issue because of the inconsistency of the candidate while talking about it. We could be talking about any policy, any topic, any issue, it doesn’t matter. It happens that this is one of a long list of things Joe Biden has flip-flopped on over the years. He hasn’t been consistent. He has a long record of changing his mind. He calls it “evolving”. I call it “pandering”. They both lead to the same thing. He will say anything to anybody that he thinks will help get him elected. And that, my friends, is a very dangerous avenue to be on.

If Joe Biden will say anything to get a vote, he will say anything to sell out his country. That’s not that big of a stretch. Your word obviously does not mean anything if you can change your mind anytime the situation dictates depending on the crowd you are facing. And that is one of the main problems (besides the fact the man is mentally losing it) I have with Joe Biden.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

AOC Needs To Worry

So, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has a primary today. There are 13 people vying for her seat, with eight on the Republican side, and five on the Democrat side. And in the weekend leading up to the New York Democrat primary, a contest that determines whether or not she’s going to be able to keep her seat in the House of Representatives, does she do? She is all over Twitter on how she got a bunch of kids to prank Donald Trump’s campaign by signing up for reservations at his Tulsa rally on Saturday. My, she was proud of that one.

Maybe she should be worried about today’s vote instead of Trump’s attendance figures.

A recent poll showed that 75% of the likely voters out there know who Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is. You’d think that would be pretty damn good, right? Well, you’d be wrong. Like Hillary Clinton before her, AOC has a 22% approval rating. You’re not going to win many contests with an approval rating like that.

And the front-runner in her campaign for reelection is one Michelle Caruso-Cabrara, a former CNBC anchor that has decided that the New York-14th Congressional District, which by the way is solidly Democrat, needs someone a lot more conservative, much more moderate, and a whole lot smarter than a former bartender.

Fernando Cabrara (no relation to Michelle by the way) is a current NYC Councilman, who says that the district needs someone more moderate, not a “no show”. Apparently, AOC is flitting around the country and doesn’t have a whole lot of time to go and talk to her constituents.

Either Caruso-Cabrara or Cabrara are favored to finish ahead of AOC today. Either way, the 14th Congressional District of New York would be farther ahead. By the way, in case you missed it…Ilhan Omar, the representative from Minnesota’s 5th District is in even worse shape. She has a 9% approval rating from likely voters, and has five Democrat and three Republican challengers. The Minnesota primary was pushed back to August 11th due to the Coronavirus.

Rashida Tlaib, who represents Michigan’s 13th Congressional District is also going to have a primary challenge. She’s going to be going up against Detroit City Council President, Brenda Jones, who is bringing a lot of muscle with her. Michigan’s primary for the House is going to be a week earlier than Minnesota’s, taking place on August 4th.

It would seem that AOC and her gang have some problems in their reelection bid. And instead of playing childish pranks on Donald Trump, the “whackjob four” need to focus on keeping their jobs, IF that’s important to them!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


Trump’s Triumphant Return

The President of the United States began his reelection campaign in earnest on Saturday, opening up with a huge event in Tulsa, Oklahoma. People had started lining up outside the Bok Center two days prior to the event, and the place had just one thing in common with the George Floyd riots of the week earlier…there was no social distancing to be found. In fact, there were very few masks to be found.

Trump was in his element as he bashed Joe Biden, the Antifa mob, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her socialist clan in the House of Representatives, and do-nothing Democrats in general, who have succeeded in one thing this term in the House. They’ve been able to impeach Donald Trump, which was their sole reason for being there in the first place. Of course, it did nothing because the Senate overwhelmingly squashed the conviction phase, and we learned a few weeks ago that the entire process was a sham set up by Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi. Every single person that went before the television cameras, from John Brennan to Samantha Powers, to Susan Rice, who all said that Donald Trump colluded with the Russians and “they knew” because “they had information”, lied. When they got before Schiff’s committee, it was a different story. Of course, that was done behind closed doors and the American public was kept in the dark about it.

There was one thing that AOC thought was funny. Apparently, she had a band of teenagers on Tik-Tok make phony reservation requests to the Trump campaign so they would limit the size of the audience. It didn’t matter. They could have filled an arena ten times as large. And Trump’s message, though at times slamming the opposition as he is wont to do, was positive and upbeat.

In essence, Trump did, what I thought he should be doing all along. Tell the folks what you’ve done over the past four years, and what your plans are for the next four years, and how Joe Biden couldn’t begin to do it. All he’s got to say is that Biden’s been in Washington for 49 years. Why hasn’t he solved any of our nation’s problems in that time period?

It was great to see Trump being Trump. There was no stumbling. There was no long, drawn-out Coronavirus “thank you’s” that permeated the daily briefings of the past. Now that Trump has gotten one under his belt, and we’ve seen the massive crowds that turned out for it, it’ll be interesting to see what happens when he’s doing one of these every day. And Joe Biden continues to nap in his basement. Yet another Hillary Clinton candidacy gone awry!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Dems Want Biden “In The Basement”

If you’re like me, and you start seeing Donald Trump making stupid comments, stepping on his male member more often than not, and the media picking up on it and running crazy, it’s disheartening. If you’re like me and you hear people like Mattis or Kelly come out and say that they’re not for Trump, that he’s bad for the Constitution, you think something is wrong with them. When you see people like Mitt Romney or Colin Powell say that they’re voting for Biden this year, you have to wonder about their sanity.

And you wouldn’t be wrong.

But what you also have to know is, the higher ups in the Democrat party are more than happy to keep their presumptive nominee in the basement of his home. They don’t want to see him out on the campaign trail any more than he has to be.

Terry McAuliffe told a group of Virginia Democrats that Democrats actually want to see Biden stay in his basement. McAuliffe told a Norfolk breakfast meeting of Democrats, “Oh, people are always saying that we’ve got to get Biden out of the basement. He’s fine in the basement. He is seen by two body people a day and that’s it. Let Trump be Trump.”

Which is exactly what I’ve been saying all along.

Democrats feel that Donald Trump making gaffe after gaffe over COVID-19, or George Floyd, or the riots that ensued are hurting his chances to win reelection. And he may be right. The problem that Trump has right now is that he’s also pretty much in HIS basement. He’s at the White House and isn’t out doing what he does best, which is campaigning in front of tens of thousands of people. Biden is best in his basement because he sucks at campaigning and only draws a handful of people. When Trump gets back out on the trail, and people start seeing the tens of thousands of enthused people, his numbers will indeed go up. And Biden will look more and more like loony Uncle Fester, locked away and not allowed outside.

Trump needs enthusiasm and a crowd…a friendly crowd to get people juiced about him again. And he needs to crow about his accomplishments, lay out his plans for the next four years, and criticize “Sleepy Joe” for being in his basement…not on Twitter, but in real life at a real podium. And for the American public to hear the cheers of the crowd when he says it. You don’t get that on Twitter. You get the million or so leftists leaving snide and snarky remarks. It’s gotten so that Twitter is no longer the bully pulpit it was four years ago. And the mainstream snowflake media isn’t going to give Trump anything of a benefit of a doubt.

One thing Terry McAuliffe did say that I thought was interesting. He said that “2020 is going to be far different than 2016 because we’re not going to have that clown Comey running around ruining it 12 days before an election!” That may be true. Jim Comey is long gone. But what McAuliffe isn’t saying is that you’re most likely going to have the Durham Report come out and as Attorney General, William Barr said on Tuesday, there are names on that list that everybody is going to know. That is also going to hurt Biden, though his name, and that of Bobo Obama will be suspiciously absent from that list.

Biden is up right now, with Trump not campaigning. I get that. And as always, the race will tighten. My hunch is that as it tightens, Biden will want to debate Trump, even though he probably shouldn’t. The pressure for presidential candidates to hold debates in this day and age is over-whelming, though it’s not really an historical thing. We went a lot of years without the candidates debating. In fact, the first televised debate was back in 1960, when Kennedy beat Nixon on TV and Nixon beat Kennedy on radio. It wasn’t until 1976 that the next presidential debate would be held, between Ford and Carter.

In the end, this is going to come down to enthusiasm. And it’s going to come down to enthusiasm about Donald Trump. Are the people for Trump more enthused than the people against him, because Joe Biden isn’t going to have a big enthusiasm for him. The Democrats will be voting against Trump, not voting for Biden.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Biden’s Leadership

So, Joe Biden says that Donald Trump isn’t much of a leader when it comes to the way he handles Coronavirus, the whole George Floyd situation, pretty much everything. But I guess if you’re going to make that accusation, you’ve got to open yourself up to what YOU have done to be a leader. Today, we’re going to take a look at that.

Biden is against “Medicare For All”, primarily because it guts Obamacare and opens up socialized medicine even more. He claims he can “fix” Obamacare as president, but he had no influence on it when it was written and passed.

Biden supported the 1994 Crime Bill, which authorized the death penalty for dozens of new and existing federal crimes. This is pretty much what the more radical of the black community rails against on him. If he’s not going to get black support in the election in November, this is why. Meanwhile Trump actually decriminalized a lot of lower level stuff, and freed a lot of blacks from prison. Was it good leadership?

Joe came out in support of the DOMA, the Defense of Marriage Act, back in 1996. Of course, some 16 years later when he was Vice President, he changed his mind.

Biden also came out in favor of NAFTA during the Bill Clinton era. And he supported a permanent trade relationship with China. He’s been in China’s corner for decades. It turned out that NAFTA cost Americans millions of jobs, and the trade deals with China have been very lopsided…against America.

One of the knocks on Biden is that he’s been wrong on every foreign policy decision that he’s ever made or taken a stand on. He supported the Iraq war in 2002, caught hell for the vote later, and came out saying that Iraq should be split into three groups. He’s since changed his mind.

Biden has flip-flopped on abortion. He’s been pro-life for a very long while, even offering a Constitutional Amendment outlawing abortion in this country. But he flipped on it, when pressured by Planned Parenthood.

Biden drafted the “Violence Against Women Act” which he touts…but has found himself in a hornet’s nest of trouble over sexual dalliences and sexual misconduct allegations over the years. He says it’s just him being a hugger. But a lot of his accusers say differently, even to this day.

There have been several instances in Biden’s career where he wanted to slash the federal budget by cutting both Social Security benefits to senior citizens and Medicare. The latest round was in 2011. He wanted to protect the tax hikes at the expense of senior citizens. He’s been for cutting both Social Security and Medicare for decades!

In essence, when Biden DID do something that most would have considered to be solid leadership, he later flip-flopped on it. And most of the time, he wrote bills that either benefited him or his family personally, or to protect his actions that he had been accused of.

In short, Joe Biden isn’t a leader in any sense of the word. I have always said that to be a leader is to be decisive. That doesn’t mean you have to be right all the time. It just means you have to be grounded in your belief system and unwavering in your ideals. Joe Biden hasn’t exhibited any of this.

Joe Biden is no leader.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Trump Is Losing It

I’m really sorry that I have to say this, but you had better prepare yourselves for the inevitable. Unless something major changes in the next five months, you’re going to be watching the inauguration of Joe Biden.

Donald Trump is costing himself the election.

Trump is making gaffe after gaffe in this whole affair over George Floyd’s death. He was already on shaky ground with less than qualified leadership, long, rambling diatribes during daily briefings in the whole COVID-19 affair, and now, most of his own cabinet are starting to turn on him.

I have said months ago, that the election was Trump’s to lose, and that’s exactly what he’s doing. This isn’t Joe Biden surging because he’s proving to the world he’s a great leader. He’s still a lying, gaffe-prone machine that can barely get two words out. What has happened is that Donald Trump has become unhinged. And his own staff is turning on him in record numbers.

Former Defense Secretary, Jim Mattis came out and basically said that Trump is a threat to the Constitution. Now, I don’t believe that, but it’s not very helpful when a former cabinet official rails in a magazine article against the President. And current Defense Secretary, Mark Esper, who probably will be losing his job soon (if he hasn’t already), came out against Trump when he said he couldn’t support Trump enacting the Insurrection Act because of the nightly riots.

Look, Trump stepped in it big time when he went to St. John’s Church the other day. It was nothing more than a photo op, and it was poorly executed. Trump has not been able to differentiate, at least to the public, the difference between the daytime protesters over George Floyd’s death, and the nighttime rioters that have destroyed parts of several cities across the country. He really hasn’t shown leadership, and has shown that he wants to rule with an iron fist. While I think he needs to quell the rioters, he’s coming across more like Venezuela’s Nicolas Maduro, and less like Martin Luther King, Jr.

I have supported Donald Trump over the past four years, and continue to do so in light of the fact that his opposition is a bumbling idiot. But he has stepped all over a campaign that should have been nothing short of a landslide and turned it into a race I’m not sure he can win. His poll numbers are down to 39% now nationally. No president has ever won re-election with numbers that low. He is behind big time in Wisconsin (9 points), Michigan (4 points), and in Arizona (3 points). And he carried all three states in 2016. If he loses those three, he loses the election, period.

Trump needs to find his leadership voice and start being presidential. That has been my complaint on him from day one. You can’t act like you’re hosting The Apprentice while you’re running the country, and that’s exactly what he’s done. The oddsmakers now have Joe Biden winning the presidency, and they are rarely wrong. And IF Biden is actually leading, there is no way he would risk the lead by debating Trump one-on-one. He will basically let Trump continue to make mistake after mistake and will just run against his many mistakes. He won’t have to come up with his own plan, just basically retort, “I would NEVER be that poor of a leader”, and America will fall in line with him.

Trump needs to wake up in the next 30 days, or the GOP should find a different candidate to run before their convention in August!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Biden’s Box

Yes…Joe Biden has found himself in a big box over his latest gaffe. And I personally think it’s one that could very well cost him the election, if the election ever becomes in doubt. And I personally think Joe is really kicking himself over the gaffe because it has to do with what most people feel is his biggest decision moving forward…his Vice Presidential running mate.

See, ever since Biden’s gaffe about Charlemagne da god not being “black” if he doesn’t vote for Biden (or any black for that matter), Biden has been taking it on the chin from the African American community. There was an op-ed in the Washington Post recently, penned by seven prominent black women who said that blacks “rescued your campaign in South Carolina. Now, we’re here to collect!” Well, if that weren’t a threat, I don’t know what is!

See, Biden knows that without the black vote in this country, he doesn’t stand a chance of winning in November because there are already a lot of white Democrats that are abandoning his run. The Bernie Bro’s have already left in droves. And there are more and more mainstream Democrats questioning Biden’s mental capacity. If he loses the black vote, not that Trump gets them, but they stay at home, he loses.

And that is going to be a big poo-burger to swallow!

So, where Amy Klobuchar, and Gretchen Whitmer were at the top of Biden’s VP list a short while ago, they’ve been replaced. Now Kamala Harris, and Val Demmings, and Stacey Abrams are on the top of the list.

Frankly, Harris, from California isn’t going to help Biden a whole lot outside of the black community. Demmings is a Representative from Florida, and that now is Donald Trump’s home state, will most likely go to him anyway. She’s not going to be a big help there. And Stacey Abrams, a state representative from Georgia who lost the Gubernatorial race this past year, but gained Democrat respect, really doesn’t have the political muscle to even pull her home state into the blue column, much less anything else. All three women are well-spoken, and I can assume are decent candidates, which are strengths compared to Biden. But beyond that, I can’t see them helping him out a bunch.

And that puts Joe Biden is a big box. If he chooses one of them, he could alienate some. If he doesn’t, he WILL alienate some. And he’s basically eliminating who could potentially be a good vice president, only because of their skin color. Some might call that racist!

Overall, Biden has been a weak candidate to say the least. I doubt there are many Democrats out there excited to go to the polls to vote for Biden. Rather they’d be going to the polls to vote against Donald Trump. and it wouldn’t matter if an Ewok were running, they’d still vote for him/her. I can tell you there is no enthusiasm like Hillary had four years ago in her attempt to become the first female president. And that’s going to keep Dems home in November!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Trippin’ Up Trump?

Donald Trump should have an easy path to reelection this fall. I say he should have an easy path. But he keeps getting in the way. He takes three steps forwards, and then three steps back.

Latest case in point.

On Monday of this week, Trump announced to the media that he was taking hydroxychloroquine to prevent coronavirus symptoms. Now, it was a pretty stupid admission given what we know about the drug. I know Trump is high on it, because it was one of the early “cure” drugs for the disease, but it’s been surpassed by dozens of other combinations since then. And today, it is only supposed to be given to people that actually are suffering with coronavirus, as opposed to someone taking it as a preventative measure. It was a rather dumb admission that frankly should have been kept quiet.

Trump also has come out in the past couple of days saying that he was “surprised” that Attorney General, William Barr has said that based on what he’s seen so far in the Durham Investigation, there would probably be no need for criminal charges to be filed against either Bobo Obama or Joe Biden. This on the heels of Trump calling the whole Michael Flynn unmasking case, “Obamagate”. While I get it that Trump wants to tie anyone high up in the Obama administration to the scandal, and there were many during Obama’s time in office, it is best that he runs against Joe Biden and not Bobo, who’s not on anyone’s ticket this fall.

These are two examples of very easily avoidable gaffes from the Trump campaign. It’s what happens when you let your candidate go out and spew without actually thinking about what he/she is saying. And, it’s happening with more and more regularity. Trump to give the press stories that will appear that the president doesn’t understand what he’s doing, is stupid. It’s just plain dumb and it plays right into the hands of Biden and Obama.

Donald Trump needs to go on the offensive against Joe Biden. He needs to talk about coronavirus as a Chinese-made virus that, using the facts and not conjecture, shows that it was the Chinese that have hurt our government, hurt our economy, killed over 90,000 of our people, and taken our jobs. It was not the Trump administration. He needs to show how his actions actually saved jobs, saved the economy, and most importantly, saved lives.

And, Trump needs to go on the offensive against Biden, much like he did against Hillary Clinton four years ago. I’ve heard he’s planning on using the same type of playbook. The only problem with that is now the American people have had four years to get to see what he’s all about, the good, the bad, and the ugly, and there is plenty of all three. He needs to focus on his accomplishments, while questioning Biden on everything from his gaffes, to his mental capacity, to his shady dealings. And most importantly, Trump needs to focus on what he plans to do in the next four years. How he plans to get our economy back on track, and how he plans to deal with the Chinese for this COVID-19 outbreak.

If he doesn’t do that, he’s taking one step forward, tripping, and falling one step back. And Biden is too easy of a candidate to defeat in order for that to happen!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!