Did Oz Dump Trump?

It would appear so. Mehmet Oz, the TV doctor that decided to run for the US Senate from Pennsylvania, and ardently courted Donald Trump for his endorsement in the primary, seems to have decided that the Oz/Trump romance was just an April to May fling. Oz has removed references to Trump from his homepage, and has decided that maybe he’s OK to do this thing alone.

One would have to wonder why! Without Trump’s endorsement, Oz most certainly wouldn’t have won the GOP primary. What was interesting was that when Trump came to PA to campaign with Oz, people showed up to hear Trump, and booed Oz when he got up to speak.

During the primary campaign, Oz wasn’t shy about mentioning Donald Trump in his tweets. Axios reported that Oz dropped his name some 70 times in just 38 days! One would think that these two would be firmly in bed together. But alas, something happened.

Trump’s endorsement is still listed on the Social Truth website’s bio of Oz. And it’s also listed on his campaign site. Twitter exploded with hateful tweets aimed at Oz, calling him a “snake” after the changes were made.

So, I have to ask the question, why in the world would anyone do this? You were grateful to have Trump’s endorsement for the primary, and you’re going to have your hands full in the general election. According to a poll released on June 15th, the USA Today/Suffolk poll showed Democrat John Fetterman leading Oz by some 10 points with a margin of error of 4.4 points.

Is Oz tired of the political game already and looking to get back on TV (no TV station in the country would touch an Oz show while he was a candidate for ANY office!)? Or, is he egotistical enough to think he can overcome a ten point deficit all by himself and he doesn’t need Trump’s help? After all, he only beat rival David McCormick by 951 votes out of 750,000 votes cast. That in and of itself says that without Trump, McCormick would have been a shoo-in to face Fetterman in the fall.

Now, what will be interesting to see is how Trump fares the rest of the way. There are some high profile Trump-backed races coming up, including two here in the AZ. Trump has supported and endorsed former TV news anchor, Kari Lake, who is leading Karrin Taylor Robson by 12 points in the Republican primary. And Thiel President, Blake Masters, who got Trump’s endorsement (along with Peter Thiel’s), is now leading Attorney General Mark Brnovich by five points in the latest Trifalgar poll taken on June 13th. Brnovich had been leading by double digits over both Masters, and Jim Lamon throughout the campaign. And there will be other high-profile races tho show off Trump’s help or not coming up!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

GOP Not Waiting On Trump

Donald Trump has done this for years. I remember watching an episode of the Apprentice one night, and Trump had all of the celebrities in the board room (he stopped giving away jobs at Trump Inc. years ago!), and asked them if he should run for president. Of course their answer was yes. What else could they say?

Fast forward to today. Trump is still the titular head of the Republican party, having been the last presidential candidate. And he continues to have rallies and speak around the country, hinting that he’s going to “make American great yet again”. He did so again this past weekend at the Faith & Freedom Coalition’s Road To Majority Conference in Nashville.

But apparently that doesn’t mean that others that have been also considering a run for the White House are waiting on Trump to make a decision. I don’t think this is going to end up like when Hillary Clinton ran in 2016, and all of the Dems’ out there decided to wait to see if she was going to run.

Two of the potential candidates also spoke at the Nashville get together. Mike Pompeo and Nikki Haley were there giving keynote addresses. And neither sounded like they were waiting for Donald Trump. In fact, both praised Trump as being the right person needed in 2016 when he won. But they will decide if THEY are the right person in 2024, and if they are, THEY will run.

I get the feeling hearing from the Pence clan that Mike Pence is pretty much thinking along the same lines. That means that Trump, if he does decide to run, may not have seventeen other candidates to plow through as happened in 2016. But he may have more competition than he would like to have had going into the primaries in 2024.

What is interesting is that when some of the others considering running were asked if Trump should stop talking about 2020 and focus on 2024, they all responded basically the same way. Trump should do what Trump thinks is right for Trump. Personally, 2020 was two years ago. It’s history. And yes, we need to learn from our history, but I don’t think we need to relive it quite as often as Trump would want us to believe we need to. Just a thought.

Either way, I think I’m going to be buying stock in Orville Redenbacher.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

There Are NO Leaders Here!

If you want to take a look at what’s bugging America, just log on to Real Clear Politics. They have a listing of the “political leaders” job approval numbers and it’s rather dismal.

Yes, it’s no surprise to anybody that Joe Biden continues to fall. The only surprise is how low a point he’s falling to. Pretty soon, these polls will start listing his approval numbers by listing the names of people still supporting him. It’s that bad. His numbers range from a high of 43% approval and 51% disapproval in the latest Economist/YouGov poll, which traditionally is one of the more liberal polls out there, to a low of 35% approval and 56% disapproval in the latest Quinnipiac poll. Rasmussen’s latest poll has him at a 60% disapproval rating. His average, according to Real Clear Politics is now sitting at 38.9%, the lowest in history.

But poor Joe isn’t the only politician in DC to receive low marks. Kamala Harris’ average approval rating is sitting at 30%. Nancy Pelosi is at 33.8%. Chuckles Schumer is at 30%. Soon-to-be Speaker of the House, Kevin McCarthy is at 28%, and at the bottom is Senate Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell at 25%.

It’s obvious that America doesn’t think that highly of the various political leaders of either party. And while that’s terrible news for Democrats who basically have control of the legislative and executive branches of government, there doesn’t seem to be much support for the leaders of the Republican party in either house of Congress either.

So the question is why?

Basically I think it’s because of a couple of reasons. First of all, the country is in miserable shape. That can be laid squarely at the feet of Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and the Democrats that are controlling Congress now. When you have the highest gas prices on record, inflation running higher than it has in 40 years due to the over-printing of money, and a border crisis that the administration and Congress have both declined to do anything about, it’s bad. Now we throw onto that pile a baby formula shortage, a siracha shortage (wait…it’s coming!), and supply chain issues that have beguiled Transportation Secretary, Pete Buttigieg. Add rising street crime in major cities, and it’s no wonder people are begging for a change in leadership. Even Democrats are screaming that they want someone other than Joe Biden running as their candidate in 2024.

It all comes down to what I would call an infectious partisanship. Democrats don’t want to work with Republicans. They are more interested in making the Republicans look bad any way possible, that they forget about doing “America’s business” of running the country. Just look at the latest/greatest committee hearings going on. The January 6th special committee is garnering all of the mainstream media attention right now. They are doing their darndest to make sure that Donald Trump is wounded as severely as possible prior to his announcing his candidacy for the 2024 election.

Democrats realize that they have to do all of this now because it’s becoming painfully obvious to even the most casual observer that the midterms are going to be a red wave like we haven’t seen in decades. And they have resigned themselves to the fact they will lose Congress, so they need to get this stuff accomplished right now! After January, they won’t be able to control committees to hold Donald Trump liable for anything. The only problem with their theory is that people have a short memory and we’re over two years away from Trump actually getting votes in a presidential election (should he even decide to run). That will be two years of Republican rule in Congress, and the Democrats only real spokesperson will be Joe Biden, who American has already given up on.

There is not doubt there needs to be changes in DC. The federal government is broken. It needs to not just be fixed. It needs to be over-hauled and returned to what the Founding Fathers intended it to be. If we don’t do that, we languish with nothing getting done and the country slipping away, just as England, France, and Spain did centuries ago.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Can We Be Truthful About Gas Prices?

The one thing I try more than anything else to do at this blog is give the truth. I try to call out any falsities that arise. So, you’ll have to forgive me when I call the Biden Administration liars when it comes to gas prices. And I also have to call out one of my Senators, Mark Kelly (D-AZ). Kelly is running for reelection to the Senate after just a full year and a half, filling a term from Martha McSally, who lost to him in November of 2020.

Kelly’s been sending a ton of emails, direct mails, and TV ads to Arizonans regaling the fact that he’s “working hard” to stop the increase in gas prices. Oh, it sounds great. But I’ll just preface further comments with this. Mark, if you’re working hard to lower gas prices, you’re doing a lousy job, and you’re in the wrong business. Whatever you’re working so hard at isn’t working.

One of Kelly’s first ads came out four months ago. You probably didn’t see it unless you live in the AZ, so here’s the website it’s on:


Here’s what I hate about the excuses that Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and people like Mark Kelly are doing. They are absolutely lying to you. First of all, it’s not a “Putin gas hike”. Gas prices had doubled long before Vladimir Putin started amassing troops on Ukraine’s border. And it’s not a COVID problem. That was bank in Trump’s day. And, as Kelly points out in his ad, it’s not because of the “greedy oil companies looking to boost their profits.” No, this was brought on by several totally different reasons.

First off was the fact that on his first day in office, Joe Biden cancelled the Keystone XL Pipeline project that was already underway. Besides wasted the millions of dollars already spent on the project, he denied the 830,000 barrels of oil per day that we would receive from Canada. Not Russia, not Saudi Arabia, not Iran. Second, he cut off oil leases in some of the prime drilling spots in the United States, including Anwar in Alaska. It’s one of the richest oil fields in the world. Third, he has slow-walked permits to drill in an effort to increase gasoline prices. The reason? Simple. He wants to bring the cost of owning a gasoline powered car so high that people move to electric vehicles.

Now, I’m not saying that electric cars won’t have a place in our future. They’ve come a long way in the last two years with battery technology. It’s almost to the point that you can drive for a couple of hours in an electric vehicle without having to stop to recharge. And when the battery technology gets to the point where you can drive 750 to 1,000 miles on a single charge, and there are enough infrastructure improvements in place to put charging stations on every corner like there are gas stations, we could be in business. Well, except for the fact that the environmentalist wacko’s don’t tell you that they have no place to put spent lithium ion batteries, so they’re going to have to go to the Nevada desert and bury them somewhere.

And the cost is going to be high for several years to come. Yes, now you’ll be paying over $51,000 on average for an electric car. And the battery cost has come down since 2012 from $600 per kWh to about $400 per kWh. That’s still out of reach for most Americans.

So, can we agree that while some day, you may end up owning an EV, today is probably not the day. The technology just isn’t there yet. So, why is Joe Biden and Mark Kelly so sold on EV’s today? Because they have it in for the oil companies. They feel the oil giants are huge polluters and that they are doing nothing to help stem the tide of the climate change hoax.

And that’s why Joe Biden, and Mark Kelly are dead wrong when it comes to gas prices. They aren’t doing anything to lower them. They are doing everything in their power to get the gasoline up over $10 per gallon. That makes their argument for EV’s even easier to understand.

And that is one of many reasons why Mark Kelly is listed as someone that may be losing his seat in November. We can only hope!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Do You NEED Any More Proof?

Let’s say for grins and giggles that you are Chuck Schumer. I wouldn’t wish that on anybody, but let’s at least say you had his current job of running the US Senate. What do you put first, a bill that isn’t going to be popular enough to get at least 60 votes to pass, or do you try and protect people in your own party that are already facing a tough reelection situation?

Schumer is picking the latter.

It basically boils down to the gun issue. The shootings that seem to be occurring on a daily basis now somewhere in our country, is pushing the gun issue ahead of inflation, of abortion, of immigration, ahead of all of that stuff. The problem that Schumer has is that he can’t lose any of the seats his party now controls and still have his current job. So, he has to protect the dozen or so Senators that are up for reelection, five of them may actually switch parties. I’m also not talking about wild “if we got everybody and their dead grandmother to vote Democrat” states. I’m talking six states that legitimately could flip seats this fall. That would include Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona, Nevada, and New Hampshire. We can leave out seats where either an incumbent is retiring, but it’s basically a red state, like Alabama, Missouri, or Ohio, and North Carolina. And we can leave out places where Democrats have actually found a popular candidate, but will most likely lose to the incumbent like what’s happening in Florida and Wisconsin.

So Schumer has decided that the control of his party is more important than actually solving the gun issue. And as I’ve said here many times, the way to solve the problem with the mass shootings isn’t to start with the weapon, it’s to start with the mind. The mind of the shooter that obviously is in conflict of ethics and morals. There is a mental illness component that if it’s not addressed, it won’t matter what all else you pass as a law. These people that are shooting kids, and others, are mentally ill and shouldn’t be allowed to have weapons. But until that is addressed, all of the gun laws passed won’t matter.

And Schumer is more worried about protecting his five states that will most likely flip this fall, and less concerned about shootings in New York, and Texas, and Tennessee. In my book, that’s the main reason Chuck Schumer needs to be sidelined. He’s got it all wrong. It’s not about his power in the Senate. It’s about serving the people. Too many Democrats have lost touch with that notion. They are easy to spot. They’ll be the ones out of a job come November 9th.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

EXTRA! Not So Great Trump Night

Donald Trump has basically breezed through this primary season with his endorsements. Oh, there have been the occasional bumps, like the Lt. Governor in Idaho getting thumped by the incumbent. But overall, Trump had won far more than he lost.

Until last night.

It wasn’t a very good night for Donald Trump (though that’s a strange comment when you think about it seeing how he wasn’t on the ballot anywhere!) Trump got beat when his endorsed candidates got whipped in a few races. David Perdue got beat by incumbent Georgia Governor, Brian Kemp by a 3 to 1 margin. Trump had blasted Kemp for his reactions to the vote in Georgia in 2020 where Trump felt he had the vote stolen from him there and the state officials, all Republicans failed to come to his aid.

In a down-ballot race, Trump had endorsed Georgia Representative Jody Hice against incumbent Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger. The incumbent refused to Trump’s demands to “find more votes” in the 2020 presidential race. I could have run with Trump’s endorsement in this race!

However, Trump did score a major win as former football great Herschel Walker whipped the rest of the field in fine fashion to earn a spot on the November ballot against Senator Raphael Warnock. Walker really didn’t need Trump’s endorsement, as pretty much all of the Republicans in the state backed his candidacy.

One other race that featured a “sort-of” Trump endorsed candidate was Mo Brooks, Representative from Alabama running for the GOP seat being vacated by retiring Richard Shelby (R-AL). He originally had Trump’s support, and even spoke at the “Stop The Steal” rally in support of Trump back in January of 2021. But when Brooks told reporters, “It’s time to move past 2020”, Trump pulled his endorsement. At the time Brooks was trailing badly in the polls, but he made a resurgence without Trump’s support to earn a runoff against the former leader of the Business Council of Alabama, Katie Britt. But Brooks will need a runoff victory to keep his spot. He’ll go up against Britt who got 44.7% of the vote. That was far ahead of Brooks who finished second with 29.2%.

So, what does all of this say about Trump’s endorsed candidates? Basically what I’ve thought all along. People are voting for the candidates, not the endorsements. At least that’s the way it looks in the deep south.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

All Powerful Trump Endorsement? Not Quite!

Most of the results from yesterday’s primary are in. Most of Donald Trump’s endorsed candidates across the primaries did pretty well, but not all. In fact, it’s safe to say that the biggest endorsement of the night kind of fell flat.

That would have belonged to Mehmet Oz in the GOP primary for the US Senate in Pennsylvania.

Oz is deadlocked in an assured recount as the absentee ballots are opened today and probably for the rest of the week. Oz and David McCormick are less than 0.5% apart after the initial votes were counted, with Republican upstart Kathy Barnette trailing the pair by about 6 points. Trump put a lot of effort into backing Oz, including a Pennsylvania rally last week. But when the initial vote count was done, Oz had 31.3% of the vote to McCormick’s 31.1%. Barnette had 26.2%.

In the race for the GOP nomination for Governor in the Keystone State, however, it was all Trump-backed Doug Mastriano. He crushed his opposition in a landslide.

In North Carolina, Trump scored another endorsement win as Representative Ted Budd defeated former Governor Pat McCrory for retiring Senator, Richard Burr’s seat in the US Senate. McCrory had built a sizable lead until Trump threw his support behind Budd. In the end, Budd was the clear winner.

Things weren’t so great in Idaho however. There, Governor, Brad Little was battling his Lt. Governor, Janice McGeachin, who Trump was supporting. Little won the contest easily, handing Trump his first defeat of the night.

So, it was mostly a good night for the Trumpster, but we need to wait and see as far as the Pennsylvania Senate race is concerned. Trump put a lot of stock in the TV doctor to win that primary, and the fact it was so close in a state that meant so much to Trump in 2020 is interesting. What it tells me is, yes, Trump is still the titular head of the Republican party, but he still has some work to do to convince everyone that what he says is what’s best for America and not just Donald Trump.

The biggest test is going to come this November. It will be very interesting to see if Trump’s candidates can pull off general election wins as well as win the nomination. It’s certainly one thing to win a nomination in a primary battle. It’s quite another to win the dogfight of a general election and actually win the seat. My hunch is a lot of Trump’s candidates will do well, but not all. The man, after all, is not infallable.

Ooops. Gotta go. My popcorn is ready!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Today’s Primaries To Watch

That’s going to depend on who you listen to. There are a bunch of people out there on the GOP side that are screaming that the vote today in Pennsylvania is critical to the Republicans taking over the Senate next year. The Trump-endorsed candidate is Dr. Mehmet Oz, yeah…the TV doctor. He got the Trump endorsement over a slew of other candidates. But hang on to your hats…not all is happy in Trumpland.

Kathy Barnette is a black conservative also running for the nomination. and she’s been scoring a lot of points recently. I saw an interview of people attending Trump’s PA rally, in which they weren’t really thrilled with Oz, but preferred Barnette. A Fox News poll released last Tuesday showed Oz with only a 2 point lead over Barnette, 21-19. The local Fox affiliate in Philadelphia did their own poll on the same day, showing the same results. And the Trifalgar Group did a poll a day earlier, also showing Oz with a 2 point lead.

Barnette has come under attack recently because of her military career and her professional work life, with folks saying she has covered up a lot of skeletons in her closet. Of course, Oz isn’t squeaky clean either. He’s been linked to some rather telling votes in Turkey, where he has dual citizenship with the United States.

In the race for Governor, former State Senator, and retired Marine, Doug Mastriano has a solid 10 point lead for the GOP nomination over 11th District Congressman Lou Barletta. Mastriano has been linked to Q-Anon, and has steadfastly proclaimed that Pennsylvania rigged the 2020 Presidential Election, which is probably what earned him the endorsement from Donald Trump. There are several in the Republican party that are screaming that if either Barnette or Mastriano win the nomination, they have no chance of winning in the general election. Of course, that song has been sung millions of times on both sides of the aisle. We’ll just have to wait and see. But today continues with the Tuesday May Primary Fever for the Republicans. Get the popcorn ready!

However, Pennsylvania isn’t the only one going to the polls with “Trump supported” candidates. In North Carolina, it looked for the longest time like former Governor, Pat McCrory would take the GOP nomination for the seat being vacated by the retirement of Senator Richard Burr (R-NC). But then Trump threw his weight to Representative Ted Budd (R-NC), and slowly but surely, the North Carolina electorate came over to Budd’s side and now he’s favored heavily to win the primary. He also has a solid lead over the presumed Democrat candidate in November.

Pennsylvania and North Carolina are going to further show the strength of a Trump endorsement (which is strange since I would think it would show the strength of an actual candidate!), but in Oregon, there is a race in the 5th Congressional District that pits incumbent, Kurt Schrader (D-OR) against a more progressive, Jamie McLeod-Skinner. It’s the latest attempt of the AOC, Sanders/Warren crowd to get more Democrats in the House that are socialist. Joe Biden has endorsed Schrader, much to the chagrin of the socialist snowflakes.

And in Idaho, current Governor, Brad Little (R-ID) is getting a challenge from his Lt. Governor and Trump-backed rival, Janice McGeachin. There hasn’t been a poll taken on the race since Hector was a pup, but the GOP establishment is looking at this to see exactly how strong Trump’s endorsement can be. Should be fun to watch!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

But Does Biden’s Staff WANT Him To Run In 2024?

That is going to depend on who in the Biden administration you ask. Joe himself has all but declared his candidacy for 2024. That was much to the chagrin of his staff, who don’t want him making that statement. In fact, they’ve gone to rather extreme lengths to make sure that Joe follows their script and doesn’t wade off into the weeds as he is known to do.

There are some issues, as we’ll discuss.

First of all, you’ve probably noticed that you don’t see Biden sitting in the Oval Office with the press surrounding him as he signs a bill, or makes a statement, or answers question. There’s a reason for that. The Oval Office doesn’t have a teleprompter in it. Instead, they’ve built a “phony” staging area next door to the Oval where Biden staffers feel much more comfortable with him holding those media events. That’s because it DOES have a teleprompter. It’s the biggest fear of his staff…him going off message. And you hear him complain about it all the time. How often does Joe say something like, “Well, I’m not supposed to say this, but…”, or “I’m not allowed to take questions.”

But most of the staff are preparing for a run in 2024. They certainly don’t want Biden saying that because of plummeting poll numbers, or a decline mental or physical health, he’s only going to serve as president for one term. That would make him a lame duck. And that would be take away an awful lot of power from the office. People wouldn’t respect his thoughts and opinions as much (not that they necessarily do anyway), but it would decimate whatever agenda he has left.

The tightrope that the staff is walking right now surrounds when Joe announces he’s going to run. Most Democrats don’t want him trying for a second term. But if he chooses not to, he has to be careful of when that announcement is made. Too early and as I said, he becomes a lame duck. Too late and the Democrats lose the opportunity to get decent candidates to run in his place. Think back to when George HW Bush was president. It was a different circumstance altogether, but Democrats shied away from running against Bush because he had a 90% approval rating at one point. Only five Dems stepped up to the plate to run in the primaries: Bill Clinton, Jerry Brown, Paul Tsongas, Tom Harkin, & Bob Kerry. None of them at the time would be considered “serious” contenders, and we all know what ended up happening.

At the same time, Donald Trump is all but sure he’s going to run, but he will most likely wait until 2023 to announce as well. He doesn’t want to be the first candidate to announce. He’d rather Biden go first, then he’ll announce a week or two later. Neither Trump nor Biden is going to have a problem with name recognition. Both, for the third presidential election in a row, are going to have a negative problem. They both have negatives that voters see and they’ll have to overcome them. Biden is a buffoon and hasn’t done a decent job at anything. Trump is seen as an egomaniac and someone that is about as far away as being “presidential” as you can get. In the end though, I think most Americans would rather have a decent life style and a guy that’s full of himself than a guy that can’t remember what state he’s in.

2024 will most assuredly be a presidential contest for the ages. I’m not sure which age, but it’s looking like 70’s and 80’s.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Is This Trump’s “Big Month”?

It’s much too early for anyone to be actually declaring themselves a presidential candidate for 2024, unless they are totally unknown and need the time to spend eons in Iowa and New Hampshire. But for people like Donald Trump, and Joe Biden, probably two leading contenders in their party at this point, it’s way too early. That doesn’t mean that the pundits and talking heads out there in TV land aren’t awash with primaries in the month of May, and what it all means.

Does it really mean anything if Trump’s endorsements win or lose?

It might, or it might not. Frankly, I’ve never given much thought to endorsements. Why would I care if someone else wants to vote for a particular candidate or not? Am I smart enough to do my own due diligence? Can I assess what my feelings are and how they match up best with the various candidates? I would certainly hope so. I know that’s asking a lot of most Americans who really don’t start getting into who’s running for whatever office until the week before the election, but that shouldn’t be the case.

So, does it matter if Donald Trump has endorsed JD Vance over Josh Mandel in the Ohio Republican Primary for US Senator today? In my mind, no it doesn’t have an ounce of weight as to whether or not Trump makes a decent candidate two and a half years from now. That, as I’m sure you all know, is an eternity in politics. Hell, if you go back in time two and a half years, we are talking fall of 2019. That was prior to COVID. Trump was hated by the left, but was cruising through his first term. Joe Biden wasn’t even considered a front-runner at that point. Bernie Sanders was out there with huge crowds. We had really low inflation, really great economic numbers, really high federal debt, and our friends and allies relied on the US to lead them once again, though they didn’t like the fact that Trump put “America first”.

Well, how much has changed since then? And that’s my point precisely. Do you really think regardless how Ohio, Pennsylvania, Georgia, North Carolina, Arizona, and any other state Trump has endorsed candidates in will matter in 2 1/2 years? I doubt anyone will remember that. Our news cycles have gotten so short that I doubt people will remember who Trump endorsed by Memorial Day. It doesn’t mean anything.

So, to my friends back in the Buckeye State, I hope you vote today. And to all of you that vote in primaries, do your homework, get the candidate you prefer, not who trots out the biggest Hollywood star or political figure to campaign with them. Figure who’s best to lead our country. Because if you don’t, you see Congress today? You see the White House today? That’s what you’re looking at if you DON’T do your due diligence!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!