Is Biden Really Gay Friendly?

Let me start off by saying unequivocally, that I do not have a problem with gays. Personally, it’s not my lifestyle, I don’t understand their lifestyle, and it’s not right for me to jump into the middle of that ring of fire. But, apparently, it IS Joe Biden’s right, or at the very least was his desire to jump in. He did so in 1973, when he said, “My gut reaction, is that they [homosexuals] are security risks, but I must admit I haven’t given this much thought…I’ll be darned!” The comments came, and again, it was a LONG time ago in 1973, when he was addressing a group of constituents at a political gathering on gay rights.

So, let me ask the question on everyone’s mind…is Joe Biden, a devout Catholic, who’s church is strongly against homosexuality,  naming “homosexual acts” as “intrinsically immoral and contrary to the natural law,” and “homosexual tendencies” as “objectively disordered, against “homosexual acts” as his church preaches? Or, is he more moderate when it comes to gay rights?

Let’s delve into this question a little further. Let’s find out Joe Biden’s stance on gay marriage. He said on Meet The Press, back during the Obama administration, “I am absolutely comfortable with the fact that men marrying men, women marrying women, and heterosexual, men and women are entitled to the same exact rights, all the rights, all the civil liberties, and quite frankly, I don’t see much of a distinction.”

That’s a pretty nice political viewpoint for a leftist politician, isn’t it? So, let’s go back a little earlier…on the campaign trail in 2008, when Joe Biden was involved in a debate with then Alaskan Governor, and Republican Vice Presidential Candidate, Sarah Palin. He was asked if he supported gay marriage, here’s what he said:

“No. Barrack Obama nor I support redefining from a civil side, what, uh, constitutes marriage. We do not support that. That is basically a decision that is to be left to the faiths, and to the people who practice their faith the determination of what you call it.”

I would think there seems to be a bit of a problem of consistency here. How do you go from saying that no, marriage is basically between a man and a woman while running for office one year, and four years later, you come back with the fact that you’re comfortable with men marrying men, women marrying women?

Again, I raise this point, not to be in favor of or against gay rights. I raise the issue because of the inconsistency of the candidate while talking about it. We could be talking about any policy, any topic, any issue, it doesn’t matter. It happens that this is one of a long list of things Joe Biden has flip-flopped on over the years. He hasn’t been consistent. He has a long record of changing his mind. He calls it “evolving”. I call it “pandering”. They both lead to the same thing. He will say anything to anybody that he thinks will help get him elected. And that, my friends, is a very dangerous avenue to be on.

If Joe Biden will say anything to get a vote, he will say anything to sell out his country. That’s not that big of a stretch. Your word obviously does not mean anything if you can change your mind anytime the situation dictates depending on the crowd you are facing. And that is one of the main problems (besides the fact the man is mentally losing it) I have with Joe Biden.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

The 51st State?

On Friday of this week, the House of Representatives voted almost totally Democrat that the 51st state would be Washington, DC, but not all of DC. The White House, the Capitol building, and other federal buildings would remain outside of the actual 51st state, which would be known as Washington-Douglas (after a renowned abolitionist). All of the Democrats save one voted for the bill. All Republicans voted against it.

The bill is pretty much dead on arrival at the Republican-controlled Senate. And Donald Trump has said he would absolutely veto any attempt at statehood for the DC area if it got through the Senate.

Let’s be honest here. The reason that Democrats are looking at DC to become the 51st state is to use it as an election issue, as well as make it a chance to get two extra senators, as well as another representative. It, like everything with the left, is all political. The only reason the House wants to make DC a state as opposed to say, Northern California, which would add two additional conservative senators and at least one more conservative House member.

Overall, the attempt that the Pelosi-led House tried is totally political at a point when we as a nation want to get back to business and attack the problems facing Americans. We need to face issues like dumping Obamacare and returning the individual healthcare to insurance companies that are experts in that industry. We need to look at fixing immigration so that we can have only the people we need coming into this country, not the illegal immigrants that have flooded our southern border.

It’s time once again, as I’ve said dozens of times here on this blog, that both parties, but especially the leftwing snowflake Democrats realize that now is not the time for uber-socialist policies. This is the time for you to compromise. The mere fact that Democrats in the US Senate couldn’t take getting 80% of the police reform bill, but would rather use the defeat of the bill as a campaign issue is very telling. This isn’t a political party that merely has a difference of opinion against their Republican rivals. This is a political party that wants to overthrow the current government and tear down our country and remake the country in the shape of socialist regimes like Cuba, Venezuela, and Guatemala that can’t even keep their own countries afloat.

Without a strong bi-partisan effort to make sure our country is on the right road, the Antifas and socialists of this country will indeed win. They will keep fighting until the right just gives up and goes home. And that’s the point of no return where America becomes a third-rate power. God help us if that ever happens!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

There’s ANOTHER Reform Needed

You’ve probably been blasted with all of the news on how we need to reform our police departments. We’ve been told that we NEED to do that since it looks like the only people that have been getting killed by white cops are black men. Actually, that’s not true. Actually, there are far more (like double) white men killed by white cops than black men killed by white cops. And no one is talking about the killing of black men by black cops. Wonder why?

The Senate tried to pass a police reform bill this week. It had about 80% of the stuff Democrats wanted. But rather than pass 80% now and get whatever else you wanted later, Democrats felt they’d rather have the issue during the election than give the Republicans the chance to tout that they actually passed a law helping blacks. Then the very next day, Democrats in the House passed another bill that has zero chance of being passed in the Senate because it was way too liberal. Pelosi said she wasn’t going to negotiate on this one. It was take it or leave it.

Well, I don’t argue the point that some police killings are unwarranted. But I think if you’re going to reform police departments and what they can and cannot do, you also have to reform another segment of our society that has gone unscathed.

I’m talking about the media.

Media reform is something that’s been long overdue. The press have been given certain freedoms in this country so that they could report on abuses of power in government, and in society, and do so without fear of retribution from the government. That’s all well and good. But the problem comes in when the media is so biased that they actually slant the news, and in some very damning cases against them, actually make up the stories that they report. Nothing is ever done to them. They have lied to the American public. They have distorted facts for years on what has happened in the District of Columbia. And they’ve gotten away with it. That needs to stop.

So, I’m proposing the following “reform”. Media outlets that skew the news in one direction or the other (both sides have done this, but it is more prevalent on the left), immediately lose their “freedom of the press” protection. If they slant the news one way rather than just report the facts, they are no longer protected and government or businesses can go after them. They could no longer hide behind First Amendment rights.

Secondly, if media actually makes up a story, fabricates facts and distorts the truth that they are trusted to uphold, they are to be shut down. It’s a “one strike and you’re out” case. Now, in this situation, you have to be able to prove that it wasn’t just a mistake. Those mistakes DO happen in media, and they are innocent of trying to be totally bogus. I’m talking here about the myriad number of stories we’ve seen on-air and in print where the story was made up by the “journalist” that was reporting it, just to get a point across. None of the story or the facts were actually true. If they violate this, it’s a certain death penalty. They cannot start back up again under a different name, and the owner of the guilty medium is banned from being involved in media again, as is the “journalist” that wrote or reported the story.

No one wants media to be saddled with additional sanctions. I don’t either. But we all want media to be fair and honest. And in this day and age, we’re not getting that. They have to be slapped in the face and told that if they are going to distort, lie, cheat, and fabricate their stories, there is a price to pay. Just having 15% approval rating from the public isn’t enough. You lose big, you go home, and you’re not able to start again.

Only then will you get a media that is fair, balanced, and honest…just like the Founding Fathers wanted!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

The Left Moves To Do Away With FDR

Well, they haven’t…yet. But they ARE moving in that direction. In Portland, Oregon, leftist wacko’s have beheaded a statue of the Father Of Our Country, draped it in an American flag, and lit the flag on fire. Calling George Washington “a rich white supremacist, bigot, and slave owner”.

If that’s true, they have a lot of explaining to do!

Let’s take a look at arguably two of the most influential progressives in our country’s history. Let’s look at Woodrow Wilson, the father of modern progressivism, and Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the father of modern American socialism.

Wilson, a rich, white supremacist, was a notorious bigot and racist, and was constantly looking to increase and expand segregation. Yet, I don’t see these leftist snowflakes trying to destroy any statue of Wilson’s?

Let’s look at another rich, white supremacist racist bigot in Franklin Delano Roosevelt. The only four-term president in our nation’s history, and the father of modern socialism in America was also notorious in his bigotry. After all, wasn’t it Roosevelt that incarcerated some 112,000 Japanese-Americans, citizens of THIS country back in World War II? Yet, I seem to recall some 23 years ago or so, we actually put a statue of Roosevelt, in his wheelchair on the Mall in Washington, DC. How does such a bigoted socialist, a wealthy white supremacist, get a statue on the Mall in DC, by jailing in concentration camps, over 100,000 American citizens?

Yet, these Antifa-styled groups want to glorify Vladimir Lenin, the father of Communism, and the man responsible for upwards of 15 million deaths in Russia and the Soviet Union in the early 1900s. Does that mean that killing those that disagree with you is an ok thing? If so, does that mean that here in this country, we can go out and kill liberal snowflakes that take over parts of a city? I would hope not!

The idiots on the left, and I’m including their leadership in positions of power, at the city, state, and yes, the national level have jumped on the bandwagon of these rioters and looters. Oh, these people think it’s just a protest. They think it’s just “a summer of love” as Seattle Mayor, Jenny Durkin said. Of course, now that there’s been a shooting in CHOP, she’s turned against that summer of love thing, and is insistent that the police re-enter that area and take back their precinct that she ordered them to abandon just two weeks ago. What happened to the summer of love?

What happened to the CHOP and CHAZ areas that were supposed to be anarchist zones? Why was it that when those people needed something, they called outside their zone to truck in the necessities. And why was it that when they had a shooting, the first thing they did was call 911, the very police that they wanted to ban from the area?

No, people like Nancy Pelosi, Jenny Durkin, Jay Inslee, Chuck Schumer, and Joe Biden have no place in politics. They are all traitors to this country for back insurrections such as what we’ve been seeing go on in this country’s cities over the past two weeks. It’s time America wakes up and removes them from office!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Are We Beating COVID-19?

My short answer would appear to be no. At least where I live. It may be different where you are. I noticed that early Monday morning, I saw that New York was ready to go to Phase 2 of their re-opening. That was really pretty impressive. Here in Arizona, we’re still in Phase 1 and have been for over a month now. The reason? We’re setting daily records for people being infected with Coronavirus.

And I know who to blame.

It’s not the old farts. People 65 and older with an additional health concern are actually in the third of four categories for getting sick. It’s the people 20-44 that are leading the way, by far. And why? They feel, at least here in the desert, that it’s an “old people’s disease”, and that they are pretty much immune from it.

They’re not.

Hospitalizations of that age group are way up. Deaths in that age group aren’t quite as bad. Still, the 65-+ group is leading the way, but it’s the lack of mask-wearing and social distancing that is concerning me. Now, I know that bucks the national trend. It’s typically conservatives that don’t wear masks, and liberals who want the world to believe Trump was so slow on the uptake with this that we will never get rid of it, that wear their masks in the shower. But where I live, we have to be vigilant. I’m amazed at the “libertarians” and “liberals” that don’t wear their masks here.

Why don’t they? Stupid reasons really. They don’t like to breathe through the masks. They claim it fogs up their glasses (it does). I heard one radio guy tell me he doesn’t wear a mask because it’s his choice, and we live in a country of choice. Uh, what about others you could be infecting? That’s the problem I have with the libertarians on this one. They seem to only care about themselves, not those they are around.

I know we have been cooped up for what seems like years and that we want to get back to normal. God knows our economy needs us to get back to normal, but according to the figures I just saw from my county, we are nowhere near normal. And the Governor here just issued a statement last week saying now that businesses need to be very strict on policing who is and isn’t wearing a mask in their establishment. That’s because even though he claims testing is up, and that’s the reason for the increase in cases, the percentage of those tests coming back positive is also up.

Coronavirus is with us, and it looks like it will be for the foreseeable future. I know there are a lot of folks that plan to travel over the summer, and my wife and I usually include ourselves in that group. We can’t this year. We’ve already decided that the summer road trip is out. And we’re wondering about having the whole family come in for Thanksgiving like we always do. That decision is still a couple months away, but I’m not in favor of it right now.

And this moving to Phase 2 in two weeks? That was a pipe dream here in the scrub brush and tumbleweeds!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

AOC Takes The Win

After all of the conjecture, all of the hyperbole, all of the crap it turns out that nothing changed in the NY-14th District last night in the race for the House of Representatives seat. The hope among a lot of people was that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez would get upset by former CNBC anchor, Michelle Caruso-Cabrera. It was not to be.

With all of the districts reporting in, AOC won with almost 70% of the vote in the Democrat primary. Caruso-Cabrera was second with 19%. Two other candidates had less than 5% each. Some 27,272 votes were cast.

Now, if you look at that district, that was about 10% of the electorate turned out to vote. I know that there were a lot of folks in both the Bronx and Queens, which make up the NY-14th, that were upset with AOC for her getting rid of Amazon, costing a few billion to the New York economy. Governor Andrew Cuomo wasn’t a fan of hers, Nancy Pelosi wasn’t a fan of hers, and neither was most of the folks in the Democrat-controlled House. But in the end, she prevailed.

So, we have to wait until August 4th to see if Rashida Tlaib can win her primary in the Michigan 13th District. She’s going up against Brenda Jones, who’s currently the President of the Detroit City Council. That one may be tough to call… and then a week later, Ilhan Omar will try to win reelection when she takes on several candidates in the Minnesota 9th District. She’s had some legal problems during her first term, and it’s not a sure thing for her there…we’ll just have to wait and see.

Certainly not the news I was hoping to report today, but as they say, it is, what it is!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

AOC Needs To Worry

So, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has a primary today. There are 13 people vying for her seat, with eight on the Republican side, and five on the Democrat side. And in the weekend leading up to the New York Democrat primary, a contest that determines whether or not she’s going to be able to keep her seat in the House of Representatives, does she do? She is all over Twitter on how she got a bunch of kids to prank Donald Trump’s campaign by signing up for reservations at his Tulsa rally on Saturday. My, she was proud of that one.

Maybe she should be worried about today’s vote instead of Trump’s attendance figures.

A recent poll showed that 75% of the likely voters out there know who Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is. You’d think that would be pretty damn good, right? Well, you’d be wrong. Like Hillary Clinton before her, AOC has a 22% approval rating. You’re not going to win many contests with an approval rating like that.

And the front-runner in her campaign for reelection is one Michelle Caruso-Cabrara, a former CNBC anchor that has decided that the New York-14th Congressional District, which by the way is solidly Democrat, needs someone a lot more conservative, much more moderate, and a whole lot smarter than a former bartender.

Fernando Cabrara (no relation to Michelle by the way) is a current NYC Councilman, who says that the district needs someone more moderate, not a “no show”. Apparently, AOC is flitting around the country and doesn’t have a whole lot of time to go and talk to her constituents.

Either Caruso-Cabrara or Cabrara are favored to finish ahead of AOC today. Either way, the 14th Congressional District of New York would be farther ahead. By the way, in case you missed it…Ilhan Omar, the representative from Minnesota’s 5th District is in even worse shape. She has a 9% approval rating from likely voters, and has five Democrat and three Republican challengers. The Minnesota primary was pushed back to August 11th due to the Coronavirus.

Rashida Tlaib, who represents Michigan’s 13th Congressional District is also going to have a primary challenge. She’s going to be going up against Detroit City Council President, Brenda Jones, who is bringing a lot of muscle with her. Michigan’s primary for the House is going to be a week earlier than Minnesota’s, taking place on August 4th.

It would seem that AOC and her gang have some problems in their reelection bid. And instead of playing childish pranks on Donald Trump, the “whackjob four” need to focus on keeping their jobs, IF that’s important to them!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


Trump’s Triumphant Return

The President of the United States began his reelection campaign in earnest on Saturday, opening up with a huge event in Tulsa, Oklahoma. People had started lining up outside the Bok Center two days prior to the event, and the place had just one thing in common with the George Floyd riots of the week earlier…there was no social distancing to be found. In fact, there were very few masks to be found.

Trump was in his element as he bashed Joe Biden, the Antifa mob, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her socialist clan in the House of Representatives, and do-nothing Democrats in general, who have succeeded in one thing this term in the House. They’ve been able to impeach Donald Trump, which was their sole reason for being there in the first place. Of course, it did nothing because the Senate overwhelmingly squashed the conviction phase, and we learned a few weeks ago that the entire process was a sham set up by Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi. Every single person that went before the television cameras, from John Brennan to Samantha Powers, to Susan Rice, who all said that Donald Trump colluded with the Russians and “they knew” because “they had information”, lied. When they got before Schiff’s committee, it was a different story. Of course, that was done behind closed doors and the American public was kept in the dark about it.

There was one thing that AOC thought was funny. Apparently, she had a band of teenagers on Tik-Tok make phony reservation requests to the Trump campaign so they would limit the size of the audience. It didn’t matter. They could have filled an arena ten times as large. And Trump’s message, though at times slamming the opposition as he is wont to do, was positive and upbeat.

In essence, Trump did, what I thought he should be doing all along. Tell the folks what you’ve done over the past four years, and what your plans are for the next four years, and how Joe Biden couldn’t begin to do it. All he’s got to say is that Biden’s been in Washington for 49 years. Why hasn’t he solved any of our nation’s problems in that time period?

It was great to see Trump being Trump. There was no stumbling. There was no long, drawn-out Coronavirus “thank you’s” that permeated the daily briefings of the past. Now that Trump has gotten one under his belt, and we’ve seen the massive crowds that turned out for it, it’ll be interesting to see what happens when he’s doing one of these every day. And Joe Biden continues to nap in his basement. Yet another Hillary Clinton candidacy gone awry!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

The Supreme Court Got DACA Wrong

Now, I’m no legal scholar. I’m not an attorney, and I’ve never played one on TV. In fact, I didn’t stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night. I stayed in my home. But the Supreme Court got their ruling on DACA wrong, and there’s a very easy explanation to it that any five year old could understand (apparently John Roberts isn’t five yet).

DACA, which stands for “Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals” was an executive order that was given by Bobo Obama. He did it to make sure that if a kid is illegally brought across our border by an illegal alien, the kid is free to stay in this country so long as the executive order is valid.

Now, let’s talk about executive orders. Presidents make them all of the time. In fact, in his eight years in office, Bobo Obama signed 276 of them (146 of them the first term, 130 of them the second term). Compare that to Donald Trump who is about 3 1/2 years into his first term. He has signed 77 of them. An executive order is a policy that a president can affect. It does not have the weight of law because Congress hasn’t passed it. But it’s the executive branch’s policy. It can be overturned by any succeeding president.

Until Thursday.

The Supreme Court said that Donald Trump cannot overturn the Obama-era executive order just like that! IF he wins re-election, he can certainly do it, but he did it “arbitrarily and capriciously, and therefore violated administrative law.”

But the high court said that Trump’s argument that DACA was unconstitutional needed further proof. Huh? Since when does a sitting President have to prove anything? Most of the 77 executive orders that Trump made were overturning Obama executive orders. So, in essence, you have to have a damn good reason to overturn an executive order. You don’t have to have a damn good reason to make one in the first place.

In every case surrounding immigration and illegal aliens, John Roberts, the court’s Chief Justice, has sided with the liberals. Why it’s such a big step to make sure that the people living in this country are legal citizens and not illegals that cross the border just because they want to get here is beyond me. Actually, the high court’s ruling was pretty “arbitrary and capricious”, though it will stand. It now has the weight of law.

Trump immediately called for Roberts to resign, as did several other conservative lawmakers. Ah, but Trump needs to be careful on this one. Being a “consistency guy”, I recall very clearly that a guy named Merrick Garland wasn’t given a chance to get an up and down vote after being nominated by Bobo Obama during his last year in office. Remember how the GOP said that they should wait until after the election? Well, Trump is in the last year of HIS term. Shouldn’t the same logic apply now? If he beats Biden this fall, then great! He can go ahead and nominate more justices in the coming four years. But if Biden were to beat Trump, the 5-4 sometimes conservative edge evaporates very quickly if someone like Clarance Thomas or even John Roberts decides to step down.

Don’t forget, you’ve got two liberals on the high court, Steven Breyer and Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who are in their 80’s and could drop at any minute. A Trump victory would certainly give him the ability to overturn any executive order he wanted in that case!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Qualified Immunity?

The House of Representatives has introduced a bill that would dismiss “qualified immunity” for police officers, which basically is going to be dead on arrival in the United States Senate.

Qualified immunity, which basically says individuals cannot sue individual police officers for actions they undertake while on duty, would be rescinded if the House has their way. The measure was put into place after the George Floyd and Rayshard Brooks, and the Democrat-led House has been solidly in the back pocket of the rioters and looters who want to defund and disband police departments around the country.

Let’s be clear on one thing. The House of Representatives is out of control on this account, as they have been with most of the actions regarding the whole protest and looting situations around the country. Fortunately, the Senate will be there to temper the outrageous display put on by a bunch of uber-leftists socialists in the House.

If we are going to take away qualified immunity from police officers, it would be necessary to take away qualified immunity from everyone, including those serving in Congress. If you are able to sue a police officer for performing their duties in a way that you feel is not in the best interest of the community, you should be able to sue your lawmakers for the same reason. That means that Adam Schiff should be allowed to be sued for lying to the American people during the impeachment situation. He should be made, along with all members of the House that voted for impeachment that they should be made to repay the American taxpayers for the millions of dollars wasted during the investigation, as well as the trial itself.

Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler, and the rest of the Democrats that fought for three years, accomplishing little else during that time, owe the American public hundreds of millions of dollars. If they want us to be able to sue the police when they do something wrong, we should be able to sue them because of the lies foisted on the American public over the various investigations surrounding a Russian collusion story that was entirely made up, and that Congress knew about ahead of time.

It’s time the Democrats in this country woke up and realized that they are in a losing battle. They may not like Donald Trump any more than I like Bobo Obama, but I put up with Obama and his rancorous and illegal scandals. These liberal snowflake idiots need to be held to the same standard as they want to hold the president to. And should Joe Biden end up winning the election in November, he should be held to the same standard that Donald Trump has been held to since taking office on January 20th, 2017.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!