How Biden Or The GOP Wins The Election In 2024

Joe Biden is in the race for reelection in 2024. He’s going to be facing a GOP challenger, which at the moment appears to be Donald Trump, in a rematch of 2020. Now, it’s not historical in the fact that there is a rematch for the presidency. It’s happened six other times throughout our nation’s history, the most recent being Dwight D. Eisenhower against Adlai Stevenson back in the 1956 election (they also met in 1952).

Donald Trump is currently leading the charge to be the Republican nominee. Now, the interesting thing here is that the country doesn’t want either Biden nor Trump to run. 73% according to the latest NBC News poll, say Biden shouldn’t run. Trump is nearly as bad with 70% saying they don’t want him to run. The reasons are obvious, but varied. People don’t want Biden to run again because he’s too old. They don’t want Trump to run again because he’s too controversial.

So, how does Biden win reelection?

He wins reelection IF he runs against Donald Trump. Put simply, he can do another hide-in-the-basement campaign, and unless there is something that turns the economy upside down between now and election day, or the Hunter Biden thing blows up and involves him, Biden will win reelection. There isn’t any way for Donald Trump to flip the five states that he lost in 2020 that cost him the election.

So how does the Republicans win the election?

If they nominate anybody but Donald Trump. Yes, I’ve seen the polls that have Trump beating Joe Biden by 7 points, and Ron DeSantis beats Biden by 8 points. But you know as well as I that this far out from election day, those polls don’t mean much at all. But let’s say for whatever reason, Trump doesn’t win the primary and doesn’t become the nominee. Let’s say for grins and giggles that Ron DeSantis does become the nominee. DeSantis doesn’t have the baggage that Trump has. He is more likely to flip Georgia, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Arizona, and even Nevada. If he does that, even if he does three of those states, he wins the election and puts Biden out of office.

The fact is that Trump is toxic right now to a lot of voters. Can you recall another time in our recent past when a candidate for president was actually toxic? How about 2016? Hillary Clinton had so much baggage with her that she couldn’t have won that race if Joe Kennedy had bought 40 states! It happens that way. And while Donald Trump did do some very good things while in office, he also didn’t do a lot of things he said he was going to do. How much of the wall was completed under Trump? If you’re talking walls and barriers where there were none before, that number is 15 miles. That’s it. If you’re talking about barriers that impede (but don’t stop) foot traffic and vehicular traffic, that number is 350 miles. That’s 350 miles of barriers over an area that is 1,954 miles long.

Trump also failed in rallying the world with his decision to pull out of the Iran Nuclear Deal, as bad of a deal as it was. Most of the world, certainly Europe would rather have better relations with Iran than what we would want. And the fact that Trump pulled out of the deal, which some say caused Iran to accelerate their nuclear program, caused a lot of consternation with western countries allied with the US.

Trump was going to “repeal and replace” Obamacare. That never happened, in part because Arizona Senator, John McCain voted against it, killing the chances of it happening. And, a lot of folks that are armchair quarterbacking the whole COVID thing say that while Trump did some things right, the whole mask thing, and closing of the schools was unnecessary. A lot of that had to do with the fact Trump placed a lot of faith in what Anthony Fauci had to say, most of which has been debunked now.

But if someone else were to run, and show America that they could have the ideals that Trump had as far as conservatism goes, and that they have better ideas and are more presidential, they will sweep to victory over someone that is seen as bumbling, stumbling, and antiquated in Joe Biden. And we haven’t even talked about K-baby Harris being on the ticket yet. That’s isn’t going to help Biden at all.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Here’s How Joe Biden Wins Reelection

Oh, I know, you hope it doesn’t happen. I hope it doesn’t happen. I know a lot of people that feel the same way. You look at the economy, the crime situation in our major cities, the border crisis which is about to get really crazy, and you have to wonder how anyone in their right mind could ask for four more years of this, right? You have this eco-nut wanting everyone to drive around in electric cars, and yet if everybody did (he doesn’t own one though), you blow up the energy grid. And you have to wonder how stupid is this guy, right?

Well, it’s possible. In fact, it’s actually feasible.

I want you to think back to 1991. It was just 32 years ago. If you were around then, there was a guy named George HW Bush that was president. He was really popular because he was the Commander In Chief during a little thing called the First Gulf War. Remember a guy named Saddam Hussein? He put out a hit on ol’ George, and after he tried to blow up Kuwait, Bush came after him. He even telegraphed it by building up the troops in the region over six months. And how long did that war last? About 100 hours. That’s right…four days. He had a 91% approval rating back in April, 1991. And no one in their right mind wanted to enter the fray for president for the 1992 elections. How do you beat a guy with a 91% approval rating?

Well, he uttered a stupid little phrase back in 1988 when he ran. He said, “Read my lips, no new taxes.” Then he went and raised taxes. And while he won the war in short order, he lost the credibility with American voters. So when an upstart Arkansas governor wanted to run when no one else did, he was able to win hands down.

And that’s the same way Joe Biden wins reelection.

What’s interesting is that 70% of America, and 53% of his own party don’t want Joe to seek reelection. They say his age is a definite issue. That hasn’t been a campaign issue since the 1980 election when Ronald Reagan used it on himself. People don’t want anything to do with K-baby Harris in the White House, but they’re scared of Joe not making it to the end of a second term, if she’s the VP.

There’s another poll that says about 60% of America doesn’t want Donald Trump to run for president either. They think he’s too “unpresidential” even though he did a much better job than Biden has done. 44% of Republicans want Trump to run. Both numbers are smaller than Biden’s negatives, so you’d think that Trump would be a shoo-in, right?

Don’t be so sure.

There is yet another poll out there that suggests that of the people that don’t want Trump OR Biden to run, if they actually both DO run, 59% of them would actually support Joe Biden. Trump got 30%. Those are basically Independent voters. And they are the ones that are going to make the final say as to who sits in the White House on January 21st, 2025.

Now, before you go into a tailspin on this, realize that this poll is out a whopping 18 months before the election. Usually the person that is out front this far ahead doesn’t win. And polls at this point don’t mean squat. It’s pretty much assured that Biden will get the nomination. More and more Democrats don’t want him to run, but would end up backing him against a Republican. They point to the computer chip bill, the infrastructure bill, and the inflation reduction act as positives. Forget all of the myriad of negatives. You won’t change their mind. Their hatred of Donald Trump is greater than the absolute abortion of a Biden presidency.

And that is how Donald Trump would lose to Joe Biden if and when the two run against each other again. The funny thing is, both Trump and Biden plan on using the same campaign tactics that they did the last time they ran. But 2024 is going to be markedly different than 2020. There is no COVID. There’s no reason for Biden to hide in the basement. And the reason Trump actually got to become a candidate in 2016 by eliminating his competition one by one, is the same thing he’s already trying to do today. It won’t work the same in the general election the same way either. Actually, it should be a little more mainstream, because he’s not playing defense. And Trump is always best when he plays offense.

Yes…I have already been on Amazon. I’ve just ordered a 100 pound bag of popcorn. Schloads of butter too!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Will Biden REALLY Run?

That’s the real question as we are already into April. Of course, there is still plenty of time for Joe Biden to announce his candidacy, and to decide whether he’s going to hoist K-baby Harris onto his backside and try and drag her across the finish line one more time. But is he really going to run?

I have my doubts.

I know Biden WANTS to run. I know he SAYS he’s going to probably run. I heard what Jill Biden said. I know what K-baby has said. None of it means anything more than a warm bucket of spit. What matters is what Biden DOES. And as I write this, there is nothing he is doing to further his campaign for 2024.

There are several reasons to feel Biden may not run. First and foremost are the polls. They have consistently been upside down. I don’t think he has ever been above 50% in approval polls so far in the first two-plus years of his presidency. Maybe at the beginning, but it died pretty quickly. And when asked if they want him to run, people in his own party say no. They want someone different. Their only problem is, there IS no one different. Democrats have left themselves with a very short bench. If you’re telling me that the best they have to offer is either K-baby Harris or Pete Buttigieg, I’m thinking Biden almost HAS to run.

Second, you’ve got the whole Hunter Biden stuff going on. Republicans in the House are starting to scream about getting their investigations ramped up. And there are more than rumors that it will end up including Joe Biden getting money from less than legal sources as it concludes. That’s something you don’t want to hit as you’re in the final days of a run for the presidency. Joe is waiting in part to see what all the GOP in the House can uncover regarding Hunter. I don’t really think Biden himself is concerned about what happens to him in the investigation, but he is concerned as to what it will mean regarding his chances for reelection. Merrick Garland isn’t about to indict Joe Biden, period.

Then you’ve got the age and health issue. Running for president takes a lot of energy. It means you’re on the road for weeks at a time, giving several stump speeches in various parts of tons of states. And it means you need to be at your best, mentally and physically. He wasn’t at his best in 2020, but he can blame that on COVID. What excuse does he use this time when his audience is a dozen people?

Steve Forbes, himself a two-time presidential candidate doesn’t think Biden is going to be running. He said that neither Biden, nor Harris will be getting the nomination, because very few people in the Democrat party want that to happen. So, if the party doesn’t want it to happen, where do you turn? They really don’t have many people that are primed to step into the spotlight, and I can tell you, Marianne Williamson isn’t one of them.

Personally, I think that Biden has tasted the “good life” of being president. He likes the attention, and he likes having people come to him with all sorts of ideas. His handlers take care of all of the details in his life, so all he has to do is show up and pretend to shake someone’s hand that isn’t there. They tell him what time to be somewhere, what to say, where to go, and who it’s important to talk to. When he does a press conference, they tell him who to call on and who to avoid. Basically, they treat him like a five year old. But as people get older, isn’t that the way they are treated at his age? More and more it seems like it in his situation.

No, Joe Biden may want to run for president again. He may have to take K-baby Harris with him. But that doesn’t mean that is going to excite the party, and get people to rally around him. He’s in the same position for 2024 that Donald Trump was in during the 2016 campaign. What worked back then isn’t going to work again. Remember, he said he was a “transitional president”? Someone that would be a placeholder and get rid of Trump. Then he can leave and someone better can take over. Well, we’re waiting, Joe!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Biden’s Willow Creek Blunder

Joe Biden is scrambling to try and save environmentalist whacko’s and the young voters that supported him in 2020 from bolting in 2024. And it’s all due to Biden’s big mouth getting in the way again. They are really upset over Biden’s seemingly about turn on allowing ConocoPhillips to continue with their drilling in Alaska’s Willow Creek region.

It’s another Biden Blunder come back to bit him in the butt (such alliteration!)

You’ll recall that before the midterms, when Biden was out campaigning for a couple of people, he told people that there would be “no more drilling. Period.” That may well become the same death knell to his reelection chances as George HW Bush’s “Read my lips, no new taxes” comment.

Biden repeatedly told audiences at campaign stops that there would be no more drilling for oil on federal lands. He basically said that oil and natural gas were dead. He was focused on electric vehicles (EV’s), and to hell with the combustion engine. So, no more drilling for oil. The problem with that is, that we aren’t technologically ready for anything Biden has in mind yet, and if we are ever able to get to that point, it’s going to be years up the road.

So, the environmentalists, and the young people started protesting. In an effort to hear their concerns, Biden sent teams out to do the Hillary Clinton “listening tours”. They tried to explain that the drilling lease for Willow Creek had been granted years before, and that if the government pulled those leases, there surely would be a major lawsuit that the administration would lose. They could try and buy those leases back from ConocoPhillips, but that would come at a major premium to be sure. That was Biden’s explanation as to why he let it go, but he added that they were able to limit the size of the original lease and make it smaller. It didn’t matter to those protesting.

Biden seems to miss a couple of very important points in all of his environmentalism. First and foremost, he wants America to switch to buying EV’s. The problem with that is that if we all listened, and dutifully went out and spent the average $58,000 it costs to get an electric car, it would crash our electric grid. Our grid couldn’t handle it. If you need proof on that, look at California, where they have banned the sale of combustion engine vehicles starting in 2035. But Governor Gavin Newsome had to tell people recently to not plug in and charge their cars because their grid couldn’t take it. We basically need to double or even triple the size of the nation’s energy grid in order for Biden’s dream to become a reality. There’s no move afoot to do that currently. Apparently, Biden believes the “electricity fairies” just show up and make electricity. He doesn’t realize that 60% of our electricity in this country comes from coal, oil, and natural gas.

There are other problems with this as well. Currently, if you own an EV, and you want to travel across the country, you can’t. You can’t find enough charging stations. Even if you could, with today’s technology, if you have a Tesla and want to charge your battery from zero to full with a Level 1 charger, it could take up to four days. Level 2 chargers are less time consuming, but much more expensive. You can probably go about 350 miles currently and then spend the next half hour to an hour charging your car. But the bigger problem is availability. To get to the level of today’s gasoline stations, it will take over $300 billion to manufacture and install charging stations around the country.

And then you’ve got the “recycling problem”. Currently, there is a way to recycle lithium batteries, but it’s expensive. I know out here in the desert, where pretty much everybody has golf carts, a lot of folks have lithium batteries. When they need to replace them (every 3-4 years in the desert), they have to pay upwards of $500 to recyclers to take them!

Finally, you’ve got the problem of first responders not wanting to tackle an EV in an emergency. The threat of a combustible fire right when they are trying to extricate trapped occupants is high, and they don’t want to deal with it. So, if you’re in an EV, and get into an accident, hope and pray that you’re able to open the door and get out. Or at the very least that the car doesn’t explode on you.

No, votes in 2024 are the least of Joe Biden’s problems.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Cat Fight!

And you thought nothing of that nature ever happened in Washington, DC! Shame on you! Of course there are cat fights, and it appears we are in the midst of a good old fashioned one dealing with Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren.

In a fight that took two months to reach the press, Warren was being interviewed by a Boston radio station. She was asked a question that is on every reporter’s mind about now…Would the Senator support Kamala Harris for Vice President in 2024? Warren basically said she would defer to Joe Biden’s judgement on that one.


It wasn’t long after that Warren realized she had some fence mending to do with the Vice President, so she tried to call her. And didn’t get through. She kept trying to call her. And Harris kept ghosting her. Apparently, it’s now progressed to the point that the Vice President and the Senator from Massachusetts aren’t on speaking terms any longer.

And I have to say, I DO enjoy watching the occasional cat fight. They can be rather humorous at times…but not for the reasons that Seinfeld showed. I really think I’d gag at the thought of these two kissing! Anyway, what I find amusing about it is, here you have two people that are basically viewed by most people as ill able to handle their jobs. They both have some bulldog qualities about them. Harris was known as a bulldog prosecutor in California, sending people to jail for even marijuana possession. And Warren has been brash enough in her career to think she was a Native American, when it turns out that she really wasn’t…or at the very least was like had one person in her family tree some 6-10 generations ago who was a Cherokee.

So, you’ve got two women that have been rather boisterous in the past on certain issues. Both are liberal as the day is long, and both are roundly criticized and have very little credibility with the American people. Harris has been nothing short of a national joke in her current role, something that totally exemplifies the Peter Principle. Warren meanwhile, hasn’t sucked at being a Senator, she’s just lied her way to the top. Time and time again claiming a certain type of status that gave her special privileges. It may have gotten her out of Oklahoma and into a prestigious university (she went to George Washington for her undergraduate degree, and Rutgers for her law degree). And she used “special status” again to get a job once she became a lawyer.

Will the two ever get back together and be on the same side? I mean, I’m sure to be honest, that Warren only said what most Democrats are thinking…Kamala Harris isn’t fit or qualified to be Vice President, and doesn’t do anything to help Joe Biden. She has failed at every single job he has given her from the border to talking to NATO allies, to helping out in Ukraine. Other than that, she has been in attendance for the first two years of the Biden administration, at the Senate whenever they were taking a vote. That’s because as Vice President, and the Senate split 50/50, she was the tie-breaker, which she did 19 times. So, looking at her resume as the country’s number two, I can understand Warren’s hesitancy to want to firmly endorse her for a second term. In fact, most Americans don’t want to see her on the ticket.

Meanwhile, Harris has problems of her own. She has had a terrible time keeping her staff together. There have been at least 25 resignations from her team since she became VP, and that’s high in any administration! She has been roundly criticized by her critics and friends alike for her inability to get things done. So, yeah, I’d probably side with Warren on her ability to be in the number two seat.

But Warren certainly isn’t anyone to talk. As Bernie Sanders’ wingman for socialism, Warren’s approval rating at Politico was just 36% recently. Harris’ is 41%. Neither are what I’d call shining stars for their political party, and both ran unsuccessfully for the top job in 2020.

Cat fights are fun to watch. And this one won’t be any different. I’d just like to make sure it’s all done in the open, so we can all enjoy another bowl of popcorn!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

What Makes Biden Think He Can Win Again?

Joe Biden is all set to announce his candidacy for reelection in 2024 to the White House. Now, I get it that he and I are of two diametrically opposing viewpoints on a lot of things. I think the only thing I can point to as to an asset for the country over the last two years is to invest in chip manufacturing here in this country as opposed to buying it from China.

So, what makes Joe Biden think he can actually run and win again?

There is only 32% of the people in this country that say he should be running in the first place. I don’t know how many of those folks are actually Republicans who want him to run because he’d probably be the easiest person to beat. He’s 80 years old, he’s feeble as hell, mentally, he’s lost a few more steps since he’s taken office. The number of YouTube video’s of him finishing a speech and trying to shake hands with air are incredible. And yet, 32% say that he should run again?

Let’s face facts. Biden claims that he’s brought the deficit down $1.4 trillion since taking office. Of course, he doesn’t tell you that most of that money was Donald Trump’s giving $1,200 to each American over the age of 18. That has a tendency to run up the federal debt. Biden doesn’t tell you that he has increased the federal debt by $4.2 trillion in just two years. That’s his doing with his infrastructure bill, that isn’t going to repairing roads and bridges. It’s going to more “green new deal” items. Biden will tell you that the economy was in a shambles when he took office. Actually, that’s a lie. The economy was starting to bounce back after we had the country shut down for most of 2020. And what do you expect the economy to look like when you’re basically closing everyone’s businesses for nine months?

Then of course, there is inflation. Biden claims that inflation was really high when he took office. That’s false. It was 1.4%. It topped out for the year at 6.5% last year. That’s four times higher than it was when he took office. He claims that the world is suffering from inflation rates higher than ours, because of his stewardship. Also false. Most of the industrialized world has an inflation rate lower than the United States. Hell, China’s inflation rate is 2.1%. Italy is at 6.0% for 2022. And the US inflation rate isn’t caused by international problems. It’s caused by Joe Biden and spending money like a drunken sailor.

Biden tells you that he has the lowest unemployment rate in history, or at the very least going back 60 years or so. While the unemployment rate may be clocked in at 3.4%, the number of people actually working is about four million people less than before the pandemic started. More and more people are deciding NOT to go back to work. That is why you have a ton of jobs available. Don’t believe me? Go ahead, and apply for one. Just for grins and giggles. They’ll hire you in a New York minute.

Biden says he’s got the southern border under control. Yet more illegals crossed over our southern border in 2022 than at any other time in history. The number of “got aways” that the border patrol folks couldn’t catch, but saw them coming across was the highest in history as well. We are talking millions of people crossing the southern border. It’s gotten so bad that now they are starting to cross over from the Canadian side as well. And Biden doesn’t see a problem with it? Instead, he wants to hire 87,000 new IRS agents so you can be audited (and he can have more money to spend!)

This is the guy that is excited about announcing his candidacy for the Democrat’s nomination? And Democrats are basically going along with it? That should tell you enough about the Democrat party!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Are Dems’ Fed Up With Harris?

It would seem that K-baby Harris is up to her neck in problems these days. She has been unable to hide from the bright spotlight that usually doesn’t shine on the Vice Presidency. But she’s caused most of it. Her lack of speaking ability has led to the phrase “word salad” being introduced into our lexicon. And the fact that she cackles whenever she can’t think of anything she feels is cogent to add to the conversation has made her a laughing buffoon. The question is, why was she chosen in the first place, and if Joe Biden IS seeking a second term in the White House, is he thinking of making her his VP choice again, or is he looking for someone else?

Democrats are starting to voice their opinions and it isn’t pro-Harris.

I guess it started with Elizabeth Warren (D-MA). She was doing an interview for Boston Public Radio, and mentioned that Joe Biden would put on the ticket “whomever he wanted”, leaving the world to think that she was calling for K-baby to be bounced. That brought screams from Harris’ camp, forcing Warren to apologize and say that it was taken out of context. But several other Democrats have come forward to say that yes, while Harris is a nice person, she doesn’t have the chops to sit in the Naval Observatory, and certainly doesn’t have the gravitas to sit behind the Resolute Desk.

Dropping a Vice President during a re-election campaign isn’t something new. It’s been done a total of four times in our history, the last time occurring in 1888. Abraham Lincoln was the first president to drop his VP when he got rid of Hannibal Hamlin in 1864 and brought in Andrew Johnson, who was a Democrat. Under Ulysses S. Grant, Schuyler Colfax got involved in a scandal and was replaced as VP at the 1872 convention by Henry Wilson. When Grover Cleveland was elected, he chose Thomas Hendricks to be his VP on the ticket. Hendricks died in 1885. Cleveland then ran for re-election, with Allen Thurman as his running mate, but they lost to Benjamin Harrison. Harrison had Levi Morton as his running mate, and when he ran for reelection in 1888, he switched things up by going with Whitelaw Reid, but he lost to Cleveland…so far the only president to be elected twice in non-consecutive terms.

Rumors continue to swirl around whether Biden actually wants Harris to be on the ticket with him, or whether he’s looking at someone new. There are arguments for both. Harris has been a trainwreck in all of the jobs she’s been given. Typically, a VP is there to do whatever the President doesn’t want to do, and that was the way it started out, with Harris being given the task of being the “border czar”. That hasn’t worked out so well. Neither has any of the other trips and duties that she’s been asked to fill. So, Biden may want to find someone better suited to take some stuff off of his plate. He will be 82 in 2024, after all.

But there is a reason that Biden may want to keep Harris around, especially in light of the classified document scandal, and the Hunter Biden scandal. If you’ve got a person that everyone feels is terrible, and you want to insure that you won’t be impeached, having a trainwreck like Harris on the ticket could be a solid enough reason to go that route. Even though Biden’s staff hates her, she’s had trouble actually keeping her own staff together, and most Democrats say, while she’s a nice person, but she can’t be trusted to do the simplest of tasks, she does serve a purpose. You don’t want her as president, giving Biden an extra bit of insurance.

Either way, we’re going to find out soon enough. If Biden sticks with her, it won’t be out of loyalty. It’ll be because he feels that he’s going to be toast at some point in his second term should he get re-elected.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Republican Keys To Victory In 2024

It looks like Joe Biden will announce his candidacy for president right around the State of the Union after all. Classified documents found in the garage be damned. And that should actually bode well for the GOP. While the Democrats will want to at least show that they are rallying around their incumbent president, the Republicans will be able to have a true primary, and get a ton of ideas out there that should prove to be winners. Let’s examine those issues today, shall we?

The one caveat in all of this is the dollar. You can’t win a campaign in America today without the cash. And Democrats have been able to out-fundraise the Republicans in the last two cycles. So, it’s going to be key to get the money in the bank for the GOP. A lot of that has been Ronna McDaniel’s fault as chair of the RNC, but weak candidates that are supposed to be good fundraisers, but aren’t is a big problem as well.

That said, there are issues there that if the GOP can overcome the funding problem, they should be able to actually win big with the following issues.

Lack of Competence: This needs to hit at Joe Biden squarely in his face. He’s bungled several attempts to right the economy that he caused to go sideways. And the fastest way to do it is you hone in on the lies Biden has told (and you call them lies to his face) on how great of a job he’s doing. Call him the worst president in American history.

The Southern Border: One big issue is going to be the southern border and not following federal law. You get Biden to admit that the border is secure, and that there isn’t a crisis under his watch. Compare Trump’s numbers to Biden’s as far as the numbers of people illegally crossing into the country, and compare the number of deportations under Trump with the number of deportations under Biden. According to ICE’s own numbers, deportations under Biden dropped 90% from Trump’s last non-pandemic year in office.

Inflation Rate: Biden is going to argue there is a world-wide inflation rate and that we are better off because of his policies than the rest of the world. That’s false. Republicans need to point out the amount of money printed by Biden, and the total cost of the bills passed by Congress and signed by Biden in 2021 and 2022. That has been the real cause of inflation. Also the GOP needs to point out that inflation was not a problem under Trump…only Biden.

Interest Rate Increases: The GOP can hammer this one home all day long. Interest rates continue to increase into 2023 as the FED wants to try and attempt a “soft landing” of the economy. That’s a rare treat and hasn’t happened that often. In fact, soft landings of the economy have only occurred in 1964, 1984, and 1993. Three times in our history.

Crime: The crime problem in this country is out of control. People don’t fear the repercussions of getting caught because government and the justice system are forced into letting people go when they commit crimes thanks to “cashless bail”. Leftist District Attorneys have made it so that the victims aren’t the people suffering, they’re the perps that did the crime in the first place. It’s another thing that can be hung on Biden and his Department of Justice.

87,000 IRS Agents: Instead of hiring more border patrol agents and sending them to the southern border, Biden has decided to hire more IRS agents. And why? Because he needs more tax dollars to spend. He has managed to increase the federal debt over $4 trillion in just two years. We don’t need more IRS agents. We need better fiscal responsibility.

Classified Documents: This one only works if Trump ISN’T the nominee. I’d hammer the living crap out of Biden taking classified documents home with him, as he’s been doing since the Nixon administration. Get him to say WHY he took them home, and ask him how he got them out of the Senate Skiff without people knowing about it?

There you go. Seven issues that are sure to upset Biden and force him into a corner. Of course, things change, and we’re still just under two years out from the election. A lot more can be added by then!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Does Trump Step In MORE Problems???

In 2016, when Donald Trump came down the escalator at Trump Tower in New York City to announce his candidacy for president, I was like a lot of you. I was amused. I didn’t think he was going to be any more than one of those celebrities that decides that they need something better to do with their life, and so they run for office. The country is full of them. Think about it. You’ve got people like Ronald Reagan (not a great example, he turned out pretty well), Sonny Bono, Fred Grandy, Jesse Ventura, Clint Eastwood, and Matthew McConaughey. I at first, put Trump in the same boat. He turned out to be a pretty decent president from a policy standpoint. From a political standpoint, he was a trainwreck.

And now he’s back…sort of.

The left obviously doesn’t want anything to do with Trump after his one term in office. Oh, they laughed at first, thinking he was just like all of the other celebs that think too highly of themselves. But they stopped laughing when he beat Hillary. Now, he’s decided that he’s going to run for a second term. And of course, the Dems couldn’t have rushed any faster to have the January 6th committee in the House finish up their investigation into his involvement in the Capitol riots of 2021 and get their report out there before losing control of Congress.

Personally, I don’t think the Democrats needed to worry. Trump is doing more damage to himself than they could ever do to him. His latest problem is he’s starting to jump on the evangelical leaders that were so enamored with him back in 2016 and 2020. Last week, Trump said that these leaders were showing “signs of disloyalty” toward him because they haven’t endorsed his third presidential run yet.

But influential evangelical pastor, Robert Jeffress said at a recent conference that he didn’t see the need to endorse a candidate two years out. He’s exactly right. First of all, you have no idea who in the world is running on either side of the coin. Second, even if Trump was your guy, you wait until the players are in before you start dishing out endorsements. I don’t really know anyone other than Kari Lake that has endorsed Trump yet. And she doesn’t carry a lot of weight in my book.

The problem with Trump right now is that he is a guy from the past. Biden is a guy from the past. Clinton is a guy from the past. These folks aren’t the future. You may have heard Nikki Haley say recently that it’s time for America to look to new and younger leadership. Trump and Biden are both going to be in the 80’s during the term of 2025 to January 2029. That’s not something a lot of people are clamoring about. You also have a lot of folks like me. They loved Trump’s policies, they hated his mannerisms. You don’t necessarily want a president that’s going to rely on name-calling, and bashing their opponents. You see with Biden, every time he pulls that stunt and starts talking trash about the Republicans, his poll numbers drop. It’s just easier to bash than to come up with creative ideas on solving the country’s problems.

So, I don’t think Donald Trump was in line at all with his comments. It’s not Trump’s place to scream at people that are “disloyal” to him. It’s more his place to EARN their loyalty once again. There will be a whole new field of candidates a year from today. Trump is once again going to have to show the world why he is the best candidate for the job from those that have chosen to run. The rest is all conversation. And you don’t assume (except maybe in your own mind) that America is going to run to your side this time, just because they did so eight years ago. That was a lifetime ago in politics. And Donald Trump’s chances for getting them back appear to be fading.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Let’s Not Hear Anymore About Mar-a-Lago Docs!


So, apparently, Donald Trump isn’t the only president around that liked to store classified (the DOJ’s words, not mine) documents in his home or office. Now, Attorney General, Merrick Garland is forced to start investigating the guy that appointed him to the position. That’s after it was discovered that there were not one, but two stacks of documents that Biden had been housing in his personal abodes. One was in his Washington, DC office that he kept after leaving the Vice Presidency. The other was found in the garage of his residence in Wilmington, Delaware.

So, can we now stop saying that Trump was guilty of treason for storing documents in Mar-a-Lago?

In case you weren’t aware, Garland has appointed Robert Hur, a Trump appointee as Special Council to go through and investigate the case where Biden seems to be as guilty as Trump was in keeping classified documents after they left office. What is going to be interesting is to see exactly what Garland is going to do regarding Trump and the Mar-a-Lago raid. If Garland wants to continue going down that road against Trump, he is almost certainly going to have to do the same thing for Biden. And the problem he runs into is, if he were to file charges against Trump, he most assuredly needs to do the same thing against Biden. Except there is a problem. You can’t charge a sitting president. He needs to be impeached and convicted first.

I actually have to give Garland some credit that he was rather quick to assign a special prosecutor in this case. And I have to give him credit that he has chosen a Trump appointee. I was really surprised that Garland did so to “underscore for the public the department’s commitment to both independence and accountability in particularly sensitive matters.” Apparently, this investigation into Biden has been underway for three months now. Initially, Garland had involved Chicago-based US District Attorney, John Lausch, also a Trump appointee, to look into the original matter which focused on Biden’s DC office. Biden’s attorneys told Lausch just before Christmas that they also found documents in Biden’s garage in Wilmington.

In case there is any confusion here, what we are witnessing with Biden is the exact same thing that had happened with Donald Trump. A former president (or VP in Biden’s case) storing classified documents in an unsecured and improper area. Now, if the Democrats are going to make a stink over Mar-a-Lago, there should be the same amount of stink thrown Biden’s way.

I would seriously think that Joe Biden, quite possibly like Donald Trump, should be excused from running for reelection in 2024. You know as well as I that won’t happen, but if he were actually as honest a politician as he claims he is, and continues to bash Trump for his foibles, he shouldn’t be announcing his candidacy for reelection at all. In fact, he should probably tell the world prior to the State of the Union address that he is indeed going to decline to run for reelection because of this incident. Then, and only then, can he tell Donald Trump he should do the same thing. Fair is fair, and if you’re wanting Trump to never run for office again, you’ve got to take the initiative and lead by example. Otherwise, Biden shows the whole world that he is no better than the criminal that the right has made him out to be as “the big guy” in Biden Inc.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!