3rd Dem Debate Thoughts

Well, we’ve seen three Democrat debates now. Three times (actually five times), we’ve witnessed weird ideas, seen how far left the party has trucked, and had a few candidates drop out. The third debate was Thursday night in Houston, and while it housed the top ten candidates for the first time on one stage, it wasn’t all that impressive.

Yes, Joe Biden looked old and weak. Yes, Bernie Sanders looked equally old and ineffective. Yes, Elizabeth Warren threw out ideas like a chef cooking spaghetti and tossing it against the wall to see if anything would stick. And yes, you had a fair share of idiocy as well…Kamala Harris giggling at herself, making jokes that nobody laughed at, and Andrew Yang violating federal campaign finance laws by inviting folks to go to his website and register to be one of 10 people chosen at random that would receive “universal income of $1,000 a month”.

Overall, did we actually learn anything from this debate? The answer is a resounding NO. In fact, Microsoft did a poll the following morning that showed that only 8% would consider changing their votes depending on what they saw on the Thursday debates. That tells me that everyone has made up their mind already, and that they are not excited about what is being said. Either that or maybe, as John Delaney (who didn’t participate) pointed out…who in their right mind would schedule a Democrat debate against Thursday night NFL Football? Maybe no one watched?!

The takeaway from this is simple. Democrats don’t have an exciting candidate. Barack Obama was an exciting candidate in 2008 and 2012. People liked him. They wanted to have a beer with him. They thought he was cool (until they learned his ideas). Could the same thing be said about Hillary in 2016? No. They thought Bernie was cool. They thought Trump was cool. They thought Hillary was a buffoon. And this Democrat field is pretty much the same thing.

I keep likening this field of candidates to the Republican candidates of 2008 and 2012. In 2008, the GOP ran John McCain, who basically conceded in his nomination acceptance speech. He was a terrible candidate. Probably one of the top four or five I’ve seen in my lifetime (along with Michael Dukakis, Bob Dole, Hillary Clinton, and Gerald Ford). The Republicans followed that up in 2012 with Mitt Romney, a nice guy, a moderate, but no personality, and no real zing to his character. Add to that the fact he was gaffe prone (sound like anybody currently running?) and you have the makings for an abject loser!

Today’s field of Democrats is filled with nobody exciting. I was getting a haircut the other day and the barber mentioned that the only way the Democrats win the White House…and I hope none of them are reading this…is to have Michelle Obama come in and save the day. She’s probably the only person on the planet that can beat Donald Trump at this point in time!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!