Pelosi’s Latest Blunder

You can tell whether or not someone is intelligent by the mistakes they make and how they address them. When they keep making the same mistakes over and over and over again, you know either they are listening to the wrong people, or they are just plain stupid. I’m not sure which is the case here, but it could very well be that both apply to Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi.

On Thursday of this past week, Pelosi announced that she was creating a new House committee to oversee the administration’s Coronavirus task force.

It’s basically a political answer to no one’s question. In fact, Nancy Pelosi was one of many of the politicians that called early and often in this for everyone “to work together”. Now, in Nancy’s world, that meant making sure that the National Endowment for the Arts got money; that the Kennedy Center got money to pay it’s people (and after they got the $25 million, they fired their orchestra “to save money”); that there should be new carbon emissions guidelines for the airlines; that the “Green New Deal” should be adopted; that all of these stupid things that have absolutely nothing to do with Coronavirus relief. And she caught hell for it, holding on to $2.3 trillion in relief because she wanted to give her political cronies money…much like Bobo Obama did back in 2009 when he spent almost $1 trillion to create “shovel ready jobs” that basically bailed out his union buddies.

What happened this time around was that Pelosi listened to Adam Schiff…who is trying to rebound from embarrassing missteps surrounding Donald Trump’s impeachment. So, how do you do that? Well, Schiff, never one to be viewed as smart, decided it was time to double down. After all, you can’t trust the Trump administration, especially when they’ve brought together the greatest medical minds in the country to solve the COVID-19 situation.

So, why did Pelosi do it? Well, she says it’s to make sure the money gets spent appropriately. Actually, it’s to keep in front of the public. Otherwise, with Donald Trump getting about 90 minutes a day on all of the TV outlets in the country, Pelosi realizes that there isn’t anything she can do to top that. Even Joe Biden thought he could give his own Coronavirus updates. That didn’t pan out so well. All that did was make Biden look foolish and uninformed.

Pelosi and Schiff have put this together to do one thing…subpoena more information from the administration to “investigate” what Trump’s task force is up to. By giving the committee “subpoena power” she is at the very least hoping to pull some of the power away from the White House. In retrospect, that’s a fool’s journey. Any subpoena given to anyone on that task force is going to be met with the same response that Schiff saw with all of his subpoenas in the impeachment hearing. It ain’t going to be recognized. And Democrats are going to be screaming that they have no oversight in the whole process. Fact is, they don’t have anything to do now. They’ve spent the money, and their job is basically done.

So, Nancy, Adam, and Jim Clyburn, who will be chairing the committee, do us all a favor. Sit on the sidelines…stay 6 feet away from everybody…and stop screwing up the country!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed…and stay safe!

Russian Collusion 2.0

You know it had to happen, right? I mean, the Democrats weren’t able to push through enough facts to make anyone other than the most ardent snowflakes believe that the 2016 election was tainted by Russian interference and collusion from the Trump campaign. Well, if you can’t get it done one way, try it again!

Obviously, the left hasn’t heard the old saying, “Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is the actual definition of insanity”.

Now, according to “leaked” information coming from the House of Representatives (we’re looking at YOU, Adam Schiff!), apparently, there is some concern that Russia is looking to influence our election again this year. Of course, they’ve denied that. And according to the leak, it appears that want Donald J. Trump to be the winner of the presidential election! Can you imagine that?

Now, we shall take a further look at this, along with the fact that a few months ago, one Bernard Sanders, Democrat from Vermont who happens to be running for the Democrat nomination for president, was pulled off the campaign trail, and informed by several of our intelligence agencies that the Russians were looking at throwing the election HIS way!

So, I ask you…which makes more sense in your world. To influence our voters through whatever means of manipulation possible that Donald Trump should win another four years in the White House, when he’s actually put sanctions on Russia because they’ve misbehaved? Or, is it more likely that the Russians would try and influence Americans to vote for a guy that held his honeymoon in Moscow and spent 10 days there in 1978, and has been an avowed Socialist the entire time he’s been in politics? Which do you think Russia would believe would actually help their cause along?

The fact is, the leak came from Adam Schiff. And we know he’s a convicted liar and has been called on it several times. We also know that he makes stuff up out of the blue and then just seems to conveniently forget about the lie when he’s called on it. So, why do it?

Here’s the real reason it’s being done. The Democrats see the writing on the wall. And while if you look at national polls that put Donald Trump against any of the Democrats right now, he basically loses in all of the head to head matchups. BUT…if you look at the state by state matchups with Trump and those same people…say in places like Wisconsin, Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, and Arizona, he actually wins all of the states that the press tells us are in play! And he does so by a wide margin!

Democrats are pre-positioning themselves to be able to say that the Russians interfered with our election if and when Trump wins reelection. That way, they’ve got something to blame it on… not just a terrible candidate for the second presidential election cycle in a row…and let’s face it…there isn’t a very good candidate out there on the Democrat side.

No, Donald Trump, by all indications this far out, is headed to a win. Now, that can certainly change between now and election day, but from where I sit, and who I’m talking to on both sides of the fence, most Democrats don’t believe anyone in this field can beat Trump either. It was like when John McCain and Mitt Romney ran against Bobo Obama. No one on the GOP side was going to beat him either time. Same thing here with the Dems.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Congress’ New Role: Investigator In Chief?

You would think that after Democrats faced a demoralizing defeat this last week when they screwed up the Iowa Caucuses (is it over yet???), and then had their rear ends handed to them in impeachment, that they’d slink quietly back to their House chamber and ride out the storm in this election year. Nothing could be further from the truth!

And of course, what always happens in DC is that if one party makes a fool of themselves, the other has to follow…and that’s what seems to be happening on the Republican side.

Nancy Pelosi made a comment on Thursday that the investigations into Donald Trump will, indeed continue, and that they are willing to get a subpoena for John Bolton, and take it to court if needed to hear from him. Isn’t that what SHOULD have happened back in the fall? If the Democrats weren’t in such a yank to “get impeachment done by Christmas”, they would have done their homework, and maybe, just maybe they would have had something to actually hang on Trump. Instead, they were like the school kid that wanted to go outside an play rather than do his math homework. And, Democrats need to realize that the old saying that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and hoping for a different result does hold true in Congress as well as everywhere else.

Now, to add to this, the Republicans are going to be getting from the Treasury Department, classified data on Hunter Biden. Basically, the data will look into Hunter Biden’s business dealings in Ukraine and hand over highly sensitive financial records and “evidence’ of questionable origin. So, even though Joe Biden’s presidential campaign seems to be slipping away after the “gut punch” he took in Iowa, it may not be over for the Biden clan. Look at it as payback to the Democrats for impeachment.

What I’ve said all along is that BOTH sides need to get back to doing the country’s work. When are we going to get immigration reform? When are we going to get a total repeal of Obamacare, and let the insurance companies go back to working as they should? When can we expect the House and Senate to actually do something to fix our country’s crumbling infrastructure? And when is Congress going to let the President of the United States BE the President of the United States?

There are a bunch of people in New Hampshire right now, hoping to take Donald Trump’s job as president next year. How well do you think they are going to be treated if they do indeed upend Trump? Do you think Republicans are going to go back to “business as usual”? Or are they going to seek some sort of sandbox revenge for the actions taken by Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, and Jerry Nadler? When in the world is Congress going to get back to doing the people’s business and stop all this third grade nonsense that we’ve been treated to over the past four years?

It’s time our Representatives and Senators realize that yes, you have oversight. You also have a responsibility. And running one branch of Congress doesn’t mean you stop doing everything else. Start doing what you were elected to do, or I just bet we can all find someone who will be willing to be voted into your seat and do a MUCH better job than what you’re doing.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

What Hath The House Wrought?

When you think about the whole mess called impeachment, one thing comes to mind that is very disturbing, that I feel the Founding Fathers didn’t necessarily fear because political parties weren’t around like they are today, but nonetheless is disturbing.

That is “Revenge Impeachment”.

You have to understand that this particular impeachment has had no crime committed. Was there malfeasance? Absolutely! Was there stuff done that probably shouldn’t have been done, or done in another way? Maybe. But, as the Senators are debating this very issue in DC, the question rises, was what Donald Trump did, so wrong that it rises to the level of removal from office? I would say, no. Of course, I said the same thing back in 1998 with Bill Clinton’s impeachment. He got caught, literally, with his pants down, and lied about it. Was the lying part bad enough to impeach him? I didn’t think so, though I wasn’t a fan of his. Should he have been punished by having his law license stripped? Certainly. But to overturn the will of the people because he is a sex addict? I’m not sure it rises to that point (pun intended).

And the case here is even murkier. This impeachment was the most partisan in US history. It was predicated on the removal of a president because the opposition didn’t like the fact the American people chose him. They felt their candidate should have won, and felt that there was enough in this guy’s past that called for his removal, even before he took office. That is totally not the way the Founding Fathers ever felt.

And what has the House wrought because of this partisan charade? They have instituted, as Democrats are wont to do, a situation where they have made a precedent that could very well be repeated over and over again by both parties. The “Revenge Impeachment”.

So, let’s say that Trump got elected before Obama. Let’s say he got impeached like he did. Then Obama was elected. And he ran his administration like he did, and everything that happened from 2008 to 2016 happened. Are you telling me that the Republicans wouldn’t have been justified for impeaching Obama for Benghazi? Are you telling me Republicans wouldn’t have been justified for his dealings with the Russians? Or that his Iranian arms deal wouldn’t have been fodder for impeachment? Or his dismantling of the US Coal industry? Or his sitting by while his Secretary of State handed our uranium program over to the Russians? He would have been out on his ass!

And that is the problem the Democrats have. They have let the genie out of the bottle on this one, and it’s going to come back to haunt them, much like Harry Reid’s move in the Senate to allow Obama’s appointments to the federal court system skate with only 51 votes instead of 60. What has happened is the GOP decided, fine…we can pass pretty much anything with only 51 votes, including the next two Supreme Court justices! And if Harry Reid wouldn’t have been in such a yank back then to help Obama getting his nominations approved, the Republicans would still be trying to find someone to replace Antonin Scalia!

No, Democrats have had a long history of making blunders that come back to bite them in the rear end. And my feeling is, this impeachment of Donald Trump is only the beginning…the sad beginning. And instead of bringing a country together, it will only drive us apart further and further. It will, in my humble opinion, be the ruination of our Democratic Republic.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


Have you wasted any of your time this week watching the impeachment trial? I’ve tried to maintain a “normal” schedule, but keep watching from time to time. There has been something that has made me very irate, and I’m sure my physician would be upset because I’m positive my blood pressure is through the roof.

I’m tired of the Democrats’ lying!

Adam Schiff, that convicted compulsive liar from California, has been the best at it so far. He has claimed that we cannot adjudicate changing a president at the ballot box. I thought that was precisely HOW we adjudicated changing a president. But he’s convinced that with their current crop of candidates, none of which would hold a candle to Donald Trump, that the Republicans would win the election, allowing him to call “Foul!” and claim that the election, regardless of how one sided the results were, was stolen.

Schiff needs to realize that it’s HIS party that steals elections. Here’s a quick quiz. Which party has dead people voting in Chicago? Which party had more people voting in Detroit than had residents? Which party did Joe Kennedy purchase an election for in 1960? Which party has had countless violations of voter fraud, “found” ballots after the election in some closet, or otherwise been able to manipulate vote totals AFTER the original vote was taken?

In case you didn’t answer “Democrat” for all of those responses, you’re missing the boat.

Democrats have been lying, mis-characterizing, distorting, and cheating this entire impeachment sham. They have taken a very well known and Constitutionally sound practice known as “Executive Privilege” that has been used by every president since George Washington, and said that it’s “obstruction of Congress”. Actually, no. It’s not. And I’m not even close to being a lawyer and I’ve got that one figured out.

Democrats are playing to five total Senators on the Republican side that may sway their vote when it comes to hearing witnesses…that’s what this is all about. Susan Collins of Maine, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, Cory Gardner of Colorado, Mitt Romney of Utah, and Lamar Alexander of Tennessee are all possible of going for witnesses. That’s the Democrats only hope to get any Republicans to swing over on the actual conviction vote. Only four of the five are needed to allow witnesses. Basically, I’d look for Collins to make a lot of noise but fall in line. Murkowski will probably vote for witnesses because she’s pretty much brain dead. Romney probably will too because he’s very anti-Trump. Gardner faces re-election issues in an every-growing blue state, so he’s a possiblity, and Lamar Alexander, who is retiring this year has expressed a need for a “thorough trial”.

Other than that, and only on the vote for witnesses, Democrats are well aware that they are losing the game in the end. That’s why Schiff is calling this something that can’t be decided at the ballot box… because he’s hinting at the next play in the book…regardless of Trump’s victory in November, the call will be that there was voter fraud, Russian interference, Ukrainian interference, whatever. Democrats will once again, not be able to accept the fact they’ve acted like a bunch of two year olds, and are being punished by their actions!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

The Idea Of Witnesses

I have a problem with Democrats calling for witnesses to appear at the impeachment trial coming up this next week. It’s primarily because it seemed it was good enough for them during the Clinton impeachment, and some of the very same people clamoring for witnesses now, were against it back then. It was then, as it is now, partisan politics. That’s all it was and all it is. And it smells like rotten fish.

So, I would agree with in principle with what Senator Ted Cruz (R-Tx) said. If the Democrats want to talk to John Bolton (and it’s allowed by the President), then the President’s defense team gets to call one witness of their choice. It could be Hunter Biden, Joe Biden, anybody they want. If the Democrats want to call a second witness, fine. So do the Republicans. And, if Bolton doesn’t appear, Biden doesn’t appear. If Bolton shows up and Biden doesn’t, the Democrats lose all further witnesses, but the GOP can call all they want. But I’m not at all in favor of witnesses in the first place.

This whole impeachment thing has degraded into a bunch of three year olds fighting in the sandbox. Frankly, I think America is getting tired of it. And frankly I can’t see the true need for witnesses at all. If the Democrats were so interested in John Bolton before, when the House was actually doing the inquiry, why didn’t they subpoena him? I know the story that it was because they didn’t want to drag it through the courts because it was “of major importance to the nation” that this be adjudicated quickly. But if that was the case, why did Nancy Pelosi not turn over the actual articles of impeachment for a friggin’ month? Seems to me Democrats shot themselves in the foot on that one.

No, the more I think about it, the more I think that the Democrats had their shot at making their case. For them to want to come back now, as the trial is starting and say that want to include more witnesses, and they want to include more information is bogus. They feel they don’t have a good argument and now they’re just trying to puff up their side. The whole fact of the matter is, Democrats obviously did a very poor job making the case for impeachment in the first place. Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler failed once again at showing the American public there was anything there. Now, they want a do-over.

America is yawning. America has already lost interest. And Democrats realize that they’ve shot their wad and once again, come up empty. They need to finish up this charade and get back to doing the work we the people elected them to do…which wasn’t to impeach a president!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Can Pelosi Extract Her Party From THIS Embarrassment?

Nancy Pelosi isn’t sure when she will send the articles of impeachment to the Senate. She is trying to come up with a plan that would allow the Democrats in the House to save some sort of face, but so far it’s sounding very hollow. Her reasoning for not sending the articles so far is that the Senate hasn’t decided on how they are going to proceed with the trial. So, Pelosi is saying she can’t determine how many managers to send, and won’t choose them until she knows.

It’s a very weak argument at best.

Of course she knows who her top talents in that realm are, and she could pick the top five or ten people and then use whatever she needs. There is nothing in the world that is stopping her from sending the articles to the Senate. In the meantime, she is stalling, hoping that by not sending the articles, she will somehow be able to pull something from the Republicans in the Senate, unlike what the Republicans in the House were able to do with Democrats during the impeachment inquiry.

And so it goes. The longer this plays, the more the polls are going to turn against the Democrats. What’s very troubling at this point is that the Democrats were determined to get this taken care of in short order. They could have gone to court to try and get people like Mick Mulvaney and John Bolton in front of the House Intelligence Committee. They declined to do that because in their words, “President Trump was going to possibly impede the 2020 presidential election, and needed to be stopped ahead of time.”

So, Democrats didn’t go to court. And they never were able to convince the Trump administration to allow their people and former advisers to testify. So, the House wasn’t able to actually do their job. And now the House (read that as Pelosi) wants the Senate to fix the mistakes that Adam Schiff made. That’s not really the Senate’s role in an impeachment trial.

Actually, the Senate is to do nothing but act as the jury in this trial. They aren’t there to question witnesses, or to introduce new data. That’s not done at this phase. That’s what should have been done in the investigation phase. And, had Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler built a case against Donald Trump that was serious and not a witch hunt, it would have held up at this point. But Pelosi is convinced that the Senate won’t come close to even getting a majority of Senators voting for conviction, much less the required two-thirds.

Pelosi has her back to the wall at this point. She doesn’t want to scrape more egg from her party’s face for making a very stupid decision to open up impeachment on a president that apparently hasn’t done anything wrong. But she knows if she sends to the articles to the Senate, that’s exactly what’s going to happen. And she also knows that if she doesn’t proceed, or if she stalls on sending the articles, the whole thing drags on. It’s already going to be a major campaign issue. And it’s a campaign issue that’s been handed to the Republicans.

In the end you are going to find that the Democrats don’t have an end game. They hope this will fade away, but it’s a party they started, and it’s a party that was started without an end in sight.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!